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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  December 22, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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to see that. all in. you knew the us the data. we need to my ob tv awhile come to a brand new edition of a wild look. the probe and the presents that different faces and that she feared that if the voices on taiwan on the hosts were equal. d enjoy comic books. if you do
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then you're in luck because on today's program was delighted to have missed it joseph wong who is currently a professor in the departmental architecture i should say university in taipei taiwan. but he's better known as dispelled some of the race in all fairness to all forms will want cooler which is needed to carry to full mast think you will come to the program has won. hello everybody this was that the lucknow my guess is that the right to happen here on the program and has won this a sick day you teach architecture icj university. also of course you are the eldest son of mr comes along who originated the character a comic actors the poll master key and the txu deal when you look long up you was surrounded by these very very popular he'll come the characters in what was to experience life
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seo is that it was all worked up with yes it's here because the girl you know my my friends' fathers or mothers to be a bit worse it's in cardiff to go to war unless order. it was still on me if i was still going to school at the same time she do. bella say that you know joseph meal you father bill of rights holders comic books but we have a preview often note that the latest addition is coming out next week and i can know the whole weekend they are acting like to note that the testing is cool comics and will pay a high area the only did the slaughter do it early next year stuff and the endeavor but were still there but i was working at the moment it was a few hits and it is so unspeakable experience and one miles to one up show. in grade school years um. you can work on
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the steering you know what my father's country it's ok to defend. so true. i didn't know it but that the air was cool comics you. you feel that the if you know that tons of sweets to today and saw a father when you do is pull it all out of my heel schoolmates asking for your comic books and when you coming out next. when the ladies to devote a year thirty three in the creeping into unlike cross made from a teacher's pay. they did do that will occur this blog to read it the office it's what we know are you doing drawings and or crawl into cocoons it's like to do with doing nothing. the baptist up the good old days of it and tell them but yet the nineteen fifties scenes so there was served over so very strange experience this as sort of sense to know what to forbid it goes like to
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make a new approach in a funny little drawings. then when i did the final drawings and hone my teacher didn't like to know them was for this stuff up. there was what they like to go nowhere. it's the end of my photos the to go to work. so as to what's to experts. when you leave its we'll focus on the characters are we discussing these characters been popular for over fifty years. though i remember one of the on going to preschool we used to read the comic books to you know the one true by your father. and then the telescope bit about what was the term model for sydney why was termed used to feel it can mean the main character as last week's vote in local and scooters stairs that lead to a pretty common turn to know the full full
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as for the third general consulate in egypt. this was the one who can teach her something in all of it yet you do when you were named as stews or expected. as you can learn something from them. i can afford such a cocoon purchasing a call for two yellow was an award to a saner more than kerry's record interested with this old picture blog in chinese lol here yet so if they can from that. but that didn't know you know in a more intense when we call someone over the wall and said it's like a more intimate. old friends. so the bloke was to service the pasta cooked for them and of course someone but that one can read it respect for one of which are due to that movement were to teach or something. it's so so very adamant that did just that. this time of the older traditional fatty see that seventy s and though why was
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the term bluff was leaving translating into what we term today the old mass to keep your pictures are still some snow said. so up some better shoes. mrs stuckey did monster. mustard some domestic use. this also at the one that will convert it to chop some areas of the old monster oh my. like you to this. i think but for the first photo with this but the unit did the character in her circle must go. it's pretty stupid. so you never hit the inside. late in the early sixties. when you translate it to. progression is it's just called to the old guard in it opens up to turn to marina became kill minutes or so. so since the sixties are no recorded a loss of fuel. it's the company and the wind
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although she never had this conversation with rafah that when he first developed interest in comic books and drawing comics. heehee every meal talking about that. can i know it's for a second. and that the arrogant there wasn't a fifties. like is that amendment voted he said in the extreme because he is so welcome. it will go up and that we were just we don't do much in the super kings. the texas trio is so i could sum up vocalist of the sea like the improvement pics treatment and due to the republics but if you asked me today. i was safe at the local water others hoping it will own the parkers its inferred use the genius of what will come because in the year. it was just very
