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the race. ecb. nineteen seventy six love will last executed which lead to the pr
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we will be done. let's continue. yet despite the rain the aide said. said the cost of august two thousand and forty nine to study for the day before that welcome to cctv new slide eighteen until friday marks the seventy sixth anniversary of the nineteen massacre of prayers and the full piece has been housed in this class outside the nanjing massacre of the mall will fall. people stood in silence and siren sounded at beginning of the seventy three with the aid and fouls were wrong mm mm i knew. i mean. well if i liked thousand people have attended this year's
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event including local residents students victims' families survivors of domestic up as well as representatives from end to the international institute of peace and ending citizen representatives read out munching peace declaration a series of events will be housed in creating press conferences and seminars friday off me in a report on presenting survive those oral history will be presented on a sino us collaborative projects on oral history studies will be announced. china's foreign ministry has expressed its condolences for those who lost their lives in a war against japan in a brace on friday foreign ministry spokesman home layout japan two respects and reflect on history. the tournament in japan true respect and reflect on history is history can be a mirror. i hope that japan can make concrete efforts in improving ties with its neighboring countries. in september
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nineteen forty six us praise gilman he testified before the international military tribunals for the fight is against the crimes to panic and eat it during the nineteen months to come he also brought fields and pictures he took during the bus the yawning. there's too many. maria i can. well not be. the one night in a while. i don't know me. don't even know him. rugby this year. i mean it man. late at night. it meant he didn't want to know that he did not invent them. the duo
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immediately. since our wedding. by an individual to a japanese soldiers. up to the soldiers together bring about. each one seemed to have the power of life or death. and the bonus room that was organized giving it a bit bodies of men. we're being thrown by a bright hope for a machine gun and grey also when you wrote proofs of several hundred being bennett said. some were for women only her husband. our guide. in front of her. and he was only in a phone and she will reach the state the door to let their beds used over for that. what do you know war still accepted other evidence including a secret telegram from the dead and germany embassy and nine jane to the german foreign ministry that i grabbed sad it's known today as japanese award for the japanese who committed the crime it is the entire japanese and their
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will on me. it's a beast in the shade all munched nineteen forty seven to try be an asset in its headaches that a total of more than three hundred thousand victims had been killed by the japanese army and ninety the cctv correspondent anasta people on the streets of tokyo about what they know about the nanjing massacre many say they have a heck of it. they form a professor of cuckoo rica the university who has been studying the history of the second world wars that japan has destroyed effort to avoid taking responsibility and depression to refine and respect history. snow the minute. i don't blame us the more ordinary japanese even some politicians had never heard of the massacre
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and many doubt whether it happens. until now many japanese believe that the tokyo war crimes trial is some sort of punishment of japan. the thing it is unfair gemini published the masses after the war a letter to hand didn't do the same. so many don't know the crimes japan committed in the wartime. turning to the dprk now the country's as its once numbered to be done sometime has been sentenced to death and executed the new deal fisher news agency reports that john was executed on the state immediately off to the special ministry tribunal convicted him of committing unforgivable crimes is that john had commits its hideous crimes such as attempting to overthrow the state bought or sold to the intrigues and despicable maggots with a wild ambition to grab disappear and power of the policy and state the sixty seven year road with the ongoing role of the countries to the vet can go on. he said as vice chairman of the national
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defense commission on the circuitry of the ruling was this auntie administration department the political bureau of the weapons policy strip to jennifer lopez and tiny toes for the anti policy outcomes the revolution we crawl and often meet in on sunday the politic is it gonna be using his power and challenging the sole leadership system. the doses that john had greatly hinder the road that the cabinets are taking control of major economic development sectors the daily toll to eight p sixteen year the dude cabin is the raffia will die and kill me on he told us what exact crimes count was elected to have committed the list of crimes which was published in this morning's state news agency reports is extensive. the report printed out runs of all the fight up to five pages of a full paper in its english version they're all kinds of crimes mentioned that in it's interesting that one of
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the things mentioned is that she was behind that is all stressed car seat revaluation that took place here in two thousand and nine and that's never be mentioned the fall it's also very clear that he stated that he disobeyed orders from the supreme longer that's the country's leader. marshall console him amongst these crimes many other things the misfits including squandering money selling off the country's assets itunes as well as that distribution little creepy it is a very long list of crimes he is described as human scum. as well as the adult and a trade to federal agents say the number of crimes of all as is expensive and they run right up to most serious of crimes disobey the media trying to put yourself into the position of taking power spread via. and it does mention the words to that she was. this is accused of
