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tv   Journal  PBS  December 11, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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hello my name is pete over night stay. each. detroit the us versions available this is your marketplace today research makes the network. i am the journal coming to life i love writing so much for joining us coming up ukraine's political crisis continues can you tell us provide answers. the latest on nokia. it is their last respects to nelson monday left his body is like great comfort to work. call for action and dementia
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the disease of an aging well recently at independence square have called back and patriarchal the issue has divided opposition leaders to a roundtable to chart a way out of the nation's political crisis our ukrainian and eu officials are also reported to be in discussions on an aid package should it decide to sign a trade deal it had so far rejected demonstrators are however battling to remain in the central kiev until that deal with brussels is great fun. ukraine special police units be hectic and eight against detroit pistons after a nine hour standoff that police pulled back a significant victory for the demonstrators and squid he said im not giving up. it would be typical for
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ukrainians we never retreat i'm proud of what we doing with it and called it a go with him. the opposition did not just receiving international support. us assistant secretary of state for tony noan has met with president janet fitch catherine ashton the eu foreign policy chief also held talks with the ukrainian leader. yanukovich has not ruled out increasing sometimes to the eu into germany's foreign minister the relationship needs to be a pokies of. isn't it about sewing with it and people are demonstrating on independence square steering wheel for you human rights. in the stands these are just some of these demonstrations. it's not to be honest it's one in unison new peace sign. demonstrators are demanding a panel. they want new elections. in addition to strong links to western europe. if you or that and we're definitely going to fight for that everything depends on the people and what they want to show containing it's not i'll go to sleep on it as a means to achieve change. take
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these storms. holland was already being conducted ahead of the possible election results indicate pitch to his neck and neck with incumbent president and a cosy the opposition succeed in forcing her to stop compete with the countertop would take place. so will the latest round of diplomatic efforts in kiev and brussels satisfy protesters let's bring in our correspondent in kiev micah on right what's the mood where you are what protests is prepared to give the government's moves attacks. that ten thousands of people once again the mind on a square base of benny goodman get to many people feel very confident and they pass off that they could effect their mind on the independence square. at last i get mine in the two chris hasn't seen said in the may to talk and opposition leaders have also refused to sit down and that we can do covet staying as long as they're surrounded by riot police as long as this is imminent threats and as
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long as they have been and snap elections that had called out and can not stand and then not talking to them drive it. what has to wonder how long they can to block these talks of refuse to talk because probably the high ranking european fleet issue to the ikea in and tried to influence the end of its policy. at some stage when expect something from the opposition. mckay will present the art of it in terms of the eu is asking for a very large amount of money twenty billion apparently what's behind this. an adelaide since the nazis that ukraine is in need of money national bankruptcy. as many classes and then a province has always been and me coming to russia and the back seat trying to use that get lost from the sides and as that for him it's easy to accept a lesser strings attached but some people here on the square bales to say. so next week as a kind of
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blackmail and especially inappropriate. after that that moving in of the riot police last night but then it seemed like a kid with honey if you give us money at the european side gives money to ukraine. then we went out to protest the selected to go down that well with them the bracelets because we are today from the powerful ukrainian orthodox patriarch still arrives he warned that just slide into a full scale civil conflict is that a real danger. is this certainly added danger and that's that the elite status and power and that he will get even more out of touch then than now they seem to live in completely different look and as a madam or their elites that ignores the press is this the more radical probably the people on the streets will get right on for us in kiev like to thanks very much the us and britain in other news say they are suspending delivery of non lethal military aid to serious problems. while the decision comes after islamic fighters seized the syrian army weapons warehouses near bed in up on
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the turkish syrian border turkey has responded by closing its border with syria with washington and london that the flow of humanitarian aid will not be affected here is a step closer to getting the supra national banking safety net in regulator and want a less than the holy grail of the eurozone prices in the anti union to make europe's banking system safer eu finance ministers say they are close to a deal on a central part of the land that after another long line of talks in brussels. the body would deal with banks that failed without cheating taxpayers with the bills france and germany have been at aunt's about how to find assistant and who should have the final say on shutting them down. not for us now said very many fine percent of the way there. all the ministers say the lane for a final deal next wednesday just in time for thursday's eu summit. so if there are ninety five percent
