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in. holy word. internally what energizes us but it's still what is this. peace on it. but consistently effective at what we get woohoo. the us. i have the thirty people including children on getting there and that he had written this week. his ideal. wahoo for me
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to report. talking talking and talking. criminal intent coming up. or deny the puppet refused to open fourteen hundred people. all day. ag nineteenth how weak you will need to add to the scene seriously dozens of people including children on dad tossed on me had a call to drop to improvise barrel bones in the north and see him and that the day rates on several rebel held to speak spanish state that killed around thirty to forty flight people at the six of them are said to be children harold phone so exclusive filled sentences old oil drums golden goal down to the back of pentecost is the mission attempted striking a potato that haunted him in weis was sitting in a report at the weekend that the obama texaco schools the civilians in a that the band for the last month in homes
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province at least twenty people being killed in a suicide bombing near army school in the pre dawn and the shiite town of whom are men. at least six of the day with children. the un monitoring group released an estimated sixteen six hundred children had been killed in the last two years. meanwhile the mission to destroy the country's chemical weapons stockpile continues around thirteen hundred tonnes of chemical bombs being transported to the portsea given a copy of mormon mission and on but that the transport of the weapons has been hampered by joan came finance. as you might not have corresponded on the increase in the end damascus. yes thank you the process has been driven people so time consuming go home alone with all this build something on pensions or falsely that they have made substantial progress the cost to define and describe links to this
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chemical weapons will we know that the first asian food store and production mixing and filling equipment of incomplete that the mc stitches inventory off of the chemical agents. it's also common now. the third stage is from sports and deservedly took the chemical agents from their milk the bases and to talk to steve for and from there it to be taken into danish island. both ships until the destroyers of orchestras in addition to green although spokesman says the cost for the two european companies. for they will be destroyed. the biggest challenge this point which and this challenge quite tender and the whole process is the security threats the tools i use the chemical agents will be on the move across the country. they will close off the hopeless so and so forth into the government forces and soon on the town the rebels and as a result the us dollar which could be inflicted on the substances may be a consultant to the youth take possession of
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them might be gone. why stop talking so horrible so it's a very challenging. talking the whole process the question here the disarmament process to build the sea the unfolding in all the staff has a complex helpers understand how countries are working to get the two two storey series chemical weapons. we understand unfolds the connection from designated storage facilities will say the transportation and then the eventual destruction. we'll do the news of the summer complex operation. as always and there is a joint mission between been on submissions and always has a little brick and syria were seeing the destruction of the commercial opens this. to which the house also an important toss the chest according to the cool wool and international affairs the old city i get that off its chemical opens a store files and the production facilities. from what i understood was thinking this morning with members of the torah recently told me that having access to these according to a pc here in
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syria. they spent most of the typical meets the requirements to how that always has doubled in the hades which in turn approaches members of both my station in court mr lien on submission asking for help the same. for example we knew that this bombing to smoke his premium to a certain chemical substances that might drop off work for the victims. as a result of this ongoing core mission goal with his own will do the job fine. for whatever countries willing to provide for the acids to assist with the importance of topics to skim through the program and the local schools to cover costs the city government also possible. when it is forced to fold its allies more important such as russia's involvement in the complex and navy ships project. to protect the culture and secure a
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proposal to stop going the chemical burns on board to the post and the bishops in addition to our news reports that china might be spending will slow vessel to help secure the whole christmas thing for much of a band to note that it into mass hysteria. post a nearby at the beach and play the courts of schedule to try the tea party's president on the most even afforded corruption. on sat the most he was defecting criminal court and the charges for making the prison break and twenty that time. he also faces separate charges of inciting violence and those who protested outside the presidential palace in december last year. in addition you'll be trying to evict on tuesday involving espionage couldn't make it because my parent of course but yes i came into being irate yes that new charges and increasing the serious ones. has that false starts and been taken to the naked from that. as a sergeant yet to achieve peace. going on in any moment now. but said this is considered a week or a
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trial that the others the others are about to espionage and sight see fathers got some more serious charges. today's trial is that if rolled and the decor options concerning economic and social reform program that was the announced by the vmware c during his presidential campaign. now what the trauma saying is that this economic reform program called on the floor after the president the war see the was an instinctive into office that has proved to be fed on existence and several meters of the most about it themselves said that it was only a trough that it's not an economic or social program. so the cases saying that she liked the enduring as the day election campaign to the people. this election campaign that led him to power. and also because of that eruption concerning some of the tree at the bit is behaving that during the year
