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tv   Journal  PBS  December 10, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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actually. so that's really what i try. by tonight. you will with no one who will aye aye. you're going to the land of the office of it at atlanta. world leaders joined start to doze a bit of final farewell to nelson's london. protests continue ikea has driven the article that says the country still needs a deep ties with russia more than when the eu. and these are actual chemical weapons watchdog old ecw receives the nobel peace
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prize in a hostel. the state from around the globe have convened a stop to pay their respects to nelson mandela during a massive memorial services which are now pouring rain did little to dampen the spirits of tens of thousands of south africans commemorating the legacy of the first president of a post apartheid south africa. and here are some impressions at the day's events. same for the nobel peace prize winner a mammoth event worthy of nelson mandela the celebration took place in africa's biggest football stadium. it was a mixture of joyful remembrance and grief
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the us. they are. but it is i e current and former heads of state and government came from all over the world. it was a difficult appearance for south african president jacob zuma who was booed as he mounted the podium. today is the focus of several corruption scandals. same time this event brought together people who otherwise are anything but clothes such as barack obama in the historic handshake with cuba's president raul castro and former french president nicolas sarkozy and his successor francois le monde the un secretary general ban ki moon pretend to look at the greek reconcile or even beyond its debts. this is who that was. every year. i
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would eat. these the us until its achievements with the lights work the indian state of mahatma gandhi. us president abraham lincoln and american civil rights leader martin luther king. what is possible. it is the history books. while. first all african whose own lives were shaped by mandela that they had special meaning. and those who weren't able to get into the stadium watched elsewhere such as here in cape town . the we didn't do the deed they would be the one hundred and ten. what if they think the team celebration of one of the great men in world history. an unforgettable moment for south africa. well
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earlier we spoke to our correspondent in you hands are sore and she and he was in the us nbc into route and ceremony and we asked him to stop that day for us. well it was a very un emotional day for everyone here i was including the ayam a result a very long day and for the people that actually decided. what's the sunni themselves in the city and they began the wait before six o'clock that's when the key to open the gates opened and people were told that they had to be here through the detours to get a seat. now i'm as you point it seemed that stadium was not so full to capacity. and i would say some sixty thousand were here. ninety five to sixty feet in here. and lets them that my personal style i was actually did the time before the protocol to start its own. today was singing and dancing instance stomping and it is to stick the lead
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via the electrifying atmosphere and people were i'm celebrating the life of nelson under the brother rather than mourning his death for more analysis are joined now by cows. second he's the head of g d of use africa department in bomb first off the whole world's attention is very much focused on this event. how important is it for africa it's a very proud moment for the new continent. because of course has mounted a voice an icon for the whole continent and as much talk of on the twenty first century as he became century. his agenda very open mystique mood in africa and the moment. seeing this ride with even stronger today with that special moments. this is the moriah state of the nation. um this is a memorial day in japan as the outstanding was so much attention from every window what about south africa's political system and
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the development of its civil society is that seen in other african cup. i think it seemed quiet as skeptical in the moment because the recent developments. they are not quiet as soon as they seemed to be a ninety four when desmond data became the first of may as a console. um it is critical. economically and to the suspicion the politically under the leadership of love for jacob's duma key is seen very critical and the rest of africa. seeing the people over you wales that to stop that because facing tough times now back to this memorial weasel the us in the cuban president shaking hands looking like that dinner wasn't that to medieval magic moment. i mean besides the doctor called and they obviously the dishes and maybe that is his legacy on it is possible that communists and to form our tribal state and the times i mean to the success more
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mobile than to send the constitution commission because santa all it is this a moto moto for the photo that would mean we have that on liberia in kenya and other countries even include tomato and confiscate it. so i think this is a little bit of monday thus the vacancy will be seen as a coaster. mom can come together and to shake hands of god ahead of d that is africa department best insights. well we turn our attention now to ukraine where there is still no let up in anti government protests of thousands of demonstrators facing off with police in freezing temperatures to protest the president's decision to forgo a trade pact with the european union in favor of closer ties with russia ah president viktor yanukovich has been holding high level meetings today on the crisis but protesters say they'll still put until he resigns. we got on with protesters are standing their ground in independence square
