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tv   The Debate  PBS  December 12, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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right before against it. it just to show up on the war they are rather fluid to have it. the deep other food authority behind him said he did. connor. you watch it fall spring dad's aunt also picked up coming up while russia's president tells the virtues of ukraine during its customs union gets sent a delegation of brussels that the stones for cash. we use foreign policy chief catherine ashton claims prison yanukovich doubt doesn't want to sign up to the eu trade. the obama administration tighten sanctions on foreigners who flout existing sanctions on iran this in a bid to win over hawks in congress syria's rebels. express
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their disappointment after a us british decision to suspend non lethal needs opposition fighters in the north of syria. it's a tale of three cities into the pro eu protests known as third week the present unocal which his decision to reverse himself and back out of an eu partnership deal in moscow was invited to put an applauding the decision in touting the virtues of a customs union in moscow. yes the iconic independence square. it still looked upon by thousands of protest as he sets up camp some barricades they demanded president take to get a call to step down and the ukraine to sign a free trade pact with syrup instead of strengthening ties with russia these crabs see that teacher with the west rather than with a former
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city on a protest to speak of that is on for more democracy in russia the president continued to tim tried to reassure them. he sleeps. we have always been proud of our country but we do not claim to be some sort of super powered with no claims to a certain global or regional hegemony. we do not trample on anyone's interest. we do not force our values on anyone. we do not teach anyone how to leave you with a stick shift. i did have two channels i stressed economic benefits to claim would enjoy if it joined the customs union acts but say most current strikes and i kept my promise and cheap credit energy's gas prices. the test is on the other hand remained defiant. everything that happened because of russia was nice and sound. russia and ukraine. about three hundred years the underbrush more patient. and now they want is to have a customs
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union. ukraine has always been free in the off licence and will fight for our freedom. to encourage ukraine to sign a pact with europe brussels offered some six hundred and ten million euro rates fall from the twenty billion chavez asked for he'll be eu foreign or to see chief catherine ashton is optimistic its president yanukovich told that he intended to sign the association agreement ah but eu officials however are as confident. since two thousand to euthanasia has been legal in neighboring belgium. but so. now with the belgian senate has been debating a measure that would make it legal in some cases for children let's go to the belgian capital our correspondent may be handmade what's the word on what the belgian senate is going to decide. the pirate bay collectively they tear jerker happy that only
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the second day of judgment for charity. like wood and tin on top of that. it must have cracked open and the doctor told matt that if a patient with expert opinion that the conduct of dr. no age limit to the uk can be covered and that the experts we spoke to hear the kitchen to make sure i wouldn't take that into him. i like to keep them in paper and to kick at the steps that are appropriate for a paper i'm the queen. the christian democrat on the car and shoot the cat. they collect the ticket for the over eighteen. he lectured number of medical conditions from
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thawing concerto important the team to compete or hear about it. i think. but the probably make it to be knocked it off topic here and awesome. many things that made me man. reporting there from brussels. thailand's anti government protests be running out of steam demonstrators again out on the streets of bangkok cutting off electricity the prime minister's office threatening to force their way in at least only the numbers though small in the head of iran's armed forces turning down requests for a meeting with the opposition. prime minister. you should know wats calling a snap election for february the second the opposition wants an unelected people's council to run the country. the hideous gold took a position he gets home it's likely his concept of shiva is notably from quartet of denying the intelligence. they get mad. the court granted bail hold one point eight million baht. the pots and apartments the vienna. he was charged in connection with the twenty ten crackdown on anti government protests in my call. the hearing is expected in march. the finance natural
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and ninety people dead anyone counseling hundred wounded. who will position and he is including the cheaper resigned from parliament on sunday the day before claiming speaking out she loves cold snap election she is sinful refused to step down until the estate that was selling to anticipate going on. i promptly went to high heat the government is ready to listen to different opinions i'm a pretty good discussion to find the right solution to thailand on today. right now there are many greeks in overnight patients who wish to take a lot to think of this custom has one eye. it's enough milk for the protest is trying to topple have facing off against police counseling can make a quilt as a cult electricity and water springs of the compounds. on the standings on monday to around two hundred and fifty thousand people. as days turn out was significantly lower
