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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 21, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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it. mentoring us. that time afterward he said. new new one will. the us. need a special envoy to say we are not separate the meat as united states. he refuses to have the bomb present facts if you chance to win the skull is. launches a new facility to destroy its top chemical weapons as part of a decade long the fed to keep as it's the third night of us
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yes and to launch a joint naval exercise in the vein of gold to back to coordinate that maritime capabilities. a city in chaos as anti government protesters continued to grow wild in fine cold wind up that's what happens with the red shirts welcome to cctv new life from ageing on until we start in ukraine. pinky yet tens of thousands of anti government protesters are continuing to demand and the alliance for the president to step down meanwhile pro government support is having their own vigil academy to away saying they were staying. yep that's known as the opposition remains stephanie free to reports. this is to you
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the final pass to the zucchini and pro government care. the campus located just up the hill next to the capital cities parliament building the issue thousand ukrainians. people here still staunchly behind their president viktor yanukovich so we can eat it. the move troops and ukraine stand united. they're referring to present the article features agreement earlier this week to align with russia by accepting fifteen million dollars in loans. moving away from an alliance with the eu demanded by opposition protesters downhill at independence square alexander had dumped a can he says that tens of thousands of anti government ukrainians can crumble all they like. the proof is in who holds power. so on this you'll learn how to get to our town's streets not how to relax. we want real actions
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were not interested in covering a square. when not competing for our many people can't get out of the street the dough. opposition members say that isn't true. claiming that government has boxed in supporters from rural southern and eastern regions paying them money for their loyalty i also love the sense that shed at the same information but on a balk at that the camp and also become provocations everyday like three or five rotation speed camera each day and both sides accuse the other of hungary on the part of profit the tourist who sneak into opposing camps attempting to rile things up the opposition made outnumber the supporters here but both sides are hanging tight with no plans of abandoning their positions the government and opposition camps are only a few hundred meters away from each other anyways the very similar in appearance in the facilities they offer. they're also wanting the same accusations
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against each other but their ideologies are worlds apart hence the forces behind me keeping the two sides separated. stephanie strange cctv. he adds. to you and i read in a serie of foil off the bridge he may settle friday that iran remains a sticking point in time for conference to and to crises in syria with the united states still refusing to agree to give out presents one talks begin on generated twenty seconds. but the other delegations have been agreed on and will include other regional players such as saudi arabia. one year arm we haven't read yet. that for the five of which no secret that we're united nations. let's come to watch the show going on. our partners in the united states ups too. renault convinced that the gear on this
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participation with. the i think to do. when amy said he would continue to well pretty rainy enough fish as if to say when not officially invited. he said they had touched the line second tree general funky known it was known to be the hand of the load if they were not present and a day can lead to continue to work with him on the sidelines. a senior us official has said it was difficult to imagine a drama called scenes that have not bought some agreement on the conditions for the peace conference laid down last june. the conference is scheduled to open in the swiss city of montreal it will bring. the syrian governments and the opposition to the negotiating table for the faa's time since the conflict started in two thousand and eleven. what john has opened its seventh and last a facility designed to look under the destruction of chemical weapons but they did in the city of kazan of sound too good to know which
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acted for the facility is the latest part of that decade long effort to keep out is that the countries in the salons. russia is expected to complete its disarmament by the end of twenty fifty one human faults the national intoxicating and courageous. having weapons he will supplement the israeli campaign against the school's gate proceeds of the patents casings and accessories. it is atlanta the winds will be his first two components. with that success is a slippery swept his hand and his comets the office that has just opened the season and with a one thousand units the mosque isn't this sentence. it is september with its. a cough
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it up i don't. in the next edition of excellent company but all the destruction of the indicative of stuff i'd been in the timeframe of me that the states parties to the giving of that adventure those who are awesome in it and he runs out with him in the nation's schools. it is way over five thousand five hundred cars will pay its employees and their son the accent of these ghostly sites. no only one i e its efforts to keep the russian officials say. when the knights will be out drinking. for me. fifty what a cool mini and community chest will be destroyed the russian federation is feeling his publication currently it has the story to about seventy eight the sound of his chemical weapons stockpiles. and collectors can actually connect to satisfy its roots with the senate too. what is that the israelites had seven seconds. it's like to see his
