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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 24, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the first time chris impact as this is to develop reputed sister in operation in february. the concept of a south korean captain and warned that can get to carry out a provocation and the commitments as part of efforts to stabilize its leadership on the execution of leader kim cents and caltex content. president had also met with and encourage you and your say that they
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can. they do. i will be. he hated the move. it had its good to be. y'all stay short appearance at the train for a video call telling him to doubt the facilities and culture at the knot tree i felt a bit disappointed but at the same time a new week when my son told me that if the cpu in a minute to do next is better than predicted there for him. the veneto giving the soldiers warned that the president told them that your belly picture this is an opportunity to change too much for the better abt proper perspective. origin shoe at the beach. so how did north koreans celebrate christmas eve. the bell but the summer twenty fourth store it means a great deal to them. as of today to commemorate the late north
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korean leader kim daniels rise to military power and it's also the birthday of leader kim jun dan's grandmother team songs so are you me on reports on how the machine is marking this year's celebration the twenty fourth is christmas eve but to bring north korea. the day is celebrated for wholly different reasons. and what's in a north korean leader to the mentally bothered to tell it was officially meet the state's top military commander at back in nineteen ninety one. also the birthday of tudung folk whose leader to dunn's grandmother and the whites of the north korea found their teammates on the day is celebrated for both regions but there's something different about this year. they accuse the other was highlighted more in dusty me add that in years past. and oh so hero has taken and the people
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speak and he passed her own and share them with joy and sorrow with us. and who gave them a new speaker of the ruling party at the local scene would call trent carroll is here well because every good position to see our dear i've been to kenya saw the paper did not mention the anniversary of league leader to donetsk nights to top military chief. not only on the day of the anniversary on tuesday at the north's official korean central news agency reported that leaders can be done in and senior military officials that it can defend palace of the side early in the morning with a body of the new song ends and dumped in a blind date experts say that she didn't poke it is an attempt to reinforce it portends cupcakes and families will look like. called the mountain to look like the only way to assert one's legitimacy is for them now at two plotlines. the reason town some tech was executed was because he challenged this bloodline. the latest propaganda comes only weeks after coming on as former second in candy and gum and uncles and some cake was
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executed after being charged for treason. uni an audience north korea appears to be making progress in its plans to get the young gun nuclear or scientific research center back online again use satellite imagery released on the us korea institute at johns hopkins school of advanced international studies thirty eight north website suggests three g maybe writing a new fuel fabrication plant and young gun. it's believed they are producing feel they are for recently restarted five megawatt the tiny and production reactor and experimental light water reactor that is still under construction. the thirty eight north report goes on to say that the presence of these facilities indicates a more wide ranging extensive effort by north korea to modernizing restart the young man complex than previously understood. the back carry this out the deadlock continues on the political front the special parliamentary committee tasked with reforming
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the nation's spy agency failed once again to reach an agreement on tuesday the ruling and opposition parties remain at odds over the scope of reforms the two issues taking center stage banning the national intelligence service from engaging in cyber warfare and barring nis information officers from entering government agencies the democratic party is in favor of both and wants to enact reforms into law but the ruling saturday party says doing so would severely limit the role of the nis the leaders of the committee are going to meet again on thursday. and on to the latest on the ongoing railway strike there seems to be no sign of compromise fights may get it and get better as the country's largest labor union assistant on a railway workers and mass demonstrations this weekend mr reports that the fact that labor strike the federation of korean trade unions the nation's largest and oldest trade union umbrella group said in
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the tcp a mass protest rally by striking really workers said when this saturday december twenty eight. in a show of support for the cold really really workers union and the korean confederation of trade unions. explaining its decision to the tnt team to state the fifty two years said he was appalled by the government to use it for sunday and police were reading in the office of the korean confederation of trade unions to rest key union leaders of the state run real operator for rio the korean confederation of trade unions is the second largest trade union center in is considered to be more militants. eft you said such plunger of the major labor union federation by the authorities was unprecedented. rio has been striking for more than two weeks in protest of the government's decision to create a subsidiary of three new high speed teach next train service. a new base the first step toward privatization. the government
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said the strike is illegal and dispatched hundreds of riot policemen in ctu headquarters. taking into custody more than one can read her team member union workers. ctu is demanding the government apologize for the week and take disciplinary action against those responsible for decision to use force. until its demands are met the largest labor union says you refuse to talk to the government. an emergency meeting of union member of representatives monday. after you decided to drop out of the tripartite commission a plea for management and government. the decision to separate the official channel of da lat the conditions labor unions and governments as the f eighteen was a solo group representing the bird in the tripartite commission which was launched in nineteen ninety eight. corio decision to hire around five hundred new workers to replace the striking really workers is also upset
