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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 11, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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would be prime minister of russia and the mutual goals and the president can extend pointed out the practical importance of the russian deputy prime minister's visit to kazakhstan in the need for timely addressing the various issues of bilateral nature as the press service of the head of state reports. besides discuss the issues of military technical cooperation to industrial cooperation as well as bilateral interaction in the space at the zoo. butcher
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will post it when it's the two additional have agreed on many issues and this will help to solve a lot of promise which we have today as well as provide great prospects for cooperation between kazakhstan and russia and the most high tech industries for the decade the average folk blues and with the switch stomach schools some local support to clinch the post for more. this open awesome i've also met with the minister of national defense of turkey isn't that a new mosque on the same day the main topic for discussion was the bilateral cooperation in the military tactical sphere. in particular the sides talk about the prospects for partnership in the framework of the open joint as a turkish company producing popular devices the president noted that the importance of the enterprise for further cooperation between our countries in the defense industry. there's often not survive also drew attention to the necessity of qualified local person now for the plan thanks to angie knitting in it. in the main purpose of my visit to kazakhstan is taking a look at the joint venture established by the largest company in the defense industry of turkey and the national company of
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conduct and engineering. i believe that this event will provide the new pj's to the development of the defense ministry of the two countries. i relayed my results of my joint activities in the recent years had a meeting with the president of conduct the current minister of defense and the big projects and deco heli meeting with the deputy chairman of the russian government the mutual goals and aniscussel cooperation in military economic and military technical spears. he also pointed out that the relations in these areas are developing steadily. in a mutually beneficial and constructive manner representatives of the two countries agreed to take concrete measures for the moment of operating joint ventures in kazakhstan as well as consider prospects for establishing new projects the vet dr beck of talk about the military technical cooperation with the defence minister of turkey as well because the military department is interested in studying the experience of the turkish army particularly in the development of the selection system recruitment and evaluation of the military personnel. jane and move the relationship between the armed forces in
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the defense ministries of our countries are strengthening so today we had a very fruitful discussion on the moment of our relations in terms of military trainings joint exercises and other things to be the one in pool b match in kenya the defense ministers of the two countries also pointed out a joint cause a turkish defense claim their prize on the production of electronic devices is called concerts that i still sound engineering the plant produces electronic circuits used in a variety of techniques from submarines tuesday ships also display in the manufacture and in foreign lands a thermal camera and night vision devices. the plant will supply its products to comics and turkey in the cis but the duomo of the promo for the company's focus on the production of special electronic devices for the needs of the ministry of defense and other military agencies. the enterprise intends to sell products for almost one billion dollars three hundred million dollars of them are focused on the domestic market six hundred million dollars a focus on the cis market and one hundred million dollars
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aimed at our partner tricky for me the mobile above and given the nod in that descended. there is topical areas of cars that afghan cooperation have been discussed at the mcgill is roundtable on the devo a partnership between the two countries at the present stage concert in afghanistan amp's representatives of ministries and departments as well as experts discuss the strengthening of the parliamentary relations expansion of trade and economic ties partnership in social cultural and humanitarian speeds much attention was paid to ensuring stability and security in the region this issue according to the distance is particularly relevant in the view of the upcoming presidential elections in afghanistan that spring as was the withdrawal of the international security assistance force in the region afghan parliament aaron's relayed about the pre election situation in the country and about the positive changes that are taking place in the country thinks the assistance provided by kazakhstan. check all the way express our deep gratitude to your countrynd to yoresint assau o the semis fp uriv t tfgha peope along withhe sport and trade economicoc
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kazakhstan provides assistance and education construction roads and health facilities to produce a man's also discussed the cost of the current state of cooperation among them is the iolvement of afghanistan in the regional cooperation processes as well as transporting communication as well as promotion of parliament air systems development it's they who doesn't use them to ensure sustainable development in afghanistan. it is fair in court to support the development of a parliamentary system and the establishment of parliament which would bome an imported institute for developing national solutions this institute provides an opportunity to bring together the various interest that exists in afghan society this is the secretary of the european and eurasian ffai vtoria newly met with the leaders of the ukrainian opposition the ukrainian prob the reports she intends to help is on the political crisis in ukraine according to the newspaper the meeting was held in the house of trade unions walk by the protesters new one arrived in ukraine accompanied by the us a master of ukraine. jeffrey
