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by a ball. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network you knew me knew guru. ay ay ay. welcome to this coming july. when did it with us richard will entice the joint. starting out to a third term on the mental traits are posters chancellor promising financial scandal barack obama discusses it has been sent off for a us court ruled that my snooping on phone records is probably unconstitutional. surely be a lifeline the russian president signs multi billion
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euro deal cementing ties with the press. the british government is finally taking shape. nearly three months after national election studies is a poem a collector's item apple to a third term as chancellor. she will now head to a grand coalition of jimmy's because it's so good talking to a polital correspondent just a bit about the direction this government is likely to take first of this report. mr president i accept them. oh and i think you all. i took eighty six days from the german election on september twenty second to arrive at this moment that know the new german government is finally in place. and i feel american has again been sworn in as chancellor. obama knew what you think. it was confident
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the snow goose third term as chancellor and something few before and managed and it's her second time leading a grand coalition with the social democrats. not all spd lawmakers voted for her and the secret ballot. it appears some remain skeptical over the decision to govern with the conservatives the most part look into the future. it'll be a reliable partner for the next four years taking guarantee that it's a pragmatic partnership model of relationship that will be dedicated and show solidarity the cabinet is full of familiar faces. most don't short remains finance minister promised to msia his interior minister. his previous job has gone to was a fun guy. she's become germany's first female defense minister. but this time i will be a speedy as foreign minister a job he's done before. it was the two biggest parties in government there are concerns about the small size of the parliamentary opposition
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i like challenges with small boats months. we need to find grace to rights. maybe even taking a case to the constitutional court it's called. y'know the left party and greens together lacked in numbers to launch a parliamentary investigation for example. normally a powerful tool for the opposition to use against the government. so what can we expect from this new german governments more about the spring and simon young son angeles and one party's discovered during a wedding there a lot of tall peaks mt if of course the year of crisis continues to dominate the workload for this government the finance minister that continue to teach a lesson in this key in the sec cabinet list both can show it but of course will be dealing with that soon he'll be like getting all the sweet sweet pressing forward plans for the banking union in making banking regulation in europe will be a key issue for this government with the social democrats of course striving that four out
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of their agenda very much. i think the spd leader and deputy chancellor and economics minister added most important teasing mug of bl we'll be pushing for which these ambitious plans to transform gemini is a need he said said. that was close with agendas of planning just ruling she eats more than fourteen percent of germany's any team should come through renewable sources by twenty twenty five that's a very ambitious target their problems about the infrastructure how you actually do that. how'd you get hella from the windy hill the gemini to the industrial sounds. there are many other things for them to deal with the national minimum wage that we've talked about so much. on the said program ends and pensions reform and many other things of the law for the government that says i would have foreign policy me you mentioned you are looking beyond skewer them in times when his boss and the us could be strained right now. yep that's right i did that the new and former foreign minister said. i just
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don't let this go to the big job on these places well he's going to repair relations with the united states following the nsa. as you know is this canada little trouble with is advising the first thing for him to deal with these russian it'll be interesting to see what lying. this is done in maya takes in the cos he's been a very pragmatic see very willing to deal with routine johnson that goal has been generally speaking more wary said that that has the potential for some tension in the relationship between the two parties in government there. and of course that whole question is coming to a head right now we fed the trouble was in ukraine. you can sign more about the dynamics of this but this time the coalition has predominantly eighty percent of the tactics. well i'm back to the three of the opposition has that they'll be steamrolled it that their voice won't be that they need the government teat growth and the rowing team of form committees in parliament to take them to toss in the other institutions the government's i saw
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signaled that they are ready to let the opposition speaker will have to wait and see how far they are ready to go on that side has ever signed a tax for the comic well along with pro democracy groups nobel prize winners and top internet and telecom companies now a federal judge has weighed in on the nsa is massive spike in us district court jge richard leon says that the industry's bulk collection of telephone records is probably unconstitutional describing it as an almond tree in patient privacy. and he said that the government had failed to prove that the program had prevented a single attack. under fire from the courts and key allies present brock obama has been meeting with internet executives. as he defends a program that has a dwindling number of support obama sat down with top names from the tech industry the meeting itself was held behind closed doors but concerns about the nsa is
