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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 29, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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us. that time. afterward he said. you knew you will will will will. the yes the technique i mean it's as if it gets me trying and south we get canceled meetings with healthier prime minister. no one blamed foreign powers and liberal elements with lots of scandals plaguing the stomach it seems has switched its way to serious chemical weapons at a december thirty first deadline for all our debt the agents for the next
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a probe into spent the last craft an island that killed one to ninety four points and driver fatigue the ons added aging you're watching cctv neuroscience from among the fallout continues in china and elsewhere over the bithat of japese prime minister shinzo abbe to the controversial gas journey trying on thursday the shrine honors japan's war dead including fourteen world war two criminals tiny state councilor and former foreign minister again d hahas d now most of it that it was strong words. it is so gentle and a few times japanese prime minister shinzo abe's visit to the yasukuni shrine trampled the feelings of the people victimized by japan's military aggression is a challenge to all the people the world who love peace it's awful challenge to postwar order and the victory of anti fascism war undoubtedly of its wrongdoings are and should be
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reprimanded by the chinese people and the international community. points out that the ethics of me trying issue boils down to whether the japanese government improperly faces history millet with aggression and clone a loyal. he says as japan's prime minister at base that there is not a personal one and that is not a domestic issue the question is whether the japanese leadership will follow the role of peace for development and abide by the charter of the united nations can cause and that means to be aware that abbe is possibly the country to a brawl at times didn't rest of its own people. motor vehicle code. the judge these people cannot be consulted nor can the people of asia into our world be humiliated and of a must own up to the wrongdoings and correct mistakes and take concrete measures to remove its the regis impact. we are having to keep that any solution and men use waste otherwise cool further discredit themselves in front of japan's asian neighbors
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and the international community. you will end up being an out of our lives are in the scary yet. boston that they say that to the african a shrine has done much criticism from south korea still has done so far as to call out the series to the fence meetings and military exchanges that japan is scheduled for early next year. deputy defence minister is that the two east asian neighbors held a meeting last month. the two sides agreed to facilitate exchanges between working level officials and to sign the memorandum of understandings. but after show at the bit that at the s attorney trying sell has canceled the signing of the mou on friday a senior south korean officials said the government has started to be considered as diplomatic policies towards tokyo. until the convention so at least visit is expected to be passed in the national assembly on monday. well a licensed dollars as at a save it to the ethically trying is a grave provocation to
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regional peace. he said. and if it were deeply hurt the feelings of those countries who victimized by japan's war crimes during the second world war. and he often points out that after having assumed power and likely nationalism continues to rise in japan together with japan's past wartime militarism which has sealed regional tension. some will go to the situation in east asia is listening. kosmina tree is and is rising and expanding times. you need to constantly politics for the resurgent some more time in prison. in the country his internet for one film for ranchers very important to see a peaceful and stable environment and development in asia especially in east asia. just let the principles of the chinese leader's support. let's get to meet women situation. the mutual benefit guaranty regional stability and world peace and is often conflicts with dio
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i have been out till bangladesh hundreds of riot police had been employed down the strains of the capital dhaka to play a large rally cars for it by the opposition the anti government protesters have been demanding that prime minister shaikh puffin and canceling elections slated for again you if it's got tons to eat swear i must as a kid in the early hours of sunday was most private the toll is being kept indoors. no major incident of violence has so far been the point that the opposition insists that his sin and must be dying and hand over power to an independent caretaker to oversee the polls. cnn has rejected the demand and about the bill had with the elections. local media save more than six hundred and fifty people had been detained since friday. when mr tay brutal one said the foreign powers and his political opponents are behind a high level corruption scandal that has forced the resignations of three ministers and cabinet
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reshuffle. his comments come as protests against the government continue in the capital and crap speaking to a large rally of supporters in the western city of mina south and one brushed aside the fraud allegations saying they were part of an international campaign to discredit the government. he said he would not tolerate any corrupt officials and others key supporters to bolt but he's tested and development party in elections scheduled for march. we allow in the capital and crap about four thousand anti government protesters gathered to ca for the ones from education. yes the very latest on the corruption scandal in turkey would killing them by chris won the hobart based in istanbul things are going as mahal. the prime minister juan has made the sun accusation that he speaks to what the reactions if he received. well there been a strong reactions to the last couple of days towards prime
