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tv   RT News  PBS  December 10, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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digital. i really gone it's so simple so i'm going. to access today's recipe. simply visit our website the greatest president agrees to consider some of the opposition has moments of the country's capital of the eu and us diplomats meeting with both sides of the standoff. so the police pushed back anti government protests is unclear some of the barricades set up allowing parts of the city to return to work up the days of paralysis. also this hour the uk warms companies against dealing with israel in caucus in the open collector tree saying that illegal status makes business with the whiskey. the british
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the busy start to the width of the pitching haven't met the country's top human rights watch dogs to discuss some mass at a state of the russian president or to submit a treat to focus on the coldest from yet the uptake of top stories this hour the am. here in the most and with a ten to midnight. this is of the national government offices in ukraine. well functioning again off to troops and the police dismantle some of the barricades that paralyze the city the day of diplomacy in kiev with several teammates things change all of these pools skull is the forests. after weeks of stalemate and the sum of
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fighting cocks is a possible break break ukrainian president began a good has agreed to release all for justice has been arrested throughout the course all these demonstrations are nice also hinted that he could to sign the eu association agreement off to rule he says that he could sign it is only a small city of brussels to strike a deal which doesn't harm the ukrainian economy now the official said that he has said that the deal does remain on the table but that it was not negotiable has been interesting to see what the odd response from the opposition is up to these concessions the cost of a number of coupons which included the resignation of president i pinched off the us government. a snap election. now this all comes on the day off to play missy came in the capsule gimmick with three former ukrainian president to discuss the situation of heartbreak felt diplomats of america and europe are all safe in kiev the assistant secretary of state victoria needed in eu foreign policy chief
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catherine ashton on the team representatives from one side and you are invited to the diplomatic and political solution to the sound off and the opposition migrants continue to be going to lie on support from the disease because i not report the only information to find its way onto the streets of kiev is the trip. he traveled around the world in an instant the gate open support to the protest is danger in freezing conditions on ps independence square to represent the unity and solidarity. only he was in line. you would even be tweeted on the official twitter page of opposition party fatherland with real news with a common that the whole world is supporting the ukrainian protesters. and create a high excited to show in the united states and brazil have to tell the most famous monuments and the colors of the ukrainian flack position of support to kiev opposition movement people camping on the maid and don't take this information which koch says are spread to instigate
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people into more action to prevent protesters from running out of steam politicals is just one piece of false information design helped fuel the protests were given an injection of support in recent days. media reports the ukrainian president's pick to yanukovich had agreed to join russia's customs union the result that many only done. this story was immediately denied by most those who remember the simple chord progression in two thousand and four will remember we were told that the elections. that's not special forces. he would take if we can track down. they want nothing happened said cuisine that kind of propaganda war cycle of the war taking place using these rooms all the crackdown domestic duties according to the screen is quite quickly on the internet and many are taken as fact. one minute is claimed russia is going to crush the border and help stem the protests. the next special forces are shipped in
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for more of ukraine intend to remain that way to central kiev for helping free and agitation mumbled their way into the minds of the protest its own right now you can see how it ends the situation is we are in the soul of my man's land outside the presidential palace to my right hand side you can see a line of riot police to form the brocade not allowing any protest is in the deep powder onto my left hand side you can see the protest is set up to and ok not allowing anyone and to carry out their official business and we left with this role the tense standoff is clear that when the situation is expenses that any misinformation with the deliberate or not has the potential for huge consequences. bowls cups of tea. kiev ukraine. one historical to look as though been a suspect who knew it he says the visits of the western diplomats to kiev are ultimately aimed at using ukraine to isolate russia certainly this train themselves as knights in
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shining on top of that society that night in ukraine on top of that line is being spun on a western media to make a great holy with maybe a review it's the reality of courses from any difference to me on etsy is that the crisis in ukraine has been instigated by western law say the what's in the opinion is the european union to key components of the west. this scene is not simply a mac school the speaker and join the european union or the customs union total blast it's the mets who will has been going off the last twenty years since the collapse of the site beyond words for the last twenty years has been attempts to place the senate record in a brown truck stop what will be bring you more express opinion and analysis of events in ukraine as well as live updates from the capital for updates or religious developments also available right now on what types of tea cocoa. mr
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company's reputation and a whole host of legal and economic risks the looming threats island of the uk government equity firms thinking of doing any business with a poem this is really supplements in the west bank. these two sicilian explains what is behind this reaction explicit expression of its position over israeli settlements in occupied territories which are considered illegal under international law the uk governments the private investment arm has issued a warning to british businesses over the risks of involvement in economic and financial activities in the settlement said one of those at risk and the potential damage to the company's reputation. now i spoke to the puk said trade and investment havent they told me of these oddball entry guidelines but they did also confirmed that the uk government does not recognize the occupied territories including the settlements as part of the israel when insisted that business and
