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is the most important relations. we live in a country sunday at twelve pm when chc!vez would willingly huh. i'm. it recounts the way to check on the global stories that affect a soul in his book kept coming up to you today the key to america's high achievers on the social mission. political instability on the politics on the set when he ranges in the corn debate. i'm hoping you all. she's like adults
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the kids having fun in america. it states that the country when most families and at least two cars and refrigerators this line to become offended. and yet one in six americans goes to bed hungry every night the clean cities this is beginning to stir it through every track. but there's also a new generation of young american entrepreneur has been no youngest starting to wean bacon account for this game still has teamed up with a double sink is that what these twenty somethings on field play at the alvin and eighty eight com afford to pay for heating or the family stopping to feed the kids and they consider it the responsibility to make things better when so few of them. they're proud of when they come from here in new jersey. adam ellie was born here. he works for his parents moving company. but today the twenty seven year old ace in transporting furniture the fruit which he and his team have collected
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often when people move house they leave behind cans or other package too. shares of forty percent of the last twenty years. people just roll it and it's even more so when people are relocating the last thing that people think that i went into been thinking about making sure that their furniture in their tv either dvd player gets a new one piece. what's in and says is often the last thing thought about. the two drops of what he's collected today here foodstuffs are distributed to soup kitchens or directly to poor families in new jersey. i still own right. thank you so much that i feel. some parts of the state one in ten people don't have enough to eat rice noodles and green products
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are sorted. peanut butter is a much needed staples since it contains a lot of protein but every time the ready made meal is welcome. adam studied marketing and had a well paid job and mercedes at the age of twenty three he started his move for hunger organization. now more than five hundred moving companies have joined put it all started in new jersey. it was a hundred thousand people amen the home of bruce springsteen and bon jovi and have a lot where the jersey shore and you don't see all those posers and was talking about it. tom said it is is kind of that statistic that made me start to think know what what is hunger hunger is clearly here. but the reality is that one in six americans fifty million americans go to bed hungry every night. new jersey is near new york city where as the song goes. if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. but for many libertine has its limits
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you can quickly end up struggling. call us have long been an all too common part of city life. adam visits new york often because he's joined the global shakers network along with artists politicians economists and environmentalists. they all exchange ideas organized events and draw awareness to various problems and are all younger than thirty. a new one a day out. will i make when starting a company focused on the company and sometimes it is a little bit isolated. but i think you can really benefit from meeting other people who have fresh perspectives. you know that no two people and above our global superstar them out like no two people have the same background where i doing the same thing you really have access to the diversity of talent perspective options and i hope you have a little bit more are on objectivity and
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whatever it is that you're doing and also discover and brainstorm new ideas to impact the world. caroline is working to improve the equal opportunities for women in the workplace. in two thousand twelve she and a friend started the booty which helps young women get started in their chosen careers a former advisor at mckinsey. she wants them to profit from others experience for many years volunteering is a matter of course. oh what to do something the vast majority of young people in united states and across the globe. have a cause are passionate about whether their hands had breast cancer or are they care about the oceans their search for her to get people just needed impactful find exciting meaningful things to do and they will do something. adam was twenty three years old when he started move for hunger. but some people are even younger when they become activists. and they use
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networks which are becoming increasingly important together they can do more than on their own. the two together is always good at sports but it's much harder to convince groups to cooperate in times of conflict and seventeen at the central african republic is on the back of the nike tens of thousands of civilians are fleeing the violence biscuits that the de stabilized its name is cameron and the republic of congo. the already suffering internal politics of . it's in this climate of chaos that means is that trying to protect the wildlife course within the border regions and among coaches the wagons reading boss at the political instability mainly through an easy kill and tidy profit. hold my newborn can be sold to twenty thousand euros to quito and ivory still lead of around one thousand eight hundred years. the wildlife and an
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aide to estimates the trade in illegal wildlife is what some eight billion euro it everyday. we'll visit a group of rangers nearly went to see the forces that drive this market and the state department to stand on the ground. long. mm mm. it's afternoon. figure one the forest elephants come out to be. it's only in the pew jungle clearing in the central african republic that the shiny animals can be observed. water buffalo grazing the lakes before disappearing again into the forest. as evening homes the lake scene is under threat. the congo basin region is going through turbulent times. political
