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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 12, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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age of history cats was in it for the day. cos breaking news top twenty. so much the doors to play. stocks for it. good news. in
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the thus her to stop shipments of computers not facing troubles and other equipment are rebels in northern syria. after the islamic militants in stealing here. washington says the queensland scientists and ukraine over the crackdown on protesters demonstrate their son now in week four of their occupation of the ads. sinclair angry over the government's rejection of the ctu trade pact. another blow for gay rights the high courts in australia writes down a man aged nation's capital territory one day after ordination he aptly states that colonial era ban on sentence. he was to foster cat thanks for turning us for st is our britain and the us say they both are suspending
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not in the way to syria after his mom as opposition groups seized control of bases from the main western backed rebel groups oppose the us and the uk say they are investigating the incident. see they won't restart supply and to think about what happens. disasters since the beginning of the syrian conflict in western countries to come under pressure from your position to supply them with daddy. brett oakley says that they needed help to defend themselves against china has on me. the one he didn't mind the fore in the hands of al qaeda links grapes. in any eu decided to get something out of the syrian opposition of the being from percent and profits and sales supply chun style export manager equipment on all the equipment which might be used for internal repression repeat for the state and national coalition of opposition and repetition or false is not intended for the protection of civilians
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the us and britain more mighty could find only the equipment that is like this in goebbels and communications kids that they needed it can flow into the wrong hands. they see as it seems to country last week and find tiffany and i'm excited to see the border crossing and about how laugh when we see me in on me. i don't like how safe containing us to eat. we're still gathering facts and consulting with general interest in the supreme military council staff to inventory status of u s equipment and supplies even provided the sbc. as result of the situation as you pointed out united states has suspended all for the deliveries of non lethal assistance in northern syria the islamic front insists is not tied to al qaeda the seat to establish an islamic state. for sin for its part says it's investigating the incident and suspending know me my heat until the situation to play at. more now that spring i national affairs editor army shorts and on and what sets this suspension of aid
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from the us in the uk mean for best rap song can be good news for the syrian president she was already making gains on the back field before this decision was announced last month his troops captured six here are a little all damascus. it made all the boxes in damascus provence and say southwest of us and within syria asset has been boosted only an influx of motivated she likes fight is from lebanon and from iraq on this us uk decision to suspend only too late to keep it in perspective. only applies to northern syria and it is time for a decision. but as it does appear at least in the short time to weaken the freaks are in almaty that the bigger picture that we have to bear in mind genie is that the fsa is only one part of this whole chicks will cause we
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now have three major axis in syria fight against the upset regime the fsa then the islamic front which was recently formed and then the al qaeda affiliates will all allies such as a homeless for a while qaeda in syria and iraq. so do this the splintering of a heel position of the rule is really the good news for us that as you mentioned this as the history of the opposition and curious about this this is the next alliance that having lived in and stole this material in its report at the end i joining together of several different groups just a bit more about that whew a cane ounce of the seven different rebel groups which decorate it last month that they have an estimated forty five thousand point is that the eu to say that they want to create an islamic state in syria said the soap is a far cry from the pro democracy demonstrations to the west
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initially backed in what was this serene spring at the outset of the demonstrations against the sand regime however it's interesting to note that the islamic prophet says that it is an awesome adeline and also friend. all the lights of the new storefronts or al qaeda. but of course from a western perspective. there are any guarantees that these two blokes won't cooperate with weapons or intelligence whatever. but the downed lines that always makes it increasingly hard for the westside whom it should back in the series. things that i'm interested. i can't us secretary of state john kerry heads back to the middle east today for his ninth trip there this year it's the latest in his ongoing attempts to lock in an israeli palestinian peace deal by the spring. kerry will be holding talks with both the palestinian president mahmud abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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the secretary of state and u s president dropped the bomb i have said washington is pursuing up for a more peace agreement with obama saying an outline could be reached in the next few months this the pressure is mounting on ukrainian president viktor get comments. protests against him and his rejection of that key trade pact with the eu are now in their fourth week. there have been victories for the protesters they've managed to keep riot police away from the can actually sit on reports they now have backing from both the eu and the us. he has protesters forced riot police and other independent square camp thousands standing unite reinforcing barricades with snow hoping to keep the mount on wednesday they received strong support from brussels and washington. the us sent a warning to the kiev authorities. all policy options including sanctions are on the table. i have you
