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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 4, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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don't. welcome change your world is one and you know tony in tokyo shares a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am markets across asia pacific a debate on sparking concerns and more turmoil could weaken the global economy. japanese and south koreans are at odds over what to call the sea between their countries now
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but maybe that is causing ripples in the united states and members of the opposition party in thailand are challenging sunday's general election arguing it violated the constitution. investors have sent markets across asia on a downward slide in the tokyo stock exchange racked up the worst loss since the benchmark nikkei average posted its biggest one day loss of more than seven months. it tumbled four point one eight percent in at fourteen thousand and eight its lowest close in almost four months. investors pulled their money out of riskier assets such as stocks after disappointing us manufacturing data and fears investors went after safer assets such as the japanese currency. this country and her local equities especially export related issues in growth sensitive shares the nikkei climbed fifty six percent last year the best performer among major economies in the world. since then. many investors have reduced their positions in part because of worries about slower growth in china and
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fund outflows from emerging economies. the index has declined fourteen percent since year end. leading japanese companies are reporting stronger earnings despite the volatile financial markets when a mortar executives announced that their company's operating profit more than doubled for the april to december period. and they're forecasting a record profit for the year through march officials say the group operating profit in total over eighteen billion dollars for the months through december. executives at the world's biggest selling automaker say a weaker yen helped boost sales in europe and north america although sales in the asian region slowed down. they revise the profit forecasts for the whole business here for two more than twenty three billion dollars. it's bigger than the profits toyota had posted before the global financial crisis of two thousand and eight. japanese electronic makers are also doing well struggling manufacture sharp has reported a net profit for
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the april to december period that followed losses for the same period over the past two years. church officials announced a record profit of one hundred seventy five million dollars for the nine months. sales surged over twenty percent year on year to more than twenty one billion dollars executives cited brisk sales of small to midsize panels used in smart phones and other devices demand for solar power cells also rose due to government measures to encourage purchases of electricity generated from renewable energy sources. meanwhile panasonic posted a record crop net profit of two point four billion dollars company officials sent overseas business improved due to a weaker yen on sales of lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles also helped and he touched a revised its operating profit outlook upward for the year through march. the company's executives are expecting their first record profit in twenty three years the reward
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investors through the weekend the tokyo market. i wanted to rule the world this is a quick change the course of the economy. belated christmas. there's more to do in our bike stolen from a brown one. oh but wait it's because he's continued to read it. he called me to chelsea in japan and south korea disagree and want to call the body of water between their countries japanese refer to it as the sea of japan has two south koreans. it's in the east sea. now the dispute over the naming is causing waves half a world away in the united states and its carols from each city has more. i did the lawmakers in the state of virginia is pushing to pass a bill on school textbooks. it would require them to include
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the name ec as well as sea of japan. members of a korean american group have been lobbying for the change lower house can the people if you can take care of them was based on a monday. the bill will now go to court before the full house. the state senate has a ladybug and that the appeal on the same easter a spokesperson for government to carry my colleagues holding tank that if appeal reaches his desk is likely to sign. the japanese government is hers and fishing and to respect that ms mason chief cabinet secretary gus if you disregard as creepy to me and for size to bounce bounce on peace you will be the new way of saving the company's legacy of japan is the only internationally established name the japanese government has announced the international community
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to understand and support named sea of japan. we'll continue to stress our position and respond appropriately us officials in supporting their japanese counterparts at the state department reaffirmed the government's long standing policy of using the name sea of japan. the us for its geographic the standard name for that idea why there is east of the sea of japan. local changes are afoot. some schools and their imams which is thanks to virginia cavalry in today's text books that include the name the sea korean americans have successfully lobbied on other issues relating to japan. add to this event is just as genial sevilla last year. in honor of so called comfort women. many women from the korean peninsula. japan china and other countries
