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sch. as an assault on the seb i received a deputy prime minister. the ministry of industry in the technologies sadc ketchup in court on satc ketchup reported about the current work of the ministry and the concept of the next five year plan of investor in innovative development program which has made together with the national chamber of october norris the new document defines key activities for successful implementation of the program and massages government support measures which rules the world who are currently finishing the first five years period in two thousand fourteen we will fulfill our past said in the second five year plan will use
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the innovation all approach for more. you too. you choose to read. still the focal point in turkey for yourself and you will be a different approach we will focus on priorities trained professionals and send a clear financial plan. on the second day of the visit to south korea the prime minister of kazakhstan met with the country's new president today concomitant talked about the implementation progress of joint projects such as the construction of the ball posh thermal power plant the gas chemical complex in the region in the development of the field john bill parker j returned noted that cut expenses when the main partners in the region space for south korea. she also added that korea is willing to share experience and organization of the expo this has been sent to the new station was the king of the season not to discuss the issues of the upcoming exhibition expo two thousand seventeen korean companies are willing to take part in the organization and exhibition itself. they're interested in the theme of our exhibition which is
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the peak energy. i think that these and other areas will create a solid foundation and even the impedance to the cause of korean relations so the key to the univ communion. which may form them into the abortion puts those songs that he's asking at the end of the high level negotiations the two sides signed for documents in particular the signed agreement between the two governments on the cooperation in the two administrative assistant in customs matters to mcnabb ago signed a memorandum of understanding with the honda eye corporation summer green energy and john and i had the industries in the chambers of commerce of the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding as well. only. it's my duty the proceeding as we discussed the relations especially in major in basic sectors of the extent economy such as oil and gas energy and transport engineering as well. i would like to mention the number of major projects being implemented under the state program of accelerating and the stroke and innovative development on the commission of the head of
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state. as a minor one of them is the construction of the ball pasta more are planned. you'll be the most modern power station which would generate about one thousand three hundred and twenty megawatts on one model will be built according to latest technologies meeting environmental standards no more suited for the petition feast of the lets me go up so there was a student so i'm sitting in them to go against the winning goalie steve moore. during the visit of prime minister also took a look at samsung's innovative technologies at the company's exhibition complex d like to take a can of coke was shown the pavilions of the complex in the company's achievements in the field of mobile communication the development of telecommunications and computer technology the clashes between security forces and protesters that started in kiev on wednesday night broke out in the renewed vigor security forces tried to storm the key of snares office but opposition activists resisted them. the police said that the protesters sprayed tear gas and smoke bombs over the opposition activists say it does will provide
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consumers administrator stay outside all my class b elmo's face to face with security forces they do not allow security forces to get inside the square where several thousand people stay the press service of the ministry of internal affairs caught in a violent confrontation of protesters and police. the ministry noted that the policeman attack the protest is a policeman were injured the security forces destroyed the barricades erected in the maiden and burnt ends of the protesters oil production of costigan will start no really old in january the press service of the north caspian operating reports to the experts of the north caspian consortium are examining all pipelines leading to the artificial island key to the most plant exports started testing operations up to two cases of gas leakage extraction which were suspended. the survey results will be ready in january. the consortium will decide whether to resume production at pentagon will write a new pipeline based on the survey results the withdrawal of coalition troops from afghanistan would take place in two thousand fourteen. the spins of the roundtable meeting in
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austin i discussed what will happen next. experts say that the security in the central asian region depends on the domestic political climate in the country such as afghanistan experts warn about the destabilization of the geo political situation in the region after withdraw the coalition troops the representatives of the afghan delegation noted that terrorism poses one of the main threats. because the delegation proposed to strengthen regional cooperation against terrorism also context and provides financial support to afghani people. when we walk thousand homes across the mobile. we are providing to military aid to afghan people. our president offered one thousand afghan students to get higher education context and universities. kazakhstan is happy to help afghanistan to maintain stability and security the incentive to stop this a new frontier post the mill was opened today in general district of the mudgee region the military unit is included in the psych unit of the regional command showbiz of the kazakhstan border service before the opening ceremony the chairman of
