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tv   RT News  PBS  December 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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speech the putin says russia is not seeking to dominate the world. the government to make itself to protect its valleys. european parliament resolution brands ukraine's future of the association agreement a huge missed opportunity. in the eu should use for its power to persuade kiev to sign up. thus israel and saudi arabia reported the attack to mow but common interest in the middle east
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for now. syria and iran mostly when it is midnight the cities of the international the russian president has championed traditional values of the state of the nation address in stores the country can defend itself if need be an increase in total a wide range of topics in his speech from the economy to international politics. on tuesday of this canal was listening to multiple men in the kremlin said. it's traditionally be comfy place to be to find out the president's vision off the presents and has plans for the future. every year russia's top politicians businessmen economists and the elites got it from and to listen to his annual address first had just returned from there as well. and here are some of the key points but
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you wouldn't have to make russia is looking at the meeting will but that doesn't mean it has to stop protecting its sovereignty and traditional values. it is revealed that there are even more people around the globe who support our position in terms of ensuring traditional fondue. these are the values of traditional family and the value of human life including religious life is not only materialize but also spiritual. of course this is the conservative position but the point of conservatism is not that it hinders the movement forced and awkward. but that it precludes the movement backwards and downwards towards chaos of the barbaric state. diplomacy was another point in the president's speech or specifically these completely sincere in canada weapons. anyway new nuclear program. many analysts agree these are examples of diplomacy still works holland russia. our suggested that the so that
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those chemicals are stars in syria. on very few countries in the world. weekend to support the so called obama auction which would've been yet another bombing of yet not the country. so on boxing day so this is important lesson. our lesson on how the prices of the stock should be sold wa's plans to build an anti missile defense system the unique one of the biggest sticking points in moscow's relations with washington the force also talked about the president's message was simple without a threat from iran was building it. moscow the sea the shield is a threat to national security importance as a towering of russia's military is one of the ways to protect against it. i really love to give us the muslims as they did so when no country should harbor illusions of achieving the predominant over russia we will never let that happen in russia is ready to meet those challenges both
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political and technological we've got all the potential need it. our ministry doctrine as well as ominously appointment and i was without doubt to ensure russia's security. finally the train to the current situation in ukraine was in said moscow respects the views of local squad as to what it calls into the eu as long as decisions are made by contents in a beast and dialogue. when school starts the mosque. and there was no more about them if we can speech today on our website for highlights and analysis is there for you right now multi vocal european parliament has adopted a resolution saying europe needs to do more to strengthen ties with the system partners this comes amid the three weeks long pro union rallies in the ukrainian capital of the school sculpted thing here. on the state members of the european parliament passed a resolution touching them or to be done to help
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integrate what he calls its european partners says that he should be easy or tolls on its disposal including a huge tray of these away based on da energy security projects in a more strategic and flexible policy for the resolution says the ukrainian president viktor yanukovich his decision to postpone wants to sign the ear association agreement was a major missed opportunity. however the soul comes on the bedding the president of the candidates that a government delegation to brussels to try to negotiate on the deal was he says in its current form would simply be too damaging to the ukrainian economy which is foxtel right now despite not have to stop washington said. the country with sanctions if violent returns to the streets of kiev. what are strong message was on the ground all policy options including sanctions are on the table. i have you. but obviously that still is being evaluated for the mood amongst the protests it seems
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to be as defiant as ever luckily got lexi our chefs gate is in the crowds behind me when outside one of the barricades of which was installed to separate the protest with the heart of the protests and the rest of the kenyan capital is now bigger and stronger than before you can just find hundred and eighty six centimeters high and this barricade is almost twice to let them eat. let me just cross the wall to show you how thick it is these guys are here to keep the clay flower walked over the barricade against another police attack happens to follow me here. and the part of the barricade it's made of these bags which have snow inside a man is not melting surprisingly despite the temperatures in kiev now rising above zero now. in the twenty two hours of the african plains on the local taxi drivers that is better to just making something of a traffic nightmare for the locals but also a head of state to study from the government is also creating economic problems for the country but it's not the focus of the protests here obviously the mod is a much defined the people are
