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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 4, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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the americans and says well so i try to narrate the east to west. aren't i. great actually. so that's really what i try. by tonight the is the sea. joe biden arrived eighteen is expected to deal with inoperable often issues including china's recent ate the ice. he's about to govern through test on nights when its leaders say the political situation that is slowly but surely the tying the knot. on getting any better in ukraine where opposition leaders
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wanted the divisions of the country is the corporate and present it to get a clue to stop. how do you not love him again. the agency has delivered a report that the commissioning process of the crumpled sushi but the hip hop. a big welcome to cctv news article in the evening wednesday here in the ageing us what we stop with a story that has ruffled some interact with others of the last week or so ever since it was announced that china will establish a new air defense identification zone. now the defense ministry as we get from this new announcement over the east china sea say it is not an expansion of china's airspace. it is sadly not targeting any country specific defense ministry spokesman kong and shop modifying a press conference is going to be a cic is not a no fly zone its own expansion of china's territory as space is simply been established to calling him as a precaution to help china better defend its national and states on
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johnny day with a top story in the skin soft. ms jones said the east china sea air defense identification zone is essentially different from terror toil airspace were no fly zones. he will not affect the freedom of over apply to other countries aircraft based on international loss nor is it again did any specific country or target answering some people doubt on china's monitoring capabilities in the zone the spokesman said the military's determination to safeguard the security of national territory and tempo and pace are odd way for him and the military is fully capable of exercising effective control over the cell. dawn also said china is not alone requiring aircraft flying over its eighty i see reports like plants. he added that already a majority of steel aviation companies with their air routes through the area have reported their flight plans to china's civil aviation department including some
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japanese airlines. china's requirement is conducive to ensuring flight safety and avoiding this understanding and misjudgment. he added that japan established its air defense identification zone over four decades back and add in that period expanded it twice. he reiterated that japan has no right to command on china's rightful setting up of its own api see. he concluded that china is willing to communicate activity with relevant parties to join. we saved our flight safety and promote peace stability and development in the asia pacific region. john a cctv though walking right into these very troubled waters is us vice president joe biden is on a weeklong asia to office he was in japan today he's in china you will either go on a south korea's well the visit of unplugged some time with the hope of posting new to understanding islam is discussing hot topic issues like the new horizon the korean peninsula bought all of that has now been put in the back but now off to
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china announced its new and defense identification zone of the api see. tensions have risen quite a bit in this region focus to vice president biden says yet we caught up with auto for the hong kong at the airport he spoke to us about why biden says that he's going to be such a tight rope walk. when us vice president joe biden has just arrived. the jakarta international airport. my behind as it is viewed as a chartered flight of united states and our city even before his arrival in beijing has visited china is already surrounded with suspicion joe biden has visited china in august. you may want to do it. watching it all day. well john. it's what i did. what's
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odd is reason to stop this and offered it up at least that's what it is a chipotle which covers just do it don't lie to us so let's hope we're not in the javanese owen ate the icing. he also said the tightest behavior this what's a unilateral on the time to change the status quo in the east china sea our china has already resulted in an assortment of straight sets at that time to tie this behavior is in accordance with international law as was common practice is all across the world and it is not the rest and eighty eyes is a different countries of overlap with each other so tight i suspect it is legitimate cause to set up this boy a deep icy. he's honestly even before the united states joe biden has told the media that he was taught directly and openly to chinese president she didn't think about his concern over china's establishment of a d i c and out to steven and dual me up and talk about it and will keep updated about how this negotiations going on. all right to a very delicate balancing act for the us bias present meanwhile in japan it established a new national security council in fact that thompson will be meeting a prawn for the first time today. it's got
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the country's prime minister shinzo up a the chief cabinet said the yoshida soda and the foreign and defence ministers. q news is reporting the defence council meeting would discuss issues like the national security strategy the soon to be published national defense program outline as well as a defensive reaction to china's setting up of the new api see over the east china sea the needle case i schumann is reporting that the council was set up offline spoke with the us and uk. they're also considering doing the same it from spilling in russia the japanese parliament that diet recently pasta that is setup to see us signed national security council it's a sixty member government launched its job is to coordinate all the ministries and other agencies are involved in japan's foreign and defense offense. the headquarters of the steel industry would be installed within the cabinet secretary. intel and the is a tenuous peace off two days of anti government protests for the first time the minute readers of the country have
