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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 22, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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outfit as well as tickets to healthy david i take it easy as i tell you that the kids had so many tickets the contents. i do the sch here in japan. it is. rebels
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threatened to take control of vital oil fields in south sudan a claim disputed by the government has international calls mounted for the department's am singtel to democracy opposition rallies but once again in bangkok. protesters angry over political system they say has been corrupted by those in power. and what's next for free the kremlin critic. of course being the former oil tycoon is reunited with his family this stunning released from prison. as the headline stuff all spent at thanks for joining us first to set seed and a rebel fighter say they've taken control of the capital of unity. a key oil stayed in the country the presence of that year's army is currently advancing towards the town of four
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the surrounding area have seen one of the most strongest fighting in the country on saturday us military aircraft was hit by gunfire as it attempted to evacuate us nationals from the town least five people have died since fighting broke out over a week ago hawkins has the story. it sets out to see denise change only to tom delay and intended to be gained control of the strategic area. today the hands of rebels loyal to the former vice president react much. one cents a day for american soldiers were winded on the way to pull the state's capital. when the ad copy modify and a un helicopter was also hit the previous day. forests to teach it on location with insights it done and therefore within this crises both factions. and on the government forces are are using its eyes as a point
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that they went to dome and its neighboring uganda has already sent ships to the country and tenure is sending sell it to steve join the un peacekeepers in the efforts to secure the capital t that. meanwhile tens of thousands of people reflect that aims to skate like saying around thirty five thousand seeking to sell tactics un bases. scouts say that fit fill of an impending humanitarian crisis. i only caught the bug. that is the apparently what happened with mendez and fifteen cats continually tried to indicate its intent to act out scenes from two things that the findings could descend into civil conflict. mainline jet shop at church and that nonviolence is mounting us president barack obama has warned us would cut aid to south sudan in the event of a military coup by the rebels kill us secretary general ban ki moon demanding an end to
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hostilities. a suicide bomber has killed at least seven people at a military checkpoint just outside of libya's city and i see another fifteen people were reportedly injured in the blast. the attacker ramming an explosives laden vehicle into the control post and bar says this about fifty km from the sea. all of the victims were soldiers some images out of syria amateur footage shows a truck bomb exploding in a hospital based in aleppo the strategic out to the hospital had been held by government forces. it is now reportedly in the hands of rebels calling for friday's attack they see a major fire blast. calling of the truck ran into the building body on the tape says a suicide attack was carried out by the al qaeda linked on this for a front. this as a civil war rages the flow of refugees it grows. european nations are facing growing criticism for not helping enough. even for a few
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hundred who made it to her france welcomed isn't necessarily a warm one reason the sofa reports. so it's these migrants have been in france for months mr then syria. living in a sea conditions with kew home comforts. this is not the welcome they were expecting fronts would rather help refugees who are still in syria weekend we have not done is make human rights and humanity. disappointed some syrian mesquite east are now looking across the channel to england. indeed the eye of the dead already tried a few times to go there go get there in the end. katrina says he told the was that on top of that case no racism here in front of people don't like this. since the riots in france two weeks again the team has been living with a volunteer the eighteen year old fred syria to blog daily to serve as if he feels let
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down. i was so that was it would be easy to do that to the court would find accommodation. you find was to stay with tool he plans to market. i'm not see anything new comes up. she has to give the best place to another seeing him in line to fill in the pt comes to me keith spence scheme offering to share his room at a costume turkey's prime minister hit japan airlines says that dark alliances are to blame for the recent craft cupboard his government to look funny for people with ties to the minister had been arrested and slapped of corruption charges where one says the arrests are part of an international conspiracy it uses for investors in the middle he's just going to know that these recent days very strange the ambassadors have been involved in some provocative acts. i'm calling on them yet. do your job. if you leave your area of gt
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this could extend into our governments area of jurisdiction to deal with all in response to recent events the prime ministers urged the police force firing several officials that their thoughts reflect a power struggle between everyone. ms a former ally the two ago and it's not for me to use his influence in the police and the judiciary. the protest on the streets of bangkok. once again the opposition out in force in the thai capital its campaign to bring down the government of timor action a lot. on sunday the main opposition party saying it will boycott the upcoming snap elections that both the turks which is expected in february was called by the end of an innocent and the ongoing political crisis the opposition that says they have lost faith in the democratic system. it doesn't look like cheap but since has been stingy but some groups that makes people will stay by the nazis did. i
