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tv   Bangladesh Today  PBS  December 15, 2013 6:30pm-6:51pm PST

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first. two explosions at its that time. you wouldn't want one will. as you. welcome to buy hp. toyota's out of obligations liberation of all the frost welcoming the doctor not based on the he goat. i then went out was tried convicted and hanged on threats to assemble execution highway but in feuding intended or not she beat the days when we don't have up on this sheet and downs of the negation of decking my naughty things the ending of the cup of tea
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i'm thinking intellectuals we are his hands and it got us into tv on tasty off to due process until convicted today of eating pizza kitchen is provided with the students and to seek missing from that is deemed potentially. since money was tight but the war crimes tribunal. he was not keeping this option. from an injured list with a detour she was christened it's a good premise is getting the hanging said that the body of one of the secret to be sentenced to home hanging off. it had been last on the dvd content and that too i suffer from at ten pm. this took the time. and that it does to any station achieved. six use of and content of nature and his body will be taking it to bless or maybe that means i'd go inside and dodgy and the body will be taking two off twenty four. these
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consist of palms park. just use deceit is good to plan and seek after these two teams go it's dismissive of his review petition. he was baited it is harder for the hosts the day the ad at a meeting about the beach and to john four twenty pm after a few days . did you forget that the distinctive and shoot him down and intimidation. proving just how in the spring team has a huge relief and contentment that the majority of the competition. presenting him with a young civil rights activists said it was nice hanging was a sort of deep sea of people. i think. i am and got me a moment. now to get my sick bed. i actually
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got to get the out or not it's the sort who studied be nineteen seventy one a twenty three in order of the crowd in one now and is about the outcome. this is kinda a two wheeler boy by smashing him onold off its big men mother and to assist those in jail. two other sisters one of form guide for mobiles at the base because the fog up at the end of wisdom yes the border of the autonomy and she would do but am not. god wants to buy votes from the family the eleven year going live to testify against one now and has to be seen just as good about. that might be addicted to be heading off a voice in shaping an eleven year old gun and shooting three hundred and fourteen fault during the litigation law of nineteen seventy five. and another mosque in the fridge under the title of which are of the site of the book after the nation's independence. i did when i was interested in nineteen seventy two but has to go but didn't see out of my activities from prison in nineteen seventy site. john did so much is done
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the nineteen seventy seven and was appointed as the second seat to begin teaching in clichy was put on a sound. the funding gap when i was in a city of london life imprisonment by the balkans to view the intensity of this year the battle of its haven't started them from yesterday diablo two. started the process of and often do today so they have that everybody thinks that the eye of the nation thinks that it is the stabbing. why didn't all five of being blogging the aztecs off of the crime so on bond with this his forehead. so as the prosecutor of this in the master of time spent with those. i'm a very out of it but the committee. we think that we have donned the process and the top crust is ready and go to betty. oh well fitted and although we have. we have followed the international stage it's all goes the six of those
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sections in the act and also that goofy and i rupees. um we have the corresponding matching to the icc pr. so of those um having having lot of questions above the fairness of the getting there. then as we can say that you do as an open trial and also the mess not winning the mass no observers and the morgan forty seven is the national and international be aware of is that having an access to the courtroom. so it was not being a somewhat it's either not been in closed door that sayid was top of them opened fire and dustin has been done to the of victims of the edmund those who have lost a life of the unit getting visit sausage is done by good but that did it
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the instruments cheats. i did this in mind that it's only for the city's trains the it did this with injuries than one emotion to go to trashing of the cheesy side the supreme court finally changed the blog into a death sentence. thinking of hanging get on the but lost to think hundreds of thousands of people involved had these cool with sleep easy knowing that i'm not much of that one up when the ball it up again if the bnp what to bring elections in twenty fourteen it's kind of list of candidates has openly said that the nineteen seventy one while criminals would be sexy someone up who was tried and convicted from last month got and don't do shapes and did not show remorse no people can and see what having one of the echo what that being said by any standards. but with a shell provides for the death penalty and must mug that is punishable by the death penalty in
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the crunchy. he got what he does though. even if it was convenient for them to mock and it's got its agenda based on entries over the hanging on thursday. then to hear that everything in sight the village of shops attacked houses a few sit ups to own guns and some even that houses the tribunal judges to deliver the goods before nineteen seventy one during the wartime. they have acted against the independence of mind with this nba have not gone they wanted to kelly. they have not owned and funded to kelly of up and gave a hand to lead the eye of the then pakistan minute idiot thought it did but oh so off to bed after the independence of bangladesh. the continued war against the independence of ballads such as the b side the kiwi be getting nine
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months he would instead be pinpointed to make the new stuff intellect of man to make that used all three important for something in the society those who can run the country nicely and he picked the tv and efficiently dave made the midst of those people and be of much akin to those intellectuals and in part in persons and therefore that the stance that and the mom um i'm i'm civilians of this country. the ad that the duty that the nine month operation there and it was not possible for pakistan the army to do such a m deepest of all twisted up atrocities it for the odd with the other to some but not helping the pakistani military. so the act of doing it tough to do. why are magnified by the act off of with its sights as those who are on the time right now and we have that does manson and we are not go but we know we are not trying them on the bases of pheasants
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apology to position the folding but this try and fall of the times. what that of the commit to doing nineteen seventy one atrocities. so below are of getting the new but it's an awful lot. so um and get with the question above it but to the uk press and the dozens of them with mazda for the stones and other internationally national documents that all goes for documents that have two of us to bring the dust. the gem of these. for the ancient legend status in the days of the institution the moon. he did the market the government is going on and apparently ability but with intensive community
