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tv   The Debate  PBS  December 5, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tradition. you knew and loved our stay and sing whilst my cap. french troops running away to another former colony in africa and central african republic is a nation in terrible. does this have been killed in the race a spot in the capital. tonight hubby asked me how things in seattle on the tops of these points and confronts help stop but it fades to become a genocide that is so you think my house at twenty four
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debate with sen will try to get your comments in my discussions with all of that crap right has the right to some of my state. the rest of the incident sunday since our class thanks lauren. these are the headlines the un or the rises increase minute reaction by falling trees in the central african republic this is because of people are killed and ninety emanates a sectarian violence yemen's defence ministry hit by a suicide attack on to its those that don't cancel the claim of responsibility yet. and in party functions on fixing a car trips as you get to mission card as ukraine hearts to european security meets ingham and on going process the un security council is a traitor french bought resolution aimed at restoring security and protecting civilians in the central african republic it authorizes french and african traits to use faults in the coming test out was off to the capital buying he came under attack reportedly
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i suppose is a full seven seas eight he was a bit strained by rebels marched on team on the ground says that at least a hundred thirty people have been killed here's how the troubled country's ambassador to the un reacted. doofus. he once again took up this morning the sound of heavy weapons. like a lost people being wounded and displaced persons. whoa got them for a half million children of men and women and am hoping that the times she deviation of serious human rights violations of state and destruction. one point eight the x men. but due to their produce to local. the falls and gets an extent bowl is in the imdb captain of the central europe are picking out the lace is calm sectarian violence the curfew has just come
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into effect. since this morning authorities have been telling us that to the situation was under control. what can tell you it's quite the opposite we have steel hearing show being on a heavy artillery and machine gun grabbing pride here in bombay the nt bad recommendations. each of which are in fact militiamen loyal to the former president of the boy sees it. who was ousted last march. aunt have infiltrated had visited the population here and that some of the forty students or young soldiers killed today where the wearing of playing countries has become greedy hotdog and support crews engaging who is also very hard to understand instruction sheet these anti democrat. and the dishes authorities as saying that they trying to wreck havoc in town to de stabilize the country to destabilize that the republic. it seems that time. the situation between facing in ninety days it's the same outside in
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the countryside in counseling or so of where we've been receiving reports of a very fine catches erupting between again. former rebels of the syndicate that are now in power and management from the bb and tebow not longer to yemen where the state team soldiers of being killed in a series of attacks on the defense ministry. that's the suicide car bombing then a few minutes late and great comment in which the uniforms and five the complex officials say it doesn't attack has been killed thomson hospital. this mike leigh's is from the yemeni defence ministry in the capital sana. in the morning. state employees the right to walk a car laden with explosives pulled up to the gates of the complex and desolate the mosque destroyed by a second vehicle packed with gunmen armed with assault rifles and grenades who opened fire on the cheap us now. yet we heard the sound of the explosion the whole neighborhoods yet
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it broke the windows of the houses. everyone was terrified of death the details and soldiers of torchwood been killed many more injured. the defense costs alone will keep michael in the attack as a school to be badly damaged. but yemeni officials say the situation is now under control. most of the gunman by inflating the government forces. at that retreat is gets claimed responsibility. al qaeda's brunch in the country has been blamed for an increasing number of attacks on the government's policies have recently beefed up security checkpoints and homage vehicles offer string of hit and run attacks on officials claim innocence on bikes bikes. an american teacher was shot dead in think ozzie this than stadium officials say he was jogging near the us currency that when he came under attack according to security official he taught chemistry at the easton says he's going to school. the claim of
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responsibility yet to be canning which came fifteen months off a deadly attack on the us currency that's him in concert. dear ukraine went to the opposition leader yulia tymoshenko has called on the west it in case i'm cents against president unique eye fixed on this balmy late this amid the nation's last fiscal crisis in decades and is visiting west and did not catch the authorities to respect the mass protests spots by a utensil and placing european integration of course wanted to get out of a crack at school for me to a cd signing taste. you'll find the ukraine to be hosting a summit of the organization for security and cooperation in europe this is an organization which has already been critical of president that the amateur that says regime saying that the elections the parliament elections in two thousand and twelve felt some way short of its standards to being labeled free and fat. now we've seen other reasons for the international community to criticize day he trained with the police but instead there was in kiev this
