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tv   RT News  PBS  December 15, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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what will you. and you. a tradition it's wasted integration that old trick to try to be put on hold in kiev wants official confirmation of this and are still thousands of crime and anti government protests is on the streets of ukrainian capital. the american people would want to rush to react to support the people of ukraine. us tennis until mccain joining other american and eu politicians who are putting the full support behind the train you know positions. also this weight
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syria is shaken by another place that the prophecy is on its rebel forces had massacred dozens of civilians in the lake system a series of attacks. design and is set to execute the ailment ii program the prime minister's insistence of every city and billboards that the economic situation when challenge i've been on. the another honor to our new books new week again in actual already know that the top stories from the nuanced setbacks. the icu official tweaking the trade deal against nations that occur with the crying hugging friends and because kids demands are unrealistic but ukraine wants official confirmation of that message sent by nineteen commissioner
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stephen fuel bill atr ships in a small. we have a statement by one of the appeal. who is responsible for the enlargement of the european union to be doing. the directors and staff aboard a boat or on his dislike of the white coated words and deeds over the ukrainian president the government regarding association agreed with neighborhood. a part of the arguments on all grounds reality of global stability also added on to cite several days ago in brussels when he was meeting of delegates the government. lawrence the association deal the bright side the lead in the door. so i know. this
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makes it. still that also puts huge addressed under the carpet because his insight on on continuously during the offices of the kids with. officials at the position that grant would not that difficult to integrate ago. in its recent deal. during future meanwhile the protests are continuing. everyone was right. people are now. rapid rate of capital and we're watching the situation to see how the delight of the officials make them or make illegal and go to the protest was a double what a senior eu diplomat says the key and is demanding too much cash from brussels to place that takes down the struggling economy sunday the little tiny each bill is he trying to modernize itself to european standards sometimes could run either twenty billion dollars donors and unique from the feds and it's her chronicles magazine tells us that these offer is designed and he says that the crocs and geophysical aspirations the long hair. very dubious
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of rain the land rover. you see who wins european industrial robots it was really cute and it came with fried eggs for easter any longer. the un doesn't exist as a machine and indeed we are looking at me lol central europe. which is germany austria. it's perhaps time is. and then they ever had. julie who read this. he knew a whole lot. meanwhile the knees even eu deal possibly being friends and wrote that hundreds of thousands of prior europe demonstrates is that pres is that they can acheive the chest and give support to stay when these people on the right that all ladies pontiff regions flag off to coming to kiev for more neither the country for the weekend. high price on eu and us politicians have
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played the player they are aligned with the opposition american senator john mccain is dead and i'm good he says the us could take action against the training government. we do not want to impose sanctions. it is not our desire to do so. but obviously the american people would want to rush to react to support the people of ukraine. in case of violence and that's just what we have done in other cases throughout the world. oh mccain's arrive in kiev assistant us secretary of state beat or another and how to dance the song like this class on wednesday but what all high price on american and european politicians sitting back among the protests is legal experts and all the products and produce protest like this instance officials to constantly standing up in ukrainian capital. the reason they'll that he bluntly because i think these people
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want to detach the ukraine from russia as they say and do they think that by supporting the protests in kiev. they might actually achieve that. the problem with that strategy is that he's having a wedding the blows that in the ukraine and russia economically and culturally and ethnically on simply too strong. and i think for american politicians and indeed european politicians to go to the youth traveling at a jaunty tooth that is actually very own voice. i'm very dangerous. i'm simply exacerbates the making with us. the differences and divisions in the ukraine which already very great. and you can read more about mccain's his midfield position on our website and auntie telkom is also at the time i've got like a tight timeline that with the star break dance and everything is happening in
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ukraine. i mean city dublin forces attempted to reclaim it and i'd turn it damascus this week that somehow scotty didn't like this have reportedly tied back to series of massacres that. ah says the channel on the arabic filed this report nah mobile thought about it yet that the party sources in the military say radical islamist fighters entered the town of address and massacred local civilians according to latest figures at least eighty people were killed in the district which the syrian army has now liberated. entire families were killed. other families were kidnapped and are being used as human shields in the battle against government forces. i was going to go to and from jack armstrong and the army of islam seize control of all the streets and crossroads very quickly dr stood positions on the roof and how it will be carried out the massacre and the press reports that twenty have been killed but they