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clandestine activities were on the agenda. some of those presents like yahoo microsoft and google want us spying scaled back. the meeting comes just a day after a washington court ruled that mass government espionage is most likely unconstitutional data protection advocates say it's due process were applied then it's clear that the nsa is breaking us lots yes they really want to be open they would allow these programs. the challenge to open in federal court. you know for the past six years the government has been putting up every roadblock so that these programs can be a challenge in the regular court heard that we use everyday in this country instead. it's been done behind closed doors in the secret physic or where only the government gets to make an argument. edwards noted still hiding in russia while the midst of rolling and sent the nsa secret activities could not withstand exposure to scrutiny. that may happen first outside the u s intelligence officials in
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washington have criticized european parliament plans to questions sent in by video link. and in an open letter to the brazilian people the fugitive intelligence contractor offered to hold a congressional probe there brazil is looking in to us by a presidential level staff and other brazilians. still alice washington than responding to the growing pressure and this decision in the us let's bring in our correspondent. max called month in the us capital. x just how significant is this federal court ruling and will the nsa now be rolled back yes will have to wait and see for that because president obama got the final recommendation the final report of his review group last friday. so those are the people who are going to make recommendations about the nsa program and we just don't know exactly what kind of recommendations are in there and if obama is going to call them or if he's going
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to add some more he's probably going to reveal what is going to do. in january now for this bullying at its height was symbolically because it's the first verdict by a court other than the foreign intelligence surveillance court which operates outside of the eye that's why it's important now for the actual effect for now it just means that the nsa has to stop collecting the data for the five people who actually filed this case back in june and this might be as far as the go was because there is a there's a chance a realistic chance that this this will be appealed. came into the appeal the government does have a chance to appeal the ruling what is tranquil well they certainly will they've certainly will try to peel it and i use the ipo has diverted to the foreign intelligence surveillance court are any indication here then like i said you know this pretty big chance. it will impede will be appealed and in what many people here
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think and legal analysts is that this will go as far as the supreme court. judge leon ruled that the government has failed to demonstrate to collecting the information had helped to head off any attacks to know how our american taxpayers responding to not only a failed program but the waste of billions of dollars. we certainly formulating what many americans are increasingly increasingly thinking about about this although it's hard to say what americans really think about this this balance between security and privacy it seems to be tipping a little that but a couple weeks back. there was that was sort of split half of americans thought that was necessary the other half thought that was going too far but he certainly all of this is not helping the nsa is cos i think that it's safe to say max old mum washington max's ever thanks very much chill the dough mama's program lies in tunisia three years since the tipping point moment that began the arabs
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for the friends list included some of the news from around the left. should i come home has exploded in eastern lebanon ties to hezbollah militia. it's a nice three people wounded the placement had enough of the syrian border and appeared to be painted his beloved by his groupies slicing and syrian support the present bush now government troops in south sudan are searching for former vice president reagan off our whose followers are accused of mounting a failed military canal the government announced on monday that it had defeated the attempted overthrow dozens of people reported dead in that fighting which erupted on sunday the un says thousands of civilians were sheltering at its compacts sure i did and has announced plans to boost its ministry of snow to continue in sin on the amount that i had to take you will by and still finds his driving submarines and amphibious vehicles. it is widely seen as aimed at china
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it is not named a statement sent to the sovereignty of the group of i ten east china sea. to tunisia now where people held rallies and protests today to mark the shirt anniversary of the event that triggered what is known now as the abstract i mean was easy says himself on finding desperation of unemployment and police harrassment. the uprising the fall it cooled down a dk to embrace her to democracy and prosperity. the seed of the use my broker can hear found out for many to nations those hopes are fading rapidly especially for the nation's best and brightest the seasonal how's the korea had peaked in his life. he works in this little shelf the machine is making bags and shoes daddy insane hours just to get mine the forty year old has a law degree. these days. films are hard to come by. but it's really a movement of the year
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i didn't just take this job because of the money will make it to me and i meet people here i can talk to the hitmen share stories and experiences. well actually luminous give up meat. ms mcguinness me the mental strength i need to get on with it until one day i can find a job as a lawyer. we have been given a conclusive result the tro. unemployment in chain easiest and simple than fifteen years since the rates more than double the young university graduates. the elk luke is bleak. many in taking to the streets to voice that restoration. they say the government isn't doing enough to tackle the country's jobless figures the ministry of employment says it creates enough work to everyone especially as political instability has scared off foreign investors instead the government strategy is to encourage self employment. read the memos would be as we've done away with a lot of the bureaucracies such as making it easier to take out on a warehouse. we've also
