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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  December 3, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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thousands of trees european demonstrators gathered near the building of the government of ukraine the mansion is going to rally in central kiev to support the demands put forward by the opposition the opposition leader's call for the president victor young local beach and his government to resign. he also demanded the release of those who make all political prisoners including former prime minister yulia tymoshenko in the activists detained during a protest last week in the coffin of
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the vet said that the question of the resignation of the government will be included in the engine of the parliament on tuesday the opposition leaders such as art scene the scene you wanted to gamble and let them eat which cole spoke with such demands as well wouldn't it be that the political way to resolve this crisis is early presidential and parliamentary elections is the main them and not only for the ukraine opposition but also for the entire ukrainian people. the party of regions which holds the majority in the dada states that there are no reasons for resignation of the cabinet the party speaker unexamined your family said at a morning meeting that the questions of the protesters should be answered but opposition leaders in his opinion show themselves not in a mess like i will continue to move this week. then we have heard the slogans many times they just want to take advantage of the situation in the country for their narrow political purposes. nothing more the biggest rally since the ones revolution took place in kiev on sunday according to some estimates three hundred and fifty thousand people took to the streets of the city later
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in the evening the route was turned into a clash with police over a hundred people were taken to the hospital with mirrors. injuries forced agencies report that over a hundred policemen have been injured several criminal cases have been launched including those associated with seizure of administrative buildings in the attack on representatives of internal affairs department. four people were killed and one hundred twenty two people including a policeman were injured during the three days of clashes between the supporters and opponents of the government of thailand. the protests continued today the protesters again tried to get into the government house. police used water cannons and tear gas. thai prime minister ending lets you know what iraq has rejected the resignation them and missing book said that the demands were not possible under the constitution but she remained open to talks to god that the police would not use force against the people police officers do not use force against the people because it is necessary for us to protect the government buildings because of the government buildings are used to serve the other sixty million thais but this latest
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group to help somebody said that the day before that the prime minister should step down within two days yes of course and civil servants to go on strike the protesters in the room pleased the government with a people's council. the prime minister is the sister affection shinawatra a billionaire and a former thai prime minister who himself was forced from office in two thousand six coup and now lives in to avoid trial charges of corruption he still wields significant influence in its own country the fifth meeting of the cars and austria intergovernmental commission on commercial and economic cooperation in the second meeting of the business council were held in vienna an agreement on the establishment of the business council was reached during the president is hoping the surprise visit to vietnam last year the members of the cause of parliament members of the government heads of national companies and the chamber of commerce attended all the meetings trade turnover between context and austria exceeded five billion dollars the projects in the framework of the business council in the roadmap for economic cooperation between
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the ministry of industry in the technologies of context and in the ministry of economy failing and use of austria were launched thirty priority projects were identified to produce bins of the meeting noted the successful development of economic and investment cooperation between the two countries. they're also prospects in the implementation of projects in the upcoming second phase of the industrialization programme in kazakhstan blair witch and the one that was over much of a sudden it's the limousines. we're a pleaser we have an intensive needle cooperation. about thirty representatives of cars expanding companies took part in these meetings we see that austria has great interest to develop trade economic relations in the financial sector with us a new book about the economic relations between catholics and austria has been presented to this book discusses about the develop of relationships and brings prospects for more successful the woman on the floor seats and we're moving forward on economic cooperation with cars extended in particularly with unified areas in which will work in the future energy unit or ism
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environmental protection technology is was infrastructure and construction. stand in awe still among the forty three countries in the world have no access to an open sea before an agreement of the international road transportation of goods between the two countries is of great importance the shoes on cooperation in the field of manufacturing industries. i recall it all processing medicine education and technology transfer or discussed at a joint meeting of the business council the member item between the engineering union of context and in austria was signed at a meeting. listen to me mumble month. according to the spamalot of the graduates of elite universities will take part in internships and austria attn of equipment for processing of our poultry products in kazakhstan the equipment for manufacture of sausages day products cheeses and vegetable processing stung a little boy he put the book is supposed to be asked is that ideally industrialized the local snowfall and it