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spoken they see the political situation is returning to normal slowly but surely often days of violent protests and eighty sheets though the press today he says been drilled out the possibility of any kind of cool warning to mention ministry saying the ministry forces would not take a beating know in what is an evolving political situation the bottom was a protest is when you get a rally of the national police headquarters in bangkok to force their way through the gates of the silent right to the protest leader us a pep talks about says the fight is going to go on despite efforts to defuse the crisis. this of course falling in some truths that happened on tuesday the police standing down in order of the kings eighty six but they came under the age of twenty ball he would be celebrating his eighty six but day on thursday. back on monday. the lady in the hot seat. thai prime minister yoon optional off the destination saying that she was willing to do whatever it takes to end the violence including stepping down its right go straight across the water though of course one has been following the clashes also now assuming that if peace today and possibly tomorrow he's not joining us live from
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buying call up those little more about how we're expecting to see developments layout of the next cell forty dollars is so busy there is this temporary truce because of the king's birthday the one other thing we haven't talked about all this while it is what role does the mauna kea play in all of this i know they don't have direct stakes but show me in the interest in an all the developments happen in no time at in the last week or so the royal society will be watching these developments with great interest but i see site for the time being at least they refrain from making any comment that the big event to daddy's already mentioned is the fact that has been another occupation about building up a group of anti government support to spend a lot in number gathered at the headquarters of the royal thai police which is quite place to where i'm speaking you from not one group tried to scale the walls about combine which is being reinforced with raised about the razor wire and for a time it began to look quite ominous. but then the police announce that if the protest is what climbed down they
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would open the gates of the lab people inside. asked about those offending a noisy protest that was speeches was tearing of the law to whistle blowing the day remained steady at peaceful and this open door policy began yesterday when the testers were allowed inside the headquarters of another police organizational side the grounds of government house which is whether prime minister house to office now this is a new tactic but it's warm it's one thing and it successfully defuse the tensions out here in the week which sold by and see which of these five people were killed and hundreds more were injured so the question what else can use what is most assume that's in game yemeni the politician is a wily politician he knows that his position right now this old business. all fluff and elected government the chosen government giving pollock to an unelected come home so that's ever happened anywhere in the one i can think of an instance where that has happened and he knows that some acts in this position what would be an acceptable compromise for walks is engaged. well we're waiting
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to say but don't quite right to be what she said is demanding is unconstitutional he wants the government to be sold in the king to step in and appoint a new prime minister now this is the ideal elected government that he once it disbanded and replaced with the people's council that would be a suspension of democracy but he wants this because the current government's i caught the baking in the polls they're just too popular with the common know but it is not the anti government protests is that you want to share the power that the middle classes that the elite that the educated section. but that being frozen out they killed when an election which is why they're staging these protests. now as you set out to daddy truce has been declared said that thailand can join together and celebrate the king's eighty six the state tomorrow. but many people think that that period will be yours the negotiations behind the scenes to see if they convert to some kind of a deal the prime minister did not shed a lot has agreed to talks. why would she do this when when she has such a commanding position. well
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the truth is something has got to change. there are simply too many protest is to ignore. i'm no one doubts that unless they can come up with something. come the end of the trees on friday there will be a return to the big protests that may be a return to the violence and out something else the road that nobody wants to build on the thanks for joining us more though of course one of their bicycle culture will be in touch with you it will cause the next couple of days so temporary. even tenuous peace that you wouldn't back off but we'll see how it plays out. once the celebrations for the kings eighty six but take a few faculty of course is gonna hpen on trsday so s why things are quiet tnd backi wn thingare oy holding up the opposition leaders the main one staff call a friend and now to prison the periodical which is government they want of a division of the country vitale klitschko some are of folks my room with him from being a full and weight boxing champion he's now one of the biged's in the opposition called the dark. he's one of them he spoke to supporters just a short while ago this is
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becoming pitch we haven't had the right to resist we call far as to why an ordeal trees like these all sorts his help to cure us. i'certain that a we have to put pressure on bills all four teams. we will block and the ones that led these governmental organizatio luc. it is the delightful field of functions and go to local governments. tried to govern demonstrations us have been continuing right outside the presideial palaces but as all the main government buildings in kiev. this isn't trying to oust the cabinet of prime minister make a lot cause of all and are calling for early presidential elections the opposition though has failed as the government survived a no confidence vote inside the parliament prime minister as they're all saying his cabinet would holits weekly meeting later today paving the way for a possible showdown with the protest as the gay protests were triggered by ukraine's decisn. the city by the president viktor yanukovich to reject a deal on closer trade ties and integration with the european union that deal was rejected the very last minute and
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instead he wanted to goies with russia. us secretary of state john kerry he's in europe he's meeting with nato foreign ministers double on display from afghanistan to ukraine for more on the switch on lap course when jack often has been tracking these meetings in brussels this whole business with the security pact with afghanistan which come in god's eyes he said he's not interested in one bit. now it seems to me that though the us wants to buy pasta and they want to use the afghan defence chief wilson even signed out with him. is that i am holding ice with the rest of nato the enemy is they on board with a splat very much so that's why john kerry is out this amazing he doesn't normally attend these major summits but he is here because afghanistan is front and center on the agenda with the withdrawl of all combat role troops. die hard by the end of next year. they need some sort of framework in place so that they continually page. they know there are many
