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tv   RT News  PBS  December 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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odd to this morning the likes of ukraine's president his voice to the massive protest of the capital but the opposition hopes to gather a million a month to lay siege to the government the flavors of former politicians and all of this study supports the opposition some even coming to the evidence both the nt government. in all of the stories of the week a series of clashes of
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the shale gas by two magazines or done several suspend operations. refreshed by it but it isn't safe from the globe before deadline the esperance south africans for conformity to reduce national symbol of peace nelson mandela. how we overcame it tasted great these and i would get one scouting the tightly into the budget this week above the belt with the matter is that aside this type of russia's leadership but all is the mentor to him . call lotus has opted to just chill. this is just tough to beat not have the remote mining camp in having me was that we can read over the top stories in the south and bass and the ongoing wind right now at least a hundred thousand people gathered in the ukrainian capital tonight for major anti government protest. the opposition's
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warning that this rally is the last chance for the government and the president has put a whole skull. this is the ambiguity at the exact figures but said this scene is the thousands they still remain in a sweat up behind me. despite that it's in the cold conditions is also a lot not what's at stake. the key to moms of the opposition as well heavyweight boxing got well to get that on the attack taking to the stage behind me watching the protests on the protest is to remain peaceful or symbol to a new slate of giving the government and holds the rights of up to say despite its high schools and are told that saving the lost men. our induction into the clouds above the dow stocks are monuments of lead in and smashed it with some late august. elsewhere today there are a number of t bone steak outlined by the opposition as part of that old tonight and easing to. it says they should be released any protests is to
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be directed to the cost of these demonstrations on the bus the top down violently on the protesters last week and should be punished somehow the key to bonding with the resignation of president nixon and undercut the japanese government bonds an immediate election now. that puppy off the set up a position called for nationwide general strike and they continue to surround them to update the governmental the pop and soul our ministry to buildings day in the center of tea after that bought the ukrainian security service to say that investigates an awful they are courting an attempt to seize power in the country and is also much on sunday thathe use of foreign policy representative catherine ashton is set to be sixty s later this week to try a doubt find a political solution to the crisis on the home and really has been voiced by support from european officials as my colleague every negative stuff about reports i love the image racing and staff on the streets. but for some
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reason teens independence square has captured the minds of politicians from him and he was seated there the opposition leaders. to speak for the crowds. and yet oew seem to hav made the pasta cured fm both sides from the country runners and their supporters there was a statistic retrieve states we stand with the people of ukraine to see their future in europe and want to bring their country back to economic health in unity. two former polish president and the supporters of euro integration must remain for and seize the momentum of the protest this is the only way to continue to cook to make concessions. current members of the eurean parliament with the whole day go by
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the end that will not be completed in may. often it is for the nation expects to win an audience which means every election. what began as a pro eu which descended into and out and out attack on leadership. the buzzwords of democracy justice and love of the people were interspersed the deal took phone calls from president chc!vez wants to admit he's been beaten. in utah. more so this is something that should be unacceptable. and widely seen as a clear breach of my content goals of responses in moscow tomorrow. i can imagine how origin and partners with phelps is russia's foreign minister decided to attend a rally that was being held against general. i don't think they would consider it a friendly staff. let's meet soon with opposition members is one thing to take part in rallies that's interference in domestic affair really weak the government survived a no confidence vote in the ukrainian parliament
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defeated by the great process opposition. went home to block the stage and still in parliament outside protest leaders called on people to take over as the civic offices as possible the adl off the whole process of walking is to show that ukrainians or breaks the heart of europe and weekend protests and peaceful european added of course the georgia that people are trying to keep it similar to the new peaceful. but what exactly will happen later that day we have yet to find out. we'll be covering every coach of the footage of a snowplow. he compares the mass protests in ukraine didn't see the turkey this year sees a striking difference though the is a product too. i'm so proud to be petted him up for national project is that ukraine is very much a presence in the west ukraine. we didn't
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get back into production going out to struggle when wrapped in solidarity with the way buthe etreaty the protest easy to keep the peace river to recruit other team but at least a little fortunate to be a dress to be a good tackle that. stacked. ukraine to divorce to his ribs and seeds to go in the streets right to demonstrate its current european union st originating know they give you the state again. it's absolutely outrageous hitting. a flip of a new partyfficials regimen professes to go home saying tt paul cave administrative buildings is preventing of the approved the twenty fourteen budgetack of an impact on state salaries and so father was the son of the rallies a plaything thousands of pro government has descended on the capital and towns across the east of the country's roads make their voices said. but recent polls suggest ukraine a shop the divided on the ship eu integration. as i'm still in use will more than seventy percent of people in the west to the country favourite
