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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 15, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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addition to sixty means taking the food is sushi does it mean simply expressing respect and gratitude to the recipient of you the data. mm. all that well cantonese line it's monday to seven sixteen and i think that she can still count. japanese companies and growing more and more confident about the state of the economy a key gauge of business and then that major maggie thatcher's as in prayer for the fourth quarter in an ngo officials say the weaker yen and spring exploits and two skeins of the seasonings. bank of japan officials had just released it is also the quarterly time and seven and among major manufacturers to act on sixteen points that's up four
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points from the previous today three months ago officials also said senate has strength in amman on many factors that index has six points from the previous saturday. the survey measures to attend business confidence among manage a sad about ten thousand companies nationwide ellen see how the markets are reacting to these numbers scientific and just now from that isn't as good morning i get my capital people in the markets where i'm expecting a headline figure to be fifteen katherine so by definition it has beat those expectations what see how stocks are reacting to that number where to go to remain on guard at the tokyo stock exchange for that so true meaning of that headline number coming in above expectations. what can you tell us from over there. but you'll enjoy this cd the markets were keenly awaiting the acorn because the sentiment survey on numbers that as you would cast him out were just so touching on that let's have a look at how the markets are taking off this monday to some of the sixteenth and both indexes just barely in
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the negatives that. so muscles are among viewers at the clinic actually ended in a positive for the week last week outperforming many of its peers as the weaker yen has provided a boost for key exporters here. now the fed convenes on tuesday up for it so two day policy meeting and fed chairman ben were named tiana is to serve on a stool to the end of january followed by of course janet gallon now stock markets this year have the games and registered vessel their strongest gains actually. as for the last ten years the dow jones industrial average has been upfront twenty percent in the second up from thirty two percent of the nikkei has many outperform its been up around sixty per cent so far. and other stuff again also earnings the season will be taken off in the us. nike is going to kick off things later this week is going to release its earnings up from the september to november quarter saw a lot for buses to take in the book in japan and not in the us market sent overseas by ever mean you mentioned that a weaker again
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actually have record nearly hide in it. yes exactly. in fact i believe that it's hit iran hundred ce point nine zero nine at one point on friday its highest level in more than five years. having a look at it right now he's backed off a little bit of confidence before twenty three to twenty five and died the yen however making tea needs of the week in line with sentiment that the bank of japan may continue. easing measures into the new year to cushion the effects of a consumption tax hike next april up from five percent to eight percent. the euro yen is twelve hundred forty one point eighty two to eighteen seventy which remains a touch weaker after a trading in the hundred and forty two yen levels if you member of last week not definitely out the focus of this week is going to be the fed policy meeting a force on tuesday i will get the answers of the denver was waiting for on wednesday. so really investors in march as the keeper nicky eye on how
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the us central bank is going to end this here but also to give a very strong indication as to how two thousand and fourteen and the first quarter is going to kick off as well. but right now to have a negative starts for the nikkei and the topics this monday morning it took him back your private meetings law for that update meanwhile a card from the tokyo stock exchange. he did mention a few bands coming up. let's take a closer look at our global economic calendar for this week on tuesday the us consumer price index for november will be released in october the cpi dipped zero point one percent from the preceding month. it was the first drop in six months brought on by falling gasoline prices. the us federal reserve will begin a two day policy meeting on the same day as you know financial markets are anxiously waiting to find out if the fed would decide to reduce its massive bond buying program. japan's trade numbers for november are due out on wednesday in october
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the balance remained in the red for the sixteenth straight month. imports surged about twenty six percent year on year due in part to rising crude oil prices. finally the bank of japan will start its policy board meeting on thursday the central bank will announce the results of the policy review on friday in november at the panel decided to maintain easy monetary policy. the boj has been trying to pull the country out of a long period of deflation. some people with an old fashioned entrepreneurial spirit have turned to social networking and are using it to develop a new business model. in initial meps individuals market their skills and assets directly to others over the internet's they're contributing to something called the sharing economy we get more from nhk world john allen's ordeal. granted he is a cook and food
