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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  January 21, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PST

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will will will will will eye fan. its. the continues weeks off they share in this week that the soul. was shut off the face treason charges all of me in a limited action in bottom of the edge
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over the sandbar talks international committee questioned the credibility of the woods. well he thought and i'm still up so did we all didn't give up this song it opens with this land grab a coffee shop. it's a. i know what the dt. well the president of pockets on gender carvings musharraf would know more you read the bill. he's facing charges of treason. but he's not attending the call tracking forehead. for sure enough time to support those sick for the charges of florence and it's getting one two weeks. the focus on the court to assume that takes minutes before the movie's most of the must attend his next court hearing. despite his lawyers arguments that he is and will have to. he has been in hospital. ever since
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something just came back on its way into the trees and tried last week. it was good to see what his medical report provides no reason for him to skip the next court hearing. security concerns prevented him from attending any of the civilian killings portillo has done it too though the cinema shows should appeal before the court on the sixteenth of deadly the short hairs so washing the intercepted bill the key old dispensation all possible presence of jennifer was for show because corporate continue looking. with the demolition of two sixteen people don't read most of them. fourteen all of the queen got washy the court as a separate so beautiful. if there is no formal report of the directors conditions have deteriorated and go to rules
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by sixty seven said the bill said he was gone because he has gotten addicted to suspect up for the institution of debussy and fall of the majesty of justice. many people have fewer reports of this illness with skepticism. as they did the security scares. his defence team say prevented him from getting bored. once those cavities on twenty four seven well. these bus full of intrigue order to face trial for treason by this time which has a history of on the moon. if found guilty he could be sentenced to death or life in prison. it didn't deal with all this to ms for the quarter pole but unfortunately this and this gets to the guard said
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the bombers which is across a good dog is headed by me on the varsity will do that kinda boston who has bought an awesome animosity whether boston not up to see god's gift of a job because his bomb went off the board on what does it also would nineteen ninety nine. sheriff also faces separate charges of motor industry to go to the city the treason charges relate to this decision in two thousand and seven to suspend the constitution and impose emergency rule. which it says all the accusations against him are put into a little too late. the arts all thought. this satisfied. from the proceedings that are being conducted by the special book and read all that moshe to them. i didn't
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want them out on live from the crosses of it all the dosh everyday. meanwhile formal christian possibly some dotty be disclosed to the end and support. since stepping down to face corruption charges the school sessions the average of two eighteen gently. when it would decide whether to formally ended on the phone with the dough for the next drive taking money daunting and the illegal construction of the total down on them. this is the residence. this is a body denies all these challenges eye. since. why does mom wanted was to deviations in bonded h. d. mcd's nineteen people dead in clashes between police and opposition supporters who have denounced
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the vote. trusted to know that owners of the nation's thousands of protesters five on putting stations and store bought it because. did he lie to get across the south asian nation ute in sunday's elections because bought daunted by the mideast not respond to the bnp. the main opposition party the international community has shunned the addictions is in full. the new unit to tell me things up. i mean that for us all after buying the shoes to read up on the bottom line reads the fine tuning the cake she baked the sinking fund to his addiction. instead she gets
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the money. born into. utility the two. in putting. the key but not me. they can be the focus back and forth from god. but that the sch but getting to bed. it is always a chance at all. let's be real issue and that's that th. at this step if it is the bomb. that big of a dead at hospital bed. two very different but in december to love. estimate the cost to the scene. it is her most
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awesome of her cause with this. this little boy caught a total find a thick sheet of canvas art and ideas. but it did and forwards. the port's flesh and my intention to list as solid and dated it as a force like a princess. its body. like what the temple supporters of an independent candidate. you do. but that didn't hurt the best. a senior at. sixteen. once a
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week events. speaking to you more different. i speak to the stage. it just takes guts the eye what you see in me is basically a ball game between the two sides. and they are next to me in total and ten environment ministers to stop this. those home game of politics mostly to infect all of that depends on the two nd division smart to call this the heat. then don't hesitate to say that you know the fate of democracy and to the people of this country the list is to the persona than any of the total
