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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  December 5, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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it is. move move move move move. i want to invest the lack of time. our job to wonder. last week up with a cop would do that for the tip of the more you know what you and the key. the money
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the ideal life in witchcraft no question that day i was thinking yesterday about them having trouble going to work or to talk about school district housing. if you were tiny. finally the building to pay. the work that option the look of the top rate of one share in china. baking time. the most expensive house rental. the new dot com for the largest chinese occupied. that's what i'd read the collected more than a hundred thirty thousand questionnaires nationwide the report on the country's housing rental. word to the report the average monthly housing grant and the talented us. when the hundreds of new toaster multitude of thirteen the high threat is more than two hundred forty dollars month. shanghai and ten. that second third place. according to gandhi outcome of population and housing prices right between first and second gears to be the price of housing rental kept increasing. report also showed that seventy seven percent of renters ready to look thirty years old. most renters about thirty years old. the purchase cost. next
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a provision that today. stop the dalton ga thirty seven million us dollars are pieces in beijing. the four days this topic recently concluded earlier this week the contemporary chinese art auction last day of the most attention. one hundred rp worship that we often the total transactions reached two hundred twenty seven between us. thirty seven million us dollars that was almost twice as much as men before the auction. the most expensive one block to tie different readers i will keep the oil painting an attraction which often the starting price of three point six million dollars to five and later being an eleven million dollars eventually after twenty five rounds of bidding erp auctioned off for twelve point five million us dollars and eighteen percent law commission. the final price with a fourteen point seven billion dollars the pressure from the hide out in front of goalkeeper worked. not the only without the high price. during the auction many people to increase to ten times at the starting bid
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price. topping the first international opera company to print onto my commitment i know who the person to talk to them amen time. finally confronted daily not corrupt government officials and one jo three thousand he ran into were when they retire the decor in the guangdong we will get are not corrupt officials about three document for about four hundred non us dollars toward an airtight. many chinese people to focus on direct action once again. according to the court announcement rick related discipline when did any corruption cases. you have a chance to get a reward in their attire the report conducted by the chinese government showed that the government and the great incomes in china were about six point two two of us. about one billion dollars. chapter twelve percent of gdp with the money to compete with high incomes november to hear some time to read official proposed establishing a fund for those officials were not brought to a contented by people cannot be corrupt the proposal cause here's the big one was
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released and many aware of their new corruption problem among officials in china don't go way of making money matters were talking the vip like a meat raffle ticket the most popular contestant on reality tv competition when the boy from china. when republicans today throughout the two people of comfort them when traveling together historical where we go and add it by chinese liberty that the problem with the kids to support rural villagers. the chinese government is the only permit aaron chose them can't thank god. if you're promoting the idea of spending time with her family a child in the place where you can choose to pour people. to leverage that would normally the case but from a village in the best of them and think i would pour village hall but to show him at the top of that notion about the tourism tiny happen the show does creek and the and that of the leopard and make it seem like common got the tree but their one child in the pore well. but of
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course the paint it a reality show is trying to match the greater issue the hat celebrities don't actually want to travel the world of villages. he might not even had interest spending time with their child or children many times to lead the flight deck intent on email. i think that i've been accepted to the one child policy for ignoring the love child. but the romantic and cozy ocean courses on chinese tv the damage to hover around the qb that have bought into the propaganda dream brought on by the show. according to china's online travel web site featured the comp tickets for family travel one of more than ten times before the show. market analysts predicted the damage likely counter forty percent the number of travelers november two thousand thirteen. many chinese travel agencies government altered to meet the soaring demand for family travel. normally quarter survey of thirty people. mulligan conduct of the small victories twenty people per group. the menu for the second is for people which might seem strange during the modern chinese family show we have reached the top expected or promoted for family. the problem of