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respect for human rights scandal had it had on two thousand the british government issued another policy guideline the two retailers and supermarkets to allow them to lead and label the settlement grew so that consumers can make it in one place on their purchases so this isn't the first time that such a warning has been issued here in europe earlier this year in july the eu. it also said it would stop granting the fund said two bodies that include academic or research institutions and also at the weekend along with links to the israeli settlement also said that any future contracts between the eu and israel must explicitly exclude the settlements of the action too. that morning. i've had a lot of criticism from israel an official calling it an earthquake. this has been the novel. i agree what he called external to it as the swans reaction to this uso by uk awarding is concerned it has been more subdued the israeli embassy
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he realized it had to guard the uk but that was troubled and concerned whether it did welcome the contribution of the guideline that the british government is also opposed to any outright boycott. but to show the old engine is covering the middle east as israel realizes it will get away with building supplements will. three officials expressed their disappointment. with this new measure and down and you know the disappointment of courses is to do with the father of her very long time now israel has been able to continue with this policy of settlement expansion in the occupied west bank despite this the weekend's international despite being urged to our restraint and to stop doing so by the national community and it has a ceiling for a long tiring but it would just be told that you carry on to what it wants i will get brett michaels and that's about it and i was starting to see actual change when the eu issued a directive in july and is very peace organization. i likened
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it to pouring a bucket of cold court over a drunk guy has the sort of shell cracked up and shook effect on the israeli government. for greeks a clinging to day life a new report shows as much as a court of the population cannot afford the most basic healthcare and children and pregnant women in danger that some will feel calm right now will say that. i'm up and throw away the key that seems to be the psychology behind a booming us federal prison population has grown thirty percent of the decade that ms nori seven billion dollar hole in the budget. the south african city of johannesburg is never witnessed in many of the world's elite together what once. crowds gathered to bid farewell to nelson and financing is the ultimate symbol of peace. but for us to come out the memorial service was a place for both reading and losing. one of the mystical two days in a
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south africa's history as tens of thousands of some weekends and international entries from all corners of the dead. ten down to kb anasta states. two nelson men get back. it was one in a series on memorials at all being held through the week culminates with his funeral on sunday in his hometown of crew in the eastern cape. as always on the sad and often tragic cases will need is to use the opportunity for their own crystal tunnel taking the feast of all of the american president barack obama to embrace quite a few on trials when he shook the hands of the cuban media now this is despite the fact that an embargo is in place between the two countries the bomber was also smiling and unsightly but his finest to date the camera on and feed a nice feed it actually took a self shot of insults and thus despite the fact that there has seen some kind of fiction critique in eighteen eighteen the united states and britain in recent weeks and weeks and months at the same time it was no
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take that to be coming back was made by the checkpoint minister who was caught on camera. when he was commenting after the fact that he had a knee injury and michael able to attend today's funeral at that time he said in a quiet scene. i'm thinking i will have to go to india and he did not come that his foreign minister to come. what this does point is the fact that what he does use these kind of opportunities as an opportunity not a need to pay the state to south africa swing to sign the divorce or as an opportunity for their own personal gains. we've gotten juventus when an american attorney north of things that the handshake between obama and castrated is that somebody reading this i think that it's just another one that obama is in essence your gestures. yet he also showed that lula chavez is he and a few years ago an inning and summit of the americas in trinidad. but then he proceeded to implement policies that were very aggressive towards venice balance out. i don't think this is going to have
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signify any kind of change or shift in us policy towards cuba. obama also took a jab in his speech. i think that was directed towards castro and others when he meets in a statement about the fact that some of the leaders their due respect dissidents in their own countries i think the iq that he was trying to make up for the fact that he would be heavily criticized for having found that she can have pastors can. when will the question the stingrays with the death of nelson and that is where south africa's young democracy will go next the biggest concerns is whether the country will carefully preserve its known racist legacy left by its iconic leader. i was on a website where you can read supplement that is quite the cute when i come across in the mainstream media of the telco. the theater. still feel special as the most elite ready for us it takes to become the president is as serious toxic to some woman could be about to fail to clara. the international agency over the country get rid of its chemical also says rebels could stand in
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the missions way and tried to capture the weapons we need a key deadline for the next that's all for free the uh i was thinking some holiday time has come back because mom was waiting for me. i just knew that everything would be fine. for some reason there were so confident because we were going to get married soon after he came back. but you know. here's a thought of it never crossed our minds the militants decided to try and break through. or new guinea and was renamed when they. the who who who is close to him all right thank you all. it was all over it all. we know what to call my aunt and uncle and are more
