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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 9, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the is the start bawling at this hour. korea officially confirmed seat ousting of thing happens. the uncle from old house cleaning and three challenges of the everyday things don't look delish. i see. claims expansion of its air defense held after a controversial declaration of china's new airspace last month to look into what this means that reads territorial claims its geopolitical impact the region. updates
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about unrest in thailand embattled prime minister in less than a want to dissolve parliament and call for snap elections. angry protesters see her resignation the stories and more debt welcome to primetime years it's what they the summertime here in korea life and soul i get to hang them from him thank you so much for joining us. we begin this evening with news out of north korea the communist state has confirmed the ousting of times contact the powerful uncle of north korean leader kim jong won the state run media accuse them of irregularities and corruption and evil release photos of him being rested for more on thomas dismissal we go blind for unification ministry correspondence and some tea at the idea that new center sonny fill us in with
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the latest guide to surprise the spine directory and back again now let's take a look at the photos making headlines. they're released by north korean state run korean central television this afternoon and they should to be manned by two military officers at sunday's assembly of the workers' party of the hero. this appears to be where the north korean government officially announced on fridays. earlier in the morning the north's state run korean central news agency confirmed through a very detailed and stripes reports that time hiking in the front all post accusing him of committing a string of anti state acts such as corruption gambling and taking drugs. this is the first time since nineteen seventy that kenya has released pictures of the high ranking official being arrested and tackles dismissal is by far the biggest of people in north korean leadership since the un leader s and part two years ago. to say what's the south korean government's response and would be making
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at its launch on at a press briefing earlier today south korea seen it acacia ministry spokesperson key nato said the government is keeping a close watch on north korea let's take a lot. you know it's difficult for us to give to you kill the outlook right now. we are closely monitoring north korea's internal and external movements with every possibility in mind. experts say the latest move by directory as the last phase of teams and part consolidation. that kid has firm as all of the old guard and be close to his father and that he is now solidifying his own inner circle. ten has in serving as a young leaders mentor for the last two years since the death of former north korean leader kim sung it and that's considered that the second most powerful man in the north pole a team of people high ranking posts this could mean instability with the average jane and
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then backtracking north korea's efforts to its economic reform one of his key policy goals because time was known to be more aware of market forces that his nephew also learning of an escalation of tensions on the korean peninsula. seeing david james has blocked publication as a means of maintaining internal unity in the past. alrights i thank you for that report as their unification ministry correspondent comes from steve reporting on north korea's dismissal of time some take the one second most powerful men and everything and now onto the latest in the ongoing years of drought with a northeast asia korea has strengthened its patrols around he'll go a submerged reef in the center of my maritime dispute between korea china and japan. this follows the nation's announcement of an expansion of its air defense down over the weekend. defence minister a correspondent and then has to be counts. the country military has beefed up
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surveillance in the waters and skies over your local suppliers rocky outcrop think that's controlled by korea that lies within the ear sounds of korea china and japan. until now. korea has dispatched maritime patrol aircraft to the area two to three times a week. but with the announcement of the new gear solid the military plans to run patrols on him daily basis. military officials said neither destroy years and f fifteen k fighter jets will also be on standby in case of an emergency the officials explained korea now needs a stronger military force in its new air defense salad which was expanded to almost two thirds of the country's territory korea defied the chinese declaration of its deal here's the last month and is currently flying military aircraft over yet though without notifying be changed but there have been no reports of a conflict so far the officials also say
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the patrols will be further strengthened once korea's new rear zone goes into effect in december fifteen. although tensions over the era defend sound seemed to be on the rise in northeast the shia. the japanese government has announced that korea's neely declared years now it is not problematic japan's chief cabinet secretary you see keegan said that told reporters monday japan doesn't consider korea's expanded their sound to be immediately problematic as tokyo was notified events in advance so that also played down that sells actions are different from the controversial arizona unilaterally set up by china the korean defence ministry will hold talks with really good government bodies on tuesday to discuss follow up measures for the ears on expansion. officials from the presidential office the foreign ministry the transport ministry and several others will discuss when and how to further negotiate the issue with neighboring countries as well