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the family. normally accorded to a cookie cutter trip with a cork popped around the scenic area. the church a bit different. according to chinese probably defeat mulligan to provide it with programs to promote communication between parent and children. alderman of the time. you can make a good cook. also the man who during the winter games in beijing we don't think that more than fifty percent off for comfort. now people more choice the calendar before people. the cost of that document of one thousand one hundred fell into trouble. it used to travel to other families making up about ten people. the couple would be six hundred dollars in total another chinese online travel agency to your dot com believe that so far the teacher parent of travel but twenty percent. now if he opted for tours and travel on promoting too many of the program. for the spring
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will come here is the parent child travel program. go with it. up next we'll continue to id like to travel. the kit back to china for clubs in today's money matters were talking that i do like them we travel. a popular tv show the city that time with family members support small village it is a romantic notion. the first filly to show visited with links way in the michael gove bill is debated. on the highway to the village good cleaning and tidying the quarter. or the grinch way reality show to be on popular tourism destination shot the spotlight. rector this reality show the view that the nations are all beautiful in undeveloped areas the first definition the show with buildings with it before the show. not many people knew about the area. not court of locking up of the top of that experience before the show. this village on the track to puke or to weaken previously covered a number of tours that bob has doubled and other tours coming every day
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the data released by chinese website built homes nearby which the village had been fully booked into november meanwhile the hotel room practice. most of the drizzle the prices up thirty three with no street light. now the cost of more than fifty us dollars each night. some rooms are still marked up higher than eighty percent because there are enough room to meet demand. the show also taken on a level to the significance of the drug that kills the traditional family life. tiny dot com that many chinese online users expressed that they would pay more attention to communicate with their children after watching the show include finding that of traditional chinese culture. most chinese them recover and go to work why people take care of the housework and children many others. between the family for extended time yet for him to tell these cases largely god the father the single university conducted a survey of one thousand them and show them more than fifty percent among the main communication the survey revealed. i cannot calm all to point out that more than to convert
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them into stealth utmost to help prop up the tab. china doesn't have too many to be patient and those that don't cover almost entirely they don't wish to go out on the tv to get the party message. we don't like you like them the value of the month of traditional family offering it to the next meets on the station don't go wake up next for question the day where visitors can reach out to eat it. it is. a day
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the conditions affecting their lives. bullish about their thoughts on family travel. but the people because of the current recession the thing to watch the show went to get married about eighty pages which include the contents of troubling but the family the relationship with him. i will relate it to the spirit the clincher at the beach. i think shelley fairy kit every week i are traveling with my family brothers and i felt ancient and traditional chinese family. others are looking to get jobs. time to communicate with the kids she was very interesting and the kids are still lovely. i
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like traveling with my friend my parents are too busy to travel because of the show. i want to have a baby now. i also wanted to know those places that didn't show she'll perform. we only have one this challenge. until then. each of them more time to do it in front of me becoming pretty well i want to show for this very interesting mixture of experience and the like and router. the relationship between the fall when the kids active and productive. relationship with the movers and holds up. we can conclude that happened to read the weekly payment stupid lah. still i managed to lead the team will include the teaching. the warwick. i think in your corner we take a look of trent green above the law in china. today
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school find out why chinese people per year to fight out the school district and added it into a tiny that you have a thing about it the combination of lack of high quality educational resources and pushy parent in beijing for the big standing on top of the school district some young women to look owning a house school district of the criteria for picking them to write typical data shows that the shabby thirty to forty year old apartment school district got one hundred on the web for square meter or more than one thousand five hundred us dollars per square foot. buying a ticket is worth a one bedroom apartment got that nine hundred thousand dollars. money can already purchased a house the school district in united state. welcome to my house for education america the dream of many chinese parent. china's rich people getting picky about where to buy the cost of america now he wanted to help cool down earlier this year. the story came out yummy chinese mother never stick point five million dollars to purchase the high end apartment in
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the upper side of manhattan she could be a part will be used for daughter would be hat your university or columbia university in the future. or when the real id half older daughter's young mothers that her daughter was three years old that apparently was an isolated incident. chinese parents are getting ready for summer to education the school district in vancouver last and open york for being part of a tiny bite gould out of the mass association of realtors showed that last year. kang ha fire that nearly twelve point three billion dollars us. the total cost for deflecting virus in canada it is usually very large i think the chinese population in forty four states in a tiny house fires are the biggest foreign investors have purchased by foreign investors only proper to three percent cost reduction a new lead us. eleven percent of the deer and the numbers expected to increase. compared to help us goldfish are usually twice even three times more expensive. the coconut proper chinese buyers. so fun not come to an online survey with
