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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 8, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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the time you're watching it to you. the city. with the stereo. bob you learn new wing will. the us the salad to wait for it at that spring is arriving with simple african republic a good look at least i will buy. global government transparency takes to the state and probably had something to be seeking
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protection. i do type when i'm gone. philippine authorities are still searching for what he did and it was good but coupled with the dj. handsome autumn cities across eastern china reaches of the best novels of the authorities scrambled to contain dad. welcome to use update on cctv used to live to beijing for the second time in the year. france has lost a major african intervention. this time sending troops to the central african republic where violence has already taken the lives of at least three hundred people. france's president says the operation will be limited. cctv skatepark recent reports from the capital. bindi. anyway next to the airport in the central african republic capital crime team. the theme
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for protection things to look into extinction that. from the dumping extreme damage than the non offending you need twelve hundred strong force. just now was tough to win a new land backing to the nation. that park to protect civilians are still humanitarian access and stabilize the country i would be reinforced today and tonight my mission would be too much tomato plants inside of you am i starting side the countryside to twolt or pf the weapon out of your shoe also i hope that we are we do with the buttons getting bombed. when she was to be patrolling the capital st at the end he was calm on friday but many footy still issuing the street. that is to remind us of how the country teaching on the edge of anarchy. mania hate the french intervention will bring an end to the weight of sectarian fighting and that is sweeping across
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the country. some people have been cured he and the example of the international community abandons us. what can we do. we were destined to die. we need the french soldiers. american soldiers to come here to help us because otherwise people we'll keep dying. even went as to keep a guy with a nice take on penalties to commission the question is can prompt achieve even a minute to go. such a short space of time. i think at the north from the minute operation is welcome and find many of the french troops thailand but they try and restore peace and stability to this troubled nation. all content including tiny central african republic meanwhile paris summit focused on peace and security in africa has entered its second day. some forty african leaders are attending the meeting with french president francois long and
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you in chief by chemo. more details let's talk about our correspondent jack bought in paris jack the armrest good thing the central african republic is expected to dominate those talks. one delegates saying about the issue. well the trust runs very much finds itself in a conundrum of them armor that is the second intervention for this year but this conference is really about fun cute. militarily kissing gate with africa arena francois all of the president's own words from spills and bowled to be the policeman all of africa so the talks the really had a walk and african countries due to come together to engage with their own false id because the un has also given approval for an african force of about three thousand seven hundred troops get into a car so that surely will the tool to being a bell but already we've seen mission creep. there's a larger number of french troops already on the ground that the airport and in baghdad that was originally intended the initial mission was to secure the airport and also
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the roads to cameron and chad to open up the supply routes but already we've seen those patrols going up from still seem to be playing a bigger role than expected. now the president says he wants that mission. ideally to be wound up within six months that president of conyers said he doesn't see that that is a realistic goal. he wants those french troops on the ground for at least one year from sa's hoping that those african forces can step in and fill that gap there and bring about stability to the country to the district will restore stability and once again lead the way to elections are held and tell us a little about some of the of the issues that the leaders they are going to be discussing summary of the topics well security has really been central to the summit and that the focus is very much been on this rapid response force that can be put together by the african union to sustain in the pipeline for about five years but coming along very slowly. ideally this
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would be a force of about thirty two thousand five hundred troops under the auspices of the african union and instead of countries like france having to step in in these situations they can deploy that false very quickly. but that has been a lot of progress a lot of talk in the parking deck can be up and running a bike two thousand and fifteen on top of that they've been discussing piracy in counterterrorism. but today the focus is very much home try. and there are a delegation of about five hundred french business people here is a perception that europe is full and very much behind in the present china has swept cars to europe when it comes to trade and investment in africa. and i and there is indeed catch up to be done his son are very much a focus on business wouldn't be at home business sorry today which ties back into development security while the delegates is saying these unknowable separate topics they actually hold trying to get the yukon have security without development. uconn have development without security
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jack while i'm reporting to us from paris thank you. and we gonna get more now on the situation there in the central african republic we joined on the phone back or spunky parkinson she's in buying the capital of the ca opt out state violence between muslims and christian militias continued unabated they and the death toll keeps rising. what's the latest that you have on the situation. i'm not making a long nap. he cautioned that was working on and on that you can think. aren't there keep me think of anything. i heart this morning. adds to the beach are enshrined in the twenty two on christian needed to find a new goal
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non running across the group i'll be shooting at them and let the man i didn't think i look like this up. he was then that the men caught my eye. it didn't turn around on the situation with danny ten hundred times the area while in the french unit chain tool. if you are looking at the situation the american continent. the it appears that we've lost the signal from the parkinson dam will add much when his lead after a short break. stay with us fan the us. i know welcome back. depends on for tulsa parliament has approved