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as specific plans and strengthening surveillance activities in the new years now. then i can. for the first time in sixteen years the government has proclaimed the expansion of korea's air defense identification zone prison but called it a move to guarantee national interest but already the chinese government has expressed regret the mystery outlook from the korean defence and security for and joins us now for analysis and how the move will impact relations in the region. the welcome to progress. dylan thanks for making me so china has expressed regret the us says that they need to assess the move for korea's expanded air defense so how likely is it going to be that the new zone will be acknowledged there while i'm in the what the other courses when that job in months. this is the only up that a kilt for beyonce's in this issue. and we express our coats on in our interest to let this one we did for my past three
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weeks. so local after that every other country yet love cleo ones. so i don't think that there's no reason to us to be in a low blow. all this hour. our plan. but what kind of blue that night. love the way to say and say hey what to say that the us has reacted more pasta with the current expansion of air defense and then china and if so what explains that their world and that's because of the infamous costumes from the sea is that at the youth if not on their show at the space is actually the intent of the space of time and we do like the mission in iraq. to keep an audience see in the knee and crafts. for the crime scene. solo one hundred. well for most of these coming days took all six moves to follow but it is kind of like the same as the nation the space. these are all sold no other country like a
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korean japan with us and we cannot overlook them. when china today did emphasize that these air defense owns are separate from their territory and maritime territory but how likely is it that this conflict could get out of hand. are we to putting ourselves in a situation of the irreconcilable differences. no actually i'm in what we have to know was that i mean for this company it's smooth. it's happened not because of ideas but because of the existing conflict between nations sylvie china and japan and india fight the audience is sent to clients. low value now in china. so annie and korean and thai time. we have learned that these people would be easy on you. so let me and one has seen while coles not because some of these but because of the existing company. so i mean what they have to do is that the fee we have to be twenty eight or five. with
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this issue in all of his recent trip to the region. us vice president joe biden on seemed to have been mediating rather than intervening time this issue. so what to say that as meetings in korea china japan were affected there were actually will keep its proposal pz was to bring peace to know sees a few. i mean i think this is his job. and if its bid was kind of title role will what he was now the bulk of these at the time. but the new web app that this thing happen he did to japan post and he sympathized with ah but i miss them. well katie them a game proceeds. and then he holds the title. but since that keep the costs to make any promises we jump and he had a great impressed with the which i know. so loki in a few seeing his soul that i mean we don't need any completing this reason. and then people came to korea to kill sites. so we're up at torquay the shop link is in the freezer. so now the korea has announced to its neighbors and the us about
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its expanded in arizona as promised. what are the next steps. no actually what did have to do least of them and we have while we have much more present so with them which in the three aircraft and naval vessel. up to see if that actually this fight is between china and japan so what the what we have to do is that what we don't intervene with that that kind of you know country. simon we have two badly that the celts who was doing that kind of patch or something like that flop well as a totally full pc is not a lot of these is the thing is so bulky the company. so i mean the luck we should do miss the one talking to enable far i will thank you so much for joining us tonight and shedding more light on this yellow thank you so much before your dna. and another began. get the latest line
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from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the cold its local network and why on arrival that is seventeen always on standby. note to domestic politics controversial remarks by two opposition lawmakers against president up in a sparked outrage from members of the rulings have a tea party just days after a tenuous truce our national assembly course on in kenya and she reports on whether will be thrown back to another political deadlock the national intelligence said they stand accused of seeking an almighty scare campaign targeting opposition candidates at the twenty twelve presidential election and members of the fourteen per cent bipartisan committee to resolve a long commentary impacts. but monday's events
