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election and eight. knew. you knew you were willing will the heat of the studio's hitler as well thanks for joining us our heads. if the minister is in berlin looking for german support for eu membership bid. a summons to joke about summer after organisers. so this time to impose sanctions on yet. off with just three days to go till the winter olympics germany's athletes are already on their way to sell. the prime minister of
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higher hurdle on such germany to give its support to anchor his bid for eu membership but he's getting a very cool response from the german chancellor and burleigh turkey's membership talks had been repeatedly delaying overt new concerns over the country's human rights record. gemini is also worried about the crackdown on protests and a corruption investigation involving the ones government everyone's first port of call was a foreign policy think tank in berlin. he delivered a speech where he argued the european union needs turkey more than the other way around. he sidestepped a dramatic fall in the value of the turkeys leroy. and brushed off alleged corruption in his government and called an investigation into graft a judicial coup. it caught on yet. cic see conan night
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structures of the indian against democracy and stability of the mass attack has been boarded on it due to a steadfast pasta. it will witness a diet that nice next stop was the chancellor rhee where are the one dollars and the miracle to provide greater support for turkey's application to join the eu. konerko has been openly skeptical of mosul turkish membership adding that there was no timeframe for the process. she was more positive on the issue of syria. metcalfe said germany would look into providing more aid for syrian refugees to be on time. but we agreed that germany will re evaluate how much it can help turkey come with its burden of about seven hundred thousand sharing expertise in color on its border with syria and that the tuesday and all the steps in a few things done. they're the ones visit has been accompanied by demonstrations. protesters accuse the prime minister of abuse of power and cronyism
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was a german castle and not backing turkey's bid for eu membership where can this all possibly go. john bennett joins us now from our parliament is to use john is gone. essentially wasting his time trying to win support from casablanca. luke johnson who has always been very skeptical about for eu membership protected. i think that's not so much because of the country and religious differences as the political one. techie them on instead of taking founded in the nineteen century is a very essential a nationalistic or the classic cotton striped and the whole ticket to become a full member of the eu would mean giving up a lot of its sovereignty really changing many essential things about the nature in the nature of the turkish state and that's a very huge offer to john mellor was holding a mass of election rally here in berlin to listen on that. will
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the attacks against the post in someone to elect a new president and the frontrunner in the selection will be a bit too tired and a lot. and of course he's using this visit to berlin also copy as an electioneering campaign there are some three million ethnic turks in germany and said because of a change in the electrolux and turkey many of them will be eligible to vote and of course this valley is also being carried live on turkish television. the assyrian refugees were also discussed by tackle an area long. anger feels has been left alone with his costs. yes it does notice the new dc causes of the medium. i'm an refugees in turkey from syria and the add on was really crying his head in his criticism of the un security council saying the turkey as use it as being left alone with this problem. interesting lee said she supported him completely as he completely agreed with him. she said that johnny was
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prepared to use its influence with russia to try and improve the situation break the deadlock. they have done this already on the case of chemical weapons of being partially successful and will be using its influence again in this way. john barrett for a center for leicester city as john thanks very much until their european political news germany has threatened to push for sanctions against ukraine in a move that has sent sparks flying between the two capitals. with key of summoning the german ambassador for an explanation now the latest development came on a day the ukraine parliament failed to agree on curbing the president's powers of the storm he did it the nation is increasingly divided with protesters demanding that president they see uncle mitch said. stalin was conditional cool the sanctions is welcome news to these anti government protesters. the weak state the new gene foreign governments to exert pressure on kiev. the gym and foreign ministers said the decision
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would be made soon. he is onto one end of a shy. the we must use the sanctions is afraid of sidon. we must also be written to decide whether to impose them. if he expected progress in negotiations to materialize in the next few days. so the inside. the foreign ministry in kiev reacted quickly and some in the german ambassador the prospect of ukraine's teesside sitting down to it all seems as unlikely as ever the session on that began with a display of apparent unity rivals sang the national anthem and even before it was out of the fact he meets the separate its own position and is cool the interior minister mentor the section of the government to lift the chamber. the opposition wants you to take action. i guess it's time to do something. in any announcements and all statements. eu foreign
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policy chief catherine ashton is due to a grinding key he's planning to hold talks with but the government and the opposition. he's gentle willing to chill and financial aid from the eu but no sanctions. let's get the very latest now from our correspondent boss ian harte age he joins us now on the line from kiev boss image of ambassadors been summoned for working adults. it should have been reported that he would come in for a minute say from what i heard him but that using the word of diplomat. it was a friendly competition about the difficult situation in ukraine so we don't really know what the circumstances were there but i think it pays to do that the action for german minister steinmeier has brought into play where definitely an issue in the competition prospects for such elections is a possibility it might work out very well for president the art of it. but
