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research makes the network new and new guru. the thus the edwards noted speaks again this time of the people of brazil the nsa whistleblower has offered to help the nation investigate u s surveillance at this time he wants something in return he fell on that ahead. and in pennsylvania a bar of soap can linger you really can't pass to people cents a month in jail after police that stuff they sell cocaine. we take a look and talk to the waiter scrubbing their records clean leader has kept
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a fan. it's easy december seventeen i can watch. i've been hearing a bit when you're watching our tea. n we begin today with an open letter that adverts and has written to the people of brazil and the letter which was published today in brazil spoke on newspaper son and said he'd be willing to help brazil investigate the nsa spying on its soil but cannot fully participate in doing so without being granted political asylum. because the us government posts will continue to interfere with my ability to speak. so then went on to say that of american senators tell us that brazil should not worry because this is not surveillance data collection they say it's done to keep you say they're wrong. there is a huge difference between needle programs and these programmes of dragnet mass surveillance that put entire
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populations and earned all seen time and say if copies for ever. keep in mind that leaked documents have already revealed that brazil is the top and as a target mind america and that includes the surveillance of communications for brazilian president gil madrasas the revelations came in from seth who earlier this year canceled an official visit to meet with president obama in washington. this september she also spoke at the un general assembly where she puts the united nations to give citizens more protections against unwarranted surveillance mentally in such a manatee and goliath in the physical the country's easy reach of the national mall and this is not fun. to the principles that should otherwise govern relations among countries especially along a friendly nation. a country's sovereignty and now for the firm itself to the detriment of another country so much. the right to security of the country's
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citizens can never be. as shown by violating the fundamental human rights and civil rights the country's citizens brazilian senators have already asked for snow that has helped during hearings about the nsa is targeting of purcell and seven is now asking for help in return right now the former government contractor is living in russia on a temporary one year the south of course on and still faces charges in the us. here's how white house spokesman jay carney responded to questions about ranting snow and whistleblower status at a press briefing this morning it is remains our view that mr snowdon is accused of leaking classified information. and if he faces felony charges here in the united states and he should be returned to the us the soonest possible. where he will be accorded full due process and protection. so i don't love them more about this i spoke earlier with
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having the soul of longer at fire dog lake. well once known and is focusing on brazil right now. yet formally asks to be granted asylum let you buy into that latter was this statement that in order for him to help brazil investigate potential crimes against their country committed by the us when doing surveillance against brazil. you have to be given asylum so that he didn't really participate in a thin grey eyed peas terms for temperance found in russia you want to respect what russia has given him he basically does a lot to look like he's not. i'm grateful for what russia has been able to do for him so. that's why that was that way and so it is concerning and this interest in going to brazil because you have tried to go to germany and that hasn't worked out that was rejected by outlook for coal. and these other countries like ecuador. that was initially
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the possibility and that didn't work out great and we know the journalist who broke the story. glenn greenwald is actually based in brazil along with his partner david marr and that you think that could carry any weight and convincing brazil that they should open their doors to snowmen are already doing anything arty speaking to laugh at the brazilian government on snowdon half well i you know that ended in christ. i'm not really sure yet. that's going on right now in the background okay and now if that were milled i decide to grant asylum to let her son and how i can and can't shake the dynamic between brazil between brazil and the us. it would be payback for relations between us and brazil i would expect that politicians in congress will consider measures to punish brazil already taking action to protect snow and i also
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think that there would be a number of people here in united states citizens you and be glad that he was able to find a country that would protect them. people who celebrated the fact that you've taken time to blow the whistle and rubio surveillance that the government had been keeping secret the program that i think many people are glad that they know about now shore and again if he is now granted i've downed down the line that asylum in russia. how cruel even conceivably get there. it seems like that is a big roadblock a big problem. i'm a congenial anything about me now how he would get from point a to point b. it was granted permanent asylum and that would work out behind the scenes that i think we're probably weren't that this happened. once you boarded a plane and was on its way to purcell. it all out though
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that it worked out between the russian government and the brazilian government. and then of course the brazilian government would have to be willing to stick its neck out and be willing to stand at the united states and as far as getting on a whim that they have to be a private jet that maybe have to be raised through stones of money on or there might be of service that would be willing to take her there to get diplomatic jet fuel and why. but does it all worked out and see something then surely we all find out after the fact. on the back of this letter at me confused and said something really interesting about how where and he said quote these programs were never about carries out there about economics buying social control and diplomatic manipulation. they're about our time in considering the country and countries we've seen that are eyeing the us is still the surveillance when you make of that argument. i think he's got a point because why didn't she know
