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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 12, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the end of next to the dance the national assembly. here's the spy agencies with more planned to keep its agents from engaging in political activities through the creation of the whistle blowing sand. the artistic and still today korea signs of multibillion dollar deal with iraq to fight scenes does in my projects testimony comes down from the probe into this summer's day. we are counting airlines crash and taken the spotlight is possible over reliance on automated systems. i dun use
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the internet. there is a third say this effort. well here in korea life and soul and with an uncommon thing so much for joining us. we begin with the record breaking export deal for the nation's defence industry korea aerospace industries sealed an agreement with more than two billion dollars with iraq the agency is to export twenty four supersonic like fighter jets to the nation making inroads into the arms market in the middle east the defence ministry correspondence that has our top story. korea aerospace industries signed a landmark export contracts with iraq on thursday. the era space agency will provide twenty four units of the t fifty iq
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multi role light attack aircraft to the middle eastern country. i played seventeen from one point one billion us dollars the package deal includes pilot training and other operational support making the total value of the deal worth more than two billion dollars. it's the most expensive single defence export deal korea has ever seen. the t fifty iq built by korea aerospace industries is a supersonic might find derek you can also be used as an advanced trainer jet engine output of more than eight thousand kilograms in a top speed of mach one point five you can load more than forty five hundred kilograms to form the year. the biggest strengths at the t fifty iq officials say is that it's one of the world's most advanced trainers suitable for a fifth generation fighter jets. plus they can carry the latest weapons says his ai and nine here to air missiles agm sixty five air to surface missiles and katie
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and guided bombs. high officials say there's rights global demand for light fighters to replace eighteen fighter jets and that the key fifty is emerging as an attractive option because of its competitive price range officials aim to sell more than a thousand units but the pocket increase its global market share to thirty percent. one unit at the t fifty has the same economic effect as selling one thousand units a mid sized an email. the contract with iraq has set a new light and korea's defense industry demonstrated the potential to become the new growth engine for the nation. and then presents. the national assembly the state spy agency presented a set of self reform the insurance eight at stopping ages from getting involved in political affairs the direction and scope of reform however have been
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received in different lights pint of rival parties working and she reports. national intelligence service chief and a chat on thursday presented his agency's plan to reform itself. come on a curse. the spy agency stands accused of launching an online smear campaign targeting opposition candidates in the run up to last year's presidential election. the report proposals made by the end i guess what scrap a fist and the kids and i ask agents on trial to access the national assembly political party and media outlet. the plan also the setting up a center adult handle employee complaints of unjust or inappropriate orders from superiors that could force them to intervene in politics. whether the complaint alleged that it would be determined by a special panel that will be led by prosecutors the specs from outside agency. under the plan all these agents a new recruits would be required to take an oath to
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not intervene in politics during their tenure the proposal also calls for the establishment of a clearly defined the scope of its psychological warfare campaign against north korea the ruling party has given us a better part of the view of the spy agency's proposal saying that it presents a clear guideline ticket agents from intervening in politics and that in the mood of the reform proposal shows the spy agency's endeavors to overhaul its sell by party will work with the opposition party to compliment that proposal. and so on deliver and main opposition party criticized the plan saying it does not discuss or a she has just published all over the agency's budget mm good he and i as chief said no intelligence agencies of advanced nations disclosed their budgets of my party lawmakers don't believe that's correct. we need to fact check and further
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discuss the issue next week the committee will hold probably carries gather experts' views on current form the spy agency. and then it'll start deliberations on how the idf off and a long officials should be revised in order to carry out the necessary before. tvnz said. the talk and it has laid out various government ministers to support on the nerds and venture companies in line with their push to develop a creative economy the presidential office correspondence was into at the t cells and how this impacts our full support for individuals and start it's a creative idea this pic is pledged to create a business environment in which creativity innovation and new like this can lead to economic or plot line station speaking at a fair on creative economy pierced a precedent that stressed that in order to break away from low growth and high an appointment. the catfish
