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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 5, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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in it for the day. because breaking news called what. so much. he adores to play stock. for it. good news. i
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said it was an twelve hundred trips to central african republic as part of the planting of the day today in the un to save the lives of thousands in the nation torn apart by poverty and violence. do you crave more and more western leaders are signing with the demonstrators who want to increase ties with your up for russia. tyler calls on the people to do their duty without directly referring to recent protests and demonstrations on hold today out of respect for the monarchs perfect. thanks for joining us first to head to central african republic where shots uneven parts of the rockets were fired for several hours early this morning. the country has been described as totally long as the place filled with fighting between muslim and
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christian militant groups trimble reports. i looked in every rumbles in the distance he believed the troops take cover. with the molding the former rebels controlling the central african republic capital raced towards the sound of the sheeting to note that many didn't know exactly who you could open fire. good to soak in officials belonging to the ruling seneca group called costs went up to the christina militia allied with the country's former president at a time capsule with rifles and walking shoes locals worried you might look the same. the lack of flights is curtailed for the bloodshed. monday morning we were woken up by the scent of gunfire. we wondered what was going on. we didn't know if the anti directed people to ride in developing the recently sectarian killing six points in the central african republic with christian and muslim pointers are accused of targeting civilians. as
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united nations for paint to the total rising international intervention residents can vote he said they were counting on promise to restore order. that is out of house at the end of the eco density of fourteen years ago. going to be so glad we did for the green light to enter the country into the open them until now we have seen them. it's putting a cd right now once this to a french armored vehicles was halted in the streets of the capital fronts the six hundred troops already on the ground to get set to double. see you in the skillet. when angie on cents a share is reporting that several people were killed or wounded as a result of that shooting early today in central african republic to get into more context on this and bring in cheap foreign editor robert parsons the drop top is tricky with the different groups in lebanon fighting in the country s instance a recent two six nine months ago boasted to the truth is you nine months ago that lets
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the eighth to the central african republic since it became independent in nineteen sixty. unusual but this one is that the group that brought the new authorities in to top that was essentially a muslim coalition is the second coalition. this is a predominantly christian country. what happened almost immediately the bases often present was easy. was this group started taking measures against the christian majority attacking attacking christian and religious stories and images. i'm not concerned has prompted response from the christian community which is set up as witches been hearing the report the militia which is being carried out similar atrocities against muslims what's happened i was the cut pieces beginning lawn tennis wireless the picture is one sided attacking one things going on in the luggage and so one of the that the danger is this the un appointed eyes his biscuit that could develop into a genocide. i get completely out of control muscle at this point why its
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origins at the french tip sheet on the ground as soon as possible. the eu and he is set to approve of those terms french troops and african churches whether the question is is is that enough to help it's a very good question because the central african republic is a very big countries the same size from just four million people living in that that that action is the same as crohn's disease. the force and the opera the african force that will be three thousand six hundred men. by the time has reached its full complete in january. for some three thousand six hundred men to cover ten feet the size of prawns he realizes all probably sick and especially whether the since it's happening all over the place is sought is concentrated in the capital bondi where couple of times is spread all over the country. even if you are at the french contingent of that which is good he was won by some two hundred men it's good to see how they can make a complete difference but said however that was a similarly small french force that was put into miley just a few months ago and that they performed with considerable success the restored stability that pushed his business by two
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elections were held off about the situation in the news sent off in a exhibit different because it is genuinely a failed state with no real infrastructure what's be futile. so when the french to move and the question is what happens next day to be the operetta was stumped is a dangerous place and when that time comes for elections in seoul. i spend at ten over par seventy four. and talking about that difficult situations. the car bomb has gone all things yet mandating at least twenty dead suicide bomber reportedly set off his car packed with explosives at the defence ministry. another twenty were hurt in that blast that smashed through walls in a hospital inside the complex. officials say after the explosion went off without a fight broke out between soldiers and another car filled with gunmen the defence ministry has for these very few details so far but it does say most of the attackers were killed foreign diplomats are in kiev today for a meeting of
