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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  December 15, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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i'm only home first. two explosions at its that time you knew you will will will will leak. the blood makes the picture. this makes episode. i thought that i was thinking about. they advocate
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for what they called my face what this nation. but in spite of what they have that cross he was in for a long time. the war but it did end up going to agree. paul. ch ch. like michael. giant eight go. i sat opposite a source of its age. what did
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they stop. the bless of water the oldest on the list should it be to get that south africa. woohoo long the cycle. all humanity struggle. slate is grocery day. he's older he gets these for what. most don't. stick onto ocean. this is a special tea. it didn't waste. oh what
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the grumpy. we did not. a new one. lately the day. singh said. it has lots to pray this is as it gets lost. all of it. as i did not. it was quite expected but distorted by degrees the country. but the biggest although quite as often as booties. it's called is this. i get by. did
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the coincidence of the road and there were no regulation his was an . hope working on it and see the stone and harmony. hendry had not like you can see. the office crying. caught in no time to come the rest of you still have the appetite and all of us posturing. it is. what yet but the deep off the lights the audience. see describing it as a giant among men. at that. sit a bit hard of a delegation from indiahich
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again. seven fifteen. aye aye aye aye aye. the paucity of itself and to fight. we all agree that the state of the garden. it's easy to use but it's at this moments with some nudes is to a sudden thought. ditto from above it. four will be scooped up the comforts of whom could do. when magically give up. a lot of missing though. and that lord ram is given to the bit the bullet and make up the random cafe opposite to the tune the ticket to the cards newly set up. basically they have to get him to do missing teeth yet but maybe i'm a twenty out of the beastly of fifteen. in
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the center could be on the respective are not going to be. these decades gone by the resistance to british rule. it is. states of africa he was. its mission is to be patient. eighteen nineteen it's honest says it all the dead bodies of fifteen forty the budget. if the media. he said he'd be on
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the back prosecution in these countries in the media was one of the first countries he visited in nineteen eight keane was alarming. come by to talk to him. the highest honor that the media then you still. because we love you and you get it. because like the mount on her forehead spy team. he was in the van. gone too long too many things that i will be candid photo on who said this freedom democracy and so screwed up. today i join me in some indian theme morning is now. i know. did you get bored with the something new the us said the disease. hiked it was. i need to allocate. us
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president elect obama british prime minister david campbell. this is . i want to say. south africa next week it is the inability of events. last was quilts. and i i. says. well it back to my study of what they call addition doubt that the minister that decision without footnotes that the member countries. yes i've made it. it takes get up the disposition of book for sick out of date and trade facilitation. it gave me a
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blow to create art to exist husband has accepted its devoted to suggest that day developing countries. these beads in the domestic subsidies have often been saying all done via production. but on a specific dish. since the ato was set up. today it's a goal the colts at ports. why did you. nobo thought of being its aid it is still the decision the entrees it's good to put the video
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it is not a mature decision said his agent thomas insisted that stuff. but nothing out of fiji. this saturday. ceos want to deny this. a view of this. as a victory. when the promise of india. what if i was. with subsistence farmers resourceful and farmers. most didn't die developing countries. it is also good according to the developing countries that india was either to put to bed better known with its partners beech wood store dog patients. it was featured hundred and eighteen and eighteen years. it daily thus body with gay but made it to me. it all out. the ub is like . gosh those boats and unity. about eighty lbs in addition. the opposition from some opposition party the gop the bodies easy as it
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gets tough to get stuck into it. reduced its cement the last what it's like a this is what a great deal it is simply yes the boat verse six says a lot of negotiations. it started years ago. due to the developing world countries. according to the victory blessed to be sweet. it's great. despite being the best. to go to the beach. it will be needed i love them. trees. just get here tonight judea. i accepted the opposite the wto. thus the seat. it's all about. this is a study being. the white soft be
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pull into developing countries has been good to be distinct. india had persisted two of the negotiations. did the right of countries to stop courting perform security. must be the good guys. must be sick killed and. just spotted a deer developing countries not be bridged. did you. you're just getting the ball state beach in the seat. but only in its favor. the government
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executed it well the eighteen hundreds as direct the cops the addition of new me is the cheapskate it gets to talk exceeded ten percent today. let me give them support. these two wanted it but jesus washing the domestic subsidies nineteen sixteen he says you've got to lick the bowl yet for security is not a pushy it. mead up by bic stop courting before graeme stewart show port security must be respected. it did wto rules need to be connected to your history and religion in this contact form cannot be accepted. it must remain in force. given the beach and the bush shifted from an absurd notion and provide adequate protection from all kinds of jenin. set aside
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the pope's letter pointed out the developing resistance to the wto seeking tendencies by addition of new subsidies however this due to the judges onto the bed. jace shot didn't go to borders the notice depictions of taunting you. together these games. the vote subsidy benefits the government to comply with conditions such as this all off but quiet. it is getting interesting tidbit it should. via the blog for all the top. gates of the developing countries such as this i didn't get what they did it. it's the least developed countries the package of sorts. this addition to read. what about
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what changes did you get goals especially the customs act. the decision to drop the payments rose quartz and a special set of tools to speed up the body of the door i have a look see. she knows it's never going to wind all its aspects. but mr got a assistant state. it was a good structure easy to say it's a. start out great let's take you. after the break it's been quite busy. the seventy third of all that . god has called on proposition eight in brighton said what's that white fashion week. all off great
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it made life miserable for it but this time. lack of medical infrastructure and facilities makes sense but for the people of this symbol region. the issues and east of the plan to keep the good the bad just that the stadium being tested him on the beach. he said tonight's nba the state to delight the state may because as he teased. steve many names. he is. he says. it is uta all. he he. and how they handle this was no heat the company has a central south beach. little g eight
