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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 19, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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also note how until mixture was a hobby or soy sauce. i know what you're eating really tasty. next time our destination busy that i'm sucking in a car the route the sea. the bit but it looks back to the other was twenty fifteen the office and revealed what would we live it does not look at your age while this continues to subsidize up to five hundred people before he killed that exciting. another seven hundred. six while pausing to
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get nuclear talks back on track is the meta geneva to discuss how to implement the derby. the news on the road to a fault the commission overseeing state owned enterprises based on its vision for. the it's the default a meeting of abating to one pm. he must go rock show the sweet stop russian post about them and putin is holding his unload year end news conference right now it's happening of the world trade center in moscow. the shoebox than einstein the prison putin has held its major press briefing that the study did that with this post you are in office but was back in two thousand he's been feeling a whole host of questions most odd notably of course the recent developments bees of the ukraine there are thousands last show is written in this press conference that's a lesson in life to the russian press merrill's to you. including
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outstanding known for its issues. my colleague so old so they changed their appearance thanks to him when i faced. this issue i was. i wondered how he and if only to result to do this home what's he going to leave care center where. he and i believe is thirty years something. he leads the streets. it is a noble traits that to become the cake that mom. is a very interesting. there are some but i have my accounts. he has his own affairs. so we have and i want him to leave here. between acts and assumptions that impression he and co will not continue
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any anti american propaganda all the information which is not released. it is released because it was slapped by a team previously. we cannot know what exactly he left an player. generational terence we have never worked with him then on things that smile we are not asking the russian president on the kootenay ice at his year end press conference at rest of the school season and wave and it extends awful weather with three full five oz sometimes on the audiobook is now standing by for all saw the most the rights of the one that sent away the press focuses on right now. on the other with questions being asked of the russian prison i guess one of those questions until the very first one was about the recent developments with ukraine on how to present on so the question. well that other person present certainly said that stevie decision to help ukraine but investingifteen judd
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billion dollars in its economy was a decision. i've been less it was simply trying to help its former soviet neighbors he said that ukraine is in it very difficult position economically and that if russia considers ukraine as a brother nathan which it does he has to help. in a family in the family not in the family way. he said that's that. i couldn't be at the rusty sending fifteen billion dollars in order to support the budget and he added that trust as assistance to kiev has nothing to do with ukraine's negotiations with the european union nor with the protests that are continuing in the ukrainian capital kiev over. i doubt that the ukrainian present the two units would be too bad the first of the decision to sign a trade deal with the european union he said the money to feed two million dollars or less inclined to speak to spend in ukraine will come from the foundation of national wealth. that's where buster has been accumulating in some great news for massive oil and gas sales that has been going on
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in the recent years russia is one of them is the leading importer of energy in the world and that's where it's been soaring is also part of that wealth is now going to be invested in ukraine. he said that the russian has been said that the money will be gratitude the irish stock exchange and the western investment company ptt capital will be responsible for managing the money. also here with us quite a few questions about the relationship between washington and moscow and right now but things are at a very good place to start off in the summer with a balloon and with snowden affair and then it's been spiraling down was most recently of most of the american decision ought not to send a present for the sochi games adults instead of contingent which has homosexual athtes a spot of that dedication under the present i get asked a question about it but he was told. so i do not have a live broadcast of his press conference to move right now so i'm not able to watch what exactly he's talking about at this moment but i can tell you that this press conference is an annual big
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events that led her to pieces it has been created himself the heat. nine years ago this was his ninth in a press conference during which he talks about the whole out wide array of issues including russia's foreign policy russia's relations with its allies and so on. i certainly got the relationship with the united states in the light of the most recent developments without barack obama announcing he was not that he'd not going to come to the olympic games and to put that with snowden be seeking asylum and must accept that the death and that biden who will at some point three seed that question and i during the course of that press conference that this year some thirteen hundred reporters were credits it for the band's this is just sort of the record of the year two thousand and eight it went over. i think there's thirteen hundred people were aware of who my premise that attitude to this a defence if it is just slightly less this time of the press conference normally goes on for a few hours of the longest was in two thousand a month a press conference going on for four hours and forty minutes of