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minister and on and towards the indy the way that he's been dealing with the scandal so far in one reactions come from the eu free sample of a band called for prime minister i do want to deal with the corruption scandal with transparency and in return to that we got a response from the turkish government. the new lee appointed eu minister mentor was holder has said. i was called for the eu to stay out of turkey's domestic affairs so that was the stronger of criticism from both sides there. another strong reaction were saying is from the media in turkey from the column is for example harriet newspaper columnist comic con con has cook has sent an open letter in his column for the prime minister had on me said um he's calling for prime minister had gone to deal with a corruption to stop blaming the judiciary just to start trusting the judicial system and he said he'd call for anyone to stop bombing taking turkey into a state of civil war he's gone as far as they can do that i'm comparing turn into syria which was kind of a very very strong
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reaction there. the summer holiday to this beach no one has also urged his supporters to continue to bolt for his party. other do you think that the scandal will have an impact on coming elections it seems that it could have an effect on our list are saying that the corruption scandal in the stomach is very specific time and it has on it might have a very strong effect on the elections. there is a strong support from this core group about fifteen to twenty percent. the conservative mostly the part that they will probably back at dawn no matter what so it would not expecting any change from those people whether there is the another fifteen to twenty percent of the group weren't mostly center right as people come and and they are also affected by the economy by the state of the turkish affairs and they might shift towards different groups so that the fact that the money is being very strongly that means right now we're seeing the turkish there are so against the bed the dollar right now it is a very weak
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state for the turkish lira mrs also can be a major impact on ahma whether or not they decide to vote for us prime minister i don't in aceh party and their candidates of course and another important factor is that other parties such as hon people's parties are putting strong candidates in place to be kind of bring back the power for themselves for example for their stomach and that they have most of the surrogate was a liberal and he is a very strong economic part so that they're trying to have an effect from the kind of different agendas that the brain to place first strong cities like this that will last a semi mahal for that i'm gay to balance out the spine held part of its reporting from the scandal on the latest corruption scandal in tricky. here now watching cctv news says take a short break fan. fan. the two to
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twenty to eighteen will never forget. that's the team history. she twirled and walked me back in. what they liked that take. the stories and if you're special. world twenty thirty. december twenty nine to ten pm. no lulu lead. mm mm mm mm while such. culture extends. see the or. the cctv near forever
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non state news agency said israeli tanks is now the lebanese border area after an alleged iraq an attack against these rail the agency said there were twenty shells hit him and transfer bot area around the southern lebanese border area after trying out early sunday. the city police said two rockets were fired from the area towards israel there was no reports of injuries on the lebanese war and peace treaty sock the chilling chemical weapons destruction mentioned in serious as the removal of chemical materials out of syria the fourth of december thirty first. it will likely due to the volatility in no bra security conditions commissions as preparations continue in readiness for the transport of most of the critical temple materials from syria for outside in construction the transportation of the most critical materials before the end of the year that lying is unlikely. ace as logistical talent is coupled with inclement weather have contributed to this delay is that
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preparations are well advanced in we got to the supply of materials and transport equipment as well the maritime transport and destruction capabilities the land and the lpc debbie lee executive council established timelines for the removal and the elimination of chemical weapons by the end of killing twenty fourteen following the syrian government approval to the spillway its chemical arsenal. chemical materials or asset to the shed outside the country by a serious coastal city after attack tia to be destroyed at sea. well un secretary general ban ki moon's as a safe and secure transportation serious chemical weapons will be started as soon as possible despite with the delay the announcement comes in a statement issued by bands smokes spokesperson mike and uncertainty. the eu when she stresses that international efforts to integrate the chemical weapons programme of syria continues to make effective progress he said. and this is
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demonstrated by the steady achievement the meeting on previous milestones in the past three months. thank you lynn said the joint mission continues to work closely and intensively with the sindh government and the assisting state parties chinese special alloy for athletes had to let him fly in tonight will be to work with staff because intergovernmental authority on development on the conflict in south saddam he spoke to cctv and the chinese government's position on the crisis. i hate finals i manually. china holds the conflict in sales to don will be soft peacefully. the special envoy on african affairs don't jump off has called for calm and restraint from both sides to start cease fire talks as soon as possible. to change the sheets. still we're here to support my jd set piece and fats to do both the sides to resolve the conflict