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when forced to work in brothels sitting in japanese soldiers during will blog too instead she has to be paid in other parts of the country in december. a man in texas close to an online petition the white house website calling for the statues remove all. more than one hundred and twenty thousand people have signed it. a counter petition was started to defend the statue. more than one hundred thousand people have showed support for that initiative. both the descents have met the white house mini manifesto for signatures. so the obama administration will now take up the street. in the meantime i know the money meant went out late last month the new york. it commemorates the resolution signed last year by state lawmakers on comfort women the key dates in the us
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highlight thorny issues between japanese and south koreans. right now. there's little sign that they'll come to an agreement. any of them anytime soon. the mid eighty s to low. thailand's main opposition is legally challenging last sunday's general election. the move is deepening the political turmoil in southeast asia's second largest economy the democratic party refused to field candidates is now asking judicial authorities to invalidate the results johansson or eleven tells us more from bangkok. his main opposition party s challenge sunday's general election in court. i'm getting back in the final eight at the constitution. protest is madness to disrupt voting in bangkok and areas to the south to seal the facilities used to store outlets and forced nearly twenty percent off constituencies to cancel their team. prime minister the not too much has pledged
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to look nice in you. i'm not convinced districts the protesters continue to demonstrate team on tuesday call for the vote to be invalidated. i never knew that the bonds that the prime minister quit immediately her art or a democrat nor a low number of voters shows that the prime minister to resign all that. she said no i would like to have re formed as to what it will be a bit tight on him the opposition claims the election finally to the constitution which states that elections should be held on the same day across the country. it's a second time in eight years the democrat conti has one clutching an election the sign around thailand's constitutional court invalidated the polk triggering a minute re coop the division between pro and anti toxin factions has nancy met for a decade. cox is vocal bass lines mainly in the pocket is north and north east where it has consolidated its support through populist policies on the other hand on the other
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end of the political spectrum on the primary urban middle class and the iits who support the democrats and anti government demonstrate is that called for an end to the influence wielded by the black spot that was exiled former prime minister seems to know what is anti toxin alliance restaurants every election since two thousand and one that the opposition and to demonstrate is happy to let me perhaps in the judicial courts. i'm in a tree the protest is located has prevented comment from achieving a quorum to designate a heads of government. if the court and validates a lecture with the vacuum will continue moines to the anti nukes section. sieve the prospect for centuries as a trade hub connecting europe and asia it's becoming even more prominent as the growth of the unsaved countries and china generates major changes in the distribution of commodities that singapore's government is beefing up its plot the seventies with a view to its becoming a matter of time traits at that time
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and stay well it's not have airports. singapore handles the second largest for the most runs in the convoy in the womb. this is the state is aiming to double the volume of convoluted sports can handle. but it hides its status as a transportation hub. some of you. he remains committed to developing to sneak in a while at four hundred pizzas does this make a vessel is one of the largest ships in the world and can take up to eighteen thousand containers thus all sizes are rolling along with global trade and singapore is upgrading its ports to handle more megapixels like this one. two ships with the kids and the kid in response to the growing calling for more that is traveling by sea this allows chip is to reduce distribution costs the average vessel can handle twice the volume that
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protected him. singapore is working quickly to keep pace with that right port officials introduced to the start against a gantry cranes last year. i installed a seed took the altitude flights to waste containers and scans them for information. it reduces the time needed to process twenty minutes. today mia two to five seconds. clint in the brussels can the polls again within twelve i was off of writing. this being the handling of kabul gets the singapore korea and fun to chew over the ports two you can see in the terminals costly to full completion in six years. the wants and the terminals will be up to the team needs is to know that all come with the even larger vessels. businesses
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from around the world of showing interest in singapore sports management know how it meets the company the major japanese trading house all the forks pride that all the retired three years ago all nice and is hoping to combine cocoa expertise with japanese technology and applied to close its been a mostly because of these outside asia it shows that the home nor did not do interviews. we want to comply no automation technology and efficiency as well as from human mechanism with human resources promising to call it that way we can promote our business building distribution infrastructure in developing a common witness the team sent this to make it singapore has long salute as the lights go out connecting asia and buehrle. in the city