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each team to compete at the start. since it listed entities. they said. i have then do go and we got a month . he did say that each was sentenced today in other hussein say the momentum is online and join team lead in the ninety dollars without a sound has been given night it is. it's in the woods and he said it did to much that i would never lead to peace in the dish and deeper trying to influence the good and nice using the name of religion to do this. it's been awesome to put him out. model to look to put it in a shed choppers. just to compete
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do it. but don't know. it started. i'm childish changing state department spokesperson mighty hushed said the bomb the bass response teams were very sensitive moment i g o apologies to use all of their differences peacefully. sayed a better team spokesperson of india's external affairs ministry said that morning as insecure sian was a pot of obligations in dona judicial process but also the differences will be sorted out into the school on time. the proceeds the guiding nations that bob levy. on the principle is upbeat and respect. due to that effect. non independence and it's funny that the sovereignty i did nations the bond levy a broad based and inclusive. india has on its. and on the dog who is
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respected. the images of the people of obligation. it is fun to be the holidays with respect and decide its future. we have deep respect five then does to men achievements. and the other confident that as a democracy the people of bombay based be resolved their differences through dialogue and peaceful means. in an act must be a field violence. that brings me to your last question. not the execution of the death sentence on. i did one lap this is since the two trees in the end of the jemaah islamiah. is an outcome of the income education process this and also by the she could see no government has ensured that the times they
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don't actually do it. despite international criticism on the good and addictive process is devoted to christina and indeed the new additions message to the waist is clear. the sixty two under the system attendance is not the failure to condemn the atrocities in nineteen seventy run. justice would be delivered to me the bottle abc courts deemed fit. out on the beats it. but within its two thousand and nine in action page. while crimes to justice. he's been in check. she is finally on its bid to go to bed it is only sold for the crimes committed against it be but what about his funny jokes and then go quickly that it does in nineteen seventy one on monday sixteenth of december it would be during eli's since taking care of me with the moped about amy got the pakistani army to make an unconditional stand up. what i'm back in the news roundup
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section he said. due to the cutest kitty in nineteen seventy nine he produced a book that has to be sticking to the mark. it was in december sixteen to nineteen seventy one. that and ninety two thousand. stokes said and that the allied forces. good on me it's so much. indeed the law and the whitney houston on the beach. the job the minnesota showing off it was handed over. this year. california has finally arrived at six. the artist
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the lions to a position to assume that supports the costs. it seems. ch elites. my jeans. the kids inside i was just two weeks to stop. contest. thomas at the end times. one basically does the job list do not need to stop dogs. its. as hard and or the like. and now i'm going to be. it starts. eye
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thus you're watching up what an ideal course of the total atop the east the nissan. god promises to hit the front meet all my audubon teeth see sidebar twelve weeks and he and bodyguards in cupboard at a cost on strong factor from sin and death. try that instead of washing the feuding his busy till august on the two headed puddings for the meeting speaking of uncle fish is the full excited but c'mon don't be having a bullet. no one should be grounded in kabul in november to get me to the present incumbents cuz
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i eat and exchange views regarding the affront the store with about a month after meeting with the president judy it's almost gonna start work at the beach for the meetings between officials and a full look on the bumper mondo a spot of the new ad that floats to devise a defunct peace process. and those that would relieve the insurgent groups fall a second income on blue on blue monday but other in september. guard officials had been calling for his reviews for the o's in the hope the midst of it in enough influence to them that i live on the head of the kim hughes talks the militant group hulu has yet to indicate the court accepted the full anita back into the fold. it was also in chaos to the fullest meeting with the gun also shows that the more the of the israeli was given a book all day the actual event. and in addition her troubled focused on the boat and is a cool to meet the follicle mondo who
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assisted him in and of the tools to provisional squad under my nose. austin folks that run through them home because i probably should be said he would have to say that it's for the me thinks. what about that. has been produced. we've discussed this matter the contents of it. and of the joint be of. have pity on the mechanism. henry received it. it is properly implemented and anybody. oh was sent by the present but this time. two local audubon other. so we would get healed the sections two and two s by the present and to make sure that such break and took the news. that's got to the jean pockets time has been a source of tension as anxiety goes ahead of the big drop off malls to us led troops are on the stun gun for the end of the next day should its pledge to continue
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helping form of last month's victory when negotiations between the two countries that have a long history of distrust along bit more than two thousand five hundred km border. would that be. he was booked for months. i picked up a solution. she devoured a lot. economists with the key to a book. be it an overall pick in june. the b side de la haute kitchen. to make it tasty. chee. upon this boat foxton the effect of. all citizens. last week. aside from the gun hide the scrum for them to cause an intent to cause you a negotiated peace with about a bum who have been leading an insurgency since being posted from all over us that forces him to call in and won. here
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she said the injured out of context made and is already got inside this house in capitan cupboard but a poet a suicide bomb wounded so many antique i find it easy chair on the local pd and is forty times in an attack in kabul in november twenty ninth. one day to meet and his device can cycle to scholars. two p m and the fine demand for cell group holdings and fool says bloody conflict ended in the attack. smackdown roster an asic in your presence is out of it has announced the opening bid of the powder puff positive move for a second. the firm during the han they will instead be seen as somewhat of an amicable. grievances over and got a new snazzy kicking rising in the summer with an address them


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