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the national security committee in battle flags to the regional commands on the stock sold the stock and boxes of the border service she does the person of the new frontier post some bill will guard the section of the state border with the kyrgyz republic. it is a modern military town with all necessary infrastructures besides the basic facilities required for duty. they're also the sports complex a cottage for dog trainers stables in the house for officers and their families the presentation visitors were also shown the new special purpose vicle charges for the border guards sixteen frontier posts have been commissioned to compose this year is planning commission for more until the end of december. yet the tube obama junior hormone one of them on the show on the commission of the head of state. i handed out for battle flags the regional border commands such as the east west south and north of hwy one to show that the commission given by the head of state on border protection and maintenance is being completed in accordance with the program. twenty posts in total rebuild this year. this is one of them you might call exemplary but they will all be like this time it
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was about to postpone a nap though it is with us. they plan on the production of military and civilian machines will open in austin that i did that jackson that go in. among the elite oz mug and get those attended the ceremony of the opening of the construction site the project will be implemented by two thousand fifteen of the territory of industrial park. the plant will produce three hundred and sixty machines a year this project is implemented with the participation of the paramount group. it is the largest privately owned aerospace and defense company in south africa republic is expected that a highly profitable joint venture will become a breakthrough project for context and engineering industry one hundred and fifty jobs will be created the transfer of technology and know how is emphasized in the project the design bureau operates the player of the machines will be produced in accordance with international standards. this will make it possible to sell the machines abroad. we are pleased to participate in this large project under which not only the manufacturing and assembling of the machines but also research in the design work will take place nor participate in
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the development of its defense capabilities to the transfer of technology investment of our own funds the first atlas of the western turkey cannot has been presented in austin a unique edition includes the result of many years of work on the history of the first target state that existed in eurasia in the sixty eight centuries the work was carried out by dozens of scientists in the turkic studies the book contains more information about the written pictorial and archaeological monuments of the western turks who founded a vast empire from all tied to the balkans long before the famous king is khan's conquest one of the unique features of the book is the innovation system of mind mapping was used for the first time during its creation which allows visualizing the rich heritage of the western church in real natural and historical landscapes the international team of scientists led by the outstanding cause it's been a scientist. nigel doesn't get go and i might go simei about authors of the absence of such things to colleges at the american professor peter gold and a professor of osaka university she also hour and a professor of the institute of oriental studies of
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the russian academy of sciences to the guillotine go who devoted his article to the description of the traditional customs of the western turks was told that it's the typical political loyalists would be looking at you. it is based on article that was published in argentina and italy telling about all this pictures of the turks in the weights eccentric found entire piece with a color pictures on the tombs of the soviets who lived in china were to teach in diplomacy and received turkey embassies. it is a unique opportunity to see colored images of the ancient arts morning ancestors of many people who use of the pope to go for a full blown over exhibition of the annual world press photo contest is open in austin on the exhibition are already toward forty five countries of the world. that is the first and only country in central asia where the exhibition has been presented. it includes about a hundred fifty winning works selected by the international jury. i'm over hundreds of thousands of pictures this year the main prize went to the swedish photographer paul hints in this photo shows
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palestinians carrying the bodies of two dead children to the mosque the photo was taken at the gaza strip after the israeli missile attack in november of last year the residence of the car the couple can visit the exhibition of the best course of the photographers until december twenty six the purpose of the exhibition is to show pictures to as many people as possible. we're glad that austin has become for us an entry point into situation five thousand photographers from around the world took part in the competition the selection process was divided into two rounds in the first row on the jury had just three seconds to determine whether this or that photo goes to the next round in the second round we selected the three best photos and then chose the best one out of the three the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said the kazakhstan franchise market is one of the cost is
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between segments which involves representatives of small and medium sized businesses according to experts of the new regime franchise association since the beginning of the spirit of the market volume increased by thirty percent and will remain its positive pace of development in twenty fourteen. it is presently kazakhstan has two hundred and fifty networks and only fifteen per cent of them are local talking about the market is estimated to exceed two point five being the newest dollars golf course on the one hand these are quite large seizures however luke and the global market which is estimated sixty seven trillion we can see that our walmart pvc with very small and we are only a tiny part of the smart kids but the only effective but statistics. according to expo is presently franchisees actively use than seventy sectors of the column in the unit months the company's fifty per cent of companies use these type of business in the service sector and retail trade and about fifteen percent of commercial
