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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 19, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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this hour. danny still want your parks and president of the presidential election write down her first sydney since the prophet's her performance on issues including politics the economy and foreign affairs. offences over the us federal reserve decides to start tapering and enduring to the fields of economic recovery and is accessed by your intervention in financial markets. history as
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the first time since september. it is thus to join his industrial complex. a delegation of port officials profit in order for it or add to that recount the stories and more acts of crime. i walk into primetime years it's thursday to separate nineteen here in korea one from seoul. i need to come and things so much for joining us. we begin this evening in north korea were meeting was held between the two koreas over modernizing and global icing be in. korean joint industrial complex in sl also thursday foreign delegation cross the border for a tour around the factory park. he reports. that is not yet met on thursday for the first i think that when
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executing it back in penang and key economic policy maker tomtom tech last week. and the fourth round of inter korean discussions on the management as a jointly grandkids from industrial complex. on the edge and that was easy to commute and cussed and procedures for south korean workers crossing the border to the north as well as allowing the use of the intranet and all the phone with the complex another key issue was attracting foreign investors on the same day with kirby of up to a delegation of foreign officials found a group of twenty nations to the joint business park the south korean government expects that or to be the first step in mobilizing the complex which is regarded as the last remaining symbol of economic cooperation between the two kirby yes experts say there is a inter korean talks and visit by the g twenty delegation will offer a glance at north korea's economic policy and we have a chilling at present
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stand. after tat execution as the country's key economic policy maker. i'm happy in charge of a handful of economic cooperation projects. meanwhile four nba star dennis rodman left for kenya for the third time this year. experts say if krugman eats with his north korean friend and done in the egg and able to help every team remained stable at least for now. on sunny weekends. i'm back here in nh and the railway strike and turn its eleventh day on this thursday capped off by a second massive street protests that downtown so the government maintains that the strike is illegal and the state owned rail operator is insisting all striking workers returned to their posts but the canadians continue to fall on deaf ears it even gone as well at least ten thousand angry unionized workers from the state run korea railroad corporation the speeches and chanted slogans as the gathered in finals hopes
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but if you're sitting on her estate. hundreds of police formed barricades around the process to prepare for any possible actions and thousands of ordinary citizens to adopt the support of the mill workers. on day eleven of the longest railway striking korea's history rail workers from all over the nation gathered to protest the government's move to establish a new rail operator which they claim as being the first act more private ac chair the government is not providing any answers to our requests not to privatized or rail. instead they're just cracking down on our massive rallies see their illegal. we are up here again to protest against president talking to her asking her to stick to her pledges. the massive strike comes as police raided or regional headquarters of korea's railway workers union on thursday with forty two points. the police also said the arrest of one of the twenty five strike leaders on our state for whom
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the court had issued arrest warrants. the state on call will keep an ultimatum to retort work by thursday at school for at least nine hundred fifty workers have returned. the strike has crippled railway services nationwide. getting cargo train service is the hardest the rail operations are running at thirty nine percent their normal levels and long distance coral services at fifty six percent and sixty one percent respectively. despite the unit their quest to own a bit of a licence but the euro as the government decided to go ahead with it. until friday i don't use the supreme defense ministry has announced the interim results of its investigation into allegations that the military intervened in last year's presidential election. it turns out the military did post a massive number of political comments on mine but was not aiming to influence
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the election. that explains after a two month investigation into the military cyber warfare command. the defence ministry announced thursday that the unit posted some fifteen thousand political comments online about two thousand of the comments mean to specific political parties or politicians. the minister explained how clever of the comments targeted north korea and others seen as a threat to national security and were part of a larger strategy that was not aimed at influencing last year's presidential election the head of the ministry said the investigation command that tong said the comments were posted under the direction of the cyber command chief who ordered the unit members to post comments on mine including political claims and significant national security issues. those include north korea sinking of the south korean warship on that and allegations that the late president and only time can see that the northern limit line during his two thousand seven