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vulnerabilities in afghan security and so they want to lead a very strong training false or assistance force in place of the canola combat troops will come home. there will stl be thousands perhaps tens of thousands of troops left on the ground in a support role. however that needs to be a bilateral peace agreement to be put in place that is something that happened cause i had agreed to the afghan president. it had pasta. the voyager to the national assembly of afghanistan with overwhelming support. but now he's decided he wants to leave it to his previous sf i lost the national elections in april next year and the us and nato saying that to the light they need a legal framework in place. they say without that afghanistan could lose billions of dollars worth of aid money potentially any future military assistance. polish nato forces in the stillness townsville's the problems are preparing to withdraw mixed it with a positive assessment
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of security on the ground played dota that the repeated. my soldiers and i both think the afghan forces are able to take responsibility for the country would garner help him politically. best known for the shade by us secretary of state john kerry and senior nato officials meeting in brussels. kerry was clearly frustrated that afghan president ahmed cause i have reneged on a bilateral peace agreement with the us we negotiated this. i personally negotiated that within that we came to a conclusion. the president agree. many thais chief warns that without the steel all aid and military assistance could be caught at the end of next year. it will not be possible to deploy it and a train at rice's mission to afghanistan after toe socks and fourteen. that's of course not all preferred option. president karzai says he will now leave it to his successor to decide on a
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peace agreement of the national elections in april. over the weekend president karzai accused washington of holding back the supplies from afghan security forces in a bid to cut were saving to signing the peace agreement. an allegation that you add projects. with the slate of afghanistan still up in the end john kerry next heads to moldova. instead of the long anticipated visit to ukraine which has rejected a key partnership agreement with the european union and the perceived pressure from russia. the move is being seen as a clear snub to kiev stoking concerns about rising tension is reminiscent of old cold war rivalries many groups were relegated to the pops. or don't carry it on his way to moldova as we speak but he did attend a special meeting this morning between nature and russia
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where they touched on contentious issues such as syria as well as europe's missile defence shield. i also tried to defuse some of the tensions which have risen very high all blake. by looking at areas of potential mutual cooperation even in a mutual defense but certainly in international policing areas like drug trafficking and also the fight against piracy. no other than trillion up in the same pages about what's happening in ukraine you mention the new report as well. that's why diplomacy so fascinating these little games in conference play with each other carry counseling this trip to ukraine. i'm the ukrainian president a man in the hot seat is in china at that same time what was to one side is trying to send in terms of messaging. what is very much a snow has no doubt about that in the uk he had been planning to go to the ukraine had been planning to go to kiev for quite a long time because there is a organization for security and cooperation meeting about to get on the way and even
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though the ukraine rejected the key deal with europe on trade and diplomacy. i expect many european foreign ministers will be attending that meeting side. this is the us sending a very strong message that i am not happy with the ukraine's the rejection all of this key deal with the euro. instead john kerry will be traveling to mold over a country which has been pushing for many reforms as of late and has shown a clear determination to grow closer with the european union side. yet this is very much a part of this rising tensions with russia between the eu between the us. he's very much a snub of the night also released a communique last night criticizing the ukraine police handling of the demonstrations the use of stun grenades and tasers. and the message that john kerry has been sitting here crying all this week is out that the government must listen to the demonstrators said very clearly this division to
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moldova is a key diplomatic message from the us to the upright. looks like covering diplomacy such a fun thing isn't it. thanks for joining us to talking of course one of the in brussels to be keeping an eye out on all of these developments are in this tense times for ukraine it's been a kinship with the european union calls up the secretary of state of the united states walking into these troubled waters the white eyelets shift focus to the middle east and china special or what about creation was that that is in egypt and the egyptian foreign minister now build on the photo of him and others saw it if you need is an exchange of views and china ties with the country as well as the middle east peace process and security in the world golf. tuesday because one of the murray has mall from god. this is the rule was keen to spend few hours and caro before he heads to the need for the ninth man of the dialogue that's the second visit for china's special envoy of the disease this year. at the time. egypt is still
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undergoing political transition. who comes within a short message from china dfat china supports the toughest day to come people for developing the country. i expressed congratulations on the constitution to the foreign minister. it's a wise efforts and it reflects the will of the egyptian people. we look forward to the roadmap reaching its pockets. china and egypt at the same foreign policies toward the pressing issues and amenities. both have been working to push forward a two state solution for the palestinian israeli conflict base of the nineteen sixty seven borders and they support a political solution for this are in crisis the look. she had the time she will walk in with goals he resigns to peaceful solution. the results you email it to accomplish. no one will win. the serum people would suffer a loss both the opposition the government to cdm in