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quickly to keep . oh and that we didn't go. we know putting you'll have to become seo professional comic or text in here. he oversaw peaches become like a comedy archers will be of huge creature who also took his dog star. i could've the time i was supposed back in the fifties building conditions with typical for a lot of families heal most of them really need an additional source of income to support family of meal your size meal which is like he'll find simple and cod teach the youth here. so was it you know in the sense that he'll maybe twenty five the first target. he never thought this was going to turn into something so he looks so popular. no especially with the younger generations. and then there is still one of this deal came about when healy you you begin to re your father's comic strips in leading
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newspapers in repeating things. note that this was something big about to happen i don't know when they'll only i don't know you from afar her up in a post on the routes to the idea. but brokers. and the no query all in answer to. the it's life of a can can can embrace the snow we would grow up in the family this is so worthy of the fortunate thing means of birth. no one know what he saw that doing a comic drawings of its future should be some trouble for karma will they be answered was on a whim this ten day you find a use your chinese name ones though. as the penny. known to create the character. why most of these is because wilson will see some of
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the characteristics of this note golf with the old master q one of many healing and based on your grandfathers no personality. the second ranked. and there's a combination or maybe this year the concert is free. a kick in from the property all the singles the inspirational souls in its puppet company from photo for all the expenses to and from largo from a father. but he was shown the way he to grow up. and also department that lifestyle. are you. i can see the cutie in this or heard of or have reflux for much of food and i still need to know we'll definitely use them someone wrote the beginning and see the speck in the fifties early sixties. my produce them in the company ok might like to study
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what's to come the good old days most of the road with what's right for him of all an artistic use of commercial uses and you spread the news then my father use glitter pen. we snuggled all longs to hear enjoy the view. so when you start using my day. i could see of rome low maintenance low enough. you probably saw that palin see you you are the one among the siblings they can really assume what he's been doing with this re think your budget to stick on a local ngo. and what would some of the common themes that was depicted in the comic strips in the early years. now at least get the true word to end in the fifties and sixties to get up. true to me and how people are known the ego states of and any
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luck was not to use it. no proposal for business and i especially opted to use it toward the officer called for to go in mind this. through their logo for future use you know the folks in hong kong in the world. and the so expect this to the new logo for the copics were up to. live from day to day use of the sorbonne. when sean were sad to look into a choke hold of time and raise a family in the process and also was the usual support someone who is that nasty in the us and. navy was away for your father to then allow them to frustration sheer but many many people at the time when you were trying to balance the responsibility of work. also it seemed time to come in into the family maybe maybe a pot of ict up
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a sign of the page yet but the improvements in the match to hold that thought because i need to take the first break of the program will be right back. i have. session
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steve. eye. welcome back to the second segment of these programs beyond the while that on the host week will will will continue our conversation will post as he chose the wall who is currently a professor in the department of architecture action to university. as to what discussing above the comic strip. of course an old soul in the early years. all you fathers used to draw means taking created to send the frustration a lot of people might have had at the time when the old cecil very difficult conditions to pour. and people really just trying to survive they need your help in the day and trying to balance
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the accompaniments to the village of families and no school on the other hand the obligations and responsibilities where. and you filled in by it being an additional hidden message in some of the comic strips to buy your father and i apologize for interrupting you really are. the would you mind sharing them with us now we are sure to well. like a painting i did once to frustration as you know and in its work. this one thing their lawful for a comma or a similar verdict is being paid to true for privilege certain topic. but mostly to you to the mall is a political force a pair of cool. it's up but the mahdi fighters to comics is purely upon the humor in them so that means sometimes and yet yet the far east is not true of the guard. but voters up
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from that guy so he sees the whole thing so just enough of me with this in a social function of the year not so on his office. oh someone is sad because there is this what it is this is the key words and is so cool local oldies serious no no foods. it is it's a kind of a character that winds through hardship and are difficult lives. but he always stood for. he always thinks that the awe of the anecdote that this is to steal fair go up but that does happen lol with the historic in the process will with other people. so are just a lot of people use the euro. see that the unit's work ma up our tickets to the plate the pope read the new theme tune and
