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tv   RT News  PBS  December 16, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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this is the taste did not go near moscow this morning like atrocity to be reported for the long syrian president of the school time outside damascus described to us see how i miss the government isn't this a big wedding civilians in the other. using others as human shields russia once again draws the lines attention to evidence that the syrian rebels of use chemical weapons to set up a government that point said de force in what could be investigated. also headlining this morning and said he still running of the ukraine as the eu says it's frozen trade talks while keeping the pressure on the present
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time lately most definitely i missed international condemns the torture of detainees including children in the brain while rights workers that said the scale of the pieces even worse than the latest reports suggest also footage energy company funds of massive wind turbines rolled across the entrance to the styling site a gift of time before i see from the activist caught up in the christmas spirit three or four . the forty two greek ability of most of its attitude to steal the distances of two mixed up with this to the knees terrified residents of the city and time's sake they've seen entire families be ignited by the rebels and civilians kidnapped andsed as human shields. i drew was
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just outside damascus was told by al qaeda link and a symbol of the months of this the local residents reported the killing more than eight including children auntie spoke to some of the supply a command center. i'm keen to secure our houses and wanted to see our documents he told us to step outside to be spoken for and i liked they killed everyone and onto my knee of the station handles with a local hospital when my sister works. she's still alive on a fishing show up for work that day. there are still about two hundred civilians and the police station in arkansas high dam on the town using them as human shields to prevent county from selling the building. eyewitnesses described atrocities reminiscent of some of history's worst death camp hilton's from god only god knows it. this week the station became terrible they were killing our preaching. worst thing in
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the cry was when the shop people who become ill the cuban people in need you i still can recover from the shelter went on black wednesday. praise be to allah i managed to make it to my wife to the very last moment we enter a handgun. that was terrifying. just recently spoke with a friend his name only. it is still hiding in the basement of his house at the end of the friends tell me about the atrocities committed in atlanta. what is on its civilians is simply delicious. a tortured innocent unarmed people the loss of function. ali ali is in the timeline of battling hard line radicals who want to sound government of bolivia mccullough goodness announced that a breach of mr white believes the rise of extremist and syria were present the pfa you must inform policy. can we. to this particular post if he is the enhancement just recently made by the petition and us governments that the elf ceased and for
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the chris davidson only filly to defeat sitting on me. this is not a clear acknowledgment that will be a scene using all of revolution in any meaningful sense. this is an invasion by islamist sunni fundamentalists sponsored and funded by its urdu media in his latest reports out warm not really picked up by other media outlets they're focusing on dion dublin's government assault in aleppo were seventy people including children were killed. aren't these rebel atrocities being deliberately ignored here yes because it denies both the british and american governments under the little support those in the west to try to support development of the time. even if east of the undeniable evidence that these frivolous as i stayed up on all fun and came to town or the country but in time. intuitive yet flawed minorities the phone line on the phone. on the reef to come to call back to
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the seventh century. i really do think the nice to be a inquiry into how we came so close to effectively acting as i'll take a insidious be a force along with our us counterparts. pharmacists again abroad for his pocket and the massacre of damascus like this history of sectarian killings across the country. mistress of the school that teaches about foreign minister sergei lavrov had gage be given a general statement on what's happening in the region where russia is concerned as well as its international partners he said that even in cases of trying to work together to deal with situations. does he do about the need to be equal footing and fair consideration of whether to support the staff gave served as an example where russia's boys he felt was right by the international community in coming up but that's the solution. another thing on syria that he had commented artists of the city killing. he had talked about how the different factions was rough but always what about the past have become more and more extreme. this is what he had to say. we
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were good with the massacre that plays out it was bob knight. christians druze and satellites but we'll sort that even sunni muslims nine he rejected the hardline islamist rule the reason his laundry. what i say again this isn't the first time this happened long ago human rights watch establishment of the hard work with no desperate pulled its troops that now make up the so called islamic front. we know that at the reception he would jump out at heathrow was considered a potential member. the only reason it is excluded. the slavic tribes reputation the best job out of the fact is considered the organize a . there are even reports that our american colleagues eat with the summit fronts representatives trying to get them to join the free syrian up the reason we respond to the scene for tourists want russia to be helping out in the situation on the other he says that russia wants to have a say in the way the operations of the week and that's a kind of equal
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footing that they want to be a rush east of the five ukraine is another major issue i guess the cat multiple percent then the four s and another of the key here there are a lot of warnings from the other foreign minister says he's going to get an earful from that the eu partners about the rush of meddling in the dup are said to you for all that said when the prophet did say that pointed out to the behavior of that the european partners set and this is what we have to say you shouldn't use these books do you. you all for the last few days we've been hearing statements saying how good things would be if a new russia would stop meddling in the ukraine's offense. we see a western pa is coming to kenya and demonstrate the wide on the hunt out cookies and all of the ukrainian people to make what they call a free choice and choose your eye he also said that europe the eu tends to want all in all of once said it's only natural that countries would consider it their natural national interests lie in the process. i just encourage transparency with ukraine is