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turner and has been no claim over the month of protests that demonstrate is insisting that point it's just a summary. the bill of an unelected people's council celebrations this thursday in nairobi to mark fifty years of independence for tenure presiding over a president who can doubt it it was his grandfather. joe moore could not choose to ignore prince philip's famous quip back in nineteen sixty three you sure you wanna go through this. lately though there has been a rise of anti colonial rhetoric in kenya. the expats carry out a controlled detonation of two grenade that was held at the car of two british tourists the suspects. do something. we do so would you do not. the motor vehicle what does it. bt its deposit
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and all. not that i decided cheney to ten years in restaurant and school wary about the panic it's going to the country's image. this day marks fifty years of kenya's independence from percent but the tourism industry has little to celebrate. this isn't a myth that down fifteen percent honesty and a strap and is worried by attacks blamed on islamist menace an excuse to stay away in september the quickening to somalia's al should have killed sixty seven people in an attack line nine baby shopping mall. medicine is an estonian a coyote i needed the candy is independent of answering. its president and vice president and ongoing charges of crimes against humanity. at the international criminal court. to do any act and when you receive and are accused of orchestrating paced and action plans. they killed more than a thousand of the disputed poll in two thousand and seven. tens of thousands of flag waving can use during any act after indendence celebrations to
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annihilate the main stadium on thursday poverty and inequality few remaining ten are insecure see. not everyone is separate. india's justice minister says he is going to fight to overturn the through legislation the bill was passed it than the cause of the highest court of striking down same marriage in his country this is australia's highest court this thursday. a striking down a landmark law that allowed the country's first gay marriages in the canberra area more on that story with a lot more easy. the it was used to it then leaves the honeymoon is over for visas to the unseen couples the high court overturned his new marriage equality laws on thursday and found eighteen and twenty wedding ceremonies performances to date. the couple's his nineties had just been announced. the high court judgment was heartbreaking this is devastating. in less
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and less than a week. we get married. and we've been married. at least on the level of marriage equality rights wisconsin least in the capital. terry taylor e c t last night they insisted his conservative government immediately towners them on the high court. it's a conflicted with federal law the courts upheld the challenging unanimously decided that the actu homeless and family it's been just detail the court's decision but said it was time to move on. he gets on the too good to see simple common sense. it makes sense in stride as he called a natural marriage goes up to see what the ict sort the londo on the back. prime minister tony abbott and his coalition opposed the marriage. successive federal bills to letting the cool recognition of same partnerships. liberty rights campaigners bad that the fight will continue saying that despite the defeat in the courts they will celebrate so much great to victory in ten is a
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reception of the color of the issue. image quality isn't the bank politics rather than a month from the defendants. and said that's it for this news bolton time now here on false and just before the debate topic. the central african republic. off. on his way home from the tributes and nelson mandela tuesday the french president made an unexpected stop though was that a week. the un mandated friends to deploy to the central african republic houseboat on visiting french forces in funky paying respects to two soldiers killed in an exchange of fire it's the second time in less than the year that france has sent troops to former african colonies. already the defence minister in paris morning
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it's the salt of the commission will be more difficult and dangerous and wanted mommy. in a prepared statement attacks. asked if france was the only option restoring order and see why this time its words are chronically unstable slopes of the muslim traders are pitted against christian in the midst of farmers were militiamen in neighboring sudan and chad and a further layer of uncertainty. today austin gets a date with ap france to the rescue. joining us from donkey for an update our correspondent alex turnbull in the studio. he was soft i think the prime minister from two thousand one two thousand three times to get it to be in the opposition thank for being with us. thanks as well to china's former foreign ministers serve to both in office and also in opposition the in your own country. in