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having stayed there until people come to give the opening of the common cold but they cannot succumb to be the focal point as disconnected. i think you should realize that you know it the what is happening is not in any manner. for digital printing process not to put the people's interests the other. she has the coolest funniest guy strikes. it lasted two months of each article. to that. in nineteen eighty six in hd what what did that i'd be thinking. assists. what a
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funny touching and know that it's pitifully also more than often we bought this on the encoded into high but awfully well. islam about this consistently snatching the magical feel to buy fish me by force. but this time it will get it when not accept the few songs to fill his designs often and cutting stitching done the iits going to stretch of the omen. with the pos countdown is on the instruction with the newest and coolest song mixes of box office bombs northwest from the province this is a clear case of the good background but what is wrong. people in the league if the country partly in protest. white beauty of the stocking gifts that they produce tom thought
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it was like my old easter hunts and squished onto my jacket. to compensate got the gap and i shall meditate in katy would know they will not copy without god i so wanna but meaningful to the idea. to suppress the end of the open hse by force the deployment of pockets on on the ranges has been put in place. actually it is the knowledge of the un office on top of its total is on. the his son in cooperation with china is making huge infrastructure politics in the region against the international norms and the dog loves to use knowledge box of tickets last fall finishing the skillet dates. these products are facing huge resistance from bill crews had to suppress this baby islam has decided to use polls. thirty eight. this is to take the tube. in its cross stitching. it is
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the port stephens the vacancies. all the students on the game were the forces of make believe me but the aha what i will look ok on to become something more to get optimal week a blast hiking or biking or what to cook well. the audi me knew it we aren't quite nice too. this song is having its way in the region and the local population is assisting some of us move but he does on line they know they have a son he does like states an improvement in whatever sport that by their pockets on the mosque says you can set up the good of the song is just window dressing to be full load. i want what i mean if i get this lovely digital gold was one of the kitty. one of the quality of our cable. i
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need to bust them up for the bus and walk with a good excuse to fail. i read widely and a wonky on me or did look funny. the screen will need to pay about one four full time political deal making it did. the us he said abruptly itv. tony. this was me. like giving them a bit and on the set up. he did not respond to some of bob has done no favors on the people in fact this setup is that i've watched to make people feel that the other top with as the reality is otherwise it is. the markets all we were the two hundred ultimate goal he stood among
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the forty it will stop. it gave the stock the students are good but this time will be there. i did not leave it like to wash. while the rest of the well has made rapid strides in achieving the millennium development goals. you keep up the song is still lacking behind. it all to recreate what was to kill him because coming up off the grid. umaga thought even if the diving stops as in getting a box lid off payment to make a lot of the natural state. i wonder what a good shake and at that moment on all of them in mumbai. welcome back to what
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seniors week saw a ship moving on now. on on the part you do this to the stunning became giddy. now it's going national in forthcoming conditions. opposite the deep structures of the match with the deacon the state isn't going to be a big obstacle in movies or two and a tour of texas. and why is off giving sleepless nights the bjp and the congress to find out and discipline. on the bounty that my antique shop to say it may be seen as a new kid in the dog might reduce the national political parties. off to opes study of almost daily. nixon's with the party is running a coalition government the fact is that it's national commission is giving sleepless nights to the congress and the bjp which has been riding high on the popularity of its being
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counted as noted that moldy office david declared that it's going to go one up in the forthcoming general elections. i love it but it is but yet happy. ha ha me highlighted by the thought he's never tried to call all i've just ended a miserable haha. he did not go unmentioned. recently it's done by sydney is on show that the ahmad the party has made significant inroads in the oven cents us the legends that are beastly house. the team owners just don't know there will be becoming pm. although opened
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in august at the time the camera. here are a key piece in the custody center opened for them. what did our excuse when it gets from the convictions of nineteen thirty two of the jokes on the stove and political bosca can do to keep it simple which the cushion hotel but they suck. gigi got to get our money. he has just formed a government that is going to be announced major concessions part and also limited the walk so. it has also started on anti corruption hotline. x but see these measures may fall to popularize the paci in other states. meanwhile the bjp in qantas says it's all i've watched. the best on abc. you see all the books i die the dogs are some pics of my
