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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 20, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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says. the uighur i guess what return stop picking on his rhetoric threatening soul with on a damp attacked u s defense officials expressed their concerns that a provocation to babysit me financial markets remained calm after the us fed's announcement to start it on the train. as for investors actually increased their state and local for the feeling of london's historic apollo theater collapses on patrons during a performance leading to over seventy injured. audience members. the kids be kids
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apartheid era. it's friday december twentieth year in korea lot from full time teaching them shawn lane things so much for joining us we begin with harsh rhetoric they came abruptly out of killing and today this time it threatened to launch an attack on soul without notice and respond south korea said it would sternly react to any provocations the defence ministry correspondent and enhance our top story. a fresh morning out of north korea is turning up the key to an inter korean relations seoul's defence ministry has confirmed that kelly and sent it back to south korea's presidential office of a latte on thursday to realize joint military hotline at the way i see the message sent from the north's
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national defense commission says. but if south korea continues provocative act against the state's highest deck maybe it will retaliate ruthlessly without a warning the highest dignity refers to the sta's premier and on and south korean conservative groups to explore each street rallies in downtown seoul on tuesday. testing north korea's authoritarian rule and human rights abuses the protests were held to mark the second anniversary and the death of former north korean leader kim jong me. in response to threat. the south korean government sent a warning back across the border saying it would respond strongly to any provocation. seoul's defence ministry had her ready strength and its combat readiness. earlier this month following the execution of king john's uncle and some pay. north korea also lashed out against south korean president twickenham friday here in a state run media taking note of the one year anniversary of president fox
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election day victory. a korean central news agency article titled sweet promises better reality strongly denounced president for not keeping a campaign pledges and said she would be quoted but strict be judged by history. the piece went on to become president the president was suppressing anyone who asks for democracy and justice and then continued. as south korea has decided to step up efforts to better prepare for any possible scenario on the korean peninsula. it has decided to set up a standing committee in the secretariat of the national security council to make security meetings more regular in the command structure more streamlined our presidential office course wanted a change to pass the chips. but the security situation on the korean peninsula becoming increasingly tense after the execution of time spent at the back of the desperation he has and
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field a new set of measures to strengthen the line at the national security office and chat at the national security council nsc the plant turbines along to set up a standing committee and a secretariat at the nsc national security keep in step two will head the committee which will be in charge or purview of the government's foreign affairs and security related policies once every week the device measures to counter any pending issues nsc meetings will be convened. anytime the president thinks it is necessary the fsc secretariat meanwhile will systematically support operations in management at the nsc or work level committee meeting its way. we need to create a system in which we can more effectively and efficiently response to the rapidly changing situation on the korean peninsula and in northeast asia by establishing a single channel system for security related meetings and the systematic decision making process for security related policy there
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are new position still be created after the national security chief. first and second deputy detractors the first deputy director will head the nsc secretariat and a current senior presidential secretary for foreign affairs and national security. all called an additional position as the second deputy director the office of international cooperation secretary to the national security office all the cheese into the office of policy management secretary and the office of security strategy secretary will be nearly created to say that the long term security plants the prison officer tell what it says that it will work the national assembly to first provide a lot to create the committee and secretariat of the nsc which are expected to miss the role of the national security office as the country's security control tower. oh didn't you a genius. we're in and year out the united nations passes
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a resolution condemning human rights abuses in north korea and calling for change but this year was no exception especially with the execution of the second most powerful men in the north fresh in their minds. this isn't in the courts the many nations does not prove that the death penalty under any circumstances and is urging north korea to relieve the tens of thousands of people were being held as political prisoners. in a resolution adopted by consensus wednesday the un general assembly criticizing north korean b team for its human rights abuses. at that time yet is violating the civil political economic and social rights of its people this latest resolution follows the execution of times i had earlier this month. the technician said has taken a bakery a petition that for one thing is so calm since its technicians easel points from the input huge