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peacefully. wheels are heretics price a time as consists of two goals the conflict has caused a tremendous loss of life and property. a chinese citizens have also been affected. i think as long as both parties' terrorists in its two inches and hold talks with the real sincerity conflicts come in soft the state is in the entire article itself sudanese government says he will seize all hostilities and order a cease fire brokered by international community the world's youngest country has been thrown into turmoil since december to fifty years one prison cell but here's government said soldiers loyal to former deputy president be at the sharp launched a coup attempt china has actively promoted peace talks from the on site malvo part is actually taking effects. we hope that ubiquitous ceasefire as soon as possible and stop the peaceful negotiations with two albans to two promotions that the chinese government to make the stands where absolutely against
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the use of force to resolve this conflict is a course to heavy casualties. according to the un the escalating violence has led to hundreds of deaths and the displacement of at least ninety thousand people. china has hit back to its and three hundred of its nationals joan expressed its concern for those still there. so far chinese companies and nationals haven't suffered too many emotions which supported the peace and his mates by the by jd to hold this office and then we take actions to ensure the security of chinese nationals and oppose parts of the competence. china has maintained close communication with the ninety eight the anti african union as well as african countries to get the international community to play a positive role in easing the tensions in south sudan. joan says china will continue to push for early restoration of stability in the country johnny make cctv. he allows acid hours but this out with kiera and the former vice
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president and a rebel leader week my car i said to me in the ethiopian capital of the south of us on monday for talks aimed at bringing an end to the violence the talks follow in the two leaders meeting in nairobi which was held with the support of the intergovernmental authority on development cctv skinned child has this report the interim government to look for it you'll need to vent and eaten in the states hit the ground running immediately after violence broke out in south sudan to the kitchens with this polish to do but pull the team was presence of the cat scores of detainees and former vice president greg shaw. this was closely followed by a visit by king is present. laurel canyon to any tube is reminiscent of panama and disarming. otago will become just that that was accessible instead of the best. it's a problem that exists. i mean
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the interest of this residence of the news and just as racist. just a few contributing to. the you know whatever happens in what he got mad because she has an implication for this. mad and therefore no need for pc usage in the script the lady of east africa's leaders in nairobi determined that the facilities to deal sees within four days time the summit will consider taking fed the unspecified majors. perhaps a clear indication of just how we'll see who is delusional leaders of being the situation in south sudan. the move has been hailed in some quarters full probably force holding that the escalation of violence and containing an unfolding humanitarian crisis see especially if it takes to tread the line. you see the scale isn't. if somebody
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shoots the computer these. to be disastrous. to be disastrous not only for you god. firefox was sent to the sudanese to be disastrous for all of my blog and cheese if it hadn't been as committed as i was watching all of that showing initial success is following the release of the age of eleven politically this idea detained by the tortillas in juba the time and money they need to be too depressed and solve the cat and the former vice president rick musharraf may just see a return to peace in africa is the youngest nation. cctv of the suburb of the bdo pm till now a student was killed saturday and many more were injured and two buildings were torched in classes between security personnel and students at eds al at the university student supporting the outlawed muslim brotherhood. i reported to have said the buildings on fire to
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preventing fans from taking place. meanwhile security is now in the cereal polish area of cairo found and swiftly defused a bomb on the bus gets to have given tacit support. an escalation of violence on the thursday of the sounds of ten thousand guineas as a team. steve been sympathetic to the muslim brotherhood need to do their threats to disrupt the mid term examinations. the stops to choose from. entry cost is and imports to two buildings on campus the news station had to cancel exams and several faculties was sixty students were arrested with damaging property in the men's double member country can get pretty neat for those students made the quarter on the cutest little grin. yesterday sunday but in all she says. police intervened and we didn't know what on friday five people were killed in several cities as brotherhood supporters took to the streets in defiance of the government's move to branding the group a organization. the brotherhood meanwhile issued a statement on its official website
