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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 3, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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free day. cos breaking the top twenty. so much the dorset to play. stocks while. good news. such
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the east of bangkok. every year around their headquarters. the latest in a government move not to confront protesters the opposition says despite that partial victory their fight to bring down the government would go on no pre get a new crate of thousands of pro europe protesters aftermath of five hundred ink yet. lawmakers there are debating a vote of no confidence in the government over the scrapping of the key trade deals with the eu. us vice president joe biden is in japan to try and reassure tokyo and the ongoing spat with china over disputed island. joining us first to knit with. today is a violent protests in thailand. police
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in bangkok are taking and concrete barriers and barbed wire around their headquarters. they've left anti government protesters into the building ahead of that threatens us all. that unexpected move was aimed at avoiding any further clashes between the two sides. as a eugene explains the opposition says despite the victory is ready to fight on. this year and hopes to recruit students and recent war and compete but sometimes in the sleep which isn't often i use as the nines tuesday morning. the rest of the day you to feel resistance. it's just too tired to put it in the government. too much in order to reduce the pension is a process that. and the police. the center of the restoration of peace and order. i've been having a
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cement truck is a calm intercom how andrea. the main house. we use bean fields with kitchen scissors in the city and consist of conscious of the violence of the last four days. but least three people that don't reach hundreds more were injured as police and guardian online events to unfold. protests as the knights to continue their campaign. we don't want to dissolve parliament until the new elections to lose any weight. we want to see what we can leave the country it's unclear where she is looking for here. the prime minister has said she's willing to do anything it takes to end the process. i use the term success. he opens the system was turned over power to late to cancel of course by this novel has more now from the protest site. sure it would take it out below foil so it should charlotte loved the color and i'll take that picture you will be in a row the show
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the cocky they go up to honor apostolic included. yet the will to live but the idea that the picture you can go the common law the police wanted to get clear about the lucky one. you had to travel. the treaty it to him that made it to cook a couch this lying around that movie can be. each option will be taken to the gal that picky eating. okok leather the potentially to shoot at the bottom of a leadership spill in the lineup to shoot a couple of open area outside the bank to make do. will they go about thinking that we reached right out the cocoa. and in bangkok those protests in thailand are being led by sue tap hexagon. he's been pushing
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for the thai prime minister to be replaced by an oni left the people's council. when her the grass has more on the former deputy prime minister who's heading up the opposition today. it is hard to bend in the face of the current anti government protests. he called for prime minister who like to be replaced by an elected people's council. we will definitely win the government continued to give away tickets to that. to see jeff's own political career has sparked protests most notably when he served as deputy prime minister in two thousand and eight reversal of current roles when he helped lead a crackdown against anti government protesters who supported the ousted leader expects him to walk more than ninety people most of whom were civilians were killed we added we need to extend the kid thing for certain period of time. is there remain some problematic areas
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and they don't want to make it. he saluted power and influence heat islands democratic party for decades previously serving as agriculture minister and communications minister elite us people described seat and as a backroom deal maker. many people i believe they feel that whatever the flaws i'll tie them up soon. they have to be fixed within the system. shoot it has made it his focus to destroy the political machine of taxing. this year he quit the democratic party and led protests in greece in the former leader's sister current prime minister you like it was paving the way for the return of vaccine who fled to cuba. i will probably be imprisoned or the diocese said it will never run away like that last talked. he ran away overseas from his prison sentence. are you doing next and she was willing to open every door negotiations with
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protesters. unless one has been issued for chf on charges of insurrection the protest movement in ukraine that's been growing by the day. hundreds of thousands of people have turned out in anger against the president who backtracked on a key trade deal with the european union in favor of russia. the president the piano coverage is now trying to calm anger. i offered to renew talks in brussels and parliament is meeting to vote on the motion of no confidence in government. that hasn't kept the protesters withstanding freezing temperatures outside to make sure the press and cups. woo hoo the increase in temperatures that pro european brownies and kids independence korea continued to draw a tendency to sing in phases and fortifications went up to confine arizona we are peaceful protest as we don't want any cost. sorry