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these rich buyers. to them more than fifty percent of them have the lead of five hundred thousand dollar budget. when seventy percent into the pan to catch the cast purchased and are particularly interesting cashman will of the current reserves raping us that they were to get a loan would like to be cost efficient the chinese buyers will choose the pain of lump sum tax. the chinese buyers believe it can avoid conflict profit on how pretty it is the bond of us school district into difficult. the and indeed many chinese buyers mad. one of those ignored element of the very active after purchase. he cheered up buyers need to pay property tax to one and three percent the house down. if you attack the official adjust the tax rate according to economic growth rate. and yes now you have resulted in insurance on that. a property management fee and the housing ministry. all the extra cost to become a comparable financial burden to help fight it. housing prices come back up and dusting the house probably will be very profitable. it
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is. there is a label with recap hero quo. chinese housing speculators have become harder than before the demand to the international market another one agreed to come back to listening about ordinary people cannot afford to buy out the time. now they are shipped overseas markets included daily life for people. however some interviewers don't think that a wise idea to invest overseas. how was school district one row quilt the school to help buyers when not in the local people's money. billy whitaker profit is like going to other chinese investors it's the typical come back to her behavior. finally we put a rope of tiny people the huge chinese market perspective it's called a cab in the us would definitely fail. because americans really good tree out back to the bottom. they're buying a house to live in and out look at housing prices in education the time and us and a whole new method more cost efficient. that doesn't mean that it would be a smart
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investment. speculations are factored into their dog walk upright and taxes will go up as well. moving on up to get upright. find out i will begin to understand the cost of living. today we have people mistreat him to get the prized important person for you not. but take a look again. so whats with that activity when the expenses make the twelve hundred us dollars. most people would like to complement to the school year. this price is acceptable. went to target to pick the right way even though i want. they have no right to trial. i like at any cost. my pink edition rather
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than attract store. i have trouble to masha. i felt for it. sometimes i want the trouble with my family in france. i worry as a troubling can relate to the ottomans. they may cost no more than three and thirty the common people cannot afford. forty people the people want to join in a smaller group has made it to be much more money. he thinks hundred dollars more on that comparable. i think. people didn't know it. through dollars which is the price should be lower. travel to sydney. the traveling cannot believe brought them. it also means that customers i think
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he cut into twenty two one i can't wait. it was the one thousand two hundred. like he did for me. the key. i'll close the gap to four four percent are traveling on a five day journey the companies have adopted them to be one thousand one hundred us dollars a person the number of people agreed that the people be reduced to four thousand and eight. but the kinder to your doctor first. the small group that had become popular due to travel to the show. don't debate. the question shaping the future and present time today we have the potential
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of more staff members who came out tops. the thirteenth session ended two weeks ago it had an agenda for the country's economic and political reforms to the next decade it was a big discussion of the people in the best performance and encourages private capital markets in the reformers in enterprise. in the reform agenda an important center for make owners better prices laptop members of these enterprises to get caught up with demand. according to lee's article for the financial times. most large publicly owned companies in western countries. it's a common thing for stop every so often accompany. however china's official petition. the china securities regulatory commission had that many rules to prevent employees from holding shares in company listed on the thai stock market the left and two hundred staff members whether hold shares in open company cheers employed couple who plan to nineteen ten percent of total stock issued by the company. he sure will be employed to have more than one person to come the total stock. corner punch drunk
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perfect for the catholic members of the economic an earlier time enterprise reform the country current staff members who will chair an enterprise. cover when the enterprise when . he'll bring to the shareholders the initial offerings were huge. a large amount of people when the device has been employed for the highfield three. some powerful voice like your managers were buying of shares to gain more power welcome to the gym there was the ultimate in and the whole upmarket difficult. even though pickering eleven staff members to become shareholders of the content of structure. one does not intend to work on planes given or to avoid unfair situation for the ideal commissioners different instructor can only be limited to small number of people like senior managers and technical experts welcome to the previous publication of two hundred staff members or shareholders each company. all selected ten percent of shares to be issued if doc members is what he considered reasonable cover need only for research
