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the news. egypt has demanded that are extradite one of the most influential sunni muslim clerics in the middle east muslim brotherhood supporter you to all current tally is one ten alongside steve is a myth. president ma but more state in connection with a nasty outbreak during the two thousand and eleven uprising that i was did the hakim a bar of dark alley has previously condemned the pope saudi arabia's support for general policy feed the army backed government and the wealthy gulf states were there if you soak the handover wanted the judge in cairo i think
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used to tar and its tv channel al jazeera of supporting the brother of three of the station's journalist currently face charges of aiding egyptian belonging to the banned group now labeled a organization the world health organization has warned that the number of new cases of cancer worldwide is set to rise to twenty may in a year like twenty twenty five according to a new report by the international agency for research on cancer in two thousand and twelve there were an estimated fourteen million new cases every year the roos specialized cancer agency designed to start seeing a rapid rise in the number of cancers worldwide particularly in low and middle income country at the booth laboratories in the french city of real scientists are able to analyze people's souls in an effort to improve cancer treatment and prevention thanks to the laboratories contain some six million human sample collected from one point five million of
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the people around the world the chairman has great history of being sworn into it of its head to the us central bank succeeding tampa ninety and becoming the first woman in the one hundred year history to become the head of the federal reserve. she is a proven leader. and you stop just because his birth. of jan is exceptionally well qualified for this role. she served in leadership positions at the fed for more than a decade. yemen who hails from a tuition broken family will place a wide variety of challenges during the forty eight am. according to economists. continue to see what we've seen already danielle and it will likely be a little bit softer and monetary policy more inclined to print money. a film like to keep interest rates the short term rate policy
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rate at b is there a longer than the day he would have the economists are turning south. we can just get out of it because it's been too which means the world. and today people are becoming too dependent on cheap money last week during the nineties loves teaching this gem and the fed announced a second ten billion dollars reduction in complying with the idea the right to be texting from the car wants to be seen policy. what we expected the dollar strengthening our stock prices and bond prices fall into emerging markets but this is a necessary adjustment people in the plot of the world as in the us housing market has become overly dependent on cheap wine. well i don't believe the crisis so it is going to be an adjustment but the longer we wait the more difficult to just pick and a yemeni who testified before us. you might dislike for this month in losses expected to be the first appearance as head of the fed's commenting on my entry policy and the economy. could i
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gaza based terror groups like twenty eight repeats of this trial in january three times as many as the average month in two thousand and thirteen according to new defence against at least five of their stroke its claim to residential areas of the southern seats the basket on what intercepted by the wind died missile defense system. it's the statistics were published in the same way come after me it is snowing hundred strong rocha preventing falls from the moment of boredom with drool came up to the israeli air force nor street under a tree strikes aimed at destroying terror activity helps with stuart seventies in gaza are some in separate the mass is made as a green light for terrorists if it is right though recent attacks on israel uppity tipping carried out by french crepes determined to undermine the hamas regime the increase in rocket fire may need to break in ceasefire agreed in two thousand and twelve following the operation of defence
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force to combat excessive broken fire from gaza into israel israeli intelligence minister you folks join its has said the military could invade gaza and topple hamas if the rocket fire continued defense minister moshe get on the oh so wet that the high mass with a heavy price if it could be in place it's a farsi on the enclave fan the sudden death of oscar winning actor philip seymour hoffman. you are in the recent rise in related drug overdoses in the federal government survey says the amount of americans using has doubled to over six hundred thousand from twenty oh seven to twenty twelve. or of his body was discovered after an edited their win over dips with a syringe to his arm. the actor went to rehab for his twenty three year long struggle with drug and alcohol abuse last year medical officials say the actors that reaffirms that reputation is a lifelong disease. philip seymour
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hoffman. stop using drugs and uncle for many many years but the relapse. and that's who could direct a sign that addiction is going to see you soon goes one. the easter rising euro in use across the united states could be because of its use and availability. so i could go a full two more off the press trust of the matter until the late due to a lot of people of jonathan returned to her one. one big question for six or old actor's death is why would a talented man in the high court's history or heritage and strokes the people in the tube in his acquaintances who would see him walking around in it which notes that he seemed to be. i just got a bit dorky speech that he does it seem to be himself. so something was going on with him he could of been for probably the best and this they have been his way of trying to achieve some of feeling of normalcy or your just not be so stupid i just envy. it's so pain by depression. the overdoses confer often lead