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assisting its commitment to peaceful protests. the use of minimal or no one wants to create insecurity in the streets and into adults so that interferes with the medical be afraid to make the referendum and elections when the issuing of the leadership field in its transition to democracy. also includes hits. egypt was hit with bigger waves of violence and attacks on islam is in the nineteen sixties and nineties which the governments at the time managed to contain the government and the muslim brotherhood are both refusing to change their stance beating building for the position. now the brotherhood has been suspended. we saw lines of the last sixty five years nineteen forty eight. like the fifty four and now it would keep the team. is it different this time the students to extend the time. the creator will trump all. the cheese and
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some pt and then be grateful to allah. when the field the result of islands in the store and retrieve get to spend it into a new identity the kids loved it and its leadership. to bend history it seems does repeat itself with the muslim brotherhood yes i keep a cctv in cairo i eye. eye. the show he
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means business. the it seems the refusal of sport the only online. back to cc tv news and knew what federal judge has ruled that the national security agency program thick like records of millions of americans on costs is lawful calling it a
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counterpunch to terrorism that does not violate americans' privacy rights of the spine me thinking has more. the lace is really on the national security agency by neil jones is a new year's gift for the white house the previous judge here in washington as he said the nsa domestic data collection was for good although orwellian but this neil jones defended the nsa is collection of date set in the wake of the mill in eleven attacks in two thousand won. sexy saying in his ruling that had the nsa mcgovern has some schools have a disposal but then maybe the attacks could have been thwarted. now both cases the pool supposedly tripodi will be appealed. well the appeals be an excellent could be the supreme court here in united states to rule them all this comes as the white house appointed panel came up with fourteen recommendations in the wake of revelations for
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whistleblower. it was snowed in. among them was perhaps moving responsibility for keeping a cell phone records of americans add those up rolled back to the foreign companies are acquiring a cold or left to get access to them as well with all this comes at a time when remember it was good and revelations keep on coming out week off the week. they thinking cctv washington. i profiled him senseless has the nam province has led to an investigation of four hundred and thirty one comments party of china numbers and government workers. on saturday that the provincial legislature announced that more than five hundred local law makers have been disqualified. investigation has shown that the fifty six law makers the blanket off of one hundred and ten million yuan in bribes to five hundred and eighteen minutes if a law makers and sixty eight staff. a preliminary investigation into thursday's
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bus crash in thailand that killed twenty nine people has shown that driver fatigue and a sharp turn on the sloping well may have caused the accident. the glass which was carrying some thirty to forty people crashed in northern thailand's had time on province and plunged off a fifty meter high bridge several survivors are set to be seriously injured. traffic accidents are common in time in july of nineteen people were killed when a bus and alight clyde it's in central thailand in october. abbas will downhill killing twenty one and beaming eighteen seriously injured the chinese icebreaker snow dragon has sent a handicap to explore the way to the trapped a russian ship and the academics of gals key which is on the scientific expedition. now according to the sale of dragons captain one day until the dying seconds to fix for the snow dragon to break the helicopter crew have discovered if the guys beat me at the russian ship. where oh where helicopters can land
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for emergency evacuation the stills i can have managed to come within seven not two miles off the accidental cows he had to retreat when the tiny speaking tuesday. and before people are young boys in the russian ship including scientists show as standard with porter from the guardian newspaper. on tuesday blizzard wayne's purse to see an ice around the shed and froze it in place on the icebreaker australia so well last release is expected to arrive today. it's that you have the best chance of cutting through the actions and the still regularly meaning the area in case it helped ease me back i did chinese we have to this as news that day and modeling they jane thanks for the company sees it. i have
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it was. the life led me an american talk about an hour how women are powerful. and you and throw him in your empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and
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therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding also on. i can't help but call out sick. the contest and one main iraq and the trees. stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of a hat. so you know i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never tell i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women. so please please stop turning a blind eye to
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the atrocities against women by at our life and present are women human power of thinking. so i only know a trio from hq. eye. it's the last sunday twenty thirteen here in japan are welcome to new slide. in its national tend to within two weeks of fighting in south sudan is facing a deadlock with anti government forces rejecting an immediate cease fire. fighting between forces led by presence of the kira and those loyal to former vice presidents. yet bush are erupted in the county until about two weeks ago the violence has spread to


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