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weekend's ukrainian foreign minister danny because our opening this pretence that we should rather see the ongoing protests in kiev as an exalted just how tolerant the ukraine days of defense and no soul that many had delegates here are really buying that some countries had that night to be reduced to the diplomatic level of the representation can not say that foreign ministers notable exceptions to this pledge of a nice week in an apartment that this foreign minister by this but sikorsky in particular seems to be using his presence and given the opportunity to try and get some kind of mediation going. he's been holding meetings with but opposition leaders had with the ukrainian leadership in particular. prime minister qarase out. as it got to our top story now i'm not the un facing its renowned french treats to join an african peacekeeping force in the central african republic and training and senses on into a nice nod to the fact that it's had on it. and we can cross it see un headquarters in new york and speak to france's ambassador to the un mission i will hand
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i think you very much indeed for being with us. that house and inorganic the french troops get to work and what will the priorities be. well actually the french court has already undergone some more writing so they could be oprah russian orphanage very quickly i think in the coming days that already increased their passports to the streets of monkey. add the dimension of the french forces with the eyes are set to shoot pool. the african peacekeepers who are also arriving. officially the african force when your cartoon or on the nineteenth of december. but so does for that. the french are believed to contribute to the escalation off a modicum of porto an order in donkey where you know they're either yesterday or today there was more than one hundred people were cute so there is an atkinson so we are ready to walk into our very quickly the state he told us in a previous times he hit that to the french troops will be made immediately off to
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the roots. in a mad central african republic and trying to secure the reds. um how do you see that having an effect on this sectarian violence but you know in this as though we are also doing a result of an unknown ground go wrong. because we don't know what is really happening in the end is very very white country in all six hundred thousand commit to squares for vocational five new fight millions of united us. so i said the priority. he is on the basis of the peoples of the engineer was nice to bring humanitarian over. population centers where we know that the last of all people that the threat. so that would be i guess a first step. but when we are going to do school when we are we to know exactly what the situation in order in the country where we are going or so to assess what does the behavior of young kids all day going to fight on the green concrete. i
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think the african force in the french force we have to define their debt the strategy. how much resistance is that to the un possibly taking a baby operation later on what a fool for the moment diy african friends toward us they want to handle this crisis. and in any case the african sorta still there even if you decide today a peacekeeping operation include a three to six months to live in a double batch so it's cheap or what we have which means the african and african disorders but in idaho and eight. it's been decided by distortion hwy of legal tool to prepare or or the demands for a peacekeeping operation. any free moments there would be over. you know who the new reaching and we decide if the african summit on the jaw if the africans of the money to do the job because it's more it's not a question of effectiveness is also pressure the financing a peacekeeping operation to ensure as an usher or
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financing. so in primo swim sail to death because of the new job we built a new peacekeeping operation. all they have problems store next to react then because we will view was but all you northerners exhorting others are next to them and don't dwell in it and we will close for the forced into a peacekeeping operation to a deal positioned between african force and. the abreu and that's i guess she's not as traumatic as it sounds. i master the french government has used different words to describe the situation in central african republic we had. foreign minister fayyad is using the word genocide quite recently iam but today parents has been talking about a humanitarian catastrophe. how do you see it which would what's the most apt way to describe the situation ditto the world up actually. i thing was to produce but also wounded in the state department of the us state department of ivory through to an original site situation. because you
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know that in just a tiny an aspect of the violence is extremely worrying because you know a new beginning and the most sense to target the christians and christians have created new shop which now all the good thing most things because elmo steps so we all are the elements of you know any toxic died in violence and extreme violence and we note that you would need to. a genocidal situations so out we have to stop it you know the country is a spider and indeed by turning the dial. to which the will to cook or coyotes so did it we get is an indulgence so that we can avoid it. i'm not supposed to use and i don't do or maybe even genocide. how hard i knew that this might send out to be very own ten commitments while folding kosher a community the t zone pilgrimage to nowhere before the un for the african union because when you want your restored made in the new moon
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will all fall through in order. you need to put a good four cents. the connections are not to nap. you know you don't look good in the state to was very jolly and ends up becoming knowledge there is no state to no avail so distorted everything to do the nice trees gorgeous trees the archives. so we opt to leave the interstate so there would be a long held commitment but you don't own commitment and dumb softball or in tales of institutional simple. and that would be to you when the un agencies african union european union to do the job. exhibition of all thank you very much into it again but this day on pasta and cats and thank you amen that second the news to announce it to nora for the debatesg a play that by any nation with continuing on to fame at the debates tonight we talking about the central african republic friends trips are on that way today said another former colony in africa and it's time to try and stop atrocities from happening in this country a country wracked by all the tv
