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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 16, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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will. the a new apartment find out that in twenty oh one with the wind in the current calming activity what african union troops out by the centro african republic to post again when back in speaking for it to stop the chaos and to get killed. it was more about
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the future when mentions that without a landing before twenty twenty the eye the company from vietnam. i like that. why it was healing the planet and identification self. the front of a gene to watching cctv news i am one among eu farm ministers are calling a meeting in brussels to discuss the proposal from eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton to partially eu sanctions on iran the proposal was made after an interim deal with sweets and the trinket mine in six major powers on november twenty fourth concert inclined to crimp its atomic activities in return for limited sanctions easing the eels as to timing would be courting a bit with the wind says it's up to both sides to keep their side of the bargain and the sauce on the matter of changing sanctions legislation however the eu less on thursday announced that it
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will back list blacklist additional companies and people under existing sanctions to prevent iran from obtaining the ability to make nuclear weapons. it is uncertain whether the us decision will affect the eu stance. now chris mind yet but soon joined us live from brussels where the meeting is now taking place the things are going as jack still be in one place you is expected to top the agenda and at that level talks between the one in the six powers for in toorak last week and the us is just decided to tighten sanctions. what kind of approach weeks back in the year to take for cost reduction do use foreign policy chief is in their briefing at the twenty eight foreign affairs ministers from europe this morning is topping the agenda or it's the noble one. i tend to be discussed. she's giving them an outline all of that deal that was agreed to the six month interim agreement that will see iran. very much
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limit the production or the enrichment of uranium but also scrapping stockpiles of uranium. the debate which enriched or limit where they could be used in weapons to be bracing them all the progress of the recent talks in geneva between the five permanent members of the security council plus germany as you just mentioned but yes as the other the real issue here is the news. so the extra black listings that the us decided to bring in on thursday under the current section sanctions really have made a difference it's up. you know we saw like iran into erupting got a meeting on friday saying this is an act of bad faith of many european countries. they believe the sign that this was the wrong time too. to do this and son are going in here this morning this very month report what catherine ashton wants is a clear signal from eu member states that they want to agree to be partially easing all
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sanctions. no lifting or sanctions altogether but at least rolling them back and doing that. the soonest possible. she wants it to begin in january and this certainly seems to be a feeling that the least amongst them and its ministers who've spoken publicly that there is a willingness to do this in fact does sweden going into the meeting said very publicly that i would have no problem at all with saying some of these sanctions roll back as early as january. so even think and know me and mine is no doubt top of the agenda at what about other issues what renovations kelly expect ministers to catch on. because ukraine is going to be a big talking point today we sold last thursday that agreement seem to be on again the cooperation agreement in trade and diplomacy between ukraine and the eu. with the kids and brussels by saying that reached an understanding that on sunday whistle stephen fuller that the use in lodgment she's stalling on giving a deadline for signing some it was suspending those folks again
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so really seems to be going backwards and forwards of the mind and puts a gun lavrov russia's foreign minister will say be it for a special summit meeting. and of course they will be focusing on you crying. on top of that there will be discussions on the syria but getting those peace talks up and running again in geneva but also on the dismantling the chemical weapons stockpile it's turning out to be idle more difficult than first imagined. no for diplomatic reasons but purely because of the logistics. it turns out that getting those hundreds of thousands of tonnes of chemical weapons out of the country requires moving them along roads that are in areas controlled by the rebels in areas controlled by the government such a huge logistical challenge. other all the topics the middle east peace process but of course is also going to be a big discussion today on the central african republic eu officials seeking is seeking an update on the ability all the progress of what is becoming an international peacekeeping mission known not just a
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french led mission to bring peace and stability to that country. well thank you so much jacqueline really appreciate it. now a outlets tend to take a final four and even ian respond as when you bring in perspective when joined by alan play candyland one feel and act as if there's been any response from the government and from the wadi inside on the potential easing of sanctions as ministers are now discussing these issues in brussels. well when we are no dead after she never dared to run in the five plus one group the main one being interim deal is dead now before is totally gone because of the ilk that year on the scenes there are actually here wishing for you you'd see in the cia were to enact some of the sanctions on iran and was up to now we don't have some of the movers come from the prisons that that is from couponing but the icing dad said if