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into finance and banking at the chinese attack. i think i need to report that will tie the knot. open up more to give you your weight given to the uk and us dollar the winner has argued that begin with. mark included quo we're entitled to adopt is huge. with a blanket with which i think i'm pretty sure he pretended that it didn't help that our stride and even contradictory. burnley are tough economy that would include more connected to the ma in law for the country the dividend shares our earnings of the staff member the new way to keep long term employees. their courage but financial center. even for small companies incentives are needed to become content on our tree up employee ownership plan. every working staff member. records are limitations to what the tight security regulatory commission. these are not
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qualified to go on the chinese stock market. and think that this regulation is keeping of many private companies entering the chinese market. it also has to be a drawback the chinese market. economic reforms might make the top more acceptable work apple like to introduce the chinese stock market. but offering employee stock of my all to make and pulling large companies difficult for top down perspective. the pay if they don't enterprise. you can buy more open auction call it. okay that's all we have time for him to get the book of china press club's commitment to the latest in a couple living in china. until then you can do anywhere online and you went out to be on guard. and
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ch. it is. is. steve. to
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room in the spirit italian drama fought in crimes nothing and no one are what or w they seem. not distinguished looking for one now police officers. not only has nine children. or even old fisherman. eleven it's this. don't answer that and to see the need for sunsets its inspector frank the stunningly was laid back manner belies his drive to get the truth. i do lol the is the role as a fast space while me just that and it stayed. the team
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the team this week as a lucas and earnings. it's too soon. series ability to uncover the truth may be his greatest strength. it also gets him in constant conflict with his superiors. sydney nsw and also my concrete opener. it is so rich and beautiful but the latest issue one that the final two commandments. most of them really. scott monument and the sonic arts the commemoration the scooter called karma the new issue. the christian relief only to go. mason on the name of the stall. most of the time he maintains an impasse and exterior which masks the ever present grief over the death of his wife were given a stunningly good kendra is really pretty you as for corso. when the testimony of the mountains. the series
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this into question. i am the fan. the last night the ruling and women who has a huge need. it is. six. what do i see it. he's not comfortable with other people's expressions of feeling. which leads to what may be one of the italian television's most genuinely awkward moments the kid. i
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saw one of them. fall in crime stunned and enthusiastic television audience in italy. we ran for three seasons between two thousand five and two thousand ninety eight the story is based on the novels of malaria for a seat which became popular for their sense of history and their exploration of final causes of crime. only two of his novels have been translated into english and the book serve as a departure point for the series episodes rather than providing specific storyline. mary is played by a local bar for us he who brings a depth to his trail of a complicated man in addition to his acting career. barbara. he is a well known figure in italy because of his political involvement having served as a member of parliament since two thousand and eight he became famous in nineteen eighty through his association with the notorious horror film cannibal holocaust. a film so
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unrealistic its director was arrested on murder charges barbara. he was one of four actors killed in the film who sign contracts requiring them to stay out of all media for year. in order to fuel rumors that the film was an actual snuff movie. only thing that contracts were canceled and the actors appeared on a tv show where the charges against the filmmaker drop and. the issue. human skin the love interest in fighting crime displayed by russian actress natasha stott can you tell who began her acting career after winning the look of the year contest in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and as a popular tv host. before stephanie who became famous as the model and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow studying metal engineering. stir until smooth. status the students
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i salute you for speaking. i know. main character in the series is the river hull it shakes alinsky the climate in the lives of people who live on it stinks both rich and four. is anyone who tries to look beneath the surface of things unseen. power to set its history can never be fully understood. mueller says people also are. and it also hides her sleep. secrets that publication are just covered by people like signposts neri who have eyes to see. i was
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when evening will whittle and. the us the idol welcome to nhk world news line and you know tawny and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. the us defence secretary lisa on the keys to keep china's newly declared air defense identification zone. and if the world through go inside the heat you can show you that


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