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there. what if they decided and what's in the last five percent. this question to our brussels correspondent to me yes interesting statistic that there were fourteen hours of talks overnight on this issue. what's agree broadly is that yes they should be an overarching ability to crack down on friday by a senior aide to sell them quickly and install the role if any from spreading to all the banks now so far so good it's a single resolution mechanism is cool calm and yes the investors and creditors would fund it through for a massive multi billion euro fund. taxpayers would not have to pick up the tap that's what's agree on that this life descends into the fracas as what the ninety five percent is how big should the bailout fund commission wants fifty five billion. and who should have control of the single resolution mechanism. how many banks with they have the right to close down germany says only about the hundred and thirty top banks in europe which already overseen by the european
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central bank the european commission francais none and we want this new polity this single resolution mechanism which would run viable to have the right to close down if it so wishes any of the six thousand banks in the eurozone. i'm so lots of question still to be on said and if that works out that ninety five percent of their while on the dutchman but i will say she say there will be another nice thing to send the eighteenth. the eu called a crucial eu summit when this is all supposed to be results to ensure confidence in future euro market. and now i'll have traders reacted to the ongoing talks in brussels about the banking union stephen wilson to stop somebody from the frankfurt stock exchange. it would take a long time to establish a single bank to move in time maybe too much time critics say because in the beginning of next year they'll will be with the stress tests fall back and switch with a show
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which had bangs out stable in the yuma area and which i'm not in general. investa said that that the decisions that have been made in brussels are good for the financial sector but said they did not like this into share prices and worries about below the economy trek down the markets again and so the dax pills down the negative territory stephen walt and frankfurt now let's go to check on how the markets have been trading mid weight while stephen just mentioned in frankfurt the dax closed lower at ninety seven east of the euro stocks who is index was also down almost half a percent and try to sell the way in new york and right now the dow is trading well played thirty six percent lower. and last year is trading at one dollars and thirty seven ninety four. to australia down the country's automotive industry has been dealt of very severe blow in general motors says it will not make any cards there at all after two thousand seven
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the move means nearly three thousand people losing their jobs. all this comes just two days after us bailout and antm chief dan percent to a strong australian dollar and high production costs forced the company. dion's decision is fuelling fears that other car makers could also become a casualty of the high aussie currency for australia's economic strength means higher prices it's the economy has grown for the last twenty it's the spirit expanded at a rate of two point seven five percent. interest rates are also high. that makes it an attractive market for lenders who seized up the australian dollar. despite some respects it is like a possible drop in bemoans the rule materials it's seen as a safe place to invest. the government has taken steps to bring the strong dollar under control. in march one dollar cost eighty two years since now it costs around sixty six that's a drop of the round
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twenty two cents. but the strength of the cozy still makes itself felt. that was that explore to a stadium like gemini is me. w are reaping the rewards can see ms can buy european cars for less. the domestic come make these things are a lot tougher. ford has already announced it was still production here. no gm has fallen seeds. tennessee is it could spell the end of australia's ports in the industry. threatening forty thousand jobs than one hundred and fifty businesses connected with the manufacturing. that would leave only the world not the lead as japan's toyota reducing cost down under. now india's top court has reinstated a ban on gay the decision is being labeled a major setback by gay rights groups who fear it could become a precedent for the developing world. all activists gathered outside the court called the decision made evil and said it would force people back into
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the closet. wednesday's ruling reverses the two thousand and nine verdict by a lower court which have legalized homosexuality. on the supreme court's that the original band which dates back to colonial times is not anti constitutional meaning adds on to the parliament to change and not to the courts here in germany jazz problem ankles promise more aid for molly that after meeting with the country's president. well earlier this year in bengal barker had to peek in molly's first elected president since an islamic insurgency and a military coup brought chaos to the country in twenty twelve. germany has so far provided training to mommy and soldiers while numerical said the government would continue to support french troops stationed there. south africa are queuing in their thousands to pay their last respects to the lake now mandela whose body is lying in state in the corner for st day is foreign dignitaries celebrities as well as mandela's family were among