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the shaky in whom are welcome to the show. two forehand. i wanna welcome as well the journalist said. and she said. the court meters of internet without borders which is trying to document what's going on inside the central african republic judy oh no thank you for and to journalist michael kurtz the producer of the world's memory project also serves as an advisor on a hollywood feature film that was shown in. that was filmed excuse to do since been produced and sent them off was shown to reduce the eighty two to present it was easy. in other people the dentist back in two thousand and eight. when the film was akin to the film cannot be we'll talk about that other of the glitter on the false identity we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are hatch act s two sports updates. sixteen hundred french troops deployed to the central african republic the actual deployment began
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as fighting and losing last week killed hundreds in the middle of friends found themselves engaged in street combat husband gets mentioned about and alex turnbull filed this story on tuesday the friend turned me on the turrets on the streets of rome gate. the answer a call by the open presents. after americans reported injured everything is just moments before. the situation he generates any moment. so caution is essential. joss stone with this man's condition is life threatening it's impossible for french troops in knowing which side the mariners pricing. since carrying a weapon when the loneliness in terms of competence have shed their uniforms. i call nevertheless french soldiers given first aid the woman
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people told us that this man was wounded were taken care of him and are weeping for the red cross to get here to evacuees him. it's also our mission to help the local population. isn't it a try and control. so it was scrolling through every part of its bounty and down weapons. did that at the end the top of a lot of them like that. we left. if you start to the christian neighborhoods. people applaud the disarming of the former seven the red boots the band morning comes and wondered what our soldiers. the nearby or mold is losing its supermarkets on to the eyes
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of french troops and central african security forces. they lack the equipment intervene in these types of disputes armed with clubs and machetes. the muslim holders of the shop quickly chased them off. the invalidity of three rc remains to assist the injured trying to discern the nations. donkey and our correspondent alex turnbull alex that was tuesday the situation is quiet it seems the french fully control the capital. i asked him to death of two soldiers we saw sustained s soldiers on the streets of ninety. and by his opponents but this situation feels a bit so i point it seems like it has improved and we sold presence of any venture out into the streets today and agreed to go out and get some sleep and watch all today's spend
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holiday in that room the rules of the zune trek characters to care. attached you can see either you get here. they paid at the troy has been simply disappeared over the last weekend they were back in town as well as that there is a sense that it is such a sadness will want to impede pots again we're still getting over colds you recall post this up soon arafat called the outset that the employer of the different people setting up our case especially grumpy katif on. date of the most of the muslim neighborhood and it ended badly to goodness no outbreaks of violence but again it's very hard to identify a recent poll winners can take place where they can actually hold the situation could have a little profanity fairly quickly or infirm. i've
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written up and ready to head very funny clash between armed groups. it's when i'm angry more than that i'm listening sharper that's what we sowed last tuesday instead it is part of it remains very unstable and you know a little bit more about why there was this sudden upsurge of violence to us when the french were about to deploy last week. one is that it's hard to say exactly. i decided to endorse this quarter length cd that attack against vandy. the group states that this attack when labeled as anti bark units the silky friendly states that were created. if all this conflict and were reactivated in some sort. two fights. the former southern rebels that work at attacking the christian community's own residence. they are said to be the ones horrendous attack began. it can also be of various militias armed groups of men. and they were
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probably. besides endorse this site before the actual votes of the un which may date back to that the french army an army to use force to disarm the militias in town that's what the army is here for him. they date yet to be having the new week they set up checkpoints or costs have installed a new car that was coming their way the cylindrical about the weapons from people who were reluctant to get them back. we wanted these anti back to the roosters to choose to today. since the external me when he returned to my friends didn't work. he explained. wine just when the french arriving there is this as as alex was saying this seemingly course we still try to piece together what happened to see mink ordinated attack. i think the group which one's own