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expanded financial help to the self employed to include all sectors. instead of just a select few to what we've done this to make it easier for young graduates to get access to financial support it in the human head. but with the everyday that passes zachary is what it is dwindling but he'll get the benefit from the revolution three years ago. he is he's been visiting the job center. we don't lock job seekers in chain is coming need to get advice and apply for financial support from the government's the curse of the msm when the government as all the money confiscated from the members of the old regime i mean who wouldn't. on top of the task he receives foreign aid. where does it all go home this evening we don't see any of it. she then takes much too long just to get a better financial health we still have to fight to survive with chicken manure
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and so zachary and has no choice but to continue working in the shell the only alternative would be to leave the country. but that he says would be too much of the race. coming up as an increasing showers ukraine with financial support is he trying to find a lot. i do. you decide you want to watch the images the whole package. dw on the internet. media center dw tell you. a line through
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the blunders committed. and then at the time and space the eu summit in brussels on the nineteenth and twentieth among the points on the agenda. the european banking union. a joint defense policy. eu expansion the necklace pizza pop and seventy two. life on the deal it's the next class. still for the seashell of ukraine russia has raised the stakes with a fifteen billion dollar lifeline for ukraine's them the good of him now without that money could be bankrupt within months that the opposition says the deal means giving up. ukraine's independence to its powerful neighbor. instead the opposition was to build ties with european union will get some analysis in just a moment the first is simple one day ukraine's president went cap in hand to mouth protests at home race in
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moscow ukraine's president came to the kremlin for support and he got it in spades. russian president arriving at switching made a point of emphasizing the long standing ties between the two countries. steel grade russia and ukraine as strategic partners not just in words but also in deeds we you know i said by many centuries of friendship and by having lived together for a long time in the same country continue to do it part of tuesday's deal will see russia temporarily lower gas prices for the ukraine and when viktor yanukovich as governments around eleven billion euros. she and is facing huge budget shortfall that desperately needs the money especially after bailout talks with the international monetary fund and the european union broke down in november. this view is that this is the shift in relations has angered pro western troops in ts who immediately denounced the new deal with russia while present yanukovich was in moscow. opposition leader
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of the time the cats go repeated calls for him to step down. his name or two and a uv and we know that there is only one solution to these political crisis cities to hold snap parliamentary elections. snap elections are a fair way to go on it's an opportunity for the people to choose directly which causes they support for the country were. jailed opposition leader yulia tymoshenko has urged her countrymen to reject closer relations with moscow. so far kiev has not joined in russia's customs union. but that's only a small consolation to the anti moscow protesters. for more of the story we're joined now by susan stewart she's in eastern europe analysts that the german institute for international and security welcome to the show personal guilt will this can be enough to sort out ukraine's financial books but certainly a good short term solution for yemen
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called it that basically he and his cronies have created very dire economic straits for the country and needs to find a way out of that. and i think this will possibly even tide him over and tell the presidential elections currently scheduled for march two thousand fifteen mm so what's the quid pro quo then we had to customs union mentioned in that report the russian would like ukraine to join the size of insisting they didn't talk about that mosque. they may or may not have talked about it but i am certain that they have talked about it in the past and it is certainly the case that cooking one night get up on his idea of me getting ukraine to join the customs union so i think of something that we absolutely cannot rule out happening in the future the key to haiti because he's now in a cool beach is now more dependent on russia than before. his means ukraine has effectively in the russian word that right now. back to ukraine. the likely scale opposition leader one of the top rate is going to steal of the trail once again
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demanding new elections for what happens. well right now to stand out. we have that protesters on the square and we had to pull that trying to stay in power at practically no matter what means he's going to use a show. i think we still have to wait and see. and wouldn't that the eu that means you'd expect to be that way ukraine has been talking to the finance at least about the possibility of dancing some assistance and the eu has also been offering a few hundred million to expect that these kind of. these organizations to time. ross has often given to some of the deal will see you cry. no i didn't exactly that is what the us than trying to avoid and that it seems that ousted the imf is not willing to significantly reduce the conditions that it imposed on ukraine. so far so i don't think we're going to see it getting more and accents but i do think that any eu doesn't want to keep the door open for continuing its relationship with ukraine in some form. this is a steward of the germans to