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it was somewhat beat the all you do this yes that thing was so sweet unique as you know i confess i've been reading your father's comic books ever since i was little and the what was evident from his earlier works. alia was a sense of you know internal optimist. no will to stand with me have problems now. he may be difficult things that we need to come from to deal with what life will go on in the summer prices in the east tomorrow. they all look so that's the sense of the tunnel optimism that kept a lot of people going i think twenty one having problems tokyo. and the professor letters. you brought a lot of the appeal of the cartoon figures with the two day old so some copies of the comic books. and why do we start by introducing some of the major characters being the ralph was a bull mastiff to comic strips. ok of course the three standing ones are old master q does this and the day all being the cole
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inquiry and the mean while working. some of this special the suns who are you know the features that you may wanna share with us. for example this point he's holding a rabbit like he was a mrs neo musician the magician near there. i get to the pool record the offer at the stone that it is that it did to cause the tricks of local magician this home. the reason being that grey all super this because that a couple words that were echoed by other people. so those of you know what's available. yes well the effectiveness of like d d d super fun to say that it'll cost you set the table character and think. alas you know and he'll soon be too soon and maybe some of the colors they not. but the live mix pudding and open it in a book. it's very
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different the versions here so much that you need. just the first one there. you know we're in the series. there was a little more than most here is the wrong headed and independent. very small cap companies this band. posting is to mold from the moe that they did come from. that is double portrait. you know it is just a two fer me know mix the two to sink in. but this is the dirtiest the person you know i make this estimate the cost to improve my favourite much and i wouldn't buy for the first star guard down and he did make some. you know pencil sketches into an ice storm remembered that i have posted this picture still with me another holocaust. and so are unique to reach into the commercial. so if this is
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to go there this one. my eyes thing is off the one that most of the temple was built in uniform are from the awful for me yet so this is the thirteen sixties diversion of auctions conducted sixty one. then the next one. it is slightly more mature. safe to say in sydney. in india. detroit starter help him up. but that has settle into a mo. bring to stay. makes a drifting the muffin dough ball to the chips are gone. note this the one i liked it the most the most interesting when it's then that the fact belongs to the thirty sixty and artists seventies and into two regions is to bend the laws but missed the boat was stuck at work yes yes and this is do you think it important or would you use to
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today ok and the unit that features an office all he said. he said so. these are the feet got this one the need of food soon because it was the lord's death of so you could choose from and you know you but the replica to instruct but to go. both of the dead and otherwise sit in front of him from the cbd unit the two versions in the party were to fall for it it's yours. this is of course the old master q yes and then this is of course a miniature version of it. and this is so so what the media depicting the extent of the speakers or is it the more the modern be any truth to it. it doesn't matter. is it simply. some kind of food. you said sorry
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i knew that the color or maybe it's to be sorry. in all fall off if they hope that that that the greeks the new kits. i like to use yet. the major characters in the common spirit. this is the mister potato. yes yes the french you know i haven't come as news one of my favorite activities over the adorable so cute especially for younger kids and then the amp's milk olive oil here and there and he's gotten a card. the whole of the times people make fun of him but he doesn't get mad every meal and very few times a day you receive the keys you know getting upset over something and if that's the intent to my meal the bbc incorrectly best personality here are the only team to relax and take a look it's also another major character was teaching. yes yes and then he sings some of the more light in all of last night. the figure. mr turner
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is. the it's a dumb guy the privy to come and say it good looking and some don't cut the use of a mole an attribute that to the gulf was known to do this but the truth that jesus went up to snow. much to learn and that no prisoners to be in the other guy who always to play with it. it's the receipt so you don't want to use their mobile cell phone. in. year. in the remote to look good in it to the west if you are two artists who have never been so so are you that the enemy assault. it is. yet the pasta into one of the most interesting characters. so i confess i like mr he built the bulbs do not call you if
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you have a favorite character among the ones that are likely far as i like the more momentum going with them all this is offensive. no one is getting to go to ipoh but that yummy among the four day you mention. dear me one day you told me be part of that thank you father. you know you're useful observation and you know to be integrated into that area. rumor. my father my father could use to their precision. yes everybody is saying f or situation in a head for no ground yet it is. o been in use that word when we were young. their workers some of you. this topic the true word of truth to it so far gotten a present of hundreds of posters to sit down with mia it did to the owner of the jewelry store to cross a street. we would concede that yes we knew we knew we knew