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willing to stay here as long as it takes for the government to resign and for the president to step down the tube and set up something off campfires of a get to keep themselves warm and if we go over here you'll see that and kept the ever present cent jump in the independence square which is now singing the train in anthem. thousands of people on. i still hear them protesting in the morning to go with us for the last twenty four hours have been pretty much be full but you can never rule out anything when it comes to the parade and there might be another attempt to disperse the crowd anytime that was the situation is tense but we're watching how the developments are unraveling here. amid the many voices of support from washington for what they called the ukrainian opposition support for democracy. get the tix but richard bacon doesn't fully into the statements. it's clear that the with the united states government is after his regime change in
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ukraine. let me say either concerned about it. you know we sighed. woodman and dozens if not hundreds of cities carried out in an organized way you coordinated way directed by the federal government. i guess people who were peacefully protesting this alley theater though they weren't in the hoop. the leaders of that for the government about the gauge and peaceful protests. they are engaged in the process on which they hope will bring about regime change and in their campaign they have the full backing of the us and nato. a total store in oprah's increase in state of the nation address will accept it more perspective on the president's speech in
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which he said the refusal seeking to dominate the world and is capable of defending itself to protect its values has told more about this with the russian affairs analyst mark mccormick the slide in london most about what to make a present regions talk of preserving the traditional varieties freeze country well mum come if it is said that the russians have no ideology on the fridge and put in. another new one called conservatism physically is left with additional value to the family. the question of the trip home. and that of gritty dj rejecting what people in the west would say on normal human rights as they might know losing to the fall. russia if you like these and fight saying is that he has his own culture and tradition and so on. he would not go the way is the west and rejects the way they wish to go and waste tide is doing in the west they want to keep that
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tradition with them. that's been important for us. what about foreign policy he told about leaving russia forget stressed he doesn't want to rule the world what is exactly mean by that would be released and can take the body of mine rushes out pretty strong position recently on the diplomatic thing. he has to be invented by a cathedral and demonic successes such as syria iran and the gulf state to another state in the middle east saying that if the united states leaving the middle east and the government to russia. the full protection zone is very useful for russia as much as the hague him on all russia would like to dictate how and so on nobody who is below the navel of the month at the center of power this one in china this one an american song. and your job is the strongest when she lost to the farmers face up among the leaders and russia say we had to use them too cold they rush is a member of the security council has a
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veto would still be very important member of the g eight and teach them did so and so macho. form four form part of one of you. dana thank you very well they're saying we are here. nobody nobody can stop most people who by the military aspect know because god knows i'm a student card was told about the cats who are the tree threats in terms of the anti missile defense system for europe saying of course the iranian threat has now subsided off to the recent success of a stalled. and yet the us is still pushing for but that missile shield in europe. britain sees this as a threat to shipping well he's always said that endorse most memorably the shooter was run against iran. they see it as the redemption of the games themselves. and this is going to get into this for the first time they've been saying this for the last ten years. that made him just right. and if you
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look at food coupon view of what has been made to as a good fit. but if you talk to my friends and if you think about it. you couldn't beat the system of russia the column highlights in the new ringtone her i was trying to be just the thing is that there's nothing in the speech media but the rice in china. we're going to stop the vote came he took over but things like that. and the press the economic incentive for small businesses to go to the russian far east side being installed. that is an indicator that there's a problem in the far east and that the more rushing to do that because he's the guy and his possible that china would expand his influence what we must talk quickly about ukraine. all this is the cross is ongoing that relations between the eu hand the us and the cool small skiff restrained this. how do you think because the tory activists make a special blessing from the us and eu on to the convictions now say he's given up perhaps of