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the state secrets law by a vote of one hundred today too despite fierce protests from the and opposition parties against the bill. the long grass the government more authority to implement harsher penalties for those who leak sensitive secrets he won't force prison terms of up to two years for the leaking of sensitive information on issues ranging from defence diplomacy counterintelligence and counterterrorism. the lower house approved the bill last week. primus is as obvious as the law will protect national security and the suede us concerns. all the winners of hearing strategically sensitive information with toby a lot has met strong opposition vote from politicians and critics were the law could be used to cover a government abuses and suppress civil liberties cctv correspondent nst machine that takes a look at how the japanese people are reacting to the debate and to the secrecy be. i
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the japanese once again surrounded the diet building and the more mocking number fifty in protest against a state secret detention bail appeal that enables it to ministries and agencies to keep information confidential it deemed necessary. in this demonstration is a nationwide on thing is there any people was concerned that he could infringe upon people's right to know. the scope of what is confidential is ambiguous. we want to clarify what the government is attempting to keep secret. it is stated bill is intended to support the recently launched national security council increased corn maze with allies and severely punished by making the ladder with no botanist exactly has launched a japanese question of the national security council to protect the people of japan and to do so. it is important to exchange information was the national security council itself there is countries. love is build
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has set up in the hall duty console to this post done in two thousand and six. then if you get is expected to be established by the end of january when the wind stayed secret protection bill of health and strength and about security. but it is great concern that it may create a block welsh government. put a japanese support and protect the state secret but a majority feels good and a third party but c'mon it in the will be kept in the dock as the volatile east the secrets protection you listen to the summit. it's like an open pool. come to the information storage room door open. i think the tree secrets with us would take precedence and i'm afraid that japan and others just didn't eat enough conflict to the law cited to us i'm very um conflict. he makes me feel like we're returning to pre war of the new terrorism bill increasing worries among japanese the father didn't seem to have these visions they will come at the date on upgrading the self defense
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force or revising japan's pacifist constitution dead fish in a cctv taken the death toll in the central philippines after super typhoon high on the snow close to five thousand eight hundred people the destruction by some estimates is in the billions of us dollars. the storm destroyed houses businesses and agriculture and a cctv wannabe low reports even tackle the city's main jail was at stake. there was no home after the storm. st paul but he was a city in shock people who just lost everything. turning to the building to survive. then came news that he meets a woman seeking to have escaped freezing here and driving thousands out of the city they're close to seven hundred inmates here in a moment to the gym gave the storm came about a hundred sixty of them escape more than three weeks after the killer typhoon forty eight are still missing
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authorities say they're working on finding the remaining fugitives even as security remains tight rope the city. didn't actually take much an effort to search for those who escape. many have returned on the role. you must. most of us when doctors to check our founders which didn't have the intention to skate. i just want to make sure my family was ok eric says he could see the water rising just begun the sparklers. his family lived just across the president. and they had all survived. in a matter of a few hours every prospective jail. so was edgar martinez has been in jail for ten years and drug charges. he too went home to point out that this family was a lot others we was clear to me that i had to come back yet i wanted for the time not guilty of what they are accusing me. bold to say it was also a matter of their own survival. i put heidi and
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had pushed the water all the way to prison. its wings had torn it apart. but in the end it was one of the few structures that standing in the city. every kid and cursed families. the more fortunate ones to survive twenty no cctv boulder city the philippines. it's an anti government protests in thailand has called on the people to join a massive rally on monday. to help folks obama said that it would be the final showdown against the government today called on people across time and to stop working classes enjoy street protests. he said that the number of protesters is not reach one million that he will concede defeat and surrender himself to the police. bangkok remained tense but calm on friday evening. there were two reports of shootings and a small bomb attack on facilities occupied by the government protesters beating the three people injured. several days of violence ended abruptly
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tuesday as both sides set aside their differences. dawn of the keane who turned eighty six on thursday thousands of protesters in ukraine and continue their demonstrations in the capital's independence square. that's as western diplomats. what's their support they are protesting ukraine government's last minute rejection of a free trade accord with the european new and turning instead to closer ties to moscow. the contrasting reports from the heart of kiev. i'm addicted to buying that it's a ukrainian winter interesting though. i'm too good to go. support comes from powerful forces from three former presidents of the ukraine and he has given to him in a stinky give this to them. boxing champion turned politician that on the content. may the words of the poll from the jury the president has acted as a huge boost for these people
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then how in the fifteen day of protest. however there is an international element to this crisis. that's all they country being told by the pressure that is to topple made this the russian federation and the european union. independents class they believe the majority of ukraine won the eu did not return to russian improvements. all of the offended and what does the opinion and show up. on the boat from the left the band and they did and all the old people people and you may want to use it for this particular choice for or whether to join european way of development or to join the russian led development the position of ukrainian people is more or less uniform. ukrainian president viktor yanukovich is in china when its report it. he secured a billion dollars in
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loans from these countries featuring economy the protesters continued to iran even independence square and the ukrainian delegation was the most critical of russia's power and customs union. the blockade her name then didn't play. preventing access to the presidential i've found that an independent man. i've been back direction. interesting day off and the twins he said suggesting the hot at the time being at least the government to put pen to color eggs the protests. and on reports the ukrainian government preparing for a possible snap election. she did use this escalating standoff. domestic cctv in independence square ikea nelson mandela he said to be buried in a private ceremony in his home village of cool next sunday. this weekend there will be a national day of mourning for former south