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receive updated figures. it's a horrifying situation the scene of murder atrocities in the year. rt sources in the military also say that some of the kidnapped families have been transferred to areas south of the town. there are now being held in strategically important zones which the rebels have been using as a base of operations these places are heavily fortified. sources also say the total death toll and patrick mayne fact increase because the syrian army has not yet liberated the entire town. international affairs defence and it's not just as the police that with that americans support these on this plane began eating elements in the resistance nathan well it it is important to who prefers to realize that the baby slept through it all. they don't want peace they don't want to or is it so i went to the circle into the studio
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condo went to the color scheme to buy for me to miss the start of the people read those rather responded oh you must know when that friend so we have a situation which united states to re read it they were oriented peace talks between khartoum and look where that word also looking at him and he is he the army. oh and the cost it's one of the list might be. and he lists the overtime ban you go to break down and consider at least two of the story. okay that's all did you get married. or the islamists. the studies are going to be in the development of the resistance of the results meanwhile according to the right things. syria needs to treat the human rights if it means that even at that has become a target banks trying to complain at least thirty six on the day to save
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the children sang lead on to the latest updates from the war torn country. in the wake of the findings by a guy next to the country's prime minister has made the finest address to the nineteen ninety citizens that patients receive the beach with resilience which might be possible. he also stated that the government. when i thank you so you create each lps and i can shield the country never attends the co chair of speculation and three but andy kenny also warned that the economic situation isn't going to change either nights on the sisters here explains why. people know about it that the decision they enjoyed the three years of daring guarantee prosperity you have some of these going down then you have their benefits of being slashed a lot of deep spending cuts so what the government will use trying to do. it's symbolic week. stepping out of what they call the shackles on that point god hoping that this will really get that morale boosting the people whether they can raise no illusions here that there are still high unemployment that
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have to be tackled as well of them very high number of people skill for young workers leaving the country moving to countries like australia or canada to pursue their opportunity some of the businesses to construction businesses that starting all over again given the brutal weather when you go tell someone that were out of the capital. the story is to be different but it has come through the worst of the crisis. we shouldn't underestimate the size of the causes of pace because of the enormous holes in the banking sector which in turn resulted from a very cavalier lending by the banking system. the irish state. narcissism taxpayers to pick up bill for the mets the banking system was in the government already set of austerity policies are actually going to be continuing. so if this is to be seen as a success that it's going to be a psychological. for more about boosting success in terms of exiting again it can be in one closely monitoring of the boycott. economically they are still on the way to go farther into the tv calling itself a success. i
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didn't write them a protest about pride the campaign against a drop goal that would entice the following full on or through life demonstrations and finances the twenty fifth of attacking democracy. also coming up south africa is the painted if you choose nelson mandela is right to read that some migrants on for a showt eightn trior thewe ear that phase detention under the said this aiv boyie for. off the if any of these. when
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asked how long i forgot that we all sang night at the traffic light thingy free coffee. guru. what kennedy. your teens today are rover's future the eye the again just like me he's ready to defend traditional
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boundaries during his study of the nation address ts week. the guinea pig to what they said that the country does not respond to the superpower or connect to others we hiked into their offense that is ready to defend itself whenever necessary. the gop's health as the contests. it's traditionally become the place to be to find out the president's vision of the presents and has plans for the future. every year russia's top politicians businessmen economist and the elites got it from and to listen to his annual address first had just returned from there as well. and here are some of the key points was important to me. russia is looking and done eating will but that doesn't mean it has to stop protecting its sovereignty and traditional values. we know that there are even more people around the globe who support our position in terms of ensuring traditional values. these are the values of traditional famy and the value of human life including religious life is not only materialize but also spiritual of course this