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issued its economic paradigm to a more creative and innovative one. the youngest being in court it's one that can avoid the trap we took with apple photo do with the timely till i get it and still had to laugh. she it under the astute piece of meat. as part of its efforts to realize a creative economy wrecking the desperation he has set up the financial aid system for start up and venture firms. this created overseas network to help these companies expand it to the local market. he ran creative economy town website was established in september as a platform to help commercialize creative ideas that end of the tools half but were able to make a business now to teach the lack of money or new now more than thirty injured ideas have been for those on this website since its creation. the kids camping and create a set called
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offline created the current account nationwide. i can't even get the resources and strategies of each region and provide local residents that e alert to this court the president all stupid and an assist on my knee and ask the key to connect such efforts into real business you robbed a beginning of real people. can you see when they are my top ten until sunday. she the money got onto the roll and a cushion tearing down of red tape that gets in the way if creativity innovation and can purchase was a matter of the presents but jets the plans to launch a private and when hero on the creative economy this man guilty and stuff related ministries as sydney's venture firms and conglomerates can more effectively device measures are essential in the field in june. i did it gets and here's the latest on the relocation of gov and ministries and agencies to korea's new administrative city ups until starting this friday the second phase of
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that movement begins and are up to one tells us all the relocation process is coming along. the curry and given its relocation to the mall. it's not nice to get the dup dough and turn to second base starting this friday. but the next two weeks sixteen government ministries and agencies will live to korea's new copics used to kill some one hundred and twenty km south of tully the agency said that eating during the stuttgart based include the education code to and treat ministries and their separate locations they are scheduled to compete the expected end of the center. fourteen and industries state agencies and their sub organizations that it's the prime minister's office. finance environment ministry has already managed to stick to my last year
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kevin and i am. i don't look nice. probably the fifth test like that this government come they don't get me a speedy center located in a two hour drive away from telling a student in the midst of the nation's capital and to keep down. we talked about it. if i could conjure christie about the increase in the station's the weekend the government gets ministry gives us lunch with the passing of too many is that the acts at the national assembly in two thousand ten. the state is now busting with constant construction to the other apartments schools hospitals and other festivities with the impending computation the city's first the car to our institution the national library of korea to open on thursday afternoon. the guy every step to becoming its first special aching government parties archives and the related documents he's also expected to offer and would include jordanian with the citizens of this new ot loss from the cd. i need
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and use his job the government is regressing to implement its part time job scheme to meet president packer has pledged to boost the nation's implement from its current sixty four percent to seventy percent by year twenty seventy. well the plan aims to boost the productivity of the workforce and offer more flexible work options. they are living doubts as to whether the plant goes to the root of the problem. our team gm is here with us in the studio. good evening tea and so what kind of jobs are we talking about it. well the stance that biden is the labor ministry and also how flexible part time selected john. these are different from conventional parking cars in terms of job security and benefits for press even more importantly in amount of pay only part time as in kearney are temporary workers in nothing more than an hour in the week
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usually something close to the middle east which is just the top five us dollars an hour. i selected and police on friday hired on for many contacts and entitled to the same wages and benefits after saudi counterparts but are rated for it before out for just eight hour workday by beast a week. that's just about half the time the most full time employees to pay more than nine hours a day mr annan plan and a third set is confident that the plan will bring flexibility to the labor market and said you increase the number of part of east kind selected positions to nine hundred thirty thousand by twenty seventy s as well as school is likely to benefit the most from the government's plan. well remain and eat ie seeking to me enter the workforce will be to be its beneficiaries and for working mothers this is semi easy answer to hiding career and family council and is back at work after i'd