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the iranian society or a was ill will come peace deal because of dad that said not only the deal is so well make a pass today. to define though the decision of the young nuclear program was mostly but also its well well when then speaking to our twenty ten to twenty in ten one for the wing in response for the talks in brussels about easing sanctions anyone would try to get back to him later on in our program. well at least eighty sweet people have been killed by aerial bombardment in aleppo syria. more than fifty people have been injured local sporting nation committees and opposing groups as the bombing was conducted by searing government forces. lcc apostles that helicopters got the bad carol bombs on twelve neighborhood in the city and one hundred and thirty five people die in total in sunday's attacks. while the european union said that this whole team worked on
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the land foreign trade and political pact with the unclaimed the announcement comes as tens of thousand people gathered in kiev to bench press and they cannot tell that to mend ties with brussels. in an online statement. eu enlargement chief as he can feel was that the decision was made after the words and deeds of medical waste and his government made it clear that a deal cannot be weeks anytime soon. the eu had kept its offer of an association agreement on the table since then until the tooth decision not to sign the pact at a summit last month. the fields were assisted death the eu has finally lost patience with kiev demands for financial aid. some two hundred thousand anti government protesters gathered on independence claire over the weekend to voice their anger at ghent old age and his government the president supported station viable rallies nearby the last remaining australian combat troops in afghanistan are heading home of bringing the country's
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military involvement in the twelve year old conflict to a close. now the international military base at eight am and cold australia's main base in a country has been post. around four hundred not the one thousand five hundred and fifty australian military personnel in afghanistan will remain strong next year to train the afghan military in kabul and kandahar. after more than the men monorail activities in other time. in other parts of south africa now this is that in the news to follow the news of time this former south africa nelson mandela stands still for more on the mono activities in other parts of south africa. that's a congressman guy henderson in pretoria. well diane for a man of mr mandela's stature obviously a lot of expect nations around to giving him the perfect send off hasn't been anything south africans hoped well with people she made me think meeting one
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evening here on the cricket pitch and we're not going to take in amp and three three i'm announcing. malcolm and though i often lay quietly in our immediate family given the speed with which the announcement really don't expect a repeat of the pink one entity. official government which will kick it to him going. initially going to hit. one good thing. mike was able to then kicking it up. and daddy were just here to read american quite the picking to be picked up knitting all i'm in a cool thing. a memorial to get him to take them off. she's a woman poured down the creek
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we are cool. london couldn't shake the room at crown sections of the crowd began to read the pertinent. on the summit of the oak tree allowing taking the union building pretoria i'm sure i will draw people who through to wait on him can only celebrate read accumulated on my way out. people really that morning. realizing that we are on the light of the ending of the funeral of coupons. some take the case should be preferably to the creek below. officials are needed now and we all know i'm eyeing a national memorial today which is the continuation bet. so back at the official denial and still going on what's ow what people expected to see in the coming days. when i too went to get peach green tea at the gate at mornington come to an end. i think i will probably celebrate reconciliation to take it to mankind. i'm so completely content wintry anything
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the pork and egg. in eighteen thirty eight with the handling of team up for a check of the crew took part on the up coming home to take the lead. i've seen traveling to the incubator. for the cure for it. i'm loving it. he couldn't venture management and the founding of the creek on the republic single ain't no command to create gp opening in court to link you click on the national collection. when aunty aunty for turning the key so i could reconcile that the content. don't think i'm one that was important to find. that would become a symbol of gdp in the country not to feel the it guy couldn't take it to emerge maybe the screen mounted the mail each channel looking over the political little capital pretoria. get
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a short time he played for over a hundred people gathering to celebrate the life of a remarkable man thank you so much that's new report from the cardiac appreciate it. more african union troops have started the rioting in the centro african republic to boost the u n backed peacekeeping forcethe three thousand strong eu for its commonly known by its french acronym estelle and acu will double in the coming weeks to six thousand fans also has one thousand six hundred troops on the ground whether the towing a few french intervention can stop the chaos and sectarian killings remains uncertain as cctv skate pakistani boys from the capital bank from matt forces patrolled the streets of the central african republic's capital boogie band nation this morning is to rescue a definite me stuff from his hand. my cough isn't a protection paid. the minister says he feels unsafe. it says that the lines between an emmy and friends. the couple
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i did go to waco went to my home and the courage and still everything. but now it's into the locker in the area. they tried twice to keep happening. the african union and french force is ok to discount them and says that the predominant theme is to inspire the rebels who ousted president in a new and it takes he said. anti christian militia which are not to please them. king's house slaves in the end he is told by him to stop trips the trip and it xd still happen on a normal state basis. this man was killed by a mom right outside the apples. but the french and pain that keeps a paste his attack and said he was a colonel in the center attack that killed civilians would it be the truth is that it would not want to be easy to go to he added that so we don't have an identity that we can create be identified because all those carry weapons on civilians where in
