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of the worst he's a pathetic stories world what's a plate and space to fall into the apartment retire a hearing officer threats raise at least fail to still play physics but as a whole site the un. we decided to move the discussion. ukrainian prime minister intends to resume of parliament the opposition a brown belt like charts for the cabinet resignation. divisions in ukraine become more visible with economies make it clear
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that not as eager to move closer to taking it as the crowds on the streets of kiev. some eu states struggle under the of a start he would tell police that his decision to forgive people's debt is paid off . i know it from cities and rules can reach it this is auntie international the editor of britain's got the news papers relating to find flat out denying his paper a detailed response publishing revelations about the scale of global cement used to grill by parliament the committee which question of whether the paper is undermining national security zone sez center of the report it did get quite heated. well what the herring it was a lively at times that don't
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quite have the hang of it i think it's bad to say that this is the guiding the free press managing alonso who plays questions that at some of the questions i think london and raise some eyebrows secondly we had at one point an anti off i'm a three g d that you love your country now that will send me any question that is getting to be raising eyebrows we all say i had one np seemingly content some of the guardian this place is a peek at the snake and files can be king its secrets. add to the nazis as they listen to that. but united about the unique movement to remove one two with two phones that information to the dogs. now the question session at home and more interesting if he can pack for what's a place at the beginning of last month and then he stole the heads of the uk and its agencies m i five am i saying cc hq and eight on the corner of the continent's the tunic and that the questioning much calmer not much of the quarter they
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say is i'm sadly this is something that the at it said the guide it out or sending a tube in his questioning today just repeating the dude was built with by the rnc with the food chain. chairman. can we assume you are having discussions with your american lives of hundreds of thousands of people who can assist your intuition. then i saw it. all three of us to hold him as a specialist him jed to give it much. it was here that session we headed out in the states i asked if the guy that we continue to publish revelations and he said that at the wooden beams that they said that they would behave recklessly and that was quite simple and i think in today's session he will make nate at the loveliest nice neat that the judge listened both in publishing the stories i'm content and sang with a how to behave responsibly and has bought this debate now about the state office of aden said intelligence agencies in this country have undertaken say accept me i think is
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the bangle bang away anytime soon. light to the gym in istanbul that going in the dea says he believes this hearing abortion or no substance. if it's because he's asking for internal consumption is really full the united kingdom and baby cameron is trying to demonstrate that he's the strong man it's tough on terrorism and economic units to tell him all to do in the full. he's coming out with the stabilization force the wolfowitz pretty crazy because everyone is dying from prison on the talents that we should have this debate about what all the newness of supply and small pioneer of the site to be had and israeli david cameron and the uk count on the same deletion of data let's look at how much pressure the garden has faced these last months. the paper began publishing revelations of surveillance. this somewhat soon off to police came. looking on the board of wanting it kind of cool the information it had done at work so the paper was threatened with legal action reportedly by a fig is very close to david cameron
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the paper refused to yield in august. the partner of the guardian columnists was detained under anti terror laws and allegedly for caring more incriminating date acknowledged that month the paper was forced to destroy hard drives containing sensitive information without the filter still more revelations. i say here we are now with the edits for the gaudy being potentially threatened with legal action at this hearing. jeremy called a member of parliament for the bridge with the potty doesn't believe it will go to the file. if they succeed in silencing the gandhi and then all the state is in danger of mosman of a hat mitts and other bits of meat you organization. i don't think they were taken to fall because that great tradition of tunes and great. he's the chosen this kind of dance hero fighting to save what they really mean that a pimp on the spot that not diminish the right chemistry tradition
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the guardian has stood up i think very happy for him to be supported through. i think is extremely unlikely he would get to prosecute the intervening space but i guess if my cousin respected and he has never happened before in britain that i can remember. i don't think it's been happening the aisle local national security and national interest. britain's david cameron's sweet picture with china faces the great wall of skepticism. while david cameron. this is a safer streets and monterrey in informatics place since the links between the uk and china. many of the greatest chinese and lacking any sort of thing that sounds. grayson come down in london's chinatown hate making them feel very welcome. it's to become the first week realized pictures from kiev as thousands of protest is in the ukrainian capital at the mall and the president dispense the country's cabinet about self promotion that confidence was rejected by parliament. the full