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having tried effectively to overthrow the present leadership and push himself in charge. a piece russia oh well back in pyongyang on soft area has expressed its deep consigned to the execution of the country's top presidential security and government ministers have had an objective meeting to discuss the jones execution of its implications for the dprk future relations with south korea as well as the current nuclear standoff on the korean peninsula soccer is now the trees as it has stepped up surveillance on kim yong and is maintaining high vigilance against any provocation the no movement in an all has been detected. to me to come this sunday between our government is deeply concerned about a series of events happening in the dprk awake it will close eye on it will stay calm and fully prepared for all possibilities of government will also work closely with our allies and related
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countries. and judy from then on the beach with one and the immediate reactions of the structure to stephen o krishna doc's and you need is a response against the dprk me to provocation. also close to the trekking in the ditch his movements. china's foreign ministry that the council like the execution with anna and tone of the fact that the dprk. just use caution in the bush and this is an internal affair of the dprk as a neighbor country china hopes to dprk remained stable and develops its economy they deserve to pass and the association of southeast asian nations gathering for a summit in tokyo japan's kyodo news agency says japan hopes to rally a posse of support to draining china's strong stomps on the aspects. devon is a fish as that that japan is skinned reduce the carrot as summits. to commemorate forty as a friendly and cooperative ties. japanese
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prime minister jean de la pay visit to deport an aussie donations just eleven months into office on the summit is expected to wrap up his diplomacy to panels of times to punch a three hundred billion yen in official development assistance to the time and all sealed for the sauce to prevention among other forms of assistance canada news agency reports how they will meet on friday with adidas of the philippines britney indonesia and singapore popped me to discuss the a d i c and cooperation in this awesome management falling to nine summit talks on the site today japan and austria would issue a joint statement. i didn't document that will not have visions of future ties between the two sides. more on such a deal we talk talk respond to or she met in tokyo about the summit. it showed us how to sum it is important for the japanese goldman to promote economic ties with awe filled countries and get support for its position on regional
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security. it remains in the show support. it is that it has something to add these to trying to push all in the it gets people that eco island as well as the dnc. if you remember the past year of the hes that visited the other countries in the sand but also in the middle east. every time a of a piece of trying to get support from these countries on up on dealing with mom to that tree. the dead the territory she said. that is something that i've been this being the good thing since i hear he took office to the end of last year and the this would be a good opportunity when the economy to increase economic times he's also trying to get a support from the center piece on the name of regional security. more details of the most about japan's secrecy baylor that was approved by parliament last thursday. the killer news agency reports that there will be prepared for a period
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of up to a yet before the bill comes into the fact the japanese government has started to run off is stop to buy a round ten of the show's quitting the cabinet secretary is to lay groundwork for enforcing the mole in law says that in generate an advisory council the facts but to decide own rules. heat a link on information would be dozen eight is at stake or it can tread and d costs to fight crime but some will make his critics have questioned whether the oversight mechanism will be truly independent. meanwhile it will soon launch an oversight committee to the vcd designation and the classification of secrets possible by the end of this yet. under the secrecy role because of special secret such as civil servants will face up to ten years in prison. those who instigated weeks we'll get a maximum time a fine yes the secrets in question include information on diplomacy defines come to terrorism and come to espionage. some press
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has allowed its commercial airlines to give flight dates had two tiny so far it is when flying through the east china sea at defense identification zone countries he'll hop news agency says airlines including korea now and a shauna have reported that the flight plans in china. often the instruction from the transport ministry yet south korea demanded its aviation companies the canola china's ati see the chinese foreign ministry says reporting five pounds is confusing for china to preserve its territorial and security and full flight safety. tony gentile out now would be on the size it will host a forum on site today to allow opposition groups to express get them on this link to the opposition made up and down the groups and organizing. opine on eel fish as well attended meeting of the participants will have a chance to question the opposition. the thai government has not made it to