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concerned for the us and eu partners at dealing with the brush and says that ukraine is a very important partner for raw shot at daycare for the team would advise all parties involved in the stocks that would be considered as russia would also want to see the best deal for ukraine where he was concerned. make signals of ukraine's post will try to climb to the eu which has been the source the course of the massive protests for the past month. all one sided cu officials taken to delete old to now on hold only of the ukraine's authorities say they are still progressing and the increase had been completed atmosphere the us seems eager to do assume the role of decision making as an excuse to its people green who is with you. with you. join mccain's media conference and tube was reaching loud statements. in the veiled warnings to moscow we need to make it clear the russian government
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revenue from invading interference in the affairs of ukraine is not acceptable to the united states for america or to any other free country and were told by explicit threats to kenya with the movement and membership in the eu. she is caught is going to have very curious effect here in ukraine. and you ask. korean relations accused russia of interfering with many questioned why he was there in the first place. it's not the first time join mccain have seen playing a visit to both the united states is currently lending its support to the other photo op with some syrian rabble kidnappers now it's a world boxing champion turned politician and mccain is not the only american politician in ukraine. his appearance acute independence square was preceded by us assistant secretary of state accordion door and handing out takes to the protest is getting to know that in probably because i think these peopl want to detach the ukraine from russia as they say. and they
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think that my support to the protests in kiev. they might actually achieve that the problem with that strategy is that the city where he belongs to the ukraine and russia economically and culturally and ethnically on simply too strong. and i think for american politicians and indeed european politicians to go to the youth backing on to taunt a tooth that is actually very humbling and very dangerous. i'm simply exacerbates the making what's the difference is the divisions in the ukraine which already very tight as us officials include imposing the new association deal through brussels over to shut the door and sign your to read tweets from the man in charge of eu expansion. it's unclear whether it's a matter of the eu and not budging on ukraine's pleas for more financial help for signing the agreement. the previous offer of six hundred to the funeral was branded as humiliated by the local beach brussels rumored willingness to seize any talks with this
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government. the port's future but because his insight on on continuously during the offices of the days when you look at the thought that the position that i would not that difficult thing to do it to rachel. it was expected to sign it was the place until the unity project and with good news that distorts practise as remote as ever the protest is his old is now also being haunted by a rallying cry from the view was the rivals from america you're just on tv who bolted from kyiv ukraine. so like to send a banana on top of those protesting and regime change the status of mccain's popped up in the know here is the most pigs in the army increased in ukraine's orange revolution and the beckoning of that was. he was also a frequent flyer to georgia to former soviet republic. so come the revolution. mccain friends to this day with a mouthful of pres mikhail saakashvili it up to coming to move swiftly to crackdown on protests against the administration of
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the forget that gets put into distinct entity the joe mccain supporter protest is the latest artists but also to in libya would push for more active us involvement in the civil war. i'm so to syria mccain was among the most vocal advocates for america to start balding aside forces and calming its rebels. but that doesn't work out and sees executive director of rome paul institute. he told me that mccain is simply doing his job. what's interesting about someone like mccain is he goes over to ukraine and he are siding with these people are often very violent calling for the overthrow their government has a genetic in ukraine is to say mrs has been his agenda for decades you know he's the chairman of the international republican institute. as an organization and in geo that is funded solely by the us government and its purpose is to change regimes overseas in a kilt this is nothing new he was very active in the nineteen nineties by in places like albania and slovakia of
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bulgaria and elsewhere. he is up. he is a person that is in charge of love changing regimes. still at the program this morning that crushed hopes of those to a coming of age now we knew of this disillusionment among the country's image. how the honor of spring turned out to me that made going out is to get over liverpool the story coming up shortly i'm thankful for the crunch it is to avoid all the student protest is making some heavy handed tactics retaliated by at least a camera so that a bubble but that is well what offers bread . long. am i under
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torture mutterings was again be revealed when human rights groups the distinct national claims that children jonas that even been subject to brutal mistreatment while in detention built another guy from the parang rehabilitation and coupons globalization that is the reality tv weather. as a person who's changing geo that deals with torture victims and survivors of documenting life in cases of children with use. enmity toward change and i found that the new film and his children not only eat or take the stand tuesday said he did with hers is. and i did it with then tentatively agreed to the extent that the children and left it in the command of the time to be