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but i did say that still is being evaluated. pressure is mounting and now the ukrainian government is beginning to revise its position on the eu. the prime minister now says ukraine might still accepting association but only if your plans ukraine twenty billion euro. we're not talking about the european union giving us the necessary technical support to bring our industry in line with european standards. we are talking about or if the boss giving all be mutually profitable projects to create a new job tonight enterprises received his career. does it work. eu officials say the one even consider such a deal. we consider that this association agreement is good for ukraine. we are not going to play with the kids ukraine's future cannot be subject to attend to with the highest bid it gets the prize. it's on wednesday president and cold it's cold again for talks with the opposition. but its leaders rejected his offer
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more protests are gearing up in thailand's anti government demonstrators have cut off electricity to the prime minister's office threatening to force their way at least kill me the protest comes as the former thai prime minister has been indicted for murder lead to a deadly crackdown on the last mass protests in bangkok. three years ago. most of the protesters killed and were supporters of the brother of the current prime minister. now that former prime minister and the doc today at the state agency that is now the leader of the opposition democrat party. the father of one of the two french soldiers killed earlier this week in the central african republic has given some harrowing details from his last conversation with his son the father of the fallen soldier in a commons vote can save his son told him that approach is bought and he had seen including muslim nation being elitist by a christian mob in st just after their
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arms were taken with my friend soldiers. he's made the soldier went on to say that there was nothing friends that do to stop it despite that the french are continuing the military mission to kiss on both sides hope to bring peace to the troubled nation. take a course on our external went to meet some locals there was no need for months. superman was born two weeks again. but the case but just days before she arrives here in the street the findings in the neighborhood. since taking struggling to fill in even the most basic necessities. i looked at me to email. the scientist in me the peanuts i want to know when that time. this is known to them in. she raced into one place to rest. wage costs
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in the crowd. i thought his sister city that left eighteen people sleep at night. i can't let an adult with intelligent. this entry conditions here while so it remained terrible. the heat's to choose from. sometimes even a little smile helps went home to iowa without wreaking wanted medicine. but the u p it's an outbreak of disease. it's really unbearable to see some of these people who brought the falls asleep with a dedicated appeal. they're not afraid of mistakes anymore they just lay down all the mats and sleep there. on friday the range has been nice to have a choice but to stay on the train and sit in the pot. it's michael sang the song. moves to look for refugees him a christian. i believe that for the senate the rebels know how responsible for that suffering. but it was then
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makes a pitch to get this extended funds. the whole night in st resident lisa to get. needless to say so. yet the country. that way. i tried neighborhoods. today we see or take. try to make soccer. can it. that made him one man had them on the fifth month. most refugees roy here in the gardens of this mode the street just under a week ago that the number one from two thousand to fifteen thousand in just a few days religious authorities have now simply stopped counting chris on the stool. in south africa the body of nelson mandela is lying in state for a second day. thousands of lining up to see their goodbyes to the anti apartheid icon who died last week. those people in mind there in pretoria while away the hours one main topic of conversation there is the bizarre story a bit daft interpreter at the mandela and the mario who's been
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called the fake thirty four year old found signed a ten g he says he is a real sign language interpreter but that he suffered schizophrenia gap so that during the event baby was just to kill a team to purge before and lupin allegiance of millions. sign language interpreters nelson end of this memorial was accused wednesday of being pink and green bit deaf community of around the world when i saw this. i am. stay updated on a seat belt. i want to. to be a good tasting tickets off the stage. what's the use of ninety six. embed it's not horrible looking at us. and it's a test. one won't leave door after another ticket to the states it's a way to stage an attempt to produce a series of turn signals that experts
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say it meant absolutely nothing. but many things wrong. xd let's hear it seemed like years. he did comparison of what the state but he was signing his ear at the scene i curiously some of the with more basic mistakes he couldn't even use the sign name for now cemented that the allegations raise questions about how he managed to repeat itself into a supposedly secure appendix south african government said it had to withstand investigation that was overwhelmed with work that aren't being ahead of montana's keener on sunday the stress highest court has struck down a landmark law that already given the ok to the country's first gay marriage as effectively and all the weddings of more than two dozen newly married same couples from an elite team explains. it was to use to it then leaves. the honeymoon is over for the sustaining same couples. the high court
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overturned his new marriage equality laws on thursday and found eighteen and twenty wedding ceremonies performances to date the couple's his nineties had just been announced. the high court judgment was heartbreaking. this is devastating. in the second less than a week. we've been married. and we've been married. at least on the level of marriage equality rights wisconsin least in the capital terry taylor e c t last night a serious conservative national government immediately towners them on the high court. it's a conflicted with federal law the courts upheld the talented unanimously decided that the actu home was a family it's been just detailed the court's decision but said it was time to move on. it gets too good to see simple common sense. it makes sense in stride and to form a natural marriage goes on to say what the ict sold to the london on the back. prime
