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will we. the rta to read edwards noted reveals more about the nsa surveillance program here at the chance to strut the billions of cell phones around the globe of the day putting more just that. the nhl for new police officers face charges over the death of a local homeless man. video shows kelly thomas been beaten in two days by the officers before his death an update on this case a look at police brutality here in the us had. they're force academy in colorado. let's take a pledge to never walk
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investigative journalists as his uncovered information that some recruits are asked to not only live but also spy on classmates professors and commanders. speak to the journalist coming up. a new new. it's wednesday to report. i've yet to washington to sleep instead saxon or watch the rta. and we begin with a developing story today is another and a staple data collection program has been revealed based on interviews and documents obtained from edward snowed in the washington post reports that the nsa is tracking cell phone locations all around the world collecting nearly five billion records every single day. the information stored in a vast database that is able to track the location of hundreds of millions of devices and the people who use them to develop complex relationship maps of who is interacting
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with you and where they're interacting based on this data. agency officials say that this program by design does not target americans but as we meet as we've learned with other at a staple collection programs americans data. swept up into these databases. as of the locations of tens of millions of americans to travel abroad every year and use their cellphones. in recent months senators like ron wyden have pressed the nsa on whether or not they're conducting a program using cell site location data within the united states the nsa has denied that such a program currently exists the operative word there is currently. but this latest week exposes such a program existing on a global scale with the enormous capabilities where an analyst can locate any cell phone in the world. andrea trace the movements of that device and its owner. tracking him or her as they move about work. their private home or
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to a private meeting according to an essay documents the amount of data flowing into their database is the result of this program is al pacing the agency's ability to ingest processed and stored. as for the implications of this latest week. it shows that efforts to keep phone communications a secret. by using disposable phones or by treating them turned off don't work to enhance its capabilities. in fact this newly revealed program is designed to specifically sniff out. devices that appear to be trying to remain hidden moving on to california where the trial continues for two police officers facing charges for the two thousand eleven beating death of kelly thomas this may seem here. thomas mentally ill and homeless was confronted by police officers on items like fit two thousand eleven. he was not guilty of any sort of crime officers responding to a call
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about a magically car door handles in a bus depot parking lot. what followed was a brutal beating the hands of six fullerton officers and beading. largely captured on video. here it is drought and you can hear thomas calling out to his father going for help saying the officers are killing him turn up. thomas died five days later the hospital after he was taken off life support this video what you're seeing here now the primary evidence used against two former officers were now facing charges from the beating death. it will drama charged a second degree murder in involuntary manslaughter. former corporal jade kitchen ellie is facing one count of involuntary manslaughter and one count of use of excessive force. a third officer jason wolfe is charged with involuntary manslaughter. he'll be tried in a separate trial. this trial is expected to last weeks and is a trial of particular importance. we've
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seen some troubling reports of please please for calvin to merge all around the country recently. there's the paris william twenty year old and stammered cisco who stop by please to ride his bike on the sidewalk on november fifty. the petition quickly turned violent. video shows williams and three others were arrested for williams and supporters say that it was the police who made the situation possible williams points from the hospital to jail for three days. charges against him were later dropped. just to please maintain that have the rights to defend themselves. no officers have been charged with wrongdoing or look at lucinda white woman in springville nori who was teased by police while eight months pregnant. this april. white who called the police the first place after a fender bender sprinkle please stand by their actions and there's been no charges against officers in this case either i remember this video of two
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white parents the man in the wheelchair they're getting forcefully tackle bite to washington d c metro police men in the spring of two thousand eleven. they said harris was drinking in the charges against terrorists were dropped shortly after this video was released. paul harris alleges that please use excessive force them apart stitches on its head. the pleats were once again not charged and kept their jobs unfortunately these examples can go on and on and on. but unlike any of those cases i just mention in this case that kelly thomas the officers are facing charges. please for kelvin is receiving one of those rare days in court. we should all pay close attention to this case. well staying on this issue of police officers are increasingly be outfitted with tiny cameras known as the lipstick cameras to record everything officer sees a deals with during his
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or her chef. some say this technology offers unprecedented accountability on the part of police by making sure everything they do it reported. this also has privacy advocates raising concerns that she's endured a bit more. for every officer in laurel maryland police department the day starts at hand and right here. we each grabbed the camera. and as you can see. kirkuk on this on my glasses or headband what is to pronounce that way. it's commonly referred to as the mainstay camera with its shape and size resembling that of the winds popular mika. the gadget is far from just an aesthetic pleasure. it's the latest technology being implemented in to police departments across the country allowing for officers to record interactions from a rear vantage point. they just did a a completely unbiased view of the situation. it doesn't deviate at the slanted one way or the other. or you get