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on the choruses that we ate dinner or deflate them to get for concessions or to give names to decorate these and in some shocking cases that they wanted these children to bring thousand and four amazed at the security forces to a few moments have become pervasive use of chemical weapons in the country's civil war showing no signs of going down so we traded extent of the few that for this ad is highly unlikely to have resorted to such tactics and that all the evidence points to the rebel. russia's u n envoy was speaking out for a team of inspectors found that illegal toxins were indeed repeatedly used in multiple fights against with mitre and civilian targets medical not fall into speech. investigators have concluded that chemical weapons were used in five different attacks in syria neither report said that in several instances the victims included soldiers and civilians. what the is possible to turn to determine direct links between the attacks the victims in the late it's like sites that the incidents now the purpose of the un fact finding mission was to determine whether chemical weapons were used in syria not to use them
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now for the syrian government and the opposition have accused each other using chemical weapons and both have denied all allegations that while the us and its european allies have repeatedly blamed the task is for the use of chemical weapons and nearly started a war over it russia maintains that the findings of the un report does not give enough ground to definitively prove the position taken by the blast while addressing the media russian gas to you and the telly target also reminded reporters that falling in march nineteenth attack in aleppo syria government immediately called for an international investigation but it was significantly delayed by western countries are following the august attack in damascus ambassador has said that the syrian government allowed the un investigators to enter hide the areas in question without delay so he's asking that the syrian government. i had used weapons of mass destruction why would it ever peter leek and immediately called for international investigation into why would it have killed by its own
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soldiers which the un report clearly shows that soldiers were among five victims of the id chemical attacks. now a serious toxic agents continued to be moved out of the country. russia has announced that it will be providing its own meet the six steps to support vessels that are carrying the chemical weapons or weapons will eventually be transferred to the heights to shift the uk its aids is outfitting where the bulk of the work will be done to destroy the cocoa substances online month's eu russia might consider a decade long ban on genetically modified foods on a website scientists said. you cover the container he is now to study the effects on humans about this controversial set of problems it causes the wedding story but man they want a gizmo to study also he has done is that yemen's parliament votes to bad my mood strikes and see the outrage of the dead the us attacks. and if you will when we get more but that story somehow with
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subtlety to call. next is the season to be jordy they say will entail a true christmas spirit activist and get a date with the shale gas drilling company especially if unusual present this they need to look at where these places seventeen me till one of the hof time one of awful they wind turbine propeller to be exact. complete with a nice touch. the old red ribbon as well. well if placed a rather inconvenient leave one across the entrance to said tracking site local company company leader from friends the hopes that the site's owners will take note. show that will allow the government will fund a listen to. i have a harmful effects but returned to reading eyes across the uk already beat the heat to a competition like that and in the south the surveillance of the northwest that while a single map and i think that the government's new licensing round which is going to open a can of it she said that the country to take test cricket for the week but didn't see them all opposition. i'm a bit of meat
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and a half step ahead of montoya new place i get paid if they dare not to listen to concerns that mean it isn't perfect and very loud and clear message that people do not want to see that look means that i didn't see anywhere else i would love to cook. my teaching and an increase and said thank seven times as many people wanted and the winds have died and that means that the nextel cup. well said we think about it so they could have sat morn woke me with your position and then rises across the uk will we will see that govern how to commit sin. as much juice fresh clashes in road to the entire led police to beat a guest appearance to the protest is who recently defence ministry the anti government movements in its edge in recent months with the angst is taking regular demonstrations. this comes to an awkward time for them and for that authorities they did come and drop support for new tough competition the campaign isn't going too smoothly. the official by that promotes the document is representing the legit typical closely the lead and teach others still can because we think of people mostly foreigners and that anybody can be found elsewhere on the way he could
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make one cup milk to reports of the nation's hopes for the delight of the revolution compensated. all my needs and donate it to the signs she keeps sits in his favorite downtown claire cafe took me about that but tonight the rulers. three years on from participating in two thousand and seven the senate all monies for street is that the state of the country he says once he finishes his studies. to me. what would become of god the more you study for four years and you don't find a job that the end of it the better chances outside egypt. there i can find the freedom to work with the skills of a house. some of the most important reasons forcing people to leave egypt there are eight million egyptians already a poets and others and it came to join them as the economy fat lines indicates greater stability even if the economy of the country will go in the future. the double digits they would never be able to cook or the ever new job seekers days gonna be all was the percentage of
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the population that would see job elsewhere job. also i don't have the time. youth unemployment rates are at a staggering seventy seven cents. not me well drawings off the use of ten oil the young men like all my seeds and let the road is often the only option. but it's not just the economy trying to get to choose the beef some estimating and make the green crackdown on political freedoms. growing numbers of up to the song now facing jail sentence is off to the military installed government enforced and no planning protests without official permission. dating back to the screen student protesters and security forces abroad to come assist police in the army continued to patrol the streets to a pumpkin that we need democracy freedom and better healthcare and social justice to fulfill the maintenance of our revolution. the police need to change the whole regime needs to have a better idea logical way of dealing with egypt or more people will go the government apes and new constitution upcoming