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pietys its known the vice president of the usa joe biden called the ukrainian president viktor unocal beach and expressed concern about the possibility of violence during the protest and ours the ukrainian leader to start a dialogue with opposition assistant secretary of state for european and eurasian affairs victoria newland on a series of meetings in moscow particularly is known that she urged moscow to float on peaceful settlement of the situation in ukraine and supporting ukraine's european choice. meanwhile the opposition supporters begin to leave the caption buildings of the mayor's office police and internal troops dismantled the tents and barricades erected by the supporters of the european integration however authorities did not disperse protesters on the independence square according to information there were about three thousand people there interfax reports that the watch the film about the one for evolution on the streets sat on the stage the security service of ukraine has already started a criminal proceedings upon actions aimed at capturing state power. some members of the opposition have been summoned for questioning acting prime minister of
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thailand didn't look shinawatra exhorted justice from protesters with tears in our eyes. she stated issue not follow the demands of the anti government protesters in resign until new elections in the country her speech was very emoonal. previously the king of thailand had approved a decree on the dissolution of the national assembly the king also proved a date for the elections which is february second of next year from that moment of parliament will be considered is all in the government will automatically get the status of acting until new elections however the protesters continued to occupy the square near the government house in bangkok. they demanded immediate transfer of power to the people's council whose membership should be approved by the king kong. not going to leave the post of acting prime minister as demanded by the opposition because there's no reason for that thousands of citizens of south africa gatheredn johannesburg. the soccer city stadium the largest city in the country designed for ninety five thousand people each of the farewell for the first black president of
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the country in the legendary fighter against the apartheid nelson mandela. moncton actually i'm from nigeria a kiwi or three o'clock i woke up to go to the funeral of mandela father of africa africa must be united. so here i am so happily declared a national day of mourning a farewell to nelson mandela last for four days is expected to more than ninety world leaders will ride in south africa to pay tribute to manila and will gather at the stadium in johannesburg the u s president barack obama is among them the whole ward express condolences on his death in south africa the french parliament the true way to nelson mandela was a moment of silence on monday the russian president led him to put these in the embassy of south africa in moscow and wrote a message in the book of condolences. i guess. i was in awesome and ella is one of the world's outstanding leaders in the twentieth and twenty for centuries solzhenitsyn. nelson mandela will be buried on sunday december fifteen at the land
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of asean sister's keeper the vaccination campaign against polio has started in syria. the un plans to vaccinate over two million children under five years of theirain gl i to reachoctor' children when the combat zone the minister of health of the arab republic signed a bill some of my aunt told reporters that this is one of the plant campaigns seventeen cases of the polio virus of pakistani origin have been registered in the country three thousand seven hundred and fifty one mobile medical teams are involved in the campaign. children are vaccinated for free in identity documents are not required. this is a highly contagious viral infection that affects the nervous system the disease can lead to a reversible process within two hours of the first symptoms. it is important that the campaign will cover about twenty three million children in egypt iraq jordan lebanon the west bank the gaza strip and also turkey. a new project of these kazakhstan region on the rehabilitation of children with disabilities by a hippo therapy has been a success that shouldn't have
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won gold silver and bronze medals in different events at the international equestrian competition among children with the lack of cognitive development in total eighty five children from sixteen teams have taken part in the competition's the competitors were quite strong but he's constantine one in spite of being very nervous now the coaches are planning to prepare for the paralympic games. no one has represented context and in the special effects will games so we'll be the first the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said the global market of gadgets he's continued to suck the development of quantum communication devices consumers have started to pay special attention to gps navigation and elise its frost and sullivan believed that by twenty sixteen to help with the gps navigation
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devices in cuba will have exceeded nineteen and creamy these units and two point five million of them will be seen in the caustic and russian markets. it's true the bloke will close the prison to leave the market of gps navigation devices he's growing just like the year before the market has remained its pace of development. all companies have witnessed an increase in sales. the market is mainly presented by russian producers in terms of growth registered in twenty twelve the market has increased by at least three hundred percent ever since and we believe that this year the strength will continue. then out of high quality equipment is increasing now. bobo. it opens to a rodeo a lovable old film series high competition in the market the gps navigation systems in kazakhstan on several companies play a significant role in its development but
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don't know what it shows what are you going to come towards me. the main competition can be seen not a mom to software but hard when my chores presently we are weakness and a decrease in the prices of hardware and the prices of software remained the same that's it to them and speaking of bespoke school to school specially see's of the trends which he finds the main activity of the market involves the development of the track the technology is designed mainly for one can online with torch when troy was in trouble. here is a great segment which is connected to wiesel shel networks. the dry lot of possibilities for working there and people have already seen the results of the sweat. companies pay special attention to creating maps of different cds palms regions in beautiful places people would like to have some cityscape in the chest we humans need to keep their eyes through which you will