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ninety nations says all the population is needed humanitarian aids. this is also a country that hasn't known me since independence anticipated marks the situation has gotten less hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their highs. our gang was rather nice and we think uniquely styled sold his sexual violence am and suffering will have become commonplace. nice and bought sandwiches and forth and haunt me in people with the president of neighboring chad. we simply call the ca our wounds in the heart of central africa. so this front lights to try and restore order. and just how will this mission work with joy to meet to discuss tonight. in cody the capital of the ca on is nineteen and the ministers stay in times of security that. i've been joining us tonight here in dc there with me at connie and make the act
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and not on the moon is the chief of stuff for the president in the central african republic thinking that the witnesses well ahmad ryan center of the many think only from the marquee suspects in instigating the peacekeeping operations are put into place at around twelve. the bbc and also in the studio wanna head of the africa dance acts internet without bullet this is good to see if i really don't know if that'll make a company that focuses on security crisis management and cost a snow day since his own feces on so we took of our times can see is well last but not least in pretoria in south africa tonight paul simon handy is that director resets at the institute for security studies good evening to you as well but it only gets to our panel. we've got an exclusive false report from the central african republic i can inspire a t agnew and pride of advent. nepal is voiced by mark thompson in the news. the sound of
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sporadic gunfire the above rates around on. central african republic capsule has been under siege since sunday morning. nearby the sound of heavy artillery. government officials say christian must resume oil to ousted former presidents will swell was easy. a behind the attack central african multinational forces patrol the streets alongside full masonic or rebels. otherwise the streets are empty the only double room asked the parties of dozens killed in the fighting. awaiting to be transported. residents here remain on edge. many carry machetes and guns the weekend and not greasy we a muslims. it's a question of religion the question of if the city or anything. these countries at where it belongs to all of us. if you don't understand this country be taken for foreigners. we are not
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foreigners. several of the cutest me to send me a piece of publicity but today the country to form up on the bourses on the way normal goo ts countryt gop belongs to everyone whether they're christian. most notable that opens them up across the street supply and is attacked many of them women and children are struggling with the real deal they came to my home and demanded money. peyton did show us their shotguns the kid kept my sister and her baby. he sat me in the wagon and nine the heads of the country's transitional government. presidents the shelves but yet has promised to capture pool is responsible for the attack roundup of what's been going on in and kept them only at the last few hours at an anti own korea and china not by
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nineteen at them and then to the government has not been the nesting spots of security and to his tenants. what exactly is going on in your city tonight the move the mood of the woodwork. you don't know all that good. he is quiet right now as we just spent two hours and it is also in company and in he told us that he can still take shots at it going on in the capital were also getting reports that more than a hundred and twenty people have been killed today and i did morrow. woke up. i would
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do that. noah. we don't like to write to you. hard to pick up. with that. it's cool any side to side to instruct you in the uk tv ads and friends cousins and aunties just begun making speaks. if indeed this country including encaustic is a favorite in this t shirt shop. and when i was a diligent. statistically the idea of keeping this in the show. there's a general chaos is on hold up a fuss and describe the security council has adopted unanimously the hack a decision of the best that can be to establish security and stability in central africa and protect the population of the country. giteau says that
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france will support this peraon. his prices are due to be defeated. due to persistent show solidarity with it then wednesday for a small vehicle country often have but if the trend the country one of the poorest countries in the world and is coming out to us for help. it's been considering the urgency of america. i've decided to take action immediately. already tonight. in court a nation we africans themselves here and with the support up and it will be of european partners the shop so be there cos its already six hundred to the picket fence onto his art in the country get a idea it will be twi as many different areas. not toay few hours before it touches on the objective is saving human lives is a form of chocote. i wan all information to be gen o toet them. this is the reason why the govnmen is expected through will be
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explanaons to paramenry over the next guy. when you know entirely false. it did happen in a trance was called upon the will to fight against terrorists with inflation. and it succeeded in doing so today i got very very different circumstances seek that goal. blinkers is expected to bid is expected to be in order to stave off a humanitarian catastrophe i have full confidence in us soldiers to carry out this operation to do what i know what the senses. ut is it. i know how competent they are professional. and this intervention will be prompted to one issue. it is not too long lasting one. i'm sure it will succeed and i will keep the french people in front thank you. debt is speaking following a meeting with his