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in office the idea. defence lawyers said the one that ends today. the court the state do not believe that this is a case that needs to be attended. they did disagree with the whole case in particular and so at worst in some form of dissent and the defense as well the question she hit the interim president of the month so this or that the formation of a fact finding committee is to investigate violent incidents is falling the house to open on the more see what kind of impact. what is can he have on this country which is donating a fragile state. but we certainly need it to cool some stories and stuff costs money and had all the same time. yes there's a lot of confusion within the site now about what's happening in politics. who's doing what to do with as the spiders come from. i think this whole issue of the fact finding mission is to try to pinpoint it was responsible for the plot as that happened after the ouster of muhammad
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or see you got every side is pointing fingers on the other state that they are responsible that the pro war c supporters are saying the army the minute she and the speedy forces are the ones responsible for violence and killings. got this idea saying that it's the horsey supporters who are inciting violence. and i'd be the president is trying to put an end to this whole confusion by ed announcing this fact finding mission and to concentrate on the investigations. so that this will go parlor with them that the roadmap. at four pc know that for a full transition. you know there's the dead the constitution coming up in a clinical been in a month or so. and then the apartment she and president elections. so at this fact finding mission he hopes would put an end to all the confusion concerning the violence and also to bring evidence the games to bed it was the brother with leaders who are in jail right now for charges of inciting violence. thanks very much
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sticking to it is definitely high as we stay in the region for now the story and here is the sudanese government says more troops to be deployed in ep to re take the heat on them for nothing comes as the foreign minister of bottoms of my auditioning says the president is still willing to hold told to babble the death of former vice pays to make my shop. a benefit and the crisis that im not close to. mr benjamin says government forces spotted former vice president greek men talking for the man accused of attempting a coup against the covenant managed to escape. i poked. for the capital to my state is set to beat this thing up some of the diarist clashes between government troops and rebels. benjamin said more troops have been deployed when it was an influence
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that has over in the day had been in the northern route and without incident. in between cds then go home when that was done yesterday the duke it out. grow from seed to the game we did ok but now the government is the need to know that the mt annan said seventy one cheeky wobble troops soldiers captured but we can go up spread across the country. the cult like cats brings tears to collapse into an all out civil war. so then sell the currency is he's still willing to talk with my chart to bring an end the conflict following his meeting to go with mediators from other african states but give me an eventful night. and any team residents of the evening. we donation was the one to die though. and instead but he said. good imo. without them it is built on the apples were said to be in control of some of south saddam's oil field in game two in the country's economic
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lifeline. the painting tonight the reports. he said the government is stealing control the oil fields community state and peace for the camera is properly protected. tom and cctv i let the election commission is beginning the registration of pocket if candidates ahead of the fed pre election called by you to know what decline and the political crisis with opposition leaders that at this protest is to do about that. according to home than to promote the entrance of the registration fights sunday's anti government nicely to imply some two hundred and seventy thousand people could avoid the caretaker government and the european commission even more assistance to the polka is an unfair free second before the country and called for reform. go sit down to chase the caretaker prime and state unit in the light from one phase when his plans until she is dad. they deserved a game time and moving on from bad to be here
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we have this story on the chinese mention she's been killed and another in jb new poultry in the russian ctv catherine but the chinese coast of the journal that says three unidentified attackers broke into a rented apartment cleaned up and then assaulted three chinese living in that building one am was pronounced dead at the scene and novelist into the hospital for treatment the tiny statue was on home because it reaches the two seem to sleep and catch no ball things in tory what remains of a woman at the chinese foreign ministry in beijing says measures being taken to ensure the safety of nationals living in coolidge. i teach on a challenge. we have lodged representation and russian side and urged relevant departments to solve the case as soon as possible we also call on god set to take effective measures to protect the security interests of chinese citizens in the country. the chinese consulate general in
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the country or its release information on the case issued a reminder to chinese descent there to raise their awareness and protect themselves up as far as i know it's in chinese elections has left the hospital. an investigation is underway. we will closely follow the development of the case and provide all necessary support to the lake and family. the cuban leader is calling on the night if they want to work the more civilized relationship in a televised speech before the nationals and the prize control passed to sit by the cool toys could be improved by accepting each other's differences. of course one of michael voss is in the sand the us the i knew president now castro's initiative came during a televised hearing speech to the ita national assembly. he said that if the us still scolding for a change in cuba is on all key role in except