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the labor groups. in a cabinet meeting tuesday prime minister taiwan called on the striking railway workers returned to work. think of every man has already given its word not to privatize coal rail. nancy at denny's before your dna. and another began. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the covert its global network and why on arrival that is seventeen always on standby. south. slc again clashes between rebel forces and the government has led to hundreds of deaths in over forty thousand evacuations in gm reports on the thread on conditions that prompted the un to seek the deployment of more
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peacekeepers to the area violence is escalating the team bubble forces led by vice pres and read my chart and a sausage and government the rebels have taken over major towns in the oil producing region on the international community is on standby for what could be the first civil war in the world's newest country the complex saturday a week ago and soft against presidential box. here are some forces loyal to my shock that tends to want to do during ethnic clashes last week that so far left hundreds dead. the un said some forty five thousand civilians are currently seeking protection and un bases in south city and then say that a jail term and has asked u n security council to act to the seven thousand peacekeeping troops in south began amid escalating violence there yet the conditions to investigate reports of grey version and explanations and crimes against germany. u s
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citizens and foreigners from other countries way to acquiesce on the gravel controlled town of war over the weekend and on monday began a season of one hundred eighth marines into the unstable speaker for a fact that we chance the money tree in peacekeeping forces recent addition and the nation from hand to hand. then he referred to by intrigue of an epic quest to be un named after eighteen years and medical workers is tracking providing protection to thousands of refugees in addition to its work with the un mission there. korea's ministry of defence said he's not currently considering sending more peacekeeping troops to the beach and how they did see what kind of a thorough review once the un security council sent an official request to the tree cover. and yes idea. in other news have been better and its affiliates tm owners have agreed to settle lawsuits by paying three hundred ninety five million us dollars american customers who feel
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they are misled by the automakers fuel economy claims the other makers say customers but effective models sold from two thousand eleven to two thousand thirteen can now is to choose between a lump sum payments for a lifetime reimbursements and it says expects to pay a lump sum payments of up to two hundred ten million dollars. anthea up to one hundred eighty five million the honor and acknowledge that it overstated its fuel economy claims in november twenty twelve after the u s environmental protection agency pointed out inflated numbers and thirteen hyundai and thea models. i'm using growing number of electronics companies seek car is acid next cash cow. you're breaking through the saturated electronics market by selling not to the makers of smartphones and other electronic devices but two automakers. then guilt of the snow. did you know that nearly half of your core components are built with electronic devices the consumer electronics
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market has become saturated the chipmaker is from a manufacturers and electronics companies making their way into the eye of the market this four cylinder car for example has an electronic device called the court angle sensor and a steering wheel which helps improve maneuverability. the device works in tandem with a wireless modem and in your field communication device installed in front of the card that enabled the transfers between the street to buy six year olds are cameras installed on the front and back ends of the car that show how close the car into another vehicle more to research the stars analytics eight the electronic device market for automobiles is expected to reach two hundred some people bill english dollars in two thousand and seventeen from last year's one point two nine billy yet. curry and id firms like and guests in all g and c next and next to our recording total annual sales of between forty seven million dollars and sixty six million and you're seeing their sales in overseas
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markets increase. camera maker and see next supplies court camera models to french automaker whose show and sweden based automaker also i know it's a more by two firms are moving into the auto industry as they are able to produce components for a longer period of time and mobile phones which have a maximum of life cycle of a year. sam gets added onions today is christmas eve here in korea which means people throughout korea are spending quality time with their loved ones and have adequate number of them are outside this evening enjoying some of this mild winter weather we've had recently pretty it's also what christmas eve looks like in downtown so let's connect live to hiking book out at the gala where are you right now. egg is this these guys and standing at the top of the site's rank and as you can see and it's helped with
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the fall and christmas music and the tightening as an eighteen meter tall gorgeous christmas tree that is spending the night. now all but we won't be getting a white christmas this year thanks to the wire and then the average temperatures many people out there with their loved ones getting into the holidays with that big on the visitor's visas really makes it feel as though the time of love and learn that have been a couple of years ago this was hearing trail was more about romance but today many outs there with their family and friends so if you have any plans of reading is exactly consider coming out and getting a glimpse of the festive music itself plus the ice rink is open every day and it will be open spirit of love am tonight. as for tomorrow's weather and more mild temperatures and the forecast but the bad news is that instead of snow we will be getting behind the cause of fighting back. also those of you on the south coast and six he was seen passing snow showers tomorrow late at night. looking ahead at
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tomorrow's reading followed by deep freeze all the while with and tops out at eleven every team is taking treats is ten degrees me want to do and none can that be at seven and two minus seven degrees respectively. well the civic is busy at the back of my seat to the bank. alright well with many people taking our time off for christmas it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy herself by catching some year end festivities like performances movies orvv exhibition called for a correspondent up to one joins us and the ceo to give us the rundown of some of the must see performances and shows this holiday season evening tea wine and merry christmas. all merry christmas to you too. i can't believe it's already christmas and what better way to enjoy it than to see a performance or expeditions when your friends or loved ones spirit here are some of the hottest tickets being sold this needed to take a lot. in this case this