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the ghetto to study these negotiations and in the joy not to agree human side of the book which is produced and then. well he's that he and the speech live as a strong case for ukraine joining the customs union john dillard was coming from russia and ukraine would be a very very considerable. a customs union. because chemical bases in the weak economic position of russia can give the ukraine incentive such as the no prize for its cast and so on but i don't get over it as it could provide moved wednesday to take some of the teeth with and know the truth is that okay with not negotiating with the eu not like eating normal that the weekend. i got these negotiations that led to his phone to view the article which quoted him he can say ok then we go along with some of these two moms and so on and they can to make up our minds ukraine is gonna make
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it to my trouble with the ukrainian it. and even the split between west would love to do with the eu and the beast itself toward russia. if it's a country divided time chemical which is to bring the two sides together. he may in fact in the end say. of these to the south of the majority and that we can make do with russia. the initial them but isn't that cute and now we can negotiate with the european union. and i got these conditions. lawson crystal to thank you very much to the victorious love the food on them all to russian affairs analyst martin mccauley liable if he thinks. the view was the head of programmes that extending a helping hand to fall with the increased its fall that's not going down well with those still struggling to make ends meet her the eye. i move the new. he is. i know
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the two language. news programs and documentaries in arabic. it's cold here all of the report and we'll talk the leap into the intriguing story. are you today the arabic for no more visit
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our big old auntie don't call . saudi arabia reportedly cement to him only in partnership with the country's increasingly alienated by then the longtime ally america washington's diplomatic approach to syria and iran as for the file that is rainy and sunny interests in the region. i just kept coming. the two countries saudi arabia and israel problem solving one helped in their frustration over what can israel and saudi arabia in the nuclear deal but the view was the head of the will power struck with the war. israel is very vocal about it. the saudis are a little bit more restrained but the saudi intelligence chief said there would be a major shift in dealings with the duplex saudi arabia wanted us to go all the non syria the us is that wind along with russia's proposal and cut a deal with the syrian leadership to get rid of chemical weapons there saudi arabia and israel are very suspicious of each other
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at the saudis oppose the creation of the jewish state they support the palestinian cause so it's too early to speak of who framed shot but washington definitely brought them closer together. the standard desire to threaten war. saudi arabia's now reportedly working with israel on a plane to attack you want. it reportedly gave israel the green light to use its airspace in the case of the strike and pledged other assistance. here in washington these with the lobby is fighting what they describe as a tendency in the west could disengage from the meat needs to be a pack meeting was all about it they talked about how war fatigue in the west that the reason for washington to one of the less involved in regional affairs. they saw the nomination of chalky goal as defence secretary of the signal pointing in that direction. of course the obama demonstration creek leave. we are short of a body that the us will not stop interfering in the affairs of the region. but israel and saudi arabia are not so short this point or they don't see
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that kind of interference that they would wanna see they shut down in washington or tea. in yemen as many as fifty members also a wooden coffee have reported being killed by a dream strike officials claim is likely the seven group fell victim to the attack of to be mistaken for an al qaeda called boy who is going live now from the apple dishes and anti gun activist in the states. same layout of the clearly a tragic mistake what do you make of this news does seem surprising the doesn't surprise me as just another example in a long list of. despicable illegal and immoral content in strikes and targeted government of being a states that this is the another the trend suggests that strategy it. they can be prevented. this continue and into the world needs to rise up and end that point the finger at the united
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states that were causing. he said. unnecessary damage and death. police of drone attacks are supposed to be high precision how do you think they can get that role they just its place in a vase and a very precise or surgical at the baghdad attacks and weekend. we see over and over again. there are many many examples of civilians women children old people being killed by the strands and evening and the germans attacked the people that this eia it tends to attack. this is outside the judicial process and these aerial vehicle attack state they violate the sovereignty of yemen and pakistan afghanistan and that even if the person to attack it. a bonafide member of the president and to be untrue to do something that's against the law isn't extrajudicial assassinations and absolutely it or even