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to say differences in the suns could work towards improving relations. strike foul a filial. we are asking the united states to change political or social systems and we do not accept the things you know. if you really wish to make it that said the bilateral relations he will have to lose into a speculative purposes. that way. the speech comes just two weeks off for a handshake. the president is a farmer and castro at the memorial service for nelson monday about. and our plans yet to see the white house called it the relations to forget the ec. when former us intelligence contract to eight with snowden salsa side of the blacks in america often leaking top secret documents on u s surveillance activities. cuba refuse to let him try and sit through halftime. when a ship of the democratic people's republic of korea was
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detained in panama during q but on some cold washington to help turn it into a make it to my kids. on the streets of havana were of mixed opinions about where that any significant improvements are bound to take breaks. also all the kiddos to use now it's time things change. we need to unite us live together and share what we have our knowledge of one another. the other the united states is never going to change it will continue with the trade embargo against cuba for ever we can only hope for real change. there are a number of obstacles on by the site's the face of the usaid contract to outline price is one of them. the setting a long prison sentence am washington says it can be no improve relations until he is set free and that president obama faces opposition to change from within his own coffee beans to a full share of the senate foreign relations committee robert
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menendez is a cuban american who takes a very soft and she passed a lie. change can still take time. michael vaughan cctv of time. chinese top filmmakers are holding a bi monthly session in the chain. the sentiment of the national people's congress will spend six days to think often than the seminoles on the gender creed and deal with the ministry to reconsideration minutes the facilities protection and irene environmental protection nor make his cool allstate didn't break them permission to polish the bac patient to date the program last month key policy positions cool for that system to be employed to help protect human rights. also in the age and is a resolution on family planning. this policy proposal to allow couples to have the second child. even if one parent these and any child to commit to a dual state to the great reports on the medium to improve its called the twenty eleven to twenty fifteen to
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bed at the time. roll call that even the fennell said the compulsory education all the first time in twenty three years playing is looking to mend its administrative procedure bill calder legal framework for the to sue government policies enactment of that going on to the nineteen ninety was seen using the brakes to it causing the country's legal system but is now full to be inadequate to meet in current conditions friends all call the fighting and trying to such cases and the execution of course readings have known being considered complex planned for the tree to sharing this awesome and insistent optimize the north is using the pool procedure of cases. while managing to bring about the changes you want god to knit this month the chalet raised in sudan including state government protest on the two hundred and ninety million yen into the demolition of his hand is the biggest deals in devonport against the new cork oak and fine chinese national reports that he now speaks of that size has
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the support. the study full time guy in the meantime the structure i used to be the home and the pride the museum you'll climb down it was admonished in april last year to make new and funny with the show billiton's. now nothing that feels don't have a nice coffee on regional feelings remain the name of the rarest on an on site museum was on the tablet but some of the characters have been erased. you're a skinny body and will offer a condition of his home and the theft of peace museum collection. he seems like your hand and eighteen ninety and then the highest amount of compensation for wrongful immigration have a starting time. you're slowly if there's rain in such cases to quality and kenny and again even college under the cavern to demean the faith he preached the funeral will be something quick. the chances for the provides a judicial remedy to citizens when the government refuses to fall to the ministry to
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proceed at all. so we can solve the problems he quotes rather than through petitions the cardinal also doesn't force of the commons to submit to any evidence in these cases. i have put the cup and gone for a few aspects of the characters mean you take the procedure no need to be improved. coyle a campaign tool to stipulate that telstra be carried out in except most evil things the secrets is a secret and give it to privacy. but doing so we can ensure fairness and or a qc and in the center standing among the and the media. the administrative procedure all is a posting to this and that garment i might be the kind of urchin its past were sad to see some aspects and need to be amended. the case is kinda making him the computation from the media and the property and invert cake isn't being mouthy yet. it's a baffling watching proper
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place at the carroll college in recent years. these i wish i could tell were assigned the call about the costs of hope and faith. it's not that funny farm off the land of age and any shape the face of the law to ensure both parties' rights in these times the commitments mean and see some people can't tony's passengers can buy the train tickets online for special services starting today ain't pretty. to the upcoming spring festival travel rush he noticed a new migration on the speech here tickets will be available twenty five days ahead of the travel has five days earlier than last year the move is said to bling gnome queues at train stations and to the millions of people depended to a nice pleasant thoughts to his full bay to the train service is being filed will be available online at the phonebook and twenty days before the main travel day. starting twenty eighth of december the spring festival couple rushed will begin on cannery sixteenth to handle the chinese new year at the end of january billions of passage into any school that the main point