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the atmosphere is tense police gave them an ultimatum to clear the area by tuesday. bet they're refusing to leave. do not put it on the authorities try to remove people by force that causes more people to gather here. that's because the people of ukraine and want to support each other all the digits by the day the family bond. yet the more they use force against us being here people to come scare. they want to do something sad. the calls for president viktor yanukovich to stand down or getting louder. outside ukraine to fear violence is growing. eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton is travel to kiev to try to mediate between the two camps. the us has also held discussions with opposition leaders united states the remaining european union. i can
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restore peace. the amended you're up. talks between the us again a cold which are also planned. a cool beach and with three of its predecessors to try and find a solution to the crisis he's also offered to negotiate with the opposition they are skeptical about whether talks with the government can resolve the situation. well wolf these top level talks with western leaders bear fruit or correspond right to hide and joins us now from kiev micah the meeting between these catherine ashton any article which is over now with details about it. we haven't had exactly what they were talking about. it has been no official press statement that the meat saying that catherine ashton made an appearance on minds on monday independence square just behind me as she was accompanied by one of the season and leads is when people saw this as a defensive stance on my gun
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they were tearing they were chanting her name was kind of miss that moment a fun action they wait and see europe as well and all that cash and kathleen ashton was a lot of things said and what we can about your pregnancy sad vaccine sat down with the president called its three and a half hour. so five is nothing yet about how successful that really was ok let's look at the domestic talks with the present dunk over his talks with former ukrainian president's did that serve to build a national consensus. you're the one next call was placed an ad track that was shown on ukrainian accent eating out why the ukrainians had a second chance to see that it lacks that last for about an hour and persistence didn't really expect much i want thank god they say was even less. today when impressed at all. that's a democratic society receives any responsibility for the violence he backed against a peaceful protest as of last week he said bayside
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that responsibility he said he might reconsider that some of the press isn't lacking in that jail might get that free but you had that silly ending question that needs all the tv up to six in the dance they said they hadn't received an invitation from the government on friday on a call that says that the talks said the senator continued to write gone for us and kept right thanks very much. while these latest demonstrations in ukraine are pitting the east against the west the protesters in ukraine believe closer ties with europe could lead to more opportunities and jobs but the government has chosen to align itself with russia russian media is playing down the scale demonstrations suggesting they were organized in part at least by ukrainians financed by the eu in the us destabilize the government. some western observers now accused the russian media of a pro kremlin bias when reporting on events in ukraine. this
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year with family and his russian correspondent would probably rather forget. he was interrupted mid way through the port from tn to play in opposition protester who presented him with mom on her supposedly for working for the world's best propaganda channel. russian media coverage of the ukrainian protests harks back to cold war times with certain events brushed over or not mentioned and more attention given to others in line with kremlin views this channel featured angry motorists inky and complaining about traffic disruption in the city but did not mention brains of the offices of former opposition leader yulia tymoshenko. when russian media to focus on ukraine's opposition movement. it seems unwilling to focus on concrete issues like the various calls by the protest leaders instead journalists are sticking to a simple image of like presenting this police helmet supposedly destroyed by demonstrators. on another channel a documentary about
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the demonstrations presents the speaker of the pro european. the leader of russia's communist party has drawn historical parallels what many considered dubious to the situation in ukraine is n developing along the same lines as events in the nineteen nineties. it's more the nineteen seventies when europe was seized by patches of woods. rather than showing the hundreds of gluing the other ukrainian plants on display. russian television footage focuses on the red and black flags says he did with the far right images of protesters top winds down to the landing date with russia's anti fascist rhetoric new review of the tunnel surprise radical elements and joined in demonstrations against nature. even city of extremists among them. it wouldn't do move please. at the end of the program the aim to deliver a punch below the belt he pointed to german foreign minister and feel best about it and suggested his support for the pro deer camp was due to