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that's the kind that day. he probably saw what do they asia. you know. julian who is in it to induce expensive it is legal. yes i'm a pc and a win at least this is the will or that one spends it. and this lady. a little bit about us. maybe the cities it is an almost nonexistent. dd. you get the discount ontology distribution. the condition of hostages in this teaching you might just be a reason for this distribution. it is no doubt that some hostages exists in the teaching of the day condition is extremely polite. i don't even have made issues to tackle chronic diseases like pointing out. they had a
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doozy. now they don't they it arrives the sunday school as you can even just a copy my doctor sent me out. i do not get it right. but we are finding it. it is so nice to get to see how. they are being seduced visiting and would stop the semi gravitation towards his head that duty. it is salsa and grow. the painting the stocky the last day of school event for me. go me to date. geez i'm using to meet its technologies can be made to be the beginning but just on stage not to be
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succeeding the system in the gene is bt prestigious job to collapse. it is an empty tin can. i'm not only facing a problem due to lack of doctors with us he says ben. the number of dimensions it's all feel the rush to get all of its kind and sensitive places. and a half today. these numrs patients that's it. get out. yes yes he'll get his duties. they will begin surday. as you'll see in his book. or did they lose. the wind and
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all of it than by the state last week a td. don't let the kids. you know it. what does the job they did so he owned the business to get back so we had done it. last year only to me the city's name. it was a great deal of it. leave one comment if he she is from fealty have been in stinking save hostages in their teaching. much of now visit to the squad hostages means i have a hostage appointees have been complaining about problems that these plantations coming to the house could become critical for want of such achievement. it is and has been waiting to get it back to stand in and to delight and equipment deficiencies of the common people. the single teams in this situation. show off having a good driver and
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gaudy costumes on and all the other will wed bride of christ may chose to keep it simple and supple the companies that get pretty women. designers dvd from traditional black aged guy in the last two weeks and then on the way back to action. as the source to keep it simple what countries and can even then. i instructed the last nice days in taunton it is symbolic. in india based on tradition is i'm doing. if someone hits a boat that is given by the design of one of the deal is in some minds of the country. making the design duo focused on
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delivering his team. it can continue the climb. in choosing the right to be styled. he got back to convince me she knew that sequence. wh gives. i'm going to be. extreme the psyche of what the knights who say she had the design. celeste was shocked by the beasts on friday. the kidney be it. i thought. badminton is to crawl. i do that the guy that was the model based upon the defendants had died. she
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opens the door to walk upright. nobody the weekend in it and in the data the speech you can see this was one stitch at starbucks one who has died in action by the shrub found him not eating for kashi honey. he said on wednesday. you all eye. in the i will the building. as he gets moscow cannot be confined to watch the show keys to
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spanking. it's official the duo did you get stuck when i get one. i was in the states i would need jackets. she had on that the consulate is on again putting it out. will the design of cheesecakes and that's pretty stuck into him like he's going to sign the bill is up to eight thirty each. i find one. this means that the findings of the stone streets beating its duty and he can sneak in like these you ask us up and going you all. will the end of this edition of music south
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asia. next week with what you do is add houses from the sub continent. we want to get right into us at the end of the sea at the end i end up top. this is done signing up and be out in the production team of music south asia the minister of foreign affairs the line is construed as an entry on presidents have extended this coming the next month and is getting his recent official visit to cyprus. the two ministers discussed but after the nation's relations between the european union and to dhaka and other teaching them that this president has said she got that is probably among the few countries in the world that understands the cyprus issue whether because of its own internal problem. thing is tied to this said both countries and the kids think of that rating on different issues on
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wednesday and couldn't understand here that they say talks focused on when to take growing economic condition is seeking to contact secretary and the focus on trade in bed but then the tights the camino in the sense of sadness that i think it's at this moment in that fifteen seconds contest and came across yet. in october the president said that since its inception the band was and continues to be an important event the positive economic collapse of social and political effect on sectors. he added that sentence could be a great investment destination due to a favorable tax system. i plan to set assists and a highly trained workforce the necessity of missiles into a deep and stopping to speak with seventy two the tears as he talked about you know you. the air. do
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from this and to see the sights were in the northern states largest in india. he remembers a time when so each time they don't want to use it the military that is. farmers may not use untreated sewage water for growing crops and vegetables so each of us and help us for those of. before besieged you still just like that it used to making the field. it would give rights to mosquito. dear
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epidemic in dc in nineteen ninety the government of practice time. established in august on urban infrastructure development projects. or are you idp one enter key on the urban development and housing department. asian development bank gave financial assistance to the endeavor which provide investments in the water supply and sewage sectors across six major cities in practice. i started college. are you white people and build a state of the arts two weeks thinking. john ford the facility treats includes nearly six to two point five million the tips of silly stupid. water is released into chunks and farmers use it free of cost to be the key to their students. the son of a live fire those of the water treatment plant has really helped farmers thick sludge scenes in the fields and the treated water use for
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it he starts to grow vegetables. i can opener a week. missing captured from the plant is all seems to generate clean electricity to run the entire concert. anti truancy party says this will save more than three hundred thousand us dollars a year in electricity costs. it's gone in the eighty pixels and in the making power which is used for any peace plan. it's you which helps generate government revenues at least reading on an exceeds the cost. and it's in the new one stop shop. it transforms switch to water for farming hi this is our tentative and she was saving valuable and each piece. tombstone. since austin and i'm only home
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first. two explosions at its that time. you wouldn't want one will. as you. welcome to buy hp. toyota's out of obligations liberation of all the frost welcoming the doctor not based on the he goat. i then went out was tried convicted and hanged on threats to assemble execution highway but in feuding intended or not she beat the days when we don't have up on this sheet and downs of the negation of decking my naughty things the ending of the cup of tea


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