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instability. civil wars. they all take the environment. in part because they open the door to poachers. heavily armed brigades the rangers are on patrol and its tributary of the congo river looking for poachers. they are stationed in the central african republic beatrix potter a cross border force protection project run by the central african republic cameron and the republic of congo. patrol on sunday river on the right hand side of the central african republic nonetheless his camera. this is all part of the tri national protected area the green nature taking its august on to a forest reserve in the central african republic. the country was plunged into chaos following a military coup and coaches
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take advantage of that the stand that that is the director of design concerned the park he says the death toll among the animals was high why didn't the second of all the people who live there based on what we observe them as argus on the reserve the whole thing was well organized it. when mike poachers presumably from sudan. they protect the site of a clearing in early may it all. what made it to struggle on. thank you all and that she the sunday blues and the bank's high the worldwide fund for nature helped supervise the protected area but apart from the local workers. all the conservationists have had to leave the park because it simply become too dangerous you have escaped capture is in charge of the sun the project. he says rebels plundered more than just the land here. by the holmes
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the un fortunately they also enhance our project based which runs a very important topic of the project in saying this kind of an absolute rain forest and jungle paradise. get instant state under the auspices of the wwf and the national park authority. the last wet season along with the rebels which is entered. iam to the teeth with machine guns and in just a few days they massacred the elephants. i'm getting the top the escalating violence is also threatening research being done in the region thomas players to be scrupulous on behalf of the united states based conservation organization. in order to reach these three groups of animals he and his colleagues have to go deep into the jungle. worst of the congo basin providing habitat for tens of thousands of the primates. gorillas
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live in family groups and going through the jungle searching for food. and i are still relatively safe within the protected area the researchers trying to identify the grill is by using photo cards so they can keep track of their activities and kate the animals face many threats. good thing happening upon a particular number of dangers from guerrillas including diseases or so we researchers try to prevent passing on our diseases by wearing masks. ben bit by and large parts of the forest of being clear points. the bush regime bush bean also threatens guerrillas in school. on the end is increased pressure on the population due to global trade in live animals especially on the asian market. ozzy option. that makes the work of the researchers and conservationists in the region all the more
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important. they are the ones who often risked their lives to get their information and publish it a lot of money is needed to protect the biodiversity inhe congo basin. the international climate protection initiatives and germany's t and w reconstruction mom dad have provided millions for these efforts. these crimes can print to help protect a ticket on that. the swamp dwelling antelope the only important but lands of central africa. and if threatened with extinction what the elephant of africa however in the future looks bleak. and here. and dang if anger is just the tip of a gigantic nice. due to the growing demand. i agree
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especially in asia and emerging economies of southeast asia. poaching in africa is increasing massively especially of elephants. it also grinders on the top and i'm often asked how long is approaching the top of this text and we have to assume that there will be practically no an offense that in twenty years thx. twenty five thousand elephants are killed by poachers in africa each year it will take even greater effort than are being made at the moment to make sure the fight against the bloody trade in ivory is not lost four thousand km further south we took a group of women with an eye it everyday you get to the actual cancer that once filled disparity to south africa. all the countries not just seeking to harness that matched up with a goal but said the eighteen eighties data mining has since moved elsewhere. but there's still many people desperate to make
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ends meet. the hidden gold mining is the only hope despite the risks attached these women crawl on all fours ever deeper into the mind. for three or even four hours at a time. it's honk and careless. but it's the only way to two women can give it a tiny bit of gold mining company left when it closed its mind a few years ago. the moment the two women say they're heading towards cocoa color in the tunnel were based on a small goal during the last timthey came here. down here everything is done by hand it's rare that women come down so far. real funny and or friends search for traces of gold stone by stone. this copper here too but it's not worth the effort included in
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a moment to quantify my semi recognize where the gold is from the stone. the stones are very different and sometimes you see tiny bits of gold. they show you where to look. sometimes chilly due to a gold painted new to the new home. there's nothing here though. to crawl back out the way they came in with just a few pieces of rock that they hope are promising they can carry anymore i usually spend one day in one night in the mind. emerging again the next day going down isn't worth the effort otherwise. we walked back to their township where nearly everyone rips on the illegal gold prospecting in the closed off mine shafts bhd but be near him during deep we can only show with a hidden camera the prospectors don't want