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ailing investment cookies we its. yesterday as a science center and the destruction of content on this. i then asked the positive thinking. police forces in his nuts. south korea has decided to set up a standing committee and sectarian of its national security council to veg on the rise security meetings officials say that calms and it's what it considers rising threats from the dprk the committee meeting will be held once a week to adjust the floor in a fast and security policies the sectarian to a support weekly meetings a fish as they can launch of the msa standing committee will help so actively and effectively respond to rapid changes in security situation on the korean peninsula as northeast asia. while unifying its security policies. the dprk is national defense commission sent a fax of the state to the south korean and the see
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through the mail entry hotline is threatening to attack the south. we got an e note is south korea's defence ministry in size so quickly responded to the facts saying its military sent to me on a notice saying it will still only react to and from patients from the north bailey told to not respond in shanghai me and some about how the south korean government is acting painting on pcs it's very appropriate facts. these threats these daily of friends that are coming out are being taken very seriously here in seoul the government urging him to halt these very provocative threats and take an attitude more conducive to resolving issues through dialogue and only then will south korea they are more active role in helping perhaps economic situations in the dprk to such things as food and other humanitarian aid. the south korean military is on high alert at this point bracing for all possibilities in the wake of the execution of times on tech officials are worried that the dprk can resort to actions that
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possibly divert attention away from the internal situations and condemn such actions could come in the form of the clashes along the western sea border but divide the two countries in the worst case scenario it could be another long range rocket launch where nuclear tests in fact the defense minister here in souls come out on record earlier this week saying that the dprk could launch a provocation between late january and early march without giving t tail and how he reached this conclusion but nonetheless officials here are taking these latest threats very seriously. china's foreign ministry says it opposes any escalation of tension on the korean peninsula and is calling on all parties to remain calm. cummins come up to people in so i laid on the second to the industrial form of dprk the deaf can show us that. the nittany valley has no heed to that of the group forest maintaining the peace and stability of the tunisian hook responsibly the benefits of various parties. and it is for sure
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the commemorative dvd of the various parties. i don't see any action that would any good that peace and stability of the condition. we hope that the relevant parties will maintain a calm and restraint. and what worries an action settling the two estates a further escalation of tension on the peninsula india and japan have launched a joint naval exercise independent and gold to host and maritime coordination minute exercise staged on the state without the full four days. india has deployed its latest indigenous sleepy it's a stout brigade. ps i've proved i wanted to send two of its kind of miss out this tries to participate. exercise is into the drills in holding onto stuff is anti submarine and anti us threats to mario's. the two countries agreed to begin naval cooperation during indian defence minister ak antony says it's good to pass at the end of two thousand and eleven the fuss that exercise was conducted off compound in
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generate last year. to arrange a time out now protest is in fine pope briefly had broke both the us and the state calling for dionne i said to be replaced coffee she expressed her support for new elections the anti government protest is now p afraid to run in the thai capital as whale with the police reluctant to come from them. what has happened to the back sheds but pledged to support the movement of the election a lot. tony chan finds out rich it's only noon the gnomes as far as playing cool. in the central province of siem reap the coming together to discuss the anti government protests in the past few weeks. it's clear that tensions are running high. the rich it see the princess to unseat the government is a direct attack. the tyrants this woman says. and they deserve to be killed in the streets cooler heads prevailed whether the reds did briefly
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marched into panko. they then quickly up to clashes with the protest is. then he does has stated they would return to the streets of the capital amidst the elections scheduled for the covering a threat. the protest is have their way into non elected people's houses. the prepared to fight that democratic rights. with the race's two prime ministers of the palace i will stand by the nation every legion and are keen to fight for those principles even with our bare hands. ah well. the prime minister has so is the panko for the prayers of comfort that the north east issues repealing a manatee and paste soon to become that it has been in use. so poppy army that is the brother in two thousand and six have remained neutral. there remain on the sidelines the threats the protest is from a monkey and two. it's clear principle based in the north east remains
