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tv   RT News  PBS  February 5, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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was when we will or will the bon our team since edward cellular field the expansion of the nsa surveillance. nanny and tried to discredit him. among them capitol hill lawmakers attacking both snowed in and the reporter that helped and what this could mean for journalists and their sources i had. and since it news that broke about the death of actor philip seymour hoffman and the dangers of is found in the news and afghanistan the business is booming. now lawmakers in washington are trying to figure out how to stop the flow of into
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the last war and its fronts on the war on drugs coming on and only two days away now from the start of the sochi winter olympic for our brand of the world to come. keith and i present the country's top revealed the preparations from sochi later in the shell the tearing at five pm here in washington dc. i'm liz wall and you're watching rt america. hacking and the hackers for the first time a western government has launched an attack on hand to guess at least now we know of a party for the documents in me tonight former nsa contractor edwards died in an empty night nbc. the mission intelligence agency called the government communications
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headquarters. launched the attack on members of the hacker group anonymous the type of attack map it is being used in this case is the denial of service attack or d alas as it's known that the same method. hackers use it themselves. here's our works the hacker uses that and network love and zombie computers to take down websites by overwhelming traffic to the targeted site anonymous has used this technique against government agencies and corporations activists have targeted sites like paypal or an amazon to retaliate against their participation in blocking funds to weaken weeks. now to look slightly spy agency of the british government wants to get in on him as a test of their own medicine. the documents show that the government to be infiltrated chat rooms where anonymous members get together they mean to scare off about eighty percent of the hacker is. but some people think the government to get too far here and a british spy may have crossed
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the line on citizens' freedom of speech. that's because the hacker group often target sites for political reasons backers say they are in he didn't and civil disobedience knots terrorism. meanwhile edward snow in them and that brought all these revelations to light in the target of debate on capitol hill. one of the day's biggest critics representative michael rogers the chairman of the house intelligence committee. he kayak and downs in sudan for stealing a secret documents but it's not just noting he is out there love is also speaking out against journalists that work with. so fine that newspaper reporter for. fill in the blank. then i sell stolen material is that legal because i'm a newspaper reporter. your newspaper reporter in your talking stolen jewelry it's still a crime. anna from hocking stuart classified material and not legally in possession of four of personal gain and
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profit is not a crime. i think that's a harder question because it involves the news gathering function could have first amend implications that something probably a better answer by the army justice. after that hearing writers zeroed in on a particular reporter. he told politico that investigative journalist glenn greenwald was at the ifs for stealing government information. at that time greenwald published the leaks you work for the guardian now a freelance is from various news organizations and continues to publish information week to buy his source. he maintained that he never sold the documents and has been cleaning out the store since the accusations he greeted me with something that has become pretty sick about the dc political culture and the adl prosecuting journalists is now on this mean streak. for more than a baby on and journalists and their sources i spoke earlier to journalists and wiki link spokesperson christian conscience and should first ask him what he thought of
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the accusation and journalists who publish known and weeks are committing a crime. the looters. nothing new though it's been going on is getting for the past three years since it would be important. for those revelations. and to issue the messenger and the indian act to criminalize the germans it's an option he told me to say that christians are from james copper who last spring. lying to congress which is of me and that no one is talking about bringing him to justice which features may be committed to uproot release is a convenient means of two years in prison. i mention that this is the way to go after journalists this language that were hearing from people like copper and that journalists. glenn greenwald shares the same cents min and you wanna bring
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up this week i'm related to this he says quote the main value and the andaman our theories and prosecuting journalists is the hope that it will bolster the climate of the year for journalists on. now christine least not the same attacks against jillian assigned for publishing leaked document on his website wiki weeks i covered the grammy winning travel extensively in there and this was one of the issues that came into play what similarities do you see krista not between the two cases the human room in the woods. i tend to toulouse to blue to green when we gaze into the eu does the case against him. i mean as you can effectively was on hand to basically the crew created a slew of winter leagues the untried cooler and increasing the skills to open in nineteen seventeen of us. he has as its own. and
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let them forget that the media investigation into when he expanded into the restaurant is still ongoing. it has been going on for now he is the secret and your instant operation in the west virginia. and of course uses of intimidation and against your listing and against the virtues. and we have seen this estimate the next extremely serious and he's there. this is something that all who have to take and took on that finally stand together and then push back against it. i now love my grinder is there the wrappers in every her from earlier as ramadan at the forefront of obliging these accusations. can he actually went as far as to say that down. we actually know the causes of this exchange between the eu. at this hearing yesterday. a