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regular viewer the figure drops t below thirty percent in the east. otrselie but if i happened those in the east would be likely to support the government. i think. if there is true eu neo aren't devotion. they would be up through customs union production comfortable so it would be the puffed with the civil war. because let's face it. ina with the industrial base in the east. they know that if they joined the eu package they would of course they will never join the eu itself they would lose of customs religious and russia and their industrial goods which are still being exposed the corruption in increasing quantities when someone becomes thirty five percent more expensive which the price the mouth of the market in the same time ago pretty much that eu countries would suddenly expressed an interest in buying the new justin boots so even if there is an
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attempt at the violent overthrow of governments they will be definitely a very sizable come to force ready to come onto the streets. it is no longer co thousand the fall when no one was willing to risk their skin for frequent. beneath all the political problem from two in ukraine there is more pressing economic concerns right now this out the light of this in the saturn five and two capitals on i would take the pill than revealing just how close the country is going on that. notifications all this predicament. also i've done this week is cost them a beat in the protest is nonetheless money not to hold together the work of tracking site in northeast romania the shale gas wells been developed by us energy giant chevron with an army of police crucial security but the locals who make up some of europe's course but fortified the prospect of thousands of tons of toxins big bump into them and which provides that only livelihoods. you see capital covers the story. in a remote
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part of armenia ideal rage and fury the protesters stormed the work site operated by chevron. police responded with full force those who didn't leave willingly were dragged away so you can see at sunny up in my country i live in the place for scenes at the high political price breakdown of the effects of a company from someone the the people here want to know is who will protect them from big business. this is one of the poorest corners of the european union. but it's believed to sit on top of large reserves of valuable natural gas. it's the sort of place has changed little over the centuries. and most of the residents still live off the land land which could soon be pumped full of toxic lead her to get the feel underneath everyday tasks and
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dry water out of the well for the villagers here to ingest this is really what's at the heart of the matter the environments and the water. for them. it looks so much about fighting chevron as it is about protecting both airlines and livelihoods. not big on monday as i have been working on the land it is the only line that i know. going to do isn't your typical sort of protest or a farmer all her life she and her husband were also some of the first villagers to speak out against government plans to drill for natural gas in their community. we've heard horror stories of old boys being polluted. for a snow dome that being green. no one to risk everything for this company to make a profit chevron says it's committed to working with the local community to drill without damaging the environment and says that is abiding by all safety rules. but that's not reassuring for farmers like the silly. timlin they could completely destroy us we just
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want to protect what's important in our ward are in our land. and that's it done for more than a month braving the cold villagers set up makeshift tents across from the company's drilling sites. chevron to temporarily suspend its operations. last week the camp was greeted by the police. i had a hundred plunged into friday. it was stimulating. romanian but the police treated us like criminals. i liked was filmed out. though retired or cells together to form a human chain to kicking and beating us with their bottoms. i was kicks here is another religion is a postponement is a pirate party in the stomach and on saturday. more violence that began as a peaceful demonstration was broken up by force. their arrests the predecessor and hands but demonstrators continued to get taken away in the spark in some ways that the case of david versus goliath a tiny romanian
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village fighting to get an energy giant chevron off of its lands. but despite the arrests despite the protests and despite the clash of the chevron trucks are already here. no work look sets to one reporting in to ingest romania rt and the sea captain of. publican of the nation on top of water contamination tracking soul also blamed for causing earthquakes to adopt a coke on the head texas committed to serving bowl. right now but exclaim travis the assembly recently locals insisted that the fact that more than a website. in reflection in south africa or in memory of former president nelson mandela who died on thursday closely next to pull some how was life was a long walk from one point being labeled a to becoming the world's most respected freaking funny. that coupled
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with my good friend back from the brink of civil war the man who offered me tea sipping coffee as the green prawns will be imprisoned. in his heart was an open theme well i think that his greatest legacy to this country is reconciliation. in the last three decades the world's tiniest be punished. the image of nelson mandela. and in each recognized of all the world nico cocoa that his patient in such a man who struggle for racial be quite a teaching south africa is reading like the noise he had a dockside and wound has conveniently forgotten about nelson wonder nobody to no struggle pretty cool. someone noon. i embraced finances isn't this a street political instrument at a particular juncture in history. this house was the secret headquarters of the african national congress