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recession. she's anemic which is in kiev for us. that rather rowdy a fair hearing knowing a thing about it at the ukrainian grata with the parliament has been known to come to blows. tonight during a particularly suited to the discussions this time around he can say that did the session that started off with a skirmish try to break a leg that that means during that time is just aren't too to the states. well he is haha quite a hard time trying to sneak over the noise that the parliament agrees we're making all the kids inside to appeal to the above projects soo we decided to look a the cabinet of ministers or capsicum few reckless irresponsible people the ministry of finance is in this building the ministry responsible for paying wages to all of ukraine. stop and think she just nodded and took the state emergency services. they will depend on the continued functioning of
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this government. what does that have gotten heated by the opposition who have preceded to become the next prepare the institute is calling for the arts student of the government and the president and the dominion of the opposition leader since the cx bike on the streets who are participating in the graphic scenes of dialogue for more than forty eight hours at this point in the very center of kiev on the independence with its targets and noticed that something seems to this pencil is precisely the opposite this point about the western part of its eye is looking towards you at the beach in the whole blog thing is that katrina was inspired to hear some gentle spirit that opinion and that's with the support of balance the european union flags burning trash bins giddy teenagers and the world that the motion passed around like a football. this is key
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and i got off the ferry the way down the needle had been talking about and five i've got to actually get to that integrates and they're saying that they get because they don't like the government they're not against dr said their daughter gets that hot debating with what they call this much. ball b i get the current government did not went like this that has already happened. other parts of ukraine where people have different opinion about what's good for the country and what isn't. so many revolutions to be had in ukraine seven. and what did that bring us. the gathered people and students and use them. so unpleasant. don't even want to talk about it right now the opposition is trying to sell the drive for eu integration as the choice of all that recent polls show that there's an equal split between the pro european west of the country and the east and salads which are historically much more pro russian. if people want to live like they do in europe
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we must work like they do in europe. they should not teach school or work for the sake of being out on the street the painting is me in the eu we must meet certain criteria and at the moment we're simply not up to par to european standards in the way we produce things. so far the ukrainian leadership is still no sign of getting in with the office it's the president the parliament and the cabinet remained firmly in place. so perhaps the forecasts of impending doom could be premature. it was cool artsy. kenya. this agreement should be too long to demonstrate his own exact be shared by people in the east of the country thousands of taking to the streets. that's a voice their support for the authorities and the decision to suspend the trade deal with the eu and recent poll showed that the country shall be divided on this issue. as you can see him or seventy percent of those living in the west a favor to deal with the european union. that's compared to less that thirty
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percent in the east will form the summer joined by daniel the cabins he's executive director of the role of paul ince achieve. daniel out. we know now that there was a place in parliament's a lap in the top that the government is that the state does not vote in favor of the current government. actually now on to mind the protest is to mom's. one thing in a way it does we know we have this whole idea of for the past ten years at least that of mom in this treatise and has democratic legitimacy. what on what basis the us for example senator john mccain issued a statement yesterday urging the government to listen to the people of the two are the people the people the ones you voted for the current parliament of the parliament was selected legitimately of parliament held a vote of confidence today and then they won the vote of confidence hustler looks to me as if the democratic principles and practices are working quite well in ukraine has undermined the protesters in a way it does but this is
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also falling to a degree the protests in the so called color revolutions that it started in serbia in two thousand and have continued in georgia and ukraine to altitude thousands. so there is an element of that. and there is a pattern of how these things can escalate so i think at this moment he could go either way. would you make of the fact that we seen the eu politicians among the protest is. one thing it's absolutely el rey just by what right do they violate the sovereignty of ukraine by coming not only with the protesters but taking them on. it was funny the us and eu talk a lot about european values and western values which is in a western value to allow a foreign country to come in and influence for the full process to infantile is politics on the streets of course it's not as a matter of fact in so doing these eu politicians are much like the old soviet politicians of
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old who would land in places like budapest in nineteen fifty six and tell the government on the ground there what it should do so they look a lot much more like the soviet union. then these guys that they're throwing around he said the situation they can to fight the way the protest is on giving up on the inside of revelation is on the agenda will would be the consequences if the government is actually forms the south of this. well i think backing up just a little bit i think you see a pattern here of of escalation and provocation. we've seen it before in these previous revolutions. i think really the protesters on the ground they had a very large provocation few nights ago when they were using chains and tractors and of course the police as police do everywhere of reacting with violence of the question though i think is when will the protesters ratcheted up looking for a government over reaction to that they can get some new energy into their