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to a long list of entertainers to come true to the last decade. the actor corey monty died of an accidental overdose of and alcohol and scooter india into the trucks were also the cause of death that just really an actor heath ledger in twenty oh eight and singer whitney houston in twenty twelve . the danes us secretary of state john kerry expressed a great deal of concern in regards to israel's position in the international community he said the stock sale billy's morning referred to potential economic sanctions on israel. some strategic experts believe that there was more to it than that. mr prince time what exactly do you believe that scary insinuated in his recent remarks basically carries calling a spade a spade in the sense that um as long as israel he's received by the world to be engaged in
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the process that explores the possibility of two states for two people the so called two state solution. den de the ability to do to demise is very limited. but do real threat of scary is that he has built the legitimacy. two called two state solution the lower elements which means kerry is slowly building still still positioned to say to the world. i've worked hard on explored every possible opportunity. and my conclusion is the principle of two states for two people is no longer a viable and therefore the few does not the floodgates opened for the conversation above the one state solution and this is the big under these pointing to the head of israel was israel's situation around the world when it comes to boycott divestment and sanctions known as the bds movement. the bds movement as it is right now he's a concern but it's a company called they nibble concern. it's an eye on base in the thick of things with movement and therefore it cannot be gained traction but
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those of the constitution mises of israel are gaining ground in the sense that they are using the continued control of israel over to the student population the condition of his many arts was going on with the bad brains as tools to undermine the legitimacy of the state of israel all this which is now relatively contained could explode at the moment. removing to a new reality was switching to new reality. with a two state solution is basically explicit iridescent the committee rather than because john kerry after all these efforts failed then the bds movement becomes extremely powerful. people often confuse boycotting companies and products manufactured in the settlements with boycotting israel. it is often confusion between bleak looking off on books from the sentiments and bleak looking israel. when the boy took us on the bds movement it's the same. because the bds movement only uses these issues in order to further honed israel down and there are alternate vision is
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the elimination of the political model of the state of is of scientists involved are people out there that's when the boy caught the sentiments. the action the legitimizing israel because what actually saying is whatever comes from the west bank. he's not legitimately in the senate on top. but on the other side of the mind. it's illegitimate these are the products. what is israel to do at this point in your opinion. this isn't that the decisive moment with israel's top political leadership. if they say yes the framework agreement of carrie is no moves in my one direction is to say no is the moves in and out in another direction. what is at stake right now the existence of the that the convict them i think most of the state to visit. as we've come to mind right now which is fundamentally based on international legitimacy the ultimate objective of zionism was always to get the point where there is a jewish state to realizing the right of the soviet domination of the jewish
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people acknowledged by the world with biden actually agreed internationally endorsed borders. we have the procedures we have not seen jordan except with areas of the west bank. today we have international recognized border with gaza. we have international recommend border with lebanon. and they're still building issues are syria and the west bank so this is a very decisive moment for israel's national security and the love and tremendously important for us israel has seen many rounds of negotiations over the years attempting to reach an agreement with the palestinians. but according to the grand stein feeling of peace talks this time around may very well marked the end of the two state solution in the eyes of the international community free jn one nine seed honor babe israel . british foreign
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six re william hague has told the uk parliament breaks and disco plenty of time in nineteen ninety four golden temple attack against the separatists in the week so he said the country's advice of a negative impact on events. the rate on the temple located around two hundred and forty miles north of the ten day was one of the most abundant in the government's tussle against insurgents the death toll figures remained distinct its secrets claim thousands took to the authorities put it in the hundreds game with the rate was to flush out from sikh separatists it amounted to an independent study. i made the comments up to recently declassified documents suggested and prime minister margaret thatcher since then the special forces to like india on the right on the police are no alteration to his toes and ground assaults without the element of surprise and without a helicopter pullman elements. to cap the second
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ripple that fulcrum use of the uk military offices advise had limited impact on alterations and stopped the attack and into the assassination of prime minister indira gandhi in revenge for sending in the army to the golden temple riots flared across much of north india in a tribute to his assistance was to advise that it limits the time provided to the indian government has an early stage but it had limited impact on the tragic events that unfolded at the temple three months of flight time. though there was no link between the provision of this advice and defense aisles. and of them is no record of the government receiving advance notice of the operational needs comments might damage in his tone and congress policy which places challenges in the run up to this may's general election seats increasing have been reacting to the stake. closing the store indefensible have been known to form beyond the sea can get is something that we still feel that the truth has come out. i