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is the conservative position but the point of conservatism is not that it hinders the movement forced and awkward. but the typical use the move and backwards downwards towards chaos of the barbaric staked it diplomacy was another point in the president's speech or specifically he's completely sincere in canada weapons anyway new nuclear program many analysts agree. these are examples of diplomacy still works. holland russia our suggested that the so that those chemicals are stars in syria. on very few countries in the world. we came to support the so called obama option which would have been given the problem being albeit not the country. so on boxing day so this is a very important lesson. our maximum power of christ superstar should be sold. wa's plans to build an anti missile defense
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system the new one in the biggest sticking points in moscow's relations with washington. the force also talked about the president's message was simple without a threat from iran was building it. moscow the sea thehield is a threat to national security importance as a towering of russia's military is one of the ways to protect against it. i really love to get us there was no baby. so what no country should harbor illusions of achieving military dominance over russia. we will never happen in russia is ready to meet those challenges both political and technological it. we've got all the potential me that our military doctrine as well as ominously appointment and i was without doubt to ensure russia's security. finally the train to the current situation in ukraine was in said moscow respects to his local squad is what we will see you as long as decisions are made by contents in a beast and dialogue. when school starts the mosque. in
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other news dozens of studies to bottom price estimate for a defenseman fury of a draw thriller that could enforce tough action against and sanctioned rallies . bunting doesn't pay to read and get the seven arrested when the trend to tend to surround the spanish parliament. i did a speed and the guys who which would entice hefty fines for offences that is dating the national flag calling it an attack on democracy. the bill is likely to cause into with strong support from the conservatives seem to hold a majority needed to stick it back to basic doris then again says the protests is the show they are now ready to give up. that's a fox. c a is this really nice he loses only the beginning this legislation is that we didn't want to see an antidote to me something to demonstrate against the telco and yes this is only
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the beginning because it'll take some months ago to be considered and adopted its infinitely cheaper but want to add insult to last time we need more people as the protesters mostly spontaneous and wine maker of lisa's had no clue what did this. all was going to be able to shut us out to be on to say meanwhile in southern spain the cave twenty teams to source a standing its ground. hundreds of activists formed a human barricade the sweet resist being forcibly news from that high and there as this lady government wants them and to make way for the cure even so it is the capital went to meet and to find sectors ring out an existence on the outskirts of granada sprucing up the front yard with some of the best views in town. it's an eclectic community that's literally borrowed into a mountain the residents of the hair looks on miguel had converted dozens of caves into a bonafide homes. we can even
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hear it for two years now and do not alicante. yes we need whose help each other out. it may not be a life of luxury there's no running water or electricity but for residents like oh no it's not a problem the wiggles. i delete button on and really i mean i ain't happy. now we just got everything here. the dough should meet their palms hear me how big these numbered couple they've lived here for years now the city council has been fighting to get them ff the land. these aren't proper houses and it is in the residential area of the seine and the keys are unsafe for any human sunday that they could collapse at any moment for it. it's an argument that this president simply doesn't buy one and corneal partisan temecula from the guilt from within eight years he believes the city is over for exaggerating the dangers here to help developers get their
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hands on a layout that i'm actually one of the fifth nine cents hit on the plate to how was he speaking to somebody the media. it beats that the vix to protect their groove on. they need to be done even if they knew us and he's willing to do everything to keep on living here for a forum on is this any use to be set as fox vancouver the b own house. in an economy given the city council wants to clean up the hill years ago developers announced plans to end this it into a tourist attraction and we think that's what's really behind the eviction. now only eight states are facing the risk of addiction. irma is one of the residents who could lose her home she suspects and ulterior motive it's a crime so monstrous sometimes it seems they don't want to tear them down that's why we think he really just want to get
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around to use it for the purposes and other concerns cited by the officials to sanitation the caves they say are dirty in the area has been described as islam that sit above the city. we added david lean film fitna residents. it also isn't likely to abandon its plans to evict the residents but for the people living in the caves of san miguel giving up is simply not an option. bring on a speaking part he can this happen saudi arabia to visit severe punishment the pitch black he senses the police to juggle three hundred lashes and a travel ban. after calling for constitutional mauna kea and criticizing the relief and you can head to auntie telkom for the full story at last. the yes side you might love not war can be punishable as an attacking protects them i end up in court on the casing a riot police office at the pool or the tiles on a website. lol
