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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 23, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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steve. thus the rights to the clay striking korea and throwers its third week the pressure and striking workers to get back to work they also plan to hire fine we were first spotted dozen rolls i compromised and its policy goals. information that north korea to rescind her soles why he said it was the prophet during the two leaders will not struggle but his execution. this one
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a massive protest are backing the streets of thailand's anti government demonstrators all important needed. like minister said a lot. and three bcm. during the elections. the stories of war. on friday. this effort when third here in korea life from full time teaching them sean went into so much for joining us. we begin with the national rail strike entered its third week on this monday with operations running at seventy to eighty percent normal. this tehran rail operator has announced plans to hire hundreds of workers to fill the gap. it refuses to budge. especially after police raided its umbrella office acting cia
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reports on the ongoing dispute doesn't really strike rumbled into the spirit. on monday the union is holding firm in the aftermath of a police raid on sunday the korean confederation of trade unions. the green umbrella group threatened not to protest he meets he quickly caught on the construction of the commission in response to sunday's be hundreds of riot police raided the trade unions in office. more than one hundred third union workers were taken into custody. you also said to me with awe its membership from the commission and announced that its members will participate in the ongoing strike this coming saturday despite this the government did not tune into units and can continue to demand that strip mill workers return to work. that's completely with the government cannot tolerate this any longer as he prolonged illegal strike is inconvenienced in the and affecting the national economy coal rail announced on monday that it is high
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around five hundred place that workers will be ready to work on january the escalator and his tech services are currently running at just seven percent of normal levels. the country's industrial sector is enough hands for carpentry services running at just a third of normal levels. the strike started after that statement rail operator toll rail decided to be subsidiary for you to consider this and that union members eighty s the first act or private mediation and down the onions in response to the escalating tension surrounding the railway strike has impacted hand has defended the government's decision to send riot police chris to rival parties have also responded to the government's use of force in sunday's parade but they each have different solutions to the conflict action until smooth speaking at a meeting with her top secretaries on
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monday president clinton stressed that the government should stick to its principles in dealing with and only strike. the more dependent new little one too bulky. the new deal or no momentum and we come to a study and he did it. jack had so hoped to push me and it's a her comments reflect the pad administration's determination to stick to its principles and made firm in dealing with the railways of text. korea's rival parties had mixed reactions with police raid. the plea don't overeat the tents twelve hour period on sunday as a real strike gold in its fifty day on monday. civic groups has since issued a series of statements denouncing the government's use of force in the raid on the head waters of the korean confederation of trade unions an umbrella me for who the rulings unity party has defended the police action scene was justified because the new leader of the fight
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to the next warrants. people using the police noticed a new legal strike is what the problem of old can do to protect the rights of its citizens. the main opposition democratic party moves quickly to protest the raid demanding that three with a typical major committees open sessions on monday to find a peaceful settlement to the dispute. dp term and monday criticized the government's handling of the matter. seeing the re elected administration gb model and the magic method of governance. the government says you still four season on the team needed with this person attempting to veto the situation. he has the duty of the new legislation specifically designed to have the privatization of the enrichment service. this unity party rejected that up to host a two chord inside the joint resolution stating that both parties are against
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the private hc scene of corel today i did onions. zimbabwe is planning on getting a little relief over lunar new years this coming january by granting pardons for the first time since taking power the presidential office said the parties will be given to those who commit crimes because they are struggling to make ends meet but will exclude those guilty of corruption or those higher up the social ladder the president's decision is aimed at easing the difficulties for ordinary people. the president opted not to pardon anyone and national liberation day in august following through on a campaign pledge to refrain from using her right to do so more information out on north korea seoul spy agency believes north korean leader kim jones uncle tom some tech was executed. not because of an internal power struggle that due to disputes over lucrative business projects the agency also predicts north korea is highly likely to carry out a provocation early next year. and allen