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left her job fight years ago to focus on me and her two children. she's a counselor at a call center of a local business consulting company she says but she only has to wear for four hours again which makes it easier for her to balance work and family alike and four i made the hour is when my children are in daycare. none is fun it to me eh reentry in winning that giving up full time job suits me. their family. according to a recent survey conducted by the ministry of employment and labour. eight out of ten unemployed when a tragedy like the idea of a tiny selective hearing. since then when and how for the respondents said the reason the system works for them is because it gives them time to be at home and be sick children. the country large conglomerate said other companies have started to adopt the plan. thompson said it would at around six thousand times like these jobs this year and no one is something we are on board with the government granting reads the number of times let
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you work in our jobs which in his eyes the balance between work and family. so was against the system and won oh well the korean confederation of painting in whether countries to the umbrella labor union said that jobs created under the plan allowing potty and got a nice to come up with a better hand the moment we have no choice but to oppose this plan because it will only increase the number of low quality jobs. we tell you that said ahmad down and job seekers are they feeling guillen said. well sort of because prospective workers in a twenty two and just graduated from college and had children to look for are looking for full time work so many of them save that this part kinds. he may not be that the solution. i understand that this plan may be helpful for mothers trying to get back to work for me am
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afraid you would need to do three week stint in the quality of jobs. i doubt this time looks healthy find a good job. the government needs to come up with something that is more sustainable. so it seems like a mixed bag what are the analysts say. well i talked to one of the experts here in korea on the theme is captaincy from the air the sixteen fifty five vocational education and cheney any view this as a possible theft like compensating existing part and workers in korea that are paid less than their full time counterparts but he says the government the cdu more to solidify the plan for a longer period of time. we go to in order to sustain the system there may be a need for punitive measures to make sure that the company's hiring for the selected works in our positions that are actually paying employees the announcement from it
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and look for it though that no one to another. it will she did. experts also say employers and managers should be trained so that they are ready to cope with financial difficulties of implementing the part time work if the senate and be aware of appetite this can lead to the nature's on a number of things on the to do a strapping you very much see a foreigner or carol. before your dna. and another begins get the latest line soul expert analysis from teachers heartbeat with the viewpoint of the covert its local network and why on arrival that. he always on standby
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south. thus railway union workers continue with the fourth day after strike on this thursday. place the country's rail services and risk are reaching stray more than a third of the unionized workers are now taking part and the number is growing day by day are commended reports additionally under sixty workers that are on strike were removed from their plans on thursday evening. bringing the total number of those suspended without pay. morgan seventy six countries retreat services are the worst affected by this week's industrial action many at just thirty two percent of normal levels express train services have also been hit. but the nation's highest peak eight th bullet trains continue to operate as normal the government certain that thousands of rail workers who have downed tools to return to work as soon as possible this is right you'll see he's gotten policy is not justified and doesn't have it people need to get back to
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work before it's too late around one third call real workers remain on strike up a little over six hundred have returned to the roles says the strike started monday. be your last strike the monday and told to cycle rolls plan to establish the facility would be a bullet train since the plan would eventually to the privatization and cllr l mass job losses in their context. in a separate incident a freight train partially de railed in the south east of the country early thursday morning. no was her. the transport ministry has concluded as that was caused by damage to a wheel. beyond that. i didn't do it. it's a debate for samsung on its home turf a seoul court has ruled in favor of the apple saying the american tech firm did not violate the ring of samsung's happens. according to the seoul central district court. apple did not infringe on a stance unpacked and related to text messaging and
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added accents and other key patents lacked originality immediately after the decision sansom said it would appeal. thursday's court ruling requires korea's tech giant to pay nine hundred thirty million us dollars to apple. but in a separate pen case on wednesday in germany. jensen scored a victory. the court ruled that apple had infringed on one of samsung's mall timing which function accepts. five months have passed since the crash landing of a fan of flights to fourteen and stamp francisco that killed three passengers and injured more than one hundred eighty others that national transportation safety board has begun its marathon hearing the fatal accidents that's responsible for the crash was grilled by investigators. fifteen mg l has the details the trainee pilot of the asian airlines going triple seven questions francisco re told investigators that was very concerned about lending without assistance from