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entities in the industrial sector. however in kazakhstan above four per cent of sydney's representatives use franchise which keeps great potential for business development the most popular franchise and the world is the tale which involves a lot of sectors such as fast food and catering find ties in kazakhstan caved in and find chinese is poorly developed a whimper. we have well developed retail sector in this connection entrepreneur is will be interested in gaining profits. these franchises very popular unfortunately we don't have the long term find times when a company's name to long term development of the markets though the switch. please help i cannot sing along with all the front of the wingnut talking about the cost of the franchise. experts note that the flexible pricing policy. sometimes the amount of investments in the development of the stuff of business can die from
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eight hundred to two thousand us dollars. however the basic price range exceeds one hundred thousand us dollars and average monthly fees grossman savant of the newest range between ten and thirty three cents. where did you know there is to purchase a franchise in on something you need to own one hundred to one hundred and twenty thousand and in case he said don't want it it will cost much more. he's not very profitable to purchase european or us franchise says he's into. which is difficult to pinpoint because of the great number of necessary documents and the price of these trying times in this connection. he's more convenient to purchase kazakhstan find chinese another trend experts paid their attentions he was the poses of establishment of kazakhstan functioning systems and the single economic space of the customs union. what's the rush to ease our strategic partner of course we have a lot of punch eyes and presently we conceded the situation is changing in our franchises can be seen opening in the regions and in moscow and
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convenes that due to the establishment of the customs union. we will witness front as exchange between kazakhstan and russia ukraine in kurdistan and our companies will also acts as european markets at present market participants are actively working on the quality of business and the month actually knit goods focuses on foreign markets in addition to these necessary to establish into regional ties between franchise owners. the results of the third quarter of twenty thirteen has demonstrated an increase in the deposit base of commercial banks brunch is in the arm to reach in reference to the baby of the elements the regional branch of the national bank of kazakhstan capital's old days it has announced it is a but so were first twenty thirteen the total number of deposits exceeded sixty two points to the lynching gift which is one point four percent more than the previous quarter and twenty two point eight per cent higher than in the same period the year before. as of october first twenty thirteen
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and average size of the deposits were incompetent was estimated at over thirty one point seven billion to give. the population who should have wrinkles of deposits amounted to eighty nine point three percent or more than fifty five point nine beating team get his demand deposit there the weighted average rate of return for a national currency because it is estimated that seven percent and four point two per cent on foreign currency deposits the historic quarter of twenty thirteen pm on the loans the sheep for legal entities and individuals in the elements the region amounted to over one hundred and sixty two point five the main thing again which is ten percent higher than the previous quarter the third quarter of twenty twelve is the amount of loans was estimated for one hundred and seventeen for seeking the anti gay the eye the eye
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and. . room. sure or
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scolding the book is a rusty so uber rock show. two of the month of sight. speed is director since two thousand and six. still makes show up all the students arrive on time with the lead i still get to it. we had to ditch the issue of getting blown off he is the issue. it will
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feature local cpa which to distribute the little one up on it. as a scene that improvements in its educational services. before the fall of the top by two thousand won only fifty thousands of white meat in children's court where tourists. this is international intervention beginners recent two eight million including premium goes up. with five million children still out of school if the government is working hard to provide them see the ducks this dish. well for the doctrine of the above well it was ugly. he says i'll put it out though the idea that the chip. such solution. since it affected
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due to the digi and what not to know what yet. she does the view that the decision but a television that that that is that the bottle last night. and embed it into these programs which include classics at least receive our biology and a beach in the short course code has been able to provide education to men and women up to forty five years of age for some of them score means that once in a lifetime opportunity. but the photo above. when she saw that it was. it would assess the pool but they did i break it with you. well but then even more to that. that was monday and they use to mow. to me that she didn't get to post it here. he didn't get it soon that's what the beastie it for them all done he says the twenty five but spending
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horsemen. we have the tendency to listen to them. the man who was known and r. it's still a knighthood. much like the spectrum i'm sending it back to salem. sam. all the small adult. if you let it be known as the ball short videos that even more. tony shepherd of the body. how about that. i get on a budget in increasing numbers of tourists and poisons close enough to start minister that the patient's biggest challenge is currently facing the lack of trained teachers essential equipment unluckily infrastructure nevertheless mr maher the inside says prospects for the kitchen in the country are talking out loud will love it. he was eleventh of june. so if you don't know
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the speech. it was. israel's top scientists leading the charge in developing alternative energy bio fuel from one of the world's most abundant life points to algae fossil fuels like oil rapidly disappearing. finding the new energy sources is critical. that's right touch of weeks more of an eco energy is finding ways to help local and international energy suppliers and infrastructure companies go green the algae is attractive because not only reduces costs and outside and smoke stacks. it also doesn't compete with cops for farmland. algae as a biofuel could produce thirty times more oil per acre than other crops such as corn and sugarcane. it will also be non toxic juice milk salt provide context and that i