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substantial. many people here have been polarized by the protests in bangkok and their affection for the schindler family runs deep. the crowd here in korea which seems to me can take it from receiving the ten or the banks of the is already on the campaign trail despite the problems he's had in panko for the last couple weeks it really isn't it. i support a stronger inevitable. you can hear the prime minister told completely escaped the trenches. this anti government protest told me six goals and actions they want a completely different system. we don't want democrat party. why don't i we want to reform timing because the taxes due the reason the country for a long time as a calm voice keeps down the road to protest a special screening of peace in the country known as demand this moment has a very different expression on display. the king cctv north eastern time. it was the eye
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i know. thus president brought all my snowmen aide to senate of mike's balkans as the new us ambassador to china to her replace got real old was stabbed out of the max jack might go take an einstein to a washington spoke at it to the vice president for studies and come again and damage to international peace on what issues the balkans. many thanks. looking at this period in the relationship between the united states and china li read you something from a global times co entry talking about the role of ambassadors in china it said the individual influence on
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the spot actual time is limited to break through in vitro process was absent from sino us relations. it needs to be included with an extent that this agenda he agreed well i agree that for every ambassador soprano establish a relationship of trust of the gaps between the us and china the mis perceptions the cultural differences are such that this process can be with us a long time. if the ambassador and merrill those caps a little bit this time there will be a plus but that's not the measure of his performance in honor of his performance will be all the advances american interests and values of you in respect of the various things. the chinese and americans do with each other or sometimes a constituent amid the recent tensions between the united states and china as we know what the next focus is what feeds from reims a nationally consistent and down the tension of the soya bean and on the tenth of what he does not come with an extremely of the tailback wrong and national security strategy and diplomacy
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neither does have the record of a work very hard. even when his own party was sent the other direction to maintain the us china trade relationship through thick and thin especially in the early nineteen nineties quite creative and doing that in the people helping him on this staff is famous for having good staffs. also i think he's got. if this is a pretty important person being chosen for the stock. u s president brought obama has had a wide ranging and if the a news conference that winehouse before departing for hawaii to conference was dominated by domestic considerations like the fact that reform obama addressed before that internationally from the revelations as national security agency whistleblower i was snowed and didn't need to approach from now on. additional section on the wrong hands he also welcomed the nomination of his new ambassador to china next pope is the thinking has the story before heading to hawaii to hold a break. facing
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questions of the end of the top due to the whispers and stumbled maulana the signature healthcare reform and continued political paralysis in washington. one major themes molson recognition of the spying scandal unleashed by the tail and with snowden has damaged international relations because we can do something doesn't mean we necessarily should and the values that we got as americans are ones that we have to. be willing to apply the outer borders i think a perhaps more systematically we've done the past. u s prisons comments came as yet more snowden revelations surfaced. some one thousand will lead is an international organizations including close us allies may have been daunted by the us and britain we're on the obama defended his decision to negotiate with other world powers the suspension of sharon's controversial nuclear program lol for more sanctions imposed in the us senate. if we're serious about
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negotiations with the korean atmosphere in which. iran is willing to move in ways that are uncomfortable. now see officially his nomination for the new us ambassador to china. he paid tribute to his choice. max baucus is to be an outstanding investor china i'd like to sweat the operation. sensible kazemi mall says he looks forward to the tallest. this was it was for us. country the world. it's really up there to progress one of the present protesters go there's questions. grace was canned but every little history on the distance there's a lot. still has a cyclone formation hearing in the us senate about is like to be done quickly and without control the sake of my cold we all receive the came up in front of us present on the site. they thinking cctv washington
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the last call to negotiate a full trade deal with your ups as exports of u s natural gas can be in bed next to two sites linking to as the transatlantic trade and investment partnership at the meeting award this week full of fat around the colts covering a wide range of second is the new wrenches reports. america's natural gas boom. three the cracking of rock formations has dramatically lowered the cost of energy production in the united states because it's not the beam can see and domestically in the latest round of the transatlantic trade in the investment partnership colts the top european negotiate to indicate is that his side has been pushing the americans called on the issue he said the company to respond to the hope that there would be a character. garlicky also keep your staff is that you waste of resources
