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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 30, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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scientists in the stroller his brush with cancer. this left him with the wind contamination. and john will now face is a dynamo. he's exhausted team has already crossed the north node to assist from north to south now they have set out again they find themselves short of fuel for their vehicles
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and critically walked up to themselves. they enjoy it refreshed by it as they feast on wild camel meat. didn't go in the next day. that problem this must be faced. one small aye aye aye aye aye aye aye thus the union. its disappearance. he has left an interesting month of the vehicles saying he's going to look for the wells which he surely must be nearby. to allison's palms
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upon passing attack. so lucid and the wind when she and hands to our team members take one of the vehicles and head east to do for him the rest of the team white said the camp the atmosphere is tense. when she and noticed that tom would not be divested from these eastwood search for water. without leaving the office some clue as to his new kohl's. i find some footprints about one km from the cam. they must be upon us. the tracks match. it is b you must be close by everyone in the search team feels really be. harare. i
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ate all the presents. he leaves they will soon find out. chin. the it's all
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soundscapes way to haunt the ground. and the tracks disappear i for i i say laurie has not left them anymore. they'll continue to head east. chc!vez in searches find themselves surrounded by mounds of sand olympus cameras canapes to play and understand the centuries. while the auburn. i am
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the eighteen eighty. these are just awful. it's the duty to look into it a shot in the we'll see. what they do not. son is now sensing. box no one is giving up. they dried pasta to my clowns to waltz a soul mate. our r r r eye. he did. jewel. local music teacher. it really weekly. winds will be issued
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as a hostage with you knowing this we have not houses had also shown a new clue to the tools that you can change it. say to you when you show up in addition twenty years ago. all which are common to hear the shots close to the beach. when she and takes a rifle and fired shots in each direction. no response. scientists. it's guessing daughter. the search team decides to retire. he
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only has found its way back to camp on his own. camp the other team members are also getting anxious. as the search team returns. a check of tungsten domains such as he entered the tube to need to support a whisk and a few gm nautical instruments. he left his medication behind the competent adding a moment read the eye. kohl center to smack the pony he sprained his community might go next. sometimes
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the portuguese who can fall mm mm. he noticed that the retooled day. congrats most teams to sixteen pts. i i i. he probably intended to go out and i on the sixteenth the cattle hogs and made him today his back the following day the seventeenth is when punk disappeared from the camp meeting and yes he claims that high. i don't i it all. i opted to give full consideration the team sent a telegram to be on the pace at nine pm. saying that they have to make an urgent recall at two am all caught our eye
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on the team hangs on to for the good times will come back but they know that today she doesn't come back. it means he's in deep trouble. beside themselves with anxiety the usual little jewel we'll have to look. the new orleans home. what would you mcconnell the home of the job. one of the world coach. shh shh shh shh signal fires can be seen for about forty km. everyone has this cool guy to come back before the two a m deadline from b b the truly great
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only a couple to share. with that. patients should not use it. pcbs the two pm deadline riots. well when she and dictates the message. team leader and john will quinn town to send to force her. at ten thirty am. on june the seventeenth and hasn't returned aye aye aye aye aye the eye. is you. these next morning. any call to carry emergency ward to supplies last. add the can. just like
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that seems really. the mood is still me. i know. my aunt desperate to continue the sandwich. i highly cultured towards the center each. and while it decides to take his team. the point where the footprints they sound that date this fall. p tear outs. grr grr. thus
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the us. aiding in all things they discussed a whole. so the match on its size forty two years. i want. ch rail weeks that puts the full
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hse cris crossing the center area. i am. then it wore it all. seems that i was completely lost the b b b b eye. don't look so stunning someone stopped to rest on a small cute. all is said to you sweet runners. it's the kind that can be harmful
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before they sent out from the media and some static i know. most of the go. well salted to the decision to hold another job. we usually go to england he well as on rates the set. although the state to choose from that won't leave us. to follow at twenty c possible you can get. don't have our conscience either to choose where to go the way. puzzling messages. so often resting here. what am i to come and gone. the search team and this scroll down on the ground and tried to put themselves in his pranks