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kids are here just to stop the police to protect. this is at present it to be with the news in the government's weeks to go. the ukrainian prime minister insisted the true sense on a bullet leading to where the keystone state is attempting to escape to critique our president called it a letter to the softer line when seeking an interview on national television. the police but not too heavy handed at the weekends. gone for ten bodies acted excessively on friday night which did not have dialed and that means even i'm sticking to post it here once again to try and go seek to seal the win today and it was easy to go see russia. the russian president for his part wheat in it dismissing the european offer to ukraine as cute as an excuse in the protest is a different agenda. we did the gradient tool the events in ukraine remind me more on all fronts the repetition. he may seem
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strange but in my opinion this has little to do with the relations between ukraine and the european union. you say you. so it's easy to vote on the motion of no confidence in government till then. meantime has depicting an echo of its day is on its way to china that's for unscheduled state visit to the stove and today it's back to russia for a judge has found a bowl for my ballet dancer and two other men guilty of an acid attack on the ballet's director last night solo is the path of dimitri tango was found guilty of an attack in january on sticky feeling the judge said that the dancer and two other men had indeed made plans to hurt the ballet director the attack highlighted the issues back stage victory and intrigue at the renowned russian ballet. kevin was left partially blind next the u s vice president joe biden is in japan to pay for top level meetings in tokyo the main issue on the table there will be the new defence
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and set up by china. china says it wants all aircraft that enter that area to identify themselves to chinese authorities. with the mad that airspace the roughly two thirds the size of the uk are tiny disputed islands that are claimed by both china and japan. to get a bit more analysis on all of this enzyme a thousand cats chief foreign editor robert parsons the rob this is really a real dispute but it does to the us is doing all it can to reassure japan that is indeed on its side is that the case so there was no doubt about it coach upon these extremely important the united states and united states has a security treaty during the week i'm going back the nineteen fifties. under this particular moment when the united states is talking about. a typical shift of its strategic interests to the asia pacific area it's extremely important that it sends the right signal to its main allies in the area and japan is the biggest fights of the night distaste of the two bases on someone. so it's clear that your blog will be going to japan to
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offer reassurance to the japanese people to unite states is standing side by side at the same time neither joe boyd will be anxious to defuse the tensions with china is always the thing would be alongside the night to say that the clarity and in the region. and it doesn't want to appease the chinese he doesn't want this imposition of in the defense identification zone by the chinese blowing up into something bigger. but the signal because yuppies we stand side by side with you we support you on your opposition to the fish that the sun by the chinese. keep a calm keep it cool a lot of talking with beijing. how can we turn off the house was next on the joe biden is beijing. yes the backstory if you will want a silence so important to both japan and china on the sofa specific questions on the surface of things that i don't like very much. it's play violins tiny items which are uninhabited months of talks on some people call them i'm three reefs in the middle of the east china sea. though
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very much that you accept that their evening an important strategic sea lane and in what is around them at the store to be significant in the oil and gas deposits plus it's a major fishing area but the chinese on the jockeys who in the sense that very important. thanks for that robert carr says that if the foreign editor gets spent her son evan now syrian president assad last sun has begun to read a implicated in that war crimes and crimes against humanity. the un human rights chief says new evidence to the points the finger at ascot and his inner circle. hawkins explains. indiscriminate sending a pulitzer and chemical weapons. a un commission of inquiry into tonight's tri nations. today he is carrying a team of crimes against humanity around eight minus ten fat than an eight lane access
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the site itself the facts point to the commission of a studious cuts war crimes and begins to men. they point to the fact that the evidence the nikkei to sponsor the tee at the highest level of government in including the head of state. you access to syria investigate is resigned to more than ten thousand interviews in the surrounding region by then. they have now put together a long list of suspected that the trait is the investigate is also the keys rebel forces of war crimes. the belief the maturity of violations committed by government forces. syria's deputy foreign minister has dismissed man tt race claims she has been talking nonsense for a long time and we don't listen to it the land announcement comes as inspectors and remained in serious chemical on snow. p they warned that efforts to destroy chemical weapons not dispatch from the tens of thousands of deaths from conventional weapons. this is