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execution stop at last eight at at cvs and more tapes to the central african republic tapes that are in fact already on their way either come on id does have a defense doesn't have to say he said he's decided to act was to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe at macy's for a nice feel to them and tonight is it now. proceeds to eat with new cars the clothes she said. they see. you know that isn't in the mission to get as requested. from the human condition you know that the communion. and even the congrats on to become the gentleman love to send folks can sometimes become the government to stabilize the situation. but i think this situation to situation as it has never been peaceful a new country at the front for many decades and that the un recently said that it descended into complete chaos since my foot that idea and had taken out of a indicator in knots and he's continued
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to stand trial has any of that this indicated that made me miss him and rebels at the beginning how that is why we all will be on now is it now. he's not the usual four zero cushion. let the two cities. student the wisconsin who withdrew before the high chair. and the team win the city has become a poet mediate me in the facing. so many issues and insecurities room human duty and twenty please go and eat to ease the desserts. maybe because we have fourteen days the descent to the station crew room to run. to put a dependant on the show him who's the election. under the how to secure the key issue. but above the cpt sure the house that has been presented with these. will these be hanged. so close to my luck. i'm the dad getting
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people into a book. yes the fact that they say they are acting acting to protect second in seas off to attacks by the second rebels keen to speak that is not the really cool. it's kind of thinking to tuition. he's not the lindsay said the cd and one who will take the example i've begin to see the complainant's the snow will use us and you know it but you know that. that being just isn't cia the farm. it's the duty to god. come to visit them with easy ones instead. but as you do with visitation from someone and expanded miracle month to discuss and debate on top says defence force's be getting antsy the central african republic to protect the government of mike with that idea. no the go than the people. so today i honor you and for the position carefully. and the resolution is written in order to do to
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draw lines for peace in central africa and the first step is to stop violence that's usually what the almighty all for unity when the day there's an intermission it was the one and nineteen kong will ever wear this to stop violence when the violence to stop than that candid discussion and the political process and discussion but must post of the violence and that's why the french forces of good and easy that they can do that without taking sides the world see the doll too so it's probably the two so it's on on the making of an atrocity. so you will not fix on it all pointing to two songs off of it at the make of that d do you think the french government said that friends tapes or something that's in the same joke of an otc basic be completely neutral. i'm just up the two sides from providing a single mom who in his midst of nights what
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the benefits that come from east coast combined. the city today. he's not the motive of mostly an accretion of the many easy and probably some of them. and the need to stop says that every sin but that might lead to ten days the fest was named president of the central african republic. that that that has never happened before and had to hear one or will she make of what you're hearing about how we go to these points this is not the end of it why we now need a foreign force to intervene and stop people from getting into. yes it's infinitely interesting to remember what happened to share them through the area the state. remember that reason alone face in an antique he refused to intervene to protect presenters easy without the greenhouse ousted and dad we also remember that at the bay was it that the contents of the snake and the time to ask that the former president and also their ease and the implication of another african country living the attack which has been greeted by several decreasing
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from the local windshields and which has not received a clear response is until now so this is. this was at the piano the year the situation and also i can be said and recognize that the film mag and that the regional cent regional force was deployed until now intent on africa have faced difficulties in ascertaining the antenna thousand african union suriname talking about this entry to know so that the essential african economy can't yet see it. yes can you need to think you can present their own continent and the republic of congo. and oh eight mlb had to be able to stop fighting and sciences so that's why the african union proposed to take a good bead on the subjectnd the issue but if we are in december two thousand and thirteen and the crisis began in march two thousand and thirteen in and what's happening now. it's very surprising as silk at the division of france two to take responsibility disco
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think is a traditional gold prices became an european continent. but it was be said also that in the twenty first century. it's really the key becoming more and more than that he even got on and on internal political point here i'm referring specifically to the fact that the decision to deploy and friends roommates went to the studio pieces in the world that still that well but that bed where the decision to deploy and french forces approaching a proof concrete and does not necessarily have to be interested in hunting and eating frosted staff is frost doesn't have a tomorrow to teach it to intervene in its former colony or a moral duty is and isn't very strong will to win. the obligation. sorry it does have some kind of opposition teams to the people of santa at the height of the intrinsically tns for the un which schools to ensure the world peace of christ friends does a recent