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african president. he passed away on thursday evening at the age of ninety five. on tuesday a memorial service will be held to select and giving millions a chance to see their final farewells cctv scott henderson reports from the family home in gaza the knee the boat. he's releasing its operations the leak at the kt to the liberation struggle. can he be found. i'm thankful read this to the deepest really two weeks. will we see is invoking a traditional blessing. i don't get that
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and thanks from younger generations. some of them it's all too much the ipkat is what i want it. how sad that the i get my feet. i mean it. twenty four hours now seeks the presidency straw that takes the announcement and should be its pc can see now pouring in. we understand the system and others voting is now being made to the capital pretoria. as preparations begin for an offence if remember it's on a study of this country has rarely seen not since his inauguration as president. with millions flock to the union buildings in pretoria foster memorial and selected next tuesday gilbert and his lying in state of the world mourns his passing. then around the family he spent so many is apart from its demand that i will finally be laid to rest between the leagues best on the fifteenth. stem. in
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court. in the eastern cape prompts. the dollar a way to get out. to organize the most defeat in the memo. for these outstanding stock if our country. and the frog awfully nice. earlier visit from old friends and colleagues. the president himself. he briefly joined hands with cramps. the nice free. this only the spirit so though. i do now she has been mixed. south africans and canada all reflecting on their own memories of the great man and the impact
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he had on their lives. cctv system you know has spoken to one such expat in toronto. he was the police cells africa and italy called peace around the world. nelson mandela's since the views he made an impression on canadians the bold color and creed nelson mandela's long march to freedom. his grace and humility throat. and that branch of the future he built for his people. as he perceived the law. it sure is that his remarkable example will inform others. for generations. it is man was blind and describes a visit to canada is the new agrees and none of us in nineteen ninety four failed to his release from prison. as locals turned out to the middle of the now like to catch it disappeared. he recalls his amazement the people so full from home who followed his journeys she tells him the momentum was made an honorary citizen of canada in recognition of these links will. it was late
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seventy eight when he came to accept the old south african bull extra to eat all of sean's to meet his hero he was immediately intrigued as to what i was in heaven. and it was all about me. you know where it is really into the venal about him and so reduce to medium modesty which is legendary. it just comes so. the thing that the above. and though and i was in spite of the dead could easily inspired but two awards for him the council opposing pieces to give something back to his home country he has the legal foundation which has raised four million dollars to build the schools in south africa i think the best way to honor the awesome abilities to do something in his honda so that his spirit lives on south africa begins ten days of mourning. many hoped that his life and legacy will be truly separates is asking for it. the final coat on a cold
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december the fifteenth will likely be painful limits the train that takes them to coat them with peace will be buried. i think will take days the trend will move very slowly. up and arrive current. it'll be a fitting tribute. christian use cctv to roll. an historic trade package has been sealed in bali in indonesia after four days of scheduled talks and another extra day of negotiations. officials from more than one hundred fifty countries and regions have managed to broker of global trade agreement. the first since the world trade organization was created in nineteen ninety five and
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early a major obstacle was overcome with india agreed on a draft text presented by the hit of the wto referred to as a veto. but the last moment cuba and three other latin american countries refuse to accept the agreement which would not have opened up the us embargo against cuba the meeting then went into an extra day. when q filing was convinced that for the deadlock. every small is affecting large parts of eastern china and some parts of northern china today the national meteorological center has issued an onslaught from work today as katie's continues to show me the eastern areas include cause of gents to judge own odd way and the bay provinces which have been affected for nearly a week. the capital beijing is experiencing had the small today with them two point five reading exceeding three hundred this afternoon. it means the era in the cd is seriously deluded. in the financial hole shot on high air quality has improved to water
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pollution. it has been suffering had the small but nearly a week and weeks extremely hazardous levels on friday. the good news is that i call fun with gale force winds is expected to sweep ton on sunday and clear away the small forecasters say lingering spawned in the country's central and eastern areas is expected to clear. on monday. what are typically brings the worst air pollution in china that's due to an increase in the burning of coal for homes and forcing the heating systems. government officials from beijing shenzhen and who they say law enforcement is needed to combat pollution prices of electricity a noble joe will be a reason to push high poaching enterprises with the high energy consumption to parts of it discharges into tow the municipal government or who plan to contribute or numbers on the indicated a willingness for steel production is cut by sixty million pounds into my five
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years. that on a lighter note nintendo's famous video game to the super mario brothers of come out of the magical kingdom and found their way onto the wall of an elementary school and she and dad. the massive new reel was finished this october. it takes up the tile wall of a five storey school building it was constructed on the mic of the school's curriculum focuses on animation and comics and also as artistic work designed to inspire children. as mario jumps over the obstacles in his path without the aid students are encouraged to do the same in their lives. and that's news update for now and can do to be saying thank you want to be in the national weather forecast is next and we'll have more news at the top the us. it is
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sells. says. rule. we will
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it's a sunday night here in japan are welcome to the seller says climate change being done in tokyo almost four million people are still living in shelters in the philippines one month after the year's most powerful typhoon hit the country. typhoon audience with the country's central region on november a green torrential rain and storm surges. a forty c more than fifty seven hundred people are crm


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