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what all of the citizens are doing what you need data these bath mats passed out on two countries. why do you have to put world leaders under surveillance. if it is just to protect the world against terrorism is obviously about much much more. it's about having strategic interests in energy resources around the world wanting to protect companies businesses wanting to make sure that certain markets remain open to the united states and the clothes stop because in china or russia or countries in latin america or anywhere around the world are competing. it's about wanting you have the information on what diplomats when to stay in upcoming meetings that you go blind side down and get them into a corner where they comply with what you're trying to do and so did it and and and what new labour in his letter result makes it clear that citizens are being placed under surveillance around the world just so that
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america can maintain its power in the world. sam and i wanted to ask you about the recent use of federal judges called the nsa is not a data collection program likely unconstitutional yesterday i did that was a big win for the privacy advocates and such. could this moving straight the street in every sentence cases the whistleblower eager to receive asylum and a country like brazil or even amnesty here in the last what it does and is the key is that it reopens this question because it had been settled for the last six months that everything the state does is legal. i know why the us media have accepted this as truth. but when the judge during this opens the question makes it seem like he did have a reason to blow the whistle and that's great for him and that does get a lot of ability to go around countries and say what he did with matt was so well. indeed all very interesting topic and this fellow blogger and fire dog lake. thank you so
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much. and today president obama met with executives from leading tech companies as companies including google twitter apple yahoo microsoft facebook and many many more the white house says the meeting was focused on efforts to repair the obama administration's health care that the website is for foreign government information technology however controversial national security agency programs were also on the agenda. since nsa documents were first week back in jan and number of tech companies have been urging president obama to curtail surveillance program the meeting comes just a week after leaders in the industry penned an open letter advocating for radical reforms. the letter said this summer's revelations highlighted the urgent need to reform government surveillance practices world by the balance in many countries has tipped too far in favor of the state and away from the rights of the individual rights that are enshrined in our
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constitution. this undermines the freedoms we all cherish it's time for change the white house meeting also comes just a day after a federal judge deemed the government's collection of domestic phone records unconstitutional. and last week a us drone mistakenly targeted a wedding convoy in the end and after intelligence reports identified the vehicles were carrying al qaeda militants was a gruesome attack in which more than a dozen people were left dead and twenty two injured in week nine in critical condition shortly after this tragedy ghana's parliament voted for a band on drums right. and although these headlines quickly spread across united states and around the world some are wondering how a reaction might have been different if the drum and an american wedding instead that's exactly what connor freezer store explored in his atlanta ga article called it the drone strike in american wedding we drowned our fleet
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an article free tourist or ask this question can you imagine the wall to wall coverage. the outrage and the empathy for the day comes that would follow if an american wedding were attacked in this fashion or hounds and feel about a foreign power that actor wedding. to top a little bit more about what happened this week and what it will take to make americans and besides i was going to appear by michael brooks contributor at the majority report and hosted intersection on as planned media. chris asked him for his thoughts on the article. no i think obviously if there was a drone strike on from a foreign power that kid in america in our wedding party or if you know for that matter we don't need to go too far away there was a attack the united states on september eleventh right that we had an incredible reaction to and that not right clinton's of our policies but rightfully that people were upset by this i think in some ways we can draw him closer parallel and say that the visas the policies that
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were implementing overseas and carelessness with things like tron strikes are affecting american security before going back and we might not see a direct relationship. but they're definitely there. so i cannot i said something that really stuck out to me he said. even putting down any street from us for a sixteen and national long on our wedding day is but a blip on the media radar easily eclipsed by the new fiance album. you know while the hatchlings did get some traction on the internet. we do see it you know marginalized by and large bite to the media. i mean what what is your sense as to why that is. you know i think it's almost over determines there's so many different variables from lack of resources covering overseas news to our lack of engagement on these issues on but i think that what he is getting out that's also really important is we need to broaden our empathy. we
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need to think much more seriously about what's happening in other parts the world obviously petite believe it's done in our name and i think you know that i passed that i'm projecting outward. i'm morally and emotionally but it's also are politically very important we need to be on more sophisticated navigation are thinking so i don't know exactly the specific reason why it's not getting the coverage that is. i should get and deserves to get all the noise louder stain right now i want exactly know why you think it is that. americans can really empathize with innocent foreigners. why is it so hard for them to feel. i don't know if that's not fair you know assumptions. i really actually do think that the war does come out on this program. the polls had shifted on it and people are more engaged with that but i think there's no question that generally the united states is very inward looking
