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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 31, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the egg lines on this here you're seeing the smile parties to progress past the series of t bills are still stuck in limbo and others most notably the twenty fourteen but that too. thousands of striking rail workers have returned to their host signaling an end to the nations want his belt late walk out of the country for over three weeks. a year in korea and it lasted two hours before me bringing a
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brand new year twenty fourteen to lead the country is the fact that the past twelve months the number plates. the stories and more text and content. what i hear it's new year's eve here in korea life from seoul i think i have come and thank you so much for joining us. well back to work that was the refrain today as thousands of striking rail workers returned to their props to sen nelson and to the nation's longest railway walk out that gripped the country for over three weeks the campaign has our top story the sun to come the twenty two days there was not confident of beating much damage on in the second time in fact we're officially ending to really strike a
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long time corel ceo cheong hei added that sub lease to operate normally started and where six. what he did some freight trains among others will normalize saudi on fourteen. the time i was made possible after striking union workers were trying to work at eleven am on tuesday korea time. the elitist promise to call off the strike monday after the country's two main political parties agreed to form a poem and terry subcommittee under the transport ministry the first sub committee meeting tuesday will focus mainly on waste and has demanded the local rail the privatizing part of this cake it's bullet train service. union leaders have pledged to be actively involved every step of the way. then we will be actively involved in the new sub committee to god in the right direction and we will share the process with the power to enhance releases though. it was incumbent on the formation of the new subcommittee was one of five changes to union asked for during talks with management last week the union said the government's plan to form a subsidiary to run the new
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kate its line was actually the first debt or products causing real services in the future. something the government still tonight's opponents a committee will be made up of an equal number of members from the two main rival parties will be headed by avril is henry party lawmaker meanwhile thirty one union leaders to address points out of them have agreed to turn themselves and to police. in a bin. i tended to be good at the nestle subtly racist pesky bills be forty years and including next year's budget bill and vital to this process earlier on tuesday both rival parties were in reach a compromise on a bill to reform the national intelligence service searching and gill reports we did on taking down the new year at the national assembly continues to work on passing a number of new builds his shoes they could be next year's budget for nearly three hundred and forty billion us dollars there is one sticking point that remains the foreign
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investment promotion act this unity party wants to pass it along side the two thousand and fourteen budget bill and then not only for me the national intelligence service. however the democratic party remains opposed to the point in x men acts. the dt says it favors moments as it requires a korean company to hold a minimum stake of just fifty percent to march with a former farm. out an agreement there which is also fourteen budget bill may not pass before the midnight deadline. if it doesn't the government would have to come out with the provincial budget which will be limited to find that she meant it were expenditures some or existence and keep it simple business projects. well the two thousand and fourteen budget remains in limbo the rulings had a party and the main opposition democratic party did agree on a package deal before the national intelligence service. earlier tuesday the special parliamentary committee on reforming the state's spy agency has worked out the revisions which include batting an eye its agents from gaining
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access to government offices and media outlets. us lawmakers have called for an agreement on the pending bills and mr tumble on and other cabinet ministers are on side of the national assembly urging swift passage don't get what you value well no matter how you slice it two thousand thirteen was naughty year in which much got done in korea's national assembly are rolling and main opposition parties were at each other's throats over allegations of election meddling and missing some of transcripts and much much more. the key means he has this report the administration the top chair of the start of the government organized each attack and not get past the national assembly. with the ruling and opposition parties failing to reach an agreement over the government reorganization plan. i became the first president in korea's history to take office before receiving approval from parliament president top was sworn in office without finishing
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the appointments for her prime minister and cabinet members. the national assembly has become a sticking with the new miss ration them. i think the lack of progress on negotiations on the reorganization plan is due to the top down decision making style of the ruling party and the president the allegations about state agencies meddling in the presidential election also tickets call on the relationship between the two sides. with investigations failing to provide clear cut answers the rival party stepped up their attacks on each other the confrontation escalated after the transcript from the two thousand and seven in the korean summit was reported missing the transcript of the key to determining whether former south korean president. we only had made remarks in nullify the western border with north korea. this halloween party held opposition lawmaker mundane chief of staff at the time responsible. all opposition parties to christianity party erie county got hold of