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the will has killed an estimated one hundred and twenty six thousand people next to venezuela was hit by a major black eye at monday night's seven cities including the capital caracas were plunged into darkness just as the president nicholas and euro was speaking on live tv and radio elections are just five days away down the president later the blackout on what he called the fascist right presented heroes says that blackout that lasted two hours was due to sabotage back here in parents are lovers of all things sparkly get up close and personal with some of the world's greatest jewels. grace kelly suitcase to drain the heea tiara one by kate middleton at her wedding and the list given to elizabeth taylor by richard burton for valentine's day. as a just a few of the dazzling items on show at the exhibition mccarthy style and history at sundown in paris. jonathan prayed to allah. it scarred today's biggest day of
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exhibition and fifth rounds of the friends too and they will be a trip down memory lane alongside trs and actresses and cigarette cases these two gems for my hollywood legends and royalty three bs. puree to find arsenal make the exhibition aims to highlight conti a throw in history. the goal is to the doctor said that this is one of conti great successes recently between two wolves. the great tradition from another time with each company said in a formal sumptuous will. harry morgan woke in which women are free or when you can wear makeup and smoke political system makes it different still more than six hundred pieces will be exhibited ranging from uni. these brokers to miss peacocks with no physical mechanism for example see the glamorous as it is open to claims and grace kelly's jury books including a ten carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring and see the finest pink diamond ever discovers given
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to queen elizabeth the second is a wedding gift in nineteen forty seven events need to be set in if our troops. exhibit was on to every sixteenth at the lake and just be sure to come take it out if the coming days as annie time seeing what you think happened to me qaeda. oh and welcome to the interviews year old folsom and coutts two decades after the fall of the berlin wall russia is once again a central player on a number of key issues in the middle east mosque alice front and center when it comes to the warrants area are iraq's nuclear program and it certainly has a say in an opinion on the aftermath of the so called arab spring our guests today someone was
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particularly knowledgeable about russia's role in the bull he was moscow's ambassador to yemen to tunisia and libya. and we welcome you to the show mr benjamin pop off for now teaches at the institute of international studies in moscow welcome things. i would like to start with the issue of syria russia supports its musharraf law sides. drain all the fireman's and it seems it has paid off because right now the western leaders who called for his departure again and again. seem to want to negotiate you know it's a russia that the russians position was the principal and we live in preston will we have for the international this is our principal. in the second point we want to get the ceasefire. as soon as
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possible the priests. all the distraction of these beautiful country. we where criticizing us that puts on his mistakes. but do we wear in contact with the opposition. i can kill you is that we received the most cool about two am pdt gauge was off seeing a position of different kinds so we we're working weeks go by it's own. the call. we think that there is unknown nina taste you can go such costs. raising the two concurrent a procedure there is no limit distribution for this snake national religious there is the only way to beat these negotiations. i'll close to think western powers were from striking stereo. a few months ago. you think we were really on the verge of
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military intervention their exact and we give to charity we can save the world and to continue to lease from the greek the wall. but tuesday's loss especially in people say he wheeled his people he doesn't serve the lord that i get going again. and you know that to you. hmm maybe you don't know or maybe you are you don't want to mention the deposition has made many criminals six. some of the villages where christians rule is a current needs. when he had a lot of people. it was awful effects. if the same there is an equivalence between what not we say we see that there is no mandatory so huge. and the only way we had insisted that from the very beginning it is the only way is political solution that means that we should speak of
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the negotiations the dough crust of a lull between opposition and awesome. it is not for us to progress the easiest thing to convince us that the seat of the table of negotiations the same scene was they the opposition but we missed the only team that is the only possible way out the movie's credits to think it will happen it will cut it in a wide news conference with both tv and i dunno who i do hope that it will cut because that i'd die for that to say to you that's a hint to emphasize the fact that when we actually succeeded in leading the team chemical weapons. it was great. step forward. because we saved up tony sienna is we seek but to some extent the united states because there was it be emptied. will move. in the united states
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you remember what happened to you baby. the pollen has baulked at the games the second cottage. so we assumed that there is now the security issue. we are on the eve. cosby it would be and we do hope that this will happen on the real breaks to win gold. lots of the school to see that they may be shaped and legal entity in the bdo would discuss the few which are of sea duty the opposite is wrong to put the condition to the stalks i think that is. to me. no idea how are they. how it is possible because it is the now weakened condition of the united nations of security cops say was that he is the government of by shutout. asa week showed the mini chemical reopens during the first couple of the next year. how it's possible to eliminate these without much facets of