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state is nobody to reach its maritime expertise to clean and even more prominent role as opportunities increase in emerging markets. not all and its controlled singapore that wraps up our tent open sun every land in bangkok you do. still struggling with he told its citizens to whom and to proceed. it repeats. she will come. good news indeed so don't open til tuesday. from boeing the world researchers at the world health organization warned the number of cancer patients around the globe could rise sharply especially in developing countries doubly a show researchers say the number of new cancer cases could rise more than
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fifty percent to twenty two million a year in the next two decades. they published the report ahead of world cancer day on tuesday. they see more people in developing countries will likely get cancer as their lifestyles change. toledo researchers note that more than sixty percent of new cases of cancer are in africa asia and latin america. they want governments of those regions to do more to prevent the disease and to detect give her away. researchers say one way of doing that is to make it easier for people to get health checks. they also say raising tobacco taxes in regulating sales of sugary soft drinks and alcohol would help cuts the risk japanese prosecutors are looking into shady dealings that could tarnish the image of a transportation icon. they suspect officials overseeing construction a machine gun same bullet train line. these companies an inside track on how to price their beds. the prosecutors
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raided crt tv. the japan railway construction transport and technology agency and they searched offices of equipment engineering firms that took part in the bidding. those firms wanted to supplies snow melting equipment for the topeka shinkansen line gere tt had placed thirteen orders by the end of last march when more than two hundred forty five million dollars. some of them is j r t t officials accepted were within one percent of what they've been prepared to pay a possible sign of collusion that person connected to a suspected firm told nhk that officials had given suggestions for good prices crt tv would have had a problem. i know has been successful for some parts of the line. i entered officials look to the first round of it then went to the cheapest firm and told managers have to place their bids for the second round. prosecutors
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suspect chair tg officials help companies with contracts of parts of the line could start operating on time. in the spring of two thousand and fifteen. ay ay ay members of the association of southeast asian nations are working to get closer together and they are aiming to launch a joint economic community of next year. a key symbol is the network of roads that will link half of the ten os and countries are for construction has already increased the flow of goods people and money. nhk world and thought oh yeah monday i went to find out how all of the completed cord or would change the region. no money is expected to reap huge benefits from the weak hearted. we all play so was dumbstruck. trucks up close on three naughty and only this time a feat he still is
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the people in a condo. they laughed at when bundled with the filly me on the and china ye must have felt so free show all sixty three real people. the company shifted from the thirty two c three am to see it that cold flu thing. mia month economy has improved. girls go with it for that too cutesy about eight hundred pounds stressful times of the blood of the cuticle. to find his comedies going to be on it's own fault was ok so i'm going to call me corny. must try these come when you don't stuff it was to serve beef between bmi and kind. cctv the wheel experience well enjoy the advantage of being here first. so will be fully prepared for market integration in twenty fifty
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these japanese affiliate get from these interesting to move the phrase. the five storey main fix hundred thousand i can fold growth in that year. he complied scrolls and troops mainly from china. so you folks just want to cut five goals based on cost each piece of the month to transport troops by a sheet to young home the huge delays clean bill would cut back to ali the rolls and upgrade the classic shown at the high board that these narrow winding and no forty eight im us government is speeding up but won't the economy according to. this leads to as core door to me omar is fully completed
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the indochina peninsula will have a road network in all directions. that's very appealing. this week jeff bower is not the only country trying to gain dealt with holding them. there are a few when dough. explain that and cause me and how cute can the study noted that goes red shawl over and on and as i try to complete the grassy you. and us as we all follow as vital and sweat for five hundred megawatts the mop up for. to borrow me why i was going to deprive its government about the project to be the future. paul hunter to do this we'll call it the downside to using duo of ralphie from a line drive homer young gold coast to
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the economy according to the realities of gold was to show it leaks don't keep it open and the use of a fight to plant city didn't play to housing in wales. all but one hundred times the peep is the key. the ability to develop the complex but twenty fifteen and soon we hope to contribute to the country's economic development. lots of apple infrastructure and to read as chief counsel bowery from this. japanese firms mainly due to a premium on hot coals i exchange it for us. and totally umaga in which he wrote the young bull. people in parts of central and eastern europe have been battling heavy snow and freezing temperatures the weather left one areas without power and stranded many more terrorists the single round of snow across the region show an eye