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mean in a canvas that is their correspondence and you can't hold us more about the turnout for sunday's protests. the number of putting it on the street some just around the corner from one of the sites there are six sites whether taxes. i think it's bad to say that this considerably less than they expected they would do according to three million people tonight the trip but the protests live where i was they will also be a couple of times and maximum so much less numbers and eleven before i think that's why the leading quality of this that subtle be that the very polarizing figure of taxation are right behind it. this one the last five elections. and the democrats awesome biblical scene in the hope that they can force the government stood to suspend done it or they will better team today sometime and then meet the demands of the protests to skip girls in for a people's council to be set up for reforms to be made and then that the federal actions. andrew chan reporting there from bangkok thailand isn't the only country hit by political
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unrest. back here in europe opposition rallies continue in the ukrainian capital. for weeks hundreds of thousands of people have been in the streets of kiev. voicing their anger at the government's decision to favor closer ties to russia and not with your will despite the pressure justice the president of the chemical that reached a bailout deal with russia with a fifteen billion dollars frosting cats of the crags has more now on protesters and their cause ukraine's pro european to set up an impressive seven in protest ten minutes until key as it doesn't apply to a going away anytime soon but often more than a month of activity that what the heck a surprise that they get excited. the two political parties the coveted for the arnold has attempted to incite get to that as much to say right now golden age center demonstrates consider themselves part of civil society rather than any talks
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with you. we're calling on the little opposition to sit down and round table with us will grow and heal cheney's legal strategy with which to confront the government will pop out of it. we demand that those responsible for the violence against the giant demonstrate is on the thirteenth of november the work on each arm upon any of the constituency gilchrist you could see no problem. secondly we want to invoke the constitutional right to the full article and directed the kidlets the weak demand that this government resigned yet mustered only a dream or whatever. i tell you optimistic. i get to the city from the nineteen sixty eight the realistic demand the impossible a little bit sunday's demonstration will be accepted in evidence the ball for them and it seems now to be looking for new strategy. papa didn't even sign with the message right on the seventeenth of this up. make sure to tune in for prospect heights special coverage of the first appearance by the skin that's expected. a few hours time the research is underway here in france. police are searching for the bodies of the chinese billionaire and two others. following a
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helicopter crashed on friday allow to cook had just won a major bordeaux wine and shut so you are surveying his new the helicopter was piloted by the demands of the former owner elaine on board was also in chinese interpreter during the flight the aircraft plunged into the door down the river. so far only one body has been found. the billionaires told that the rules sign. it called personalized relations cuba's president wrote castro says the washington and havana be to respect each other's differences the comments follow castro's handshake with president barack obama memorial ceremony for nuts mandela in south africa. one is entity or speech castro said cuban and american officials have met several times over the last year was to discuss issues such as immigration and re establishment of the postal service. speaking to the cuban national assembly passed a set of nations can improve even
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further the site. toledo. we are not asking the united states change its political or social systems. and we do not accept negotiating hours she added if we really wish to make advances in our finite rotations in the sci fi. we will have to learn to mutually respect our differences. they've been able to operate a bailout for that bit about him although i think they know it athanasius. it says welcome to pull his last look at my olympic stories around twelve in this edition illegal immigration border security in europe that remain is designed to join
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the champions of the limited the use passport free travel area would be extended further east. without this responsibility of policing to stop criminals exploiting its easy access. abstract at stage two other meetings ready. the series the eu border could become. well easy to slip through for illegal immigrants in the mechanics are up four runs the rule of fat that plan's provisions the three main use of this huge task our platoon own pride has been on patrol to pull the police's people begins on the front ia. the criminals from foreign countries for upper hand the delta of the river danube in romania the maze of waterway separating romania from its neighboring ukraine. we're at the east and pontiac of the euro uh uh uh uh uh you're going to remain in police and getting to grips with it. it is quite the sight of ukrainians
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crucial to chase it and serenade you see him next to it. you pull people call the local scene in every corner of the stilted. today went to press for dismantling which is much more decorative this time it was in tn the civil news in prison when a ball of the state from the great reflection of the romanian border force the list in two thousand and ten the cause the tt me in your eyes. a date by the european union which is keen to secure or its maritime borders. these extend to two hundred km along the remaining paste and could one day make up the eastern tip of the shinkansen. they were preparing ourselves for future missions when he's older becomes part of the shingles are. we had our first case of illegal immigration. it's the teapots learned to sail kentucky fried and topped it with the oven with door. the taxi pulled up and some size