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think both sydney and kids whining a little religion towards this goal so i suggested the building donald towards with the governments of course that it will happen to the us many people will lighten its mobile service too. sikhs make up about two percent of the hindu majority and its population of one point two pm each night in india has maintained strong cold front social ties following the end of the british raj in nineteen forty seven a fast moving storm that swept into north east of the united states bringing back the combination of freezing rain and snow assault force and cancellation of flights in some traffic travelers leaving it in your city area after the super bowl weekend are facing long delays at the airport and snow covered dangerous roads. according to national weather service the snow could still be consistent philadelphia new york and based on the set to hit the ceiling to the near city and killed about cia warning residents to be ready for anything encouraging people to use transport and stay inside if possible. some
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one thousand seven hundred flights have been canceled nationwide according to flight tracking sites like to wear in cities including philadelphia newark new jersey and new york . do you thing spring to mind in egypt amid its reunion multiple two of extra virgin olive oil the use of success in spain when company's coming on exporting to the needs and its products abroad. and the reason for the very first time this product will be available to potentially millions of new customers because it is just being granted said to find kosher status. planning on trying to silence all the plaintiffs in the benefits of olive oil in a well known to many of the mayans used to be found
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the leaves here it's in the pumpkins we got up only used to make extra virgin olive oil which means it is just mechanically and it's no temperatures when they decided to move to new markets becoming certified kosher was one of those objectives. bladder cancer menu featuring student in a us market which we find interesting from product. and it's air. all day and age is coming in today's be important. so with trying to make it easier this way to access not only the jewish people but also man on a really dense and people that define a kosher certification as a guarantee of itt the company was surprised by how quickly the was given the green line to stop at the scotia a lesson that typical press the bell and the rabbi came here and said to five that the production was so great that it was all and in their duties perceptions. and an. didn't we have been reducing the nineteenth and then we
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don't touch anything in any moment of the price as its only say the very keen and its air will do nothing to getting into a silly can and get the next hole over the stumps he causes the system require months of changes to the coaching process one has its roots with these only boil. it's been so stressful it was the answer is simple it's because seats have a natural product it's only dunes of the olympics. and it's only one ingredient which doesn't carry any of there and i did tease or any of the ingredients. because for all the pregnancy have to say to fight each ingredient that is involved in the process but it's not the same in this case because it only one win and being an actual product. so he doesn't have any complications and not being alcohol or around a sacred products night winds it is often said that the secret to spawn is
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cooking is down to just one simple rule. the quality of the rolling begins. so using the great scotia olive oil means that you'll only get the hof way back. this polish the chain on. in spain products egyptian tv channel out to read the full cost of the different december sharing the rest of two jen them as belonging to tolerate a tunnel out to zero. this was it she said to dramatic music chairs security forces questioning al jazeera's acting current era chief mohammed from me and australian correspondent pt grants still belongings including a camera fight the cause of the laptop also filmed in the hotel suite which has been used as an office for the channel the final shot shows the taping led the way to wait in police van. al
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jazeera's offices in cairo that has been closed since the third of july following the ouster of islamist christopher habits molson twenty al jazeera journalists covering the on trial accused of joining or aiding a group no trial date has been set yet out his era has labelled the charges city and no place to reality. relations between the two ticket on have deteriorated since the militant basque government was installed in a crackdown on the brotherhood began the tv station is accused of being biased toward small sea and his organization the seven month crackdown led by army chief of defence of lcc has claimed the lives of more than one thousand people . the many and better. one remarkable young american. it's been a journey that he describes as like moving from toddlers to
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lie to the mites that spotlights the tragedy that was true. what i did some good fights in sales and addictions to the streets the trial of musicians loving parents who also tried out the stadium but grew up in august after sports day before. a lot of violence seen a lot of buzz stroke houston houston and go and also a part of myself i think i started smoking pot the most in the fourth grade i started sewing it on those in sixth grade. also i think the same comforts i got my first weapon offers gut music was exactly the song about things he knew the drugs violence and despair. he was trying out his music wasn't enough he knew he needed something will develop light the new rules series since of like you know