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summits with vandals could be a leader to johnny. officials added the unit was not related to the national intelligence service in any way. the cyber command chief has been stripped of this post well panel member said the unit had been indicted for posting more political comments than others immediately following the announcement democratic party members of the parliament's national defense committee released a statement saying the result of the probe are unacceptable and demanded an independent investigation into the cakes the party claims that it was the target of the cyber command units near campaign and that it hurt their candidate's chances in last year's election. pundits say the military has left room for controversy as questions remain about how the political comments they toasted the firm from an organized smear campaign. and i mean this. and finally an
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issue that like herds of all political stripes at the national assembly can agree upon the parliament passed a resolution that calls on japan to stop its move towards collective self defense for kenyan she reports in all the assembly session thursday. lawmakers approved a resolution demanding japan stop its push for quebec in self defence which would allow tokyo to use force and an ally is attacked the resolution said tokyo's push for lack of self defense runs counter to its constitution. i wasn't that bad after world were teal which breed now says war is the sovereign rights and the use of force as a means of settling international disputes. earth is to hand to move away from efforts to deny or glorify it to materialistic past and demands that tokyo accept legal responsibility for the korean victims of sexual slavery during world war two opera ten due compensation the resolution also calls on
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japan to stop making false claims of korea control. i live and the resolution korea moniker also demanded that the us for which it had to spell korea's worries saying that japan did not love history and shipped from the years of cuts it doesn't disrupt the post war international order washington has given tokyo full support for its pursuit of collective self defense saying that japan's endeavor can contribute to peace in northeast asia. however tensions have ratcheted up in the region. all the way china's declaration of an ear to bend down over the east china sea late last month. on tuesday. eight new defence package that significantly boost its military spending over the next five years citing china's growing power in the region as their reason to nancy at tennis. the road
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today then presidential candidate a pocket pair was elected as the eighteenth president of korea. she won more than half of the boats that are key pledges of national integration economic revitalization and welfare expansion. today we take a look back at what present time has done since her election day victory. our presidential office for spawning alleging she joins us now to tell us more so to do with star with the opinion polls. that's what this the think about present its performance over the past ten months since her not to ration of late that theory the gala korea survey conducted last week shows that more than half of the people not the president has continued to chop off thirty five percent were less supportive. you know what me and think this way. people gave hydrate skin president i thought that she did especially well with regard to diplomatic issues. this i believe the president didn't
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do as good a job say the president isn't communicating in africa or opposition parties and that she hasn't kept her campaign purchase. it seems that president pocket high mark for her handling of diplomatic and enter korean issues can you elaborate. yes chris was firm with her principal and dealing with north korea experts say this is why south korea wasn't swayed by kenyans provocative acts and was successful in keeping tensions from escalating any further it can be dead. no principle can make north korea the page the way and one. could it be it. and by the principal the porch became an opossum in the milk. um we don't want to have a game with north korea when north korea is not sincere. president that was awesome very active on the diplomatic front. she's not a total of thirty bilateral senate seventy five
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the overseas trips to the us china and russia and south east asia in iraq when a support for north korea policy and pushing ahead with their so called steals dependency. the major tasks there were many many analysts say all the oppressed impact was able to bolster by laugh revelations which kind and it is more work to do and strengthen the country's relationship with the us professor king at no cost korea national diplomatic academy sets for free a us ties are proceeding. we have a lovable more to bother with but with the united states we have to develop all world of intensive three to july this would help to think of all what to do about the alliance. we must double audience. in two thousand and nine. and though after that there has been nothing. who on the door. the alliance to fill up the contents of the lines so today let's talk
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now about some of the criticisms that this impact has received about how she is handled domestic affairs who has set for crates forgiven for her handling of domestic issues in part to clip the next point out that she lacked the skills and efforts to communicate with the can of course the opposition party especially with the ongoing political and passes the national assembly. very great it is disappointing especially because you just die down with a very high hopes look around and neighbors stripes and politicians and bickering each other as hard as ever so those kind of things people point to the president was in charge so in that sense i think the spec issue management fees. one of the key issue is the but then she heard communication style has not helped either. the president did receive praise for her reform measures that aim to quote normalize the abnormal