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wetness to emigrate is based dozens of cbn refugees are riding him now. also being arrested on the black sea that housed in six romanian asylum centers. conte that face is one of them was willing to talk to us. i come from the ict in the new deal oh well. so you do in one go they go to someplace that you think he was eased into the act needs and from syria a ride to the beginning of the year with his wife and two children. if it makes its finger on it at the time nine am. may have a good fourteen to be taken in by a romanian family and in mt for this country. i love him. he who knew. think of all that should in future the romanian police are keen to share with being in the face of consents from
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brussels. i'm not saying that they'd even if it seems that innocent and operations according the kids anything you want to give a mouse to see what's going on in real time on one of romania's gorgeous. this of the most artistic of the month as some of the fall relse a new building and equipment are many and border police wants to share that it's on a par with all the other members of the jenin area man who is in those boxes. these exercises repeatedly performed in front of the cameras. what to tackle the migrants attempting and treat drug smuggling corridor is the train to any situation remained moderate face of the boat. all in the name of presenting you it's possible for you. romanians that they could also benefit from this end isn't that the crest of december onwards. when you immigration controls are due to its clients. the coolest
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and opposition from west in your description of crumbs people in romania into the menu board to the east system and the country's credibility. often being arrested illegal immigrants and all in one of the asylum seeker detention centers opened the borders innovation high schools from africa and asia are attracted to a country which could want to give them a nice ending to the same design. i have to tell you that on owning the training and i would diary quilt. last year when the priest. it depends on all the running and uncle. it's not an easy language. but it is a latin language of the dino which is to say guelph but that is like the french alphabet that forces the spanish open to the italian town. the teacher says it's a two way present i mean can i help them
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understand training ground at all. hd channels and mail that says about i didn't get some more to the alamo so blessed to read as many immigrants to the rind on free cuz too much the scene is here i got to name a romanian family. he welcomed in that household. the villa helps out around the house and tries to integrate in his adopted name and those in my sets myself if it takes going to take me to romania so much that means i must be meant to make a life for myself here it is so experienced got to live through. and i'm optimistic about it some of them i've really thought about this in six months so get yourself a chance here let's see what happens you know as lifting them a new set for years now and unlike many a time to make their way to western europe the fastest in his adopted country. when he stuck the needle. today joe. there you aren't the only lawful state non criminal on the financial loss. says this in here i've got a flag of ivory coast and the fitted it is my country
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after all. and you've gotta keep a bit of patriotism in your soul and spirit romanian border with ukraine sketches found seven hundred kilometers. in an undated seeking manning is northwest of the snowy river to mark the border. but plenty of vacant space. sale of the field having started with sense as links on the fourth economics along on the ground came home. just to stomach the other tells the system works like a machine used to record. i wake up. so pervasive as it sends a signal that the state controlled companies to cover it. that's along with the kids all times make it to police headquarters. needs a new way of keeping an eye on the border has disguised immigration marches smuggling the police now say nobody danced to try and get her a hand except a few wild animals. so the open with and that you can see a group of local crossing the border for ukraine to romania. when
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the app. in all the main news bulletins extent either three thousand kilometers. an eastern european from taxable default went off to mike and their officers from france belgium the uk italy and spain. the home is a french police officer walks alongside the romanians on from six nations the assessments will need to be with nothing to european reports on the desert east of birmingham police. all the polls polls then inspected the pm might remain in office as the data is entered in to compete as a link to see what you are up one to nineteen network secondly who consume it is true that we've had some discussions bible speaks of books. kazmir use them with exactly the same kinds of documents in a confined for small talk. in all the scenery is different and so are the challenges smoking is not intimately acquainted with every corner of the mountains surrounding the town of c gets me
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the ukrainian down on smuggling has become the new pitch and market the people he'd otherwise have to be calculating from foaming new new place exudes role will remain unique home and preventing smuggling in such a densely wooded landscape is a real challenge for the pennies i am i. he wakes weeks its mountainous at me and it's based on the railway the train is a new torrents the police company d with an old mini bounce place on the rails since there's that means nobody gets me any method of transport recording the farrier amendments to the number gets around on the rails then use them to get inside the far east three i was late and we reached our destination a small and the sound is right in the middle of a dentist