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uni was an outrage in the ghetto but let out a lot to convince the judges have some company on the right to demand for high shots of it all. it was she that she didn't yell table to see the legality of the season miguel take you see above is in a chaotic get the weather didn't help our journey haha we feel my heart to god almighty. so i'm pleased to see this to just agree with some of the litigant or so some abt it. jeff beck and call the state of anything it also says hi dad. not long ago pundits were predicting smooth sailing but none of them will be. but often office success the dynamics seem to be changing. what entertainment
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know what it would act as the joker up from releasing an article called shaken day of the music launch of the upcoming action will be going day in india's entertainment capital mumbai the ad. so then the scene and unsuitable to be on the musical the upcoming movie twenty one tuesday in india and to do that. that way. today the same and i still don't exactly two weeks i don't cook till i find kind of accrued interest this guy as he repeated the dough sticking to it i'm sleepy. new updates over
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the festive season. each. i eye. still he's based on the needles smaller tank. we can get employed in the pool the mafia the two greatest of these days but they can become. bailey is going to carry a term that means. one cor. also since it was going to take to stay in icu but separate state that the famous eighteen nineteen seventies. it seems and who still has to give them credit so i did. becky. two cor dividends. they don't work but it got way too small we did. tht was home. yes it
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bono the bcci. it goes and gets the most disputed by the system. you know we use the venue for all that is a decent dangling know the kind of miss it. there was the opening cut the dough was quoted to be ready to open and so when you watch this and we don't understand what's going on. in the end
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and some unexpected good and kind. it isn't about him keep an eagle in suburbia what is going to set up what he does it. i don't want to choke the duty and introduction to the media were six a bullet same and worse performances to be appreciated by our pizzas. on youtube to get the gift of god toward the peak. it's those people would be good don't you get addicted to it that john thune. i think the average and the edge of the top mighty mo camara me of me i could do to me. it was mad because of this
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demand. but he recovered from the ninety odd to bounce into the baking it. he kinda sad that this been going on the deal. on to the disease can be typically i'm going to the songs are composed music to get up and he is to be on to the west indies then you have a stamping up at the dubai international film festival. this mission was a little sticky. i know the favorites to eat it for the bees to the fourteenth it was unfortunate. i took a cpr time. zz zz. we got to come
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to the end of the traditional music stopped they share with him back next week. we want new meal was an analysis of the sub continent. meanwhile noted diving into a set and obviously at the end i end up call. this is not awash in signing off on the up of the entire production team off his face. since the end of the week. i tell you about that. i'm not fine. and all after that. not coffee or
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hot. and one. watch out. emma to see the press each other to accompany us on saturday tested. and second symphony orchestra presenting a seat in the mid teens really need them. the steam to talk to us after they tested. the choice of his pocket to let the antique black heart ctmh next time. i was chosen to open the festival. the opera was staged outdoors the first medieval castles such as pens gave me a sentence us yet this was in the audience for one of the performances. the money is set in attendance in eighteen eighty six. it s a study of memory no aforementioned intends to do anything he can fill in
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the mouth of the bits of binging tnt. good sense to us that this was the weakest team for two day visit the smell of sadly that's about as good as he tends to come to speak and i'm getting the teams typically tv dish at the city delegation discussed bilateral cooperation on investment and for the strengthening political economic and commercial relations. after that its officials from both countries signed agreements on fighting days can offences political consultations movement of people are getting new vaccinations. sign. it is incensed sci this quality is the complete absence of successful he added that tetris in kuwait would cooperate as it keeps the opinion you and the gulf cooperation council
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respectively. knew. during the cd. the following guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. think about this on some sort of. i don't don't instead of making students but it's all been that's the ticket. he has done in time. we have included percent. it was fun to post the court in vietnam to stomach was going for him
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yes that's the main figures in the fall. so be it tomorrow. after bowling ball this disgusts them hooked up the severity of the decade it's a late day some of the animated series but it's because morrison of the cia identity can be. you will the today from france twenty four. allied to the top of the day. monday to thursday at seven pm optional. and
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come on to win. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play the process. you will will will will the eye. it means is that by extension least four people died in the last shiite dominated heads in each district just yards from our car bombing killed five people reading this. russia says it doesn't but she wanted to see him towards his mistake but not exhausted it's up to the financing future


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