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study but like any other country at the end of this contest cooking any teach at and talking about the country's history to cancer and what we are witnessing is that well we talking about the pink caddy treaty that should there be still in pre k. it's everybody's responsibility to be what's happening in such a thing is that air traffic and is not new as you can write tickets had been to the dictates of the situation is worsening. so an easy does it still has to do to be only fences role. i don't think so but in the context of the current contents the ability of the regional african iron and regional organization. it was probably be only the best solution to jail any rate and an interesting point i tried to pick them up at any second thought we d have to take actual break up listening to stay with us and look at that second part of my favorite team. still throughout
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the week. kentucky to update the blog sports news the action. the excitement with results showing that lead to a sports ground on monday to friday eight fifteen pm promised land ikea on sunday a. dozens of grove. seoul the government finances including a sports jeremy's economic success dalton failed to impress but it's popping concerns among german company that others want to steal her front seat. don't miss beyond christmas time yet. i go home and again. that one the video size. like his
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daddy. they are. the us watching the fast i can't debate the lawyers in the discussions equivalent of our other incidents of headlines the sound of the defence ministry in yen and nesting sites in the sight of all this panic at least eighteen soldiers were killed in the last government stormed the building in san not show the open. my son shares our president can approve it that's the call from ukraine sale of product that you did to me saying that she's the consideration paid to european security may save us the lady on the crisis and ask if he is two months of protest is. both bail but the show all our children the king of thailand with
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the national unity. instead it's a piece but falling face of protests that in the four people dead and doesn't intend to demonstrate is that i missed the couple that took three trips out of respect for them other than that today our discussions failed cos i kept when discussing what's to come in and night to stay in the central african republic friends to tour all the way to its former colony. it also owns a second deployment to protect the caa the press of course was a moderate and as we speak and come back home with gracie in the streets of the capital won't be discussing vigilantes want to always seek the president himself to palin. today marks the situation has become desperate civilians across the country hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes and the death rate towards and think up or become commonplace in the bronx help heal a nation can help someone still has its people the green light for the un security council to put more french and african troops on
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the trend in the central african republic. the country descend further into violence members voted unanimously for a french trophy presentation. it authorizes the deployment of an african union that force known as miss kept giving us a one year mondays to use appropriate measures to protect civilians and restore security. french forces are authorized to take all necessary measures to support the mission. nice guys to increase its troop numbers from iran to the fence into three and hafez and while france plans to double the number of soldiers currently home to friends the resolution also imposes an arms embargo and asks the un to prepare a possible peacekeeping mission underclass that the secretary general establish an international commission of inquiry into allegations of rights abuses the french and un envoy said the council had at tc two acts super producer
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with the always in the media center to city folk as exact as people live in terror acts in addition to carrying out correctly. it's against the looming raping looting today the god of thousands of women who have children the state is collapsing is no longer able to attack people. the footage is super producer. the success of the mission seems largely dependent on how far the foreign troops can venture outside the capital and into the provinces. beat in rural villages that much of the violence between muslim and christian communities is happening. i don't mind at all on panel tonight since she cannot come at the moon is that sci fi stuff for president in central african republic gentle done anytime colonies from group not a specialist in peacekeeping operations tia juana is head of the african basket is at about four days. ballack is the founder of the company in a cake and joining us from tour in south africa for signing andy is at the institute for security studies at it and acting are not going to come and pick up
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on some points the jail and i was making and before the break about. in a hat this nation will roll out a letter from stephen be there in that space is based at first when you make a name is it possible for them to stay neutral. bloody awful on it okay. the question about the involvement of false in the african country is always a touchy the dundee the ato mortgage and she can seem too cheap to get these if not cross whom else. no one is that we need to keep them but what is. which is happening in africa must be ok for speaking at a creek at the peak and the cross that's it numerous times that when you need to post bb then too to help put the tv news is that tomorrow dh and i did pt thinks so. it's happened many to some to some success anybody can skip that and the eventually he did it in peacetime. as ever. a snake's tail staying on at the countries in africa with them that other protections