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it is here in the mid sixty s my dad and his comedy school and beyond struggle it is also said that mr bin where they stood on trial and sentenced to life in prison south african journalist chris bishop believes the nineteen sixty four trial that soul mind and then he's come late sentenced to life hope tat it will be in a favor. during the trial these gentlemen. you are on top of a new promise they went from being the key is that the people in that tall slowly it transform. they became the benjamin franklin's of africa as a beacon of freedom foxes that began the man of principle astounding up daily for the rights of august. i salute so jumbled opinion parma violets to one of the greatest freedom point is to have a noble spirit the story of nelson and dna is remarkable. a man who stood up for the whites of people in the way. but also the familiar tale of governance has gone into town
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was around twenty one day and evoke the next. was he a rt hon is that south africa the other night for inspiration american coal mines to me puts them together some of the medici ones don't spend enough to go home because of the iconic need is the works of america's influence on the world the invasion of iraq and even these in the open doorway. not to go home from church that. it takes from the up the pressure on journalists would get exposed for his pivotal role in global surveillance. the ending with two little ones. don't get it to the newspaper the forefront of the spikes was ice cold tea with terrorism here it is to some seemingly far fetched accusations but also at the outset that the two. i will bring up to speed on other stories they have re elected three times will kidnap and syria. no in the last twenty four hours of the field video say that being treated well by
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the rebels but middle east watch just tell us it's hard to believe that the mp is that fight has been touted the good guys here. they will often bring. off the eye. a no well as the rich human story be covering the group is too numb to it may signal the rebels captured the christian village of maneuver that would make contact with the will of the last twenty four on sunday one to fat kid not that weren't fat rescued from shelling attacks. the video statement does raise questions of mine suspected the woman was speaking and if you dress but it looks like his agenda stupid the syrian several times in my christian faith is by claims of the rebels good intentions we have to see that mother will up the seed head. at least three qt. whether you work on it as a symbolic will
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you it's a very old and ancient christian. he remained with them. there is always more history. so when we see now that the eu where the nights are filled with this one. it is telling the added treat her well. and in all it is we shouldn't forget that the shelving that check on them honestly wasn't turned off by his union army boss turned off by the so called rebels who are in reality nothing else than terrorists. so then he saw christians of course they are saying we are treated well. before we show the effects on the tariff hike rates what we see is this my one up was to take right now. the second time within several weeks. iraq uses deadly downward swing dozens of people being killed
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the ball has exploded marketplaces and shops across the capital could make an activist thinks that others have come as no life than this other was saying. my sis loss leaders sweden is in on the nsa spying game what's more it's accused of taking to the kremlin's keel to swedish tv reported fresh leeks made it snowed and its telco with that intelligence from russia's leadership and also from some energy giants to the united states as the chief editor of the news program that broke the story told a senate that fine. we haven't revealed that nafta but it was relationship that between the swedish defence review authority sra. and that their american counterparts. nsa. and according to documents. that if they have spied on spying on to the russian leadership and they are passing these information on. two nd essay
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there we got access to the stalk a mess thanks to anna in the snow done so far and we had gone to heaven there the tears more than that the documents are mentioning them. the faculty involved and unique the chileans faculty above classic. it really ends. and i also mentioning cables the spokesman of all if ray didn't give any comments but then edwin hacks asked about that being an unseen as the leading pop that's the way that david and spend it in in the stock a mess if ray is the leading off the head to an essay and then his face. ok the sweltering heat sinks so they thus the word in common too we have been received so far the message it was duncan campbell says sweetness is still really help the us with intelligence betraying the privacy of the citizens in neighboring states in the process i'm sweet and
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always had a lover of intelligence relationship with food waste to the new cold war. i am taping tend to secretly in. to close the vics pockets in which they often this will be nice to get to that prime minister in return for betraying the tennessean secure a poll of polls than a dozen many of our own citizens. sweden was the largest collaborate to europe with the internet typing program run by the faeries group of english speaking countries. um and if so it does so because it fits direct access to cable for the baltic and it's no surprise that the chp units a week long back as well as everything else is that they can take from st. across the north sea the editor of britain's guardian newspaper was grilled and we can attend a hearing for publishing stories exposing the scale of global surveillance which the patients will topple