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wild forest. the playground the ukrainian smugness. now if the market the demand on the infamous an altitude of a thousand meat isn't that fond of this topic as he tours the border with ukraine nine km from here on the day it's the first of three hospital for three or four hours up to not pick it up. mandy's team has information on the preparations for large scale smuggling operation reinforcements have a riot the sting operation is planned for the evening several dozen men are laden with cigarettes are approaching a single file coming from ukraine. fifty eight certificate to the whole gang except two. he managed to flee into the far east. the police come to them the next morning. it's a
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testament were going to interrogate him right here watson opened the door this is where you from. to get women too. i will write you my name is the duty of it where do you live the nevada. it's easy to imagine knowing that it evoked in but a trickle of what are you doing here. we hit the cigarettes. to take that up with cigarettes have you got. one opened up for me the young men and abandoned that calm day when the funnest as they wish to leave. but it was later found on the edge of the woodland tunnels and packets of cigarettes cobalt. two thousand u s in payment for transporting them. it's the equivalent of four months salary for a police officer the fiddly bits the base when cramped. will you call lauren him. get a premium of pymble. stanton during his
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london has been telling everything stops on the edge of the far east. the police have found that colony used pecans bolting the cigarettes it was toward the sodium. i don't recognize that bit of paper so is this certain stories car. no it's mine i bought it. the menu protest their innocence on the evidence and look stunning. it's back on and eventually they'd made it was indeed meant to smuggling contraband cigarettes. they could now face several days in jail. to relieve i'd known i would not come. i didn't venture off taking notes to some of the more acute the big easy. in two thousand and thirteen the police recorded fourteen thousand crimes on the romanian border. most of which were related to smuggling. more than seven hundred people were arrested for crossing the border illegally and around fifty smuggle is jailed. not so
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even if romania trying to demonstrate a disappointing to control its borders. now the problem is keeping it outside the possible reasoning. western european countries are demanding remain yet muscle to its endemic corruption problems it's another huge challenge it's the grounds here in this tedium or else thank you very much feel extremely interesting to pull that i'm in your opinion of the romanian police ready to take control of the borders of shannon's on the weekend so what. there were the two dimensions to this the technical and political from a technical point of view. as you see him. zeroing in on it and ordered police to help repair his companion future. mary told us not forget that one billion euros
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invested to equip them. in the minutes of pushing through that looks like star trek great very well equipped the problem is that there's also a political dimension to this. germany and the netherlands. consider that the menu. because this country has not resulted to nature problems in the mail integration of the roma minority take all the rules are traveling all over the european union to cause some problems. then there's the problem of corruption that these things cannot get results. he's a moron. he's joining us wishing to remain as comparable to become sober out what effect does this putting back the piano bench into the shinkansen what effect does this have on people in the mania of the remaining few of you the reciprocal a kiss on somebody's story to remain in turn him into it more. some of those. if they became new
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members are passionately with it. it is those remaining have timed this is the case now. frustrated the romanian man in the street knows that you know. they can already traveled without visas missionary as of twenty fourteen will be able to work with no concern whatsoever on all the labor market in the european union was not something to recommend me to speak about the economic being a member of the shanghai area isn't reassuring for investors since two thousand and eleven cents to enjoy the cyclones that all was foreign investors especially from western. resting much and you may read while you are locked. the chinese. it's just a mom. the chinese prime minister and to brokerage
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and i'llonfess to the temple. thousands of pigeons the euro. that's the real stories and with many layers as he just told us how come you're a suspected marrow what looks to take the cure. the debate before the next to an old oil wells in western europe. this is a rise in the pocket of an extremist movement. also friday. me and treatment of an interim injunction and it is presumed to be premature junior doesn't want to describe it really was. in the one hand this is also something very new to me the romanians are becoming more and more euro skeptics as all get something. oh well good for a long time in a more secure and institutions in their own political class
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they proceed to his corrupt so it was difficult to unite has grown up your skepticism in movement. dreaming of. it did so at the same time you have. western europe and the inherent in all there's a growing new eurosceptic is then move them. in all of these news are not christian scored a european union because that means weakening of the union on both sides around thank you once again few film and pure announces the situation around for an hour for that. if you will see this again of course account by a website for like an old column in which opposes this is false and can stand the us. it was. you
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will. the concert i carry a higher cost is going to write to meet the press after finally being reunited with his fun in. on a handsome prince released from prison also this week a two civilians are executed by islamist rebels and syria while western nations signal upcoming peace talks might not need such removal after all. debate on the deal for ukraine or russia agrees to buy


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