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damage our lives in slovenia a quarter of the country's home suffered a blackout seven percent of schools remained closed and some railway services are suspended. engineers are trying to restore power but making slow progress neighboring countries including germany have sent generators. more than three meters of snow in northern serbia drive cars and buses to a hold on major roads over one thousand stranded motorists have been rescued in our meteorologist rob expected takes it from here robber. o allah i e add you haven't seen the heavy snowfall here across most of the balkans off through eastern europe the good news is a leader in the seat in next three days is some improving conditions now what's been going all the cool clear is the high pressure. the siberian high off of a rush it now it's thirty pax was the sweet that one stubborn lol on after another down here was a self that is going away and we are seeing is much milder weather
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going in to weaken accidentally fee of up to two degrees until it still sounds silly but a death only improve in belgrade getting up to thirteen degrees there and that doubled as budapest up to six is a bulb above average temperatures so the police and improving conditions in our attention is now going away from eastern europe wax has done a look back towards western year because this is where the severe winter storm is right now we are seeing is this one come onshore it will be bringing widespread snow fall to the alpine region some areas fifteen twenty five centimeters could be expected here. across the british isles and regions where i do not want any more rainfall especially the southern portions of the uk he still could see thirty to forty millimeters of rain but also across much of the iberian peninsula. as this just continues to push on shore so the next seven days rain showers are to be n roman much of italy for that matter you've been dealing with flooding rains as well and expect that going through your wednesday. let's talk
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about the winter weather across japan as well not the sea effect snow but today all we have been seeing and across the console area is some snow fun thing to do a video coming out of northern congo and coaching the prefecture here where twelve of nine centimeters the team the lead up on the ground in the same snow band for starting the afternoon we see these images coming out of debt start of the centaur stop across the field but radiance of accumulation very light in some areas and then it moved on towards come i got what they need overtook chiba prefecture. the rest of the piano like a sad bc effect snow machine continuing to crank up year some years to see ninety seven meters before this is all said and done in the least along the pacific coastline that's moving away fair conditions expected going through your wednesday here cross much can one stay on the topic of snow fall. i think to video first of new jersey year and also new york city. now remember this one in four hours ago new jersey
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hosted the super bowl and that definitely been a very interesting story if the snow did occur but liquor twenty four s later in cause this absolute have a motorist out there this is not new york city on thousands of flights this prompted him to cancel there and to be a city across much of the mid atlantic states as well as commuting a big mass total of the status of the break and whether that's not happening another storm system coming out of the southern plains move across the ohio river valley why it's going through tuesday here of about twenty five to thirty centimeters of snow to be coming with this thought the mets in the freezing rain so does dangerous travel weather out here in the ohio river valley identity gusty winds. even the severe weather threat mixed in with that the audits after staying on the call side denver will lean minus seven there for a hike on tuesday. this is the forecast. i am to noon
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and. i know. people in a
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port in northern japan have prayed for a good catch of cod and sea fishing the review. this is the beginning of spring on the old japanese calendar and fishermen in the city of me to hold an acceptance that are marketed by holding a special festival the committee approves of the event. some three hundred years ago fishermen appeared about forty cars each weighing more than ten programs to display at the festival fishermen and children paraded from the port to a shrine two km away with the cops switched it on bamboo poles. they hung the cut in the shrine grounds and prayed for him to catch this year. most of the middle of the lives of my sons in law. i'm happy that we could repair on offer at the shrine local fishermen and unable to go fishing. only half the usual number of days so far this season because of rough seas i guess there's a
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line for this hour and you know town in tokyo. riots the offer. his duty to do
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when sitting on the beach you can phone booth the holder's speech to the acoustics of this. it's a showcase of the week. warren court of industries. isn't it gorgeous. it was discovered each week. all in great need
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this year. i am. i've. and new. it's true so gradually buried under incessant points she will only be good for cushioning. it is an area known for heavy


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