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it was that he was joined at the that the increase occurred across the street yes well what happened yesterday with his hand finally before and this part of the program officer. in addition to of course if others will not sticky. do you have other neil preston school of their cartoon characters will come in strips. you might have known that he'll be interested in a weather seeing taiwan hong kong when the us the trip to and i kissed the karmic thing with droids. this is the is pretty creepy agents in unison but for me and all the ugly start to two with a draw comics in an agenda for the state or cocoa mix it up so we talked about it than ever. it's nice to read the comics all sorts of cuts in from all the work in
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the european americans. oil costs on tuesday the very happily. the pope with that just missed the cut is here and of course and the closer home. you are doing in hong kong covers. if you have to pay for their love of food on the liquor consumed in charge of the canal and elsewhere in the region. so were we ribery available. it's a salon in taxes and ten. we need to take another break the program will be right back the eye. i do. sells
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says. . the welcome back to these programs he'll become one although the host read will will will continue our conversation will because he chose the wall was really a professing that i'm an
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architecture ict university also he's the eldest son of news to all phones along who created the character becoming character. o last weekend. i soo love the start of this particle that with the question on them the deal past fifty years or so while many copies of the old master q khan the field comic books have been sold as the number being tabulated colleague at all the third person filled with bits of it but when that she must be the new ball time all kind beliefs of copies the school because her father were at the least active full of lead up to twenty thirty years in deal making that on teens. and then the door so many copies. oh maybe not so much in china was certainly in hong kong. note i won them parts of southeast asia billy can always see alaska
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to build comic books. still with the numbers used and it's not a small number with max and i were returning from a street in the early pace sixties seventies still haven't heard it takes i can attest to. come to it was so tough. in a phenomenal effort yes i know you both take off and on and off the coasts were in. i'm beginning to the church for good no way two to three. it takes to come for all. it is lawful for an apartment to the pits oh all the wrong man. as far as i know it. brad and i don't know whether i checked the publishers and also to calm markets in. however the rest of the finger puppet noticed that in twenty some pecans so fun for the printing and all my focus for this. so i can do no easy
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mimicked in the world gets this is to begin a novel too they do order sixties when the first opportunities to watch the comic books. palm well it's a sentence like this in the common folk of this puppet the cheapest to weigh in of all wealth and attending to his daughter did this in. the as for books written anything of course it and then you can also define what that meaning. you go to bed we think of a bill to go to bathroom floor is over folks. so i just knew it was popular. and this so that the wildcats the step. for about fifty years. all we did a number of overreach. it is in doubt was probably this seventy to eighty percent per
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hour if the critics. if it gets as the booking you know me that it's way too meaning time they gethere every thirty days only. i was probably the least this up and my kids supposedly separate those are going to die. ok but the new nolan in the ashes is a small one to stand at the comic books inspire me. of course me being chinese but it's been probably the wooden different time in the cantonese dialect for some of the deal early awaits the father came out with. and then of course keyword tool is said to me translating the mandarin chinese. the taiwan market at least. the thing to me being the translation process with a field difficulties in turn is self capturing the essence of the human what the masses though your father was kind of a soul without me losing ten cents and that message you cause they recently won
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the notes healthy meal complete. this was ever an issue with difficulty. i was sinking be converted to its familiar to the mid fifties to. the i didn't go for sixty most folks are prompted to the local way you live in a call and says oh so the language used was the timber companies. and i've been in the comics and the strips this up but the legal age to twenty the colorful come to taiwan in improper to use it to court with that is normal turkish language format. or just the ticket demand for it that way no focal practical speak our own. you need it to you. in the wheel from looking phone call. since school in the sixties and thirty seconds. coco became a very worthy say international said. yet with
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everyone. it still isn't their war dead are going to school. dear miranda and the torso looks great. it never disappears. this ode to the people must fall to click mccain into quite the international financial means to me you'll feel called to write something productive english you know because everyone speaks english so it's still almost a kilo so these are some cards that aggression and it did make him a comic strips and also to spread up the potatoe here so some think that the content in knowing they are treated like it's the kiss but they fail to put this also becomes the outcome of the oral form in the euro. indeed the comic drawings that show. so it is this is a four star you can so it became an international episodes. um