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any publicity. he organized into gangs use some problems in over their women from a sore throat dry and the rocks and to find out. generally it's the women had to work above ground and the men who go down in the mine shafts hundreds of people work here an entire township eco living from what they can get out of the old mine. yet still legal. but the police turn a blind eye. they also aren't from the gold trade for. the but he tries to steer clear of the police and the gang. in the courtyard of her heart. she and the others carry out their gold production. here at least two women can keep an eye and their children at the same time. what fun it has four children he takes a long time before the rockies grown into a fine powder. the basic
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material from gold production it's a dusty like that the people here lead. but it's their only chance of survival. there are no jobs here in the south western outskirts of johannesburg city that was founded one hundred twenty years ago solely because of the goal is i knew that. these people want to take part in the last gold rush. despite the dangers. it's not easy being a woman in the mines it's a male dominated sector he didn't think that there's nothing to protect me when i go underground. you can't run away if something happens you can't run away from death down there. what fun that my children i have food and that's what's important anyway something happened to me above ground too. you can be killed in a car accident about a week. my mind if the knocking on the front most people hear things that
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way. but they have little choice. their gold prospectors in a small gold rush. the gold rush of the very cool. it all started here something like this one under twenty years ago. when dustin is washed down a waterslide dancing school whose nineteen times heavier than water the gold particles settlement of the tiles that have been laid down. hall was meager. to improve it the prospectors use mercury which binds the gold particles. it's highly toxic they hold it in their bare hands. it's extremely dangerous. but they feel they have little choice but to take the risk. this is maybe it's just that a gram hardly worth it. bread corn meal maybe a little meat. i can't buy more than that with it b go down into the tunnels twice a week full of bunnies oldest daughter looks at the younger children. funny feels uneasy about it but she
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feels less safe above ground and the mine shafts. the law for some time in da club were really afraid of are the police into gangs the police take away our things everything in the gang's rabbit stew there's no difference between the gangsters in the police the funding. not only day one. and then they disappear again into the belly of the year. what's funny is doing this for seven years and she's lost two friends in that time. they died from rock dust in their lungs. she accepted that some sixty thousand spaniards less than one country in twenty twelve primary young people and that he can no longer believe that that country has any opportunities at that time and the statistics in these uppity. will the cost of days under the age of twenty five
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unemployed enough to help quantify the education they may be too many trying their luck in places like brazil we need to succeed and that not only is the way they'd expected. these two young spaniards have fled the economic crisis at home and move to a poor neighborhood in brazil. like many other southern europeans marco on the lease from barcelona and another perspective the mess here they found a new home in a fun dinner. and they're both pretty happy with their new lines. one one two one wants to be less of an ice really get close to the beach known tom for moi. and i can afford an apartment in a knock in the normal maybe it's in riyadh is present here though they're more spaniards coming we tune in here too with her compatriot who's lived here for awhile. there was a draw more more southern europeans the day. they are
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the national dish of spain early in hopes it will help them build a new life in rio de janeiro. it just didn't see much of a future for himself and staying in light of the economic crisis and high unemployment. seoul the thirty three year old set off with a little more than hope. idealism and delicious plain recipe. a little bit of getting known as two point eight two percent intending to live in a restaurant id when i got it i realized it would be difficult because everything so expensive yet more expensive than in span in my sky like this but there are opportunities here. this whole month softer opening the restaurant. i can already tell that it would do well may's death. though. thx this fun dalek is called the gdr. it has a fantastic ocean view. and it's not far
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from the high rent district just a few years ago the pub and i was in the hands of games to engage in deadly turf wars. back then it was hard to imagine that foreigners would want to live here. but the t don has changed. marco feel so cold here. he's found an apartment in an upper part of the beta and is fairly well known in this neighborhood the twenty seven year old made the move to brazil last year even though conditions here were rather off putting at first his fifty square meter apartment costs the equivalent of five hundred euros a month the real estate market is booming here too. which will lead to the strains of the zoloft changing in rio with big events coming up prices for apartments and have gone in copacabana. not too high even for middle class europeans this