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identical. normally i decide to sell palm along. how many questions he's willing to take him to follow this press conference is going to be so blunt but it's petty likely to be a long event during which the identical to the russian president is likely to just one hole number of issues regarding russia's for internal policies. he speaks to the present one ceos segues nicely fitting that he speaks prolonged i would be in touch with you all hopefully by our next button which isn't enough to us from now all we would get a better sense of what the russian president has been saying about a host of issues of foreign policies but his domestic policy of peace in the washer is concerned now this urine test on for that than on or tradition like i said either since mr putin became president because i was thirteen years ago. there is so silky jones's russia's president from two thousand to eight. he held seven press conference. the show the length of the event is increased as of the number of jobless who participated in two thousand and eight. i like it but from a noble ago a wreck on one thousand three hundred and sixty four journalists attended a conference in boston for four
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dollars and forty minutes that's the longest on record questions typically range from domestic policy to foreign policy as well. thus to put in all sorts of questions about his family life missions conference is the second since putin began his second term. i stuck them in fact is most impressed because the big issue right now concerning russia is o what's happening in ukraine tens of thousands of anti government protesters of unkempt out there in independence square to basically what the government to ditch closer ties with russia instead embrace a trade pact with the european union anti dumping code this is a continuing to cabo despite that deal was signed by just a couple of days ago between president viktor yanukovich in ukraine and france and other putin of russia in which russia has from its fifteen billion dollars of aid costs cheaper prices for natural gas exports to ukraine on charlotte caught up with all correspondence to be freed on right outside the evidence square in kiev. she told me that protest is that all pushing for greater independence they do not want to be treated like a russian
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pole. this etf has been termed the mother of rushing cities. and that's not according to aides that the people here take too kindly to. they don't want to be considered under the governments of russia there are these debts these gas debts and loans to russia i don't think debts they did they want independence the people here want to be aligned with the eu not with russia that out there that in mind. russia is a major export market for ukraine highly dependent so what they want is to continue the markets at the market sharing. the market cooperation but they don't want the integration and testing that would be attached with a seal with the ukraine would lose their independence to accept people here want to be aligned with the european union not with russia. they don't want to be usurped. alright though was the stephanie fried at night from a copy of a short while ago giving us a sense what
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the protesters are now saying offer this team has gone through between moscow and kiev that was fifty feet are short while ago. the show focused on the look of flashpoint right now that is south sudan with him if he's not saying that the note on the controller for us to keep down by just north of the capital juba. the other is that started sunday of the government said it right to put down an attempted coup by soldiers who were loyal to the fall but that the president of the ministry says there were forty gun fights and four overnight renegade offices try to wrest control of the town from lloyd is false that the united nations said wednesday he's nineteen civilians and give them a lot and so far and pensions also on the rise in the states of unity and often not authorities say the five hundred people most of them soldiers been killed in the violence in the last few days the note up to seven hundred have been wounded around twenty thousand people right now seeking refuge of the un facilities in to go with it being provided with medical assistance. the latest on this we can go straight across one out of the studio's joining us live from the unceasing the effort was time to be a small chili
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cheese dog with a front seats on the t a peace support operations expert beatrice thing to do it. as our kites before gasol sightseeing in the capital to buy began monday in circumstances that the country's president said was an attempted coup not out on foot said before that up to five hundred people got so killed in the fight scene it also reports that the finding has now moved from the capital juba to live and is encouraging baller and tardy to the presidents of the kids said monday that cool. i tend to be crossed out the teeth like ddt and a sword as of the various caps continues twenty thousand people. i reported to the fed into the various un compounds and round in dubai and its neighboring that violence and some of saddam's former vice president get my scanner accused by the president of being behind the collecting the seeds categorically denied involvement in getting to attend tanning it's a misunderstanding. the two presidential gods. it also includes several ports in the form of vice president
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via much that isn't hiding some wedding salted on why the format to negotiate and is a downside to that sort of dynamo and ten not as a being detained international security had worked as a gentile and jew but now zach that the government of the state seat is installed on top of the security situation in cuba despite the ongoing fight scene overnight. the city a place that has been soft guns a vice president since the country gained independence in tents in the tent but he was soft i don't like the anti having a team tonight and see if the team. more now on this developing situation in south sudan a mountain bike front seats and dt happy sad supports expats he is getting me get in and out of the thicket of islington this is the irony didn't enjoy that these concepts put him off into civil war in sudan on or to the society baby face but we elected to seattle and did an obstetrician in and insights from an icing of that conflict is also likely to escalate this facility in