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illegal. cod is gaining ground in the region in recent months out and what is the effective way to deal with that not all this the one has to accept at times our op tragic consequences in times of war that's a surprise how some people would regard this when i stay here if you think they get better at sharing government said its citizens are accountable to its citizens then you can justify this and say well american lives are being protected. in fact if it gets everybody is valuable. and that's unless we are you declare war. when the wind. these killings are hard to justify the era of the colony by leading financial law effective from the tax would have taught me the two leaders have been killed in a justified. i don't think so because as i said last year. it is the first in line and continue the conventions called for a three issue of the opportunity to surrender
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to the enemy is as interesting thing that could really prove the charges and an evidence and ends at a site notices this. he is happening because. us. these are the killings that are outside a lot to see any change in washington's approach it with these symptoms appearing among because the statistics of building and selling them as a civilian casualties. while a note of the good of the administration has been conducting this year we took a very secretive or with rounds through the c i a a civilian agency and not a knock to legally able to kill people. then he said obama said recently that he was going to move it from the caa to the military jurisdiction we haven't see any signs of that happening at the military could not watch the strands in yemen. the cis it absolutely. it is is it exceeds the bounds of the u s
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law and international refers to a few things to be apologized for an activist live from oregon united states thinking. my question the briton improving its economic growth these days as molly in the bank and other plants to spend more of it on fire in a zone two stores with reports the motions of things some of these funds will be better spent on the needs of the country's taxpayers the economy is growing faster than expected said mo money now talking to relieve some of the misery a high speed craft a puppet seek help them pay that heats the details. the controversy comes despite its often hard to hide the apostasy of the dismal state means increasing the amount the u k fed was a prolific in foreign aids. not because that's more suffering in the wealth but to me and all of a street i'll get the needle point seven per cent of national income. silverstein said
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the increasing amount of money it's ending in overseas aid mainly for the sake of meeting him take the top north. it is talking to them broad policy that would become like the woods fund of way. persepolis it but we think it's a response with the british government of the time and money is very tight for everyone the founders of the government to be saving more more taxpayers' money it will take me when i look to the current pc watching the snow being sent for a well money gets lost and forty. money's being spent in compensation. even up the road and a preference to other countries in effect they have been impounded from all over the next fight the eighth outlets that money del a while ago the fight is milling can react with receives mold an opinion pounds for the british taxpayer. it was hinted at in the space program adding it to mired in corruption estimates of several billion pounds of donated from the states and for us by corrupt officials and
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politicians. and india both states' rights with an audience base. they get two hundred and eighteen million pounds that you get from britt said. once they got back in foreign aid program was one point three pm talents. the t a c counter to see report states the uk already spent a small percentage wise on foreign aid spend any of the g eight country. and the great irony place and it still borrowing billions of pounds every month and now grace is on the up to people earning more than a half day just to give it away. observers of the women of the bat with the news team with morphine just in the whole financial now in the meantime he does well to pull the books and avoided discussing the political crisis in ukraine as a mean way of assuring resulting action. i know i i. as. i them. as
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y'all know the holidays are great for families to get together and sometimes on the okok it's flowing they're also great time for us to argue that everything from politics to religion what the ones we love. but if you happen to the nsa agent than the cover has an official list of talking points that way you can win those family arguments for sure. yeah that's right the government is not giving as he ages lists a very corny talking points when the fire dog lake so that way they can convince their relatives overhaul base of just how awesome effective and necessary. the national security agency truly is despite all those little revelation things of mass buying by snowden has become a complete success for reasoned political social religious organizations use them with their members who may not be the best debaters on the planet can defend the position of the organization will have no problem with tears again this list ages think it's a question from journalists
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when the government wants you to propaganda eyes are friends and family over christmas and thanksgiving it all seems kind of cult ish to me. that's just my opinion. i rmb. use. low. it
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does. low. it is. little. it
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is. ch. i did. and one. i eye
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coming to the dw life thanks so much for coming and coming up. pressure mounts on the train government is to enter there shortly. you'll go nuts and german social democrats get their final chance to say yes or no. watch these two men once divided by the state


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