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the guests in a dodo. marco was a cameraman in spain but was getting very little work ga. now things are better now he's making a documentary here in bg got into the tunnel and crew setting up a small eco car in the cabana boy. that was the price of the gulf within the field to go the changes in fiji guys are due in part to the presence of the past a fine police units here and in thirty other predators in rio they're meant to make the city safer in time for the twenty fourteen soccer world cup. there's been a noticeable drop in drug dealing and other crimes quality of life has improved mark on the other newcomers and a longtime residents all feel comfortable here. now everyone is use to the presence of heavily armed
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police. the sister got what i wanted to go to fear the police work ensuring security in the event. but it was selected as the water brazil is undergoing a lot of change and people are speaking out. marco tells us he thinks the right to do so for weeks. hardly a day goes by without a demonstration somewhere in the country people are protesting against political gridlock for education and ailing health care system. they're fed up with the political promises made so far. i mean open the government's responses haven't changed anything so far the corruption in brazil is practically part of the culture. rizzo is wanting to change because it was a lot of time. there's a little optimism in the south american nations and in a few minutes. immigrants from southern europe to make
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friends. one thing. there are a lot of prejudice and spent some old when all three sedans asked me how i can dip into savannah. they have no idea until may stood and admit that being to ffa. i didn't know they don't live on the idea. the leases restaurant is seen in a failed by the way. but in the center of rio where there's more business. with only minor pm ferry. i'm happy to be. i think i'll stay forever and i spoke with a busted up. louise has made a new light for him self thanks to his courage and some delicacies from his home country. i do to find a whole am i can speak as the ball it's not what side at the w co ge in this noble three thousand and that's all for this week. thanks for watching and see you again same time same channel in one
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week now. be. it's believed to be the worst second largest coal reserves and eastern afghanistan. minister of mines way to us are on it was money for mining here and another size to be used to rebuild the country after thirty years the war when it
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comes in the back to the festivities to political record and along the hope of landing seems to be too good to be. mr was the nation's mineral wealth more than three trillion dollars us intelligence to wanted to explore the country's mineral wealth back in the eighties but the primary obstacle to the destruction was a lack of security. the problem that still faces the knesset today now these sites are heavily guarded by afghan security forces to attract many foreign investors who are competing on beats for mining projects. one of the prerogatives of the afghan government has to be sure that the revenues coming from the huge reserves will creates revenues for the local community. in two thousand and seven. the china metallurgical group corporation won a tender to mine copper at the site and i'm back south east of kabul in fugitive you know what will work on like these projects in each project speaking to chill. pretty soon it's raining den go to the day before. to ensure
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that most of what caused the review from the communities in the little cars that would be needed to get caught in it because of the kitchen. china is not heal the country investing in afghanistan india pakistan and iran are actively seeking my exploration deals offering enormous amounts of money that would also pay for power plants and with a roasted them at afghanistan with south and central asia the neck excavation of honor at the morton minerals archaeologists have discovered three but this modest restated on the first of the seventh entries. it's been described as the most significant archaeological find in afghanistan the reached a no call for runs a rifleman in it so the artifacts will be relocated block but looked to purpose built museum nearby and the future will be taken to the national museum in trouble and as the morning these button i'm so i'm going to get him back. photo book which is stricken by
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taking boss lady and was going on was holding on to say. wouldn't that be. in theory the growth of the mining industry should ensure canadians into the crippled up and economy let there be many allegations of corruption regarding the awarding of contracts. the minister says is improving transparency by closing a number of bank accounts and publishing whole financial the bills online these are big challenges but the thickening that's mine with the help of the duff chemist on into far more prosperous future. some of the twenty nine act has done it's time for the nick of time. what's the world's biggest story each day exclusive any team that works the top story in wednesday's most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back any glitch. it's like naming washington see you at party acting your age so it's good to hear. seventeen with me
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thanks to a doting auntie that i can take that steely checked in you and it makes the networks to work on in each the ads on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. windmill knw. welcome to drive with it be that good a show coming up a rarity from italy that lead to eighteen fifty three hundred gt. i want a response from staff at the top class five hundred. was this go around the streets the a stone is doing rap beats place that has all the markings of a top seller and of a serious competitor for paren


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