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looked so nice picture of us and the belief that weekend so buoyant kazakhstan the next meeting of the cause of austrian in a government commission in the business council will be held in austin. the money men might cause extent has opened concoction how the mighty men which includes the thirty meter flagpole in the relief composition is located in the central part of the city the new symbol is now one of the most important attractions concoction towel the expense of the difficulties of today's generation can be happy and independent in lesser value the past hardships and billy future with living we feel a tremendous sense of unity stability and confidence during the years of independence. kazakhstan has come a long way today cause extent and austin are recognizable worldwide primarily due to the wise policy of the president a regional forum is also how concoction towel on the day of the first president to produce the bins talk about
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the country successes and its future. and i do. august is here. i met a soul cannot survive in person he's a wise and far seeing man is also a very friendly and likeable person. he cares for the country's wellbeing long as i can sit in the least though my team introduced two years old. experts say it is the most modern and serious according to our tactical parameters are the quake resistant structures were constructed to ensure its maximum safety the light of the first natural line is eight point five kilometers and includes seven stations despite the fact that the mansion was built just two years ago it has been assessed at the international level. she and all mucky natural has won first place in the world for quality of service is planned to build two more stations for next year for the development of the metro will be continued westward will update it. what emerged was opened two years ago over this period is become the favored means of transport for the residents
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thirteen of fourteen thousand people were used in the first months while now the number of passengers is twenty three to twenty four thousand people per day. up to it. of what kind of stuff. but it did it to the port. a christmas charity fair has been organized by the wives of foreign ambassadors in costs to the residence of the cars a couple could feel the spirit of the upcoming holiday as usual the event was held on the first sunday of december. on this day in europe people start congratulating each other on the upcoming christmas holiday. the money raised at the fair is given to children with disabilities. elderly people from retirement homes in orphans from orphanages organizers are confident that such events provided excellent opportunity to help in the end to once again draw people's attention to current social issues. i guess that's that. we help children in cars instead. they're mostly children from orphanages in soup children undergoing surgery will also help old
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people associations of the blind in diabetics. i think it is a very good event in all cause it's ten people in austin residents are very pleased with it yes i called around twelve million cheney has been raised at this fair the lottery was held in addition to the usual sales of goods. the number of those wishing to take part in the charity event grows from year to year thirty five embassies joined this time he presented traditional christmas dishes in the snow souvenirs that it is best known that that there's not just a charity event but also a wonderful holiday. and on that. think about that. i guess. the bill. it was. i'm
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not there the show. i got choosing a new treaty is not laid up in austin. according to tradition the concert was held on the square in front of the residents of god the world and causes championed famous boxer died yet you've seen them live in the yew tree at the end of the concert a festive programme was of the time was presented this year to twenty five meter tree stands in the center of the stage. more than four thousand children participated in the event the ceremony ended with celebratory fireworks. lovely old. the main eu tree has been lived in austin. we hope that this year will be as good as last year. i'm here with my son happy new year the mother i congratulate you in the upcoming holiday i wish you all the mess i came here because i wanted to see the new agency no sport is a good thing for our country in the big sports fan the latest news is that three got
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the dogs cars out that stevie got cates said. and the sixth on the sweet niece using intensification of competition in boosting internet service is beyond it to expounding on world war new orleans and the worldwide with local companies are increasingly using social networks and the services of social media marketing experts according to special ease presently assam and is suitable for both major brands and representatives of small and medium sized businesses with the help of a samantha large companies maintain their reputation and if necessary to respond to the attacks of their competitors. kazakhstan audience is quite ex chief and he's not spoiled by global bronze and internet projects. this is why those projects which are launched by large internet companies embrace different audiences in addition domestic
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projects have great potential we are now witnessing growth and development of the smart kids. it's good friends especially so for the legal fees and forks kazakhstan has announced that the size of the internet advertising market is about fifteen to twenty million us dollars and sometimes segment in it exceeds one unionist dollars according to specially some immediate relief to advertising agency prices on her thighs or spend above one hundred and thirteen years in us dollars for sm am while the entire online advertising market. the locals one point eight in the news dollars experts say that in these connections kazakhstan has great prospects for further growth which is fish and chips though. those of us. we should keep in mind as the local and send them on kiddies very specific and differs a lot from the western and even from the russian markets recently everyone hopes for a budget increase although the concentration of the internet is quite high
