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tv   Bangladesh Today  PBS  December 29, 2013 6:30pm-6:51pm PST

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and sundays at four thirty pm when chc!vez would willingly this really isn't about what is out about this time had steadily north died while in boston week after pakistan's national assembly of the day you should strongly condemning the execution of former i buy that and think about knitting she cannot assist in second xi gender of the kind of money now who was heading into halftime. miller
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was convicted by the wealth tends to be admitted to committing crimes against humanity during the nineteen seventy one to the nation well. quite naturally that she's wanted nor by scott said he would condemn hanging off about letting she can in the bed under the sheet court on the band led the steelers and the hanging of them when i was that in mind a bit and got to see that it is tied to get the stories it is not allowed its post nineteen seventy one dedication to ignore. the kids he doesn't want it to dice with the suffix. this is a good idea. the styles of singing this to go in the sub continent's be sentenced on the open. just a moment i did
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because it's so bright lights and needed all the cruelties of the big boy these obama to stop. when does hanging on last december. instantly and unsurprisingly the soul voices of strong condemnation in pakistan. based on the pakistan in jeans and the execution said each got one more month to have that hanging listen to this cafe hand into the teaching of islam and modern dance milkshake in bottom of each school groups in pakistan even claimed that the aging cute. india's be tensed the focus on the bottom and boston distribution. it started off this titans nothing to hide the lettuce i've seen that one does hanging clothes and into the act of grace. i'm gonna mention distribution of this bond that they smoked in the open wounds. inside it says did not even initiate proceedings against the one hundred and ninety five the sunday mail into office the wheel barrel and h wanted me to type them all kinds this debate if it gains
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momentum among the people of this kind would be extremely disciplined situation for the establishment. the army the genocide kept under wraps as we all got cleaned up. even after the kids. i'm on condition of the province he said the fall. it's deemed classified but he wasn't focused on documented. in the army conducted institution of intellectuals so i jus businessman and supervise the mosque. she set up by so she could be put to use recommended that the pakistani government set up a special court to investigate misconduct by the army. that never happened in pakistan. the shape of the night is be elected as prime minister wheel government involvement is focused on duty open investigations. if i can kill off one wounds so can buy
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these. i'm stitching cooking on the neck down. you don't evolution and said that gravity does often genocide had no police involvement is hundreds of bonded the sikh activists. he cleaned the campaign against this handmade goods. ditto for the association of london is a dead baby would be of pakistani television tenants in debates. activists and go to the fifteenth i don't mean i guess me and said that the kids and invention was admitted students. hyundai the opening month. and that's okay. nothing new to this
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mess in the name. one of the nineteen seventy one ball victim shot when the investment company limited is to abide to the action will lead the institution of dealing with now she's that pakistan had always being against the month. we have good eye and a huge dump the sentence yet. if they are. then he mean by levy it's doubting that began leaving the nest i understood him. i use mine that they should be destroyed and you all in bed the science of cooking them and lucky and hockey center i stand by them and they did tune in and day out. scott and i want. i realize i'm staying. and that ended his season debut. they see me reviews and comments of arc i'm bound and its then again i lost my mind it's one of the state. we object to me and he says they cannot
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believe how reliant we wanted a good time and it should be treated from these jobs. we don't find them. they should be shunned by me. and they should be added to the idea they should be banned the nba should they get the adventure beyond the arc and nobody thinks they should not be an optimal. who knew the minute each. one that had been conveyed in the painting of a boy and i was in the open eleven that was going. i'm shooting three hundred and five he saw me getting into the day's low of nineteen seventy one. i'm not the mosque in two weeks old i feel just a push at all we want that. all of that plot. once you die. that and do the same kind of
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punishment. the cause. do you manage your life. these include these plot to me nuts there they are all under way in easing. i find things. d hee. the us and elegance of it. and the team in the garden and my husband plus the doctor and i stations. i found today. can he not consent agreements you are far too hiking the units can get a chance on so they're all over the bed and can be on land that yes indeed and white card and put down. love the new nationwide and that he's lying and he says that he's done it this time the epiphanies item on the zeitgeist. a lot from pakistan. i mean. and again and again. i am on a pizza from home. and being in
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getting back to back him. and the hindi film than me getting down and be in there the two. i have seen mine i've seen my husband's good money. an ankle monitor. i cannot get it. do not play a single again. ign. i'm too many. to say. jaime said mot and all that into my bed and intimidation said he denied that. and you don't use any means other mothers cannot devise a baby. so we played wii. when my babies in our mind huge quiet game. where is it. this weekend to see this punishment. they should be shy. they should be investigated in peace. i'm spent. maybe she gently shoddy of the coup has been relentless in the fights to
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be welcoming us to book has anything execution of one now implementation of the coptic the punishment. the fun caught in one of one of them being put to good use of genocide of nineteen seventy one. by libyans has come all from that come to nothing unep. as we know of that to desktop with a new tradition war. long live on the ship would do with the monster government to stop in time of the war criminals and twenty two tips of the genocide of nineteen seventy one unfortunately that he's going to last a submission in nineteen seventy five. joe does live them on to power and the desktop that child had he used on the left with the nose end of the two types of genocide crimes it is too bad the team who led the team i'm reading peas and dad were so tired of facing built in a different kind duffy adele understand. back to susan
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this imbecile side teams that have revealed that the themes of the war of good and i'm being good time and punishment for the puppet interests of genocide and crimes against humanity after forty two news. we have seen that one of the mean but the kids are so bonded and gentle side. has faced a child and he's capital punishment was implemented these should help to cut out for the gop beauty team we have seen in different countries the vegetables that have been taken in the last centuries. many countries of many victims of the world many victims of the genocide there waiting for justice would you out of the world but the digits of genocide in bed with assisted opening salvo. trying to straddle ben had this has given a clear message that any crunchy con trying to put the pictures of double sided week the storm and all the tween years said the diversity we did was to tie one on. soon most of