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go overboard. in addition presently software developers are engaged in the integration of satellite gps navigation equipment systems which according to experts is very convenient in transportation services. with the help of these developments traffic controllers are able to send some instructions to climbers we chop rowe says via gps navigation system. and then calculates it was taken into account the colony of fuel and time. moreover the users of navigation systems are interested in the access to extra functions. in the book before reading the book with martin for what the company the teacher took over the top rope. he was not easy in the premier to it with dishes to wash the cup and water rates you christine edition developers are working on such applications that run the availability of fuel and petrol stations exchange rates a different currency exchange offices were tracking the least of films that have taken the movie theater. presently the transportation systems
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monitoring is the most popular gps product. first it will be disconnected was the people's safety and trucks that person destination it is possible to track children's whereabouts and to find the pdf file from school or not. according to jason and partners consulting in twenty thirteen the global market of incentives judges will reach ninety billion us dollars and fourteen points for being the party says by twenty twenty the market may grow to three hundred and sixty nine is in us dollars and thirty four point two beating devices. specially something had come to research center have analyzed the wh talkies it with signs and trying to pace of job offers placement of local companies. based on peace in our cities they found out that the cia companies have at least thirty one percent more job offers. then in twenty twelve. and elise noted that the trend of that cost three years would
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continue next year was to grow weak number of job offers a job websites. these kinds of songs employers pay special attention to the possibilities of internet recruiting. presently the service is referred to as one of the most convenient and efficient wants saving both time and money. with the increasing number of job offers to w h o k said because it's on jobseekers will have a greater choice of employment options the ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. the i know. i
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know. sure or scolding
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the book is a rusty sword you rock show. two of the markham site as its director since two thousand and six. still makes show up all the students arrive on time will lose i still get to it one last ditch bid to show good in maths he is the issue the local cpa which to sew the little one up on it. i'm starting to reek seen vast improvements in its educational services for default the top by two thousand won only fifty thousands of white meat in children's court where tourists. this is international intervention the beginners recent two eight million including premium goes up. with five million children still out of school. the government is working hard to provide them
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i see the ducks this dish for the doctrine of the job on top of it. well it was ugly. you see. they all put it out though the idea that the chip the top that up to such solution. sit back and you'll get the digi and what not to know what yet. she does. the view that the decision but a television that that that is that the bottle last night and i embed it into these programs which include classics at least receive our final exam really jim fisher of course code has been able to provide education to men and women up to forty five years of age. for some of them squirming so once in a lifetime opportunity. but
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the photo above. when she saw that it was. it would assess the pool but that is to equate it with you. well but then even more to that. that was monday and they use to mow. to me that she didn't get to post it here. people need to do. that's what the beastie it for theall done and since the great private spending. horsemen it was that led them to the man who was known and respected. was it. it's still a knighthood. much like the spectrum. i'm sending it back to salem. sam. don't be
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so well done. if you let it be known as the ball to short videos even more grown up going shopping. how about that but again increasing numbers of tourists and poisons close enough to start minister that the patient's biggest challenge is currently facing debacle trained teachers. essential equipment. luckily infrastructure. nevertheless mr maher the inside says prospects for the kitchen in the country are talking up a lone wolf will live. he was eleventh of june. so if you don't speak. it was. israel's top scientists leading the charge in developing alternative energy bio fuel from one of the world's most abundant life points to algae fossil fuels like oil rapidly disappearing. finding the new energy sources is critical. that's right touch
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of meats more than eco energy is finding ways to help local and international energy suppliers and infrastructure companies go green the algae is attractive because not only reduces climbed outside and smoke stacks. it also doesn't compete with cops for farmland. algae as a biofuel could produce thirty times more oil per acre than other crops such as corn and sugarcane. it will also be non toxic juice milk salt provide context and that i don't agree quickly the dpp group and the ppt fee of up to the twentieth anniversary of the eu single market we're also looking at the future of the single market and how it can cause acute europe's economic revival by creating more jobs and stronger for it. perhaps the most promising prospect is that digital single block in the sector. abbas potential to win hearts our