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and about five hundred and ten thousand chinese will be made in teaching and st day any increase to six percent compared to levels seen in twenty twelve. devolution has the haze is found in many parts of the country in the capital of central command common symptom toe is it that it is less than a thousand meters is some cause that those five hundred pieces. the city's weather bureau has issued an orange or that traffic police on highly to tee up in northern china's ports if you can see in the morning with the seed on sunday night. the haze is expected to linger until wednesday. light to restrictions has become apple says it signed an agreement with china move on to sell my things to the world's biggest network of nubile thing he says apple says it's boffins will be available to china mobile customers starting in january seventeenth the long awaited deal between the two could help boost sales had been billions of dollars to add in
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the apple's revenue up already has agreements with china telecom and twenty unit on each have about four hundred and fifty five min in the above accounts. apple and china mobile which has about seven hundred and sixty million customers. i think is in negotiations on this deal china mobile was the in the chinese tangled offer customers to my friend until now. did you come back and pitch he sees with its three g wireless technology. this was china mobile receive approval from chinese regulators to begin offering candy floss to fourteen and was quick to make his life in mobiles will support. it's been a little more than two years since seen them on colony started coming off it was fall in place new phone business is rushing into the country. the finding space for them and it really is proving to be lot more difficult. of course one everyone but has the story from him on. no one ever said real estate with the others by location and of course
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availability. all of which have recently made in march financial pumpkin gone. his rental property markets in the region. prices triple those of bangkok. going into high gear the need to go to war. tony pike in the british real estate consultant helping me and gone the third of the supply simply can't keep up the demand. when thailand open up the west invested mostly in japanese economy now a singaporean malaysian indonesian and thai food coming into the most well and is expected to fuel and gas sector is big here as well that sort of sucked up so it's visible but the topics included in the team anyway the shangri la or residences two hundred and forty uni offer fully furnished service department. three bedrooms starts at seven thousand dollars a month. nearly everything has been rented out. the project haven't even opened. the government believes the shortage might backfire. compared with two thousand and twelve. this
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year to recruit more than three times the foreign direct investments. but officials here like the real estate me teach her that it has been coming here peter has prompted the government to act in the new year the building behind me will be torn down and in its place will go up a planned new faulty building complex that includes the new hotel and several new rather than the both however what you're reading for several years. a restored is overseeing the project. there were already constrained many ways tobacco human capacity to go the total lack of credit markets. um and and and and most of which one legal framework. i stood up for these include improved the beach. perhaps ironically it's the high prices and or developers like him to come here in the first place
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eventually he attended tomorrow we'll reach an equilibrium. but given the growing foreign interest in this country. that may take many many years. we read and heard the tv i'm gone does this or this president joyce again to the top of each of you will have time to move to gateshead website. no more than a year. mine came out more this one the eye
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the us. the nimbus we get back tested and also comes the rector of the national autonomous university of hunter s a at institution of higher education that has eighty three thousand students it is the university responsible for the most petite in knowledge in the country. do you love the university works with young people mostly and hunter s my country has a great safety problem to young people are the ones who suffer the worst. they are the victims of violence the murder rate in honduras
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is quite high and so we have a coalition that includes victims of crimes mothers who lost their children and we are working for having criminal investigations. i know in kennedy and it's to strengthen the rule of law it's the most from a humble forget that this be the soon to be done for kfc and i were the last people to support the disc is carried into. i just read the first of all we must have. we must really know about the problems that are occurring in the country that one must be extremely committed to. but especially one should not be content to simply watch problems and folded observed that one must get involved responsibly and to also be careful not to assume the risks at more than possible to assume. but especially one must also note that this fight must be connected to that together with other sectors. so if all
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the time it gets done or taken the single hold up a little sick but it's mdm moving moving moving moving the us. welcome to taste your world is light on this national holiday. south korean lawmakers have given insight into what may have led to the downfall of a top figure in north korea. they disclosed an intelligence report that concludes time some tech was executed because he disobeyed his nephew meter team gelled keep london he couldn't cut the meat. we believe


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