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the first file past the fuel would replace close to his home in the eastern cape on sunday. they came in their thousands to scene and data for the last time. for some the nation was too much someone in school get away from the government buildings in pretoria. with monday's party will stand timor days lying in state. emma is a band from the viewing area mornings can see monday his face through the pain of loss above his coffin. deadly just busy week. using whitney was a kid. while. he was wonderful to stand up and re lit up like sure that he was wearing he really looked like them achieve that that was all the people. like he really was still among us just resting. at the end of
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the day kickoff and was amazed and taken to the hospital where it's being kept at night. monday his remains will be returned in the morning to the interstate again many thousands more are expected to be the icon of south africa's anti apartheid the french before his burial on sunday. well there has been controversy along with that memorial service we saw yesterday newspapers in south africa are alleging that journalists at the state broadcaster sabc one instructed not to report that president jacob zuma was booed by the crowd at the soccer stadium where the ceremony was asked and there are also allegations that a shake sign language interpreter took to the stage at tuesday's ceremony the unidentified man was seen by millions of people around the world making payments to non experts say meant absolutely nothing south africa's authorities are trying to establish his identity. they were going to
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a short break will be back in one minute still a tad health officials warn that dementia is on the verge of becoming a global epidemic. i still have the latest for you on the champions league will be back home. for this. in it
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is it. a german court has dismissed a compensation claim by relatives of victims of an airstrike in northern honest on in two thousand and nine. no german army colonel ordered that strike on two fuel tankers seized by the time on infant is feeling they can be used as suicide attack known least ninety one people were killed most of them civilians many children among them the group of relatives is sought damages from germany but the court ruled that the officer who called that's right had not breached his responsibilities and that the government was not therefore accountable we
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uh strike was a huge scandal here in germany and costa defence minister at the time his job. the srt political correspondent one week reign of the court's ruling down plays german responsibility well i think the court is making a distinction here between legal responsibility and moral responsibility as you mentioned it was an enormous scandal here and many many germans felt that the officers in charge and the buddhist and gentle we're very much morally accountable for failures of judgment. but for those failures of judgment. also grounds for legal accountability here the court is saying no to one very simple reason it seems that there were extenuating circumstances so to speak to confusion and chaos of war it makes it impossible to decide that the officers in question were acting in a grossly negligent fashion basically international and german law say that those
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officers were only legally responsible in germany would only legally be liable to civilian plane tix if they were vastly exceeding their mandate and the court found that they did have reasonable grounds to believe that their forces were insufficient danger from these tigers that airstrikes where necessary so the court basically finding that under the circumstances they exercise perhaps questionable judgment critically on moral grounds but certainly not legally culpable to these leaders it would be a different matter in afghanistan as a country where selling cemetery under international law that could come out differently. monica and eczema. italy's coalition government faces a vote of confidence in the senate in the next few hours is the most push through a series of reforms that would mean the more painful budget cuts. earlier the government won a confidence vote in the chamber of deputies by a constable margin in parliament prime minister andy kerr left us at the u boat off with a chance for a
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new beginning. but protests broke out as demonstrators angry of the economy an austerity measures shut down parts of drought we turn our attention to europe via where its moves to legalize marijuana breaches international law. the lands the world to its body said the initiative violates international narcotics treaty which your client signed the years why is the first country to legalize the entire team from growing the plant to buying selling smoking. and the government hopes that the move will take the market away from the drug cartels as far as it is breaking international law legislators are saying but the will of the people from el us the celebrations in the senate. noted today the marijuana bill was fun to put with it. truly you know
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and cynicism but it is sixteen yes thirteen the bill is approved the bank the links she ended up not begin increasing production incentive that one up some twenty five tonnes of that. the drought will be sold under the counter at pharmacies. registered users will also be allowed to go up to six plants that time users were very happy with this task. we did it with the stigma discrimination and social exclusion. this is a new beginning. at the end of the stents may be celebrating that polls showed two thirds of the population to produce the new deal. the government says its aim is to tackle the drug cocktails the aiming to increase usage we want to control its clients to attacking from the muppets on it. i want to do is give up because the state sells a cheap suit me still. thousands are