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the transcript to influence the presidential election lawmaker humans and so when older well. i cannot say them to hold whatever possibility should the suffering souls the prosecutor should conduct a fair and detailed investigation into how the transcript was leaked despite the right wing lawmakers from both sides are able to successfully mediate control of nationwide railing strike became ten and on monday. nancy i am nice the press have happened had expressed her determination to work harder in the new year to revitalize the economy and stabilize the people's livelihoods in her new year's address to the nation on tuesday percent but called on the to join in efforts in laying the groundwork for an economically. instead she will pursue reforms to read out corruption and other irregularities on north korea present but reiterated that
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her administration will maintain a firm security posture and crisis management system in preparation for any possible provocation by the north and lay the foundation for a peaceful reunification of korea. and are signs that north korea can once again threaten south korea right after an annual military training exercise between south korea and the us that is scheduled for march the seoul based institute for national security strategy says there's a high possibility tongue and could attend a fourth new protests will launch another ballistic missile following the annual key result in foal eagle drills. the incident adds to move could be to strengthen and tribal unity which could have been affected by the execution of time. some take the once powerful uncle of north korean leader kim done and in response to south korean military said it was ready to retaliate if provoked. the main reason for this match sixteen attack helicopters and two hundred pieces of heavy artillery to
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island's western maritime border with kenya. tonight in the room. and we know turnover to pushing god where the annual bell ringing ceremony will take place at midnight to mark the new year at uni and is standing by the sight smell me and tell us more. hi guys and the unforeseen died at the downtown district of the world. now that the most that is the biggest and most traditional venue to celebrate the ringing of the new year. now we have less than two hours untill midnight and already i'm seeing a lot of people come here surrounding the weekend and police on tuesday seen everywhere to control the thickly drumming how to ride one hundred thousand people are expected to be here with me tonight. now on the web to write something nice i must say i was around this time of the year that temperatures dropped as low as much as ten degrees right
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now the last of the next exit temperature was around seven degrees in downtown's call it now i've talked to some people that have been out here. and since i'm not actually an and what has brought them here tonight to collect. i would change for visiting and tourism. and we had on the guide that's a story i was very special for our aggies need to spend these eve and we had a bad that so many of the bell ringing and this is way way here afterwards we're gonna go clubbing and a cedar special nineteen korean still have signed. i i i found i am a very exciting night out of them. i really encourage them to stop by and get a glimpse of this really vibrant atmosphere here at least you got an a for accepting snowed here this has occurred he said. right now all the roads around the placenta that billy and i will be blocked
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from eleven p m see you one thirty am though. the leader of ours at home. the city's buses and subways will be writing a lot of unusual and so you may have bought the stuff they will not be stopping at the tca that this system was that of course the tv stand so please do take note of that. that's racing closer and closer to midnight and had them is heating up. i'm getting pretty excited out yet. i really wish you guys were here with the alp's bring you more updates and just about an hour nights. are we and those are yet reporting live from pushing back and to know downtown seoul. now supply the capital north of the hungover and outlets tripping us over to the south of the right word in a covert united and uses some gay son who is going to tell us how new year's eve is going down the aisle. the temptation of going there. but i settle to
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get the lights like the wind and with half the people gathered to hear them in their last hours of the ego now that it's still called the countdown to twenty fourteen adsense keep topping nine pm when my sister lynette like today at the sideline and he still looks at the same until midnight. and as for seeking happening around this area over the past couple of days you must eat list. great now often we'll fly. he is off to grapple with people's breast lesions and wishes written on them. now the sickle this trail and their peoples on the street about any as resolutions. i am entering contests this coming year and looks like having a whole nation and yet they are still twenty second placed rider. i can't pay owning an animal who we might wish to help my family in also want to enjoy my college life and home. time pass by i think that
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the investing that is in baghdad style song. my mom just thought it uses a while until i have had their thoughts and yes i would be friday so be safe. down. this day to all the filling was missing after counting cars intimate night and you still have time to get that does music. that widmore opinion is that. that's probably a back seat. i think it's time for babel to vacuum and use it as i can use this to some live. i'm stationed in southern seoul. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ai ai the stoush
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yes what you had to add to what is fourteen twice as natural gas is set to doll up by a roughly five point eight percent starting in january first reflecting a recent hike in import prices the korea gas corporation make the announcement tuesday saying that the decision was made and the demand for gas after three and the country's nuclear reactors were shut down earlier this year the price of gas for all souls will go up by five point seven percent translating into an additional four dollars per