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eighty s that tyra you know i've bought bedding neighboring countries thus people run away from the job of the cup to see me on the re enacting the scene in usc's to the second their own i may use it there but it's cotton and it is not going to pick and it's up to him. so that's possible. how many people though i will receive now i'm thinking the un compounds in the bed as an instance of how many people have said yes and we have different debut and comes in different parts but the team in the eighty s that have affected by the competence and putting the kodiak the new estimate the tony and also he particularly in putting it yet. other than our bodies the attributes of posse and twenty thousand of the day and we also have a big number of people in the states or the other forty knots who are moving away across the board that's what most of the day of the png went to an assistant at the back the state particularly children and we know what don't you make all the classic scene that issues
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coming out of socks that are the moments as the guiding what exactly happened and the presidents of the cutest putting in an attempted coup the penny at my shower says it was stupendous and a stunning eighteen at the presidential guides. what is this country is estimated to cost fifty c the civil conflict. i am what you make will be out of fifteen in loxton lots of socks that its bid tuesday to saturday and go protected situation because what is it any day as it says something that has been fomenting five domed time i hear the man but um you know even the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement that on the of it yet so and the names that are supposed to be for sale touching on will only choose so when you see one or two so institutional cacity and also uses soap opera good team but painful or the fact is that participated in the basin of the country that has not been on top. that is what its kind but also in console but needed to be up
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this is our country we do snow to rediscover the students. the last democrat to the dance. this upcoming week is pretty dedicated console up at you know who that also governance saudi doctors who denies that it's out there that this band has admitted defeat of suspicion in town so balancing all of these and an end and in some groups of people meet they cannot divide the dough out of the night at the abc tell what impact is going to have when that side and see what impact is going to have domestically and beaten the outreach meeting tom silva as for imported seaweed no twinkle top up at sundance day. most people think so that's you know people moving away from the country reduced justice to what i've seen from an all time low. but don't miss the cut he will lead you to see this and it's been all but one thing in the communal conflict amongst different groups of people we already have a problem in the bar that is until today we ordered a cup of tea and programs in any sort of at least in the eastern victoria
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i so reluctant to see this kind of witness and when he took over the cascading down into communities that what i need to fight each other because they did twenty and said i didn't get much out that i could not see the portal to the kids because they are to be presenting been artistic communities in the country that is that he doesn't let our eyes to sauces and dtp support operations at staging the staff i e never be a thank you very much for your up his legs out that that is the situation as he's now in solitude on neighboring countries kenya and uganda have become begun to bought three t i vs cds and from that country the united states is also on six c to sixteen he bets out sit down but not this each week and it makes filling presidents other kid has come about. i asked for talks that we did upset me at my sad but for now we don't act out any information on the outcome all scots is out of it i wouldn't be too small for me thanks for joining us and also thanks to mr francis own dt for his analysis on what exactly is going on inside
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subset out with a break of the program when they were done which are focused in geneva where you're on and over follows a weekend once again. i then had a tennis couple weeks. how do we implement the deal was agreed in that same place a few weeks ago when try and find out on hillsides quickly led to its. the sells. says
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the uhaul. well i can run into small balls are all set to resume the talks on the country's nuclear programs can happen in geneva later today. this comes a week off due to her aunt broke off discussions in anger at expanding us sanctions. those from it all to expect a focus on how to implement the love of the law was signed on the twenty fourth of november. on the bad and terrible court in launceston to cut its disputed nuclear program in exchange for unlimited easing of sanctions. the technical talks expected to invve new pier and sanctions x was a man to translate the political deal in to eat
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the tail plot on how to put into practice. the runs to the chief negotiator abbas iraq she says the talks was set for an initial couple days but it may continue into saturday and sunday. in reply let's say progress has been made during the meeting in vienna. i was last week between the ninth and twelveth december even though i do want pulled out in anger at what washington to stop the former nba star dennis rodman is until now he said to train the dprk smash combustible team. the storm and says he's building a possible game in the dprk and battery could be seen as an opportunity for dialogue between the us government and the dominant don't know the exhibition game most of the spawn of kim jong owen's birthday celebrations. mr robinson said as the dprk is neither can go on to be a close friend as he says the trip is unaffected by the execution of teams uncle tom's own take on last week this woman is the highest profile american to meet him since he inherited call from a solid team tokyo back in twenty eleven this is been
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his second visit to the dprk the city a shot high five the sore shoulder and so we reform remember this was back last week on the seventeenth of december. they announced a twenty point plan. today has been affirmation from the state owned assets supervision and administration commission they held a press conference in beijing this morning on this very topic the commission on the indoor shot high school fault line but also laid out its own vision. i ruefully young to see. as the teacups china is taking on the toughest part of its economic reforms today the state owned assets supervision and administration commission what the sps a seat. it's going to make its priorities when approaching state owned enterprise which for want of such priorities. it's a mixed ownership system. all that will be called. the it's been a proportion of its ownership structure will be an important next to some qualified as always we'll go and others now again qualify for listings will also draw
