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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  December 31, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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the worker trying to praise what we knew that the economic of everyday life in china. don't linger on her last week of the russian college. furthermore consider what the un deputy. the money
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matters to the top stories of the year. no question today what thinking is good at the pump price of this year the consumer court will talk about movie option from china to which i didn't get it out to be about funding the development of a cookie at the base in china telecom has to be broken up. but before all that would take a look of the topic of mine here in china first time a new dot com. chinese people travel to clear for long with the green apple coming out many chinese people are planning to travel overseas for one week vacation. travel agent have been busy booking trips to the port to travel the average price overseas tours thirty percent the previous year. and the total number of tourists walking tours and expected to increase at least ten percent from the previous year china's air quality is quickly drop the year. lots of travel agents are promoting their product of long clearing towards them but mel b patel in australia and new zealand are popular destination. because the care quality highly important for
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sure. being in a hot commodity in the neck until rarely found in many chinese cities that breathing is a luxury. of course with violent rica. maybe course spend more time shopping mall in the great outdoors to all next up that i did it the anti corruption campaign cannot stop the chinese government urged him to perth and the cigarette. tobacco manufacturers are still pretty high and you're out one of the major reason for that there's still a huge demand for high cigarette from tiny provincial and city government. i don't claim to your cart and are priced above one hundred fifth us dollars per card for the most popular toys. earlier in two thousand twelve the central government dumped a restriction on consumption i figure out why joint gift for forbid him from being part of government expansion mcgovern all for now the high price for card check bill more than a hundred fifty dollars per carton. the band had copied over from buying it. data
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from china iran consulting shows that from the beginning it doesn't well until the end of two gotten their team the tobacco company doubled or even triple tail the medium and high cigarette to avoid getting caught the local government protected to hear it directly from factories rather than from stores. finally confided that he did not calm. chinese dover resume to import the edible part of malaysia at the end of december two thousand thirteen the chinese government not the edible protests mummy to be approved for export to china the curtain to cover twenty fifty thousand thirteen. me dearly the prospective naturally to be available in february two thousand fourteen. the price will likely go up following the announcement. the bird different thing we expected and are really only delicate in greater china. market analysts predicted the retail price and a double mat me about fifteen thousand un about nine thousand nine hundred us dollars for kilogram. the current average retail price of the edible bread knife. the four thousand nine hundred us
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dollars for children in china data showed the annual output of protecting malaysia is about two hundred tonne there's a market value more than one billion us dollars about seventy percent of bird for export to china each year. think about eleven hundred in portland after malaysia beak of the scandal involving than that. some of them added that the chemical concentration of my tray which is dangerous to human health. don't go wake up next to money matters where top of the best stories of the year he can't. money matters we're looking to read the stories of the year the four story about diary general areas in china people will come time to restore the name came into their daughter's hand in marriage. more financial pressure on those looking to get married. it also got people think like about looking for love. that darn hard to swim in the small rural area future. depending on how you define a diary and extremely complex. in fact a
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minute to look down upon and entrepreneurs. if he doesn't deter requirement. the car or house even to put up two eyeballs in debt. in general that our hero areas. the huge amount of money and other premier told to. like all pointed toward the top and rebellion broke out he couldn't tell you a dollar she reported the average daily amount about fifteen thousand dollars to the decade ago to cut the lead up to two hundred us dollars. the chinese government showed more than five percent of them returned to the dollar. the price too high for quite a few men to many large trees by the d of importing their bra. on the bright vietnam complete taking a lot of money chinese media release that time the single men confide in you life for four thousand nine hundred us dollars through agent fee. the cost includes the flight the banquet and the referral fee for hnt. the much expected it to me like that
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it is not endowed me with dollars that we let them buy the house and probably left the most calories. but apparently trafficking life isn't all that great for marriage. this month would open the fujian province and covered it in bold and bright according to joe cool being on the third of the year to natural areas include help for the six thousand six hundred us dollars three interviews in the deprived the village. the portage with their feet to get a new bride and ran away when they pertain to be out shopping in december to deal with the rest a few of the woman ball. without the community's pride indicated made up of the forty nine thousand dollars from the marriage. we had that some of the men already married to other men the idea of importing live to china's remain popular the highly publicized lottery for ten to win a wife and single in november the interesting that the outside of large male population growth area for continued till tender and wealth disparity in the future. don't go away because of it to look at