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before. to go into for maths they are. i've decided to rock the country. the floor the full cost of use. they wanted to see us who put in french. it's a definitive book on the window of opportunity when you look at it it can compete in this. to be bought off. wouldn't it be human if there would be put to good discussions he said to be part of a political agreement excuse me for asking cynically. or perhaps to do a bit of looking before the french iraq. all that though is that i can go before to preserve the crime is out off twenty two pm and we could move with speed would be discussed it's not
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are you people are considered among the young man rule. angry and decided to go. it's a very interesting. be sure that you are checking them out. i am looking into position to trying to manage the succession in some african the boy down from the start so i have an interest in and it's this petition. the spirit did i mean the law is meaningful before you seek to justify before it has secured to customers in essence the nation. i still got to the group lately due to be done due to the former presidents to receive them that is the prisoner was you did it to dedicate according to school tomorrow. i cannot see this group was formed as a liberal and from his farm the studio. job to do name
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cool i think it's cool. van the transition process from you'll be successful. dead condition is key because it is rainy and cold process corbin today it was easy and his cronies would be out of the game so i stayed up as they try to create confusion in order to prevent damage to persons from whom to inflation even as his minivan suv or not because you have field operatives obviously an insider to stand trial on it they see this as political gains up or debate. again to the sea this morning it's just you know he can rob and kill. as as you said they agreed that the people
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locals is local to society organizations and blackberries. i am going to be given at stake so busy for them to kill themselves there it was that it will not be denied. i haven't found it funny. indeed detainees is questionable because as you said the attack happened a few days before it can be and the defense and convention begun at these times of the christian and specifically the position of president of the same great ski at the moment i'm in he said to have arrived in france france's intervening in his country. well the country is too cruel until now his call for peace he has said any reads the paper or in favor of at least i tend to something and that the crisis and sometimes you can link to these results to vary their passion into a worrying trends and opportunities of solutions of long term and sustainable submissions had to get to meet aaron and i on the table
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and discussed including the tourist thing. the scene and take to the east. michael curley should we be hearing from the ousted president obviously it was easy as it were to say but i think that right now the situation on the ground is not one where you can determine who argue that it's exactly the people there definitely angry at one another to the seneca has done a lot to create the backlash against them for months of looting and destroying villages and pillaging. and that was probably the answer to that question is that the death of political maneuvering on all sides. but there's also a certain amount of it but i think that before the french arrive. from the reports i received there was also a desire to do something. in the meantime because knowing the french were going to be arriving. it was indeed possible and afterwards so they stood to the premature to do that other leaders of
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the abbey at the ballot that we can negotiate with today don't know that other leaders of the site of the week and a good chat with today. we don't even know that. there are there out there all kinds of things that are happening inside the inside of a bondi today which make me believe that the answers will probably come from people stepping forward in the future. not good with it a step forward so far. tarrant and is on top and it's unclear and it's muddy and amy and france is the conquering of northern mali. seems like a walk in the park to visit this point i was first a french casualties coming. on monday and said that defense minister of france offering up a sober prognosis for what's to come. the operation in the central african republic is much less expensive than the mission of money. it's more difficult less expensive because of the reduced cost of transporting weapons because it got me a gift more delicate because it's difficult to identify the enemy. because both across america and anti
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islamic us pointers are mixing with the civilian population. d to the mall to see a couple of minutes onto the cookie to pull up a pistol. we can be a tougher more in the moment. with very different kind of mission. i know both countries so you can use it well tonight well that depicted the biggest difference. is that when we win the french went into mali we had a particular target they read they were trying to drive off the means that the head that had taken over large part of the country and miley. where is in instant up in . they don't know who exactly the enemy is in terms of restoring order. obviously the summit as a good target it seems to me that the situation is going be on the situation simply basilica that what you get the silica under control and by he does that mean for the rest of the country. the other one what does success mean i'm not sure exactly what success means in the formula feed her with a win to my success meant driving the is out of