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question that was directed to the chairman of the defense intelligence agency's like one. do you believe that mm there's any indication that the nsa contractors was now in moscow might be under the influence of russian intelligence services chairman i don't have any information to that effect his name so either they are really trying to get some evidence that snowed in is in fact working for the russian is what you think about this chris and i tell them bout this claim that snowden is working for the russian salad displayed and we heard there at least mean you're any evidence yesterday in this hearing. you never knew you needed an integral it is no evidence to go to the justice but this is of a team that has been going on for quite some time until it was here since last summer. this song
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over this war. he could crush it is. it goes. conspiracy theory that. we cannot years ago when she meets. meanwhile dimensional. he then saw last year. and bully is it is supposed to be. i want to go with the head of the fsb and russia and his friends. these two people including pork with ease. is it only reaches the shootings. terrorists without any annie and as with any proof whatsoever. they knew who it to you to listen to my road shoes. it is. this is a person who can opener as session in parliament. a person's privacy. it was not violated in the person didn't know that it's as if she had
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been violent. th is the kind of politician in dealing with it so it is these guys used to to be honest. i ask you because i know well while rogers is what he would say and those that hold similar beliefs as head of an email at if you work with classified information you have taken as i like to keep it a secret and that this is violated. it could pose a threat to national security where the same insane things and on that manning case when it comes to week two weeks. i wanna ask you your response to this argument which we can hear time and time again will it into the city we have to go to the basic principles here and the basic principle is that whistleblowers have to rely on in the right and even that ut to set aside to the nationalists with how you made use of state and the dinning room so it would snow in the air is so maddening when talking about in the us code is
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constitutionally of them involve international laws on the phone that i'm on board with war crimes. so you have writing and all was going to ut to spend a sunday school when wendy's. let's take this to use with bro and me trying to move to greece and whenever they are older they are exposing wrongdoing it was of course i think she knew when to go to criticizing which to grow and try to weasel is trying to maintain that the journalist working with which the rulers that have committed a crime and this is something so is it that you don't think that you have heard anything like missing and estates. tuesday my copy arundel in open seas so this is the series situation with the havoc it just wanna ask you if you could talk to roger is the man that is really in
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launching these accusation had and has really been at the forefront of this. what would you say heaven willa. i will take some courses in ethics and the unknown reason the opportunity and a guy who says that to somebody or something. some persons of privacy. but even if he doesn't know it has been buying it. it says. to understand everything you have to go to rethink. ethics in your job easy. i'm surprised that you have. of course and that all is the position of standing there in the interest of open positions he has his doubts we're getting there a lot more from them and a lot more debate on this issue appreciate you coming on accounting and that was making the spokesperson chris and proper consent. like us a cybersecurity it looks like the us may be vulnerable if that ever poured gas released
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by senator tom coburn the decal therefore decals of the federal government's track record on cyber security and critical infrastructure. the mistakes made ninety us agencies are alarming. most of them seem to be careless and sloppy here are some comments i ever failed years revealed agencies had failed to send adequate passwords by using obvious words words you can easily gas like the actual word password. failure to change those passwords update software and install fire wall and then these weaknesses according to the report that everything from the electric granted to the financial markets at risk well this is unsettling for the very offices that are suppose to be in charge of security. we are after all talking about the department of homeland security and other agencies like the nuclear regulatory commission and the iran's covert hopes other approvals shed light on some of these
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vulnerabilities so agencies can make the appropriate changes. nowhere in pakistan the number of us drone strikes have dwindled over the past two months according to officials the drop is due to a request from the pakistani government to curb the strikes as they are in key stocks with the taliban. and it looks like the usa is listening you can see the number of strikes has gone down the streets deaths were reported during the last four months of two thousand thirteen. but in the month of january this year. no deaths were reported and in afghanistan president karzai has also been working on peace agreements with the taliban. it's happening apparently without the input of the last art to correspond marina pouring nine and has more on the secret talks the america's longest and most expensive foreign investments. he's turning into one of these reduced obstacles the us intervention in afghanistan. has