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i mean isn't this kind of of real odd sense of our footprint on the rest the world and that just really remains a pblem there remains a problem in most countries that are projects overseas check. i know is this to me now when i hear people defend the us trunk are many honest and say that it's great because we catch the bad guys and we do it with you know real surgical precision. either this or what we've seen so far with the strike suffering and in pakistan another on muslim countries is really the case i think the notion of using surgical describes the strikes like this. this is kind of obscene actually i mean the reality is is that there are two different types to draw strength. broadly speaking. i meant people were talking about targeting a specific individual in a very specific context. that's its own debate banners were great there to be tied in a sort of awesome what i think but signature strikes which i think that's what this fall
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on strike would fall under which are based off of the hero patterning. i mean basically means by definition we don't even know were getting were just saying if you're in a certain place. if you fit a certain pattern we're going to heal. by definition that's not surgical by definition we don't know where kidding. i made two really are incredibly problematic way of framing and on. b given the results. it is problematic. it's really tragic. at the scene at what's happening over there but i do appreciate you coming on the program and breaking that down michael brooks contributor at the majority report and hosts an intersection on as planned media the deal. thank thank you so much. a cozy countryside get away from the city hustle is an ideal rule and for some americans who are experiencing the negative the facts of tracking down in places like texas the ground drilling technology has become a proven way to boost corporate profits but as a guy in a two pack and finds out it's
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the land owners who pay the price. the local government in texas tells us the excuse that the water from his well why didn't he can fit on fight year. it's safe to drink and confused in his home this year. you make it. but speed has the assessment of other experts who say he's well is a ticking bomb in his backyard. loaded with methane and other contaminants why the starkly different assessments. he claimed that a operation nearby contaminated hands well and that excess energy authorities are shielding the gas company they don't want the world to know that it really isn't that big one in official documents. it could be that the franking allowed gap similar formations into the aquifer and subsequently to steal the excuse well. the gas company denies the claim that this gets to the range resources corporation but
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the firm tata suit and want a constant factor that into groundwater. it's incredibly difficult to prove. my sauce i as an engineer who worked with the federal environmental protection agency is not the price that the state oil and gas regulator sided with the gas corporation. the agency that derives its income. for fine wool. from boiling pass production. it's usually quoted in charge. all of a kidney bean. the protection of groundwater from online as well. and there is any inherent conflict of interest it's hard to fight for his holy father police the youth has been shifting fresh water from the city and trucks at a cost of five hundred dollars a mth. but the family now faces another blow from the fact the incorporation of four point two mm you mean
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dollar lawsuit for defamation he flips his greenhouse. and it's a beautiful property has become a nightmare. several of his neighbors apparently have the same problem that they are reluctant to speak out after they saw how the gas company went after this lipstick. they shouldn't expect much help from washington either. for what you saw signs that the environmental protection agency has not put nearly enough resources into studying the effects that frankie has on groundwater but that didn't stop the epa from coming up with a report in favor of the practice the ladies were advice to bend the gas constant need to keep it from accumulating under their property as their neighboring gas well continues to crack. we're pretty much standing around the top one hundred years from now when somebody dies becomes in some compound in the quarter it and they're able to trace it. that is
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cracking. the office who can invest their philosophy. but now it seems that the authorities at all levels are still fired up on tracking potential profits that households likes to meet his family are left to fight alone. to get healthy by making their homes. get it checked out a r t parker county texas. we're now learning that one of the highest paid officials that the environmental protection agency epa has managed to swindle the government out of nearly one million dollars in fraudulent wages and benefits i need us most of all ages had to convince his boss as he was also a c i a operatives. a story that the epa bought youtube for over ten years. john beale who retired in april after his suppose it's by career began to unravel when he sentenced in federal court in washington in what many are calling one of the most audacious government fronts for many a meal once served
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as a senior policy advisor and leading authority on climate change for the uk neil watson got away with his job for extended periods of time i toured his boss is he was on on a stag a mission often in pakistan or at the agency's headquarters in virginia. in fact in two thousand eighth even show up for work for six months and told officials that he was working on a massive government project involving candidates security guard list that year if he was still paid over two hundred thousand dollars in salary and benefits. antioch and build the government for his first class airplane trips to one and three he stayed at five star hotels. john curran who attorney has said in court papers that thanks to all that how all of this there is mr beale has come to recognize that be you know the motive of green this theft and deception were motivated by a highly destructive and dysfunctional need to engage in excess of going back less risky