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so it apparently it is said that he is ready for the full parliament and call a parliamentary election. that probably more a threat to the members of parliament from his own party because some of them. the family have been thinking or attempting to teach and i think of all that the opposition in the eye on certain issues and painting on a puppet to come the majority in parliament though you probably wanted to get those people back in light of the best at the political gridlock year and we heard today from vomiting and a prostitute. it says that there will be an evil plan is to know the president that it's the return of difficulty which is scheduled to happen on friday stocks are useless and to see him smile. from europe to asia now planned peace talks between pakistan's government rapid pace of representatives and the militant talabani. got
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off to a chaotic starts when government negotiators failed to turn up. the lamont spokesman arrived at what we're supposed to be the first round of talks but the government side canceled is that they wanted clarification on who exactly was representing the insurgents was some confusion over who would speak of it all on the run up to the talks. the group nominated figures without appearing to have consulted the books now still to come on this program countdown since aunt sheila to one of austria's big medal hopefuls for the gifts. first we'll take a look at some other stories making headlines right now. should i. the war crimes trial has begun in france the former rwandan army officer house go to the commonwealth is accused of orchestrating massacres in the genocide that killed hundreds of thousands in the nineteen nineties. he was arrested on french territory this is the first of around thirty cases france's process the day long standoff with a suburb of tunis is left of
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the seven militants and one police officer dead. reports say that the business leader melted audi was one of the scale. police believe he was the mastermind behind the assassination of the leading tunisian politician at last thailand's opposition have launched a legal attempt to meld the general election held at the weekend the opposition boycott of all. and prevented thousands of polling stations reopened comes amid a three month conflict to oust the government of prime minister jean looked in a lot the opposition accused of corruption. what germany's long list of elite and powerful acts of leaders from the world politics sports and media is going ever longer from the media mogul option browner to feminist alicia pasta and buy a new president willie known as they'll share a few things in common. swiss bank accounts and a feeling of being so exceptional that the usual rules just don't apply to them. a massive
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backlash is growing and the is demanding stiffer penalties for multi millionaires who've been untouchable. that is until now. several high profile germans have found themselves in the media spotlight because of that accusation the trial of miami in a club president leading tennis is due to start next month. tax authorities raided the home of the head of the german postal service helps to think of in two thousand eight. now the nation on a prominent women's rights activist finds herself the subject of unwelcome attention after voluntarily disclosing her and declared to a spanking can. the law allows them to declaring it cheating to avoid prosecution. the social democrats would like to see his claws removed. it's good to know and speed up but as the tool has to be changed as it stands it can make it appealing to hide huge assets from the tax bill heartaches and people might think that if push comes to shove that
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they can always fill in the form and escape punishment. and a demonic it has cost a thing it seemed. i wish not to impede ten years of back taxes plus interest earlier is outreach to her case was leaked to the media society is to fire line is the first time that someone who made a voluntary declaration has had their case to publicize its the two alchemist will encourage overtime for people who actually decide to do the right thing and not talk with the hype about. whatever the outcome. the latest revelations of prickly issue of tax evasion honey on the german political agenda well the winter leopard skin underway on friday the russian city of saucy the athletes of germany flew from frankfurt airport this morning and included alpine skiing champion maria has unleashed and charged after an aside his fifteen years old. altogether one to fifty three athletes were sent to germany. german olympic sports confederation is hoping to win at least thirty metal. and that's their
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success. last winter kicks in and one man who is also hoping that this star performance and for every one of austria's marcel are sure he's the biggest medal hope for a country crazy about winter sports in our latest such a countdown series we take a look of this remarkable austrian athletes has won many titles in recent years. never feel effects fan the welsh county is home and hold the removal of the scheme title. twenty four year old mosques and get shot in the form of the israelites and he wants to get them going to use auntie often i would be missing out on the matter in the nineteen forties again. the missus says he can weaken it. it's a daughter and a privilege to represent her country. on the hp gets into a winter games are one of the biggest if not the biggest sporting
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events in the world. you spin it. does it have been implemented yet. nasa has dominated the slalom and giant slalom event in moscow canadians. austrian ski fans are expecting great things that came in salty. excluding the elderly man on the wold be gifts to each. see it's enough to sit songs it was so far this season has been going really well so it's promising investment is your guarantee that things will go well it again. it's one of his main rivals in the gulf in spain it's not like i'm giving it to my good friends despite the bible me. you if you tune in to be the fastest time. i don't care who holds the fastest time that's irrelevant. come to god. it's too salty. austria's main photo. now the pressure is on maths and he asked us to believe that. and remember you can get all the latest news on some cheap us back to a report profiles of some of the medal hopefuls at our