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don't agree quickly the dpp group and the ppt fee of up to the twentieth anniversary of the eu single market we're also looking at the future of the single market and how it can contribute to your economic revival by creating more jobs and stronger for it. perhaps the most promising prospect is the digital single market sector. abbas potential to win hearts our lives and our prosperity. early this year the european commission tabled a proposal to reform what's known as collective rights management. many artists and performers use of organizations called collecting societies to my sense that what the commercial uses like tv stations radio stations and online music service providers. collecting societies also collect income on to halt the band members in the form of royalties reforming the way the society's what is a major focus of the commission's proposal. mario got a french member of our crew is pollen and scrapbook sew on the commission's proposal she's in listening mode just
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yet but still medical dossier eight. i'm looking for it listening to all sides of this debate. ppp has organized this hearing and my goal is to work together with the affected countries which are sometimes taken a negative view of collecting societies. and to avoid disputes that we have previously paying for some copyright issues. we need to work in the general interest and in particular in the european attacks. but you don't have to mention a funny comment to take the puppy out of tp. collecting societies themselves acknowledge the need for more transparency and the need to adapt to the new opportunities and to months of the digital single market dun act represents the swedish performing right society. our stretches from our western society is to not act on a purely national basis. best of all the bases but to seek partnership with other societies launch new services. but that the cheat
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sheets for that yet. stick the commission's proposal is being driven off by the possible economic benefits of effective manage digital marketplace but also by the sheer depth and breadth of europe's cultural heritage. he took the genome of the market is enormous and in comparison with other digital markets such as america we have an extraordinary cultural diversity. it's an economic sector that's very important for jobs and regrets. we need to get anything on that to achieve a satisfactory result for us on a golf day for them also to be easy for companies he added that the sexes the commission's proposal is part of a wider strategy to develop the digital economy within the context of the eu twenty twenty strategy to build a sustainable knowledge based economy in europe. any piece of home being champions of the digital economy for the benefits it brings to the citizens they represent at the sbs there is a kurdish member of our. it's very significant to a
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proposal. sales are likely to go through ppp bought specially i think we're close ups. the coast in this development proposal on from the european and a commission specially not of course looks performance and publishers. thus becomes. of course he'll always be able to watch the ppt these digital content online wedding off. the city on a few days in a sixty eight to compete at any given. and instead often on the tv and be scammed by this time it's the vandalism of the city china's white skin tightening money saved to get to speak. the white city of hope that those who have lost their sight. pity she didn't get the three hundred bc to compete against sun that he
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can apply for jobs in the private and sector. it's a nice pickup and its history the paper gets to watch it on the tube system and tenth of what you must be kept as yuppie computers the foundation for growth and prosperity with the world's economy so classic. having organization with a mandate to keep the international financial system an even keel is more important than ever the international monetary fund has warned from the lessons leaders took in the great depression and the global conflict that followed. membership has grown two hundred and eighty eight countries the imf is a forum for discussing policies that promote stable economic growth. it's a form of credit unions whose members contribute money can buy when they aren't. major blow for the imf help prevent craigslist and results when they occur. so when the global financial crisis began in two thousand and eight. the imf policy advice was to good use by countries to create ordinated global response. the imf also
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provide funding and an unprecedented scale also on the web. and they've seen the torrens title. been been several days this is one of germany's influential contemporary german photographers. as for about a german and all levels of society. his work covers the period from the end of row twenty three with the unification. so it sits that means. german society and how it has changed in years. each day as well and people in german society standing orders and hide the dvd flights but the greatest of the people
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and yet also in comparison to history at times. she is significant that humans were all good just what is fingers. it'll stand here and find a page that they felt best for themselves. and then just it's good to take the kids to what i felt it was ready to buy it so i can tell time. that series it is also about the death of how people just want to be seen in history these are the number has been just been another theory is that it's worth it. selling just are mysteriously webster. people everyday life. working at a judge. on it again with a bow
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at a textile factory the other which people find it. if you are in the photograph as a result we are also a smile. in the gms he still has the inside jurors and eight. a lot of times that people are listening in. it's just not always where they would on a leaky to the present. leo and that was a bit so that guests should ask the people. only the problems of everyday life that's just been to the evening. you knew wong
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wong. it was our goal of course for investments from getting this business is a key sectors. make hiv aids patients in gideon properties receive free anti viral aarp that new f


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