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kicked off. everything may seem everything that was too cold and interaction. but this one. the simple life and are asking for directions to the question is clear to all the purported footage though while at morals police department officers show me just how it's done in home runs for a secure online server and officers can then access thread count on their smartphone but the server for the thousands of police interactions that happened to me is my hero on a store's website called evidence dot com this is where officers c'mon in and view their captured footage. i know they can see the video. the police department says officers cannot keep her weight that they cannot alter. they cannot believe they cannot change the current date they have committed to view only for that. at a hundred maybe one days to notify sauce as administrator center getting ready to purge the system
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maintains that the policy for how long video can be stored on the server before it's automatically purge not want police officers seem to be plain by the rules is that the kids at the aclu say that the implementation of these cameras has presented conflicting viewpoints on one hand they are cavernous there were cameras in our spaces was a trend that we've been totally fighting and their cameras run by the police the other hand we've seen a lot of situations in which these cameras on the bart police act is a very effective check and balance against police abuses in balance and d in re alto calif police conducted a randomized controlled study after cameras were introduced in february of two thousand twelve complaints against officers plunged eighty eight percent compared with the previous twelve months. and as for the officers' use of force that fell by sixty percent but the aclu and other privacy advocates are still concerned over the howler police officers have to turn
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our camera on and off perhaps then failing to capture behavior that they don't want to eat. these are going to have an incentive to be designed the bouts are things we can help keep them on it's a good desires to battle with the camera was acting. privacy advocates are demanding that police department implemented airtight policies so that people don't have to depend on the honesty of police officers. it's only then may say that this could be a force for good. allowing citizens to make sure their life force and is coming along. in washington during the day our team. great now joining me for more on this is art is a narrative that many welcome to it. we see that these cameras is lipstick cameras that are out you don't please are being used by more and more police departments around the country what he thinks been eyeing this kind of explosion and their use. they certainly are exploding are everywhere now but the number of reasons they are very beneficial to the police
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officers. yes remember that this footage was recorded on these cameras is basically hard evidence that means that if someone were to file a complaint against a police officer say they're saying the police acted aggressively toward the police abuses and we would have. you know they would have video that can automatically refute that i'm complaining so they can take that footage put on a cd easily taken over to the court show the judge and say here it is right here it's that didn't happen so makes quick as a buying much easier is also prevented de escalate a lot of situations neither that's because you know that people see the officer wearing the camera and then they decide to calm down a little bit in the eastern back off from a situation where because a police officer noted that they're being recorded and so they started decide not to resort to us in using force or even lethal force the latter. hope it will come in. exactly so there you have it here we saw during occupy movie we've seen in last year's everybody has the phone with a camera
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on it now and during the occupied who we saw lots of people use their phone to record crops machine since then more and more cases were people reporting or recorded the cops come to think that's influenced the police decision to use his camera so that there's only one side recorded an act that the footage to give it a couple bouts of the coppell has his footage due to report what is that while the police department says of course it's not a direct response to that but it's kind of parent that that's what's going on on the police chief that says that that has definitely become an issue i think that's the reason why at me like the idea of being able to get their perspective i spoke to the chief believes and is looking at it say about that work on slowing of the instruments were being recorded only basis whether it's softens whether it's partial webcams whatever the technology is there in the community. this is a benefit for us because as opposed to the twenty second clip in broadcast about the media weaned out
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the intensity and a new target in its entirety thereby we can rebut any of that spins are placed on the video tapes released by the media. let's talk about the precedent interviews with officers walking around doing their job with this camera on him in this recording everything they see in people can just direct the police officer but not one of the recorded. with my surname are a lot of people they just by hearing it alone or set up in arms about it on my you know why. legally speaking the recording is totally fair game where i was in a state of maryland it's actually a all party consent states that means all parties acted on board with recording even if one person wants to report on however the loophole to that is space so any time here in our data traffic stop asking for directions anything anywhere you are on property that's all fair game on the ones of course they don't of private business or residence they have to ask for consent from the people reporting in the nab the right to refuse that the interstate is still you is behind this because
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the domestic an ability to play saucers but there's also this is a wrinkle that the officers can carpool when it ever goes on and off meaning they can turn off that they want to turn off and do something. addison went. he would meet his hand at it mean just any clear they cannot do was added and so they can cut hearts out they can do mean anything by it is up to then it's on their discretion of course police departments will tell them you need to put in on any sunny have a citizen police interaction by an e mail you could have an incident where the police officer knows it. here she is not really me doing something that would be deemed appropriate by the might decide not to put it on him and say either i forgot to you or i didn't have time to work and it worked so that's a real concern and that's why the aclu the still un privacy advocates either need to be real good policies in place interesting part is an air headed to the field. court proceedings that the nation's largest federal court of appeals are about to significantly change ninth