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website. it's very easy to remember to give you got the e slash olympics held on to shortbread and be back in one minute. when we were times where as facebook and it has ever future the remarkable story of survival in the open ocean the state. went to study in germany. and you still have lots of questions. you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here. information on courses admission requirements qualifications costs and much more. w don t use to be injured. the first port of call for anyone interested in studying in germany. climate change is affecting us all rising sea levels. i plan to
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join number using want to lie to the streets. oems. and to entire communities. this is their own choice. energy conservation. recycling. and transport. help me jaw line find out what you can see today. the children i thought all. that might've taken him six months. but the us tech giant microsoft has finally appointed a new ad the company's new ceo is soggy on the top. the indian born manager has been with mike saw four twenty two years now. it's a key role in reshaping the company's online services. meanwhile microsoft founder bill gates has stepped down as chair the last thing on the boy is a firm's technology advice for anything. paul writes another big name is facebook passe and all the soon to be overtaken by the newer faster social networking platforms you know facebook is just ten years old. alice may be
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divided over that question but the markets are celebrating after facebook posted record quarterly results and the user base of more than a billion people will walk. those uses are being increasingly more judicious about what information they share on the site after it emerged that credit companies insurance providers and prospective employers not to mention government officials keenly track facebook and other socially he is on facebook is a hugely successful business. justice and the media know what it all again to see and receive seventy two. owning them down these include me in facebook has much more information and the secret service's africa we were using its basically did something like a digital death squad for the world secret service. every click we sell a piece of our privacy. it's more or less a
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form of prostitution. the two it has also provided a platform for an unsettled by teddy in his teens. hundreds of thousands more weeks during the spring revenues responding to calls on facebook. more recently than that life has been used by the ukrainian opposition to mind a nice pen testers the thrust was to make something wonderful and it's something that face that made possible simply because it's a tool that has incredible reached new heights by attack but they still can also be used on the old retiree in his teens. government spending on things infiltrated the online music to spy on the candidates. but it's a case if you need to have a politically sensitive compensation for itself without mobilizing the opposition not only advise against using facebook you should use encrypted to president's day. tell me just ten days. facebook has become a gentle giant. in twenty twelve pounds and not something that successfully listed on the stock market today the share price is strong and facebook is
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steadily expanding its meat won't mind. when the host. i expect a future in which not being on facebook will be a business disadvantaged. just like it is today with google the company which can be found using a google search almost doesn't exist. digital charts. it's business as a result and when i channel nineties more companies are subject to face the music stands and conditions just like individuals. he knows the city he can continue facebook says the state and counties without specific consent. to him. we'll stay still be around to celebrate its twentieth anniversary it's hard to say that there's strong evidence to suggest facebook uses demographics are changing all the news is called still the fastest growing number of teenagers and needing to walk into a time will tell when a
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stock changes will impact the company's advertising revenues in with them. it's called today to see. all he's got only a silver surfer but he's also our own ninety specialist and technology correspondent was praying cause of decline. for more cars into the heavy with us first of all facebook is of course the dominant social media platform right now but will be with us and another ten years or will it go the way of nokia my specs make of it. i'd say it's very hard to predict the future but those two companies that you mentioned that our intro of the costume institute and market development and isn't even predict something like oh so close to the invincible giants of the development is in trouble it's all because they almost induced be tuned into the market of mobile computing i spoke to him on the other hand there is swiftly and in italy. i think that that's part of the facebook's that coker college to adapt to changing market conditions to new challenges. there's even the principal make things that break them which
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encourages employees to have new ideas and test them on to real life conditions. and as long as facebook that manages to keep the cut off the coach i think it will stay competitive. part of what made things go so fast that was offering an ostensibly for the service but we're paying for the service and one way or another we we we all are. to this the saying if you don't pay for sodas and into a tool to customize your merchandise. i don't quite agree with that. it's more like that is facebook and all those selling much my posts today but access to my attention span. and as of this visit is a very old postcard advertising and before the invention of the intimate and what you get tickets before the age of facebook has been dumbed radius to the tv and people to play with us because it's just that with the new technology underlying the internet. it can be better targeted to go with us