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help but get panicky. this is a very f oven for a few minutes he was in a north korean delegate responded to the resolution by calling it a quote fabrication concocted by hostile forces the resolution on human rights abuses as the regular current each year and is designed to put more pressure on the north korean ricci but it also holds no legal consequence. guillen secretary general in mind also wind up party surrounding the korean peninsula but steve vigilant and tread carefully so as not to kill anything impulse that the general assembly also adopted resolutions on syria and iran expressed serious concerns about the human rights violations and those country. but it welcomed recent pledges made by new ukrainian president assignment i need to improve in some areas of human rights see sam and i can use the day after the us federal reserve's announcement over its decision to scale back its pond by the stimulus measures your nation don't
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meet their pickups have been detected in the markets stocks edged up to and foreign buyers kept buying shares in the local firms are on ga has the details. there were fears of major capital outflows in korea due to the us federal reserve's decision to start wearing it on buying stimulus program. a lover of local stocks ended higher on friday with the bench across the rising zero point three nine percent to close at one thousand nine hundred eighty three point three. analysts say the fed's announcement helped reduce prolonged market uncertainty the advocate bring indicates that the us economy is on the track to recovery something that will prompt investors to me this year foreigners also extended their buying in her yes to be happen next. thirty three point eight billion won rfp thirty two million us dollars the governor of the bank of korea has also downplayed
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the effect that the fed featuring on the domestic market. dean jones has said in a meeting with the heads of local banks on friday that local financial markets are doing well with during the impact of events stimulus tapering. he cited net buying on korea's stock and bond markets after the fed's announcement on thursday the local currency meanwhile fell against the greenback and closed at one thousand sixty one point two one the lyrics mainly attributed the fall of the local currency to the rising value of the dollar. eta at the news. moving out to the nationwide railway strike that rumbled into its twelfth day on friday the union workers in the state run korea railroad corporation remained far apart on the copper mines as the government is forging ahead with the plan and got the strike rolling in the first place. tim gill reports. thousands of unionized railway workers remained on strike friday in protest of the government's
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move to set up the new mill operators that would run the uk takes blog train from his thoughts on this hole which they claim is the first of twelve privatizing the korea railroad corporation. the transport ministry said friday he will issue a licence for the new rail service operator next week. back tracking slightly from an earlier plan to issue the license today. at the national assembly on friday finance ministry hundreds of greek underrated the setting of the coral subsidiary unit was not in the privatization of bother at improving services the police meanwhile continued with its raids on the regional headquarters of korea's railway workers union on friday with a court issued warrants and had an arrested two of the twenty five strike leaders. the walkout has crippled railway services nationwide in carmel train service is the hardest. rail freight operations are running at thirty nine percent of normal levels and passenger services are at
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fifty six percent and sixty one percent for the stem on and watch planes. roughly seventy hundred new workers early on strike. no likey thousand people return to work after poodle issued an ultimatum or bring them back on the job by doris day corel on friday also filed a lawsuit claiming damages worth seven point three million us dollars. the case the union of one hundred eighty six straight leaders for business losses incurred by the firm over the past twelve states tend to add onions. earlier this week the supreme court made a landmark ruling include the record bonuses and allowances and normal wages above the decision was welcomed by labor groups that can now look for to rising wages. the business community is concerned about extra labor expenses for more on
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the conflicting views and the implications they can have on both labor and management. we bring in dr stone said the professor of law at the university pays for joining us again. good evening. some of the controversy over the scope and size of the ordinary places long been at the center of disputes how significant was the latest ruling by the supreme court well the roof of the ruling itself is not really a surprise because supreme court in other courts have been saying this is roughly the same thing about the standard of including something into the ward new age if it's a regular and if it's it's it paid out without regard to the performances of those then it is or new age. i think the significance is that the korean way system has become a convoluted and distorted because of the lack of clear guidelines but less info i think they'll fix that and it did this uncertainties that they were facing because of this to the massive losses they were
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talking but probably that aspect isn't in many minds at this point because people know that there with the standard is so low. let people say that they their remaining also to tease that could spell on loan last fall with the latest ruling the certainties for business groups they say it will be increased costs to think that this word really impacts negatively future batsman and growth for korean companies i think there will be some impact but i think it would be a short time and not as much as they've been fearing they threw around the figures like thirty eight billion dollars that would cost them but they fit within a twenty four billion of them is about the losses than my face and boost for the effect of back pay for the past three years. the supreme courts in their tag as a whizz them come all the blocks on that route. so although there's some controversies probably visas will not worry too much about that big chunk of money going