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lives and our prosperity early this year the european commission tabled a proposal to reform what's known as collective rights management many artists and performers use of organizations called collecting societies to my sense that what the commercial uses like tv stions radio stations and online music service providers. collecting societies also collect income on to halt the band members in the form of royalties reforming the way the society's what is a major focus of the commission's proposal. mario got a french member of our group is pollen and scrapbook sew on the commission's proposal she's in listening mode just yet but still medical dossier eight. i'm looking for it to listening to all sides to this debate. ppp has organized this hearing and my goal is to work together that the affected countries which are sometimes taken a negative view of collecting societies. and to avoid disputes that we have previously sent her some copyright issues. we need to work in the general interest and in particular in the european attacks. but you
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don't have to mention a funny comment to take the puppy out of tp. collecting societies themselves acknowledge the need for more transparency and the need to adapt to the new opportunities and to months of the digital single market dun act represents the swedish performing right society. stretches from our western society is to not act on a purely national basis best of all the bases but to seek partnership with other societies launch pad european services. spit the bit she cheats for it yet. stick the commission'sroposal is being driven off by the possible economic benefits of effective manage digital marketplace but also by the sheer depth and breadth of europe's cultural heritage. he took the genome of the market is enormous and in comparison with other digital markets such as america we have an extraordinary cultural diversity. it's an economic sector that's very important
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for jobs and regrets. we need to get meeting on the two cheapest tree that fell somewhere close calls a dope grateful for the most in a bbc poll pdf has been that are sexist. the commission's proposal is part of a wider strategy to develop the digital economy within the context of the eu twenty twenty strategy to build a sustainable knowledge based economy in europe. any piece of home being champions of the digital economy for the benefits it brings to the citizens they represent at the sbs there is a kurdish member of our. it's very significant to the proposal. so to are likely to go through ppp specially i think we're close ups. the coast in this development proposal on from the european and a commission specially not of course looks performance and publishers. thus becomes. of course you'll always be able to watch the ppt these
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digital content online wedding off. the city on a few days in a sixty eight to compete at any given. and this and often on the tv and the skin by this time it's the vandalism of the cba china's white skin is running a mindset to get to speak. the white city of hope that those who have lost their sight. pity she didn't get the three hundred bc to compute just so that he can apply for jobs in the private and sector. it's a nice because of its gets to the paper gets to watch it on the tube system and the detail of what you come on speaking his yuppie computers. the foundation of growth and prosperity the welsh economy so classic having organization with a mandate to keep the international financial
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system an even keel is more important than ever the international monetary fund has warned from the lessons leaders took in the great depression and the global conflict that followed. membership has grown two hundred and eighty eight countries the imf is a forum for discussing policies that promote stable economic growth. it's a form of credit unions whose members contribute money you can borrow and daring. major blow for the imf help prevent craigslist and was often when you are. so when the global financial crisis began in two thousand and eight. the imf policy advice was to good use by countries to create ordinated global response the imf also provide funding and an unprecedented scale also on the web. and they've seen the torrens title. i am sending him a fair hearing
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another edition of destination with me. italy is well known for its food but the most recognizable of the thirty first of its service to its hotly disputed where was that they possibly can. to be so quick confectioners goddaughter let me insert that woman's name was princess cup glory but her maiden name was tiramisu. i'm here at lot one to find out how this decadent dessert is made. you must check in since it was going to shows exactly how the day here is a start. a good deal of it. and then got a little bit loose. he insisted that wanted to sleep at all the piece. so when all is that the cds of his guests
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the fbi. oh and they become little people. it's a bit want. the name. there was just quoted. or do you think your business. getting the union. for sure for sure it is because he says in one go. when it is great the staff. the thing that i was. they even get a lot of lego. like sloppy. sponge cake. i mean is it so we don't do it with you to make it a song that has been. and then i tried to get into. and i technically didn't know what to get a lot but it wasn't so much. much of it the biggest liquor. the first
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day. yes even being aware of it. with a single minute of it though. with the addiction so when you've got to visit says it doesn't overflow the us. one example. then we put the video. not sweet. we call it. these couple of days it also has a lot about it but didn't. you can also substitute for good coffee in light of the winter though. the filmmaker lead on the beach. there is a lot of money. this is a classic. us indices. the recipe for
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tiramisu stems from another italian difficult to find life which is really an english by far first written mention of service to only go as far back as nineteen seventy which means this topic is still coming out of italy. they are doing it for another episode of destination the eye the a. i do. i had placed into south african captain and that meant that the south african embassy in dili. trade ministers for that specific products if the ghosts these countries include meetings with no crying at the men on signing ttp


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