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protests of you know what's funny the us has counseled of the good non violence of but what would happen if we are watching what would happen if someone drove a tractor and try to drive it into the white house lawn begin to tell me that there wouldn't be violence against the hundred thousand people trying to break into the white house to everywhere governments of what would normally protect their buildings. the kids took to the illness to mcadams it is executive director the reports he met in washington thank you. one thing but the government and opposition to agree on is that meets on the roster to just be talking about what deliberately instigated over the side of playing the other foreign affairs analyst to subject go but he's the authorities of nothing to gain from such tactics it is obvious that the government has nothing to gain by escalate violence the government was actually hoping that people gradually died down. the only people who have a vested interest in preventing violence of
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the contestants themselves fortune cookie. more precisely those who are becoming. he pulled a nice aspect of the protests because it would work wonders. the theme of western media in keene the band to get approve each segment of the opinion population to have them on his own. the so called peaceful purpose where being suddenly be considered by the police the violence instigate people perhaps by dipping the elements of the professors but certainly not by the government because they have nothing to do cosby bring you more updates from ukraine in expert opinion on the situation kosmina was capable and evan and spiteful appeal to halt the so called great guilt upon the most striking videos and prejudice from those protests. a short break it
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into national guilty as charged of the films with russia's fourth choice i make but the next six years behind bars. the most loving of vertical acid attack on the company's director of the stories of the break the eye you need in. the war is probably the most complex he did. really we're probably extends back to the intention of going up. at the top. there were fewer
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people. reading ability. this all on shoes but probably not attached. the visiting because it was nighttime is for the morning. even touch the soul. according to make mistakes. this is all i feel rather let the water. and and and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context it has absolutely no plans. it's a smile this week. david cameron is doing its best to chew and investing more into britain's economy the prime minister's resorting to political charming beijing at the head of the uk is not just have a trade delegation some in europe and elsewhere see the world changing and
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what the chef china are all behind the bamboo a trait that is in britain wants to tap the trade barriers britain is the ideal off for an opening china. he'll be well don't think we'll take some chinese people already living in britain feel the country has less to complete the on the cusp of playboy cover for someone many crystal welcoming country positioning itself as a close ally old regime according to the local association hearing on since china's town. immigration officials would visit each series him once or twice a week but it wasn't for the frames. that is just one of the restaurants and great saves by the uk border agency this election. it's such a nerd. rush from enjoying new venue with a friend a family saloon uniformed people of this parking lot until the seventy know what's going on and on the one hundred style. when asked if he was a
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cost of this and they don't know what's happening. in or near the tipping cushioned by the scholars who may know i can find themselves in the uk border agency in states that any immigration checks it carries out looking for a needle black has always been spotted since that's the difference is obvious the mystery say they need the procedure is one fine day during their breaks in fact some of the intended result in any unrest wants them at that. but the frequency and or politics. the handedness of the immigration officials see you on precedents that the chain rule of the business has been shot down in protest against what they sense of discrimination from the uk border agency since this is genuine frustration anger and the level note that an awful thunder. the level of a discontent you like. was it like that. in the number of
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people that it is hard to come too close to christmas to support the arab section does anything he does have met with the uk border agency to discuss the way in which the race was canceled but what david cameron. this is a saying suites in monterrey in informatics license plate makes the team. the uk and china. many of the richest chinese and lacking any sort some restaurants many of them of what to think every sentence. grayson come down in london's chinatown. making them feel very welcome. it was like an obscene lund said we tend to boost economic recovery is one of the reasons britain is the key swiss ice into the sooner it when its economy tanked. in the number of other reasons is why it's not doing much better than other european countries to the tune to the financial abyss bike in two thousand and eight. in case you cobain explains. isis government has decided to help out hand ins
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with them will be transplanted into the economy to my camel that did lead to inflated wheat to help out if the population says the ninety thousand and eight that is. the economy has faced a quiet comeback me to say without painting of a batting slump since the long wait to get into the country cheese fried crisis that the sake of the seven stock market crashed ninety percent and unemployment size nine email fall become anything but it's a sight this is another common defense in the country that the insolvent most domestic estate buying crap to reconnect to the collapse of the big three. unsalted protests on the streets have referendum on whether or not paid by the uk and in evidence license president at that pace down to which its citizens felt while on south ice and fell to eight quart of the population not quite the beating death to ease the people's pain. grandpa tasty bank he does and says that would kill people for causing the financial crash in the fast pace not many resting place before that my