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circuit u s court of appeals headquartered in san francisco covers district court in california and alaska arizona several other states out west. and this week the court announced that it will be live streaming some of its hearings over the internet. this will be the first time ever that video federal appellate court hearing will be broadcasted live. the court is spent five cases between summer night in december eleven. toby the first to be live streamed the first is a case concerning a california law the requires police to collect the dna of any adult arrested for a felony the chief justice of the ninth circuit alex kaczynski said about the decision. video streaming is a way to open record stores even wider so that more people can see and hear what transpires in the quarter particularly in regard to some of our most important cases. so stay tuned for some musty legal tv coming out of the west cups that's you a story of spying
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and deception. emerging from the us air force academy according to information obtained by the colorado springs gazette. the air force's office of special investigations with postie was running a secret program in which cadets were forced to spy on their classmates to catch suspected drug users and offenders. the cadets you acted as informants were encouraged to see their classmates their professors in our commanders on taking photos wearing recording devices and filing secret reports. according to the gazette this is something many cadets were bullied into doing. it says the record show a side uses the fbi style tactics to create informants and agents and thirty cadets for hours without offering access to a lawyer threatened with prosecution been coerced into helping osi in exchange for promises of leniency that they don't always keep. one of those cadets was eric
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thomas who claims he was recruited into the program in twenty ten free essentially became a spy for the osi and secured several convictions for drug and sexual assault convictions against his fellow cadets. eventually thomas himself was kicked out of the program when osi determined he quote no longer have access to targets documents obtained via a freedom of information act request conrmed. thomas' story. and given thomas' history of dealing with infractions as a spy for the us side. himself had racked up enough demerits to be kicked out of the air force to the new wives in twenty twelve to six months before graduating. he thought the us i would defend him at his hearing. but instead he was left hanging. the air force had denied such a program existed. but earlier i spoke with the investigative reporter at the colorado springs gazette who broke the story of a philips and i first asked him if the air force is still sticking to its denial. now
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to this story has been broken open. i didn't know they they came out. yesterday instead yes we use the program opened with a online store or in any detail but they said you know it works would allow you to read and it ended. one thing that really struck me about it. using words that they are forced to use the meat tasted its eyes on her very cute when they are require her to death. never mind that the economy get take out one pence. but it is a mystery to me much requires them to dance to my aunt and i tried to get him to speak so far or were learned this through the case of derrick thomas who claims that any as evidence that you presented the tears that he was working
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within this program to spy on a stellar cadets securing numerous convictions in the process before himself was kicked out of the air force and he was recruited after he got in trouble. it doesn't as far as you know does this program with that in a less up osi. target people who are already in trouble and they were picked up any clean cadets and pass them to join the program only no one can stay in contact with is there to manage it i'm generally speaking a foreign worker programs and are used in other places not just at the airports. holland and holland. this is extremely rare well we know it yet you might get on. her sounds sorta smallest continent. man that state law will make this go away if you work for us generally with the fbi or with mom where did they use small time he would try and get your peoples the users in
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china the drug dealers or something like that. i hate it. i mean that didn't necessarily see the women's team. when a tree it weren't there looking for any kind no matter how small. what happens to other osi informants to their thomas was was kicked out there do you know it you've spoken with four other former and informants in the day provided some statements to you in this piece. it's almost as though what you get recruited into this program year on your way out of their porch according to take out eventually when you've no longer use to rat out your fellow cadets is that the way this works. you know honestly don't know what works what we do know is we have a few. you know daryn and other staples the samples the three year high. i know where she can four. yes this new law. when
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it's your job the program became an officer wants nothing to do with it and went and worked for ten dollars zero. still a range of things can happen but it's ace the last twenty years and inform on each of you running with that crap. a lot of unintended things can happen and so i wouldn't be surprised if it's a typical comment that these guys in more trouble and honor honestly though you've broken your story. of backstory the air force which they were dealing with all these allegations of drug use nearly two thousand sq which might've been the nexus of this are the origin of this sort of important program none of us tight as far as you can tell is this exclusive to the air force can we assume another branch of the military have similar programs in place as well well actually yesterday question so yesterday i got statements from both the army
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and he said in a program not this time it is telling the truth. the air force to get homework done. their response would be insane actually no there is no other program like this obviously what happens to their top style your article is kind of dragged this program in july that she said the air force is now passing out that this does this program actually existed. it had many of these new documents that you receive your foyer a question everything. can they allow thomas have any recourse to what happened to him. well there. just to get his diploma from the academy and get his officers commissioned her career and your horse he's the only one day. we all know that this is totally unclear right now. the air force's response to our according to his day that