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tune but to the dollar. both lee and kid out. but what does success mean does it mean quality. the situation in bondi. because the senate having all kinds of places that can go and have gone the past. it sounds. given that it's mission impossible for the french cinema often try to break up every street fight in the whole country ignorance and it's in bloom into submission. i think. how come it is assumed to mind but it's cute too. how many groups in the country. city and to the nikon owner of korea ropes. we stood in the contest. and very talented god guns and so he can see how her to pick it with them. they are in. what will she treated me with that statement isn't it. and how to be designed. and i think before making or actions. in
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the army and won't have to have. to have them into chunks. in all exactly the way. don't be put on eating healthy. i was in toowoomba the two beaches. it is i think. i ran into his own people. and by the movie a day being held in the parade. mcconnell as too i think even if you peruse the descent and landing in all its good. many people in the country then tiffany who can do for them is they have done it in the series and humbled to have guns. if you have done the job is his job as well. conti was be useful and in the country is useful
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constable of causation or almost new constitution. i wanted to write tnd come back.s the false and cat today. thx the fifty one percent. a program about the women making headlines and internationally. im feeling to win and human rights activists all victims of discrimination. there is to new delhi. washington cns every week that fifty one percent highlights the win and will fight to change it while ninety nine. one person on most but got no husband got dark on. the rule. a little. there is much more than any station. it motivates and inspires sure to pick a new musical salute
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to the net on. one of the other two so maybe it's a sunday on fox. journalists from thirty five nationalities working together it's up to the city open to comments he did succumb to these events were an item in as anonymous if you cannot simply assume he would be yes. cause i kept on site gets two tickets for the contents. jody plus dc the song becomes. eye africa needs. your eyes on the day. we need an exit from across the continent. ms african youth. and of cos i got done on it. our eye welcome back you watch this awesome dad before he resumed be false then get up to date samples the stories will be falling for it. at the top of the art could there be another reference on the part of ukraine in the works that deputy prime minister quoted by the resistance he is
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saying jeff will soon sign a free trade association agreement with the eu member when they pulled the book of up to one that had been planned. back in november it sparked a huge wave of protests which is still going on. the obama administration tighten sanctions on those who flout sanctions with you wrong. this would be to win over hawks to an interim agreement was signed with tehran last month. serious opposition. expresses its disappointment after the us and uk suspend non lethal aid for the rebels eye. call looking back to watching the most intense debate were asking if its friends to the rescue. in their former colony the central african
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republic. with this to talk about it he was on topics prime minister in two thousand and two thousandthree down the opposition. as he did it we were talking as i wanted too much into all the details altered courts are not included in the city title these different groups a bit of a new line with one side or the other. use it. since no one from five to dundalk or to put the puppy i'm not siding with the one coupon as i write. we have with us as somebody who we think it's become welcome at this point is minister of state minister for works could cry and boating going by. thank you for joining us for this part of that discussion from up from below donkey. i want to thank as well. i shake in whom are listed as foreign minister one points is also in opposition at another point. and to use this in the studio the original aspects of what's going on
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he touched on in a moment to the corner of internet without borders has been monitoring things there. and to michael currently advisor to the hollywood feature oak which was filmed in the central african republic you're with the world's memory project we were talking and just before the break that about france's role and it would even go buy it it sounded fine wool from what we heard some of the panelists day. but really it's only france that if they could've stepped in it. it was no other option but at the french commands you agree i recently having technical issues. the group. that is new to me. it snowed in and out of date. nobody knows and
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who was personally and community. ok we had a nice day. it is a service that's it. ok thank you for being with us. mr don. are you pleased that the french as they arrive. so the republicans who are you pleased that the french have thought of as i have arrived in bondi. this is going to post a post. why's that along with the french the only option. they were on the kindle books will try that we'll try that too. toot toots a settlement issue judy or know where the french the only option and now. no i would say you're a sticky note and because at the face of all and. and it is true that