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researcher living in oakland california. although she contributes to cookbooks and works in restaurants. her income is irregular. so she uses the space in her apartment and her call an airy skills to bring in some more naps in my hosting dinners in her home. she uses this website to advertise for dinners she was the menu the deacon cost and how many people can attend. anyone who's joined the website can book a place. to buy us something to do the technical extra money to set up a few slate definitely helps. today seven hundred resolutions because she's in her kitchen she can cook comfortably
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the high and the moon. says almost all the guests are meeting each other for the first time for the service will hold two course meals for anything between five and thirty dollars depending on the menu landon gets into a douche and yes it is good. you can send a wonderful meal a very reasonable price. forty has no restrictions on this type of shared meals and host gets to keep most of the revenue since the two thousand and eight financial crisis people in the us has been bringing in extra income by marketing their skills directly person to person using social media now this sharing economy is booming. earlier this year joshua miller was laid off from his job. since he no
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longer has to commute to work he began using his car to drive other people like a chauffeur service. miller registered with the site set up three years ago which puts people in touch with drivers by smartphone. when a request comes in. miller drives over to pick up the claims and he takes them to their destination. california does not have clear restrictions against this type of business bears are calculated automatically by the smartphone that. and drivers keep about eighty percent of that. miller can make two hundred dollars a day trying and the service is popular as it's about ten percent secret that excellence and the drivers are more polite. the services already in twenty seven cities around the us however the taxi industry is up in arms about this new type of business. drivers are
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calling on the government to restrict its rival service for safety reasons. and for me. almost every day another dollar. well for me there. in september. california passed a measure that allows independent writing services but sets conditions such as requiring drivers to have the accident insurance despite resistance from mainstream companies and issues about customer safety sharing the economy is booming and now estimated at over five billion us dollars worldwide. those who do and then eats the world is inconsistent. the celina synthesis this i'll leave you with attack on its. it is. it
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is. more investors to huge huge huge. the tokyo market linked with. he wanted to rule the world this is a quick change the course of the economy. i have missed there's more to do. in our bike stolen from a brown one the waitress was nice to use it with a heater on youtube africans have played their final farewells to nelson mandela in the day a former president amassing two near the village for him and is
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appalling. heres a guy in a funeral steeped in tradition about one thousand five hundred people gathered for the ceremony including leaders from africa and dignitaries from around the wilds. military officers both black and white with mandela's comes into the family burial plot. it was the last in a series of services. next year south africans will my the twentieth anniversary of the truth that the government led by a handout. and of those in parliament elections heidi and among the african national congress is struggling for support. some here and new ways of turmoil us president barack obama is calling for tighter gun control one year after a deadly shooting incident at an elementary school in kinetic at obama and his wife michelle. with twenty six candles set the white house one for each of the victims killed when a young man went on a shooting rampage at the school. you know we can address obama said more needs to be done to keep the interest people from easily getting hold of that era. he said yes we also felt
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a sense of result that the strategies must end. and the tandem. we must change cities in california hosted and mine back in france on saturday. city crews demanding tougher gun control helped the event set for vocations people willing to part with their intense study of writing in the morning at the venue in san francisco police officers carefully examine the weapons to see if they were loaded with real bullets. about seventy fans were calling to him for hours however opponents a tighter game control claimed that owning a firearm is a right guaranteed in the us constitution. in april u s senators voted down the gun control bill prepares to filing the connecticut school shooting. a team of researchers estimate said five point five million japanese senior citizens have a dementia. the tissue you know the city teams today at about nineteen hundred people age sixty five or older. in the mud towns kochi