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a website with a time for him but prime minister election a lot says the government in fine to the four parties in the country to discuss solutions for the current political standoff on sunday ukraine's deputy prime minister says his country will soon sign an association agreement with the eu. she loves to doodle and she used the europe yet again has confirmed that the doors remain open for ukraine and the ukrainian government yet again has confirmed that the studio is on the same course to which the eu integration. we listened to the ukrainian people and our negotiations would continue ukraine which scientists association agreement with european union. taking into account the national strategic interests in the sleep in until nine and that is. this comes off the day of talks with eu commission awful enlargement is the fount of thing that can process the deputy prime minister added to the two sides have discussed that and not fall in financing
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the deal feel a sense of such an agreement with the two big ipo financial aid to the ukraine feels indebted to the temple was ready to make a clear financial commitments that could match the ambitions of ukrainian people. how about hoax of the deal with the eu has not seized a protest in the ukrainian capital t yes the country's biggest since the unrest in nine years ago as ukraine remains to be pruned in two directions of respondents not the colony reports from the streets of kiev the remaking of protesters are turning up the heat despite the bitter cold. thousands remain key of independence square to demonstrate against a government u turn away from the european union. many fear the country's increasing alignment with russia. it does i hope the development between the eu and ukraine barricades continue to go up as protest to show no sign of leaving seventy five year old olivia has been in the square since protests began three weeks ago and like many here
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she is a very vivid memory of her country under russian rule in a lot of gravity of the deep within when the soviet union. it's everything to their people still the unions and confidence in myself. and to stories like that are enough to keep the younger generation leery of russia's intentions. moscow is eager to see the ukraine joint euro asian union of the town providing a contented to do so. yet it has also threatened to cancel oil and gas subsidies ukraine a lifetime. she did not. this is one of the police blockades around independence square these men are protecting the presidential administration behind us the young men in her twenties and thirties with families. and while they can beat us on camera we asked them where their loyalties lie. and with their eyes to tell us that yes they do one of the westward eighty one to become part of the eu because of their jobs because of the positions they can say so
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about a kilometer away from the square. more police arrived a group of pro russia supporters. sure we will tell you. what's your rupture of power is hazardous to your neighbors must be together there will be a crisis in our country from runoff with russia. i'm standing here for president. and then four hasn't returned any connection between art and the community we must be with our neighbors russia and kazakhstan. if i should give this morning that the eu we would sign with. mom was doing but protecting ukrainian bet tha the increased financial aid offered could very well pushing an accord that back in signing him before and warming the hearts of many that deleting others at mccall. natalie tiny for cctv kiev ukraine. it's turning to the central african republic. tensions continued wrong hall and a cup to bondi
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amid growing sectarian violence on thursday african peacekeepers falling warning film and tv actor gets faster and more the dome and loving he talks to try to break into camp and saying jack is tight and funky. there was said to be looking for the next problem was the general need to be in stock. the steepest managed to meet several men from church. david wallace vivian taping the kids to convince them that makes private them. meanwhile another mom who will continue to be in the capital. dozens of command for all its international businesses in computing away included everything from the structure and steal another sign of contention between christian and muslim communities the mom of funky blues attacks on us by christian vs aid agencies in the central african republic save the country is facing a dire humanitarian situation with
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more than hall's that the population in need of immediate assistance the un says more the pa for a million people have been displaced since christ has started a year ago. recently sections of itunes and kept a bindi has also left more of a four hundred people got the fullest. more than one hundred thousand people from their homes. good talking to reports the contents of people wait patiently for you like many thousands here in palm beach. the fifty s and squealing denise and fine tuning. adt ccm and thirty counts of sprung up around the capital that the ongoing insecurity means assistance is known to eat in or he needs it. thousands and having fields next to the appellant's but the frenchman atrium aced the state they feel safe in him and his pay and conditions squad at that today's parents that say something i would say and it's ten thirty to forty
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thousand people in this town on the coming of the day they have nothing. and then sleeping on the ground they have accepted. it's not enough for their business through this kind of what it is only two other friends that i've seen pack and it's now it seems that alot of nonsense like that to people and yet you have to say here sitting up to second. heatley to state its case for sydney until is to an african union peacekeeping mission currently being deployed in the central african republic as the international community trying to stabilize the country. often the fed to as the welts that option price as the central african republic is one of the poorest countries in the clouds and think the updates and stuff but then his divinity. and now the confusion chaos on the banks. even my kids even harder for these people. they can do now is wait. love wakes up and brings them to help the city desperately needs. hawkins and cctv on