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reports. the fall of north korean leader kim simmonds uncles and some cake may not have been due to a power struggle like many had speculated. chief of souls national intelligence service can sit in while briefing the national assembly's intelligence committee said tang apparently overstepped his bounds by getting involved and bake biscuits projects and that this was the main reason he was executed. the nis cheap explains tongue interfered in canyons most lucrative projects mostly cold really good ones sparking conflict but the state's other financial agencies. the gun and ordered him to settle the dispute but went on to fight the order he was executed for going against him this spring and leadership as for tom's wife and two diamonds and two junkie intelligence chief said. unlike many had not yet known health problems but is rather staying out of the eye
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for the moment. now who also warned of possible provocation by the norse early next year sometime between january and march finding out that north korea's artillery units are being reinforced and more military exercises are being held. nom said. young and cook for ten had the prosecution's targeting the south in order to shift people's attention away from the instability domestically now added the reclusive state is ready to conduct a fourth new contest at any time meanwhile the nis cheap tonight. all reports that some of turns close aides are seeking asylum in china saying there was no truth to any of them. and then i can use. the adelaide out ambitious road map to mold itself into northeast asia's financial cut back in two
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thousand three now ten years later souls financial industry still lacks barbie night its asian neighbors what's right for it to this point and what does the new blueprint for the financial sector look like under present in hand. for more arguing on joins us live in the studio and leon so what has been going on in the financial sector over the past ten years. good evening wall on the deck and wonder pets and no more cons bullet striving to become a financial hub and under his successor president you numb but to become a central player in the global financial market but when you take a leak at what has happened in the past ten years. it turns out that what we have had a lot of time and very little action. if the actor to stay with actually moved it further away from achieving this goal is to collect mockery is home to manufacturing giants like scum some time and how he was financial sector have lived
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far behind. despite government efforts to make school in northeast dc and financial capital on our blog hop on and singapore the skull international finance center was built with the aim to attract a multinational financial companies. but after a year since its opening schools all is and glossy as the buildings now stand at the stark symbol of the country's failure to become a financial capital the center located in the heart of the bustling financial district in the lido was a one point four billion dollar projects. but today the body of the three buildings is fully occupied the second building at about half capacity and thirty completely empty simply put korea is not an attractive place to test the market is small and the competition among domestic financial companies is already so fierce that there's not much of that to gain from korea given a low prospects for
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growth. even foreign banks already in korea have little incentive to try and expand any longer. in the past ten years the number of branches and offices of foreign financial companies struck from seventy nine to sixty two a twenty percent drop in to see her. hsbc announced it is getting from its retail banking business in korea and standard chartered bank said it would cut the number of its branches by a quarter alien so at four advance the struggle. how about the massive financial for well first of all it's important to note that korea's financial industry was initially molded to support the manufacturing sector. but during the period industrial a season back in the nineteen seventies and eighties so it was not considered a growth engine in and of itself. it's not surprising then that the sector is falling far behind the manufacturing industry these days. only after the asian financial crisis in nineteen ninety seven and ninety eight that
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the company to really have the opportunity to grow and bolstering their competitiveness. looking back at the past decade. well experts say they haven't done so well and only competed in traditional lending transactions and were focused more on short term profits and diversify their business for four wheelers. after results korea's financial competitiveness has actually taken a step back from ten years ago to get a bit more insight take a look at the graph on the screen which shows that korea's financial development index up by the world economic forum the curry used to be ranked twenty third. back in two thousand the week of celtic in the first this year. ok so looks like things haven't gone as well as we hoped over the past ten years but what is in the future. while we are seeing a bit of a team's under president in hand as i said earlier the object and use tv takes hold in global financial hub. the focus of the current administration is on helping domestic financial
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firms and go overseas and competes in the global markets. this according to a blueprint unveiled by the financial services commission. the last month an expert saying this is a believe it and let's welcome in the lake the korea financial companies have no choice but to go abroad given that the domestic market is saturated. it's important that these companies realize that they need to set out long term goals. invest in human capital and build up of foreign network. overseas business account for only five percent of korea's financial industry's profits he then creates huge global exposure. that's extremely low. it's really time for them to go abroad. now they act out what's more important is not really government policies but in how local financial firms do business they have to break away from their tendency of seeking