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his homosexuality. the anchor inclined attest to that let me have been influenced by the fizzy stuff. opposition leader telling klitschko. a former boxer its content rather than in the area ultimately it. russian president vladimir putin later appeared on tv to say he would accept whatever direction ukraine chooses to take now the sports news and german bundesliga side by and it took was that are counting down to a make or break night in the champions league live because of her playing away to the sounds of oxiana spain later tonight. the witches and the dances to the next round also depends on whether ukraine shocker. don't ask can pull out a win over manchester united. the other german team playing today via munich have already booked their ticket to the final sixteen. their match against manchester city will determine who finishes school leader post matches start in a ballot. half an hour. a lot
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to play for tonight i will stay with us to go into a short break on the back and one minute when we do return some of the world's top riders want the nsa to back off and obey the law of love that's an omelette. you decide you want to watch the images. programs the whole package. dw the future. media center. dw tell you. unions. tool. i was
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the edible watchdog group has started to rid the world of chemical what has been handed the nobel peace prize ceremony in the norwegian capital. our director general ahmed was so cool and collected the word on behalf of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the nobel committee said the anonymous inspectors from the old ecw are doing an extremely important and difficult job in leading the nation to destroy serious chemical weapons. five other nobel awards are to be presented and stop home later today well the organization
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for the prohibition of chemical weapons or old ecw was formed in nineteen ninety seven. as we heard its aim is to rid the world of chemical weapons ballots were destroying citizen higher chemical arsenal helped it win the peace prize was also the organisation's biggest challenge ever. dw i suppose the ships in copenhagen on the decision sets out on a dangerous journey. then headed to the syrian port of tom keogh to pick up a straight of chemical weapons an international mission with my new realizations will be prohibition of chemical weapons. thanks to my page it's the first edition of its coming. inspectors face of going to cost the two or three but the nuts is that they are yet to come the three weeks four weeks five weeks. his defeat is
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the most difficult and shorty the most seminal to call the school. their worship inspectors was sent to syria after a chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of a couple damascus killed hundreds of people and oldest western power was going to syrian government for the attack. charge it denies there was talk of last minute intervention the situation de escalated and syria agreed to destroy it sometimes chemical weapons arsenal. trips to dubai who need specialized equipment they need to secure a book awards. although that has to be put to use my studio or we'd be assisting spokesman review in which the commission with us the move we are untrue but it is a complete kit to go to orchard. the report cited the arguments. the seat the inspectors have already added twenty three storage
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facilities. via this mom they destroy chemical weapons transport systems meaning this area. ami is no longer able to access it still mild. the cost of the destruction which could reach forty million euros the un is footing the bill and is calling for cooperation. still awaiting confirmation by a member state the airport. that is available for tom's loading so it will be times noting in imports many questions about the mission remained amon said. some of the weapons will be destroyed by a special u s navy ship. it's not that hungry you'll be responsible for the rest the rupee cw says also use chemical weapons were destroyed by the summer of next year. i'm ambitious deadline for the first project of its kind. there were shifting our focus to the violent now where protests as they are stepping up their demands the present emotional i resigned within the next twenty four hours but she is insisting on staying in power until fresh elections take place
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the protesters accuse her of serving as a puppet for her billionaire brother of former prime minister attack change can walk now he's living in self imposed to avoid jail time for thai corruption conviction but still wields a man's influence. the pressure on new optional shows no sign of letting on. two weeks of protests against the government. she's going o meal position to accept our offer of the elections. i know our lives. i listened to protesters demands as well as everything they've said about my family. what they're asking for is for my family to leave the country. we are all times. the opposition has signaled its not going to go with the prime minister's plan all opposition leaders didn't snap elections to the government opted to town thousands of demonstrators remained camped out on the streets outside of its headquarters. nicole and for
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unelected people's council to replace the government's the new future. protesters say they won't move until back to mom does next the french president paul stoddart is to visit the central african republic after two french soldiers were killed in overnight trading at a friend's decision about sixteen hundred soldiers in the country to combat rebel forces. these massacres of left hundreds dead and displaced nearly half a million other people the country which has a christian majority plunged into chaos after mainly muslim rebels seized power in march to increasing sectarian into the fighting has raised fears that it could lead to genocide. paulson's court has found the ceo of a company that full on sold faulty breast implants guilty of fraud and sentenced him to four years in prison the court also ordered her a good nights to pay seventy five thousand years for hiding the standard nature of