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minister tony abbott said his coalition opposed the marriage. successive federal bills to letting the cool recognition of same partnerships. liberty rights campaigners bad that the fight will continue saying that despite the defeat in the courts they will celebrate so much great to victory in terms of perception of the color of the issue. the marriage equality isn't about politics rather than a month from the defendants. the twenty thousand cal and unique i plan to stay with us. low altitude the engineer here on fostering cap is the age of american dominance well and truly over. use the u s global footprint so to speak receiving in regions where once he was taken for granted now we see u s actions or inaction says the case may be from iraq to afghanistan to syria to libya suggests that especially with the middle east is concerned barack
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obama comment that he was elected to end war is not to start them is becoming a bit of doctrine. what some call however disengagement others including iraq a bomb in celsius a strategic tweaking very twenty first century world. that's getting more multi polar world where a single type of power should not and cannot call it the shot. now my guest today is only on the shell welcome to our studios. you are a research fellow at the institute for national strategic studies you're based in washington dc in margaret's to basically i've done here. it's part of the department of defense essentially you provide research timely objective research for them. you yourself are not a spokesman for the government you're not hearing that capacity but you are here in the efficacy of an expert in a lot of regional security issues you've ever seen nato policy no ban on nuclear issues as well. i wanna start with this whole concept of disengagement. my hyperventilating and i am i am i exaggerating the case is everyone exactly in the cases
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the us really did seem teaching from the mideast the rest of the world is turning in his own back. well i can give you a while we were doubts her and that would be no but let me elaborate a little bit ott. i wouldn't panic about this word god. we balanced the initial expression pivot with his secretary of sick leave. two years ago in the way it was unfortunate because it implied that some of the us was turning its back. mom returned looking at this together. i like to think of this morn so we have a portfolio of its national interests. and depending on. immediate crises that and we've had two wars that were going on simultaneously for another decade. on one has come to him and the other is of the winding down it's time to people and our presence in that camp stamp sets being withdrawn. and it really opened thirty years and perhaps even a little bit longer than that. the united states with china's opening the market and so forth. we
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have been investing. not only in terms of economics but in terms of our military alliances in asia pacific. so with the paddle of continuity in the region. i'm now all of me hopefully are able to read part because the stability and less than an immediate threat to your door within your. we can use some resources in some attention of course the asia pacific region. but certainly we are in temuka out of very deep vital national security interests in the future of the middle east and even parts of north african americans' attitudes themselves has really shifted and changed tom he was a recent poll that showed i think the sixty five percent of americans said they do not want any american military intervention in the mid east and west the us is directly threatened. that was not the kc thirty years ago when you're institute was set up this is true and i think to be on this but we have underestimated the united states is that the amount of more picky. art which is
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reflected in parts but all of our congress. a little bit of both parties. maybe the ship has been more obvious the republican party. some republicans criticize that as well. i would say that from iraq was a searing experience for the us and for many in congress and to tell you the truth i think the defense community as well and regardless of one's experiences or one's opinions about beginning of the war the suitability or reliability of intelligence the real reasons for going to war. the key seth all of that kind of a sign that i've realized is difficult to do it's very hard to argue with that now ten years later after spending over a trillion dollars to two more schooling in iraq and afghanistan is entitled thousands of clients on it and that i don't think the american for the country it is becoming isolationist and i think it's more a
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period of strategic routes where people want to say mum to ask hard questions what this really the immediate relevance and with this the endgame of getting in the fall in in some foreign conflicts. top us official said recently that the us just a nice day and age twenty first century cannot afford to consume twenty four seven by one week and it's that simple. even as to rethink a war to syria is upon us looking at the end to the days he not saying it's terrific. it's tragic. it's just not worth our intervention. well i'm loving it the myth of the present i don't know exactly what he's thinking. my best guess is that looking at syria. where on the situation simply there is no easy solution. our expert on syria at the institute where i work for now that even among the moderate opposition say that non extremist fundamentalist opposition this big deficient in terms of leadership little bit in
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terms of strategy. it's very interesting. back in september. um. shortly after the deal was reached. that seems to be working will see on chemical weapons in syria two former secretaries of defense of president obama so un secretary gates and secretary commander in a forum. criticize the president. to whom really they were very loyal for his decision to seek congressional authority for a strike on syria. very useful but with people some people didn't know this was a pale ghost gentleman also disagreed on whether or not the presents for the board that the strikes came to secretary gates said no haven't we learned anything from interventions in iraq and afghanistan and secretary former sector could never said that when she said the red line than you do have to have to act on it. is there a little bit. and if you do if you tell in us