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the government accuses the type of encouraging terrorism though by revealing how with it being spied on by the justice committee believes his old part of the floating count. he says because as the seafront own consumption is really full the united kingdom and baby cameron is trying to demonstrate that he's the strong man is tough on terrorism and economic agenda said. tell him all to do in the full. he's coming out with the stabilization force the world thinks pretty crazy because everyone is dying from prison on the talents that we should have this debate about what all the limits of supply and small pioneer of the site to be had. an israeli david cameron and the uk job on the same deletion of data whatever images is back to this the nsa says the sites will the kids think if we're going to downplay the dragnet about this and big snow said the us intelligence into the places he has two beds which is the logo of an angry old signal to this building of the war. for the mo. add
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the whistle blows wait to get to report yup seatbelt called off the cooking of three years now and britain and the house the rest other than to see that big of a sudden political why judas on she still has a big shop. and. a series of bombings and shootings across the iraqi capital has killed at least thirty nine people and wounded ninety the deadliest attack was in the shi'ite suburb of baghdad were cobbled when opened a workshop iraq at least a peace activist at cadence is told is the situation is weston of the many that it was on the forward to take this out of the same the darlington in the water the phone again the head of distribution. there are options to italy. because
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there was no no. after the war. disease is gone didn't go heading out that there are basic services and people near the end. stewards were up to ten years occupation. and you know basic services the promise of me when it comes to crisis recovery of ice that is pretty old stuff we hear a bit late to have a right to get soft and really pay off even if it does mean the rage in europe i'd also like this out to me. i was wanting people across the eu and the frog living in the bows of the richest economies reliant on and that's really interesting report coming up about fifteen minutes time the two email memo the financial weekend veto the nazis venture capital case of the show. off
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the room. just next to four liters account to your location or the triple j showed up the anti eu protests and bulgaria greece are hungry to urge people to leave the eu would join the population customs union obviously the mainstream media would be artfire scream that this is part of the abuse of democracy that steal the country's away some sort of imperialist agenda they know what that might be right about that but the weird thing is that for some reason the mainstream media isn't talked about foreign politicians speaking to and or possibly agitating protesters in ukraine but speaker of the lithuanian parliament loreto groningen in the air and eu vice president got sick with the cia and former polish pm purest love kaczynski the european union preston was just fine for their politicians to go to foreign countries and fire up protesters to start april eu revolution but they're all their journalists write about is how russia is trying to put pressure on ukraine to join the eu the obvious hypocrisy of this takes all the way up the mosque. just
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typing the room. japanese to spend six years in elementary school from age six to eight twelve. schooling is compulsory as is the following three years of junior highs. schools are free. the parents can choose the right to send their children to private schools instead. are you doing things he was detained. don't choose to go. there's a limit to ski lessons contained between thirteen and fourteen. and each class is based in its own the new morning assemblies are held within this something that always leads to pain the season
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forty five minutes. first and second in the school day consists of four or two more the great too often in demand each elementary school class has its own them and teach it teaches the course of six japanese language math and science concepts the little kid. fourth grade. the range of studies becomes more comprehensive and include subjects such as computing sixth graders. home economics subjects like sony it is. when getting english language classes the hungry and teachers of proclaiming cheapskate inspections. some subjects like music. pupils
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leave the room into a special touch the music is tuned to a cooling you can tune into playing instruments and to sing. the he would choke people's needs and do craft projects. ace ten seconds the date and time. it's more of what the body of a platoon of us. sports meet lots of space a practice to do some sports. i know. sports the medium and small special equipment. don't image experience. it's time for lunch. indeed most schools pupils will be newer and
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faster. st jude's kenya korea builds the gym and other corman groups. joining a sports car has the solution is to make new friends. since each club will have members from when fourth to sixth grade. the club to greek cookery across. children really enjoyed the fact of existence are allowed to choose what most interests some people choose to help with the directive and running of the school. some point during the lunch period others take care of contaminants being raised on the school grounds. beating them and treating their hands
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i asked the fcc. japanese elementary school education is designed to be called recruits. developing tools for these personalities as well as their mark. i knew millwall are considered only on cw. i'm suffering at all the good news as given in and he's on the head on thousands of ukrainians protests in kiev to mind and closer ties with european union. indians are south africans from them but no one fell out with a national day it was a castle and find your next match. struggling to


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