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essentially created a new taliban movement. far more powerful of them no comparison reading this know that existed before nine eleven before the u s intervention in afghanistan matter of fact as the taliban and afghan president reportedly remain in secret talks about reaching a peace deal washington's future in the country after twenty fourteen remains in limbo president karzai still refuses to sign a long term bilateral agreement with washington last week that the afghan leader sated with percy shelley. when describing the police strained relations with america. i believe that this week's summarize this is depicted in the words of chile. the great british court. i made murder on the way. the whole twelve years was one of constant pleading with the manuka the street of civilians respectfully and keep their lives as the lives of people the us has reportedly spent more than nineteen billion
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dollars on reconstruction and relief in afghanistan adjusted for inflation that's more than any european country or soon after the second world war. however journalist gareth porter says in this case. no amount of money can buy luftwaffe united states has accomplished in its escalation of war and afghanistan. yes they would exacerbate tremendous increase in anti american sentiment and a large part of the course was the use of nitrates on people's homes knocking down doors and opened it and antagonize hundreds of thousands to know who. with his family friends neighbors were affected by this tactic. and it's it's a tremendously antagonize the afghan population and that is going to be a problem that will affect us. national security for many decades to come in the year to come. victory for
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the us may turn out to mean leaving afghanistan in this scene circumstance that was when it was in. the during the fortnight in our tea the work. acclaimed actor philip seymour hoffman has highlighted the rising problem inherent in the abuse prescription drug abuse is on the rise in hair when it's seen as an easier and cheaper alternative. any last. most of the on the black market makes its way from mexico. so after rising column on the border but trafficking is also on the riots in afghanistan. it is the topic of discussion today on capitol hill in a hearing on counter narcotics operations in afghanistan. here is aaron logan from the office of the undersecretary of defense describing the threats of the afghan here when in the united states the governor of vermont featuring a state of the state speech focused entirely on vermont excluding
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harrowing to be a problem. we have to realize it either when there is a possibility that every tear will become more available across united states. meles has spent billions of dollars in battling drugs in afghanistan but had there been any real results. i was kind earlier night anthony court this man be our early in her chair and strategy at the center for strategic and international studies. i can't stand that he can elaborate on how drugs are a few lake and unrest in afghanistan. olivia made an arrest in afghanistan a certain clear that this is a pro recall what you have it's as if by reason of the two forces that are the allied forces pulled back you have said in an ops taken off on a tuesday against the afghan forces when she gets a cameo and
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survey is better spent. a fifteen per cent increase in production in opium. this year. the new links added the area under cultivation by a narrow for. an extent that there is always tension between the afghan tribal arts and power brokers. not a violent storm goes on a steady level. when you get the actual farming of opium in the production of oak getting it out of the farm gate our problems so i don't want. it's not really a major cause of violence of reach ok but you know you mentioned that fifty per cent increase in the production of opium. i'll leave it to spend billions of dollars on non fighting the same thing in and said this. how is it possible that so many resources have been directed at something and yet we're seeing a rise of it being produced. we're talking about expenditures over ten years in an extremely erratic poker when the special inspector
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general for afghan reconstruction tools the unaffected. video and data indicates is really very very little real impact. but you see over time it's not that these programs have much impact. but for example last year. people in the region and predicted a much higher increase in production lab production what happened was the rains were very good antony said there is the main limitation of opium output in and nothing to do with connor progress. what you get into the local winds push growth of opium power of the north. out of the east where there wasn't much stronger troop presence. and it is so. where you have more of our control. for example last year. you saw areas that had been previously worked for it least according to
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the estimates producing again and as you save more and more troops pull out of afghanistan. and what do they want is a very corrupt police force be the only real barrier. you're on certain to see a lot of those areas which were supposedly giving up truck production. a current production again the remaining erratic programs on a new ten year braddock programs use your words and as an inexpensive program. does that mean i mean should we keep funneling money into something that hasn't really seen results are then to the approach me to change. well it's too late to change it then you are going to have anybody there to make the program work. you do not have a police force which is capable of honestly really affecting the door you're going to be calling the aid workers in a money out of the air. because of a
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former colony. afghan farmers to the ratings which can be extremely ironic. opium is still one of the most attractive crops to virtually any for her. you watch a lot of our road system deteriorate over the last two years ago prince easy to move it's an area where farmers can get entrenched loans which they can. on normal commercial crops. so to be honest the idea that you're going to have on this meaningful eradication. he is simply not going to happen and efforts to find substitute crops and persuade farmers to move in areas like we already had some success in some areas. haven't worked in the longer the main crop producing berries. and since we're going to end the aid workers go. the police advisors largely outward and military advisors largely out of the end of this year. and afghans are going to have