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leaves us no matter how tough it gets weird team. i will gain was a senior military trio i really knew that if he didn't smother the grenade with his body. more to come or will die. he gave his own life to save his friends. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay . it is your sting spirit to the solomon says that the play tells the next phase would be completed on time under the current timetable with the locals should be transported of the country by the end of this here the system with the rest of the port city in the second month of rebel held areas there are fears the weapons could end up in the hands of extremists to fostering is complied with or meet deadlines. as expected if the protests in the middle of
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next year. john ellis killed a local lad says even though the rebels late for the mission. it's the government would run to the dome. of course is that they would get their hands on chemical weapons this is what we should be focusing on here the syrian rebels could get their hands on chemical weapons. these are not responsible active season not professional soldiers. these are recruits its death squads they've been trained by nato in turkey and are funded by the title states as the last of the danger our whole modus operandi here is to use all of these gangs to commit crimes war crimes and crimes is to manage it in and systematically been the syrian government. so of course assuming a motive to blame for everything baby names for the entire war the day off to introducing an amnesty bill that would calm tens of thousands of people some of the twentieth anniversary of the constitution that imitation is gone together with russia's top human rights watch dogs. now the aim is to try to get the kremlin and some of its chief critics to work
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together. geez you're pissed off with the talks. it's an important on the steps obese people the more the president today are among the most years but it's also the kremlin but so today wasn't really about accusations but was more about celebration quite relaxed and friendly atmosphere inside the residence of the head of state. the head they had some champagne and leaving the more the twentieth anniversary of russia's constitution with a full size stressing that human rights law and forth. its focus and it's more of course it was only about russia's i mean a lot since authorities to me are working on the masses. i miss the draft which could affect up to twenty five thousand people and as soon as news about this plan came out. speculation began and still continue over the four main benefits from it and i've spoken to some of the representatives of the human rights groups who met with the president today and they said there's a good chance that the so called arctic thirty eight of the group of greenpeace
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activists were arrested and in the russian north macy charges listed against them it could also affect was to rise so they could potentially cut to from jill singer them. back to the actual sentence time and other opposition activists can also be freed from jail as well but we do know this is still speculation we do know. that's the plan. and the sadness you should not include serious crimes so seo like it that the couple that of course he will be freed from jail in the nearest future and returning to today's meeting. it was quite a friendly atmosphere like this said and the president also quoted else among those saying that freedom is the only about escaping from handcuffs but it's also about respecting the freedoms of others. the light the stove and the parliament still hashing out the fine print but let's consider who may well form under the bill for now. no violent offenders jailed for up to five years could see that crimes often is considered to keep hon for economical health reasons of specifically targeted combat veterans pregnant women and
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the young offenders could see this links wiped clean the bill makes a special case for those charged with taking part in mass disorder all hooliganism regardless of their age or gender. well pigeons meetings today and ended with human rights activists but they began with the mitre told ross. russia's president ordered the armed forces to focus first and foremost a new front at the celtic global warming has spawned an international race for its results isn't as all these years to come in all on the use of out of there it's all getting quite good too. obviously mr fitness at that time the military russia's military presence in the arctic regions could be one of the top priorities for the country the importance of the soviet era military base in tn use of erie islands which the military have started to overhaul. earlier this year on the russian officials say that this facility is very important for sort of protecting shipping routes the basic legal link to europe and the pacific region across the island across the arctic
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ocean but of course not the only faces a whole chain actually of pieces in that area that had fallen at this mean to neglect after the city even have collapsed and mr putin said that those to be refurbished and built up the gang show. of course the side and many contend is that so many countries want a piece of this toxic cause is a common set of steak night while out and basically it's the arctic abundance resources out while natural gas and minerals that are because of climate change now becoming accessible whereas they weren't really before now. the arctic could hold some ninety billion barrels of oil in nearly one thousand seven hundred trillion cubic feet of natural gas has according to the us geological survey. not to be up to ten percent of the world's petroleum supply is also precious time for a rare earth minerals so a lot of that very profitable as the sources that could make a lot of money for different companies and countries come when climate has also opened up the northern sea route that's basically ice free during the summer and african countries like china interested as well because
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for example which means that they were to use the routes to trade in such things to europe that cost thirty percent off the costs and experts predict with the melting of ice caps that many more steps and not necessarily ice breakers will be able to go phew there so again a lot of money and a lot of of a squid profits potentially at stake your show and do it before these claims being made as well as for business to force has been beefed up. this is a bit dangerous but to think of it and it certainly doesn't mean the worry is that this could spark some sort of time the gnome perhaps an arms race especially over the resources here because again. in this area doesn't necessarily belong to any one country there's some the un and in one long they'd be the link to mention lots to see that governs this area there's a bunch of countries have signed on to act. i biked over again with the polar ice caps melting with more of these persons becoming available in different countries are sort of haggling over political and economic leadership in the area and actually rtc the escalation this present