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morning. then in the backpack carrier. it's natural to me first its origin in the nineteen century brought jack has been celebrated as the girls to commit to a christmas tree that stood for like ten hundred years the countries to me. during that match about me and the cute new purse of honey bees and not think i envy you music makes the cost. a christmas party. we take the rubbish he said that triggered all that surprising she goes to sleep in her trainer and that triggered all it turned into a tiny treats to get their aching head up to christmas and they didn't get married in the majestic grand the tulip trees trees back in until
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eight weeks on christmas morning. the holiday spirit still means pushing them into light. he's got that nasty when it gives him a ton of me still coming in a musical yet this had to be just as it sucks thomas identity. i wanna stop your resume using me and i can still remember married to commemorate the anniversary of the legendary korean singers like me and he intends to keep up the jeweller on the role. even during the winter. this is. for me at denny's and dancer that can be tough to just look like. this christmas card national theater company of kodiak is now presenting be home in that's until the end of the night to me by a true story of. she was not their
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auckland home to take this thing thinking it was the dynasty. the wife of the testing ground entrance tunnel us to die and not having a chance by his father team down until the eighteenth century the production includes elements of traditional. that protect the nest. troubles and on the front picture we can still get turning easterly in the box office this week. about a week ago the drum lines about only had two bikes were just as modeled after the victory in presidential run. somebody stole more than one point three million tickets so far another tree and dump week that crawling is also drawing audiences to be the case that the other stars. we need to leave after us and we are
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called simply the character modeled on the real person the one and was the best and friends in two thousand for free caring tracks are seeking to know it's the film centers on the bible for calgary which commenced in putting message to remember doing best part is he. well certainly a lot to choose from what's going on at the nation's museums and galleries on when sneezing instance and will be open on christmas day from i e in tears and i would recommend as holly branch of the national museum of modern and contemporary art coming out which opened last month all i can ask the museum of curry and contemporary history which opened a year ago. that's not any special treat for classical music lover. well last but not least the scholarship money orchestra will present the kids out to be snowing here and constant be convinced in the number nine quarrel which irritates at the end of their play has
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been doing just that it's beautiful to see that these kinds of her notebooks. what does the irony is that chris did he score back in the past year and compare it to start and get one or two. so they can sort out the door just a squirrel conducted by maestro autonomy of the august was recorded at last year's year end concert. this album the placement of the least chance. it's not gonna delete it from when we can all share alright so there's no excuse for anybody says they're bored. this holiday season think so much for that report here. the holidays here and football players need a big effect there with the dutch league on winter break one superstar has found his way back home stephen kaye joins us with the details below
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that. hey guys and that person is none other than south korea's living legends proxies on this all mean a nice clean handful of matches since returning from injury now earlier this month he returned to psv eindhoven has us up into losing matches and alice before being placed back into the starting eleven and helping his team to two straight wins heading into the break. now he'll make some appearances on behalf of his js foundation and rest up before returning to pst for the mexicans i doubt amsterdam and generate twentieth. now we go from one star to another top speed skater you some vile will be awarded for excellence by the korea skating union. she has no peers in her race of toys the five hundred meter spray. i mean that literally he broke the world record time and generally earlier this year before twice improving on it but the time of thirty six point three six seconds. the bts you will and very nearly nineteen thousand dollar prize at an awards ceremony on friday. now moving on to major league
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baseball the texas rangers are now serious contenders to reach the world series after taking up too soon still experts say two was the last piece for emotive lineup which also features the newly acquired prince fielder and with their solid pitching staff. texas needs us to emerge as the top seed in the american week. and we do that then let's get to tonight's cup matches starting in the kb out the forty owns the ttc sixty three to fifty eight but now we go onto the table tonight is the film will probably take another motorist in this book starts off dominated the first informal this fix it up. moses is up by seven at the half of the great team play continues into the third has seven players tally of twenty seven points. people can recover and go to sleep easily eighty four to seventy two. now what's the deal agl id graders tasty tackle bit stormy and connie now let's get straight to the highlights another big storm pull the rug from under the graders in the first and
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third graders rally in the second set thirty five to thirty three. the moment and see saws back to the big storm coming back to the raiders. the total assets he had edgar and kenya one leading the attack of the greatest come out of date there's three sets to two. as for me to the sportscenter this has been speaking to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports it's good. and he is i was jealous. he said. he said he is in it. standing
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it is. rob had signed its christmas eve and you can install them come and thanks for watching season. since the city. it is did it. it is
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i knew. and the two. it is ben. i did. op. it is. it is
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view isn't it. steve. i did you do. what were you. to do i do. i did. it is. ch ch
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he has been dating him. in the month. nor did it yesterday. the devil to get him to resign. tsk tsk tsk
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nm nmnm nmnm nmnm nmnm nmnm nmnm nmnm nmnm she'll be stoked to see or hear on the twenty new kit deal. not to recap some of the ca is my significant events during his visit to see deadly bombing at time when the police headquarters in each of us to the country's fiscal crisis as the intim government brings the muslim brotherhood but that's not grunting at tetris of an ice age. most current info on goingro


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