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the sea. it's the result honest with you when the incident to the provinces this gown that to us and perkins. in the us government the defence ministry said
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over the border. eurozone finance ministers and to the second. her head. this morning that determined stance was her turn the stability into it london welcome to cctv it's on to win a game the presidents of russia and ukraine met in moscow and its continuing demonstrations in kiev. protesters of being demanding the resignation of president of top down or call the children's decision to abort plans to enter into a trade agreement. but the european duty. jenner coverage made a strategic advantage to what moscow and he has just secured a thirty five percent discount on the net for gas supplies from russia to have the safety of korean economy from financial
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collapse. our moscow correspondent carry out bomb that took us more. i was of negotiations behind closed doors. the russian and ukrainian delegations reached accords on some very sensitive issues. russian president biden and putin stressed the importance that moscow places on its historic ties to ukraine reminding his guests. ukrainian president viktor the new clothings that russia accounts for thirty percent of the cranes trade balance. we've witnessed during the last two years a certain decrease in exchange of goods last year was eleven percent and this year an additional fourteen point five percent of the time has come to take energetic measures not only to return to the level of previous years but also to establish the conditions to me this issue forward. putting an apology means to increase couple rationing straight and joint aircraft and ship building. they'll say we tok ordinates mourning customs control and stuff from joint regional development. perhaps most importantly moscow
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announced it will invest fifteen billion euros dollars in ukrainian government securities that should provide the cast of ukrainian government the funds it needs to pay about seventeen daily news dollars worth of energy bills and foreign debts maturing over the next two days. delegation from the ukrainian up to the us company secured a deal for cheaper supplies of natural gas from russia and into giant gazprom. the price tag lead down from four hundred to around two hundred and sixty nine euros dollars for every thousand cubic meters of natural gas and phd stamped. most currencies also agreed in an action plan lifting the restrictions in ballots will straighten we have prepared a plan of action from regulating economic relations into a road map so to speak. it will lead to significantly improve our performance in the sphere and its realization will bring tangible positive results to the entire sectors of the economy and our governments. the key question of the day hello there remained unanswered. within sixteen unit called it didn't even discuss ukraine joining
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us live customs union instead of the eu. the ukrainian president is heading home with a handful of deals that should help keep playing pace that's the question is whether this will be enough to appease weakening its pro western opposition and help them solve the escalating tensions there. i even ventured cctv last day. for more about the political situation in ukraine and when i'm torn by our correspondent stephen fried in kiev. good afternoon stephanie well obviously ukraine just that one step closer to russia by clinching the deal. how long this has been received by the factions in the political makeup in kiev. well the political section seven scenes in question at the large question mark that we know that this entire process right now. certainly the people here on the ground in kiev the people in square behind me. ah they're not happy about it i've talked to since you people this morning here. what they're saying is any sense and practical
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people bear in mind this means they wanna know what the terms of the steel box spell out me for a bit then they'll make any decisions or make any firm commitments to where they stand looking to stand on the fact that they will stay here. they do not want to see going slower the union with russia they want to join and they want a partnership with the eu people said they don't think necessarily that things will turn violent. here they don't think the army will come in if these protests at games peter gain momentum they think that possibly special forces and police could step in but again they're practical and they're saying they're taking rather a wait and see kind of approach what is the ground situation like now the demonstrators or are planning to stay full for how long. what if the plan for them. well into center city. they say in your sails taken care of the fact that many say they're going to stay until it's over what and till it's over means means different things to different people and spoke with somebody who's i'm
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basically taking up residence inside the municipality these are protesters who are taking over the municipality and he said that they will stay there until the president of ukraine steps down until the government steps down they're not going to leave that's what he says the people here also say they're going to keep coming to the square that come from all over the country to be here. although bearing ninety this is one thing that one person told me and it's christmas time. they said they may take a break go home for christmas and then come back again if need be. sell yet all right thank you to stephanie for her reporting from kiev. we'll keep a close watch on what is going on in kiev. now it's time to time and thailand's anti government protest leaders to top it up to bonn has announced a new massive rally will be staged on sunday suzette caught on that august to join the protest an attempt to force caretaker prime minister in action a lot to step down. since that would also be marches in the capital on thursday and
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friday in luck on tuesday reiterated that she would stay on in the care taking possession on to a new prime minister is elected the coming general election is scheduled the fabric the second two thousand and fourteen. thailand's opposition democrat party be elected to former prime minister of the sea beach achieve a business leader on tuesday. the democrats must the son of december the twenty somethings whether the party will boycott upcoming elections. in that every election has acquired center stage in the political uncertainty in the country the protesters wanted to postpone up from the mistaking my kids for it and the opposition democrat party is considering what to do with it. for more on how things are shaping up to thirty we spoke to our correspondent to see that from today in bangkok. this decision by the opposition democrat party would actually have the full impact on the column entry system given that whole coalition parties