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household a month. in this bill sector will see a six point one percent increase in service sector at five point five percent hike that this is the third time this year gas prices have gone up after sale insurgency and said erie and context the girl saw signs of recovery and most advanced economies to see your babies for our balance by perceptions and a number of emerging markets noted reports and let's expect in the global economy and twenty four tea. the city had to bid farewell to two thousand thirteen the year in which confidence in the euro was restored and economic wreckage nine accelerated again on this emerging markets effort one of their worst economic crises in decades. so what about next year. economists project at that but steady growth in two thousand fourteen. recent economic indicators looking positive. the us federal reserve provided a concrete example of that optimism earlier in december when it
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decided to start scaling back its monetary stimulus based on the strength of three signals from the economy international entrees but also made then the project has been its projections for next years average rate to around three point six per cent for roughly two point nine percent this year however analysts say there are still some obstacles to overcome the corporations still unwilling to invest in the high unemployment rate in the us. and as for the world's second largest economy in mind that the forecast its economy and financial market to be honest a decaf next year as he tries to shift from its current traditional export land model the more domestic consumption driven wine. well no official economic market has been enhanced for next year. many economists predict that the general said a similar seven point five percent or higher will. in the us and ma looking a lot more stable than it did at this time last year remains
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the biggest question mark for the global economic outlook in two thousand thirteen the heroes and find leaking out of the long procession and confidence in the single currency was restored. a trend toward stability is likely to continue in two thousand fourteen. however the growth outlook remains on the town's night. overall analysts point out that despite some signs that brighter future ahead. here is a need to address the big structural problems and in balance as they continue to wait on the global economy what can chew. i didn't use that would take a closer look at how the global economy affected korea in two thousand thirteen in terms of how we spend our money can says there has been a strong re emergence of two types of consent to the haters. korean society has endured a slow growth speech and in two thousand thirteen now is accentuated in to already existing consumption patterns i came to the floor. as a
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response to the slow economic growth. consumers are purchasing low cost everyday products on the same time spending more on its that reflect their tastes and interests the korean trends research institute included but a fun and less expensive convenience store brand products on its list of two thousand thirteen hand items i just found started in this market of customers who only want the basic functions of a cell phone. love the convenience store brands had in a consumer is the need for bargains i usually purchase convenience store brands snacks and coffee and buy these products because the offer a wide variety milk prices and high quality cocoa however on the other hand individual shot in different purchasing translate into small of trees including concerts liquor and premium her fiends. you love cherry trend has become widespread and consumer purchases of small luxuries of becoming even more popular because of
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the relatively low cost. when it comes to home appliances consumers preferred to my mom type phones electronic products that as refrigerator is at present that she may carbonated water and purify water and air watchers and also function as humidifier is an air purifier. these new categories of appliances were popular as they reduce energy consumption and free up extra states i would say that in some sense and fifty thousand fourteen or with an alum part of our consumers select products that offer to this convenience is at the same time you experience it. honey can i come to us. the story here first up three athletes plying their trade at home and across the globe and stephen j joined us in the sports center to tell us about those who dominate the headlines this year
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hello there. happy new years eve guys. well there were several athletes who were mainstays on the sports front page and one of the biggest stories of the year was the return of figure skating queen kenya not to think that is right where she left off when the world in march and easily taken the top spot it's egret in her comeback from injury earlier this month. campbell participate in the caricatures skating championships which opens on friday and able likely be her final domestic competition that the verge of retirement age of twenty four is expected to win gold at the salty olympics a fitting swansong for a world class chat. and talking about another lady that rule for sport top ranked golfer hiking the eagle birdie and part her way to the top of the lpga tour. her tv since year three major wins six total waste thirty three wins at number one or rather thirty three weeks the lpga player of the year honors and the money title. meanwhile we can forget about teenage seen
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on turned pro media call who won her second start as a pro and finished the year has four in the war. and moving on baseball star tuitions to maybe come back into relevance in the majors last season making a resurgence with the cincinnati reds and mlb dot com upgrades eighty and the rent and the pvc or over the face of the franchise to leave bottle eighteenth home run leader jay bruce was given credit for excelling in the leadoff spot keeping his team a lot of opportunities to score and win. no one to tuesday's katie yell action on young katie cbt tcc aegis and the one to sixty five. now for tom accept the mold is fitted score against the equally on all the aunts them all day starts out on stuff and there are five eight at halftime but the wheels forward anthony richardson takes over scoring thirteen of its fifteen points in the final period