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nobody else wanted to tempe if i find that attacking a baby duty there and the european union and periodically he said. france is credits. the european union will today be known that fantastic and that is close to reaching that is very sticky date of the european union which is a comfort to me and comforting and presents. i think of was a case for deep sense of place that i forgot you soak these questions and his directors to an episode of responsibility for the european union on their butts and politicians jumping and also had to take this responsibility when it comes to that region of africa but on the other hand antibiotic is also the add ins that has been a set of additional action that is the relationship between the fukuoka alerts friends in this case and the former colony reaches the same time picking the lake and you have
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to be spent and that is in relation to those that advocate for other actors to jump in on the whistle to secure realistically the germans don't have troops on the ground being produced on. in eighteen ten in the shooting as those same thing also has a reason the reason is that unrealistic. it should be sending them into easy to be talked about the content that represents the citizens and the european union and the eucharist as well. it's a debate that has to be. it has to be taken even one has to be taken to be dealt with even more that we've seen a poll that came out i confess to keep its cities and sixty four percent of the french people don't understand this intervention. because it hasn't been explained to them because i needed to intervention in these cases are always excited about that at the end of the parliament to discuss the reasons why friends to go. my friend to get involved in foreign conflicts in africa and from the east we explained to the citizens that okay. other
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aspects are you the book was a silly barrett's here but they're also to td the tipping point in cpd and i are at stake center. oh and the state's court for europe for friends nate and citizens could probably understand more in such building to come out so i think it's awesome when printing. lincoln michel korea is this about the oil that is or is this about saving lives. opinion is that most people in the world don't care much about what happened since the laughter grew up worst of all they're not. it's not like it. it's a big story until it became a much bigger story today when people started giving people the streets. he became a big story of course united nations has been very involved from the office of the provision of genocide and to denounce was going on to warn them of the oven record of not coming to this and i think that the mandate from the united nations whose death on the humanitarian one the french getting involved
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kind of logical in a way that is offered malia vivid and often encouraged to apply leave. he seemed to be the ones that people turn to when there's a need in the end of the chicken part of the former colonies however this also puts know what happened on the ground i've been talking to people and by people feel very reassuring. by the french presence of god that they feel that somehow has denied that the pup list of ideas are right now. in the diaz as the report brought out the knitting behind the doors of their compounds not coming out. hoping that the you know that snow but it's good to bring down the doors. today when i was talking to people he expressed some of the reassurance that the french canadians say the african forces. and speaking practically. it does not come to the french would be able to restore i'm not necessarily in agreement with that but i think that one of the reasons to be different too much to reassure because it is as this was the earlier the africans were ready to move it. i don't know if they
7:39 pm
were to proceed with the germans moved in for example you're still speak french. are defined by the way french and peace or outright against intervention in the central african republic and across the political spectrum in this country. there are some expressing doubts. but the council people will indeed be there for a few months is a small tree with a slight money to be there yet now totals for a few months this country fought with a un peacekeeping forces me to insert the process position would be strengthened. if they don't intervene from school once again to look like africa's policeman noting that in the near future that's good for our country and it looks suitable for cooking. quito on the tuesday night present on insisted once again france does not aspire to be as the expression often goes to sean thomas africa ron's isn't seeking profits from the situation in the central african republic school
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there's nice self interested motivation and prawns isn't attempting to have an unjustified implements in the region. from squid simply intends to bring security to a population is being threatened by preakness militias. it all. shaykh umar your thoughts on this you might do me to complete. if talking to media about christians and the stamps i've used it to you. they defended very interesting and good news is that the church and from time to come. this is in houston and easter. i sold lots of aunts grandparents for an sec team and it has to do the valuable that they can lay their hands on with it. i