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the brush of us. it is impossible. so it is and the western countries has recognized that it is that once you want to do something it's bouncing but the other scenes of wishful thinking. that is quite scary and there is at their outdoor pots of the school maybe the government is stronger then me and the taliban position. it's quite clear for you. but nevertheless week. and we the surely we do our best in on the two countries the pot gets all the parties concerned to see addicting of negotiations. maybe it will take a long time. mike is back. and yes of negotiations then blondie oh four that is alice. ok on on iran there was a deal. preliminary deal with it so my new fear of what this you believe that this is also a good point and that there will indeed be a
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detente between iran and the united states the same sink we do know that the token you know that a charity who it is my personal point of view icing the tories genial a conference in january. and whizzing around you. we did charity we have done it breaks through. in the international resistance to some extent by because we understand that the weekend doing something naughty to eliminate this threat the wall to wall a picture to get the political settlement always come to the efforts in this way we do it justice. we are the witnesses told the two of the prison that a bomb. and don't stick to the states kerry. because of these ingenious that agreement it in and continue to. and we use it on. it could be a real geek very good beginning of the cap because we've faced a lot of global products and we can
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solve these problems only brings collective efforts now underway is awesome. in particular you need to think of it. it is our destination it is that not only counterproductive it is dangerous to put the whole world. i can only give you another example maybe and maybe you don't practice it but the beauty of what can you please leave me you know it was. as i can see spirits come to but reach country and doing quite well. now he is on the theory is that rudy in this infinity. this integrated cancer he popped the tape up the pots the movie and it was well kept and was named the no money no goodbyes at the end in the cq know is it because there are sixteen weeks and it was creepy. it was in october but it's what does it every meal. ign real goal of the same conviction. he is not only the media disintegrate but money we use
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the blanket as well. indeed been called into the sauce mixed in eastern canada is located in africa. you think of the few in moscow is true that rush of was. the views may be your tonight the unfolding the un resolution to allow the intervention of the iron boss does the same. this is not going to happen again we were naive maybe horror that was told the stories they were in fact going after could opt for change this and that says your great because we believe in winston. some promises that it will really only do the fans. the city in population and what happens the result window. so we don't want to repeat the same results in vbs and ted to see the same things at somebody it is the mighty station often use the new nation of her seat. his anger but then i kee going because in
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steamy and then a lot of links to meet for in it. it is a grave danger not only for c above the call isn't around. all the neighboring countries i went interview on the so called. for your ambassador to tune into tunisia which is obviously didn't come all the as well what's your judgments on the r train. if one can pass judgments on the phenomenon seeing that it is more week of weakness and now only the first thing each of these than ninety. people it's genetic. because of the goulburn these nation because of these so the new means of communications the people don't want to leave as it was before. in the sky least the visa corruption was unemployment and so on. and then the government now because of the internet and other seeks the con con told the minds of
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creepy what's happened in seedy a human tools you can be chipped away at the river and spectrum is the one. then there was a meanie. p wilson so on. but i seemed that the room. it is only a difference each of these that make it into the main outlets things will fall in the new things will get them up on the balance of forces the balance of forces between the greedy genius in its mckew secular. maybe the tools yet he is. it may be prone to other countries is more suitable tool. in the diary itself kind of a new formula formula. between all the relations between these regions process. in
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secular asked if they succeed it. and then you get the sexy that succeeds it will increase violence. i sold it to the situation in the whole arab world. whoopi of plastic thank you very much on and off of that so we have time for thank you for watching this it is not the answer to the rumpus monica. i know. it is. it is. isn't it. i know
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and. ew ew ew. open. err
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thousands of trees european demonstrators gathered near the building of the government of ukraine the mansion is going to rally in central kiev to support the demands put forward by the opposition the opposition leader's call for the president victor young local beach and his government to resign. he also demanded the release of those who make all political prisoners including former prime minister yulia tymoshenko in the activists detained during a protest last week in c


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