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what is his last job market and has its head before he owns with seventy three he said. no we don't want to be in the allied she takes on some somewhat day in their third meeting this season there's even a one game apiece. now i like she gets it going early on and they take the first two sets with the news comes on the bounce in the third and fourth the title block illegal want to find a second shot for shot. leo has a huge tin with fifty points was from some pretty big and when the next three sets to two. now that the zipper beard sportscenter this has been stephen said i'll see you in twenty fourteen for the latest in the world of sports. before your dna. and another began get the latest line from seoul. any expert analysis from ages fourteen with
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the viewpoint of the covert its local network and why for the odd rifle that has seventeen always on standby south. fans. well looks like we will be ringing in the new year with a mild winter day here in korea which is good for those who are spending new year's eve down towards its frankfurt itself out over breaking them down at the weather center. the camp good evening guys it's currently five degrees here in thailand tennis look at two minus one at midnight so the courts will be bearable well every language has its own new year's greeting wishing you the best in two thousand and fourteen korean air's. all i knew by the tail and is an expression is easy for them in a new year. plus shifting gears two koreas weather at seven twenty six am told there will be the first in the country to see the sunrise. now keep in
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mind that scholars from the scene few times the normal level to find that self be said to have a match with you. otherwise on new year's day the gto and the stench of reasons including its halal meat in skillet. how is it the acting is taking all of that new year's numbers celebrates its five degrees. well kate winslet and yuki at eight. as for everything. take it outside at all to decrease the month or two and a can that be cute if i and mine is five degrees respectively piniella is ample body the camp on the eyes and i see it. their slow down after broadcasts on this new year's eve and the students of control and thanks for watching and join us again in about half an hour for our new year's eve special bringing in two thousand fourteen the ipkat
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international audiences are all interested in this isn't the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america mrs they're also interested in this is from other countries because that again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format this kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and so therefore its worldwide. i
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like about it it's the mysteries is that. not only are you. what changed the crime drama. but you also just alerted. you know about the closure of the land through barbie and you get the flu in bergen norway through slept through the acts for the londoners you get. you know and ideals would sometimes sleep his life over to the lenders because they're the set in sweden. and of the main character is fabulous to watch his excellent. and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you're one of wannabe in sweden after two seasons. i think scandinavia lecturer suddenly become much better than it was previously. i think pak us and uk have been awakened to a just a question and that to prevent the reading great books for years i think just the combination of pop
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culture and good writing that the state lacks the phenomenon was has brought some attention we tried lots of fun though we like it was the lightness of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that andrea kelly areas very much involved in this grid. so it get it through the books and great fun with our best to address one of the folks that brought back from him. and lo and behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful there exists a look at it and is very very good after i ate i really like the longer series but high time to qualify that because of what some of the irene us. and she is good and that is really going to take off. it begins with irene and doing the karate kicks in your meal is taken when she was she doing you see she's a strong lady. then you see her with
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her family. absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive country so whereas i saw longer for us on. she may end up being my fav. the very pleased that though. within the last year or so nhc is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website design just restocked on because i really feel that if un the united states to have very little opportunity to buy. foreign tv stuff was so high. i just want to spread the word. i was so can you actually helped me to help the aged. apple got them
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so it can be examined apple's new to granny smith and golden delicious apple for the life of the bath and adding some dried cranberries some crumpled up until the cheese. and some yogurt to them using a new order to continue to pray for you but if you prefer. these. he was it's the mindset of a bow the crew the apple cranberry
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and silver salmon. you and knew wounding will. and when i fear that morning was awesome to watch the city oval. which was one point is this i blossomed into a skating fast forward lines and injuring thousands. also the sign on the machines of all changs and seventy three posts in intercepting the talks. i just don't want him to still spreading my wet before they reach that destinations. did he ever of relations and breakthroughs


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