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more efficient. imagine newspapers in facebook is changing the way people consume news the other not going to broadcast like this one and only goal was scored at the end they're going to the face but didn't doubt for the evening newscast. what does facebook news means for broadcasters like a deadbeat basically a challenge but we have been noticed we had every media corporation will for the money to adapt to this new challenge. to develop mobile apps for him since mormon use ups and running a successful games but nsw coach steve folkes constant incline great to have young said. when you think about the social media giant facebook. and joining in the discussion on our own facebook page this address for you. on the bottom of the skirt. well from the online world to that of computer hardware and the chinese giant lenovo which seemed to be riding high right now last year became the largest maker of pcs the world has been buying of subsidiaries from competitors like ibm global
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investors are not convinced they think a little is buying spree is misguided. and he said the firm's shares on a tailspin on tuesday on call computer giant lenovo announced its plan to buy the struggling help and company motorola from local jobs before the chinese new year break. critics question the misc the lenovo cel expressed confidence in the latest development twenty two lenovo will help ledger on the back on the pathway of healthy growth in profits and unleash a powerful challenge to the world's largest and second largest month and thirty cents. a lot. samsung apple currently lead the smartphone market with motorola's know how many of the hoax to tell his deposition that many analysts believe the chinese company has bitten off more than they can too. a number of banks including ubs and morgan stanley downgraded their forecasts for lenovo. since
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making the announcement lenovo stock has dropped by nearly one quarter. rumors spread over the weekend the lenovo is considering another major deal. blind of buying a pc business for sony the japanese company has issued a statement saying that is inaccurate. dell lenovo is not alone. world markets as a whole have taken will die in recent days as investors feeling the pressure on a number of fronts thursday market economies are seeing a sharp decline in currency worries the tokyo stock market took a beating on tuesday. export based japanese companies like toyota honda and so neat seeing their shares sink. one us economic data revealing a sharp downturn in us manufacturing activity in january. also weighed on markets. take a quick look at those broad market numbers now starting in frankfurt the dax was down by point six four percent to close at ninety one twenty seven year
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old stocks fifty down ever so slightly. twenty nine sixty two because they're over in new york the dow jones industrial average is actually turning up on half a percent at the moment fifteen for fifty is where things stand in the euro. a little bit down against the dollar one thirty five ninety. about time for a story about surviving against all the odds of porcelain salvadoran fisherman is trapped in the store. loses control of the special ends of the draft on the stormy pacific ocean was no protection and storms with the sun for get this more than a year. that's what ultimately happens to host a wedding guests who was carried more than twelve thousand km from mexico to the marshall islands and the pacific coast guard found him last week he was back on solid ground up to more than a year. it drifted see supported by a nurse cause a battering get stepped on to
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the gst imagine row in the marshall islands ap story is true. he has a real all the scene behind you. his adventure began in mexico on the twenty first of december twenty twelve of their anger and a companion with shark fishing boat was in court in the store. the motion failed and the pope could not beastie it. such policy sets out to find them. it had no luck. corio without it the media's attention and went out to look for him including his boss he set sail with a friend but now we've discovered that on the batting has returned the product of the time. as he told his rescuers to seal any control station sea turtles and goods. he said his companion died at sea up to four weeks of the ordeal his family who live in silver spring in the us state of maryland are overjoyed at
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the knees of his survival moveon the hill and go to my mother would only say he's not dead. and then i would say mom i don't get your hopes up. now i can say that a mother's intuition is never wrong. when the filly he said all that is known for sure is that the tearing down one stop on keep going until last week in the damaged by the gods but to wearing any attentive parent has its despite these tribulations his physical condition was good. he was discharged after spending just one day in hospital and is now waiting for his flight home. and we're looking for to a full account of what happened last year. so it's time for your deed of its actual us to join us. it was good to have you with us please do keep on watching giggling about
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the two. all sticky from france twenty four. allied to the top of the day. one day concert at seven pm optional in particular. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play the process when the chair
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it's evident that all men are created in the color red we already know the direction of about billion on monday he not the pd. rich is the most powerful country. moon. i i i in. what's the story each day excludes any team that works the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting your age so it's good to hear. seventeen with me thanks to a doting aspect that i can say that stealing is just too new and it makes
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the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks windmill men. i was. using it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some and chevron bp aloft on high alert for two lights white tights coastal towns and cities up and down the hatches in preparation for the photographic store


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