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being in the central african country. turning to this alien crisis now a un report says chemical weapons would like to use in fife out of seven attacks investigated by the land expats in syria the report notes that in several cases the victims included soldiers and civilians though it was not always possible to establish with certainty i made direct links between the attacks convictions and a lunch decides that the incidents un sec gen con ki moon set off at stake that he received a fine no reports of serious chemical weapons probe and would brief the un general assembly on the reports on friday and un security council on monday to report would be pasted show plea on a website a few lines office for disarmament fast and came inside. much has happened since the fast allegations that the use of chemical weapons in syria in march. he stressed that the use of chemical weapons was a grave violation of its national mall as archdeacon in the nation that did up
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the weapons not only in syria thoughts float around too well. thousands are hunting gathering along the streets of pretoria for the last else to say goodbye to form the south african president nelson mandela. madonna's forty has been lying in state at the beauty and beatings in pretoria on the cool thing was transported here from camilla tree hospital two days ago. friday is the last day for the to pay if that was faxed to the deposit lead to a peaceful day lies in state helicopters flew overhead and so does in shoal of security on the grounds on saturday and got us what it would be plenty to do his childhood home in the eastern cape province. he will be tyrant that on sunday mandela dined at his helmet into hundreds of december the fifth at the age of ninety five. authorities in africa has admitted the mistake was made in the hiring of a sign language and to pray to for now some
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end of this memorial said this about good things in the country's deputy disabilities menace to apologize to those around me was who would defend it the statement came off the expats repeated that the signing on stage next to what the this was incomprehensible. at times son kyle jensen ged translate to the center of the control the state has defended his performance and production is a major grain criticism idea he said he had panicked and had this made it that i'm shows what answering the stadium. he apologized for his performance the lender should say they have tried to track down the company that provided translate to but according to the deputy minister the owners have vanished into thin air. jordan palestine and israel signed a historic war to sharing deal this week and aimed at saving the diminishing that's the kind of providing drink you want it to the region
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that an agreement that's been gets in the making but as stephanie free to reports environmentalists say it's maybe a grave mistake. he started really it was sung by jordanian israeli and palestinian officials at the world bank headquarters in washington dc. it calls for a two hundred and fifty million dollar pipeline project. it will route running from the gulf of buys red sea to the dead sea it includes construction of the peace our nation plan in jordan which projected fields of eighty to one hundred million cubic meters of water for you. the mineral rich world wonder is rapidly losing walk. some predict it will dry up entirely by the year two thousand and eight. this is the dead sea it's been dropping at a rate of three feet for years since the nineteen seventies. i used to be filled with seawater which is the israel's environment ministers calling this deal up at the most economic and
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strategic importance environmentalists argue the deal makers are playing with nature. in fact the experts say this team won't be seen and the watchers the region will be transformed into an elite six. the dead soon has since time immemorial receive fresh water from the river jordan rule in the style i reward her with me to chemical reactions in the days saying the change the very nature of the dead sea. experts also say the costs of pipeline construction and use our nation are unaffordable and accused the deal signing ministers of misleading the with this atc campaign as a means of gaining international underwriting for project cost. the protest is not about saving the ditzy the quantity this being discussed is a hundred million cubic meters of water the ditzy is missing somewhere between seven hundred to one billion cubic
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meters of water every year the smarter move to any contest is to block over extraction of jordan river water speaking into the dead sea and terrorists commercial bodies mining minerals for profit. these changes call for bold political moves east to see this to the state stephanie st cctv. the dead sea. that's it for this news updates on pending in page a fight the eye. the us. i
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don't like let me an american talk about that. how women are powerful. if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters
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mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding. also on. i can't help but call out sick the contest and one main iraq as the place. stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of a hat so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop
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turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at our life and present are women human power of thinking. i don't. welcome to edge the world islam and you go tidy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am freezing media are warning the role of leader kim jong hoon has been put to death leaders from japan and southeast asia gathered in tokyo to discuss economic cooperation and china's new movie clear the airen


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