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win win for the comic goes the internet so boasts a tumor or to have snow parker and stone. so a lot of fruit strips. you you read additional were no worse and worse to me that yes so called hospital. most of the years and his service to freak show is expected on a list of all of the bartlett said that the ball catastrophes like this in before friday the sixth graders is yes. and of. in case you don't know because it shows one is a very accomplished artist in more ways than one. the addition to his teacher responsibility the scg university. being the partner architecture he's also been active in all of a comic strip artists. and then guy he's being you know picking up. you know father's footsteps and then do some of the heel made it the versions that we'd be antsy about the old mass
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the two comic books class we deal with it all into by mr hill until so long. and then the wheels on the stand that since nineteen ninety five almost twenty years ago that you have seen the note did you clean the leading role in turns health field making domestic few comic books and the characters. no more involving the colt will creativity and neil industry can you tell this. some of the projects that you have been engaged in battle are some of the products they have planned for the media features. there appears to go when the piccolo question here. at that. home you have a huge response to put it in its twenty years ago. it was from a detroit too. it now it is my father still no broken in and the sky the gov't and somewhat older at the time. yes and they are
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suppose to help the net. and perhaps help it to me to come all fish caught open to license the use of the sport and the end of unwanted. but the grace to understand that it does screw up. that there are all costs of food into a comic recipes. either the right letters you know most kids this would be a pretty picture. and then that there's so many of them. and that the view that the puppet can only say that this talk of stuff and underwear homes because just one minute and so i realize that the you know when to wear those who show me. all collectors and that they receive from it the comic. republicans too with tens of thousands. on match day and go on a nippers thought. my father was a such
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a popular figure. and the piece work inference stillman of people. to do with it the end of the process but that grew up in indo and some of them already. session though that they themselves are parents already. and they use to write letters known my father and the doorstep. i do realize that they would subvert important thing in life are but that in the dublin as well this model he said is so full flow. of doing comics units. when i was small. no putting curse you too can do comics in a ghost you starve to death and stiff. it can go home but then you don't like is the queso and are monitoring group voters. doing comics cartoons this topic certainly in line. you suck
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at being a lawyer will boyd junior a kiss the windows open comics in the courtroom will appeal for you interesting life. wolverine at the one in oh so did the boys liked it. this is the best open to the dunes umno cannot let go of the mill. so of id personally but something to do it. and you know with both of my father's approval. it popped so since there are i take this department was so moved to a more interesting. laurie and are very peppy what are you. but people close enough to speak oakland who question is that the work to it each day would come experience of book comics to tune in and be alerted to its the day in the indicative percent to two
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to make decisions and newspapers. no because later on to win with just the internet so all the food in a comatose didn't intend to move up. but most importantly is that the term dd to the markets change his clothes. mix in newspapers or the need and that matters nobody said we will know. so as to some. indeed it. we are sober go to war. it's um so i never thought that the cubs should only be printed and in vegas in one newspaper ok and go for simple and cheap calls for a minute. we need to take the final breakdown program what will come back will continue to explore all nasty to comic books in the internet the spa see you in just few minutes . i have
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sells. steve . the welcome
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back to the final part of today's program killed in a while but the hosts two week will will will continue and hopefully wrap up this fascinating conversation who took us until so long who was clearly able to stay in the arm architecture shoot the university also the eldest son of mr ralph uncle aunt who created the popular comic characters neo old mass to keep and doubled to start off this part of the program by first showing these business cards the proposal on tuesday before the cake and started you can see. you know some of these del characters all of them. ashley to buy the help of his one and that they are becoming more more popular. specially the industry in the chelsea in tonight's news though with the dumbass integration. for example this mum with that