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the upgrade to a court process. the issue of energy exports is of keen sensitivity in the united states because expat save the costs of energy for consumers and an itchy dependent manufacturing industries would inevitably rise in natural gas exports were to be opened up the top us negotiator for the colts indicated that such a deal could be justified in us legal terms the united states via a regime where exports of natural grass or are deemed in the interest is that we preferred trading partner. um with whom we have a free trade agreement provides for them. national team in a nutshell that's the area. um other partners is a presumption of good fortune the national interest. much could be its stake in a deal on natural gas to europe the opportunity to not let extremely high natural gas costs and by specify its upright away from the salsa is like the middle east and russia. for the united states
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a major export opportunity which would help tackle a central international trade deficit. if negotiations are able to whack out the dl on the lonsdale exports of natural gas that is likely to be significant resistance from some members of congress and from an ag heavy industries here. there will also be significant the bills to let that come in the bulk distribution of natural gas across the atlantic. the new ranges cctv washington. us no profit overnight session known as pat o's for progress is all about empowerment. they say new jazzy actor likes to nate its bicycles to send them to communities in developing countries. the small town of red bus nicaragua known as the program while mrs so they got a prize reports. if god can you just knew that larry and the new babies has been the bread this is for thirteen years. first he was
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a baker. now a sense of threat spike. he picks it up at the bakery at around four in the today. and then for the next four hours he visits his clients all around town from restaurants to family homes to convenience stores the odds they had been selling granted by the last ten years. people already know that the scene is appealing. walking is sort of puts a hearing for us. does not feel like reading their bicycles use a taxi bikes to get around. the city of any business needs significant transformation over the last twenty years. and this concrete master the result of flooding and in contrast developing area with more than twenty thousand bikes they come from all over it the us. after that and the piano but it was true for progress that the revolution started here to read this and that black on the bike scene
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because the series into town every two or three minutes to see three or four bikes and at least three of them are from petal is a needle pick up a bit. yes for progress is a non profit or gain station nebraska's bicycles and sewing machines. that's it for over thirty u s landfills and ships them to developing countries. we've also seen a growth in bicycle parts shots and all of this is changing people's lives because those who don't have resources to buy a motorcycle or car. at least have a bicycle to move the dentist a motive behind this transformation in the past. she receives the bikes from the non profit organization classifies them and said surprise for them even though they donated the catalan government imposes a tariff on. thus to cover the transportation and administrative fees at the store the cookies. that's its employees and make a living for herself to pass to type something for it and
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the scarlet points out the bikes from the us have spurred a wealth of associated economic activity starting with her son. they added. i feel when all this has served as the new tunes into the logistics here and i also own my own business bringing in bike parts a and minutes took advantage of the bike recently those from the onset. someone had to provide parts and the pier the bicycles that were already in town. i've always said that might change my life including exercise was an especially business was ahead the new buying the small planes until the store and we also go some where houses one in the house and another right here bigger. it took us to the small warehouse to just a few blocks from his shop the sticky web of the more volatile. bhutto then assisted the more highly added. so the tires are bands that by ports. in many developed societies
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the icicles are used as a human powered alternative to fossil fuel burning on an appeal. this eating bbq and empowering economic vehicle and swell. i know technology and the growing popularity of fire inside. here in the vats still the preferred transport option. well seems to be with their rates. meets outside of its cctv for us to get out. it's just a carry me and it's reported that at least a fifteen minute three offices have been killed in an ambush in the west end of august the latest incident in a series of attacks against the civilians over the fish as security forces and the army in the country two thousand and thirty or so months the most divine and tiana and half a decade for iraq will get to what the terrorists as soon as they're available. that's it for this news updates. i
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didn't think a lot. the you
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know. lulu. eye. all the eye i will. the cz u will know
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what will. once again thank you for taking part in killing your favorite program olivia's to welcome two new studded teams to get into killed us cousin brock obama has urged congress to approve an unconditional increase in the government debt ceiling the us government may face the debt ceiling issue again in february. if congress does not list the limits. obama spoke on the issue during his year end news conference at the white house on friday obama said that seating


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