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his company's product for ten years the company used industrial grade silicone to make in plants that had an abnormally high above to rate the scandal caused a global health scare back in twenty eleven. at least five people have been killed in argentina and outbreaks of looting after police abandoned their posts to go on strike for more pay. on the people of the injured as the violence spreads to least nineteen of argentina's twenty three provinces all local television showed stores which shattered glass windows an empty shelves of businesses that have been vandalized. we've gathered outside weekend competing factions people smashed storefronts and hold out anything they can carry the fatalities include four suspected looters and one shop owner who died inside the shop after mops and on fire. well it's time to check out how the markets have been trading today the european stock markets slid on tuesday
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to the frankfurt dax is almost one per cent the euro stocks fifty index was also down and closed at twenty nine sixty. trading is still under way do you reckon right now the dow is trading port twenty six percent lower than last year is trading at one dollars thirty seven seventy now it's the first in automotive history. the new president and general motors is what mary bar up was promoted from within the company to replace ceo dan hackers to rebuild gm after its bankruptcy in two thousand time. gm is once again a private corporation the us government has sold all the shares retained four years ago exchange for its massive financial help for the core. the new iranian leadership along with promising to open its nuclear program to greater international oversight also says it wants to relax and government restrictions on the press and media. but a just released study by
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reporters without borders says the islamic republic is continuing to put journalists and bloggers in jail with their stories make the powerful too uncomfortable. a son named robbie is a political journalist and hebron. he's been living in in germany since february. he received a one year prison sentence in twenty ten for reporting on the creaking in this country he says journalists in ear on enjoying the freedom and live in constant here. new data tables in the last few days. twenty six bloggers and some journalists were arrested in one province alone vehicles and as he shut down. in addition the bloggers were humiliated and insulted on tv and in my studies for them. analysts say that while president of some honey is committed to implementing foreign policy reforms and kick starting the economy. he's reluctant to tackle hard liners at home there's little sign of life getting easier for journalists is that journalists are arbitrarily
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arrested and tortured newspapers have been banned in there's widespread censorship of the internet a lot remains to be done through any storm. despite that and some milk robbie says he's hopeful things may get change under the new iranian leader it was outright censorship and draconian jail time is one way to limit views atop the western writers are sounding the alarm bells here about a form of subtle censorship created by the chilling effect on us when people women are self edit their speech and writing here they are being watched and recorded by government authorities. thousands of acclaimed writers find an open letter to washington calling for sweeping changes to its surveillance laws some of the biggest names in a little literary world including the likes of going to cuss and margaret asked what are among those writers leeds writers who are going on the offensive against the surveillance state five hundred global leaders have
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signed a petition calling spawning and personal online data type effect undermining democracy they wanted international charter to protect civil rights in the nh. he advised me to heal and to highlight something that essentially should be obvious system that historically heart of one human right to choose the right to privacy. i received correspondence with presumption of innocence and the right to free expression are of course all applicable to the virtual world just isn't the real world so the end of the eye the authors say the tapping of german chancellor uncle and aunt calls mobile phone was bad enough that they point out that each individual citizen is affected. still the stuff but i feel as secretly as an intrusion into privacy. i also feel that a lack of respect. on a living. but what's more it's not just about me. i know it's also damaging to society and the freedom of opinion has encroached on its way the authors petition is now open for anyone to find online. the hope that more
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signatures will put more pressure on the politicians human. missing that means they have to stop thinking about. civil liberties and human rights the court remanded in our whole soul to the digital level. it's not a legal challenge in a heap the authors are hoping that their on line campaign will attract and support ok water mind you that we have plenty more on these and other stories her website as it did give u don the end will be following those soccer games he talked about. we'll be playing out in about fifteen minutes. the kicker right here with the dalai. sch. boo
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