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yielded get them into the close. no showing that of the working and this one with the appeal of the party in dallas. go to ikea to be something you'll fall. so this is a continuation of some of the word apple fries one has been two weeks following his father's footsteps. when it returned to port has won asking about some of the cool tool creativity activities the european dates. weeks yes what it did or it didn't like to do business. the decor was to service them. this is opening here in the end there cos it did to our business so both of purity say the imagination and you know so i'll put a stitch that when opened a restaurant that has cost of this industry but then you'd do with some crazy up on to say is this
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coal hole it would move in and the conditions on swapping is that it fits. so you are just that we have to do the europeans. regions are all in all the work. so that leads to. we went for recess but it did. oh boy are for stores to open in the new new new show them nicely. you told him nicely. and people would appreciate that means our guests to essentially that this court it could be pretty to throw our industry has not been up so i take this is a puppet when the defense to. you know a lot more. one nurse know. so what happened with that didn't do this a sweet roll the initiative between the two professional in the case of cause i don't
11:44 am
know what the chorus architecture us the deserts of three dimensional his boxing entrance of the speech but this wasn't the arts and did that come with thorns could that be say put the tree to show off all beside me me me me and that that you make that like st d stickers in to elect a new cost million and in animation the twentieth st d animation and white the word it means to stop. i mean that the gift a spatial mean if they're up to their spaced apart. ikea is no infect the other. okok i wrote that you'll only see the imagination. that shouldn't do and mechanical with other people. chris adds to the thirty four before comics and truly dead and in newspapers share with everybody you know what the big meal and a cool thought. so what does this have to pay artists i've to
11:45 am
say on the instep. and i think of the need to write inspirational to speak in the shear which at the park and saw just the best in the creek. harpo that in our walk with many people to order more artistic skill and not worthy of work and family come in yet and also we don't stand in the in the last fifteen years or so. that debt because of the advancement of the internet technologies nowhere does seem not to steam the milk will last a q in comic books in print media old school in movies films and also animation. and there and i'm here in the plan is now being he'll be on the drawn out there than we can see more of the animation films schoolers. some of the real character films hill using the character's background in the future there's a kiss can all
11:46 am
achieve it were to post them now. parker's trip to old stickers that said yes. oh but the ultimate doom. this can also use soap the best in all go. nor would she know today is up. so we consume sleep in the animation studio cd or whatever. you know we would have to overcome the whole of dough onto a contingent to that and i think that in a weekly good to go for some. new ways to win to show true experience of comics. and so speak up it's a soft like them okay soo little monitor no repeat you know what one post on apex of the boat to sail on it you got older the experience in hog see smell hear. you know what the law. with twenty two will fight the smears it is so
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warm milk wood recently with plenty to a nice picture on the sleeve the two to note is that the show will also go by the u s to come true would be into reality. so i can should just go with that with the people cope with interest that you have been enriched full of comics and spilled it and that is what you referred to as the fifteen yo fiftieth anniversary exhibition of steel mass to queue and then though was starting. taipei the songs and called toll increase its part and starts you know in november of two thousand thirteen all wrong all the ways to kneel to the beginning part of every two thousand fourteen. here's what some of the highlights of this you know the long celebration that will put its weight. you know we've generated just look at the comics missed him because
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sometimes i think the candy she recovered. you will be to come back and we all can't you just as you can use soap be a part of the comics me know. thus the still warm trying to do new and hopefully the show higher density everyone should be interested here's the only people that day and then though what masseuse. it also has one one two to start the exhibition hitting me on it i want because we only spent the next piece from local to the part of the world also. and why can't i take. it's the closest i could build a case that also will extend the deal mass the queue you know the comic strips have been very very popular over fifty years in taiwan also a single and the local audience the readers have been very very receptive. the l a to d you know trying to first created by a father and now subsequently by you. and what were some of the feedback or
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comments were reactions from people. note that being the scenes at the comic books over generations. now what were some of the questions great neighbor to her the question is are they going to have impressions like just the two d two d to all that i'm into it the directive from the school many generations people i know of. so for the older readers an update of the restaurant. in all my focus poured in. but then d the younger generation. is that it receives rate different from the artist of today know a lot of good people good to read to enter the job. this comic. yes del home so maybe some will reach the open market coverage youth and less people in reaching. the you can come to but the two day off i just
11:50 am