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china's answer to hollywood they can. welcome back to china price watch in today's money matters for talking with the best stories of the year. the tenor of the year. red copper was ruled out until now hollywood star nicole kidman in our dicaprio was gunning for the crowds of adoring fans. chinese tv stars like john b to b and tony leon where good and well. they were there to knock a trace of china's hollywood the chinese hollywood or tollywood. jackson called the qingdao oriental movie metropolis. while giving the rich spending in china with the peak of the massive dome complex the company won the group as did most of it for two from realty in movie theaters in pocono for buying in the future. the chinese hundred and ninety eight billion us dollar project not really have that used to build computers and other facilities. direct the money will go to real estate the chinese government push to promote the power to me
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yet that didn't help. this meant that there was more government money and tax breaks for related projects what does that the film complex with a clear beneficiary of it. the prime real estate for cheap chinese media will be held on the menu for building a good team at discounted price. he averaged in price with about twenty nine dollars a square foot. and you have it here the average commercial in brighton major cities in china. the forty six dollars for square foot. to put the movie metropolis the devonport area fifty eight million square feet signing almost twenty million square feet of it the weaker residential building. one team the month explained that a billion dollars will be back in just one shot at an early stage the eight hundred twenty million dollars required for protecting land and the initial fundraising the main investor money depend on the scale residential houses and commercial buildings. if the plan is to build apartment isn't going very well. she will report on the number fourteen the first round apartment and doors are made available to more than
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ten thousand baht. in just five dollars the four thousand and two apartments were sold out. the average house price was about a hundred fifty dollars per square foot. all two hundred ticket extortion plot an average price of the four hundred us dollars square foot. if the plan was to create a tiny hollywood that is not going so well. no contracts were signed any of the major stars of the event hollywood insiders said the result of the big show and new mothers already a chinese hollywood called again and actually making whoopee. don't go with it. up next a look a tiny housewife by the wall street. they can welcome back to china for clubs in today's money matters were talking about the stories of the year two thousand thirteen was a good year for gold. oprah to stop for about fifteen hundred us dollars to twelve hundred us dollars per ounce. to decrease about thirty percent from two dollars and twelve in april the price until the fourteen hundred us
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dollars. for one not like incorporate the same time though. to watch the journal reported that old chinese woman were bringing up the price. these tiny babies aged fourteen years old. i don't have much to the theory feingold like that. data showed that it took me this year with three hundred tonnes of gold. alfred were what looked like tiny white the three hundred tonnes of gold from delhi and about fifteen billion dollars the price of gold started going down the link on the back supported them. what the people. they kept getting gold of the work right. i think of buying gold the prices going up eventually the prices went back down though which made it back to class that during the holiday this year. gold plated many tiny city shanghai not dignified. to the fourteen hundred
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the chinese academy of social time. i can continue going down. can you think it is. the qut daddy had to make things even worse price. to make it harder for the chinese ah ma. good returns on goal. don't go went on to her question today when they got the prize this year. they can. in. the derek
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got issues affecting their lives. then give people the three of their top top right of the year. latino people how to say about the current situation the sample was taken up somehow it just isn't going to mean to people the impatient because the most. no environmental issues are a prominent lights and people can more help than ever before. great uncle i would welcome it. instead of regular could to keep my family healthy. pita bread in making a pot and cook with the demand into who i think men have skyrocketed. that means that you can have what am i continue that on the quantity of like a weenie caving an apartment and physically for the dti and regulating the commercial industry is the most influential because they affect my job the most
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determined to implement it into our economy and along with it. we have more income for a quality life is to rent a studio apartment but now i can afford a better living environment. and i would opt for sure. inflation is cranking and i think of nothing. ari can read about it. turned twenty one year made me proud. i don't think that i keep my mind anyway it's here. my company poetry come on to lament another calendar which is rationed. the most influential. it disrupted more clever ploy to get a call and i have been making quick fifteen years now attempting to initiate a position and it won't cost too much individual income achievements i think i how did i mention i work. i cannot make any money the former lincoln on friday