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the light of the country at the edge to let it be that i was in it. minnesota chicago but she says. the ethics charges. one huge egos the walk i used to. b b b b b b b. the signs. trends on the other side. it cites looks like it should have more. though. he's just trying at all we invited us chew. in true nature
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the rockers. the college should you know it will not go to the picu to the two vessels while going into pakistan. meanwhile the area was set to continue years helicopter flights about twenty five meters off the ground. a chance to try to guess when palmer might just go next. austin leaving the resting place. like dots re entering the yard on. i do. the ah is a strange land
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fall. it's still wrong. and speaking truth to that role stupid team. much has taken a rest. as it's relatively cool. i would find shelter from sand stones. you use them. i ch ch. box placed don't find nothing. the other side. the all. i got to take
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steps to set radius. but any fines wild rabbits. which stands in front of it. she made joe's enough to see this tonight . the china storm
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it's all legal. i am. how could on supply and how to live in such conditions. a little. all are. ch ch ch ch ch spreads quickly. sixteen ten minutes the region headquarters the china academy of science. and finally reaches the state council. it is. on the austin in june the twenty second shame on newsagency breaks
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the story. sue. the expansion of the whole nation is focused on the knoll. this act upon. i just essential instructs the shin gi minutes the region headquarters to carry out large sky was set. salt into the twentieth. dawson said the vehicles and hundreds of soldiers on the tube lines to join the set each. more helicopters are deployed. and the ambience is all put on
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standby the church continues to ten dates. the team found nothing. except some wild rabbits. the edge. steely dan to pull back. stc is no blacks. i knew. search teams will stroll. his colleagues find the final students from his last known position. i
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know. the whole of china is now intensely focused on the set upon. helpless letters and telegrams are trying to tease him and what tags. his family travels to a raunchy. as. he set to seal an odds on to like this that speaks a month after he went missing. it concentrates on areas where traces of water also somehow. the team might
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survive. boyd creating concealed when tracking palms friends. search teams to get special proper shoes to class shanghai's security the red sands six sniffer dogs. old the surge in calls hundred and ninety one people. forty eight vehicles. at sixteen i can recall tennis. he said the deficit in july. these cruel. in the extreme. adults are unable to take out any sense. and the bending ground and set goals. all this to your left. the search team finds new friends. in fact i could tell. oh we all four
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seats they find the sites where someone has been sleeping in every day. it's impossible to tell. wasn't this could lean on i don't the same day they find the bodies of some wild camels. got to come or termites are already being swallowed up by the drifting sands woo woo woo. how much more quickly once the paltry sum at six pm. i am. search
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continues. our ummah. once again. tossing the new south luton the eye. kg. does it without leaving a trace. he was inexperienced. yes it's a mind that list. sounds kinda stressed said. cherokee to become the story and takes it why didn't he tried to
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retrace his steps. oldies some signals to his rescuers i knew. the his colleagues knew him to be stubborn what's he was very disciplined. so what makes him for a couple of rules include assets. by having the last line . rachel much to the sixteenth. what was it comes to mind. could it be some explanation. dan hynes
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he said brock's disappearance i nm. err. i am. in it. in a day. he is. there is only a very new. last time. isn't this a very open space the chinese. system reviews
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and acupuncture points to the bell so that she always goes back to. thousands of years. it is. the chinese. to be very useful and children there are a little rough there there are chinese medicine over to japan in an office essentially the japanese them destitute it's their own on style feeling so then. it is also next to him. yes this is essentially a hands on the gentleman who made it resuming on was named an encore she and the people known as the first time the disco christian school in nineteen twenty five. aah his system when what he
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calls got two was based on that impressed. what is one of his students must not call centers yes two which includes more striking than it is more than just the pressure comes with just twenty four. he thought into how the united states and europe with very popular and on. in america especially of east and west calls. just two years. ever changing and it's also based on the same. same principles of chinese medicine but it's a very. we can always feel it know it's it's just you know this many styles. what i do is call there's a chance to us yes woods. more emphasis on using your feet. on the exams yet to. yes humans. different
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shots. basically based on the senate yet. but last night and thus far but now coaching at. the this really isn't about what is our pumpkins and had steadily north died while in boston week after pakistan's national assembly last day you should strongly condemning the execution of former i buy that and they combined their nation cannot assist in six g gender and al qaeda money now who was


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