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my keys in yemen have called for stock to us trying strikes the nation's fallen and pasta meal bunny on the aerial attacks there is an author of finding bags and is seen as a recommendation to the government initiative comes to a self the one attack reportedly hit a wedding my suitcase and killed civilians. what any of this ngo activists and media attention and i told on tv during strikes which are claimed to be weak the al qaeda are actually pushing more people. every time there's a drone strike that's the best recruiting tool for al qaeda and killing people in a wedding party i am sure that this will lead to. i'm not hands but probably a hundred people joining al qaeda and this guarantees that the cycle of violence will go on in perpetual war and the bad the drone strikes actually are the support to al qaeda it doesn't make you read about it. some more news making headlines around
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the tight manly's fleeting thought about it and still come home and saw that the anti fascist right test is clashing with borrowing support is right this will grow cold pools and firecrackers at least two people were injured and twenty eight iraq's women the site the suspects could fight the maximum count of attempted murder. the team anybody in the hundreds of people have marched in solidarity with residents of the refugee camp a demonstration to play softer was revealed that i see people leaving that facing eviction. jimmy's car with the ip any country you can force an initiative the band's assigned seat is for my deep within the confines of the study did that already sitting the nelson mandela has been laid to rest in his ancestral high enough to ten days and internationally to south africa's former leader he's gone down in history as the man he vanquished apartheid and breach of racial and ethnic implies
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that the money that is costing some african stay at the cafe at the guidance of pasta made with tennis courts later reports during the school that teaches all traffic from the congo because of one man nelson when he comes to mind ghana though i'm one of the things in a couple. had bio and chem now he's gone and he's afraid she and other foreigners like the will to keep count. i mean that it is but in this posted on one foot in the end of cooking expert in undertaking that all this. millions of africans have hit the troubled countries in search of the peace of mind to stop traffic at the mall often than not they swapped one hundred for another with no mighty work will post pics hansel has made this case methodist church in downtown chicago is the home. if you agree or the future then wrote a few fringe. and you come into this country. you
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went experience works experienced here. one of the things that i've taken for instance was that the divorced us from the easter break. the failed campaign is struggling to support his wife and five children. in a brutal attack she was beaten so that the she miscarried. he was eight fifty eight the crying being financed in a strange land. if i did. who knew him the war. in some plastic and painted this is one deep o'neal s to confine is accused of taking jobs away from miracles. it'll also help responsible flicks animation crying. i was doing and with that. i'm going home because he's not an option. basically stupid e t
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a cute cup of tea and findings awaits them. four twelve one minus two team has been too afraid to step foot outside this church. and now i'm dead and gone. she's more afraid than ever. luke says something about a foot in it but now is that no one would talk about that thing. as youthful was the school's code is providing free speech to people seeking century in a country that doesn't like him. we see an auntie to harness that south africa with aussie smash on but with more nice back often as time coming up they the arch with that in john two ties with europe tells us he won his country's day and all since joining the eu for decades to get will's upon itself to write sob. i am. we get is a traditional loan to fund the japanese washing paper to wrap gifts and make
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corrections and ceremonial events. single sheet of paper is due to leave many times. i know. it seeks to music click system and to conclude you can get. the new bounty on his pounded into full consideration to the intended recipient i didn't. you may be used is always wanting to vv mm. the wine too. elegance and refinement. it seemed like it indicates to respect the in various techniques they use to ensure the package is easy too
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gemini six. so it's easy to see what's inside. anne. does the contents spill he said hitchcock the left. this case what's inside is indicated by the state. it seems like chili's. mideast retracted their own distinctive traditional song he's seen time and effort you put into use in making it look spontaneous and simple this is the place is a japanese study to come to see i don't know when you get a ticket. yes there is still popular today. easily adapted to not only us. using reader to read one book it is a way to express the feeling behind
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the gift. once the trees the ceremony guests the real girl to be used to read more everyday lives. i reconsidered. we just talked to anyone. i am still with us to use yet to win all three gifts of money for defense and sentiments. this is a typical designed for use with you use gifts are wrapped with this tool does seem that school. to provide systems to traditional techniques. it seemed to stick to strict. in
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addition to sixty means taking the food is sushi does it mean simply expressing respect and gratitude to the recipient of you the data. mm. all that well cantonese line it's monday to seven sixteen and i think that she can still count. japanese companies and growing more and more confident about the state of the economy a key gauge of business and then that major maggie thatcher's as in prayer for the fourth quarter in an ngo officials say the weaker yen and spring exploits and two skeins of the seasonings. bank of japan officials had just released it is also the quarterly time and seven and among major an


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