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that went into it the right time i am and one. nights your corner we take a look of triumph when the bubble wand china. today toward the cup that i knew you were to be options. china killed a clue what to watch movies from the country. the reason behind it that movie the media and media one way or another propaganda. he wanted to control the material to map their exposed to. the large enough with the tissue that we queued up for an idea the first foreign film that will hold about thirty years ago with carefully watched warne thirty four film the year of letting now the magic one can embrace controversial issue the legend of ned kelly kept updated to the country's political ideologies anymore it does look awful lot of funding publicity and the movie's release. it isn't offensive to the party around chinese new year between december and february many go to movies. around thirty three movie circle or leave the country. we left
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the forty four movies will be back here. the total block off the pill expected to have a new record high for the time of year. going to peter's they will have many choices for divers from the showtime three we had the first single movie the personal tale. it's a comedy and satire directed by patel gone the first week of december nineteen hundred freaking tight second set the first few days. the book cover to reach about twenty four million us dollars by the fourth day the number increased to nearly fifty three million dollars. people from the concerned that it has itself become the bad reviews. still the movie a popular chinese website for movie reviews one lead in the five point four and ten other films were above a dumb can. according to one victory outcome. he gave particular beverage fifty percent showtime nationwide something that in beijing even a ring ninety percent of its loss for the movie the chinese city of townsville. the total to a concert one thousand on opening day. on the second and third day the number of
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predicting defeat thousand across the country. what the happened if you're into when the movie tight times a week. many times the controversial film made by controversial figure who was tending to adaptation. oh and chocolate could write a novel. the movie had to run seventy nine million us dollars. many film critics called the worst movie ever the first to be given to me maintain over thirty five percent of the flop and chemistry. so angry about the situation. no wonder they can have a high pop up and can be overturned a pair of ira for chinese viewers. they never expected he was right to choose movie. they only care about the profit on top and covered the makings of a different point of view one row purl. don't ever blame that i can be bought the reason why peters repeat the same movie because of its popularity. people liked the movie. it caters to the not for the sake of direct opponent of actors personal tailor desert and ironing and that users do not believe the function and can
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carry the box office alone woodrow quo. i think the best of the movie. but the bride the future more chilling. he'd rather lose money instead of admitting they have that movie. now that the user how to quilt with more drape or maybe a couple the chinese people your standard have gotten higher the old about that movie that used to be enjoyable to beloved by viewers. featuring actors actually out of style now chinese director just all in all thirteen which doesn't work anymore. when morgan directors to change the way movies are made. chinese leaders have shown obvious preference for certain stars you can get our business model is breaking box office record. it is doubly something fishy about how the film to preferential doing time. the goal of the four films are still limited in the region
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the debate. the purpose of the question shaping the future empress of china they will be two chinese experts debate the title virtual network to break up the telecom monopoly. china's telecom industry has not let any private capital to answer it. it is guarded by three state owned company. china mobile china due to come in china telecom. howard is finally going to change. even the flight line. the margin and off we needed to do because the thirteenth of july reported that on the twenty fifth of december the ministry of industry and information on the door open up. like the trooper told network. the issue to lead a private company the company to be allowed to provide mobile telecom services next year. the so called mobile virtual network operators prefer to go to bed telecom network resources from people and service providers. these
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virtual network operators will treat your brand to provide more special calling packages think the market demand. china's virtual networks are getting a whole bunch of attention because of the policy change. it may be fewer the chinese government for the first time and out the pulp to change that because the shocking event it's hard to break above monopoly and the telecom one of the pink one. by law and private companies to compete after we ate lead to reduced timed phone call in charge of the canal within the domestic market. time for country purity predicted before the market value would reduce one to two billion us dollars building anymore from private company. if the three giant chair point five one percent market share with private companies and it could happen some chinese experts have upon to take on the issue the median shawl the beijing university posts and telecommunications is one of them. i'm told china national radio. people have been complaining that the monopoly for a long time full on private capital to join the peak of four for
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breaking up the monopoly the open market would let both private and field telecom companies for money the link private capital into the market is attractive to me. by contrast is to encourage china mobile china japan and china telecom to offer better and cheaper service to the chinese consumers. channel reported that the line telecom providers offer thirty percent price cut the virtual operators. some experts worry that the type you might make it hard and earn a profit however them doesn't agree with that. tempted into virtual network operators don't have to take on huge coming late network construction. therefore don't believe they can still get profit to be operate well not every effort to compile be the change. financial commentator she hide is one of the court should run his blood to the mic and to give the gift of the event however she believes that the long way to go for china mobile virtual network if they want to build the business. she said that none of china's state owned telecom operators like to see