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have more contests in the elections so the democrats lacked freaking nothing from the boycott and the seats in the lower house however the decision could potentially inflamed. what is happening out there on the streets at with attention span so if i receive it for now i went and purchased the numbers have declined but according to sources at the democrat potty at paci it's late on this election question we are expecting an announcement be made on saturday with that at the democrats will take on team eastern election poll boycott them were together now tiny in this election one very down to alienate many of the supporters with one out onto the streets to protest and we must remember that all the democrat will make it with halim an alley of each month to join the anti government campaign which has been rightly rejected the snap elections in favor of political response on the other hand a boycott of the feather elections will likely from long before the court of life crippled the democratic race as chili's and potentially his star a decision i will come
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out at a very politically sensitive time in it the way the consequences could be severe. she returned to reporting from bangkok and back to this country thomas defence ministry has said it has had effective communication because you are common parts about the meekness of chinese and american ships in the south china sea. but the statement comes after washington said last week an american warship and avoid the commission with the chinese navy vessel in december the fifth the chinese defence minister has said that the chinese naval vessel was conducting normal clothes when the two ships met. it hadn't been doing the encounter the chinese properly handled the situation in strict accordance with protocol and a boat size inform one another through the normal working chaps. john says no staging in washington of looking to boost communication maintain coordination and make efforts to guard key regional peace and stability. south korea has protested against japan's
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new security strategy that includes a reference to dispute the disputed islands known as doctor in south korea and takashi month in japan. this comes as a response to japan's defence policy package approved on tuesday that consists of a national security strategy the fence program got close enough i feared the fence but up to. the south korean foreign ministry said japan's national security strategy should move a description of the island. as japanese territory. he was a lot of government severely run this race with the japanese government for including a description of our territory talked all the national security strategy which was announced in december seventeen. we urge the japanese government deleted immediately. a russian official says his country is ready to provide a security escort for destruction of serious chemical weapons that are deemed to be handed over by the end of the year. russia says it will provide candy goes and help transport
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the chemical weapons to the steel import a plucky on russian foreign minister sergei laugh or offer on the ascent the russian navy will also provide security for ships that will be loaded with the stockpot the timetable for the handover was forced after an attack on the outskirts of damascus which killed hundreds in august the organization for the production of chemical weapons says the us government will contribute destruction technology and for operational support the chemical is will most likely be destroyed on a specially equipped us kept in the mediterranean sea the united nations plans to convene an international conference in c area for peace talks in the swiss city of more pro on generate the twenty second. what a venue for the conference call geneva to as jane for the first two days due to the shortage of hotel rooms in geneva. he will bring the ceiling government and hopefully the opposition to the negotiating table for
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the first time since the concert started. in two thousand another the two sides will continue the talks in geneva on ghana the twenty fourth. this friday un and the filling special representative for the city of october he will meet these two russian deputy foreign ministers in the us undersecretary of state for political affairs. mummy bought at the same day the five hundred members of the security council and neighbors of cme. iraq jordan lebanon and turkey. also you can. designed to meet the parent stays in the european him. the euro zone finance ministers meeting and has a second date with hopes they will reach an agreement on more centralized control over banks. while the ministers that made progress is some details of a plan to close bangs paving the way for completion of a eurozone banking duty the agreement would boost chances on over on the au which will be reached and this week on a blueprint for beating was fading lenders
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this would give the eu time to meet a deadline set by germany and of the nations institute reforms fine twenty fifty. under the agreement banks will provide cash to pay for the closure of failed lenders keeping roughly seventy six pity and us dollars over ten years german chancellor and the merkel underscored the importance of the negotiations to complete the banking union. she hopes the ministers will come up with the planned reforms before she and the other european leaders meet on thursday. more about the finance ministers' meeting and a possible plan a correspondent at barking dogs live from brussels where the eu ministers are now meeting. but check if the minister's cup and reached an agreement was like a macabre so would be enough to fix europe's troubled banking system. more to come over this significant agreement this morning off to an open auction the agency