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the top security body and tera capital of ukraine has been gripped by massive protests against the government's decision to freeze time with the eu to turn toward russia instead police have promised not to use force but they have entertaining and investigating dozens of opposition activists. now the president of ukraine viktor yanukovich is away at the moment on us a visit to china. the one top level official in kiev says the government has not ruled out discussing the new snap election to correspond gulliver crack the latest from the protests. the us is among the countries that it says sending diplomats have a lower level than the foreign minister of state to state which would normally go to bed this kind of conference others that have decided to send their foreign ministers most notably a rodent. this weekend and javanese the test of sikorsky kyle built in quito but the data that will be head and hoping to use their presence here in kyiv as an opportunity to offer to risi. general of way in this
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the councilf europe is to done with your abs to be the third he didt see much stuck to negotiation with the other big news thoug hat i've been late last night here in ukraine is that the fact that the teeth are trying to miss that santiago is up and said in a television interview that he wouldn't rule out the possibility of open i think i'm the elections as the fat from anyone the president that independence has said anything of the souls of people there on the spread and hard about that yet most of them that i spent this morning from a wide area willing to believe that he would be willing to do anything like that said it was obvious that i'd like to present that day because she's the man tipped to be the next five minutes up on daddy's back to the present indicated to sign something that he's typing to position himself as the good guy in order this feat i must try to present himself as a pro european within the party of regns they will be hippies going to brussels had to try to negotiate that. with that with the europeans that on that. so it's possible that
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to pition himself in somes way to make himself look good but rather think that it's possible that people within it an authentic destructive beginning to consider a possibility that the only way to hold on to power in parliament if it is the president. oliver kind that hints at that. now the un and the global chemical weapons watchdog are waiting for approval from a non specified country to lead syria's most deadly chemicals onto a us ship for destruction offshore the name of the country that will open its board has yet to be released. it comes as the violence inside syria is pushing thousands of refugees across borders. today i spent hours together at the situati in serbiane hundred syrians are blocked in transit to try to get to the eu but serbia wants them to settle in a refugee center in the mountains. meantime they are stuck in emergency trends it's a sign on to the reports although hundred syrian refugees coffee beans
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greenhouses recently rented by the united nations in front of each just going to the overcrowded to silence and to command a hefty among them muhammad twenty three years old and two years on the road was last fifteen members of his family to the wall. a twenty one but do best. it is fair isle. at the age of four. boy did it some locals protested against the opening of the temporary refuge in this tense situation do we even barricades to block supplies of the refugees. an agreement was reached when the government pledged to relocate the refugees by the end of the week. twenty two or more cynical take on cars in the middle of the ready to call the traffic he and i believe it's inhumane. it's cruel. i'm more of its illegal in this country. on a more intimate
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just days ago the refugs was sleepy in the works. some are still hiding that i'm willing to leave for a new destination even from the european union. they are even thinking about returning to the forest to avoid being forced to move. outside it's very very typical. call it la it's difficult to see the piece i stepped outside and i see the show the only other choice is to cause the syrians in the asylum center it space compound the latest on that stolen shipment of radioactive material in mexico. it has actually been found not far from where the truck transporting it was abandoned that highly radioactive material had been removed from its container with officials saying the person who opened the box could be in grave danger. they say though that the material now poses no risk and has been contained. he went missing on a cargo truck transporting it was stolen from a gas station
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two days ago. when our protests have given way to re celebrate the king's eighty sixth birthday. the country is still on at spawning several days of street clashes between police and anti government protesters surely sit on our ports the chinese were supposed to serve the same political divisions on the king's birthday. only prime minister you'd like to know what appeared on the screen. this is no opposition supporters reacted. he said is that minutes later became cold for stability in his awaited speech. i can call an old time is to make sure you focus on doing that. tt's according to their responsibilities. told with great interest. my call which is the security and stability of the country
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outside the palestine is grinding together and the eighty six year old kane he remained deeply divided over the government the opposition says the cabinet must cut down because it's controlled by former ousted prime minister since no one brother of the current leader in luck locally. tomorrow the people's movement will continue in order to eradicate the texan regimes in thailand. i had to return the power to the people. to protect. to return the power to the people is the same protesters took to topple the elected government and replace it with an unelected people's council. many of the street from the martial arts fans out there the yellow jumpsuit won by the late gene priestley is for sale at sea is up for auction today in hong kong bruce lee war at sea with its famous strides in the family game of death county died in nineteen seventy three before the movie was finished but