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for it probably did fix the system and to adjust to do. this applies it demands in the labor market so long term prospect probably it's not much of a big impact them there are also concerns that employees would enjoy it temporary and handsome leading priests but not so much in the long run i liked her cake. probably the same reason because adjustment will be made from the business and i suspect that the national assembly might get together and to do something about it because because of this clear guidelines. probably they look good. who are more effective than what we saw this kind of battle pitted against the big labor unions and the big business but what's missing has been the small to midsize farms cool might not have the collective bargaining arrangements the key evidence is that my brain to fit into this ruling is counted
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skimpy. so they can look at the uncertainties in terms of loss is there a more confined in small business sector. so i think the government has a role to minimize that circuit city think there's anything more that the government can do to clarify some of these remaining issues that are unclear in the labor laws are something that can create more of this what we mean environment. probably if you had stepped back a little and the whole thing about this neighbor. and that the word new wages and battle between two has to do with the labor market in korea. the rigidity of it. and also the economic structure where did that the most of the good jobs are on the pic is in sight. i think the lead to job security issues is fueling this controversy and it's also feeling the call really shoes and other labor related issues. so ultimately what government can do is deliver
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the promises they talked about the creative economy and growing the service sector and the smoke and it is a midsize businesses so that people were not so pinched about guarding their job to pay. i think is very much professor song for coming in today and for insight. thank you. before your dna. and another began get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the covert its local network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. the overseas
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to the philippines four people were killed and another five injured when gunmen opened fire at mandela's main airport on friday in the era of the southern philippine town and his wife are among the dead. authorities say the suspects were wearing police uniforms at the time of the attack and they fled on motorcycles. he also believed a mayor who has reportedly survived previous assassination attempts was intended target. no arrests have been made so far. an investigation is underway and london scores of people were injured some very seriously after a ceiling collapse and historical and in the inner light in the middle of the performance honey can see the snopes planning and land survey says seventy six people were injured after part of the ceiling and london's apollo theater collapsed during a performance on thursday evening local time not to draw from an earlier estimate of eighty eight authorities say their initial count was off due to the confusion of the situation. many of them wounded were transported and three double decker buses to
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a nearby hospital for treatment authority say that while several people were very badly hurt. no one had suffered life threatening injuries. the collapse occurred at around eight fifteen pm local time when over a seven hundred people were watching a performance of the curious incident of the dog in the nine time. a week before christmas the apollo theater and like many others in london was packed to the brim with your balance. witnesses say they heard a strange crackling noise before the collapse of thought it was part of the show we decided to sign back and said that if that meant. and in uk and in his nets out on seeing the sights at macy's i came down just three of the new reiki apollo is located and remains cordoned off by the authorities about an hour before the ceiling collapsed monday was hit by a heavy thunderstorm but the exact cause of the incident and the one hundred twelve year old feeder and as yet i know honey can eat onions. back
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in the nation christmas and new years are right around the corner which usually means there's no shortage of mc stands and according to our team gm place to be is the seoul arts center. to lose every new scan is scrambling to and violet st jacobs and he'll celebrate christmas and salt together in concert before and it's only be summoned to rome it is most content sites such as meet the needs of the team is up to unfold as their spots open schenectady during the christmas gifts this year to me will be taking surveys and new works on for piano and peel. so that's a wonderful i can't think of the nicer gift for me it is a musician to get something new the repertoire but such a
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master this all philharmonic orchestra which was one of the mosque at the end of year concert scene from the us conductor twenty oh one will feature the two of its class and an overnight rally in other musical pcs in cooperation with soprano passing him and said alfred chan full funding yet piece metropolitan opera willingham music stars such as the primary use hundred and eleven is correct in turn will perform at the command symphony orchestra new year's concert at the seoul arts center on january seventeen hands down the ends. her style victorian basketball league season came to an end to speak and that means the kb all star game is upon us even che joints is for preview. hey guys it's been an incredible first half for the k b l with the sk nights and molded steve is going to