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killed every year to lessen america's troubles. you are quite high of six new marijuana know much at least in the illegal trade in that town. the story now dementia it is a global health time bomb in the world is empty handed to deal with it. that is the message coming from a meeting of g health ministers in london british prime minister david cameron spoke at the summit to cross country says the world now has to mobilize against dementia like it has done against aids. otherwise he says families and health care systems will be overwhelmed by tens of millions of cases in the coming decades the match already cost the world's six hundred billion dollars the year. now with the developed world straddling the condition is not always get me to be recognizable to mention schools but jenna to changes within the brain is a mechanical abilities symptoms can go outside of the time. sufferers become normal forgetful and eventually experience
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language and judgment problems. personality changes and loss of motivation. two of the symptoms. physical and mental exercise on to lessen the risk of dementia. whether it can be prevented. the main risk factor is huge. in wealthy countries people are living longer and longer that's led to an increasing number of cases among the sixty year olds. in asia and africa when life expectancy and incomes and lower than a few cases generally dimension is on the rise. the number of sufferers worldwide is expected to triple in the next forty years. it will grow to one hundred and thirty five million. many of those additional cases will be in countries of the country among the world's forests. in many ancient african nations increasingly living standards raising life expectancy which in turn increases the number of dementia cases among older
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people. fall with the developed world struggling to cope with the growing number of people suffering from alzheimer's the developing world faces an even greater challenges when it comes to battling against cognitive decline the subiaco she lives in kenya a country without the resources to provide her with the care of me stadium. no pianist with sabina knew his thinking. her daughter tells her she was looking into getting the mill would forget. no one knew about maintaining contact and when she call list and looking after her fifty seven year old mother of three years. to be the starter for getting things going catherine's father left the family. it eventually got so mad that catherine started looking for medical reasons no issue with it's you know i'm going telling the tale of the main piano is a mess and all kinds of thing this is
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good to know them. and then i sold the symptoms tell us they must hand it was exactly what that thing my mom the family lives in the village of juneau. some forty five km from nairobi they make a living cool to be empty. entry gained twenty three year old katherine harris to work on the plantation she's organized her mother's care herself without any government support at the moment her younger sister is caring for their mother she's on holiday. the ad and content because in five min one on one island can only go up one down to the complaint would have to get to those few of them wanted to get guns. so i'm really liking that. there are few places in kenya the swimmers surfers and their families can turn to for help. get your mind to go down the alzheimer's association of kenya on the internet. a list of platoon guy is a founding member. her own father during
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the disease. since then she's worked as a volunteer in the reserve. i would want to get meant to be defaulting back in to help is a quick then the book to them and get information to them through advocacy. as the psychiatrist dvd ten you would like to see more research done. get the idea for the all swimmers association when he realized the number of sufferers was increasing. there's no care but there may be ways to prevent or delay the onset we didn't want what's this i don't really care to call only to call the call to the side of our church old from someone else to do the will from time to post the results is that businesses the people in kenya which is starting to come to terms with the disease. but it may be a long time before suffers relatives like captain when chico are offered support
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soccer now and two german sides are aiming to progress to the knockout stages of the champions league on wednesday night shelter needs a win against swiss side basel in the past. things are finely balanced. escobar slowly leaves and nobly and germany's bundesliga with all the chance to go through the twins are playing one of the group in upstate but get the upside is beset by injuries. goalkeeper room one night in canada will take his place between the post but the rest of building a starting eleven is far less urgent. the defense isn't riddled with injuries saturday's loss to labor was added to you. the colts woes and that guy team of rangers then during some theme. then there is ruled out for them i say class shaheen is still in doubt. i draw would be enough it's not legal beat arsenal until wednesday one week anything to chance. the show
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moves well without leaving ourselves to it. well for this game is about progressing to the knockout phase two months and months old it is to it. all things roll valley neighbors shotgun it's all or nothing as they take on basel. they can only stay in the competition by beating the swiss champions and this was a duty to go slightly from previous games and we need to use the wing and stupid is that it feels to be able to pull through the gaps like it belongs stitches and the stills from extent of its people. this is a big game for shelters coach and scan. after being knocked out of the german cup then mixed performances in the oneness league a failure here with intensified speculation about his future at the club. then go on the results of that game later tonight. stay with it that way the us. ch. i am i
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the eye. as i tot wanna know bidding is now six pm
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