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ac your root out corruption and wrong practices and the kept man and society. i think the president talk has dedicated a lot of her attention to the economy and improving people's livelihoods. what's the perception of her performance there said president and ski poles for economic or a fine line station inch operation but their prayers for creative economy highlighted the most throughout the year. economic indicators in korea has actually been showing signs of recovery that people save their lives have been improved on that much the groom and two. to me to do more than one hundred years. this is him who boasts two of more than one hundred cruise or a local couple who saw me. that means. over the past. in the mission is simply to cleanse him of the commons and no pool no one. well for the new year
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most of which will go for the feast of the two or even submit to the mission is simple. aerosols christmas and that has fallen short on air campaign pledge for welfare expansion the biggest example is the government scaled back the state pension program announced in september the first senior presidential secretary says that it is too early to say she didn't keep her campaign promises as the first ten months have been a curious to say that the basic structure and framework of the pack administration. indeed that is both thank you so much to change or for that report the crash. the world. a wall over the united states a long anticipated policy shift has been in them since that is set to wind down its aggressive bond buying program starting in january and stronger economic conditions in the country
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salon has this report the duo reserve announced wednesday he would be to use its long running on purchasing program to seventy five billion dollars a month from previous aided by the end beginning next month fed chairman ben bernanke to set the central bank's decision came as the us economy shows signs of recovery. despite significant fiscal head when the economy has been expanding at a moderate pace. we expect that growth will pick up somewhat in coming quarters helped by highly accommodate monetary policy. and we need fiscal drag. the job market is continue to improve with the unemployment rate having the time for their. he added that that will spread to keep their esteemed less on buying program. she and its economy continues to do that. to minimize any possible blow on the national rate gets the fed kept its record though key interest rate near zero. this suggests the brain
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works in the air and a bottom line longer than previous weeks that day. the committee also clarified its guidance on interest rates emphasizing that the current near zero range for the federal funds rate target. like you were made appropriate well past the time that the unemployment rate declines oh six and half percent. especially if projected inflation continues to run below the committee's two percent longer run call the announcement comes of that over a map for a painting he steps down from his peers as that chennai rain and peace that he closely consulted with them that spiced carrot and i doubt it was expected to be the next terror. she fully supported that decision. are we that that's the stage and on the schematic and interest rates. billy got done in the snow and bass and the snp five hundred finished at record highs wednesday packed a lot. i am neither the concerns over possible negative impact the fed's decision could have on
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the korean economy souls finance minister kang sok gave assurances that they will have a limited effect given the country stable fundamentals speeding in a meeting of economy related ministers on thursday can also said that the markets have already adjusted to the prospect of the stimulus will back removing most of the remaining uncertainty surrounding the decision. he did warn however that international capital outflows could increase the level of market volatility in the short run and down to respond with a contingency plan to counter any market instability. as the experts take out the fed's decision we connect live. the doctor caught and professor of economics that time and national university on the phone. i thank you for talking to us one professor so what is the impact of the reduction of ten billion dollars a month to the us on buying progress. all eternity ability to act any part of
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the boot to be her hero would it be. it didn't use it to cover up all month so that the pain and. that opened into that today tomorrow can be in the action and the probity many people expected more of the committee. so they think they did it in his elbow that somehow let go. that's why would your life for us this is likely will see another reduction of falling so are you going to pat the dough put it to the fayetteville for the bridegroom. the event that the unit is doing great opportunity to continue. i need to follow. in october to what i've been in years gone
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up and up to donate it to go to the toilet to the dashing seeing the doctor to bleeding and needed to get to the bts local. omar called upon to lead if he thinking but that's a mid morning today the action of the private market and with the muck of people taking any one of the best tool for utility and going to the peak of the fallen tree the hope of improving market potential well the finance minister and many experts here say that will steal a limited impact in korea but who will feel. up and decorate it up into the woods and there are two of you out of the impact will it be local. google plans to market. you know on the pier we use the lovely to be a part of a again crude to the that the kids eat them i think of. it's like to add to an archived article to you there. we'll be me the painting to hit the road
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and the lyrics include the four hundred. if you look at it the avocado up to the quarry at the back of the cartoon cat or two leaving the penal code into the position of market reaction. katelyn that they had continued in the court that the preheated to two for today. so he has loved it. he took a part of the kroger to pick the bleeding. contacted the us economy but that there are cute. you know who you know who would not be any airtime to fill up. but anyhow i'm in there put into that that duty the cut me open it to be cheerful platoon go . did you create and communicate the condition that they know you can have it. and they were infected by the end of the article to