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short term profits and be ready to commit themselves to improving their overseas operations for the next ten to twenty years. korean simply put awful lot of catching up to do in the financial industry with a certain hill. thank you barry leslie effort coming in today and prayer report. no problem before your dns and another began. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with a viewpoint all the koreans local network and why on arrival that has seventeen always on standby. south with the del wobbles the state owned companies here in korea increasing by the year the government has
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demanded the ceos of these enterprises to come up with the better plans to reduce debt and improve management structure and the docs to administration has stressed that the one has attained a replacement those at the top i was into passive detox the total debt of korea's nine major state and can be censored by eighteen trillion won and release seventy million us dollars for the first six months of this year. a night enterprises include korea land and housing corporation n korea electric power corporation yet every sunday but the state brand management information provider of agencies allianz shares a decrease in the six month period is there for seventy percent of the total credit and debt in the year two thousand well. analysts say it's highly unlikely that debt level of the nine companies in two thousand thirteen. well exceed that of last year despite your efforts to rein in debt. to tackle the growing debt
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president acted and shorter the heads of major state and enterprise is to make pants for him to use your dad and improve their management report the thing is to be your mentor in the meeting mlb schedule for sometime in late january. this will be her first meeting with the leaders of firms since taking office in that theory a high ranking government officials sensible served as an opportunity to chat but the geese companies have done your homework and grease the alarm and lax management because the alsace france remains the chief executive's underpants. even if your terms are to have or should they receive for crates and perform cpr you wei shan they'll be conducted next september minister of trade industry and energy and sent it on a date slammed the leaders the firms seen the lack of awareness of how poorly their firms are managed and the determination to cut them down to chat. he rejected a set of reform ensure cemented by state and energy companies and ask for
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a more comprehensive and effective can find next man he made it clear that the government will replace anyone who was in since you're in pushing ahead with the necessary reforms and emphasize that this people will have tea and addressing the nation's even before the gear from antiques in action. what use to add in heaps. some good news on the labor front more than four hundred thousand new jobs are expected to be created in korea next year the korea employment information service on monday predicted that economic growth rate of three point eight percent for two thousand fourteen and a total employment rate of nearly sixty percent. that would be a rise of point three percentage points from this year but still far from the seventy percent target for two thousand seventeen set by the pot in administration. the news isn't all rosy though the report suggests that young people will continue to struggle in two thousand fourteen cents job market is likely to favor those with more experience. while
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the number of employed people aged thirty and above rose this year the number of twenty somethings with jobs dropped by nearly sixty sounds. and taking a nap to thailand for weeks as anti government protests continue prime minister in less than a lot had helped that calling early elections for a fed rate would quell the unrest the tensions spilled over again on sunday and monday. i can pass the wickets protesters efforts to block them and instantly the upcoming their theory lessons in thailand political parties began giving just that on monday the business of thailand's political parties started out writing anti japanese pm gmt local time. parties were able to register their last twenty five others find that at a nearby police station. law professor candidates were gearing up for an mnc instead eerie protesters remained steadfast in their opposition on sunday tens of thousands
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of people a trip to the streets of bangkok warning the government not to proceed with corporations cnn reports as many as one hundred fifty thousand people showed up for sunday's protests throughout bangkok including outside of prime minister wants to watch house does the recent attacks in a bind when the government and election commission that the forms must first take place prior to the elections protest leaders said they will continue to rally its prime minister in love remains in power they argue that the government is corrupt and its controlled crying looks rather tough national wants to meet his former leader who was overthrown in a minute recruit in two thousand six funny can. read baseball
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start your poll has found a new home in japan today is in the sports center to give us the details of his contract be that big eyes the big hitting slugger tube info and the soft pink eagles agreed on a massive three year deal worth one point four five billion yen for nearly fourteen million dollars the big boy will be with his new team for spring training in japanese baseball season starts in late march. now staying with baseball but this time at home the korean baseball organization has announced its twenty fourteen schedule and bill also starred in the march the twenty fourteen to go see fit the two teams playing each other sixteen times for total one hundred and twenty games thirteen and five hundred and seventy six games in total four games be played on opening day on march twenty nine with the team now fiancee dinos starting their season on april first. and moving on goal for putting the has not only been a mainstay atop the world rankings but also in the sports headlines around