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jacket on as well as a cadet with a long history of misconduct that all of his misconduct and before he was an informant and therefore they would probably just find what they do it now reporting we didn't want to stay. you were right there. they are not conceding any of the fourth day of interest to see what more comes out of this reporting here that billups investigative reporter at the gazette that is so much and that of pakistan where blowback from the u s drone war has crippled important supply route used by the united states and nato to transport supplies in and out of afghanistan. but supply route running for a province in northern pakistan has been blocked. this is the end of november by protesters demanding an end to the continuing drone strikes in pakistan. a former cricket player turned politician in on khan says his political party is responsible for blocking the supply route one of two routes that run through pakistan. he says his
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party had bought the sector out as well. again to protest drone strikes in response to the destruction a spokesperson for the pentagon said today that us military is halting cargo shipments out of afghanistan through pakistan out of concern for drivers on these routes. and while the pentagon hopes the supply route will be reopen the near future. they are in the process of re directing supply lines by bypassing pakistan the pakistani government which has been both publicly criticizing drone strikes as well as privately supporting man claims to be committed to reopening the supply route tomorrow in over one hundred cities across the united states fast food workers are expected to walk off the job in the latest series of labor actions by a low wage workers demanding better pay better benefits and better working conditions. primarily the workers are calling for an increased minimum wage which is currently seven point five an hour. president
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obama called for an increase in minimum wage as well to that speech. you know the current airport workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail sales people who work their tails off. the still living at or building above poverty and that's why it's well past the time to raise the minimum wage than real by. last decade he rates the average bathroom worker has changed considerably it's no wonder teenager holding down his or her first job. today the average age of the fast food workers twenty nine more than a quarter of them are trying to raise a kid something it's virtually impossible to do with a full time job making only seven twenty five an hour the movement to raise the minimum wage is picking up steam on a local level in several cities and states have passed laws increasing their own minimum wage the latest poised to do so is right here in washington d
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c city council unanimously unanimously approved a measure to increase the city's main ways to eleven fifty an hour. but stillness be approved by dc mayor vincent brett. but this increase comes just as one of the largest employers of low wage labor walmart opens up to stores today here in washington dc. the first to walmart to ever appear in the district. one person and very vocal on this issue of the minimum wage and workers' rights. his art his very own tom harmon who made this argument on wednesday night as he was promoting his new book the crash twenty sixty activity has continued to increase and the kids on a fairly linear scale. wages flattened out starting in nineteen seventy release or what. minimum wage or now be over twenty dollars now. thus the middle. the slight teenager starting on the isle if that is simply happy course you can turn into tom show the big picture every
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week night at seven pm. there are key. so is the cutting edge medical science or one giant stamp. that's the question surrounding genetic testing company twenty three and me. see for ninety nine dollars twenty three in the center a personalized dna kit which allows customers to take a swab of their own saliva send the kid back to the company were tests are run to discover any genetic disorders and future health risks. the customer may have sounds pretty cool right five twenty three in me is to spend it with a class action lawsuit alleging the company's test results are bunk. but they're meaningless. not only about the lawsuit says that twenty three and is actually compiling their customers genetic information in a large databases eventually marketing head out of the scientists for research the company says it won't comment on legal matters though it has pulled its advertisements off there. and by the way the us state department sure knows how to
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party. turns out earlier this year in september just as the fiscal year was ending the state department spent about one hundred and eighty thousand dollars to stock up on alcohol in embassies around the world. it included more than ten thousand box and whiskey and wine in rio more than twenty two thousand dollars in wine in tokyo plus nearly sixty thousand dollars in moscow it's not to all that unusual for the state department to purchase copious amounts of alcohol that you do a lot of entertaining around the world after all diplomacy can often be lubricated better by bruce. but one thing to note is the alcohol consumption is increasing dramatically from year to year. this year the state department spent more than four hundred thousand dollars on alcohol more than three times the entire tab from two thousand and eight. and ended in the diplomatic fire started by the edwards snowed in an essay revelations perhaps a little alcohol diplomacy were all there is much needed. and that's going
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to do it for now for more the story to cover go to youtube dot com slow church america. you can check out our website our team dot com slots usa. and you can go on twitter you can follow me out sans socks. we'll see you right back there at eight pm thanks for walking i live. i am. today i am. and then you must go. use. no productivity the devil to get into your design. tsk tsk tsk. lou
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drooling woohoo little. it seems like it's their status and access and kept bashing and telltale. i was around the world have long appreciated japanese cooking what's being officially recognized union scare has decided to add japan's traditional could see none for content to its list of intangible cultural heritage there is a finn hudson meeting of the year to decide on what new registrations


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