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prefecture. it's the population structure and mortality rates at close to the national average in the state is found that three hundred and forty two this is an age when nearly twenty percent of the total suffer from dementia. based on this recent result they estimate that five point five million senior citizens have dementia in japan. this estimate is nearly nine hundred thousand more than the comparative figure released last year. a health ministry panel. bt she noticed the team also says the number of senior citizens with alzheimer's disease has doubled since the previous study seven years ago. team leader professor he attacked a key okada says the situation is serious because more people are likely to dig out the cognitive impairments as japan's population continues to age. eye. officials at japan's nuclear regulation authority plan to attend and radioactive contamination in the seabed off the coast of the crippled or she might die
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if she knew the implants investigation starts on monday. the npa are out there than i asked of researchers at the university of tokyo and elsewhere to cooperate in mapping how radioactive substances into stupidity on the seat bottom three stages will conduct the city and seat twenty km from fishing the dying she. below are from their boats and device that measures radiation on the sea bottom and the soul the dreaded instrumental the deceit that to measure the level of radioactive ccm this is to conduct the same kind of test last fiscal year they found forty highly contaminated spots. this time to the sofa cover about seven hundred km which is five times wider than the last texts you will the investigation would help discover the level of contamination on the seabed and it will be able to do some laps for people of the fishing industry. so that they will be able to operate safely and soundly. defence
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minister plans to visit india and france next month the committee on armed and i will visit from jagr a six to the tenth to explain how japan has been exercising self restraint regarding china's increasing that time activities. in his meeting with indian officials on monday that will confirm continuation and doing drills the japan self defense forces and the indian navy he also asked indian officials to by japan's new lest you're an idiot semester aircraft that have already be introduced by its maritime self defense alliance. in france on the dental attended meeting of the two countries defence and foreign ministers expected to discuss joint development of the defence requirements. the japanese embassy in london says one of its diplomats had sustained a head injury in an attack by an armed group b in the capital sanaa the diplomat is in his eighties and is responsible for security is being treated at a hospital in the city and his injuries are reportedly
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not life threatening. this is as block the victim's car while he was commuting from his hotel on sunday morning they bond with guns and knives attacked and stole his car and fled. mci said staff to the hospital to gather information. the security situation in the end that as considerably worsened in recent months. al qaeda linked islamic extremist groups and local armed groups have carried out a series of kidnappings i'm a fancy in indiana have chinese police as seen in china and he said the event was held. teachers tend to burn the land which to me. hohoho the forty people including university students take pride in the event held by the japan foundation on saturday. a japanese voice actors who played a leading role in a chair broadcasts in india advice on how to read lines in japanese. you'll see. and
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all. a tool. they are just added me as having the ceiling in the ratings yet. just as tight as it easy sit down to things like english and few people have a chance to listen to japanese on the siegelman ballard it easy since it is not many did and they were good i am late getting in big. unlike the ten pm i go. it said that these cities and they have too often. all of this is the japan foundation say they helped a home semi and dance to encourage more indians to study japanese. i knew. new technology that's revolutionizing how we manufactured goods is offering visually impaired people a chance to see it not
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worth the time is spent with their hands at school for the blind is using activate the printer to make replicas of everything from alfa gt upon as allowing children to feel what these things look like for the first time indeed i get to just chill is futuristic machine would you want to touch him and make it. who wants to play with it. all in all three d printer hooked up to the internet. this technology was developed by major ninety company. now the machine has been loaned by the university of scooping to this school for the blind. the children tell the machine what they were attacked. to see the canberra region nation merchants. the play. so many
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things you really know what's in it and screamed. this is the first time i've felt like people and see how i can be to one and that's why i like to touch on things the greens say the name of your data is gathered from the internet and send to the printer which then creates three d model and present. already this machine can make it nice and i for one hundred thousand different objects. erm the school says there are many things to learn children can eat in their minds. even if they know it works. nick and then be sold. come on on he didn't know what happened tonight i'm great. conan read isn't it great. she's completely burnt. so even though i often teach history and context to these students to tax so they can understand