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subiaco. it's not easy for us to tell the difference between this and it is with the weapons and assume it is a weave of weapons. this operation is extremely difficult because the population makes it to get out with the civilian population. then visit the transitional government say that olson committed to ending the finance. it's not too tight and how they planned to do it. the inter community violence is a crisis though we all regret because religious communities the christiansen the muslims of all its live in harmony and today because of the violence committed by the axle be cut. there was a feeling of vengeance which a fortune only to religion to mention. but the government has commissioned to do everything possible to stop inter religious violence. not content to do that when the prime nsa is currently running his government from the apple. because despite the presence of french and african union force is ok in
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the central african republic the multi finance and ongoing revenues attacks means it's too dangerous to consume beef. parkinson cctv on them. central africa macau bank. now returning to tennis callously linda mentioned the country's first a little over and landed have taken photos of each other on the moon's surface. it came a day after the town of three native soft landing the fires in four decades making time in the third country to sell after the united states and the former soviet union the name alex at the break still be in a photo session jubilation at mission control jonah three lander and robert have taken pictures of each other just what the and teen years were waiting to see they had presentation was noble and complete. it is received to work here the move although i am into our current city in a stable
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condition. i mounted my appetite month remission to call it a success. he got all . the jonah three lander is equipped with several cameras including a cine camera and extreme ultraviolet image they can take ten pictures a second they do to rob our cat was a pet rabbit camera real time the new transmission the camera provides that will images and higher resolution and three di national image. the robber ways hundred and forty kilograms and assume you and to dust and extreme temperatures. it has a lifespan of three months during which it will gather samples and record data into can explore the surface and depth ranging from thirty meters one hundred meters some things never been done before. breakthroughs by a chinese engineers went into eighty percent of china's equipment. and with more missions planned to working
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on even more. during a cctv and falling kind of successful soft landing on the island people are asking whether the law and a manned landing. so on monday the country explained his plan for future missions his handphone with this report the latter two decades ago to the u s astronauts landed on them. for all the way of tying steward of the state for its own hot sauce and its current program the reason that we simply turning on each plate ethos and twenty china will finish its due east of lunar exploration program that is orbiting the moon landing on it and returning from it. he does not include a manned lunar landing on the current program is completed he will not be the end of her lunar exploration. just a new beginning. nineteen seventy but then that i will fight should be ready. sending him
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you'll come and go for which we automatically crowd and returned with the lunar samples. scientists using one the program's third states will be more difficult because many break the lease must be made in key technologies such as windsurfing takeoff sampling in calculation rendezvous and docking you what its anti speaker or three entry. these are all new to china. in the one china sets the space industry is an important part of the country's overall strategy. this generated breakthroughs in key technologies for peaceful purposes such as deep space communication remote control artificial intelligence and new energy which china making great strides in space. here are her opinion as to buy it i even found time to come to you that the former soviet union content on them a share in some countries rising and still trapped in a car to get between the rich the poll
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the environmental conditions china faces so many problems that need money too so we should spend the money more wisely. is it worthwhile to explore space. some people say that this is the rumpus and dogs. they say the curiosity of god and no one is at the lake over quantity. we dealt with for my stupidity in capes. what we're doing today is paving the road for jordan. for generations to car. cctv they did. yes la ten years now and companies from vietnam thailand and malaysia say it that they will comply with china's new lows agreeing to submit their flight plans before flying across china's air defense identification zone over the east china sea. an official from vietnam airlis as the time as abang see eli is on its flight path to japan. councils as is usual to send flight plans to relevant countries flying across to any fantasy realms thai airways international has a stand of seventy six
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flights to japan every week and from the beginning of this months the company has spent its flight plans to china. the company say that this is conducive to flight safety and in accordance with common practices to stress that it's their defense identification zone last month's five countries including the us south korea have already said that they will comply with the new rules. well it's been years since a twenty three year old of physiotherapy student was waived and fatally injured in the indian capital the case with the tipping point the pastor quoted in the country because of the semi larry and led to massive protests the protests asa led to a change in indian grave plots the indian chris bond tells us more for women in new delhi one years on nothing has changed. the new routine going shopping teach