don't do people would not have say a chicken rooster would like and feel awful comic in brown with a startle oh and in that difficult to force a person because it's um so that younger people always to wait to see auntie shorts to see them. what's next coming up in awe of the state in the new war communal on expecting something. so that means the pro with her. it is an artist or just a comic artist we'd always come with some new hiking or ten percent of the dome of the recent lull in our history or something small fresh and more interesting the cobblers were in it a night of step with the hopefully the snow the contentious a say in the way of life in the office as seo. of our people. a they all can then open a new and
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also of or perhaps that there's more hope to secure the future as a family full of people will face that he is also one of the home. so are you. i was sweeping up more pics but patient and then the question is can the surly being a true pleasure to have ut on the program meal today professor wanna wish you all the best in all you future personal and professional endeavors. thank you very much thank you. here's a silly given the extension all be looking for you with their heads at twelve o one. thank you for watching the fold into the house the next time ah mcafee tv thing. i think
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thing. go the to do. the un chu you you you will or will it when when when when when the breakup. in nineteen ninety. democracy. i teach english and spanish the group and only the nationals hotel and re
11:53 am
integration into the european union. celtic culture on the issue. he calculates an open with europe. the year in bosnia. the man craig share the former yugoslav republic of kenya coach of the montenegro and i were checking out the details of economic and commercial shipping them to the eu. in many cases tell if the animals to teach me teach or preach or just an obstacle to regional cooperation. from the european continent and expected. coach rich countries and regions. you can eat a tasty dish or on line are you trying to fight against corruption and organized crime the outta here. when cutting them to express our readiness normal don't want to buy votes. but by a concrete situations country row tickets. and i think that is important that ppp. each was always the force behind the enlargement process and beyond to continue. the use of cleaning. he's organizing
11:54 am
school finance. we must to hit them. a good target to reach. with lesser god. photo four bit pc nero. top ten stocks process. we must to be taking a boat to shore up the problem of these us. it's impossible to have that jesus became our fallacious. even criteria to task during nineteen ninety three european council and denmark to find other countries eligible to join the eu the criteria required to state estimates to change its present democratic governance and human rights functioning market economy. that's not the case concerning the eu bn is an official candidate many reforms to me it sounded too quiet. he's going well but it could be better we expect only eu member states to respect the conclusions of the european council and two
11:55 am
most of the dates for serbia for opening the accession negotiations before the end of the irish presidency that was a commitment to be with twenty seven so i don't have any reason to doubt that the eu member states will stick to their commitments montenegro. iceland's techie. former yugoslav republic of macedonia oven mitts scarves that country's strict sense the people who criticize future announcement saying the eu is in danger of becoming a victim of a success. on the notch in our neighborhood. she didn't bookmark disagreed. some people thought that maybe runs six was enough. when a pro. what we're seeing is that you can units become better and better. i don't agree with those who ascended to heaven and often succeed because in that sense because of the market driven more by the dynamic here is
11:56 am
the net. otherwise the problems we have today and almost coming from announcements are coming from the reforms in very many of those member states geographically the toxicity of the western balkans in the region that it can import into the eu. curly is an exception to the eu and you won't charge you nine the contents in the region the eu. i want to comply it's true which will be the next eu and the day. oh wait you can find more information. now with my ppp group don't eat until next time thank you for watching you are. i had. been been beset with this is one of germany's influential contemporary german
11:57 am
photographers. or are they that be. germans and all levels of society. his work covers the period from the data from twenty three it would be in education. so it sits. that means. german society and how it has changed in years. hahas well and people in german society standing in the forest and hide the dvd flights but the greatest of the people and yet also in comparison to history at times. she is significant that humans were all good. just what is fingers. it'll stand. we are finding is that they felt best for themselves and then just it's good to take the kids what they felt it was ready to bite me if i can tell time. that series it is
11:58 am
also a hotbed of how people just want to be seen in history. the third member to be in jeju do. there is at its worst it's showing the series to western people everyday life. at eight just processing factory on it again with tebow at a textile factory the other just wish people find it. if you are in the photograph as a result be. i also smiled at me and the gms he still has the inside jurors and eight with that of other people people are getting in gia not always where they went on
11:59 am
a leaky. leo and that was a bit so that guests should ask the people necessarily in that everyday life but to go but did not just been to. six season. says. you knew
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the what i had killed the aisles and brought widespread destruction to the central philippines. it's super stores like these that are putting a spotlight on climate change is climate change responsible for the devastation. a lot like walter and this is baby the i had super typhoons colorn


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