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the top of what other countries are the people of other victims who are reaching for justice. venus had to set up such time that the trial court. and to tide over but he did to subdue the site. and that is of any positive theme of the dishes done. well was hanged at the same to jane austen due process of law. nobody can make it two minutes of meeting the execution is given a week's duty to seek clemency from the wisdom of the country. interest will always try to hide. he was not given this option. the un people that the key to the good of the british eduardo and others. family members of those victims so for those with the call to duty bill or the tv teams in the party was making four just east of the mouse forty two years. and outside the sky. in the cut up the beauty that we have seen for the last seven and
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the kids among others. that the computers of general said it would be pardoned. the red road just east of the norse god of the war between us and the threat of crimes that you will probably two times it is too bad the tm to the side so in our bed. you could go with he stood in the day at mississippi state in the head blessed is that who really close to me the rest is due to visit the distance to die we have great difficulty to use. now we see that and we can see that justice the victims of the world. it did not need put that on the dome of the staff the body that is disposable and put them aside crimes it is too tiny to me and local institutions water bond that goes into the what they see that the team did do a day
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but today we go to heed the call when people innocent people in their pj's and about the stabbing the pattern piece of gum up the stuffing. the crew didn't growl before going inside the distance the genocide in the name of religion in the middle east. to me and people with tb among others the name of the stuff that's already. this type of water to the party that the worst terrorism that promotes the killing innocent people in the name of the legion that the bad and we have seen up to the second world war the inductive were not banned party in your own. so that these limited and we had the b c or above and two step child of some of the snobby as it could mean an organization. as in other news nation that can be humorous side that remorse to tone down that hill or skiing in the meanwhile please you meanwhile just to see clothes and campaign as a walker and study. heading to my main goal for the protection of witnesses and victims. and they have
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conceded hot guys have been systematically done it again the doctor minutes. london tomorrow to the activities of the listed for looting and arson in the run up to the elections next week. we need your chosen used on that section. why is that the man at the summit understand that when it's an attitude that the machine again the boats at least eight people were injured in an incident. he said the violence in a ditch on the job till after six to twenty two pound body contact me. but the cause is unknown florida was that it is unknown with manufacturers and builders who have decided to set up for today and enjoyed the compensation fund for victims of the dead of aids on the plus side is austin. becky is one thousand one hundred and thirty nine he played. this site might mock google. i'm forty much
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of the mystic wanted to go find for it but not often come back. makes you think police have arrested a position he has and will close up of the opposition said today she often watch for democracy towards top of the december twenty nine the joint forces of the rapid action battalion on the border guard by the beach invested two hundred people position and raised in nine districts. i was at number sixteen going into nice as some people and set fire to open his boss at bottom which it up on december trade sakes inside of the boston symphony woods suffered from an insidious. we haven't tested. going from how come not come into quarters and peace have conformed to his arrest. but if you spend at least it is on it's not just against men from the con one
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wants to go unseen. italian him and for some to die soon joined in this condition. it takes african descent at the west will do it said the continuing on the moon officials have said that on one policy to expect a sewing machine insults it on. but what about walking stick this will happen. i know the life led me an american talk about that. how women are powerful. if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who will either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not
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empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding. also on. i can't help but call out sick the contest and one main rocket victories. stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of a hat so you know i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to
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the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased with how when you empower them. incheon. it is. eye the answer to what god is what i asked my son daughter we started soccer uncertainty over security that drives finally entered into an economic boom. rising concern over the future of content and chris knights and
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fifty two of god's complete training from a humanitarian that we in the title. this is and what editions of tata sons she had a cotton me would suffer if a wife to a security pact with the united states is d day. we have reports. they have not been sitting on the currency and our team would be signed by security coming off the street. dynamic gathered in due to my violin sound of the country's economy but interesting. the country spreading seed of tiny atypical in the last fifty nine point eight four in the year it's done on tuesday the fifth. once the month mistakes had green yet but then it's back in times over just to reach that age has to be good for the steelers and the law to deal with cuttings from too many monstrous not a
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purist on its. on top of the mermaid at the moment it's the most intimate though the thought of fossil been out in a subtle form of bed at about the cover of the director of the one in the middle money for the fact that tomorrow when the defendant. he owns on the side of some new stuff when the tuna so my dad owns those awful lot of on the form of the muslims the mom of the cinemas but for the moment so that the summons. the nice it's like your style. she's soo when he speaks pushing up prices for essential items such as fines would cause the beast and cooking gas by at least eighty five percent when even one it she just moved to london. so both lola could go bust of the month either the shots. the little clothes on when he doesn't run the cables was a bonus and one. tomlinson your shopping center is to write seek the next six to reach that point. it boasts a three d santa monica a stunning born under this law morgantown and sixty shops but still fun when you give blood in the phillies have tenants


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