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the film was later cobble together with other friday seven am before he died from an allergic reaction to pain killers. the cd is expected to fetch around thirty five thousand dollars or twenty six passenger lists don't you think and to lean out the news desk with perhaps the quintessential sign that christmas isn't really here in the united states at least that time christmas tree in yorkshire rockefeller center has just been linked with a flick of the sweets that diane always present. this became a rockefeller center christmas tree with the cats and all of us. mayor michael bloomberg to run the lights wednesday night and salmon it's been held since nineteen thirty three. telling folks entry has forty five thousand lights covering the top to bottom. hello and welcome to
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the interview of course think and i'm home in georgia and the temperature is once again rising between russia and europe. in a statement. this cheese day nate and slammed what he called the use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrations in ukraine. most are in turn accused mate as interfering in ukrainian offense. his russian permanence to say canaveral speaking this wednesday. we lit the fuse it is not understand what they don't make these statements i cannot understand what secretary general rasmussen answers the question of whether or not russia is able to put its forces in ukraine is due to its total value who listens protests continued to roll ukraine over the president's decision to pull away from a landmark trade deal with the european union. what to make sense of the holy ukraine russia eu triangle. i enjoy each day on
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a distinguished analyst thomas while he is senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations and he joins me today from brussels. thank you very much for being on the interview we've seen some recent progress in east west relations on syria and carry on syrian chemical weapons on the uranium nuclear issue gee think it is a risk now of this relationship being poisoned by a what's happening in ukraine. what that will precede the relation between russia and the west will drop him off to play either an issue between russia and europe as is its conduct a series of overlapping bet on it. ah yes the husband corporation up over time off so time of tension on syria. um yes the house the incorporation of a kind one around but will pursue the same time. it is a a a a a vigorous may increase the vigorous from sonic cents almost hostile to
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the competition also by the domestic standards. what you might call the shroud. eu russian sphere of interest all the best pieces of calls from the coliseum. and that of a bunch of. this protective come about by the ukrainian government and to not sign the deal with you with the eu and to cave in and the face of massive investment of a russian pressure. the greatest nations episode in a tug of war the tree in moscow in one hand and ruffles and the eu member states on the top of a guzman will prevail in inches high with this talk of europe dave evans has europe played its cards right in this tug of war most recently splurged on a lull between the ukrainian government and your position is that kind of response that gives your credibility in this crisis whatever the heck is that irresponsible switch out which of which that this is the despicable to make that
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switch on the hunt. there were forty of us had admitted into that impact if one takes a few steps back and mixes the whole way out the relationship between the duty of democratic. you cry and offer their own revolution. i hadn't the yuan and the sinful and i was impulsive. all of the european continent as it holds up a bit. there is one question that's that it is the end of the question without all of this is in some way to a missed opportunity. on the eu has worked and keeps work and we'll keep working to try to drive ukraine away form of the russian a gravitational pull up and and and and move it towards its own economic political social model that we've seen how hopes that ukraine were brought them into a fashion democracy with um that over corruption. with the proper role. with the french a market economy
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how these hopes to be in that it is appointed the menu is in the last five to sixty s but still the eu keeps trying to book a ticket about schools. it neighbors of ukraine i couldn't um um but but but the question that's his announcement. is whether the eu had a full for the ukraine. a clear and tripod and then will this time in the fifth respect of the way tussle for the perspective to other countries that were formerly called the soviet off with a view that it had a much bigger hole. the much bigger influence. i would have acted as a much more attractive force of four. ukraine is either unknown or european or western eyes that hasn't happened was permissible to see. it's one that's one for sorensen a bit with good reason funnel off in ukraine if it meant to post it but i think in some ways you could say was justification that the new doc today is paying the price for the city from mc prospect of being for example a stabilization and association agreement or at