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foreign nationals years turns to mush and socks. well moving on to business news now he aims gemini work is that the online retailer amazon are on strike the second day they will toss until the two ninjas extent of their union is the dirty labor union is pushing for better rates of pay but amazon has rejected the call with christmas just around the corner of the strike comes as a high pressure time for the company i stand still at the busiest time of the arab workers manning the picket line and amazons logistics center in leipzig unions won a wage agreement that gives the same benefits as other retailers amazon isn't interested. it says is to pay is adequate the strikers are prepared to rule in amazon's christmas you are on their stumbling home. we are hearing from colleagues that things are getting chaotic. they say they'll keep going until they get the bargaining agreement
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they use amazon money given to us we have to cause a few problems so that the damage and in a week like this one before christmas. it's quite simple. the strikers and his amazon of importing american management practices into its biggest market in year out when the company is here in germany. we have long as we have bargaining agreements and unions. those are all normal here. the company should stick to them especially ones that create huge revenues and profits in this country. for its part amazon and states to strike is having no impact on its ability to deliver in time for christmas. my list attention of monkeys now and don't see whole sent us this summary of today's trading act a bad mood despite positive economic data. i did say e w investor sentiment rose to the highest of any morgan said he is the basis
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of the optimistic that the german economy in two thousand and fourteen a treatise of being reluctant waiting for results often beating up his central bank and a most important question is this the fed going to reduce its massive steam it is in the sand back on up before next year the markets have to wait until tomorrow i can use five day european car sick to registration on this rose to fifth straight months and he says that on top and real turnaround treated . the seahawks and reporting for us from friends that will estimate that the market numbers in a more detailed and forty. and susan jacks then we added to the down home is no point nine percent only thing missing. acts nine has been a key sign for the losses but is still on the results fifty one and a quarter percent lower. is it going numb and twenty nine forty one and to proceed and take the dow is still trading of course new york. trading was the last five to fifteen thousand eight hundred and ninety
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three. and the euro. the new holders and sedona. he adds one to lead thirty seven sixteen. brazil is being rolled in recent months by massive protests against corruption and cool services chronic problems in health care system and be more than the discourses of anger and even now present tiller also has time to kill off for a solution. she's done a deal was about to grafton thousands of cuban doctors by the end of this year. ill be sent down to bring else cared for and remote areas that are neglected by the country's healthcare system. you don't do santa gonzalez is indispensable to mix up of some followed. smile greet the pediatrician and gynecologist to be on this topic sentence. gonzalez says she's seen one patients had waited four years proposed appointments of the breast cancer screening. i was shocked and thought it was a
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joke. no she said her last examination was in two thousand nine. then i realized that i can really help here. i look forward to working am really motivated i want. patients should be on the retina feels like she's finally in two towns again. friends and family are also released on zuma's is going to help them. and the minute you think this change them into al asks questions and explained everything in detail. he really cares and is honestly interested in us getting better at that stage an occasional thing. we've seen rooms are full across most waves of brazil the country is short of over fifty thousand doctors especially in rural areas. people hear the mold on this program is day one hope of getting rapid medical attention. there are critical voices the brazilian medical associations that doctors' qualifications
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and thinks that being treated on family this also was able to see more doctors have the status of scholarship holders. i don't have a work contract in a new holiday entitlements they can proceed with the team on saturday brazil's employment laws have been broken by the government itself the doll. costs are another issue. brazil pays just over three thousand one hundred euros per month old gonzalez's services. she is a family get the fifth of the house. next going to the cuban government the forty thousand cuban doctors working of gold bringing political goodwill and helping to toe from state coffers by round four billion euros to you. the only way our poor country can earn something. and what we don't have any natural resources only brazil or venezuela. so not that it will be seeking the workforce or doctors forty eight year old would never be allowed to him as
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much in cuba. mantle salaries max out the equivalent of fifty us dollars a month gonzalez's moved into a house with two cuban colleagues. the team was in rome last two years in venezuela is tom and zimbabwe most of their earnings due to the rawness of spank him as yet. the local economy herald they finally from stanley's family our new family now. off to three years in brazil the women hope to return to cuba. not as members of cuba's expose a bullet holes. maybe that johnny will take them somewhere else. this all the time right now. tyson was to join us here to stay with us for more news we are not often that i was in his nineteen seventy. the air. ch
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chu you leaving you live or we will need one. the eye like it. i'm quite scared let's hope it's all problems
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