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the world. money magazine for said she was one of the year's best call stories the washington post listed her with fourteen other woman who made a difference in two thousand and thirteen. while espn the thirty top impact making female athletes this year del glossed over or three major wins the first time that happened in sixty three years. hezbollah's are being crowned the lpga player of the year and money leader and ending off with basketball the adl all star game on sunday had the magic beating the tree and one nineteen to one fifteen and cartoons on the up taking home the mvp. now with the second half of the season set to start let's take a look at the stan bates on top is as k and mold is tied with the wind is in the middle order while soldier and a half a day behind the coffee he is backed by three and at the mosque on some copies of the five hundred at twelve
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and thirteen. now we go on to bomb after sending people and npcc spent just to get up for the applicant or rather what the forty lbs total and ttc in the face. for me here to sportscenter this has been speaking to check back at midnight for the waist and the world of sports. i knew in the i mean. stg. there
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was a mild winter day here in korea and that we can expect more the same heading into the christmas holiday. that's right for details let's go over trekking but don't have the weather center the weather and christmas eve looking. well guys unlike the previous two years. this year's christmas will be a white swan. in fact will have modern times their christmas day so if you haven't made plans already there to place it that you can visit and get it and the holidays day the fall of last night's dream which is open every day and instead got eighteen meters our christmas tree which is a must see attraction at this time of the year and second is this in two thousand and thirty christmas my kids and all of the ancestry to set up with different christmas present i was super expensive. taking the lead at the current conditions. mason is under high pressure system from time out which is why we're seeing these guys across the map that tomorrow will be
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another mild winter days hillary clinton tells of a showers are forecast on the east coast tomorrow for tomorrow afternoon that it's also those of you in case you will have every christmas last snow is forecast nice and light on thursday taking the lead at tomorrow's reading this tell us that stopped the dx minus five degrees but the high side meanwhile kate went on to top out at shedding another live evie didn't take his morning milk reaches five degrees before he died in the afternoon. the waffle do and i got to eat at four and twenty three degrees respectively. so i have read this hour. see you again after midnight. cast on this monday nights and it became so john wayne thanks for watching will cease the eye
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the it seems that women prefer to go his teacher coakley. spoke to us. come to admire its many beautiful old thatched house. i started building its cool cache was a pretty name for this tp slumping groups that resembled two terms joined in i a. a stretch to be as much as sixty feet. get some
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useful information. this week's design allows it went pretty smooth so i don't use it in a sinister to me. you will. new stories to my car the villages themselves to work making such groups. no nails screws and metal parts accused of these teams. bring everything together which broke his wrist extra flexibility to adjust to the loads of snow. francis since the rope is made from easily available locally to me. mm mm. sixty of these traditional houses remaining go cramp. i mean not just reserved for sure. this is a good thing working. it's also a world heritage site inscribed on unesco's list in nineteen ninety five i
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together with the advice year ago. this is just too since she became the world's average. some of the farmhouse is a big to fit it into options to financial ups and local music. and new shoes are one of these old farm houses you read around a traditional song and cons regional speciality sink into the fridge mountain vegetables and tofu made from locally grown so with the us aye aye aye aye. all materials come from these mountains. graham is also its officials from making wash or japanese promptly. he she may be partly by hand. graham oh one she is known for its final cost i watched it years
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ago graham is also used in the village to micah was brought to the prompts you'll use to forgo korean mismatched from houses is important to me. readers of finding something this time of four hundred years ago just be designated in the fourth and cocoa puffs. a rule. then some. these cashews or twenty stretched from houses and businesses cultural assets. obviously no way of life has changed considerably over the centuries. living in one of these houses today gives us an incredible insight into how people lived in when the old days. i think it's very important too often go graham is also renowned for its rich tradition of dollars in music. this song. to be
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cool to see. he's one of japan's oldest functioning the sun during lunch time came and stood as a precedent it was a triple treat oh oh went to his music news. made from bamboo room to room. you can learn to dance this is another in a traditional instrument called the system it's made from pieces of locally grown in no case this was quiet a given week wounded and. it's unique and
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joseph stalin the building which disappeared. together with the local artistic traditions. it's a beautiful they could see that being in the freezer. the answer to is that a likely common means of penal colony. yes this time a presidential mistake just hours after phantom punch him in that area until he was also a mascot. he freed me how you order cos he steps into the media's fault line to the gym to find for the release of his associates with some indie cases and whine best of nine. sydney israeli officials contend


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