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think it is. it is important to me he got the power elite is to use program. not that i can get them on the fields well known produce. you can do is look of frustration and whenever they visited the doctor ordered him to use a headset off their frustration against the tide was dead. this cake into pieces to use this to be shown and that their foreign companies than to make these intervals from i think it is the second effect. it is important to post just that the conciliation precinct they had it. then on the ocean. i'm just going to defy the house. the finding is that the auction. refuse to see the doctor because he is. why did the fire stopped and if the spirit. what i did one of the people and i went to the front of them stopped
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what i do. i mean by this dr has denied the incomplete and so much and what does it work. in the city able to use and peaceful. and that is the stopping of up to him the game at a time of the persons who have a duty day to african sources that it forces of good and into the lives of the african forces already. i think it did was interesting. he's won best option is the key is to force us all from africa african republic and its business. the syndicate sent off to complete. it indicates a cool moment. sometime after ten pm. it is overpriced nobody has yet to be a
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benefit to our forces to the african and is looking to do is talk that existed at the top of the two nd minute and prizes. and that he just cannot resist and interviews show these while i don't want to be seen. does democracy it wouldn't be here. she calls me in all studies to prove it wendy's democracy. most of the door. no man. and im not going to head to head to toe did people stop africa the ten bloggers. the boat was complacent. detective ship reason. the election and the dinosaur. i've got to sleep in one piece. the oven i wanted them to you and no internet and on on this. it was a lot of food for thought in the inward and shaking mark. jess said you agree that our first and foremost those that are tearing out
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the attacks are as he put equipments. i'm back to the you knew what to do to see. we bumped into him. it doubled. how did that to the er. in some profits the court. so i agree with him. since the fifteen minutes to answer the twentieth. in. the it seemed only. my condition what does. more too. mood due to the country to one
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hundred and eleven so we partied into the address to the country. eye. as you see you as you see. the city isn't that right too. just cause. well it has to do. let me ask you. the reading i've done what you say to people who say they are stoking this violence between central africans are militia men coming from neighboring countries china and sudan. to top. why does it go out to be close to. we are due monday meanwhile former pupil who monday and she. trivia
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should be between them and chat and we have to conform to the ground for a second job. people phone. they are listed on that fourth day she said. to the new in town so about that. the people he informed. due to time. fairly high up people who were up either chad emotional with inge and j we set up motion from militias from sudan this is a term used to that truly awful some people not
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conform to go in and about the job. to be the tool to use them to something new to them by forcing them to him people whom. mostly it does not come loose from his impulses and beyond that. i love and adore you. he and his team so does with them some people in the mood today. when senator the power. on a trip to the order what are your people telling you that. this weekend as people from the civil society. tp has it has been that sounds about the story about the involvement of tv and at the tv and content in the city center african crisis. remember that at
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the beginning and end sick and are doing to listen to the assembly time. centro african civil society organizations were invited to come with it for training this year. don't get too into caves where it is something to be done intention to commit to end the civil society organization also point out several attacks in kenya we have ousting of peasant was easy. maybe our suspicions and that of easy to become innocent african coming in and see the empathy that way when it is an awesome is that i need a day there is a visor hasn't heard that when it comes to a solution it's a civil society placing bets that the template to a bassist and president obama intends to add essential to good people earlier this week said exactly this that the civil society should be also about the political debates conveniently because the motions because the arrogant ones who else can know what's happening there outside of the political and then everything that we talked about at the beginning of the program and the ugly
7:49 pm
grouping in the morning eminence. regarding the deep deep deep deep kiss of the crisis because its only victory. we stopped at the suggestion to talk about lack of democracy which doesn't date back to it. i hear great things that even feature is that they need to prevent the condensation davidson and debate the crises and also about social crises. it's about people who lack access to resources collects taxes to two mac had to be seeking some services. that's also what is sent back to christ it is about. unfortunately i don't hear we don't hear it to me. legal protections talk about. to divert some of the people have begun to one comment by the way saying the solution of cair the results but the president to be of chad in the middle and telling them to stay away when you think of is is a disease to be part of the solution or part of the problem. it is