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something's happening to me something changing and that i met a lot of questions in the cycle in x's questions growing up places seattle's all the dogs jewish neighborhood in xp os questions about judaism. to those questions until i do really and sit in the major way. um and by that this rabbi in the world actually identify the times they will have a go go go without them there were none there. with his new five series he took the name to see the mirror went back to the recording studio for the first time in several years out of those sessions k chronicles vol. i use it. so we go. that's what's the status. locals. um with the hope that i could maybe add a little bit of self expression. in answer to
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question key for the act stupid. this same as understanding and explanation of why he is a work in progress but as he is embrace judaism. so the jewish community has embraced him finding common cause in his music. i think that the message is still there was still the same the message of hope a message of growth and inspiration with great spiritual contentment the same as also been able to reconcile his presence with his pops that's the news. some units this was to be able to inspire people and make them that only the will of god the beloved ideologue got to love themselves that the gangsta rap style prose and is now long gone and the label of jewish rapper has given way to that simply
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musician. jenny the missing damien black become the seed is molded just one of religious conversion. it's taken a young man from the shot of guns drugs and pain. and given him hope and joy that he reflects back upon the world through his songs. i intend extant today and gone in seattle . these days timbers altitude isn't the only factor contributing to its reputation as one of the highest us cities colorado's decision to become the first state to legalize recreational sailor consumption of marijuana has sparked a big influx of interest to tourists all the different taste of the greener side of denver for operator such as color iraqi them hide tourists frequent with experience smokers who will show you around bookkeeping seek the approval the company is just one of several of his
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tour operators and embrace color of his decision to become the first state to legalize marijuana for residents and non residents on january first. i let her have a bit dollars into and out. i wanted that has the cages at bay hill was born and my jeans. annie also have a little bay at all yesterday was the view paraphernalia and not traveling with them. it's not too it can still call it what it is actually a bit. they made their first bought the kids click here for is to get by. nobody in the eye going into the wind. and that it would really buy that as us together all the time they did not. big is about
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to get her to bits the three months of my teacher ever for them like children and grandchildren. granted only to be a tinge of bugs. they are. class of such services are looking for discretion and will do as they explore retail outlets to grow and sell marijuana and edible marijuana fruits. waiting for me which has all the edible they started at the restaurant but that did not collapse of the way are lovely and the result we have decided to add a recreational player and the medical side so they do all kinds of become a kid ha site. guests are able to purchase a range of items from their one the streets with names like green correct to thg and cheese brownies gummy candies even cannabis canola cooking or typical cannabis tour will set you back three hundred and twenty five us dollars the comments to you experience life living in the future. it ended with parents age my age or older and for some but that's coming in is only memories that we've brownies and his friend megan college got them really super high. this is a
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whole new world. the sea tourism office is keeping its distance while the ski industry is assuring visitors that the slopes are free in the air is clean. marijuana industry officials estimate that some thirty percent of recreational sales will be made ahead of state visitors facebook has come a long way since its launch in a harvard dorm some ten years ago but mark zuckerberg and then a college sophomore in florida's roommates. it began as a social networking site exclusive universities but quickly grew to become a major. i'll post her connection in countries around the world. i think that the primary change his head on the facebook started out as an icon that started out at the gathering place for kids. let's all find each other were not in a physical space together we can still connect and socialize. its creation was the subject of an academy award winning film two thousand tents and the social network facebook now boasts over and carrying active users and is still the go to place on
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the internet from the two long lost social connections planning activities and organizing groups he spoke at an auspicious beginning. an iraqi initial offering on the nasdaq stock exchange in two thousand twelve to negotiating price and the social media site was thirty dollars a share dottie hundred and four billion us dollars to begin offering up to date for newly listed company that the ipo raised sixteen billion us dollar is the third largest offering a venue the listed company in us history the stock plummeted last almost a quarter of its share value by the end of two thousand twelve though it has recovered since although it's still considered means standard for social networking site had its ups and downs over the past decade from concerns over its privacy policy to accommodate a growing online polling epidemic that despite its shortcomings. there's still another site that does as good of a job in connecting people around the world. i
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i work. i ate the ch the guy the day. more people
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exhaustion when we. says need to start i want all content on the sixth day of the lunar new year eve call me dumb doctor to make a spring all three came t chairman and president of mine till well come in spring for the year of the poison with five fours to relate to the proverbs. expressing determination to work for the colony and the seventy one elections


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