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may signal that the national assembly is merely entering a new phase of gridlock representative tom and now the main opposite democratic party on sunday. foster's presidential election a friday and demanded a new invention for president because the gene. see your gp lawmaker yes tinto added fuel to the fight air on monday i sent chris and i think i may share the aid of her father the late president john. if he refuses to lten to the people. make president after he was assassinated by his top intelligence eight after exercising dictatorial power over korea for nearly eighteen years on monday the ruling party and that the cpp lawmaker sitting for hours and baskets the banned from parliament. i'm just beat with them in the democratic party take responsibility for these comments. it's been only in few days have been agreed to normalize parliamentary
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business therefore we talked each piece as representative chap was only contain her person of interest and that she had stepped down from our deputy foreign leader promised to take responsibility. i think that it's half of the npd monday and she was compelled to state reviews after eight daily reported last friday but the number of politically slacking messages posted by the spy agency and twitter to their round twenty two million eighteen times the number listed on the indictment against the ninety s kinsey had an ace. some four thousand rail workers stick to the streets on monday in protest against a move they say could lead to the private eye station of the state run railway operator core rail denied the claims and fired all union workers who walked off the job in g on reports from the sea members of crean's mean bail the union side and in death knell walk out on monday morning the first ride
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in four years. the union is protesting a man by the transport ministry and coal rail to form a subsidiary to many senior create real express trains departing from southern seoul they argued that rather than actually been to me to the private aviation up with mail which would then need to fare hikes and decreasing safety standards. well as of nineteen this morning we are on an all out strike to prevent the privatization of the korean railway. we ask for the understanding. all the ministry of land infrastructure and transport did not say unions assertion that is planted for me since he carried too many new text reads it to move to our private beach and the railway mr did however call for a change in how the railway station and each plane to operating losses of five fingers and mimi are huge stars every year and the railway sixteen point two billion selling that. can you go she says between union workers and management lasted
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well into sunday night but that era field to find common ground. railway officials said. he text me and the city subway lines operating normally on monday morning in morning commuters in this on the core area were not affected by the strike of the operations of regular train services such as this cannot and will not drop to sixty three percent. well that a freight train services dropped to about thirty six percent of normal levels then chinese any company which relies on trains services for its business says it expects a drop in production of at least thirty percent if the strike last for more than a week. is either unwilling to kt tethered to me and it's expected to take a toll on commision unfold naturally area of the transfer your site the souls of the labor union said they will be participating in the strike starting next week. teensy on itn news. to lay low for
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months now since deadly typhoon heidi and flatten the philippines killing thousands and leaving a trail of utter destruction to lend a helping hand to the relief efforts at sea with korean military and civilian personnel is set to be dispatched later this month in its honor a special ceremony was held on this monday acting and then was there. typhoon i am was one of the strongest typhoon some record when it hit the philippines in november and eight. laporta five thousand people dead thousands more injured the more the four million displaced. no estimates of the damage there the international media has responded with millions of dollars in aid to the country entry is now expanding its contribution to the relief effort. the tree and no tears especially team to the philippines over our military and civilian personnel including engineers that it's become a case experts. before her departure later this month. a ceremony in the teens on it was held up the of his corporation and
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so on monday afternoon. our best as medical corps officers to give our best medical support. the filipino people were still suffering in this facility has suffered great damage from corpsill do our best to guard and restore the regn the snow. thateay amil be baser the ty hdest by the typhoon will provide assistance in the region the end of next year discipline or will the tree is the active mission to country in desperate need of aid and reconstruction. this batch of her skills will help the hardest areas to back on their feet and provide free medical care to those in need and in other ns in sa. and take an after thailand's after weeks of increasingly violent how anti government protests. embattled prime minister in months in a lot says it will dissolve parliament and hold a snap
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election. back when sal h to be counts. the future of tide that and its prime minister you not seen a lot and now in the hands of the thai people. nab announced ononda tha she will dissolve parliament and hold an election as soon as possible saying at this stage that it should be up to the thai people to the side now that there is housed a solution to prime minister and the entire team are willing to step down from our positions. llowing the cabinet meeting at thai government spokesman said general in that sense would be held on february seconds in that setting a proposed holding a referendum to determine what the majority of people in a country locked in a statement beamed across the nation in nets that she was willing to listen to the protesters and was not addicted to a title as prime minister last week she rejected protesters denounced a form of people's cocil saying it was not constitutional. mr says her new proposal for a referendum