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takes it well. keep calling in a time tunnel is a bale of synonyms well it's rolled up like this. to make it easy to carry. when the real thing isn't available to teachers sometimes make mom's office often though it's hard to answer students' questions immediately. the main task is to be seen. there's one thing we call wants to tax sky tokyo's new was broadcasting tower opened in may two thousand well. it's mentioned in the news almost every day i know. i really think that the bottom. for the first time call when she stands but the tower looks like. thanks to this mama. i belong now
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counterpart feels now. this is so great. so why is it to you more i think the blind children in need this machine was because it produces all objects they can actually touch it. compared to using the internet alone it costs us. on wednesday but they are damaged a building on cake by touching it. just like we do by looking at it this time using this machine gives them a new level of understanding it dramatically changes the learning experience. this technology will soon be available to other schools for the blind. for both teachers and children the possibilities of the classroom or expanding facts. it's an outrage and gaza the weather people in tokyo i getting to where it can use any of these guys this morning. but the difference so if a residence in northern japan we cannot decipher what he gives us the latest. in fact
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the right calf strain. oh lots of snow in the still falling in northern japan the ceiling that has somebody least one hundred thirty five centimeters and only prefecture in northern hokkaido and in news that i needed to be fixed or asking me so what you get about fifty centimeters of snow with a counseling people unawares. that is combined with really gusty conditions their reason for that heavy snow nice that we have a high over the continent. strong northwesterly winds are flying over the cf camp and picking up a lot of moisture cars are funding and that something heavy snowfall and the west and signed the country. our brains of about one hundred km hour with an additional thirty to fifty centimeters of snow is likely that from the staff didn't think so because you're picking up and put the stuff excited to try as kathleen mentioned that a pastor to heavy rains knitting into southern japan we have an area of the rainy weather over south eastern china and the northern areas of the indochina finance law no one hundred millimeters of rain has been observed in
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several places two hundred millimeters and time honored to be spitting into southern japan in the next twenty four dollars an additional one hundred fifty millimeters is possible in the oak in our region watch out for flooding in swaziland skies. and it's yours as follows eleven degrees and check in with sunny skies with greasy conditions. still you how to sing about zero over after several days finally going to fit me because i knew monday looking quite chilly and channel nine at eight and fifteen degrees for you and hongkong. across the americans had the snow effect did that go with the air and ground travelers in the north east. but as a casino priest a position at this moment the heavy snow maker is now located over the canadian air times additional forty centimeters of snow plus cost of the one hundred thirty km mark could make a plan to house the best lighting conditions and still continuing to you on monday now that think like that silly over the great lakes region we have great effect and fines or even a kid thinks no one finds aires and
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the warnings in place for cars of the new york pennsylvania and michigan and another heavy rain the snow i should say when you get into the best of course the great lakes region into your monday in quietness and the rest of that the us. the temperature is as follows declined to warrant buying high priced its a new cycle is twenty nine degrees when i have a critical player greece good place for seven years of california. monday and the center but still in the north minus six for the heinz chicano minus two in your city you could see some snowflakes at the nighttime hours. and finally across europe but very windy conditions are still persisting and the scandinavian peninsula as well as the british isles but a decline this power which is why they put it in southern parts of the norway and scotland but to me the conditions will be knitting into the isa spelling can explain to our lives and to the sound from their stars in a tornado in knitting into southern parts of greece with them and sometimes course is that we have a high pitch is
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suspending its faults and features the season on a warm in the west in the double basses in paris to london and the iberian peninsula and the first break up the kids this week. if you think things are. i am noon the eye
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it was. the park. i do the hunt. and. i am. stoush
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house and see see cherry blossoms japan has a lot to offer and tourism officials want to make sure more and more people come visit. as an agency showed people and knowing what's on the fact that the souls that leasing and people came to the events some imagine themselves that some of japan's best known sites. the best tasting thing tea in a traditional tea ceremony one of the film the layout. i want to try to get through. old. i want to see the scary costumes and go shopping in tokyo i was. us interest in vietnam had visited japan since the beginning of the ca in july the japanese chemist in the set requirements for visitors from than other countries in southeast asia trying to trying more
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tourists. i don't think this edition of nice time catching comanche and ten
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