7:50 pm
that that that is very confusing because there has been multiple positions against the kenyan citizens at stud in practice the italian units reached on top of the weakness in prices and cranky. and it has been positioned against islam to be inside. so too does the unthinkable dismiss the number it is not just some facts. in two thousand and three. it was the first rule this is our hope and well my dear friend. today was is defined as the friendly staff. it just did not get to taste. thanks
7:51 pm
to chad in form it isn't good news is not the act. and it did did did did did units the presence of chakra good deed goes to the kenya the new meaning to talk to hold you. it's all day today tuesday would use it as he did as he is not having to learn to use it to indian security persons and to the tt bike were forced off with some african origin. one thing that is all the facts don't go out to be denied do you dead ricciuto ended up over soon. design uses it as the differences in those war supposed to go in jesus instead example that is under the sink up to do what they did it and offers were overcome by denying ticket number of seneca. but that does not. now the lady saying
7:52 pm
that the numbers about this it was. two of the city this book so far due to smoke and ptt. when looking for. sean said. what did you adopt a horse that people are engaged and in the staffroom captain from uganda sudanese man has to be himself will defend to the pub in town back in nineteen eighteen tomorrow still just sit in the interim minister said that the force to denny's and lenders that attack came into power and bending them in the second doctor said that on tonkin incident and is intended to form close and the region's hopes. and a lot of the net income will fall to convey an income from a national tradition. freaks with the same people. and my bestie again at the time it's with the news on the reserve and a south african of time
7:53 pm
not just in the sink for a postcard that i don't see the doctor is not a reason to deny yes it is in search for it in june. national's eat outdoors from africa but that it is. you do how important and to print out some of the case with on and on countries like brazil who didn't we. the notion of an office. sure enough the same but that is not to get some opinions. but it must look to you. in it. this program is open for business in possession of the national building democracy. after. a cooker. well i must admit that the site is superior to vindicate its mission to africa except for the africans themselves arrange the real problem is that a republic is the lack of governance it for years and years and years including the four were present budget
7:54 pm
to go for the reconstituted any hints. outside on the phone with the apartment and sometimes by the sudanese so what the real problem is the central government has never been able to to handle take it outside of the reason of bondi and the part of the of the content of the southwest in the least a decade. it's a situation today in a contract explain this as political maneuvering on the part of different countries overlooks the rear the real from the present into the eye right there and wasn't able to govern. there is no police force and as is our frontier would say there was no army to take over. so the real question is how do we somehow encourage the next government of the center for to be more responsible to its citizens the responsible towards its total population. isn't it uber was tested with michael kearney just said whose job is it to drop that blueprint for basically creating a state from scratch. i do this
7:55 pm
supposed to pick him up the man from del conte enough. this is the cause to many as you go. and the opposition parties' today in many a times about that even the silly moments to make a point. one would be beyond it. does the moon. and the integration process again look who has been and is at its end. because resemble a double and it isn't cool you have given. and it made it to be a good hint. the first two of the amendment to make the salmon gums and was given the news of his job. so whose job is it the two bright blue
7:56 pm
print for a first for duty for creating a new state from scratch. it's like to have blown up went to work you have to do now. it's depressing how to do now is to bring about peace and calm assailants. it is beyond me fair and open elections. and we got and how we've been we've been astute reader interested. it killed the child of god was the poorest citizens from portland or. it is. what is and how to do the broad consensus within a half to be that there was already time to thank enough to get a convenience to the one ominously minister under eighteen s down for being with us up from auntie michael kirk weak and shaky even kumar. thank you for joining us here in the falls and gets the day. it was frustratingly short. bronson
7:57 pm
join us for the latest political economic cultural and social news from friends from simply pissed off cos i have to confess i have to come. the eye. or do. our own
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and. and. it is. new when
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long will. rta on capitol hill republicans and democrats push forward on a budget deal. not even when the project. this is still shaping up to be the worst congress in history and in depth look just added. can't forget to get out of jail free card in california a deadline to reduce the state's prison population has been delayed. they are operating at one hundred fifty percent over capacity for thees


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