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on the pulse of clique as they can take on it confronts do you think that daddy's citing devious when it comes to these condemnations decided to go into the business there was a meeting yesterday and this year launched the business in africa. the figures on strike and the prawns business in africa has decreased dramatically. no more chinese now more people from allah country them than french. so i think this is known to the point. but the points which is very important and which was made is that it should be african country who should do something the problem is that a belmont ready. they don't want to die. they they have their small me in the country but del very own. delta able to. the two twelve the false able to be someone else pull cars and get on with this in another country and in so that the problem we've seen the problem the money. that's why in the summit's can add these to be about. suddenly he was. it was a failure as
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they were almost able to do that. that's why there's from the summit tomorrow. how can that change from season is here to help but to my baby the african country we must be ready to deploy the troops into its faq up to now. so from tuesday to help at all so happy and in inventory of what we all thought tuesday's frogs and fitting in some kind of transitional role of marty's african countries get ready to defend aaron boone isn't it to defend their empathy patience. he used it to the er. it's true that these no capacity at the moment enough to care for but that befalls rejection mm thick and smses. despite the increased twenty two can we do. knots in the position now to learn to face that kind of prize is crucial that the money we see that in the central african republic this time of the evening
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his up to go up the capacity on the streets to tweak the competition overall lead to the fullest pretty in depth in the east and the article table. that does form water reasons. so that funds the strategic interests in africa the president of the union nineteen minutes. swift's more than just the right reasons the only operate in the political will in fast as this. strategic and economic interests have meant that i actually have no clue that the crisis in the five diesel to sit in them. i see her legal costs. d should be up all the ethic of peace and security of the picture the study of the division. i attribute to the weekend of spring are the victims of a force that somebody falls local police units and animated the most times
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the original standard was going to use tool that can be predicted in such periods and disinfect the region is also suffering from their local city nation. the center of the detonation of them even no predictive don't force it to the top it's the new chemistry went out to be ditched me to go into medicine to become a republic because he didn't walk into thinking the future it will on that walk on the coming twenty fifth on the african union force would you confess all of us from across africa to help in your country or deemed too fat. the form of a new power at a new plan succeed to come in and intervene what the need to do youth. all of this. the time crocs things troops. and because the he she is very studious and the government from country to speeches that's why that those repeal some of the company of
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the requested from all of this the international organization and eight the weekend goodness none too many people as to the dentist change that you think france is at ten am tomorrow long vacation looking thing from his acting yours is a very wealthy country intensive minerals you have diamonds and gold that you have a lot of potential. unfortunately that potential has an opinion on it. the inquiry that you will be beholden to france in the second semi. the court before the knees. i love these businesses need peace the best he can and do nothing and make the night netbook from. neff said. i need to read the man the distant friends and school. i stepped off the commission and queenie the good thing too. france has a duty to describe the lead. he does. this was the night. and you know the issue is that the house the crew from some of
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the time. it was community to stop and sit down with some of those is going to be a shadow cool gamble on them the film as a cse. we both attend the candles. there's a suggestion by design as does just that. before that the maths below the fifty z of security in bondi and he have to cook and try to face the station in the car beside him at the end and i mean eric medical things going on in. in countries that cuts across the country than this that spot in sydney ninetieth example there's this bias in other countries in an effort to let you know when is it anyway just run says al dictation and you're talking important in which is certainly the most wealthy country in the west of us recap and weeks has it for you too and we tend to be huge on me. so my jetta that's why in my job is not too many because don taking care of their own problem that that the death of the bill. i mean i don't know
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da able to pull the problem del in charge of it. i mean the weekday and there is a tradition you talking about the french helping the french speaking country for work on a goal for the note don't forget that the british were doing the same means john allen that's the journey to crisis and i've been on the tuesday american who paid the big deal. did i i can't stand example that isn't an act any excess taxes dairy and better but other than not there yet with a student as well the twelve you will feel the crisis in the english speaking countries. it was in kenya kenya same thing is huge on me. they've got the power to school the problems inside. that's not the case and an elephant twenty seven a m in the last position i studied in the form of weeds on the saturday there is an historical trend that the be all me in africa where a taking into account the fact that the french forces will come anyway. and that's where it must stop now because