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much less scary. you can pretty well predict what's going to happen to narcotics production. now at a town like as long as there's an incentive to create that crop that there is to keep out any real damage time but i wun ask you. we've seen all the bells and resources directed to stopping this program do you think that the change if it's going to happen in skits and a half to happen when in afghanistan itself. we're going to afghanistan in virtually every political security and economic worse. it is going to push the afghan back toward more appropriate option. as soon as i so forcefully that the end of this year. hmm very interesting what's happening over there and appreciate you stare weighing in on a bet with anthony corrie this man in the r in the paintwork chair in strategy at the center for strategic and international studies belliard as a few days away now from the opening
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ceremonies of the winter games in sochi. added the international olympic committee has a message for world leaders who are using the games to score political points here says kate. we are grateful to those who respect the fake. that sport can only be called to do with the development and peace. if it's not too was. as the stage for twenty to go to st. or for trying to score points in game started. forty two on the political compass two of the political egos we say have the car each. to address your disagreements in a peaceful and i are recorded to go buy a loaf and knocked on the banks of the athletes for the games in russia has no new menus around sochi to host the events. rt is not an artsy has more the rupee translucent blocks eighties and scanty will be chasing
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the dream he acts on the sliding center. the cool when he say use retelling of the true story of jamaican bobsled team has to resonate here in sunny salty the white house. the state of the track to be the way it is also not so smooth. live on the un said today. and it takes the metropolitan accident cause of the set up a try and once that's done. this big baby that comes into action what it does is it better once the light of the bbc said it sucks up all the friends i've also tried to convince moves the debate about. well this is a free seed russia to head to the appliques legs that ltc speech. insane. a compact disc and still caught up to
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one hundred and eighty five kilometers an hour yet the apples takes a few carving tools and a cheeky comments. i was in making my way all the way to win at the track without testing my coughing fields said i dd and this is how we get no thanks indeed. da. i will keep it so there really isn't as easy as it looks so you're really needs a man like that and seeing a few who know what they do and has been trained to do what they doing right that that's a cop out guides. now it was seven of them including danielle will be after julian and it's basically taking care of it since i had tried making sure that the box late and this lead to competition. well exactly the way it is. his team beat to get to the now relieved it's done the old fashioned way with this new shovel and amber him
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the shias speeding down snow in the hills and the fun out of going out and that's why this band has been called something. the russian weight loss plans. it's a good sign the flight is sent to clients. kieron dyer if he were reported and was described and the military's each and a police department here and the last and then another example tonight for my new one. in the morning a family says he's terrorized them inside their home in this surveillance video you can see police approached the home of sounding france police were there to execute a search warrant and look for items stolen by me with a credit card stolen credit card. there is dispute over whether or not the police knock before they broke down the door. during a raid police realize the home had surveillance cameras. one officer is seen pulling the cables from the surveillance camera
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outside and an officer inside covers up another one of the camera lens as of two people in the house were arrested on unrelated charges in the family says none of the items listed on the warrant were found. now the family and wants to know why police didn't knock before they served in that war entails of questions about why officers scampered what those surveillance cameras police departments as they opened an investigation into the rain. that is going to do for now for my history to come and check out our youtube channel youtube dot com slash rt america and a website r t dot coms like usa and follow me on twitter count me as a wall of the redbacks hear a piano the room. recently an online poll by the liberal jewish tv channel that training which
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has caused quite a storm of rage across the country stupid on line poll cause russia white anger for the pose the question was defending leningrad from the nazis worth it because retreat in their opinion could save hundreds of thousands of lives. what is offensive to culture the culture differs a lot from a russian perspective fighting to the bitter end to stop the german genocide machine was worth it. this is like if a somewhat popular news outlet. the poem or luther king's birthday asking what slavery really that bad it was a bone for the economy but why would someone creek this poll is because the people who voted are sick with the disease a part of its total self infatuation egoism and greed. in other words we're in generation me me me. these people could never imagine sacrificing the great and wonderful me for any cause sacrifice made to the nazis of blasphemy i'd rather kiss the boo to their german philosopher millions of russians put their self interest as a distant second all those great and wonderful knees. what if it worked to death and shot a death camp at pains to make a few sacrifices for society
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just my opinion. i am. i'm sad you with this sunday's edition of news line it said thursday that the race thanks to aunt catherine comanche and telltale russian president the new curtain is promising nothing will get past the so called ring of steel surrounding ellen baker city so she has been used to describe the tough security measures for the winter games pigeons as athletes and visitors it will be can say the president visited the olympic village with the nac and i had to time olympic gold medalist. he


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