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electorate does not abide by the constitution. also on sunday tied and main opposition party said they ould walk out of parliament saying it can no longer version of one dollars and a legitimate governments the unexpected movements inside the government protesters are back on the streets for a fresh round of mass protests. protest leaders to talk about said their goal has not yet been reached and that the dissolution of parliament is not what he wants protesrs for weeks now tops are browned and government offices in bangkok funding for the prime minister to step down accusing her of being a proxy for her exiled brother and former prime minister taxation a lot. it's a lot. i didn't need this the tourists get eric and i was back home in korea after
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an impressive comeback performance and throwing them i jail the press conference upon her return stephen j joined us to tell us more of down it hello there. hey guys the figure skating queen is back home after winning her first event of the season that the golden standard to grab and says she'll be even better at the olympics at a press conference held in town international airport. kim said that she was happy with her performance despite a fifteen year falls on both her short and free ski programs post falls as a grad did not seek a further score as she earned a combined total of two hundred and four point four nine more than twenty seven points ahead of second place. mickey i don't feel a bit tacky also said that she may enter the national championships in early january before diesel jill ethics and heavier. now we stay on the ice but it's a different sport speed skater more have all heard the gold medal in the second five hundred meter race at the isu world cup fourth round in berlin germany. now he barely
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won by a parent thirty four point eight seven six seconds yes it and still achve got killed by two thousand things up a second. now he won his first one thousand in gold of the season the day before on saturdays. it was all very subtle and one bronze in the five thousand meter race now leading to the grays teenage golf sensation the vehicle registered her first win as a pro. over the weekend and all that the plastic ornaments at the swinging skirts world ladies masters in taiwan. he finished at eleven under heating up korea's do so done and top ranked i can be who came in second and third the seared the top prize of one hundred fifty thousand dollars. no ending this all off with the south koreans were men's handball team in their back on track after beating the netherlands at the world women's handball championships in serbia after a narrow defeat to montenegro on saturday the korean ladies came back to beat the dutch team twenty
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nine twenty six and regulation on sunday. now they'll play their third game of four or third group match against the democratic republic of congo want to stay at midnight korea town as for me here the sportscenter this has been speaking to a setback at midnight for the latest in the world of sports
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the stoush. we're starting to pile up on the mountains of congo province that's right for more let's go over tracking them down at the weather center. can we expect some uh that's not the fallen soul and the rest of the country. good evening signs he had to start as a tear question is yes. carrie lee at the mountains of colorado than seeing the front of the spanish allies their forecast to get out of eight centimeters at snow and it looks like more snow showers on their way on wednesday and thursday most parts of the country but to those of you and the west it expects no electoral friday other than that temperatures will drop every day leading to pull tendencies have bad weather on friday taking the lead at the current conditions and you can see it is pretty cloudy across the map to view although the surprise now and some regions of august. i may have smelled the pile of ash hours turned into snow. those of
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you in high winds in the wind to three centimeters of snow and at other parts of the country. tomorrow will be a clear day with four era otherwise keep in mind that morning lows will drop about seven degrees compared to today. they've got kids of ours not theirs felt that top the day at minus three degrees. that tops out at four and the mud cake with hunting in the fifty eight not say let there be seen to take the retest six degrees in the morning with a high of ninety mile to go and talk to him that he had steaks and mine is two degrees respectively. i have read this our butts off steam after midday. and that's broadcast on this monday nights and the ck and sold them shown when things were watching. we'll see you soon
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law. when you win. stallings cats with the ukrainian opposition says brace themselves for the wires as unwise release around that time in the car so that she put the security forces as an insult to the center console that time. the following e government steps up its legal quiet town for reform. i see this as a number of those arrested had just closed to the three thousand mom. david cameron


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