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least an offer of bad. quite soon downline she think that we're ready. is it too late for all that now alright now the situation that the time is ripe for another reason one of the falls the innocent of crisis on the use still pondering how to walk consequences and roll them into long term. foam pet of the severe economic and financial crisis in the eurozone which in the footy over debts in which the hebrew though folk pop um the eu is crafting today with this you have to deal with the check in which schools has given the content of perspective at the same time developing in our minds which in some ways moving further away from europe robin told europe and the unorthodox citizens and political parties and governments in europe who think that today trying to integrate as big a geographical and cultural hall so i stuck it on which path would be an investment perspective. all the ukraine which happened would really do a lot of the whole european cultures make an offer that in a very
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significant mass of the top of that has made a doll house from top but it's it's off the comp right now the question of the brussels is tough to sort out the mess and how to respond to. russian progressive up pressure exempted tools ukraine table gives russian pressure in a minute to tell is just one more point on the eu a response gee think fundamentally be used to huge avoided on whether to give ukraine if the membership prospects to re capitalize on these mass protests we've seen over the last few days one of the mass protests are good news for the half pulled into the cadets were without power that intent to endanger crying and roll towards christ was the you even for complementary post because the person a topic that is one that resonates with. why didn't force and the second speaker in a society. i think the membership is true it is is is not right now on the table. i think of the major folder you. as a problem which he also faces
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in pulse of its accent on auction on the cats to get it soon not together is also much the question of the shell division between member states and ukraine political press on with her engage in conduct to heaven and on screen. another who biltmore house conference or indeed westwards of the betrayed and captions which of course much this in bolton and in shaping the eu urged him to hold a crane but i think the fundamental office also raises is the issue back its crucial question of the of the grievance. insufficiency of the use existing political arrangement to manage key foreign policy relationships key foreign policy issues. no one had roughed up which of course is that centralized many ways it's an authoritarian state at that able to get its act together alma mater diplomatic issues asked to act swiftly on to act forcefully and built on the other on the com us and european machinery which that which needs much time to achieve consensus before shift positions which is
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which is which is the remains and often into something which i would describe as a potential mess. i wish we'd often. i think the you hope that it is or indeed the streets in self deception the foot not so much because of deep divisions that because of the issue of time needed to come around new policy positions. andrew mohl an opera produced read it for the vapid statements to manage a crisis situation that let's talk a bit more about that that the russian dynamic tell us the hard cheese that is that kiev needs billions of dollars next year for gas bills and debt repayments the thing that gives russia lost a lot i'm not sure what hats with us now for the second to give a rough road to a poll up of a ukranian on how politics and the coolest coffee and cannot control their own significant significant number of citizen or criticisms would probably feel that second field um
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country optimistic be a missionary. closer to russia than they do to ukraine's western nations to stop impulse with a nine which our ukraine has inspected by ruling princes of the many and many of them have russian him and offered a defense that the rating on which um so that's a that's an important thing to keep in mind. ukraine has so many contests think with with specification is in many ways the country that is more divided than any that many of those on the only european competition the west and east but beyond the full stats every time i bought this as of monday up pressure on the gas energy. and a full set of the ukrainian state that is comically for funds which gives the fabric store for a new watch with cash through dry throat and cough delivered. we do we store was at the point you just talked about very much in the two thousand and four orange revolution but today's opinion polls show that more than fifty percent of ukrainians consistently back eu integration said. does that mean that these street protests have more taunts of
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spreading to the east to meet its knowing is again i think its current episode of the divide is no longer a simple and clear captain as geographical the kids to be obstinate and then ten more years to get up that said i think it's still a factor which should come one come and shouldn't dismiss them tidy up a pound. i'll throw in new coverage of the presidents and prime minister. all based in boston that's all. all that's true russian georgia call without segments. all of ukraine society they're in town today the best lesson itself as that is the fact that speaks to the continuing were evidence of lots of sensitivity of that but controlled mindsets. in ukrainian politics which of course good compounds with our odds with another fact which has the tube for democracy in some ways arm is as more of a more of a share although the reality. and the rights of the opposition
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as we will have on concrete is under attack. um and and those politicians who hold regional launch. ukraine to show the true full with some european style democracy are off. most polls the same ones who want to keep up attaching it to tonight. the russians the reference from the russian sphere of interest obesity in the channel talk of warfare as well as the next tunnel and thank you so much for your analysis tool must plow senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations a tool for this edition of the interview on top and cap. woo hoo. aye aye aye. d. it is. hoho. do
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you. i will. it is. session
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