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break tied for first but now it's time for what the fans have been waiting for the all star game. you'll be the magic verses that rate meeting on the hardcourt the top ten vote getters promote disassembled and for the train and pcc is what the kingdom coup for the magic. all star weekend will also have a three point contest song contest in brooklyn college day. in other exciting activities as well go back to dad's horse jumps. tom says stadium on sunday starting at eleven am to be sure to check it out now moving on the korea baseball organization has tentatively decided to get rid of the salary cap on foreign players after the rules effectiveness came into question. the cap was created to make the more level playing field and so forth. excessive salary inflation but it also worked to expose the leaks under the table. the latest top office will discuss alternatives at a meeting early next month. and on to football the latest eco world
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rankings of south korea at fifty fourth placed to you close out the year. that's a twenty spot died from the same time last year and it has people asking how could this happen. while there were several factors at play. working on a four year still a huge chunk of points was adopted from two thousand and two thousand and nine also there with his performance at the east peace cup in july dropped into fifty six. the low point of the year. meanwhile fellow gypsy members run into ten rank above korea at their third and forty seven respectively. and ending off here the korean although certain on the chart is the latest south korean fighter to joint the ultimate fighting championship the role that c lightweight champion signed a deal with the ufc for six fights and he gets to start next month on ufc fight night in singapore there he'll get a chance to shine with fellow nationals in town view who fights terror except a dine in the main events and mr perfect con don't call. that
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does for me here the sportscenter this has been speaking to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. sticks it is. says. the air was filled with fine dust from china here in seoul today. it
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tells us over for a cable down at the weather center it was the latest. one guy said preliminary fine just watch this. issued at eight this morning but was canceled at nine pm. now the pull of strong winds made it feel colder than the number is in fact come to the provinces under a quilt. we bought and it looks like things will stay that way there tomorrow nonetheless the bullet get back to season i have a good starting sunday afternoon while taking a look at the current conditions in a scene is at the end of a high pressure system from china which is why waste the cloudy skies across the map. well due to this month i've written so i'm only getting five km of visibility on the roads. tiny is it that the spotless day in the central regions with high levels on saturday. also the east and west coast regions are forecast to get one to three centimeters of snow from later tonight or tomorrow morning. taking a look at tomorrow's number as well this morning over manger
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scene that today at my aunt's seven. i've added new heights and sticks to me la hate when i'm sixty six and five degrees respectively. not to their beats and snow showers are forecast overnight and take tea with a date i set it all the while took two and can top out at five and two minus three degrees respectively. have a wonderful friday night and got a lot just after midnight broadcasts on this friday nights and easing pain so the man thinks watching happy we can see sin. even though you. japanese winter has its full share of seasonal
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festivals and events. i am and the market sells try to decorate them. rick school and eat too much. he's a lucky charm. so to ensure good fortune and business success in the coming year that means their house the rakes like at all bringing good luck to all of the hall. decorate each break with the use of rights for african context. in december as christmas approaches. and citizens it up with fantastic illuminations. he's complex
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mention this job means that many regions have the winter snow. skiing and snowboarding a very proper. clinical signs become the ski slopes with the coming of the silly season it's a great time for children to re build snowmen write stories. and just play around too much. we're using the customers to eat a bowl of buckwheat soba noon symbolizing a long and healthy. new lulu we love movies. midnight. iran one hundred making time to welcoming the new year
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routine i'll try and sound will be so confused. so you stop and you have to kill the hawks. pmr. mm. each year people give thanks for making it safely through olympia. i'm pretty grateful to you . this is. see special new year decorations outside mos. often arranged in pairs on this or that little. these are made from falling into the school. a special meal toys books or tv or see the new year. he tried to move the table is a traditional symbol of health and good fortune. the new
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decorations a ceremony lead to doing fine for me. can you this party customers to have its roots in fortune telling ceremonies held the thirteenth century. you call. its religious significance. sacred home fires also great for roasting don't send sticky my scripts the fire is believed to be away impurities from the soul the teams start your life when you're in japan the season where one year ends and the next week. time to give thanks for the crust depressing films. he was. it
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was one week. breaking news the and the help of the trustee was freed from prison of the presentations lines of cars and what he called humanitarian principles. it's not all the non credit agencies that follows the european union is a longtime racing due to lack of solid hours taken on the twenty eight member states all set. is it me the idea that


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