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the younger girl. many of you the new born into. people think that he intended to be affected. the total cost watching this you scoring at the walk and work began on the planet. she had a yummy looking at ge. hopping on one spot. some of these keys are in a nice job guys because it would have the know anyone of us. then it happened today. i mean we could've watched a really gotten into and onto a cab and you know somebody please you and got what you do i have gone in candy and more aware of my surroundings i am more carefully india written by dr moore who has diabetes. in recent history this story touched a chord it's the people they don't
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see the security of india the idea that the team defended gallantly rugged many being the tipping point don't let that change in helping him get down to the dog to get take out the article is now at twenty years. bought it i think she should be done and they got into an upright safety and security of living with them the key to get to thinking how awful commission recommended. i'll be going to put to good teams have been killed. i did all the important not to cry. he remained with me that was starting to trust that the bdr was thinking did he get up onto my appetite he declined. and don't even go to the door key. we will start to kill before the board of course that happened after that me and
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had eased into the remains of the game in one response was awarded to think of him but give us the look of the action if anybody think that kind of put them back in middle position. so all of the game the team during a walk and walk happening to me is that the cases of it nor stopped because government. i had the baby cry. this kind of mental psyche. a big weekend according to recent us study the government getting involved buying property he says. thank you cards for the pool. the d p p we know there's that part of the world of hardcore style the bed to walk towards you that you like you are thinking i might get to go on tour and it did not receive a double a walk with a half weeks it will end up with me not that i know that any questioning that the financial. freshening the link to more than questioning the people who did show up. in many chinese history and did i mention i
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need to be. in the art piece starts with. the good doctor i made it onto the mind and india. haha lucky to be done before want how you get on the issue starts to feel the heat. john t t t the new day. so far and is now experiencing an unprecedented revival in jewish life before the second world war a pollen had more juice than any other country in the world. and though most were killed in hollow cast those who survived. i often chose to suppress the identity and till now the restaurant called lucy but this is worse off celebrate the jewish state for the patrons themselves mostly are jewish next day. i have no dearest friends and we know doing great and i don't know. but i can hear the doctor tried to reach peace in the order is the mark of kafka forty three year old polish convert to judaism. she married in
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israeli and opened a restaurant now part of the visible renewal of jewish life in poland. my problem is that that mario are open and more you show i'm fairly sure i have a. i'm going to be assembled to send off the less people had an impact you and they can write to you because you've done the trick and forth than three million polish perished in the holocaust. ten percent of the population that survived mostly immigrated to the few who stayed often hear that their identities but there are signs that slowly starting to change a new museum on the history of polish . opened in april just across from the museum. a monument honoring the rebellion of the so called warsaw ghetto. most remember it has failed the bowl. we're in the heart of what was once worth on the jewish ghetto. it was here that the capitals were gathered and kept and eventually deported. it's now
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mostly a business district with offices and brand new condos but there are signs of the jewish revival here. a kosher restaurant. the jewish spirit and a brand new community center right behind me. michael should resist poland's chief rabbi. he says the children and grandchildren of those who stayed behind are slowly starting to re discover their identity. we cannot change the number of killed during the holocaust. we can change the number of was if we do nothing. to open the door to jewish culture and tradition then most likely none of them will return to the jewish people. written its jewish life in poland as it once was. i may never return. but at least he says there's now a lie ahead we're imperfect cctv in warsaw. and at the news for now thanks for a walk. in
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the i do. the light landed me an american talk about an hour. how women are powerful a few of our many are empowering birth mothers of raising sons who will either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding also on. i can't help but
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call out sick. the hindus and one main iraq as the place stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate. and i think that the felt needs of my eye so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you tried in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realize the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased with how when a human powered
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up thinking. you ll wong will or will. the us the ira welcome to the world islam and you know tony and tokyo here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am. north korea analysts are trying to determine who's gaining favor in pyongyang after a week of term. chinese media said at least sixteen people have died after a confrontation between police and an armed group in this agend


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