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elections will help stabilize he sits there until egyptians can find black and into wheat basic freedoms. mohl will be forced to leave. though three five p higher. will these two is a brief amount of gospel and just go to mexico it seems at least eight people in the full extent of damages in the end of the last time just outside the capital according to authorities was cold but the car to siphon off gas the countries covered in the grip of anti government protests which have intensified since the authority's proposal to help pay for access to foreign company the lace inserts to cleave to the full buildings in a university after reports of homes on the campus area the ivy league institution located just outside boston was forced to evacuate the seventies scene examinations of it on the way of the universe state press said stephen payne caveats the psychology of a novice as threats of violence against education educational institutions often come from former student. it may be that silly people especially young people have actually
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attended an educational institution that if they have some kind of grievance. or if there are people who have not consulted them. that's where they will find them. most violence is committed by young people and young people are fresh out of school. you might want to be a full interview will deposit on the boy confessed to committing some of them causes of violence and social unrest. the source may delay the right place to crash to its students are angry at spending cuts on education offices judge the protests is to try and break them up but it adds has been through red dye in the from sydney regional government offices to symbolize a big skillet in the lead of their funding the head of the libertarian think i'm based in milan open to the god he says the cuteness of the seep out that the political picture tt. well last year and
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every probably be a shared moment in the city as well as the hero with the purchase is that they see one part of the old one part of the problem is that it's scary. but it is the number of resources to getting into the good. he insisted he stay in a meeting with him since the mess. they see that part of the car correctly. they do not see one of its evolution and the solution for maths problem can be a big competition. fortunately with his in face of a government statement is just more government. the city's robson from the sound of it more just that fateful his time coming up on teams in action as the lakers will the school board to the cape of good sniff get what she is in the uk need to go going underground mind that with just a few times each whether you are the sole command of the book. room
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what obama is happy smiley self. the photo with that the nation british prime ministers at them until a funeral and international incident. before we realize obama for doing something stupid a funeral wheat to clear one thing up the washington post says that this action occurred at the memorial service after the funeral was over. and trust me after about three hours of serious collectors of a conference or some sort of super long wedding. most of us will just be hanging our heads against the wall of boredom and i've probably check my email about seven times obama splits know i said most of us but the president's post unlike most of us because he represents all of us. it's one thing when you're fourteen and too stupid to realize that some people rose at the week after grandpa's funeral. isn't that idea was another thing entirely when one of the most photographed and powerful people on the planet takes this healthy at the memorial service of someone he claims to respect
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although it might sound annoyed the sophie is pretty much irrelevant. this is just a big error of etiquette are plenty of real concrete things of real consequences to be mad at obama over what our religious wacko rebels and cereal for signing into law the nba. i wish with all my heart that we only had to be angry with obama over some minor etiquette errors but sadly for just a drop in the obama bucket. that's just my opinion. and i. i did. or it is. i'm happy to get the full speed. the reception too. in fact lounge. he gets
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festival abortion. conditions here. belcher go well because in fact you feel you have peace will keep the best seats were that the member states are to preside semester. so now i work to be able to specify was effective reach out to chill. very important also to invest in younger generation can do to get some access to the post as it is what we have to organize this. washington which would be a beach house seats. children needing people to get it. it allows you to keep you thinking the trip the eye. to this during deficiencies in suits your opinion. this is
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the faith. we like to find a very good idea to bring it with you. to develop critiques from. the seeds from your opinions in the states. we say maybe we can do with this infection with this. as for the film festival because the greens the indices. we are fallen to their emails with will. that is the official move from the school. the steel. it's just that one cor. and we have always been to see pretty grouchy too soon to release this is organizing the truths of god. what great things about working with dc library as we have twenty four libraries plus an ok throughout the district. so in every ward years of life or in most cases mounted them
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and so what that means is that kids who may not choose to come down to the mall or may not get to see an embassy get to see the kinds of programming that we be helpful for the kids here the festival. we have children's either as an adult staff were so excited about to reach out in some way to make it personal and specific they're doing a story time focusing on a particular country or think that art exhibit or there is a book love going on as well as many wonderful performances so we got on friday night the expanse of leon. many people go to the library to go someplace else to find out about another life possibility to visit another place through books and the arts festival that can tear up the store told us that too. the ambassador said it's been sitting here without a passport but with a library card you can visit everywhere thanks to the kids to the festival. children and
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adults the deal was about eighteen countries. i think we are. planting will grow forever terms of relationship that an understanding that it's the song. i eye. ricci why did you hear what did at last. thanks for joining us finally sighed and ceo jim nice new government now has to get to work. russia's foreign minister and brussels as a tug of war over ukraine's future continue its attitude to this strike before christmas and what is in gemini


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