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clients. thus the self control mclean my friends at the mother country that when i grow up get into but not great but have dealt with consultancy in completely different ways. grease a combined with the assistance of the eu on the imax and taste again spending cuts to deal with that. commenting on the as the recovery in sight that no will it be for quite some time. greece india protests here but if i need to stick to brussels. i am faced with a start date. my sin cannot be directly compared. this of course of the confines of the comments and into the population's love my silly three hundred and twenty thousand police with eleven point three meeting at people come to life aren't that keen on someone seeks times higher than gdp during the crabs great how led off the phone when he is almost x'mas is that design to reduce greece's debt has instead continue to grind two hundred and seventy five cents although the tdp and
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the biggest difference of all across greece has the year right. i've since had to present a fair and current say. respected professor binary economics will be shakespeare. he believes that iceland is sending a remarkable example. you must rely on your oven national bank for your only uses three awe of the economy and for the spreading and if you don't do that you'll be trapped into debt in the same way that what the priest of god christ. but you've got a free country in the well is being checked into the increasing debt. oh but how can see is that they increased the levels of debt and smashed the populations down. we need a revolt against this global financial system and in its own way iceland is testing ivory somebody is awful. thank you honest. it's going i can shut down a major online black market. with so i read about
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the battle between rebels and drug dealers a cyber criminals to millions of dollars worth of fake coins from a non caustic smoky place. it's what you know the polish as the summit mority ofmericans wan a box containing genetically modified ingredients to the label the government isn't listening or not to go home. lee tells her the ball joined two other defendants of being found guilty of an oracle acid attack on the russian company says the director. the court handed down a prison sentences for all three today the caution of reports now from los goes oh three kids. for our incentives facing dropping cards and down in the monthlong trial and it has lasted boston theater eating salad with the hind parts of five of the chamber has been given six years in prison and save his fellow defendants for santa and here's the twenty given to the line to starto
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the film and set last week thatakes you tnk tha t three point five million in compensation. now this is as f also the theater that must be or we don't then freeze it. this month some of the light has been seeking out the inner light this candle had been leaking backpacks out this episode in the us this week at three sites have of that. the final piece as dark as anything to read the post the least famous speech an acid attack that expose to the world the russian stock theater in reality is that the applicant where the struggle for glory as five when the curtain is full. the us on to the theater's artistic director cindy fail and that almost made him blind shocked the world leaving the question who was the mastermind behind it. and the filling was returning home after an evening at the theater world gallon to this apartment down ten am
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and concealing his identity with this golf course our family is mean and why. after that through some liquid in his face. they knew was a greeting for him an earlier court appearance them and describe the pain as unbearable and terrifying. he was the last suffering in antony and the snow right outside this building was late at nights and it took him some time to get out and more than twenty operations before he showed his face in again. i'm just on to the chalet officials and investigators to the tsr had come from inside the dolly community. two months later the arrest of feeding so in spite of the beach and go off and in his country at the onstage drill and played everything from fine rock bar in swan lake to eat on that terrible. he was accused of planning the attack. in korea beat the team had made a key deadline to rough up and then plants that did not intend for asset to be thrown into
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his face. i organized the state crime but not on the scale of ten now ensuring that its new rulers and insinuations and financed the dark underbelly of the bustling place and the spotlight it will take awhile to restore the luster of this famous institution. i do wish the rt moscow. i will be that with the team with more news we just hope that none of the tunnel to the break we took the lives of the tree families. most this is a multi institution the we use. use. do they. do they. father i meet a couple
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jill and john daly. they pn to retire. they went to thailand among many many places they said well this is the place. i'm very end of the bm the have been off with the dogs around. here are all winter they each can all be looking to build on or what's in tho doubts. st also missing something. well miss something. and about two to having a social foation thxperience pain so that's why tyler. the case of jail. what happened to her she was rescued dogs and you get out of here it is an electrician lost both legs resting on top. i'm four years later. um well the setting was intentional somebody helping themselves to. most of such a tragic tale. i'm not about that informs main accomplishments that she did in ireland. she
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was named an occasion of the year was the first person in on a show. to be a champagne. i really big thing a really special person. i mean when you see her. i mean i is robots you want to remember. she went to thailand to retire. now you know that's that's been the stimuli to manage the person that you see it and it's as if a woman mail it's amazing that it will in his twelveth straight edge as they would be helping to teach or to put weight on only time in a shelter she's either totally got into medicine and abrasions the dogs to move the government sees no need for anybody to do it by herself. it's amazing to them do they a a. i did. in this
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aye aye. the city of berlin ukrainian opposition. just a no confidence but still. it's trafficking. that time the standby. russian dancer


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