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behavior. alan september beale pleaded guilty to scanning the government out of nine hundred thousand dollars since the year two thousand. peel will face sentencing tomorrow. he and his arty agreed to pay one point three million in restitution. he also faces up to three years in jail antonio are not certain hygiene products can get you into big trouble these days the last month. one couple has been in jail on drug charges after police finally discovered that the drugs in question or simply bars of soap. annabel cruise and alexander bernstein were pulled over last month for speeding in pennsylvania when a state trooper approached the car he immediately claimed he smelled marijuana. to which cruise admitting she had snowed earlier that day we suffered then asked if he could search the car and that's when the traffic stop took a turn for the worse soon after the officer found two breaks of a white substance. cruisin bernstein
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immediately told the officer that it was homemade soap but he didn't actually buy that argument. instead he insisted that the powdery substance was cocaine. and that he determined that by conducting a special field test. he then received his m bernstein on cocaine trafficking charges. and how the jailed for eight months with bail to say that up to five hundred thousand dollars of course charges were dropped when lab testing finally indicated that the substance was in fact it's so let me ask the pennsylvania state police have testing so could turn up as cocaine that gio offered us this evening. we still consider this an ongoing and active investigation and are considering an internal review to make sure our policy was followed to discuss that more i was going to earlier by the attorney for alexander bernstein james hijacker. i started off by asking him why an adult prisons car was pulled over in the first place. then you
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will stop me. he understandably. a twenty thirty mercedes benz. he was going on but i'll live the reason the polls a little. i'm suggesting is that it should not only on its equity in wrapping up overall. why why why not give up the field testing because that's the most intriguing part of our bed. what exactly does field testing involved typically in and how was it determined in this case that it was cocaine. things that leave them short and way of getting a result that's what this means is that once can you stay out of the candidates. they are the suspected role in the pot. here you will. what
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happens is. the it will encourage certain color depending on the color turns well stop this. the menu below where century. lower courts but the bottom stair courts. he is not only arrested and prosecuted for him to the court of common pleas. happy holiday. state police crime lab for the last stitch. in laos to prison officers. those people stopped to get it all. right knee. what happened here it is. there were two packages and placed on top of that who would control such as eye opening. and that he is allegedly a package allegedly produced a result of the substances or cocaine. if you wanna go out the arrest warrant against allah and know that our core the intro my plan. it was a passenger
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no mention of color and being bombed. for a new site allegedly allegedly at the substance was tested is it possible at all that is a trooper and did not actually conducted field test at all impossible is rated number one the total number to the trooper one. the result number three because of the war the more we have killed off a lot of people ultimately on the actors he returned to the reports while i happy about that beat as in i remember covering the similar case in which two young men were stopped in france in new york and officers ultimately rested and for allegedly back carrying crystal mass which in the later found out was only jolly ranchers on so this is not the first time we see me for the fuel tax hatfield sort of bogus results. i mean how detrimental candies field test really be if they're not done at properly. flew to my
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client's case he's in store for the last is the island the five thousand dollars bail saying no to know. they were used by the court to issue an arrest warrant issued. reviewed by magistrate denied bail the actor. they are in and out the tube out that mean they were in jail for an entire month and i can't conceive of how they could of been in jail for that long anyway. this testing involved why does it take an entire month the thing in the state police. his widow at the time what happens is that the people are prosecuted to the poor hearing. on surging market of the markets the short form of testing and justice the result of that statement. oftentimes report by six months later. it was
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the thing. which exonerated this from being control. we have not been done with one stone house. that's incredible i cannot believe it takes that long. add that as anderson alex your client will be filing suit to talk about how all this. i experience has really affected him and what sort of gimmick is the seeking. lol we're not we're not seeking him and his will would determine whether we would only buy them to proceed on to an all day. he's in his decision whether to pursue this further. his point is unknown as to whether or not this is the entertaining read so i do not. we knew we'd be the dow up a little in the state. in that chaos was
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the troopers. are we will be something like this to happen and that was james' high tech or an attorney at law firm llc. and what a london artist has found a solution to the surveillance cameras that are seemingly becoming more and more entry said. i introduced you to the surveillance ball there it's a wearable device that's inspired by the actual falter. which is a medieval plate armor it use to protect the wearer from unexpected and on the scene below is from above. in this case those blows from above are surveillance cameras. this is all work well the surveillance apparatus alerts that we are two cameras that are in its vicinity i did taxi may confirm and laney that the youths. now here's the best part once it's detected the device sends an electric signal to two nerve stimulation pass but then it makes ur shoulder shawl. so you might look a little crazy while walking down the street at least no longer have to depend on just arrives. now you'll have your entire body to something back into reality. matt does it for now for more in the stories we
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covered that youtube dot com such rt america. second our website our t dot com sites usa. the council follow me on twitter. adam year and a bit i don't. all welcome to e zine it's wednesday december eighteenth and tactical and she in tokyo. the koreans have been liking the anniversary of the death of their former leader hinge on the ill and died two years ago. state television broadcast in the juices in the morning ceremony in pyongyang


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