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meeting and that is something that the team divided on for months and that she's independent by louts on the news the european stability mechanism. as an emergency safety net under extraordinary circumstances to demand the money directly to the banks will get involved indirectly structuring and i agree too that this morning the problem is that it still doesn't onto the big question of what happens when a really big banks fell because even the feminine tied up on the money in bed. even the money that talking about putting international funds which are detainees will become a eu single funder with fifty five billion euros it still wouldn't be enough to deal with say a bank major bank crisis in the country likely to lead all fronts and the domino effect that would set off such. it gets. but cindy title out there still has an ounce and the big questions that we are hoping for more this often in the fact that they've got this far is an indication we could have a breakthrough. but if you listen to it like only ran
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the monetary affairs commissioner he says this is a big breakthrough ball was gone so far the worst way hearing from the market from analyst al day is that it's not enough but something is better than nothing. well we know that the money has always been pushing for this process and the eu finance ministers however haven't figure out who will be in charge of the scheme. so are they likely to come to an agreement would take the lead well that's the big questions of fact is that we got disagreement on the limited by the fund using that to directly refinance the banks rather than giving the money to governments and putting them more into debt. the fact that we got this agreement this morning has created more than that of often isn't it people believe that it is possible that a deal could be done. it is important that the deal is done because this would be the last leaders' meeting of this year i will really be the last times i have to form legislation the compulsory the european column and before it faces elections to be at delayg this whole process again if
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an agreement snow might but those big division said that some countries want the european commission all a single eu body overseeing all of these banks but it's been over to take the decisions to wind them up to change the balls to do whatever. but countries like gemini absolutely doubled that i won't make that individual member states to still have the stylist whom always seen if these complex mix of the two taking shape is a compromise deal. people wondered about that the european central bank chief mario drive he said. i think he thinks something that is too complex with not enough money in it really isn't going to be good enough and that to kill a mocking nuno islands. finance minister going into the meeting this morning saying it is too complex it's not going to work it needs to be single. really and not just in name alone and if it comes news that the space of a weekend to shore up a troubled bank then iran will begin. always saying is something follow complex and that multi legged and it would take a lot longer than that on the bank
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said that worries many of the ministers. well it's complicated and that's why it takes a lot of controversy thank you very much to parking. reporting from brussels. just what the merkel has addressed the german parliament ahead of the european union summit her dress comes after being sworn in for a start on. mr mentions. he was thinking it wasn't what he joined in the coalition government would continue to play a fundamental and based on total eu integration. for the coalition government and the recent eu integration is one of the most important tasks. women continue to act on the development of channing as flour as you do it with you a coalition government will govern europe's biggest economy for the next four years the council won the palme in action was four under sixty two votes in favor of one hundred fifty voting against a non extensions. the parties
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involved in the coalition agreed on a wide range of issues including the introduction of a national minimum wage costs a promise to european policy for securing a stable you are all in the eurozone. while the party of molly's new president ever humble bought cupcake in this together with its political allies won a majority of seats in the country's parliamentary elections. well that's according to provisional results released by the government on tuesday the vote was intended to complete the west african country's transition to democracy after coat last year that led to an islamist takeover of them. america meeting between view as to john's and president barack obama has looked at the constitutionality of an asia based data collection program called the skeptic meeting which was to talk about problems with the healthcare dot gov dot website came a day after a federal court true that some of the nsa data mining may be
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unconstitutional. james stillman has more. white house ceo isn't representatives from tech giant apple google yahoo and others met with president obama to express their concern over the nsa is broad data collection progress in addressing national security and economic impacts related to authorize intelligence this was the president. was hoping to hear from directly from the ceos of these companies about these issues and concerns. the meeting came after five tech companies released a statement last week calling for reform of the nsa data collection program. the ceo has left the white house without commenting the released this single sentence joint statement. we appreciate the opportunity to share directly with the president our principles on government surveillance the re release last week. we urge him to move aggressively on reform let us review of its intelligence gathering programs is expected to be completed in january
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meantime just days after an nsa officials suggested the us might consider immunity for the trip roberts noted if he returns to the us to stop tweaking more information. snowden himself sent an open letter to a brazilian newspaper suggesting he would help brazil investigate us by i've expressed my willingness to assist wherever appropriate unlawful hero but added until a country grant permanent political asylum. the us government will continue to interfere with my ability to speak. the letter stop short of asking brazil for asylum but in the summer snowden applied for asylum in brazil and in other countries. his request for asylum in brazil was turned down then but nsa documents released by snowed in in september showed the us had spied on brazil's president bill maher is set as well as brazilian companies and millions of brazilian citizens chile relationships between washington and brazilian prison government has not officially commented on the ladder. supporters of snowdon had begun an online petition encouraging brazil to grant asylum to snowdon but matter how many people