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our country still small and the number of people interested in social networks is not very high so spending forecasts in a nice quiet bloke in others to develop the smog if we need financing we did that. tourists are now paying attention to an increase in the number of missing men especially is presently almost every advertising agency has such a special is how we were in order to promote certain products and social networks successfully is necessary to possess good experience. this is why an honor to be satisfied with the results and attract highly qualified specialists company's new to me this morning the development of the stevia work still to go to school it's the cheapest barry and his four hundred us dollars per month how women was this sound approach when it is necessary to develop a world where strategy and calculate the number of personnel. this amount of money is not enough
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these necessary to spend at least one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty thousand to get from mom's for the proper development of these kind of advertising piece money will be used for the development of the content creative approach and posts. what is it biblical gospel it didn't look convinced. according to special isa fiji's kazakhstan and central asia the number of regular users who visit social networks at least once a week exceeds five point five million people which is about seventy percent of the cosmic users use these case ninety percent servant in it everyday the reassurance of the official website of the kazakhstan prime minister told told all days it has announced that during the first nine months of twenty seventeen the average monthly wages in kazakhstan increased by seven point one percent compared to the same period a year before. in september twenty thirteen the nominal income and
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kazakhstan increased by seven point seven per cent or twenty five thousand two hundred and ninety two to get according to the results of the second quarter the share of the population with the income a word and the living wage was three point two percent and role play zero point nine per cent compared was the same period in twenty twelve solid result he finds the key place in the income of the population in addition social security payments are also very important source of income as of november for is the actual average pension in kazakhstan was estimated forty one thousand five hundred and eighty three to get four forty three point one percent of the country's average monthly wage in general comparing the average pension across the cis countries in twenty thirteen touchdowns pensioners receive almost two hundred and seventy five point four us dollars or three times more than pensioners and can be stamped one point three times more than pensioners and the loose and only thirty one us dollars less than pensioners and russia
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the speedskating world cup finish in austin are leading the cause of long distance runner to me to the vehicle competed in the group b in his thirteen for eighteen seconds was all brought him to the top six in ten thousand meters. thus he is cleared to receive his third olympic license bbc was qualified for fifteen hundred and five thousand meters. two months left before the suit human kick start in the country team have thirty licenses as of today the country's national team has won the licenses in seven sports coverage than the sportsman expect to win medals in steam by a full on speed skating figure skating and most keating the final olympic team will be formed in january of two thousand fourteen is expected that athletes will win forty licenses. the bill would go up with a portrait of him judging by previous results i think that we can win
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medals although you know of course the olympic games are always full of surprises and all the participants have the same chances to win in group and whitney. extend weightlifting cup kicked off into the dock over a hundred sixty of the strongest weight lifters from all regions of the country are taking part in the championship. seven women and eight men's teams will compete in fifteen week added warns the championship is held with support of the os the presidential sports club for the first time the winners will be determined with the help of sinclair coefficients. this means all the decisions one of the scene changes regardless of weight categories. the two time olympic champion million union is in the panel of judges the governor's office of fizzled our region established another cup competition in on of the eminent country. the list it is going to come here and see all the weight lifting that is developing is going to the sportsman have very good results. each year the sports committee in prison about weightlifting federation provide great support because of this
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international competitions can be held in the middle there's lot. at seventy two today few tendencies one of the main topics discussed many countries in downloads keep an intensive drinking tendency to life by means of the sundry and promising not to disrupt the conduct of the buttons on it. according to deputy general director of the construction company get
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in on it again and hundreds of developers from one of the world would soon be able to shed exchange experience in this area. kazakhstan will hold extra two thousand and seventeen international exhibition. how can she should demonstrate a high level of green technology was awesome at holding this event to date in on the government's measures to manage being taken on a decent republic of kazakhstan adoptees. well somebody that it will be difficult to achieve the desired success in his direction without the anticipation of the business. if it didn't fit. will we do this. when will it go but the road. our company as being constructed buildings with the introduction of green technology to direct us caught wind of sense unmotivated to do so. obama government green technologies
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to introducing out to the days that to be constructed seeing new types of green products and tendencies in order and feces street i mean ntt supply systems. the set of tunnels that generates heat and eighteen ten he that had an improvised whole tortilla the set of tunnels that generate seventy six he has led me to have used the area and providing electricity and nineteen tall buildings external sources of energy that traditionally transmitted through my eyes hydropower station and hopped on some replaced by new green technology. it was riveting. from there. it's good to go about its effectiveness in it is impossible to reject completely the traditional sources of energy of course but it is possible to minimize its consumption this is the maximum cost the country. i was very dangerous the pt so season due to the environment. at a cheaper sources of energy with very time consuming and cost based business is improving every year. my