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geneva to implement the resolutions of june you will want oh emphasize on china's bizarre to expand the already increasing exports to egypt. but twelve economic ties are strengthening. some analysts believe the current buyback or religions are not satisfactory. would it didn't cost us three dollars due respect to china supports all you have all of the time that's variations does not see that the star of the ties between the two nations. we asked the owner looking forward to morning mass demands more terrorists egypt is now revising these foreign policy and upstream from the ties these rusher there's no more room for more meets china. it also doubles up. during the said there was a cupcake decorating interest in having deeper ties with cairo. there became a strong base to boost bilateral relations between both countries. so after egypt called it's a transitional period. nothing should pander to the next elected government of having an old friend as an ally
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i've increased the cdp cairo a team from the international community agencies december news conference on its preliminary findings offer inspecting the photo she would die she knew pure pop along to injure a hunk of those links you he's the head of the nineteen member team he says that the liberty crew re report on that the contamination process up to the japanese gum. we now use the money before the sky is the main findings and conclusions of the nation. sue. you know though is here is definetly going to be scooped the team at the two most up to the nice don't you go to the guy who like to remark that the fourth and that can be soo nice to win it we cut the sleeves didn't want people to conceive for information on the body called the warmth in the future the sets and ninety member team other than that revealing the decommissioning look of the proposal to pop on since the twenty fifth of november i was up monday before last
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the team focus is on the management of radioactive water at the site is what is the process of ramona few were brought from the field roles being ruled in reactors number one fall. this is the second on the japan has accepted an ieee mission to appeal the decommissioning process. the previous one was back in april edition of the steam providing japan with advice and means to better manage a massive amount of radioactive water radioactive contamination has left many areas across focus she was still uninhabitable remember this is what two of us since the accident us happen despite a huge amount of money in the snail being thrown in. the final story hearing this news update us on how little the brazilian cities have a special costs include bondi ballet company ballet in itself is pretty hard but in this case all the dances in this particular company of the line. teaching people who cannot seem to move graciously. around the stage. well that's not an easy task but one dedicated ballet instructor has managed
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to do just that or not the local product has this fascinating story. the gay teen brazil's streets can make it challenging obstacle course for any pedestrian for seventeen he who studied omega walking down even some palms cleanest most well the streets can beat that. he can stand the test has been blind since birth. a lack of accessibility freebies a building brazil nice to you to urgently is terrible. if you want to watch here you need to be all the time going around stuff. these insights will be to install his crew from fulfilling her dream to become a banner read. went to the tool is like she joined the association also may enlarge for the blind founded by fitting them to be the staunton this eighteen
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years ago. monday issued an open sided valley helps a lot and many aspects of life for blind people. it helps is to have better posture gives them more notion of space and balance and shot only physical benefits but emotional. walking the streets becomes much easier for those who take the challenge to dance on stage. that's in this much other people. it's the way for them to explore their potential and three minutes but of course. days like this are great the act. i'm totally new. just be viewed in the year so sweet that i have overcome many obstacles now add one two transmitted all this emotion plan on stage. i want the to really feel it's. the she likes to mix forged by a mixed company of lights and sights of dancers who helped to
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going to be truly they are dancers on stage. like ballerinas scallop their steps and rely on sound to get the sense of space and position. the movements may be the last three songs then when the conventional blew a company performs. but there's another dimension to the artistry is dancers create on stage. fearlessness that makes less than perfect he sees the future. although the cctv syllable. well what an inspiring story to lead to me i've tried increasing get your comment in that story you can always leave us a comment on the social media presence were active on twitter and facebook are at least at cctv music that cctv news posts on twitter and facebook. we hope to receive your comments will be happy to get back to you sweat robin is his update from these aka jacob and the rest was history. thanks very much
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with the underdogs again the nation back in nineteen seventy four. take a walk off our things and use it to the season. boo judges long
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tradition of baking with cuts and it's based on their publication. the first one just illustrations for books they reserve role of the books. people stir in coloring them and then just for reasons of practicality
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instead you can read the rules to putting color on was the same kinds of walks that they use to put their minds. once we expect to on this long tradition. what makes him more particularly he looks back to the landscape tradition so he's mostly a landscape artist. and during his lifetime. he explicitly means your chickens is one of his inspirations book. kirsty was what does he like your cheek and lived it to him it was absolutely. separated off from the west. sweetie. no salt works. studies in disputes with western style theater in japan can incorporate that into the mix the other the new one we
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will. welcome to the world has lied and you know tommy until chilled. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am south korean officials are closely monitoring reports from the north to see if an influential figure. john suntec has been dismissed from all its products. anti government protesters in


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