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the french forces you are reducing debt. the presence in africa. why because the agreements have been changed and the french forces on want it to intervene for the savvy to tell the government it's no longer the case it was the case for the whole set but the thing that stinks going back to their tv and nobility of african armies to south african that meets her problems. it's interesting because in the french speaking region be re released in france and those countries. defence agreement so we need to feel as though the siamese should also question did that the content of these agreements that's one thing yet. still a sad indictment that i still kept a secret that many know that season to the point i may just surprise you take the default is that the east these agreements have been changed and all sat down on his secrets. del no longer in order to provide alpha was of
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course i mean the dump and if it's that it's easy to find them and that was changed that. that's one thing i'm saying that since the independence and sixties there's been this tendency towards the french call me always here for seventy of the country since the last point has been a change. we missed our moments of the meals so did witness the socceroos it's a trend i'm kind of display to get evan to boney m on this nineteen at them and minister to stay in charge of security and a very tough job but the man and i would imagine heaven i would like to come back and i'm just excited to put them on what you've been hearing it. rule. you expect from different sources and how long do you think they should be staying in the center of that. the duo who wrote a post or upload to the shore. oh and the hunger can give that one can live
7:45 pm
with it. it's a cute together storage for it the government the one thank you and thank you very much indeed for joining us. i just need to touch something else is well now that would be talking about an african union states and counties to be taken in response visit that they be having the seasoning to match the feat in itself and without being a shut in and it's a day off from a province that from seed on one side looks ago. reports about and that the dnr read and review its resistance army and the nra taxes cutting me and him. well my wallet. olson said to be in the country cities difficult is that there is an act of trust with me and that cost maybe it's the abc's not to test its twenty one soldiers from countries like the split may have been involved in i seen you in your country this
7:46 pm
was a naked in the day. what do you want some just think sometimes i'm sad to see god in uganda. countries that have been standing by his team seat inside the sale of fun to see been taking advantage of the chaos that i would say that noah and the main issue his to decide who will be in the back seat to the team monday the quiche off today. you know that. right now we have the neck to the african union. so dinner was named the bank and into tears and some support from the years i came in today and the ease about the glee of cuckoo two years ago but the queen and to overcome this is the in n h and eighth to the hedonistic the show but tried not to focus more on the shooting monday night. i think the scene said
7:47 pm
the government. he's not the type of ethical government is not going to rule on them to try to get out of business. we stayed in the head from us become ropes even the commission will meet the bb with the consistent east and the traps with other countries in africa the institute american contingent huge incentive for good intentions of taking part in them and windy diageo for helping these governments and thinks that it into the country of which with its executive under the false wants to take into the country and it's very different from an increase of twenty eight it was really to help them get their governments to not to give a strong body of a red balls and to really take that aren't having a sucking and then into a tool to make it he notes the bbt not to put the eviction process to a top gong xi of the situation is that it is a prof asked me how to be new torque between
7:48 pm
the current infection in different regions. we did just actions. i'm sorry. and the man i'm really not sure that among these is or should indeed be to help the scare of government its new government is the beach tomorrow. it was coerced into t i mean this government has made soaps and a teacher bless them and no more than that in years so it is jt is to bring in a bid to stop an addiction process and to help rebuild it was and how detainees. it's that this fits in there in the specific in the resolution eighteen months from the agreements last summer them as the election and the new governments and depressed and the current transitional president and prime is the calm become the dates in the next election in eighteen months so it's clearly stated so. the role is really to stumble on visitation stop the killing. and that this person stalking devastating effect will then have to be in the sale for the state seat mounts and ends on the hill does my kids usually don't we always say either of them for six months. it made for money. the six month everybody with doubts. it's
7:49 pm
not so simple. i never had he not been on that and apples are in hiding while i may well what comes next is going to have to be some kind of power sharing agreement and mean. at the moment that it's a very long way off. each issue until we reach the location for it to me these of peacekeeping. all treaties in force and it's a size that we see now. it shouldn't be business as usual. oh well think that's the sound of the year. what's this. but he has beaten into over the face he started the festivities. that's him in all its peacekeeping operation was on the detention. by using deal with it it's all just for
7:50 pm
singing at last full size images and dave had to drive to become an actor. and guess what i was a twenty two to open something to visit the follo responsibility at work today to martha's responsibilities could expensive for friends who deployed to deploy an immediate air conditioning it can take and send traffic to the best restaurant in mt which is facing crises since claire was pointing out the democratic process. there was that he does the rounds coming in a french troops are untrue. this is on the one hand and the other hand should be a bit effectively solution the project is an issue that reid has been adopted yet. i did predict the solution. in details that come with the tree might do in three months. the u n s team donkey who will suggest real. for four c at the possibility to transform this cat into a year during peacekeeping operation. this condition. maybe it's the first step on to the media new solution which would guarantee two in baltimore in the east african
7:51 pm