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attention is being paid to it it is supported by government and private sources. that's engineering and scientific solutions introducing green energy. due to the spot. the manatees gaining strength. on his epitaph. don't rent it from under the rubble. cheers and construction materials and can seem as if the products that its cost saving energy extraction. the department of energy's one of the main ties to the country's ago. we do our best to implement energy saving technologies now for the speed on monday due to construction company. i see in the monitor says. i have to face the indemnity principle in love with it if not these windows especially relevant in kazakhstan in accordance with the gcc killed two militants as they beat the save energy up to thirty cents at the windows of the doubt to the un
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scandal to take today to extend of cocktails the glasses shock resistant i just need a sexy span and sedation sound insulation and inside is presented in the form of a mahogany finish but i think like that it was an athens will pay that fee i need the sister of the things that effort i mean it needs it and feel peace pact with the evidence is important especially now because it's sunday to contact us on our haste to xp two thousand and seventeen exhibition. green technologies the game and stopping that he doesn't even come to us interested in new technologies those extra ten c seventeen is great excitement that our child is possible to let states that will present cause it's honestly think that a country that's comprised of the times and into the sensitive its new technologies that strange notion that for incontinence an exchange of experiences between people between countries is one of the main piece of human development. i
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think that that's the thing is that a business here in the real question is not one to me and is the fountain in fact the case that doesn't make me think this pickle techniques to post i spoke with it. the room the industry speed railways pilgrimage moisten it with that now stretches for the two styles. nineteen sixty four. the shinkansen bullet train was will's first place people. it's technology that allowed these trains to run it up to two hundred and ten km run attracted attention worldwide
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the issue to celebrate set the maximum speed of two hundred and seventy km making the one hundred and fifty kilo or two between tokyo osaka. in just two hours and twenty five should you frequency of these core speed trains also continues to retreat. during the tour to rush no one train that leaves every two minutes the news every two minutes thirty seconds. we strain to bottle some reputation for safety to believe tone in his tube and it was between zero cost to retell it unique japanese teachers to improve passenger comfort. you can see that sweet little treats the direction in which
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the strange became first a new lease proposal to increase. various new technologies were developed to combat this. the train passes through a tunnel. it pushes the call of their infants. which makes a very loud noise when it emerges from the opening to reduce this effect should the trains moments such as weakness this runs smoothly over along with a streamlined. it should say resistance by thirty percent significantly reducing the leaves the major source of noise is friction between we listened to. fully wheel covers now most of it. when speed rail technology continues to make the stripes. march two
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thousand and eleven. to view them and teaching dance. i have this. state of the art technology allows its new train to operate at speeds of three hundred and twenty kilometers per hour statistically teaching dancing. the ways this was achieved was to redesign the campgrounds. no pics. six in between. poland has always been a significant source of oeing's. she contends that simple. perhaps one to two dollars and three. this means is just too. one of the season. police told them
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into contact with the help sacred to the new design the prices on the lawn the checkpoint canopy has pushed points ministry to returning things to do next the single. i can only chew on a trip to town with kiwi juice and sensible. the air we saw the sign. we start making the passage of the train left point. i am liam has a resource for teaching kids to treat you the new blossom street on the trading just eighteen sixteen point six. one of its extended itself is passages
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considered the greatest things. due to take the magnitude of the takes two tickets to a more practical study students i strain has already reported the maximum speed on it makes one feel it is true. so to speak to. i mean safe extremely focused. i'm so fond straits be drilled into it continues to leave. i did judges long tradition of
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baking with cuts and it's based on their homepage the first oust illustrations for books. they serve her love of books people stir in coloring them and then just for reasons of practicality. instead of in green. the move to putting color on was the same kinds of arts that they use to put their minds. once we expect to on this long tradition what will make you more particularly he looks back to the landscape tradition so he's mostly a landscape artist. and during his lifetime. he explicitly mea yrhickens is one of his ipirations what. kirsty was what does he like your chicken who lived in it and it was absolutely. separated off from the west costly. no salt works. studies in dispute with western style
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theater in japan can incorporate tt into the mix thother. we were with wool or wool. as our prime minister makes remarks of the country's social economic performance at the government's monthly meeting. he knew what the report highlights the mavs gdp growth in the second half of this year later we'll take a look at some celebration


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