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foreign policy people on the one hand expect us to be there to take that stance was no one else is there in a vacuum then on the other hand aq suited being brash imperialistic and trying to be the global cop when it dies. yes unfortunately in my experience that is i think of in government for thirty three years now. this is new phenomenon but the tree get that from time to time. and up. that was my sense of dread reading. former secretary gates' comments on syria. and he's also actually been the voice of caution with regard to the military interventions in iran as well as he was the bench namibia it's odd to say yes the right answer but it's a very serious question about what is in the state for the united states and will we by getting into. directly involved in the civil war will we. but the report were not assume ownership of that situation. let's talk about a little bit better and you lot
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in the news lately the whole posse this rapprochement then out that the temporary deal to the atl has drawn a lot of criticism some corners and nowhere more so perhaps in from saudi arabian israel they see this is the us going all soft. you expect a lot of backlash from these countries. i don't know but it's a personal opinion and otago is all soft on this for years we've been trying europeans and tried on their own course to visit the eu three as they recall the united states can support the doubt but that the distance that we joined the discussions. negotiations negotiation and negotiation you can't expect to have a result. if both sides are looking at some kind of give the concession. you can color the concession you can call of flexibility but after all this is an interim agreement. i think the president and others have made clear that you don't take anything on face value but the rains. they have a history not only in terms of
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up their nuclear program in terms of support for terrorism to put in the region. so it once again this is something to snow here yes no answer i would think that any american president that he and republican or democrat. we have an obligation which both political and actually a moral obligation to seek to be sold or to ameliorate situations like this by diplomacy. not simply to shoot first and ask questions later and amy at. you can perhaps make the argument is well that if he were to succeed in its iran policy. i miss swear to you i yelped a lasting agreement with his hand to give it to a show we we speak about a lot when the word iran anymore i'm sorry about that right i ate i don't think. i don't think the situation involving the nuclear programs of iran and wants to know what's in this a broader pattern of iranian behavior that has been of concern the moment the united states but to our
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allies in the region. i don't think that that's all you single agreement. so that in and of itself wouldn't be a revolutionary freeing up with was the end was guilty of preoccupation in foreign policy in the little time we have laughed. the speed of twenty chapman on how quickly as china rising how much a threat as it goes is it gonna be some clashing new superpowers in this new asia pacific region are we making too much of it. first of all i come from a background in government to clean it when i was at the pentagon that being very concerned about the cold war i mean of this product called for the situation we have with china is a very different relationship than we have the soviet union in terms of this type of economic cultural political decay exchanges korea. there's been a consistent in american policy. at least i think through the bush administration could use with menstruation. it was to try to help encourage china to become or what we call a responsible stakeholder in the international system. to
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come into the international community to observe the rules of the world in terms of trade complex with property and so forth. at the same time. it's been coupled with a hedging strategy. because we see that china has increased its military investment the military capabilities has acted in the circuit ways. on the east china sea in the south china sea that affect our allies but we have alliance commitment under review and notably yes and so we have to work on both planes. but hopefully be worked on a military plane which includes military diplomacy in the way not to aggravate tensions of into force in the overall political and economic relations that we share very much the same interests with your disregard for the initial attack believe that their research fellow at the institute for national strategic studies based in washington a year in europe right now and i thank you for joining me today i'm obviously really it's a tricky balancing act but as he said the key is that it's a rebalancing. and it's not
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actually the end of american dominance it is perhaps a change in the paradigm that we can use to. thanks very much for being here and thank some people watching the appeal on costs like that. hohns. falsely that keeps you up to date with all the latest from the world of sport. all the action although the song is called the emotion. the school i do
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each. i did. eye meaningless and when. at all. the road
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sch. as an assault on the seb i received a deputy prime minister. the ministry of industry in the technologies sadc ketchup in court on satc ketchup reported about the current work of the ministry and the concept of the next five year plan of investor in innovative development program which has made together with the national chamber of october norris the new document defines key activities for successful implementation of the program and massages government support measures which rules the world who are currently finishing the first five years period in two thousand fourteen we will fulfill our past said in the second five year plan


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