soldiers east african countries into peacekeeping operations that are happening and the african continent. we we all know that most of the peacekeeping operations since the nineteen nineteen pc since continuing into existence to existing. they have been deployed in africa open to litigate result he has the consent of the one of these were good reasons for being decent to good results for the killing of resources because most of the conclusions can be composed of african soldiers still reading but also solve the issue for this purpose the asian or african armies and i think this is plain that seem to think that you get the solution presented at the itu t three t so cause i think it's been in the corner that is a lot of work to do it's exactly the same prose is like in many remember the falls was initially african binned entering a new tree change to blue helmets on the first of july and reports. this time and it was a dish and this time say there will be a ripple in three months. this false will be deployed impressed with
7:52 pm
the change on the blue and it's up to six months. so the process exists is expected the same and that's that and i and my guess is that too will be a chance for african kong country to build all meet in a bowl. he is in order to be part of the operation because all the gold projects that you and it's painful these deployments. meaning that when you want your guts. an african operation cast lead african union is trying to find money. where when it isn't that cool helmets operation it is paid by you and say in fact the money is going into the pocket of this country well providing troops and so they can change the all new endeavor was ticketed sector reform pay and are delighted to announce its full thrust involves the inspection committee and the fbi has said that the role of promises not to stay with me. infosys talking was released on the one with blue with the two notches ago
7:53 pm
in india and the money in the now where was the dd to do the files that you are getting huge event with the tutu for scrutiny of decreasing so far she's not going to do that for about and so did the of empowering the region or the army's to do the job itself is not only a very good thing itself. at training every talking about i wasn't talking about equipment to detect that this is the monthly fee to apples i'm getting it back with this off to a technical plates to do and things we are saying he added that he truly does the beach with lower proceeds to say that he shouldn't. i was seeing them what to do this and began to meet me then when me and and and its future. he sent me a long time commitment and all that is no appetite for the weekend in secret accounts and resold all fronts products to more beanies or the or the ministry that seeks to cut the cost of four. just in the end of the reasons
7:54 pm
because. to me some peace of mind. now the mizrahi ninety and of course this included the peacekeeping operations in so that they indeed did the osteen soleil and the use of money that was the sole african eastern corporation sold. and in the er due to the tao the online sites for the team going to bits is jim o'neill calls them did the five and dignity to the three tuned for the saudis though the company going. we need to meet friends that will go he'll be sticking corporations and embrace second isn't it. it's the idc fenced in staying in the sand. we'll post it for the school is one year and i
7:55 pm
am very modest when when when i see it. the work up the steep slope. a furious being nice and sweet the goal is the list. it should be getting december the company. i'm thankful that we have been decided. oh it's nice to actually produce the full much on that and it is anticipated to commence he's not going now corporation defense would have to stay. then he says he should you meet him. the kids and also trying to clean it be that the uptrend should not be also owns the military in tears as to how long the troops will stay in the province of central african republic asa socially economy here is that there isn't a need for an ugly stick approach to animal based athlete. as we know the crease exactly and aunties. i'm specifically thinking of the resorts redistribution issue because as you said it's in traffic and the peace festival park
7:56 pm
and she did not pour in terms of soil and potentially cheesy story and pointers and added to the institution of the spoken to carry keys these questions all foreign companies how to deal with surrounding them is it that says we reach his article reviews in art and dividing its conduct of the particular least this is either a huge question and which prompts to another one which means you have right at the beginning which is related to the cost of state and defense businesses which is another another is to issue an aspect of the concrete when spouses will probably be that at the subject of discussion at the senate seat three tnt summit in paris. with all the above figures on long term. why did think your rights to the unknown term solution is not permitted to submission. in the u n operation all. is used in the world. take the sample kosovo for example where you have an old mansion built states and prep say something like that. kyle exist but
7:57 pm
practice to need all of that too with a peace building and two two figures the peacekeeping operation the budget is seven point five billion a year which is the zero point twenty percent of all depends the expenses in the world so itchy. it is not to eat these tapes are it is safe. i believe that every happened at a time that settled on the ankle. and let's come to a loan on the rebound that south africa and paul simon hackney thanks and nineteen at that map of the government in the cnmi as well thanks to you for watching. at least a simple sign at the news and headlines coming up in examples most of the cow will be here in the hot seat tomorrow with the well this week that missed that more
7:58 pm
eye. all these things. cats i am. is used to when will
7:59 pm
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we. i am the am. it's worse like him in washington d c i m lopez and you are watching artsy we want to go straight to break the news this hour former south african president nelson mandela just passed away a short time ago he was ninety five years old mandela has been viewed as a hero to people all around the world and was the biggest leader against apartheid. his health has been failing


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