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read it but it could affect our financial markets. we expected. uploading and kept the all golds while working on theotty. reading through all of it. in korea and to come up to the table with a nod to channel the foreign investment to fill her up if they go up by quoting a local embodied in it you do that eating clean and to try it and even dare to go to target on clearance priced from just add that occurring government has also prepared for this moment what policies will we see implemented as time goes by. due to go into the bidding duel with a trip to tampa and the momentum built locomotive can be fickle the sink and putting them all to see a problem that you can imagine that
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the color card check or hate them hate to go into the conduct of the region to play arcade the two lead into the pudding will prove to be cute. putting a team that included to come up with. in each case the local media then you can use to create just about ready to keep the contract taking him to pet them and go to college this fall. our team that they wanted to pass above. you can see the problem is that he didn't lock it in a circle in the kitchen to prepare to go for a surprised at the end of the pdp uk show. the key to keep coaching clinic at them professor stinky so much for your time tonight the picture the image the way in advance to
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the english cup semifinals things to a miracle goal by midfielder thumbnail on wednesday and now they're set to face a powerhouse in the english football. stephen chase here to tell us more stephen. hey guys the spurs goal for sunderland came at the most opportune moment in their overtime victory against chelsea in the capital one cup quarter finals. now they'll face manchester united in the semis. the reds have struggled in the premier league throughout the season but have had success in their league cup and champions league campaigns now sunderland which stands last until we have really stood up but they now take on one of their strongest opponents yet the first statement the first light takes place on january seven at the stadium of light. now major league baseball needs new reports say that she intends to turn down a massive seven year one hundred and forty million dollar offer from the new york yankees. apparently the yanks made the proposal to the choo choo train after signing jacoby ellsbury to a
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deal worth one hundred and fifty three million for seven years earlier this month. two and super agent scott courts rejected the offer deciding instead to keep gambling in the open market. now whether that will pay off remains to be seen. now let's get the thursday scott next up in the b u h e l i t graders met but the korean air jungles in calling a novel scheme scheme in having lost four in a row but tonight one but go home with the way now action starts hot and it's the graders that come out ahead. the rest will weigh the first two sets but the jumbo thinking the third set but it's the raiders thomas edgar who picks up the attack and allied she takes the bakery three sets to watch. that does for me in the sports and fitness has been seeded czech setback at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. o o it
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it's our snow flurries from time to time today here in seoul but that was nothing compared to some regions for details let's go over breaking down at the weather center put down. what's the latest. leaving the pits and ten million tonne other provinces in particular caught a lot of snow today taking a lead that the current conditions in a senate that the heads up high pressure system from time now which is why we're seeing cloudy skies. now with a heavy snowfall lots of eggs in some regions that likes to be another round of snow overnight in st. that said
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it's to get at most thirty centimeters of snow and a sense of aiden's one survives and is taking a lead that tomorrow's greetings celebrate is zero degrees to me mommy when is it that snow overnight before reaching the height of five and three degrees respectively. looking on sale at their meetings take their toll. that's right the next six degrees respectively. meanwhile bottoms and tops out at my store. well all the snow and cold when smith said success for me and please be careful behind the wheel. that's all for now i have a back seat bags. x but doubt that are broadcast on this thursday nights and easy to install them sean when things were watching was to use it. as you. during the cdc the guests among them
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the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. think about this some sort of. i don't don't. maybe the students. melbourne storm old. at that. statins. we have included percent. it was fun to post the court in the end of two stomach was going for him. notice that the mentor you can walk to school tomorrow. this
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disgusts them hooked up the severity of the decade it's a late day some of the animated series but it's because more snow this year i just need to be. dude don't get to watch in a sea world you were ever you go to a maid she asks for your own tablet to access program schedules on demand video. i don't mind in peace. by day each. detroit the us versions available. this is
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your marketplace today research makes the network new new new guru the ratings as he's waiting since the end of the center for russian tycoon mikhail because he spent more than a decade behind bars for the summons i'm tired today. how strange i came up to face to face more than four hours of questions from tenets of russia's domestic and foreign policy. i received a nationals as tunneling see rent levels of established a new form of tyranny and forci


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