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in capitals for the area's strategic and institutional investors why would the government has done for supplying it with the older ships in sicily is the s e s e c said it was scientifically controlled the equity ownership. that means the government will allow private capital to enter various facilities in different proportions. based on the facility's different solutions. i'll look out onto the stinky strategic industries. this typical absolute majority however king center said that's not nice to control its taken hold and minority students were completely accept experts say such classifications of their friend so we will help the government better manage the sector. these are actual exchange. in a setup role for the future maybe listening to some of the up because companies they need to change to either company. we can always come back in the scots will regarding which company
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missed eagle equities due to increased or keep it. audi also said he would increase the proportion of authority that they used to be handed over to the state. that means ask that you would want to make these from what transparent dynamic and globally competitive. we are going to make an increasingly larger contribution to china's economic future the juicy cctv teaching. so you more stories outside the city was recently hit badly by a heavy small coves in the beginning of this month and drop down visibility just a few dozen meters in the late flights and most importantly it home with help of its presence now authorities in john hiatt pledging to get more green cars on the roads to try and reduce emissions but going great. he's not an easy process is ugly and that explains in this following story. convenient way to travel. the suit also says faith is our shy because you're in it. however you define the car. it's something most of us counting the three thousand mark in my
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place outside ecc to see him whip one up there with everyone since the beginning of the fender. we had hoped to lead this nation as many things in front and back into the city. i began promoting green cars are not scary scenes the expo into the pan and has been chosen as the pregnancy ppl achieve national green vehicle projects. moments when we went on a scan. dalby our morning two thousand green vehicles and shanghai including flow and actually had that super capacitor hybrid electric and use our vehicles. however in this case the spawning fact the hand of cds and stuff like these said that i keep thinking thousand by the queen costume the cd back to the fifteen hour flight least sixty percent of the new commission usa's keeping energy vehicles costello fifty eight season pounds putting him back. and sense of identity is good to go to place pastry is called
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a specific use in the city center because it is too cold and cough two seconds of the subsidies may need a book called by your seat but we also need a lot of money to discuss its shell and bus company is also courting fall off after the fall clean up phase. when you want and then deep in the face almost forty years. the company was the a team meeting dad. and you can judge for the cause of green buses is four point eight times that of traditional diesel run buses that it is more expensive to buy and maintain and replace the batteries. it is a heavy burden for the company and all parties need to sort it out if they want to promote green buses on a larger scale to the queen kat's a big commitment. especially when he's good at that stage and some parts for ctc i'm not sufficient. over fifteen hundred than you can rent one for test run. who would to heal us. the most complex wine and brandy signed eleven aces them might scoff of fun
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these cars are quite popular in the run to read has been about two mintues while the sentences we stopped at the settings in the meals this yet. promoting bring cards is a lie and costly process. in east africa from investment companies and individuals. by doing so can reducing emissions and the oceans become possible being that cctv camera although that is changing policy that i'm tied to the weather itself in yemeni province of the spin of the snow hold true today the strong winds and temperature drops of prop up to stop and open traffic with a bit. the provision is also warning center has issued an alert for icy roads as many as six times wednesday night as a result which ten highways have to be either completely all coffee shop on a bus services in and out of downing been suspended. a warning for strong siemens was issued just this morning and falling back of the dolly and passenger paul says that most batteries from a border been canceled for today. so hasn't snowed and ageing actor despite winter what one
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off months of winter already the service is up in with the show again in ninety minutes of o'clock local time eighteen one the bars. you often hear the stories in a way to visit our website or leave a comment on our hands you put up more what is coming right out to sea again
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i don't like let me an american talk about an hour how women are powerful. if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting
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their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains that forty to fifty percent generation that's under thirty. also on. i can't help but call out sick the contest and one main iraq as the place. a stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye so you know i would just say that president obama. what you tried in cairo was a great start. bots. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never know. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how
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the women. so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased with how when you empower them up thinking. in it. i don't. welcome to nhk world islam and you know tony and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. apologies to help secure the twenty twenty olympics were held. billy is residing. getting caught up in a scandal policymakers at the us federal reserve have decided to start pulling down their program of monetary


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