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the runways navigation system according to information released by the us national transportation safety board the pilot said it was stressed about the approach of the auto photo was working when the plane was flying too slow and too low. about eleven seconds prior to impact inaudible words consistent with the motor speed caution was recorded but the action was too late an unnamed year and underside of the aft fuselage struck the seawall the airport's navigation aid was out of service due to construction all believed issue lighting system was operational at the time of the action continued on go quite a lot of experience and always room for seventies but was transitioning to a boring triple seven might have inadvertently testable takes the control system according to ntsb documents the hearing focused on whether the pilots of our reliance on the autopilot system had degraded his human flying skills and increase
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the risk of accidents the other maybe cause the system is also seen as key to the pope. some crew members told investigators the old trucks that controls the aircraft dollar was always seen gauge but the safety board said it was not engaged but he approached the runway. tender add the onions. south korean football star is near a deal to play for an english tea and stephen kaye joins us in the sports center to tell us he was making the move below that. loaded hello hello john well football there to sign on is finalizing a contract deal with chelsea beattie says ceo of the english woman super league. and when it goes to show for them from next season. the twenty two year old midfielder nick named jean sc for her goalscoring touch was contacted by chelsea ladies
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fc to play for them. late last month. caught their eye after helping her current team called alien ness of japan to three straight league titles. now chelsea ladies fc which finished second to last with just three wins this season will be looking to rebound next year with tea on the roster now more about south koreans playing overseas this time it's a constant tigers also what he pai home stadium of the lights out closer to what the grounds and stood atop the mount that close yen stadium in the snow media near kobe. he said that he was awestruck by its size and capacity and that he was looking forward to pitching and twenty in front of the fence. the baseball season starts in late march now it's time for thursday's top. next up starting in the kitty al the k c c just be an anti dc seventy one to sixty four but let's get to the table tonight the sk night that the muppets davis at home with color. the stars
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and moon say on the team opens to a two point lead at the half of the lights turn it around in the third and fourth becomes a stomping ground. courtney sims contributes to a twenty point four for escape and be so many people all this to be five to sixty. now with the p mate. the hyundai capital scott walker's posted the trainer john both in tone on the their records are identical going in but has now changed. scott walker's eight per cent but the jungles get one back. now it's no problem with scott walker's close it out. ms was down the hammer and ends with thirty winners and three blocks and ep the jungles three cents to one. for me near the sports center this has been speaking to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. rules the eye. there
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was a snowy day here in seoul and adhere over fifteen centimeters of snow have already fallen on common problems that sprite and some reasons are still under heavy snowfall bought at this hour it tells us to overturn an account at the weather center that this tropical plants from the north gave us the plant itself on thursday making it feel a lot closer than the actual temperatures what a time when the provinces under a heavy snowfall watch while some sun and the city are kind of winter weather advisories that tomorrow but to be
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the oldest day of the season yet with daytime highs hovering at around zero degrees. he let that the current conditions wisely can see it it's pretty cloudy across the back seat to a low pressure fact that the war then says that it is that chanel ad calling for an hour on the mountain in line with sixty about things that in the areas to my lord in all it is recommended that use transportation because it's highly unlikely that this bill will be seal icy road conditions. the bloodbath that buries itself that topped the day at minus seven degrees at five minus three team up with seventy six years six degrees the sale of their beads and with every ten minus one victories twelve month that remains the oldest at my spot. well that's all i have read it out and back to that. broadcast on this thursday nights and use a cane so bent on wednesdays for watching will
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the end the latest. and. and
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it is. you ll long war the presidents speech. i didn't resist as russia is not seeking to donate the blood and is capable of defending itself to protect the heat. all the options i could send to our own people auction to its full weight behind the anti government protest as in ukraine but don't ever want is a boat you think it's democracy in revolution. a


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