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one monday on the canadian foreign minister said the contact canada and team intends to lay claim to the north pole as part of its bid to assert control over the arctic that of course is raising tensions with russia and so relieved to hear how this will develop that certainly as those resources become more available more countries do want to to a stake to this area but before no one really cared about the boundaries because the stuff was totally exhausted. smorgon global stories at the center and briefly student supporters of the pros. egyptian even the terminal c have clashed with riot police outside color university. the three stones at security for six he returned to pilot a guest seven overestimated students protested that the university of the three weeks. altitude according to kill in confrontations with police scuffles over the mountain easily choose between security officers and testers who are angry that was his life and tends to feature in one of the day of national protest was to compete for
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when he fights against taxes unemployment in europe haunted by the economic crisis with budget cuts could force the hall. one of the fourteen percent at from the toshiba euclid pounds in japan there are areas where the radiation continue in just twenty minutes into the hundreds of thousands of locals displacing two thousand and eleven. many still live in hope of returning him as the government fees and with assurances that its just a matter of time. as autism a kid sister forces the years go by such claims look more like empty promises. this woman can only fit me and my camera men into their new home. she apologizes but there's simply no room for the whole crew in sight she's one of three settlers from the push in the area forced to leave their homes amid the twenty eleven you be a disaster. the team that's when the tsunami hit. when told to back on unnecessary things in runaway bay said it would be only took two or three days now leading in the scheme to the house pretending to our old houses
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and cream which we know won't ever come true. when being fed with promises of a bigger house. but that's as far as it gets from mrs. this is just one of the quickie erected residential areas were for pushing the exiles have relocated to. there are hundreds of makeshift camps scattered across the region accommodating more than three hundred thousand people although the four hundred free settlers living in this particular area or use to have a large houses before the focus team accident. now they're forced to live in this pic is square meet the dwellings they were told that this would be just a short term measure bases in the case the old saying there's nothing more permanent and temporary seems very well. the majority of these people are pensioners suffering from different ailments there until it's just a surprisingly many of the younger neighbors this man used to run a profitable venture. now he barely makes ends meet. kudos to the gala had a one hundred thousand
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gunnery a business producing honey now was destroyed and just run my life. one probable that i'm all for the lie the financial compensation or any chill swallowing taking tempted to call the government says is working on improving conditions for re settlers with the focus directly on training billions of dollars out of the state budget. it would take years maybe even decades to do that. even local officials are being kept in the dark hues that the sun the government says is built into your houses will finish it then no sooner than two years and not all of these people be able to leave and those that as little as we officials on the ground are told by the central government. shimon means half the island in japanese but that's the last word. these people would ascribe to their lines which are unlikely to ever return to normal especially with the government of making the area around the deep insight might never again be suitable to live in. lexi russia's key auntie reporting from japan. it opens up a
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table and on about when you steam them all for just a hop and from the meantime the clintons the rigorous training regime of the russian special forces athletics teams. i know. it is. i am. just can't afford leaders account to your location or the triple j showed up the anti eu protests and bulgaria greece are hungry to urge people to leave the eu would join the population customs union obviously the bay to meet with the artfire scream that this is part of the abuse of democracy that steal the country's away some sort of imperialist agenda. they know what that might be right about that but the weird thing is that for some reason
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the mainstream media isn't talked about foreign politicians speaking to and or possibly agitating protesters in ukraine like speaker of the lithuanian parliament florida aggression in yet. an eu vice president got six foot to see a and former polish pm purest love kaczynski give european union preston was just fine for their politicians to go to foreign countries and fire up protesters to start april eu revolution but then all of their journalists write about is how russia is trying to put pressure on ukraine to join the eu the obvious hypocrisy of this takes all the way up the mosque. just typing the room. it was. i
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study. try to make his courses so. the british school system and absolutely as western rite its family it's not really in any case i'm terrified. this shift. it is. who are a lot when it came to his comely nine era artistic and american idol are a lot of my influence in cuba where he can see why it's here. we'll post again i get a positive statement with the good sense to him in the middle east at least ten cars through them. i really feel that the women are. the most resilient and strongest winds wednesday it was tough to pick up the pieces. i think they're beautiful. there the steering and embarrassed her. i like
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the flak that beauty and strength as a state senator tried to go. they have a party based on sharia. i hope you and then we can have a stocking for it. it's a steely home. a good way to bring people together as opposed to having it in their own corner thoughts and opinions of the other. i feel that if i wanted to use. when the right is successful. an intense and heavy vehicle for discussion lately. to the where i was so great that i can bill to die alone hopefully through some stereotypes and misconceptions about and loans and also that the americans and says well so i try to narrate the east to west. aren't i. great
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actually. so that's really what i try. by tonight. you will with no one who will aye aye. you're going to the land of the office of it at atlanta. world leaders joined start to doze a bit of final farewell to nelson's london. protests continue ikea has driven the article that says the country still needs a deep ties with russia more than when the eu. and these are actual chemical weapons watchdog old ecw receives


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