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sign the petition brazil would greatly damage its relationship with the us. if the were to grant asylum. it would snow. joe stalin cctv washington. johnny's research teams have discovered six new marine species and collected samples of more than eighty rare species in the third free resources survey for two thousand and thirteen according to china's ministry of edward cullen for the survey in south china seas nine shot area covered the largest ever including a juried the second most said what the research team has also discovered the hypertension fashions on the knee area of marine species information has been collected for the fishery development. and also chinese researchers have found tremendous reserves of natural gas hydrate under the program which would ease the country's energy shortage knackered as hard as our natural gas and water frozen together into a solid substance. well the discovery shows about one hundred fifty billion cubic meters of high treason in area fifty five square kilometers under the pearl river. next
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the guys have is also called flammable our eyes which ana started conducting research in act against tie this back in nineteen nineteen the line but becomes eclectic its first temple in the south china sea in two thousand and two thomas the fourth country to confirm such findings at the us japan and india stunning the rising cost of health care while also maintaining or even improving services become a major challenge for many countries change comes though. in the industry because it is often unclear what kind of changes will bring my new shares is how one healthcare provider is experimenting with technology and innovation in an unusual sight. an emergency requiring this medical team to head straight to the operating room. but upon close examination. it's clear they're not dealing with an ordinary patients. the team is using programmable dummies to provide feedback as part of a simulation of kaiser permanente is thirty seven thousand square foot test
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facility known as the garfield innovation center. this is a very cutting edge facilities actually one of the world mark this simulated here to read our. so our goal is to use this as innovation excess to have all those ideas him perspective collide. she sits down all those. these multilingual smart bed even have sensors for other nurses to the patient is too close to get to the bed and at risk of falling ice president of innovation and advanced technology face i said to innovation fund. doctors nurses and staff can submit proposals to have their ideas as to you that's resulted in the number of races like dr hero video game like trading software for treating energy emergencies. what a woman giving birth. not all that busy at our clinicians play with it. to compare lists for points. i'm doing the right color of calm we actually had the appetite and there was a simulation you can see you that white collar of
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the patients and their vital signs are clicking down. i think local innovation center robots are around every corner like this one a companion robots. for interacting with patients tell presents robots which allowed doctors from different hospitals to collaborates and then there's this one. but korea robots it's a bit pushy. five hundred pounds of supplies but sometimes low tech ideas are just as useful. it was here that nurses first experimented with haaretz that his team to keep their dentistry medicine and should not be disturbed. two medical centers in nearby beaver california implement the idea it's all medication errors trial by fifty eight and seventy two percent. this is a place where some of the value was early on quickly eliminating things that don't work so that our teams can get two more teams here compare their culture to that of a startup accelerator for ideas to flow freely and at least have a chance to someday they could have gone by the food. park view cctv
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sadly andrew california. and that would record this edition of news update on tour in beijing. thanks so much for wanting to buy from the eye. is you. sch. the us
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i use. we goo . i am sending him a fair hearing another edition of destination with me. italy is well known for its food but the most recognizable of the thirty first of its service to its hotly disputed where was that they possibly can. to be so
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quick confectioners goddaughter. let me insert that woman's name was protests over it but her maiden name was tiramisu. i'm here at lot one to find out how this decadent dessert is made. you must check in since it was going to shows exactly how the day. here is a start a good deal of it. and then got a little bit loose between seats to the one in his sleep at all. isn't it so when all is that the cds all the guests. the fbi. oh and they become. it's the truth is that. want the name. there was just quoted. or do you think your
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business. getting the union for sure for sure. it is because he says in one go when it is great. he said the thing that i was. they even get a lot of lego. they like sloppy it. sponge cake i mean is it so we don't do it with you to make it a song that has been. and then i typed it into. and i technically didn't know what to get a lot but it wasn't so much. much of it the biggest liquor. so we opted to stay yes even being aware of it with a single minute of it though. with the addiction so when you've got to visit
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susan doesn't overflow the us. one example. then we put the video. not sweet. we call it. these couple of days it also has a lot about it but didn't. you can also substitute for good coffee in light of the more gentle with the filmmaker lead on the beach. there is a lot of money. this is a classic. us indices. the recipe for tiramisu stems from another italian difficult to find life which is really an english by far first written mention of service to only go as far back as nineteen seventy which means this topic is still coming out of italy. they are doing it for another episode of destination. am . the mobile
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it is. move move move move move. welcome to the world islam and she'll tell me until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am japan has introduced new safety standards for those of the stamping radioactive material meanwhile massive amounts of radioactive particles fell on the ground around the shoes but i teaching today's nuclear


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