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any private competitors ride in the market. even if they are forced to let private companies and they still can use their power to curb the rise of private business china mobile china in kunming china telecom can to cooperate with the virtual operators who don't want to count a monopoly. apparently the eleven selected private companies to support his idea the chinese government are bidding companies with overseas entering the field if more than ten percent of stock options are controlled by foreign doctors. as a result china's most innovative ip companies to attend to them by deal had been excluded from the business. come read this to the fact that recounting the monopoly if they're allowed in. the most effective ways of breaking the monopoly in two thousand privately run deep and telecom operator. however as of now the government not want to let that happen to me the most cost efficient way to break the monopoly for now the private companies run virtual networks. he also gives a private company to rick took a tour to sixteen
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he wouldn't be on the government dollars. okay that's all we have time for the day that the entire rights watch. don't make them believe that the cost of living in china. until then you can use anywhere because all my nephew and on tv. josh i do. to some. i asked what it is. mentoring us. it's that time. afterward he said
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avoid the cold to get the quarter in a surprising names and forty. too cheesy would she or he continued wonders will think and not cool and mondo team. the new world that it is nice too new to report on tuesday it is some kind. they need to restore the fortunes i'm going to pre heat your journal you are going to do the dishes to church on the old team. corner of the more you can visit you don't worry the street to remain so. the school of the morning. local school until summer the junior team in the cause of the most ethical community. i don't want to ask what does peace and order in two thousand saturn in your job tomorrow and crisco. it is all a joke didn't take a dip in form little one thing to do what i did arts and the tool the most snow the poll will be used on me i didn't like
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it gonna get it on and off it my hands. a local. jack and sing at the meeting. the law or like to drink with him or go back and kill him. so the chain on the condo and we can be done the green river to omaha. dean park a mortal wound not sure yet. key. for some good article vehicle don't ever tell her she will when we bought for me until you see she ended up with the sushi on a norwegian court can all go. order from all the sudden he can read cook and we are too cheesy the point or two depending what about what can i be when i wish to pursue bungee cord with the healing. the tardy on our family of local video
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i took when i was forced into working. the good fortune in gold and the kiddo can see that i can put them all go on at least. aaron cook and pointed out that the leading candidates to be to me before to be more stark. cloned up your of the most competent candidate. no info put on a piano. one helpful. going out to do the edging. you get what you can do. dd. he can show it to provide a vision you can do this yet. it was time to time. the judicial duties. it will just. more can be confirmed. it was closer. so the surgeon didn't work on top of the more difficult time but since available to those saints of the school. you're not good quality stuff of the chain or email complaint that. you all
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are interested to see russell ingall cool. we're going to new york. no one on the street to see russ and i go some good to go get aborted record store your needles to use key goes to his skin leaving until more people don't think that a competitor can offer. due to the abandoned on a greased commodities to be in total he took a moment to me from old fort that the yes on tuesday took advantage of them the deal the city of nanaimo but warmed to her closer to the market in the name of kim ovary and the doctor. and no more the news of papa didn't even use it or even because on his new shoes don't need you to increase to more good system for them to mourn goal when confronted on the ok to pick up the more determined to move to generally into a greased of available die. an awesome place. what
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the reason it didn't make the story because it is just coming to an all in the army's new system who knew the tune. the road. i am the us. losing mobile tuesday's stage is a little bit lost in. this guy. since
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we don't really have. her records going back thousands of years. you know something about chinese culture and one it used to it. synergy of chinese martial arts techniques chinese medical awareness and useful arts i knw i was in. the techniques i'd be interested. is that we're not just about learning well it's clear they're interested in. we were internally. what what energizes us glimpses of what is this. but consistently
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suspect it will be to woo woo hoo hoo. u've been using it the two. welcome to nhk world news client united nations officials say tensions in south sudan remain high with no sign of a cease fire inside the un security council held an unofficial meeting to discuss the latest developments fighting across the african country continues to spread. the french master to the u n n security council president gerard a row


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